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5/15/03 HSBC Arena Buffalo, NY

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Joe Rupertus
I am still on an emotional high from the concert two nights ago at the Pepsi Arena. It was beyond description!!!!. I will not repeat the set list again and describe in detail all the things that have already been described, but I would like to comment on a few things. I am really kind of amazed at the "Stevie and Fleetwood Mac fans" who have been writing in about things such as Stevie walking funny, Stevie sounding like a mouse, Stevie having annoying hand movements, and so on and so forth. Have we all forgotten that she is now 55 years old, as of May the 26, suffers from severe stage fright and has recently injured her hip and has chosen NOT to cancel any of the shows due to this injury! I mean really people if she were to read these reviews is this really what is important about her performance? How about her wonderful writing ability, her stunningly beautiful voice that has gotten nothing but better over the years, the chemistry that exists so powerfully between her and Lindsey and her ability to remain the Queen of Rock and Roll still to so many of us? I think it is probably very very difficult for her to do a forty city tour and maintain her energy level night after night so perhaps we should be grateful and show her we love her so much still, even if she can't wear 6 inch heels anymore, moves a little slower because her hip is injured, doesn't do quite as many twirls as she used to, has a nervous hand gesture or two and maybe does not smile every second she is on stage! She is out there performing for US!!! I am sure she has enough money to retire to the sea for good but she chooses to still allow us into her world of poems and songs and I for one want her to continue to do that for many more years to come. So, I will enjoy what she still has to give to us at these shows and not expect her to be perfect in every way every night!!! ( sorry John , I know this review is a little off the beaten track, but really important to me)
Suzie Cumbo
I recently attended the Fleetwood Mac concert at the HSBC arena in Buffalo, NY and I could not believe how wonderful the band still sounds!!!! I recently had surgery and I am still recovering, but that was not going to stop me from attending this concert. When the band entered the stage it brought tears to my eyes!! I have been a fan from the very beginning of Fleetwood Mac...and always will be. I sang every song right along with them and enjoyed the concert from beginning to end. The band is so talented and it was a wonderful mix of their older and newer songs. The energy from the band could be felt by all that attended.....they truly are a joy to watch and listen to. Thanks to all of the band for the best night I have enjoyed in a very long time!!!! Good luck on the rest of the tour and with your new album!!!!!! YOU ALL STILL HAVE WHAT IT TAKES............and this brand of music can not be duplicated!!!!!! You are the best.
Lisa Cramer
I must admit, I attended the Fleetwood Mac show in Buffalo mainly to see the all-inspiring Miss Stephanie Nicks. However, when it was all said and done, I was totally blown away by the performance of The Mac...I may have even enjoyed this show more than I have enjoyed any of Stevie's solo concerts (even more than when Sheryl Crow joined her on tour). And dare I say that the level of musicianship, seemingly flawlessness of performance, spare-no-expense quality, and band enthusiasm was even more impressive to me than during any of Stevie's solo tours??? Yes, I do...but my heart still belongs to "The Lady"! I will say Lindsey seemed to take the spotlight on this tour (more than during The Dance) and almost had a cockiness about him. But this guy has the ability to back it up---holy crap can he play the guitar!! And to think that he never uses a pick! Mick was Mick...a wild-man through and through. His facial expressions were so dramatic (all part of the show, I'm sure) - but nonetheless it added to the intensity of the show. John was his humble self, hiding in the shadows but kickin' butt on bass (you go boy). The rest of the band seemed to really be enjoying themselves...but I felt somewhat sorry for the "song birds"...they sang great, as usual, but seemed to be tucked away in the back, far away from the rest of the band. But what would they do without you, ladies? And then there's Stevie...ahh the Angel of the Night. This Diva of all Divas is like fine wine...she just gets better with age!!!! I was near tears during half of her songs and my hair stood up on end as her voice rang through the arena like nothing I have ever heard before. She sings with such class, unique quality, heart, and soul...and oh how I love her for that (don't we all?!?!?). All-in-all this was a concert of all concerts... one to be cherished by fans and raved about for years to come. My only complaint is that it had to come to an end. So CHEERS to The Mac...you guys are CLEARLY still rockin' the house after all these years. I have been left, as they say, completely ENCHANTED...WOW.
Stevie always pulls at least one, great, obscure song each time I see her and "Beautiful Child" this time at this show was phenominal!!! Her voice was unbelieveable!! Maybe next time we can get "Sister of the Moon"??!!
Peter A. Rummings
The show at HSBC Arena was amazing. The lack of Christine MacVie resulted in more time to spotlight Stevie & Linsday's songs so I was happy as could be. They even did "Stand Back!" Wow. Lindsay's guitar playing was impecable. I was thrilled to hear "Second Hand News," "Beautiful Child," and a few other more obscure gems. The chemistry between the band members was clearly evident in every song. Stevie & Lindsay's eyes seldom left each other during "Silver Springs." Oh the drama! It was amazing. Mick looked possessed as always but it translates into amazing percussion. The show lasted well over 2 hours & I couldn't have been more impressed.
Paula Zlatev
WOW - This show kicked ass! I attended the rehearsal in LA, and the Buffalo show was far more energetic. The only sore spot for me was no RTTG or Destiny Rules (and I would LOVE to hear them do Thrown Down live!) Other than that, no complaints. We had 13th row section 3 (in front of Stevie) & these were unbelievable seats. Highlites for me: *Stevie really rocked out on Rhiannon & GDW - haven't heard her yell like that in years! Much more lively & into the songs than on the Dance or TISL tours. Not quite like the 70's, but it sent chills up my spine. *Lindsey broke strings at least 3 times that I could count - his solos had people just staring in awe. Standing ovations after his solos too. *Stand Back - wow, the whole arena was jumping! The energy was palpable (sp?) & I was sweating my butt off by the time it was over! She twirled at least 8 or 10 times on this one (like I said, more than other tours I've seen) & really belted out the lyrics. *The crowd loved Mick's solo. They also gave John a big round of applause (he seemed a little uncomfortable) when Mick announced his name. Also, he announces Stevie as Stephanie Nicks. *After Silver Springs, which the entire arena sang along to, Stevie smiled and held out her arms said "you remembered!" That's about it. We did get to the 3rd row for Goodbye Baby (many people had left, so I wasn't in anyone's way FYI) Security was trying to stop people, but it didn't work. Funny, they didn't try to stop the 2 women in the 3rd row who were smoking (sure didn't smell like tobacco either) Most of the crowd did sit during the new songs, but some didn't. I saw a lot more people at the merchandise booths after the show than before - maybe buying the new CD? By all means go see them if they come to your area - it's well worth the $!
Anne Daigler
OK-So not only was this my first Fleetwood Mac Concert, but it was my first concert EVER!! And I'm 19! I live under a rock haha-But I have to say it was AMAZING. I was floored. Stevie looked beautiful beautiful beautiful!! The only bummer was that the section I was seated in was really quiet, like nobody danced or anything they just sat there and watched!! I wanted to dance but I would have been in other people way if I had. But I excused thme as half of them were like 50 or something.The concert was sooooooooooooo fun, omg, I couldnt have asked for a better experience!! I cried at first beccause I was so excited and overwhlemed but then I got totally into it. I loved all the songs, and they got 3 encores!! They really deserve like...10...but anyway, Stevie looked WONDERFUL, Lindsey ROCKED and kicked butt and Mick and John were totally awesome. And Mick did this like dance thing with drums and his stomach it was hysterical, he's so funny. I totally forget the set list, I'm sorry, but I do know they opened with The Chain and Ended with Goodbye Baby. Stand Back and Gypsy ROCKED and so did Peacekeeper. OK, well enough rambling, but I just wanted to say I've never been so happy in my life. That was the best fist concert anone could have gone to and I'm so glad I went. Heres to 20 more years of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie rocking it on stage!! :0)
jackie Sandel
I nearly missed this show in Buffalo, but the powers that be got me there! All I can say to anyone who asks how the concert was are these words --TOTALLY ROCKED!!!!! Stevie was sooooo beautiful, she sounds wonderful, looks so sexy and all I can say she definitely was HOT tonight! There was so much chemistry between her and Lindsey that it was fun to watch the two of them together! Just from the first chords of "The Chain," shivers started up the back of my neck! The whole show was just like that. Full of moments that every emotion came out--from crying, to laughing, to flirting along with them, to remembering, to wanting the night never to end. If you ever get the chance to see Mac in concert this tour, don't think twice--GO!!!!!!! (and by the way to my friend Kev, Stevie sends her love!) Fleetwood Mac fan 4-ever!!!!
The Buffalo concert was great but I don't want to just repeat everything everyone else has. So let's just start with a couple of things that they could maybe improve on (maybe someone will pass this information on to the show's producers!)so their future shows can be flawless. The guy working fronthouse needs some lessons on sound the band was drowning out Stevie's voice on some songs and it was too loud almost distorted. It was great to see such a range in age. I had my eight year old daughter on one side of me & a couple in their seventies on the other. Lindsey sounds like he does on a cd, perfect. Don't get me wrong, I am a 100% Stevie fan and love her raspy voice, but couldn't always hear it. Like another fan said Stevie was constantly fiddling with her sound box on her waist (hello sound guys!) They should have had more video on the backdrop screen, but the huge long screen from the ceiling for Big Love & Landslide was awesome!!!! The dress Stevie put on for Rhiannon, sexy top & flowing chiffon, she should wear for the whole concert, better than the 3/4 length sleeve & heavy mesh wrap over skirt. I must say I did have great seats (floor 1, row 14) and am so happy that I got the chance to see them (drove from Toronto, since they have no Canadian dates set yet, pleeeeease come to Toronto!!!! All in all a great show, Fleetwood Mac you rock & Stevie you are still the Queen of Rock & Roll.
Sherrie Pizzo
I have been a Fleetwood Mac fan for many years now. The show in Buffalo was really great - it just goes to prove that artists do get better with age! The songs that Fleetwood Mac performed were top notch. I had listened to the new CD several times prior to the show and the new music that they shared with the audience was awesome. I have to say that Lindsay's guitar playing is top notch and Stevie sang wonderfully. Mick was great to watch on the drums and John McVie rocked also! I only hope that Fleetwood Mac will play again in the near future and keep on rocking because they're talent and uniqueness definitely makes them one of the best bands in the world!
Brad Horton
Things most CERTAINLY get better with age. Fleetwood mac was totally awesome at the HSBC on May 15th in Buffalo. I fell in love with the Mac and Stevie back in 75 and have wanted to see them all these years. I made the 3 hour trip to full that dream on the 15th and was not disappointed. You will not hear 20 some years from now songs by today's artists still holding an audience and being as timeless as the Fleetwood Mac songs have become. From the opening cords of the Chain right on through, every song was a pure gem. Lindsay is by far the BEST guitar player in the world and proved it that night. Also it was so obvious that Stevie and him are at their best singing to each other and sharing a stage. Mick was awesome on Worlds Turning. John is the rock and there to keep the best. Seeing Stevie do "Stand Back" made me wish I had caught her solo tours years ago. By the time she hit that song, she was in fantastic form and showed why she is the Queen of Rock. When they came back for Goodbye Baby, it was sad to see it all end. But after all these years I am so glad I could finally see Fleetwood Mac at it's best and it's prime. A must see for all true fans (and ones who will be after ta show like that!)
David Rosar
The Buffalo show was the second time I had seen Fleetwood. I saw thme at the first show in Columbus which thrilled me to the core. The show last night in Buffalo (3 blocks from my apt.) BLEW my mind ! Stevie and Lindsey's stage presence and confidence was felt in the air. Most fans gave 100% energy and recieved 100% back from the rock idols on the stage. A rocked out Rhiannon and a string popping Big Love. It is too bad some fans have not purchased the new album and they will hear that Fleetwood is not just revisting old favorites but also in touch with what The World is Coming To.
We just got back from the buffalo show., all i can say is "Oh, my god"... what an amazing evening.............. you could feel the crowd rising with intensity with each song................... and you seemed to be breathless waiting on the next song intro....................... stevie is timeless., her music, her voice is awesome................ the show was worth every penny we paid, and i'm wondering where we can go see them again............................ the crowd went beside themselves as the intro to stand back started............ and stevie in perfect form., did her stevie spins for us.................. lindsey was incredible......... what can i say, the love affair continues., they will be forever in each others hearts................it is wonderful to have seen this band go full circle and come back to the love they have for each other today.................... it was everything and more we could of hoped for.............. age has nothing to do with this band.... they are timeless............ they are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! and stevie................................. you are fleetwood mac!!!!!!
Jessica Felix
As I wake up this morning, all I can think of is the amazing concert last nite in Buffalo. This was my second time seeing Fleetwood Mac and ninth time seeing Stevie Nicks, and I don't think I've ever seen such a good concert. The band had so much energy, Lindsey's guitar solos seemed to go on forever, he was feeling the music so intensely! Stevie rocked out Rhiannon and Silver Springs with so much emotion and feeling, they stick out in my mind. All though a lot of the crowd was sitting for the new songs, the energy and emotion did not subside; they played even harder. The entire band was just so happy, Stevie and Lindsey just kidding around, Mick was acting crazy as ever, and John rocked out in the shadows. Every song was amazing, every note was amazing, every harmony was amazing! At the end Stevie dedicated "Goodbye Baby" to Buffalo. Unfortunately after the show, the sky was overcast and we couldn't watch the lunar eclipse, which was very fitting within itself! There is NO doubt that Fleetwood Mac is back!
Jennifer Fordham
I can't say enough about their performance last night. It was Awesome, they are better then ever & sounded great!! I am a huge Fleetwood Mac fan & this was truly worth the 3 1/2 hour trip to see it. It was nice to see Mick out there on stage being his crazy talented self, Lindsay played his heart out & it showed. John is so humble but we know his is back there kicking ass. Stevie, well, where do I start? She brought me to tears (good tears) she is everything I thought she would be & more live. Her presence is felt for miles and her voice remembered forever. You just have to love Stevie! It was a wonderful show & we would do it again tomorrow if we could.
Erin Hall
Last night was the most incredible concert experience I have ever had. This was my first Fleetwood Mac show ever and I walked away in awe. I had missed Fleetwood Mac on their last tour out and I had tickets to Stevie's Shangri-La tour but the concert was cancelled but I made it to this show. I was sooooo excited. The band came rocking on the stage with the Chain and right then I knew that this was going to be one great show. Mick was in his element behind the drums, John was picking off those bass lines with authority, Lindsey rocked the house with his guitar and Stevie was as elegant as ever. You could tell this band enjoyed being on stage and had just as much of a good time as the audience did. Some of the highlights of the evening: The audience singing along to Landslide, Mick's durm solo complete with the vest during World Turning, every Lindsey guitar solo (including Go Your Own Way where he put his head on John's shoulder and Stevie's shoulder), Lindsey banging the drums at the end of Go Your Own Way, Stevie's rocking performance of Stand Back, Beautiful Child and Silver Springs (my two favorite Stevie songs), and feeling the energy in the HSBC arena. My fiance brought me to the show even though he wasn't much of a Fleetwood Mac fan and he really enjoyed himself. He even said to me "I might actually have to give this band a try." he is a guitar player himself and i looked over at him during Lindsey's rocking performance of Come and my fiance's jaw was nearly hitting his chest. Although I missed Christine, I think the band rocked and was perfect just the way they were. It was a little weird hearing Stevie sing Christine's parts during World Turning and Don't Stop but it didn't deter from the performance at all. I also found it a little weird not having the USC marching band back up the band during Tusk but the video effects were just as cool. Overall, it was definately the best concert I have ever been to and if I can find the money, I will definately try to be at Albany next week. thanks for a great show, Fleetwood Mac!
Last night was the third time I saw Fleetwood Mac in Buffalo, and what a WONDERFUL show it was!!!!! The ticket price was worth every penny!! The entire band sounded absolutely wonderful. Lindsey and Stevie never sounded so good--their voices were as powerful and beautiful as ever!! Every song they did seemed better than the last--but Stand Back and Landslide were by favorites. I''ve been listening to this band since I was 10 years old(Thanks to my"Older" sister), and now I am 35. I cannot think of any other band that has continually been so great, and just seem to keep getting better "with age". I hope Fleetwood Mac will be around for many, many years to come. They will always have faithful fans in Buffalo!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Fleetwood Mac--for bringing such joy to the world through your music!!!!!!!!
Jackie Penna
The energy, the emotion and the fun generated by these four talented people is something no one should miss. Landslide was just beautiful with the audience singing along. Stevie's authentic voice resonating in the arena was simply a few minutes in time that left me in awe. I had never heard Stevie sing Christine's parts of Don't Stop, but she gave a fantastic performance. Lindsey played so hard that he broke a string on one of his guitars. Christine was missed, but that gave Stevie more time to be front and center and she didn't disappoint. Her voice meshes with Lindsey's so well - they sounded as good as their newest CD. I could've watched and listened to them play for several more hours.
It was a very special night for Fleetwood Mac. It was on this day, May 15th, 28 years ago that Stevie and Lindsey appeared live on stage with Fleetwood Mac in El Paso, Texas. There was no mention of this on stage just a lot of smiles. Mick was loving every minute, you could tell by the expressions on his face and the gleam in his eyes. John was John, solid bass lines. Lindsey was stunning and Stevie rocked. There was a group of protesters outside the arena questioning us on how we could go and support a bunch of pagans. LOL. I was hoping that they would still be outside after the concert so I could show them my Fleetwood Mac t-shirt. The stage design was so beautiful, if you're sitting up high, you can look down on the stage and see a wild light show of jewel tone colors, burning flames and fading stars...oh yeah, some nice video too. Very cool. I've always loved Fleetwood Macs taste. The music was GREAT.
I really don't even know what to say... Twenty-five songs (that I could count), almost three hours on stage, not to mention two encores... This concert speaks for itself. I asked myself this one question as I left the arena, sweat covered and hoarse, "What song didn't they play?" I cannot say anything that these other people haven't already said, but if you don't get to go see this band, there will be a void in your life that will never be filled. I cannot explain it, but for those of you who were fortunate enough to attend this show, you know what I am talking about. Get there!!! Thank you Lindsey, Stevie, Mick, and John. You are truly the best!!!
Wow! The energy of the band is still awesome. It's hard for me to believe they can still rock like that, but then again, they've never let me down, especially in concert. The most memorable moment for me came when Stevie sang Beautiful Child. That has always been one of my favorite songs and I had never heard it done live before. Another standout was Eyes of the World. This latest concert version of the song was incredible. I will admit that the recorded version of that song never stood out, but wow, live, the song was very special. I notice that Stevie continues to have trouble with her ear pieces and seems to be constantly trying to make adjustments on the little black box. It's also interesting to note that Stevie never changed her clothes. Gone are the days of too much time off stage changing and having her hair redone. Stevie closed the show with Goodbye Baby. It was hard to tell if she changed some of the words on purpose or whether she sang the wrong words, but either way, its a beautiful song. The 2.5 hours rocked by so quickly.
Just got in from the concert in Buffalo, NY and it was amazing! I thought that Stevie sounded great, and the band rocked, I even enjoyed the additional musicians to help flesh out the sound. I did miss Christine's presence on some songs, but that only meant more time for Stevie to shine. She came out with the platform shoes for the first few songs, but on her first break off stage she came back with the platform sneakers, probably much more comfortable. Stevie only twirled once, during "Stand Back" and the crowd went nuts! There were even people in the audience screaming for her to spin during her songs, you would think she invented the move, it is so associated with her. Stevie absolutely rocked the house with "Stand Back", she was very energetic and animated through out. It was great to see her have so much fun with it. "Beautiful Child" was very powerful, and I liked that they beefed up "Silver Springs", made it faster in the end reframe. Stevie captivated the crowd and was a powerful presence on stage. What I enjoyed about her performance most is that she smiled so often and acknowledged the crowd, who were tremendously supportive of her. Lindsey showboated some what during his solos, and he went a little wacky on the guitar, often pawing at the strings, which he broke quite a few of. But he proved that his guitar work is supreme and that the youngsters out there in the music world today still have a lot to learn. John was pretty mellow as usual, and Mick was his enthusiastic self. It looked like everyone was having a good time playing together again. The chemistry is still there between Lindsey and Stevie, but it was more like they were old friends who really respect each other. He kissed her head endearingly a few times, it was very sweet. I went with a friend who had never seen the Mac before and he really enjoyed the concert. We had nose bleed seats in the arena, but it turned out for the best because the sound was better further from the stage. Maybe the Mac will chose to play smaller, more intimate venues in the future? On the Nicks Fix.com the new song "Destiny Rules" was listed on the play list, but they did not play it this evening. All in all it was a great concert, and I only hope that this will not be the last tour. Stevie definitely rules!
I just came from the Buffalo, NY show ... it was totally AWESOME !!! Although we miss Christine McVie the others out did themselves !!! The band rocked, I rocked, the crowd rocked ... the house rocked !!! EXCELLENT EXCELLENT SHOW !!! Stevie ... we love you !!!

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