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7/7/04 The Saddledome Calgary AB, Canada

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It has been a very long time since Fleetwood Mac has been to my city. In fact the last time that the Mac played here was in 1990 for the Behind the Mask Tour. Well this concert was taking place 3 hours away in Calgary Alberta Canada. Why they didn't come to Edmonton is beyond me and probably doesn't matter anyway. We went to them. Myself and two friends hit the highway on Wednesday afternoon for the show that evening. It was a sold out performance and the crowd was really buzzing waiting for the lights to go down. When they did, the crowd went absolutely crazy. The Chain started the set and it just caught fire from there. Stevie, Lindsey, Mick and John were smoldering. Stevie is looking absolutely beautiful. She is wearing bangs again and it looks great on her. From the Chain, Stevie went on to perform Dreams and what a performance it was. Definitely worth a 14 year wait. One of the best moments of the evening was when Stevie performed Landslide. When she made her dedication and announced the song, this stadium went nuts and all started singing along with her. When she does her pause at the end of the song to hold hands with Lindsey this crowd continued to scream that poor Stevie could not finish her ending. Three times she approached the microphone to finish and had to stop because of the noise, and she was so graceful as she looked over all areas of this arena and couldn't stop smiling. The place was so loud it was actually vibrating from the crowd stomping...She finally got her ending done but I am sure nobody heard it. Gold Dust Woman, Rhiannon, Say you will, Stand Back, Beautiful Child all absolutely perfect. We lost out on Silver Springs, & Gypsy, but got Sara. Sara was awesome, but I would have loved to have heard Silver Springs. Stevie's closure with Goodbye Baby was so intense, so beautiful. As for Mr. Buckingham it was really great to see him as the first show I saw had Billy Burnette and Rick Vito. Lindsey is quite a presence as well. His version of Never going back again was fantastic. My favorite Lindsey song from the new album is Say Goodbye which he and Stevie did just a wonderful job on. I can definitely do without Come and Red Rover but welcomed Go your Own Way as did everybody else. As a final number the whole band went nuts on this song, as Lindsey was all over the stage, allowing audience members to touch him and play his guitar. Stevie was dancing, twirling, and having the time of her life. They came back on stage to perform World Turning with Mick having his turn at center stage and doing a great job entertaing this very hungry and appreciative crowd. I have been a Stevie fan for 26 years and can honestly say that seeing her the other night was definitely a night I will not forget and hopefully not another 14 years will go by before the Mac comes back to Canada. We love you too!!!!

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