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7/14/04 UniDome Cedar Falls, IA

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Thanks to the band for a great concert and very special night. This was the first time in many years, that Fleetwood Mac or Stevie had performed in Iowa. It was wonderful to see Sara performed live, the extended version came off very well. The audience participation during Landslide was even more than usual. Stevie looked so appreciative and happy. This seemed to give the band momentum which showed throughout the rest of the show. The harmonies on Say Goodbye were beautiful. Stevie performed a very riveting and flawless Stand Back. Lindsey followed with a superb Go Your Own Way. He was very interactive with the audience. Stevie smiled so much the second half of the show, obviously enjoying herself. I love her Don't Stop peformance, it makes the song new. I'm glad Goodbye Baby returned. I have been to one concert each leg, and this was the best. I'm glad they kept touring. Thank you Stevie for the enthusiasm and handshake.
Dale & Patti
We were going to Tinley Park, IL - our fifth and last chance to see Stevie and Fleetwood Mac in concert. Then came the cancellation news and no rescheduled date. Extreme disappointment. The next nearest concert was in Cedar Falls, IA but only bleacher seats were available. Just to torture myself, I kept checking Ticketmaster for better seats but only got bleacher seats. And then, late one June night, I checked one more time. It came up Section FF (floor on Stevieís side) Row 6, seats 1 and 2. I screamed at Dale to wake up - we needed to decide immediately if we were driving 250 miles to a concert in the middle of a work week to see Stevie one more time. Answer: Of course we were! Arrived in Cedar Falls about 2:30 p.m. and drove to the UniDome to pick up our will-call tickets. Drove past the tour busses and semi-trucks and were so glad to see them there and know that the concert was a go. It seemed so strange to see everything so quiet and to know in a few hours there would be thousands of fans screaming to hear Stevie and the Mac hit the stage. UniDome was the strangest venue we have attended. It has a semi-opaque roof so it did not get dark until well into the concert. And it was the only venue that had port-a-potties on the floor instead of restrooms. And the bleachers were really bleacher type seats. Our floor seats were great, the best seats of the five concerts we attended during the 2003 -2004 tour! Almost 8:30 p.m. and the UniDome crowd was getting restless and started whistling and yelling for the band. It was light inside because of the roof and the venue lights were not even on so they could not dim them to announce the entrance of the band. Suddenly Mick was on the stage, the crowd went wild, and the concert was on! Over a year on the road the Mac members still look like they are having fun. The audience was enthusiastic and sang along with a lot of the songs. Stevie looked gorgeous and sounded great. We just love it when she sings Landslide and the audience sings back to her and she has to wait for us to quiet down so she can finish. Stevie dedicated Landslide to all the people who make up the road crew. After all, a great band needs a great support team and the Mac has it. Stevie certainly had a sparkle in her eyes for most of the concert. And we are still so happy to hear Sara in the lineup - it gives us goose bumps. Lindsey was his usual maniac self. He was all over the stage and we swear he sweated off a gallon or more of sweat. If you stand at the stage you might just get a shower. Mick is still the wild man on the drums and we love his drum vest solo. Also itís a great song to sing along with. John was the anchor and Stevie and the band wished him a happy birthday. And the rest of the band helps make the magic happen - thanks to all of them. The sound was not the best we have hear (we thought the sound in Madison, WI was super) and Stevie did not seem to pleased either - she kept adjusting her sound equipment. But it was still magic, maybe even more so because we donít know when we will get a chance to hear Stevie or Fleetwood Mac in concert again so tonight was bitter-sweet for us. Thanks again for another great concert. We sure hope it wonít be the last we go to and we hope Stevie gets to work on a new album and so does the Mac and they both do some more touring so we can hear them live in the future. THANK YOU STEVIE NICKS AND FLEETWOOD MAC!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel Tomala
I went to the Fleetwood Mac show in Cedar Falls with my aunt Nancy. We drove down from Minneapolis, and were SO excited to be there!! It was also my birthday that day, so I was hoping for something great. The last show I saw was in Madison, WI on May 8th and I had a blast, and I was really excited to share the experience with my aunt. It was cool to be at the first show of this leg of the tour, and the last show. After some problems with the security people (they told us that no one would be allowed to stand at the stage, like we'd been allowed to do at all of the other shows on this tour), I ended up in my usual place at the stage, right in front of Stevie. I won't see a show any other way, this is the best place to be!!! I met up with some great friends down in the front row, and we had a blast all night long! (Bob, Rachel, Katie, and Mandy!!) We heard the crickets and we knew it was time for "The Chain". it was still light out when they came onstage, and it looked like the lights hadn't even gone down because the sun was still coming in. It was really neat. Stevie looked beautiful as always, and Lindsey somehow always makes my heart skip a beat, he is so gorgeous!! I cried tears of happiness throughout the opening song, and I was ready to rock once "I Know I'm Not Wrong" started. The band really seemed to be having fun with each other all night long, and I love how Lindsey really feeds off of the crowd. "Come" was so hot, and I was lucky enough to strum his guitar during "I'm So Afraid". The man is an absolute genius!! I snapped some great pictures during that time also... "Rhiannon" and "Gold Dust Woman" were AMAZING... Stevie, you are definitely the Queen!! I love seeing "Beautiful Child" and "Sara" live~ especially when Stevie goes over and sings in Lindsey's mic as in days of old... even though I wasn't alive during the classic days, I'm only 20!! My favorite song of the night was "Stand Back", it always has SO much energy and by then I'm dancing like a maniac!! However... the BEST part of the whole night was when I held up a sign I'd made for Stevie. It read "STEVIE, it's my birthday... Can I have a hug?" The people behind me were kind enough to help me hold it up, and we got Lindsey's attention. It looked like he whispered something to Stevie, and after "Landslide", Stevie stood at the edge of the stage and she blew me a kiss!!! OH MY GOSH I burst into tears, I was SO happy!! She just made my entire year!! It was amazing, I couldn't have asked for anything better. That was so sweet of her to do, it meant a lot! Another highlight was Mick's drum solo... as always!! That man is a true performer and he is so much fun to watch. He reminds me a lot of my grandpa!! Every time I say the same thing... Stevie, Lindsey, Mick, and John: THANK YOU so much for a great night!! My aunt and I had a BLAST, we couldn't have dreamed of a better night. You are absolutely amazing, and you should know how many lives you change!! Stevie, thank you for my birthday kiss~ You're a sweetheart!!! I love you all, thank you for all that you do!! I hope we'll see you again soon, because THE MAC IS BACK!!!

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