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5/9/04 Assembly Hall Champaign, IL

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Ben Wagner
6th row middle slightly Lindsey side - After the night before the anticipation was growing of how Lindsey was going to play tonight and if they could pull the whole set together. Arriving at the concert I was told that they had no air conditioning so it was going to be hot. They werenít joking around. Boy did they start off great. Both there voices and the micís were set up perfectly this time. Sara, Red Rover, Iím So Afraid, and Go Your Own Way were much better than the night before. It seemed that they needed Madison to get warmed up and they were hot tonight. Lindsey was in full shine tonight and usually I would tell you he stole the show but it was amazing that Stevie just keep getting better through the night. The sweat was just pouring off of Lindsey and Mick. Lindsey seemed to even extend his guitar solos even longer than normal. You could tell he was happy and loved the audience which got into the concert a little more than the night before. Lindsey went tumbling into the drum kit because his cord got caught on a air fan and Steive was in the middle just laughing at him; because he was a crazy man with his guitar. At the end off his long soloís he tossed his guitar away.. I donít know if this is something new or what but it is kinda cool. Tonight they didnít do the Buckingham Nicks song and ended the concert with two songs on the encore with World turning Ė micks drum solo (that I thought he was going to pass out from the heat) and donít stop. Everyone was drenched with sweat and Lindsey and Stevie were exhausted. But the ďMAC IS BACKĒ as mick Fleetwood said. Steive continues to excell with Silver Springs, Stand Back, Rhiannon and Landslide. I wouldn't doubt a couple more changes in the set list, due to the fact they are still trying to adjust. Good luck and love to all seeing them in future... Let them play on forever
Kristin Wynn
I went to see Fleetwood Mac in Champaign and it TOTALLY rocked!! I took my sister for her 21st birthday and it was a first Fleetwood Mac concert for us both. We found perfect seats way closer than we thought we would. I think I maybe sat down for two seconds the entire time. From the very first few notes of The Chain to the last notes of Don't Stop, I was up and dancing; it was so awesome. The concert lasted about 2 1/2 hours but it seemed like 10 minutes to me. I was seriously surprised I had a voice the next day because I sang so loud and screamed so much!! FM is truly a band that spans many generations and there were many people there who were my age (24) and younger, standing there singing the words to every single song. They still have the magic and power to hold an audience as they did 25 years ago. I just kept thinking I can't believe I'm this close to Stevie Nicks! She still commands attention every single time she steps on stage with her magical aura. I hope FM keeps going because I REALLY want to see them again!! FLEETWOOD MAC RULES!!!!!!!!
Dee Frantz
I got to see my first Fleetwood Mac concert last night in Champaign IL. I had waited 28 years. Besides the fact that the Assembly Hall has no air conditioning and it was 85 degrees that day, what a wonderful concert it was. Stevie Nicks with her awesome voice. Mick Fleetwood with is wonderful drum playing and showmanship. John McVie and his classic bass playing. I have to say that Lindsay Buckingham stole the show. He rocked. He didn't care how hot it was in the arena, he played so wonderfully and with all his heart. I could tell that he loves what he does and he loves the audience. This is a must see concert for everyone. It was worth the 28 year wait. Thanks for the Great Time!
LOVE YOU FLEETWOOD MAC Just an absolutely TERRIFIC performance by the best group in the World! The weather was red hot but the band was much hotter. Absolutely an OUTSTANDING performance - Loved every minute of it. AS GOOD AS IT GETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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