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5/20/04 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Charlotte, NC

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Let me just say, Things do get better with time. My husband and I saw Fleetwood Mac twice last year during the first tour. We saw them in Charlotte, NC and Raleigh, NC last weekend, and WOW. It just seems that as time goes, the better the show gets. As an "aging" fan, I must say that with the music of today, it is a pleasure to go to a concert and be entertained, not screamed at. This band is a legend and will stay forever. If you haven't seen this show, you need to go. You will not regret it.
Jay Ferris
This was absolutely one of the best shows I've ever seen. Stevie was absolutely magical and you could tell she really like Charlotte. She yelled out the name of the city at least twice if not three times. Despite a very hot climate the band went on, and put on a fantastic show. I really think they played off the crowd in this concert, and almost seemed overwhelmed by the response. Stevie knows Charlotte and she was here during the Trouble in Shangri-la tour. The crowd then was just as vibrant and the band seemed to really appreciate it and look very humble. Lindsey was sweating through his white shirt it was so hot but he still didn't let up and had plenty of energy. Stevie was as graceful as ever and her voice is in tip top shape. Hearing Sara was special, along with of course Landslide which I can listen to a hundred times. Stevie has picked different things to dedicate to the song Landslide during this latest leg of the tour and at our concert she dedicated it to us. I even felt special hearing that. She knew we were on her side and we'll be back the next time she's in town. Overall the band sounded fantastic and I wouldn't trade that night for anything. I walked out of the show with every hair on my arms sticking up. Goodbye Baby was just such a sweet song to end the show with. Stevie got the loudest applause from the crowd but they were behind all of the band members and it was almost like everyone in the crowd was in heaven during those 2 1/2 hours. Come back soon Stevie!
Candy and Stevie Lowman
Last year I saw FWMC 3 times on the Say Yo Will Tour. This year my 6 year old daughter (Stevie Nicole), was not going to let me go with out her! She was decked out in her finest Stevie apparell and had the time of her life. I have been to many many shows and I have to say this was one of the Best!! Stevie was truly charming and souded lovely. She even gave 2 high kicks during Stand Back instead of one! Lindsey was amazing as he always is and Mick, his usual WILD self. Thank you FWMC for a memory me and my baby will never forget, she keeps asking when we can go again.
Justin Higdon
From the pre-introduction chirping of the crickets to the last note of the band, Fleetwood Mac gave us fans what we had been waiting for in Charlotte. Fans were treated to a show full of hits from several Mac albums up to and including the latest, "Say You Will" The entire band was full of energy with Stevie Nicks performing her trademark twirl numerous times and Lindsey Buckingham working up a sweat on several numbers as well. John McVie was in fine form on bass and Mick Fleetwood played the drums like there was no tomorrow. Together the band with supporting players and back-up singers entertained the crowd like they were a new band looking to make their mark. Fleetwood Mac made their mark years ago, but they still know how to please the fans and leave them satisfied, yet still wanting more. As a fan for years, I can't wait to see them again and again. As Mick said when he ended this 2/12 hour show..."THE MAC IS BACK"!
John Downs
For me, this was the most amazing Fleetwood Mac concert ever! I started at age 14 with the Bella Donna tour at the Spectrum in Philadelphia where I sat literally in the last row of a sold out concert. I was mesmerized then and continued to be for the next twenty some years. After seeing five Stevie tours and three Fleetwood Mac shows I watched an energized band at their Greensboro show back on September 10th. But, the difference at this show was location. My friends Dale and Charlie managed to get me second row seats front and center, and it made all the difference in the world! It was amazing to be there and see every expression and twirl. Lindsay's guitar work was stunning. At one point, he came to the edge of the stage playing his guitar and the people in front of me were actually able to strum the guitar! The fans are extraordinary too--they were totally in synch with the band, matching every Stevie twirl. They were almost as fun to watch as the band. Highlights: Peacekeeper seemed to take on new meaning with world news of late; Second Hand News Rocked! Glad to hear Say You Will--back in the list--Stevie's choreography is fantastic...Sara, was haunting and moving; Landslide--with the mass of humanity singing behind us; Gold Dust Woman, was powerful and captivating; Missed Silver Springs, but happy I saw it in Greensboro---another reason to come back around again; Loved Tusk with the pictures of the horn section of the USC marching band behind....the crowd was energized! ; GoodBye Baby was a sensational ending to a momentous evening! The best part of the night--converting my 22 year old friend Sam to become a new fan. This show makes me want to catch them again in another city--The Mac, they are addicting! Can't wait to see the DVD.
Donovan and Tonia Kay
We just returned from seeing fwm for the third time during this two year tour. Stevie and Lindsay really rocked the house this time, everyone seemed more lively and more playful than ever before. We enjoyed seeing the reactions between Stevie and Lindsay and how the years seemed to heal all of their pains. Stevie sung so great ,We love all fwm's songs but Beautiful Child is one of our favorites. Lindsay rocks on the guitar, he is one of the most talented musicians of all time! What can we say about Mick, he's just Mick his smile always seems to make you cheerful no matter how you feel! His drum playing is excellent, its like you can just feel it in your soul. John is so laid back, We just envy him. If anyone every has an opportunity to see a fwm show we would definately recommend it. fwm sounds just as good today as they did 20 years ago, excellent!
Karen Shumaker
For three months I had been waiting for Fleetwood Mac to perform here in Charlotte. Nothing was going to keep me from my dream. Not even the car wreck pulling into Verizon Amphitheatre's parking lot was going to deter me. When it happened, all I could think about was NO! This is not going to stop me. I had a choice, let a wrecked car ruin this moment or keep going. I chose the latter and crossed the street to the concert. And I can honestly say, I made the best decision in my life! Fleetwood Mac performed at a maximum level of 1000% I was (and still am) in awe of hearing the greatest musicians of our time live. Let me start by saying it was beyond hot. When the show first started and Stevie magnificently stepped up to her mic, I could not believe she was wearing full length gloves! All the way up her arm. Now, that is a true performer. Unbelievable! Stevie's voice is better than ever. The richness, the smoothness, that smokey blues she created is still vibrant enough to take my breath away. And she related to us all. There was a magical electricity between the packed amphitheatre and Stevie. A energy that made all of us intoxicated with the greatness that is The Mac. If there is one moment of time I wish I could capture, it would have been this concert. Something happened to us, the audience. Something that is rare these days with super stars and divas. What transcended was a rekindled bond. The love that Stevie, Lindsey, Mick and John have for the music and their gratitude to us,the fans; created a euphoria. And that feeling rocked the house down. What a truly magnificent performance!
Jared Vaughn
Let me just say this of the Charlotte show: Fleetwood Mac is like fine wine because they ALWAYS improve with time. I went to the Greenville, SC show last year and it was incredible and the Charlotte show did not disappoint me in the least. Personally, I enjoy the arena concerts more than the amphitheater concerts (sans Chastain Park in Atlanta - a truly beautiful atmosphere that Stevie & the Mac have played) Everything was great as always, but let me say, "Sara" took my breath away. Stevie looked radiant in the Sara/Red shawl and the boots are back. Now I know that to some the boots are trivial. She is Stevie Nicks with or without them, but I personally was glad to see them back AND a new black dress - the granny cardigan with pearl buttons is GONE! Stevie looked incredible and sounded incredible. My personal highlights were 1.) Gold Dust Woman - she turned on all of the witchy woman moves and really rocked out. 2.) Sara - and we thought she'd never do it again! BEAUTIFUL!!! 3.) and last but never least...Stand Back. I've said it before and I'll say it again: GOD BLESS HER for doing this song! Oh my gosh, what a crowd-pleaser! I thought she'd never stop spinning. Total rock edge on this song which makes it fresh and new. The arrangement is a winner and Prince would be proud! As I said in my last review, high praise to Mr. Brett Tuggle who totally rocks out on the keyboards - a TRUE talent. As well as the rest of the band, Ms. Jana Anderson and Ms. Sharon Celani - always radiant and worthy of great applause. If you haven't gone to see Fleetwood Mac - GO! You haven't seen such artistry until you have! Come June 17 I know I'll be buying my copy of the Live in Boston DVD..I'm already on my 3rd copy of The Dance DVD...I can't wait until the next album and tour! Rock on!
Best friend of BASKET WINNER (Storm23)
The band was as steamy hot as the weather in Charlotte, NC! Not alot of changes in the set list from last year's US tour.......Destiny Rules & Silver Springs were not on the list for Charlotte. Our spot in front of the stage was about 3 feet from Stevie.....it's apparent that her music has captivated the 20-something crowd......ageless...timeless. Mick was the usual wildman, Linday WAILED with his usual energy, John was content to hang back and "do his thang", and Stevie was the usual graceful "angel". Hearing Sara live was the highlight...complete with red shawl and boots. As long as they play.....I will be there....
Katherine Whitley
Derek Conner
I've already sent one short review praising Thursday night's performance, but I wanted to take the time to express my appreciation and gratitude for music and adventure that has been pure magic in my life. I first saw Stevie perform on The Wild Heart tour in 1983. I was 15 years old. That night I saw the first real performance of my life. I didn't know that an artist could inspire me so with words...and music...and intensity. I danced and sang...and cried - tears of joy. I immediately purchased The Wild Heart Album...My life would never be the same. Over the years, I have seen her perform all over the United States. I live in South Carolina, but I have managed to make it to shows in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Charlotte, Colorado,...the list goes on and on. One of my fondest memories is the Millennium show in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve at the House of Blues. Yes, I am a true fan who thinks everything she does is genius. More than that I appreciate the gift she gives all of us with her heartfelt lyrics and unforgettable performances. I was excited to see Fleetwood Mac Thursday night in Charlotte. The show did not disappoint. The opening was good, but everything really came alive for me when they rocked out Second Hand News. The energy from the crowd was amazing. I was so excited. Another highlight included a dynamic rendition of Gold Dust Woman. I loved at the end of the song when Stevie was waving her hands, as to hypnotize us...then, the stage went black and there were bright gold spots all over the stage, all over the movie screens. She sang Sara, which blew me away. On the screens above the stage, a video clip was playing of the Tusk concert, the video we all remember with the red dress and upswept hair. Tusk was amazing...And StandBack really got everybody dancing...smiling...singing....Isn't that what it's all about? The show ended with Goodbye Baby, what a beautiful song...what a beautiful spirit. I feel lucky to have been at the show. I left with a bag of tee-shirts and posters. I felt like a kid again. Thank you Fleetwood Mac. Thank you Stevie Nicks. I hope you have a blessed Birthday surrounded by everything you love. "I can turn all your music on...I can make you feel alive..."
Kim Almond
I attended the show in Charlotte on May 20th and it was awesome. I had seen Stevie twice before, this was my first time seeing the Mac. Stevie was absolutely gorgeous and sounded great. Lindsay whaled out on the guitar and Mick was as crazy as ever. I loved it! The show was well worth the price of the tickets.
Brett Grant
I attended the Charlotte Show on May 20, 2004. One word describes the experience "W O W". It is amazing to me to see a band who performs the same songs night after night for years be able to keep that Magic as if its a special performance just for you - and they did it, they pulled it off, All of them! The chemistry on stage has never been lost between these individuals. The only thing that could have made this show any better would have been the presence of Christine!!Mick, John, Lindsay and Ms. Stevie - We LOVE You - please Never Go Away!!!!!
John Locklear
There is no word to describe Fleetwood Mac this time around. After seeing them last year in Greensboro, NC and Greenville, SC I could not wait to see them again. Im just now getting home and still on a wonderful high from hearing some of the greatest music ever made. Having Stevie sing "Sara" was a great treat though I did hate not getting to hear "Eyes Of The World", "Silver Springs" and "Whats the World Coming to" was a very small dissapointment. "Sara" did make up for that since its first time Ive seen it done live and she was amazing. I wrote it in my review if Greensboro about Lindsey not getting the respect he deserves. Fact hes not in top 100 guitarist of all time by Rolling Stone is one of the biggest crimes in music. I love groups like Aerosmith and Metallica but Ill take Lindsey anyday over likes of Joe Perry. Lindsey, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Brian May are 3 of my favorite guitarst of all time. I watched as when songs like "Come" and one of my personal favs "Im So Afraid" that people want to take a break. People call Eric Clapton a guitar god. Well I beleive Lindsey is also a guitar god. Hearing him play makes me want to pick up a guitar right now and learn to play. All the band gets their breaks throughout the show but Lindsey works for 2 1/2 hours straight with little rest and still plays jaw dropping guitar. Stevie. No words to describe her. Shes so beautiful and amazing. Why shes ranked so low in top female artist of rock history is absurd. . SHes my number 1. Always will be. VH1 Divas has honored Diana Ross and Aretha Franklin. I like to see next year that they pay tribute to Stevie Nicks. Everybody in Charlotte love Stevie and it showed. She has that presence like no other ive seen. "Landslide" was amazing with everybody singing back was just so beautiful. I could go on but its time to get ready for the show in Raleigh, NC this saturday and cant wait to do it all over again. Onward to Raleigh Mac is Back!!!

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