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6/26/03 Allstate Arena Chicago, IL

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Stephanie Vacca
Awesome, breathtaking, and out of this world..that was last nights concert in a nut shell. Last night was June 26 and I experienced the best rock n' roll group of all time perform at the Allstate Arena. There was not an empty seat in the house once they began playing. I arrived at the concert roughly around 7:15 and it was suppose to begin at 8:00, but did not begin until 8:30. That hour and fifteen minutes seemed liked the longest time in my life because I would not leave my seat from the moment I sat down to go and do anything. During this time, the anticipation was killing me and the nerves in my stomach were going crazy, major butterflies in my stomach if you know what I mean. Finally, what everybody was waiting for; the lights dimmed once and then the arena went pitch black.the show was about to begin. The first drumbeat for The Chain was hit and the crowd went wild, I think my heart skipped for a couple of beats. Then, like The Dance in 97', Dreams was the second song and the vigor and liveliness from the Mac was setting in to the crowd. I have to say I was a little thrown off when Lindsey sang Eyes of the World because I can never recall hearing that song and I know I have listened to every Mac CD over and over (it was still good though.no complaints). There new songs from the Say You Will CD were out of this world, but hearing their old songs live for the first time was so overwhelming I cannot even explain. I have only seen VHS tapes of old concerts and performances, this might have to do with the fact that I am only 19, but from these tapes I have learned how Stevie twirls and wears her shawls, how Lindsey has a blast on his guitar and entertains the crowd, how Mick's eyes get bigger and bigger as each song intensifies and how he has an act for playing with the crowd, and how John does his thing and goes with the flow. Being able to experience these traits of each of them live made me feel so happy and full of excitement I screamed louder and louder each time I got more of it. I have to agree with many of the previous fan reviews about Beautiful Child: it was simply breathtaking and Stevie sparkled through the whole song. During Rhiannon, Stevie really did look like a bird in flight because she had her arms out and the chiffon was flowing like if she was blowing in the wind. Towards the end of Rhiannon, she wrapped her hands up in the chiffon, held the microphone like that and then opened her arms like they were wings again at the end. Rhiannon, Gold Dust Woman, and Stand Back were my three favorites because Stevie put on her shawls and danced how she did in the past, which gave me chills, almost as if they were timeless. And then there was Landslide, the song that everyone knew every word to and sang along with Stevie and watched in awe when she placed her hands on Lindsey's shoulders. Tusk sounded incredible, it is the Mac's best song performed live. The band put so much energy, enthusiasm, and oomph into this song it almost sounded as good as the U.S. marching band did in 97'. Lindsey was running around stage dancing with John, hitting Mick's drums, and best of all dancing and joking around with Stevie. The Mac could have played all night and the crowd would have continued to dance and sing along. The encores were well planned and Mick's solo on his vest was out of this world. He gets in to it so much with the crowd and everyone loved it. The final song was my favorite and I wanted to capture this moment forever. She comes out for the final song with this beautiful pink shawl on and the crowd goes silent. As soon as the words came out of her mouth I started crying. It even looked like she was choking up a little bit. After the song ended the band took their bows and waved to the fans. Seeing Fleetwood Mac perform was amazing and everything and more that I ever expected. An unforgettable night.thanks Fleetwood Mac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tami and Karen
We just returned to Nebraska from the best weekend ever. We got to go to both Fleetwood Mac concerts at the Allstate Arena, and were even lucky enough to have 3rd row seats for the Friday show. This band just keeps getting better and better. Stevie sounds better than ever, and the playful moves between all of the group are entertaining to watch as well. Rock on!!! And please add some midwest venues to the next leg of the tour!!
Ok, so this is my (shortened, believe it or not) review of the Thursday night Chicago show. I had just scored a single front row seat the day before and made up my mind that I would skip a six-hour class (I lied to my prof about being sick--bad Lisa!), and BOY, am I glad I did!!! What a night!!! :-D For the sake of brevity, I'm skipping a lot of the pre- and post-show antics that many have already read in my "concert journal" on other message boards. Suffice it to say that I got to meet a lot of great fellow Mac fans! (wink) Fast forward to the show!!! So I take my seat in the front row, even further to the left than Stevie's mic, and I start taking out my Buckingham Nicks album and my Fritz photo, one of which I will try to get signed. A guy sitting a couple of seats down from me notices my Fritz photo and strikes up a conversation. Well, turns out he's on a message board called Wild Hearts and used to be on the Ledge, and he's a long-time, diehard Stevie and Mac fan (his name is Greg). Well, Greg and I became instant concert buddies. He was incredibly sweet and fun and we shared in each others' joy and excitement the whole night! So the Chain starts and everyone goes nuts! The whole venue is on their feet and remains so for nearly the entire duration of the show! Security was *incredibly* cool, and let us move RIGHT UP TO THE STAGE, from the second the band came out until the show was over!!! I ended up standing right between a couple of speakers where I had an excellent view of Stevie the whole time, although I sometimes had to stand on tiptoe to see Lindsey (over another speaker), and I had to peer around the other speaker to see Brett and what-not. My Sharpie, my Buckingham Nicks album, and my Fritz photo were with me sitting on the platform between the two speakers right beneath the stage. By now, everyone has read tons of reviews so I will list what seemed different to me about this show, or just highlights in general: --I love in the song "Come" when the second verse starts, "Think of me..." and the bass drum kicks in "BOOM chickBOOM," when the song is still slow and is building up to the chorus. It sounds so awesome! The people who don't have the new album yet just don't know what they're in for, do they? --Stevie milked the ends of "Rhiannon" and "Silver Springs" more than she did in Grand Rapids and MUCH more than she did on opening night in Columbus (I wasn't at Columbus but I heard she wasn't nearly as animated there from another fan who was at Columbus). I can't exactly explain what-all she did, but there were more high notes and there seemed to be more intensity. I was close enough to see the muscles in Stevie's face start to shake at the end of Rhiannon like you can see happening on the Dance video! Wow! --Stevie did more vocal embellishments on "Gold Dust Woman" too. At the climax where she sings, "And go hooooooooooooooome...ahhhhh," she sang several "aaaahs" and really held them out. I was like, "whoa, go Stevie!" --I have to reiterate that "Beautiful Child" is my absolute favorite song on this tour. Even though the sound on a lot of the other songs was distorted for me since I was standing right next to a speaker, "Beautiful Child" still sounded just perfect. I got this incredible feeling during that song Thursday night. I felt so lucky to be there listening to her singing that song, when I never thought she would do that one live. I looked up at the video monitor at one point and imagined what it would be like if they released a video of this tour and we could have a live version of "BC" to keep. It was just overwhelming--I hope they release a video!!! --Ooh, I almost forgot. Stevie's "Landslide" dedication: "Tonight I want to dedicate this song to my friend Steve, who's here with us. Steve, remember when we were 15-and-a-half? And I wrote my first song. So I'm dedicating this song to Steve because if it weren't for him, I might not have started writing songs. So Steve, this is for you." And thus begins "Landslide." Wow! So I guess Steve is the one who dumped Stevie and she wrote "I've Loved and I've Lost" for him?! Wow! Oh, and "Landslide" sounded great as usual. There was a big pause after the last "snow-covered hills" and the place went bonkers as usual, :-). Stevie did not react to the applause as much as she did in Grand Rapids though when she put her hands on her hips, which was just priceless. This time she and Lindsey just waited a little bit and went right into the end of the song. They put their arms around each other again and Stevie got a little squeeze and kiss on the forehead, per usual. --Lindsey dedicated "Big Love" to his brother Jeff, also in the audience. He said, "if it weren't for him, I probably wouldn't be here," and then started right in on "Big Love," which was of course, amazing. --During "Tusk," it was amusing seeing Lindsey bang against John but I almost think I was *too* close watching Lindsey follow Stevie and go up to her, because the whole process just looked a bit clumsy to me. They circled each other a little, and then he finally went up to her and bumped her a couple times, and then it looked like they were trying to twirl each other or something and it just wasn't quite working, LOL. It was funny though. I got a little worried that Stevie was gonna trip on Lindsey's wire (that was connected to his guitar) though. I think even Lindsey got concerned for a second as he was walking back over to his spot...he was watching that wire and Stevie's feet and for a second he got an "oh no," or "careful" look on his face, but it was cool-Stevie stepped over it, :-). --Ok, the first MAJOR highlight for me..."Go Your Own Way." Lindsey did his approach-the-crowd-and-let-everyone-touch-the-guitar thing on *both* sides of the stage. When he came over to our side, he was crouched *right* in front of me and I shyly plucked a couple of his guitar strings and finally got up the nerve to put my hand on his knee!!! AHHHHHHH!!! I also noticed some sweat flying off of his face and into the crowd. Ooh, I got me some Lindsey sweat! LOL! Oh, but I was terrified for some brief moments because he stood right on the ledge where I had my B/N album, my Sharpie, and my Fritz photo, and I was SO AFRAID that he was gonna slip on one of the items!!! At one point he did step on the edge of the B/N album but he maintained his footing the whole time. And I will never wipe off that B/N cover again!!! LOL! --The second MAJOR highlight...at the beginning of the first encore (World Turning and Don't Stop), I decided to take my chances, grabbed my Fritz photo and the Sharpie, and made my way to Lindsey's side of the stage. No one seemed to mind that I was standing over there even though I clearly didn't belong there. I didn't shove my way in front of anyone and I said "excuse me" a lot so I guess it pays to be polite. Also, there was a girl in front of me with the "Law and Order" album and I tapped her on the shoulder during "World Turning" and said, "Are you wanting to get that signed?" She said "yeah," and I said "you should try now!" because Lindsey was sitting off to the side nearby. So we all held up our stuff and Lindsey looked over at us and nodded, but stayed put. Well, after "Don't Stop," he made his way over to us and started signing! :-D The girl in front of me got her album signed, and all the girls in front of me were nice enough to pass up my Fritz photo and Sharpie to Lindsey. I watched him look at it when the photo made it into his hands, and he kind of took a second to recognize what it was; then he looked up, made eye contact with me, nodded, signed it and gave it back. Never got the Sharpie back though--ask me if I care, LOL. LINDSEY SIGNED MY BLACK AND WHITE FRITZ PHOTO!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!! Then, as Stevie made her way over to him as they were exiting the stage, Lindsey said something to her and motioned back toward our group. Stevie got an "oh, really? Huh" look on her face and nodded as they were leaving the stage. I made my way back to my original seat, where I showed my newly signed photo to Greg and everyone else who asked about it. I hadn't realized that other fans had seen me, but I was getting congratulated right and left for having had my picture signed! I was on cloud nine! I also realized that Stevie took Greg's rose that he bought before the show to give to her, :-). Then, Greg confirmed my suspicions: He had been watching Lindsey's mouth when he was talking to Stevie (I hadn't had the right vantage point from the other side of the stage), and Lindsey was telling Stevie, "someone had a Fritz picture." He actually said it twice because Stevie didn't hear him the first time! Wow! --The THIRD major highlight: Stevie came out in her pink shawl to sing "Goodbye Baby," which was lovely, and I looked around in awe because it appeared that not a single soul had started leaving yet! At other concerts, there's always a few people who leave after the first encore or whatever, but the place looked just as packed and was just as wild as it had been the whole time! It was awesome. After "Goodbye Baby" when more lights came on, I held up my Fritz photo so that Stevie could see it, since I knew she knew about it. I wasn't looking to get it signed by Stevie, since she really hasn't been signing anything. I just wanted to see if she would acknowledge the photo or even look my way. Well, she saw the photo, pointed, and mouthed "Long time ago!" as she was walking toward the center of the stage to take bows! I nearly shat myself at this point. Seriously. I turned to Greg and said, "OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE THAT?! SHE SAID 'LONG TIME AGO!!!' SHE SAW MY PICTURE AND POINTED AND SAID 'LONG TIME AGO!!!' OMIGOD!" Greg just looked at me and said, "Wooooooow. That is so major. Congratulations," in total earnestness. Thanks for humoring me, Greg. (wink) Meanwhile, the people behind me were looking at me and cracking up. Apparently I'm fairly amusing when I'm a complete and total spaz. Anyway, the band took their bows and Stevie was basically walking around and waving and saying thank you and I think she even went to front row center and shook a couple of people's hands. Mick came to the mic and thanked us and told us to take care of each other, etc. Still, no one was leaving and the cheering was unreal. I suspect some people were even hoping for a THIRD encore. But the band exited and the lights came up. Ahhh, what a concert. I will never forget that night. Thank you Fleetwood Mac!
Hey everyone! I am Alyssa! I attended Fleetwood Mac's concert at the AllState arena in Chicago, IL. For all those that don't want to read my whole review, which has the story of my day leading up to it, I will just say that the concert was phenomenal! Stevie was absolutely beautiful and Lindsey was hot on his guitar. Mick was his crazy, eccentric self and john was right on with his bass playing! Now here we go - let me just start off by saying I am only 15 years old and a young fan of Fleetwood Mac for about a month and a stevie fan for a little longer… about 4 months or so. and very proud of it ;). Anyways, I was soooooooo excited to find out that they were coming to my town! Only problem was since I was a newer fan we didn't get tickets until 3 weeks before the show. My mom told me that the seats were in a section in the far back and one of the last rows. I was crushed but she told me just to be thankful that I got to go, which I was! So Friday, the day of the show, my mom couldn't keep it in any longer… she called me from work and said, "I have a surprise for you." I was in a grumpy mood because I was sooo excited about the show I didn't sleep the night before. I said grumpily, "what?" and she said what would make you happier than anything in the world?" and being really grouchy I said, "I don't know… what are you talking about?" She thought I had a "tone" and hung up with out telling me. So I had to suffer until she got home to find out what it was. She handed me the envelope that said tickmaster on it… I opened it, looked inside and saw that they were the Fleetwood Mac tickets and that they said section 1, row 7!!! I was ecstatic! My mom had lied and said our seats were horrible when in reality they were 7th row, even with Lindsey's mic!!! She wanted to surprise me, which she did successfully. She is the best! Now onto my review~ We got to the venue about 2 hours early, so we stopped at the Steak and Shake for a bite to eat. We then headed over to Target so we could by some gum. We found a place to park and headed inside. We got in a first found our seats. 7th row and we were even with Lindsey's mic! We were sooo close! We could actually see there facial expressions during the songs! We got up and walked around a little bit afterwards. I got a shirt and a key chain at the merchandise counter! They had really nice shirts, but I could only get one L. We got lemonade and went to sit back down. We got down to our seats and I had to use the bathroom, so I went before the concert started so I wouldn't miss anything. I got in line behind these two girls who couldn't have been but two years younger than me and this lady got in line behind us. Needless to say, she had a little too much "juice", if u know what I mean, lol. She tried to budge and her friend pulled her back and she said, "well, what are they gonna do… yell at me." lol yea she was a lil wasted and the concert hadn't even begun. I went back to sit down and we met a few really nice people who sat next to us. Fleetwood Mac fans are the nicest people, aren't we?!? lol anyways, there was a hippie in the row behind us. Hehe he was cracking me up with his dance moves. He was a really cool guy though! Anyway, sorry if I bored you guys with my day leading up to it, but onto the concert. Lindsey and Stevie walked out hand in hand… so cute. All the songs rocked. I was the 7th row rebel, I am telling ya. I did not let my mom pay $280 to sit. During a few songs, people sat down but I refused to!! lol. Lindsey let people strum on his guitar twice. I wish I was up there. Someone gave Stevie a rose and she put it on her mic along with the Mardi Gra beads she had hanging on it! She was blowing kisses right and left at people and holding her arms out and saying I love you, too to people who were saying that to her. They got so many roses. I wish I was close enough to give her one, or him for that matter. Setlist~ (not necessarily in order) 1. The chain- great opener!!! Everyone was on their feet singing along! They looked strong and confident! We all knew the show would be great! 2. Dreams- beautiful song. Stevies voice was amazing. 3. Eyes of the world- loved it! They rocked the venue with this song! 4. Peacekeeper- beautifully done… Lindsey and Stevie's voices blend so well with each others. 5. Come- I absolutely love this song and was sooooo upset when everyone decided it was already time to take a bathroom break or to sit! I stood. 7th row rebel here, man! I refused to sit! Lindsey is a guitar king! 6. Second hand news- everyone went nuts during this song and I was so happy when Stevie was doing the ba ba ba ba part lol!!! 7. Say you will- I loved the way Stevie introduced this song. I thought it was cute and she got a bit of a laugh out of it. She said, "this is another song from the new album 'say you will', except it is the song say you will." Hehe… 8. Never going back again- did I mention that Lindsey rocked out on his guitar?!? ;) Everyone was up and singing along with this song! 9. Rhiannon- perhaps, the best song of the night! I was kind of hoping she would sing the added part like in the dance dvd but she didn't… L 10. Gypsy- beautifully done!!! Stevie rocks!! She is just amazing! 11. Big love- again everyone chose to sit done during this one- but not me!!!!! Lindsey is awesome! 12. Landslide- oh my gosh! This song gave me chills!! You could hear everyone singing right along with Stevie! Including me!!! J At the end of the song everyone was cheering soo loud Stevie couldn't get the last line in and her and Lindsey just stared at each other until we settled down so she could sing hehe. During the song, Stevie went behind Lindsey and put her hands on his shoulders and tapped along with the guitar strings. At the end, Lindsey put his arm around her, but no little kiss this time, that I saw anyways. Someone correct me if I am wrong. 13. Say goodbye- very powerful song! It seemed as though Stevie and Lindsey were singing it to each other - very emotional. 14. What's the world coming to- very good performance… not my fave song though. 15. Beautiful child- people sat during this, too!!!! Now no one sits during Stevie!!!! ……. I stood!! Hehe but this song is absolutely beautiful… so touching! I love it! 16. Gold dust woman- next to stand back, this is the song I was anticipating the most! She rocked out on this!!!! Cape and all. She was stunning! 17. Stand back- OMG OMG OMG! She blew the roof of the place with this song!!! Everyone was on their feet dancing along! She spun with her cape on soooooo many times and pretty fast to! Beautiful….. Everyone went nuts! Stevie got really into the show after this song! 18. I'm so afraid- another one where people decided time to take a bathroom breaks or sit… not me! Lindsey and that guitar….!!!!!!! 19. Silver springs- beautifully done! Seemed as though Stevie was singing right to Lindsey the whole time! Very emotional, very powerful!! 20. Tusk- had to be one of the best songs of the night!!!!!! So playful and fun! Lindsey went over to john and pulled him back while he kept playing, very funny! Then he and Stevie did their whole "shark circling" thing and then he got her. Great fun!!!!! Stevie and Lindsey had such great chemistry during this song; it was giving me chills! lol 21. Go your own way- very high energy in this song. Even at the end of the show they had sooo much energy! This song was awesome! 22. Don't stop- beautifully done!!! I love this song sooo much. It was great to see it live! 23. World turning- ok let me just say… rock on Mick!!!!!!!!!! His drum solo was sooo great!!!!!!!! I love the vest and the "balls"… hehe he had everyone cheering!! 24. Goodbye baby- this song was sooo great and very powerful. It is such an emotional song and I have to admit that I was misty eyed!!! The end was incredible. It was funny when they were leaving, Stevie wanted to get that rose off of her mic, but for the life of her could not get it untangled. Hehe it was funny but she finally got it. She made her little good bye speech by saying, "I just want to let you guys know that we have been here for three weeks and I have fallen in love with Chicago! You guys have a great city!" we do don't we? The best expression that came out of the night was Stevies emphasized wink. It was so funny. While they were walking off, someone I would assume kept winking at her and she kept winking back… like 10 times and she made sure to make it obvious that she was winking back by pointing to her eye. It is kinda hard to describe, one of those u had to be there things but we all got a laugh out of it! You could tell Stevie didn't want to leave the stage; she just kept waving and waving and we didn't want her to go either! It was an incredible show, my first Mac concert, and one I will never forget! I had the best time and I am looking forward to the second leg of the tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were all incredible! GO IF YOU GET THE CHANCE!!!!!!!! You will not regret it! p.s. I think I was successful in making my mom a fan that night! She was not one going into it, but was one going out. That was my goal!!
Thursday June, 26 was my 3rd and final concert for the Fleetwood Mac tour. I was sad of course that it was all ending but the show was awesome! I had 10th row seats (the best of all 3 shows) and I was loving it! I stood the entire time, even when people decided to be boring and sit all around me...I didn't care, I was determined to stand the whole time. Anyway, about the show, everyone was just so amazing and totally playing off the crowd. Certain points of interest for me were the following: During Say You Will, Stevie went over to Lindsey and did this little air guitar thing during his guitar solo, it was so cute! And she hadn't done that at the other shows I attended so it was fun to see something new. I still just can't get over how much fun Eyes of the World is live. Lindsey's guitar licks are so great and you can tell everyone is just having a blast doing that song. Rhiannon was just kick-butt live!! I'm still so excited about how much Stevie puts into this song now since she didn't really as much when I saw her during the TISL tour. Her voice is just perfect and her performance is so intense and emotional. And I simply love the line "..WEEEEEEEELLLLL I don't THINK you do" She holds that "well" forever and I don't remember hearing that line before this tour. My favorite Lindsey moment was definitely I'm So Afraid. I just don't know how that man can do that every night...what a talent. Just unbelievable!!! Gold Dust Woman and Stand Back were also highlights for me. The twirls the high notes the crazy hand gestures...I just love 'em all! And something I've noticed: I remember when I saw Stevie during the TISL tour, whenever she would sing a high note she would like lean her head way back so you could barely hear her. But on this tour, she puts that mic right up to her mouth and proudly belts out those notes. Like the "and go HOOOOOOOMMMMMMMee" during GDW or the part when she goes "why don't you TAAAAAAAAKKKEE me home" during Stand Back. Those are so great! The response from the crowd for Go Your Own Way was insane! Everyone just went nuts...so great. Lindsey was obviously pleased. So, those are the highlights for me. It was such a fabulous show and I'm so sad I won't be able to see them again, but at least I had the chance to see them 3 times. Can't wait for the next tour!!:-)
Well, I've never been to a Fleetwood Mac concert, and to be honest that was the first time I really listened to them! I've been a huge fan of Stevie Nicks but never really listened to her band! I've been to three concerts my whole life, and this was by far the BEST concert I've ever been to! It was not only great music but it touched me and so many people around me emotionally! Fleetwood Mac is the greatest band, and I really hope they do more concerts here in Chicago!!! I love you Fleetwood Mac!!!!
Belladonna from Michigan
The band sounded great and had so much energy. I didn't sit down the entire time and the audience was singing every song right along with the band. It was magic!
Geetha Rajan-Subramanian
WOW! I am still in la-la land after finally seeing Miss Stevie. I kept telling everyone that I was going to the Stevie Nicks concert and my husband was like "no, you're going to the Fleetwood Mac concert" but to me Stevie is the best part of MAC. Don't get me wrong, Lindsey, John and Mick sound and looked amazing but the goddess Stevie stole the show. She was gorgeous and sounded incredible. They absolutely rocked. Every song they did was amazing - favorites were "Stand Back" and "Beautiful Child".... and "yes", I cried too! When I first met my husband and was falling in love, "Trouble in Shangri-La" had just come out and I was listening to it everyday. That album will always have a special place in my heart . I was dying to go to her concert but was out of town when she played in Chicago. I have been waiting for years to see Stevie and this was a dream come true. It was well worth the wait and the cost of the tickets. As for the downside - what's up with the lame fans? I have never been to a concert where the majority of people sat in their seats for the entire show! Granted I am 30 and the median age there was 50 but come on people! As Stevie put it best... "Rock a Little"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless and thank you Stevie (and the rest of MAC) for all the years of wonderful music. You are a gift to the world!
Russell Buchholz
I just got back from the allstate arena in Chicago where I had the good fortune of seeing Fleetwood Mac and all I can say is WOW!!! what a show. I can honestly say that in all 25 years of loving Fleetwood Mac, I have never heard them sound better. At 8:20 they took to the stage and for 2 1/2 hours totally enthralled the sold out crowd. Highlights of the show were "Stand Back" Stevie totally ROCKED!!!!!! I have NEVER heard her sound better and she seemed to be having such a Great time on stage, in fact all the band seemed to really be enjoying themselves which was a great treat to see! I also want to say I think Stevie looks better then she ever has, very pretty!!! Other highlights of the show were Lindseys Guitar playing, and when Stevie sang "Beautiful Child" I had never heard that song live and it was so GREAT!!! After the show we went around back where the Limos were and had the good fortune of meeting Christopher Nicks (Stevies brother) and Sharon Celani (What a nice lady!) In closing, if you get a chance to see this show BY ALL MEANS GO!!!! It was worth every cent!!! I can't wait to see them again Sunday night in Milwaukee!! FLEETWOOD MAC RULES!!!!!!
Wow! I went to the Thursday night show in Chicago and it was incredible! I got chills through almost every song. Stevie and Lindsey were awesome, singing quite a few of the songs to each other. Lindsey was playing so intensely on a couple of the songs, he broke his guitar strings. They even danced around the stage with each other during Tusk. She really sang her heart out on Rhiannon, Stand Back, and Gold Dust Woman. The fans just went wild and at some points were drowning out the music! It was one of the best Fleetwood Mac shows I've seen and I've seen all the Mac and Stevie shows in Chicago. If you're thinking about getting tickets for this tour, don't walk, RUN to Ticketmaster.
Nancy K. Chavez
I consider myself on of Stevie's biggest fan. I went to the Fleetwood Mac concert yesterday (June 26th) at the Allstate Arena. What can I say, it was incredible. They rocked the stage for hours. Stevie looked fabulous and when she did her famous spin during her "Stand Back" set, I nearly lost my mind. I can honestly say that watching Fleetwood Mac together again has made one of my biggest dreams come true.
Matthew Rupert
Last night Kandi and I went to the Fleetwood Mack , ‘Say You Will’ concert at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. I must admit, I enjoyed the show much more than I thought I would. Fleetwood Mac, even without Christine McVie, remains a band with incredible talent and an stunning stage presence. They played the greats, with only about 4 songs from the new CD, so as not to bore the audience in an effort to promote new material. New material is good, but lets face it, with a band like Fleetwood Mac, people are coming to hear the greats, not to be barraged by unrecognizable songs. I am glad that the band recognized this. I was too caught up in the moment to remember the set list, but it was good, I know that much. NOTE: If you are a fat drunken idiot at a concert, there is a good chance that you don’t realize how obnoxious you are being when you try to sing Landslide as loud as possible. There is a very good reason you are out in the crowd paying $6 for beer while the musicians are on stage. Please take note of this, annoying fat guy who stood behind me. The stage presence was overwhelming. Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Stevie Nicks, and Lindsey Buckingham where of course, all there. In addition to what we generally think of as “Fleetwood Mac”, there was 1 additional bassist, a rhythm guitar, 2 backup singers, and 2 drummers (for a total of 3 drum kits on the stage). The stage presence was an incredible site to behold during the loud songs, like ‘Tusk’. One pleasant surprise came when they performed the Stevie Nicks song ‘Stand Back.’ I didn’t expect to hear any to Stevie’s solo songs, but the chose a good one to perform and did it very well. Adding to the excitement, Lindsey Buckingham and Mick Fleetwood were as energetic as teenagers on stage. As amazing as Stevie Nicks is to behold, Buckingham and Fleetwood were (in my opinion), the brightest stars on stage. Stevie looks like a 30 year old, but moves more like a 50 year old these days. Age seems to have done Lindsey Buckingham more good than anything. As the band neared the end of their third hour on stage (with no intermission and no opener), Buckingham and Fleetwood both seemed prepared to perform all night long. Even my wife commented that Buckingham had a wonderful stage presence (and she is a huge Stevie Nicks fan). Buckingham’s excitement and energy really shined during ‘Tusk’, ‘Don’t Stop’, and ‘Eyes of the World’. I got the feeling he enjoyed being on the stage even more than I enjoyed listening and seeing legends of rock and roll live. $75 x 2 for tickets $15 for parking $14 for food/drinks $179 for the evening, and well worth every penny.
Jenna Villarreal
I saw Fleetwood mac in concert last night. This was my first concert and was so glad it was. The show was absolutly amazing. Stevie sounded great, Lindsay played amazingly, John and Mick were awesome. I am so glad I was able to see my idols in person.
Wow... Wow... Wow wow wow wow wow... Wow wow wow wow wow!!!!!... Rock and roll still lives and breathes and FM is its heart!!!!... I've been a FM/SN fan since 1982, but I never saw the Buckingham/Nicks version of FM play live... I loved "Say You Will", "Gold Dust Woman", "Go Your Own Way", and "Stand Back"... I saw Stevie when she came to town in 2001 for "Shangri-La"... She looked and sounded fantastic tonite... Her performance of "Stand Back" was definitely more powerful this time around... But just hearing her sing "Dreams" live again made the cost of my nose-bleed section seat (which wasn't cheap!) worth it... The lady's still got it!!!!! I have to admit, I was never much of a Lindsey fan (I'm admittedly one of the few who thought the Burnette/Vito version of FM, whom I saw play in Toronto in 1990, had a lot of promice)... But seeing him just pour himself into the performance last nite made me respect him as a guitarist... He played so fast and furious and seemed to almost collapse at one point I thought he was going to need CPR... But my hat's off to him... Kudos to Mick and John - the consumate rock and roll soldiers!... They rocked as solidly as tonite as when I saw them 13 years ago... Thanks for a great nite of music everyone!... Wow! Wow!... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael William
Last nights concert can be summed up in one word- WOW. Its hard to believe that after all of these years FM has not lost a single step. They had the energy and the enthusiam of a band that has just started out and trying to make it. From Lindseys genius guitar playing- and on a quick side note I believe that Lindsey has never been recongnized for his vocal talents- his voice soars through the auditorium. Stevie was magical as ever- she put different spins on every one of her songs which made you feel like you were hearing them for the first time- especially Rhiannon- her play on words and improvising through her songs I feel has always set her apart- she did it masterfully on the old classic. Stevies songs from the new album were sorely missed though- its some of her best work in years and it would have been nice to hear a couple more of them. And kudos to Mindy Stein and Sharon Celani and the rest of the band- background vocals were impecable and the musicianship was masterful. Also hearing Stevie's vocals on songs that were previously reserved for Christine was a real treat- very cool. (No offense to Christine- we love you). Thanks for the great show guys- hope to see you again really soon.
I just returned from the Mac's first night in Chicago...and what a special evening it has been! I hadn't seen Fleetwood Mac in concert since 1989 and Stevie since the Street Angel tour. This was my wife's first Stevie/Mac concert, so in a way, I was seeing the spectacle through her eyes. What a fantastic show!! Stevie was in rare form vocally...and Lindsey was simply amazing with his guitar solos. Some highlights were Rhiannon, Landslide, Say Goodbye, Beautiful Child, Gold Dust Woman, and Stand Back. Stevie seemed to really enjoy herself for Stand Back, complete with about a dozen twirls! The crowd went nuts!! Overall a truly wonderful show. I consider myself blessed to have seen them once again. Chicago loves Stevie and the Mac!!
Well, I haven't seen Fleetwood Mac since they were here in 1980 at Market Square Arena!!! The Concert got started at 8:24 pm. The house was almost packed & we had good seats in the Balcony with the screens to our right, & we could see stage too but with the help of binoculars!!! They did lots of the older songs & not as many from new CD & when they did, they told us it was. Stevie looked really tired & a bit sleepy while performing but came to live as it was ending. Lindsey only broke ONE string this time. He played his livin' heart out & even let the people right up to the stage, play his guitar as he's playing & he got laughing at this one guy, & don't know what was said!! Our sound system in Conseco made it REALLY hard to make out what they were saying when they weren't singing & the drums, & guitars were so loud!!, but the best place to hear was in the ladies room!! Had a really nice time & this was my belated Birthday present of June 10th to me from my Boyfriend!!! I did buy 2 tee-shirts afterwards & still NO tourbooks. They did have mugs & a little teddy bear!!!Poster & lots of shirts!!!! If you can't wiggle in to buy before, you can still purchase afterwards & have less crowd!! During a few songs, the crowd lit lighters like back in the old days & yes, people were taking pictures. The whole floor & seating behind them, were standing the whole time!!! They were funny at times. Mick got to share his birthday with the Indianapolis bunch & we loved our Mac!! They came back for two or 3 encores & yes, people were dancing in the isles. It was so beautiful to see the 4some play again & I won't forget the night at all!

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