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6/27/03 Allstate Arena Chicago, IL

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Hey everyone! I am Alyssa! I attended Fleetwood Mac's concert at the AllState arena in Chicago, IL. For all those that don't want to read my whole review, which has the story of my day leading up to it, I will just say that the concert was phenomenal! Stevie was absolutely beautiful and Lindsey was hot on his guitar. Mick was his crazy, eccentric self and john was right on with his bass playing! Now here we go - let me just start off by saying I am only 15 years old and a young fan of Fleetwood Mac for about a month and a stevie fan for a little longer… about 4 months or so. and very proud of it ;). Anyways, I was soooooooo excited to find out that they were coming to my town! Only problem was since I was a newer fan we didn't get tickets until 3 weeks before the show. My mom told me that the seats were in a section in the far back and one of the last rows. I was crushed but she told me just to be thankful that I got to go, which I was! So Friday, the day of the show, my mom couldn't keep it in any longer… she called me from work and said, "I have a surprise for you." I was in a grumpy mood because I was sooo excited about the show I didn't sleep the night before. I said grumpily, "what?" and she said what would make you happier than anything in the world?" and being really grouchy I said, "I don't know… what are you talking about?" She thought I had a "tone" and hung up with out telling me. So I had to suffer until she got home to find out what it was. She handed me the envelope that said tickmaster on it… I opened it, looked inside and saw that they were the Fleetwood Mac tickets and that they said section 1, row 7!!! I was ecstatic! My mom had lied and said our seats were horrible when in reality they were 7th row, even with Lindsey's mic!!! She wanted to surprise me, which she did successfully. She is the best! Now onto my review~ We got to the venue about 2 hours early, so we stopped at the Steak and Shake for a bite to eat. We then headed over to Target so we could by some gum. We found a place to park and headed inside. We got in a first found our seats. 7th row and we were even with Lindsey's mic! We were sooo close! We could actually see there facial expressions during the songs! We got up and walked around a little bit afterwards. I got a shirt and a key chain at the merchandise counter! They had really nice shirts, but I could only get one L. We got lemonade and went to sit back down. We got down to our seats and I had to use the bathroom, so I went before the concert started so I wouldn't miss anything. I got in line behind these two girls who couldn't have been but two years younger than me and this lady got in line behind us. Needless to say, she had a little too much "juice", if u know what I mean, lol. She tried to budge and her friend pulled her back and she said, "well, what are they gonna do… yell at me." lol yea she was a lil wasted and the concert hadn't even begun. I went back to sit down and we met a few really nice people who sat next to us. Fleetwood Mac fans are the nicest people, aren't we?!? lol anyways, there was a hippie in the row behind us. Hehe he was cracking me up with his dance moves. He was a really cool guy though! Anyway, sorry if I bored you guys with my day leading up to it, but onto the concert. Lindsey and Stevie walked out hand in hand… so cute. All the songs rocked. I was the 7th row rebel, I am telling ya. I did not let my mom pay $280 to sit. During a few songs, people sat down but I refused to!! lol. Lindsey let people strum on his guitar twice. I wish I was up there. Someone gave Stevie a rose and she put it on her mic along with the Mardi Gra beads she had hanging on it! She was blowing kisses right and left at people and holding her arms out and saying I love you, too to people who were saying that to her. They got so many roses. I wish I was close enough to give her one, or him for that matter. Setlist~ (not necessarily in order) 1. The chain- great opener!!! Everyone was on their feet singing along! They looked strong and confident! We all knew the show would be great! 2. Dreams- beautiful song. Stevies voice was amazing. 3. Eyes of the world- loved it! They rocked the venue with this song! 4. Peacekeeper- beautifully done… Lindsey and Stevie's voices blend so well with each others. 5. Come- I absolutely love this song and was sooooo upset when everyone decided it was already time to take a bathroom break or to sit! I stood. 7th row rebel here, man! I refused to sit! Lindsey is a guitar king! 6. Second hand news- everyone went nuts during this song and I was so happy when Stevie was doing the ba ba ba ba part lol!!! 7. Say you will- I loved the way Stevie introduced this song. I thought it was cute and she got a bit of a laugh out of it. She said, "this is another song from the new album 'say you will', except it is the song say you will." Hehe… 8. Never going back again- did I mention that Lindsey rocked out on his guitar?!? ;) Everyone was up and singing along with this song! 9. Rhiannon- perhaps, the best song of the night! I was kind of hoping she would sing the added part like in the dance dvd but she didn't… L 10. Gypsy- beautifully done!!! Stevie rocks!! She is just amazing! 11. Big love- again everyone chose to sit done during this one- but not me!!!!! Lindsey is awesome! 12. Landslide- oh my gosh! This song gave me chills!! You could hear everyone singing right along with Stevie! Including me!!! J At the end of the song everyone was cheering soo loud Stevie couldn't get the last line in and her and Lindsey just stared at each other until we settled down so she could sing hehe. During the song, Stevie went behind Lindsey and put her hands on his shoulders and tapped along with the guitar strings. At the end, Lindsey put his arm around her, but no little kiss this time, that I saw anyways. Someone correct me if I am wrong. 13. Say goodbye- very powerful song! It seemed as though Stevie and Lindsey were singing it to each other - very emotional. 14. What's the world coming to- very good performance… not my fave song though. 15. Beautiful child- people sat during this, too!!!! Now no one sits during Stevie!!!! ……. I stood!! Hehe but this song is absolutely beautiful… so touching! I love it! 16. Gold dust woman- next to stand back, this is the song I was anticipating the most! She rocked out on this!!!! Cape and all. She was stunning! 17. Stand back- OMG OMG OMG! She blew the roof of the place with this song!!! Everyone was on their feet dancing along! She spun with her cape on soooooo many times and pretty fast to! Beautiful….. Everyone went nuts! Stevie got really into the show after this song! 18. I'm so afraid- another one where people decided time to take a bathroom breaks or sit… not me! Lindsey and that guitar….!!!!!!! 19. Silver springs- beautifully done! Seemed as though Stevie was singing right to Lindsey the whole time! Very emotional, very powerful!! 20. Tusk- had to be one of the best songs of the night!!!!!! So playful and fun! Lindsey went over to john and pulled him back while he kept playing, very funny! Then he and Stevie did their whole "shark circling" thing and then he got her. Great fun!!!!! Stevie and Lindsey had such great chemistry during this song; it was giving me chills! lol 21. Go your own way- very high energy in this song. Even at the end of the show they had sooo much energy! This song was awesome! 22. Don't stop- beautifully done!!! I love this song sooo much. It was great to see it live! 23. World turning- ok let me just say… rock on Mick!!!!!!!!!! His drum solo was sooo great!!!!!!!! I love the vest and the "balls"… hehe he had everyone cheering!! 24. Goodbye baby- this song was sooo great and very powerful. It is such an emotional song and I have to admit that I was misty eyed!!! The end was incredible. It was funny when they were leaving, Stevie wanted to get that rose off of her mic, but for the life of her could not get it untangled. Hehe it was funny but she finally got it. She made her little good bye speech by saying, "I just want to let you guys know that we have been here for three weeks and I have fallen in love with Chicago! You guys have a great city!" we do don't we? The best expression that came out of the night was Stevies emphasized wink. It was so funny. While they were walking off, someone I would assume kept winking at her and she kept winking back… like 10 times and she made sure to make it obvious that she was winking back by pointing to her eye. It is kinda hard to describe, one of those u had to be there things but we all got a laugh out of it! You could tell Stevie didn't want to leave the stage; she just kept waving and waving and we didn't want her to go either! It was an incredible show, my first Mac concert, and one I will never forget! I had the best time and I am looking forward to the second leg of the tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were all incredible! GO IF YOU GET THE CHANCE!!!!!!!! You will not regret it! p.s. I think I was successful in making my mom a fan that night! She was not one going into it, but was one going out. That was my goal!!
AWESOME, STEVIE,MICK,JOHN,LINDSEY THEY WHERE AWESOME. THE Show was out of this world. Thankyou, Fleetwood Mac for a great show. you sang all my favorites songs. YOU ROCK!
Rhiannon McDermott
This concert was more rockin' than I ever could have imagined. The energy in the building intensified as the lights dimmed and the band took the stage. My anticipation of the night had been growing since I sound out "Rhiannon" was one of the songs on the set list. I was not at all disappointed! From the moment "The Chain" began the sold out crowd started cheering and did not stop! The vocals, the percussion, the guitar, even the visual effects were awesome. The amount of energy each person gave to the show was unbelievable. Lindsey was jumping around all over the place! The connection between the group members was apparent with Stevie and Lindsey holding hands as they walked back after the encore and John and Stevie dancing with each other. Since there was no intermission the crowd tended to leave during Fleetwood Mac's new songs! "Say You Will" and "Peace Keeper" are especially wonderful give the new tunes a chance! Thanks Fleetwood Mac for a memorable night. A special thank you for playing Rhiannon as I have been waiting to hear that song live for a long time!
Devin & Haylea
In a word: Unbelievable. Long version: My 10 year old daughter Haylea was shocked when she finally figured out where we were and what we were doing. We flew to Chicago from Colorado on the morning of the 27th and she had no idea why.....until we walked through the doors of Allstate! She has grown up listening to Stevie and the Mac, because her dad is a lifelong, HARDCORE FAN!! I will always connect my 13th summer with the sound of "Dreams" floating through the air because during the hot months of '77 it played on every radio station (AM and FM...lol), at all times of the day/night, for the ENTIRE summer and into the fall... Back to the show... Haylea and I got there about 6:30, stood on line and then excitedly, half-walked/half-ran into the venue when they opened the doors at 7:00. We had THE BEST seats in the house (thank you Kate Dixon!); stage right, stage level, unobstructed view - there was nothing between us and Stevie but 50 feet of air!! From the opening twangs of The Chain to the closing whispers of Goodbye Baby it was a night that I'll never forget. Dancing with Haylea to The Chain, Dreams, Peacekeeper, Gypsy, GDW, Rhiannon, Standback, GYOW, Don't Stop, etc. will forever be a Hallmark Cards Father-Daughter moment in my life. Listening and watching Lindsey WORK his guitar(s) on Come, Big Love, World Turning, I'm So Afraid and Tusk was the equivalent of watching Picasso paint, Wolfgang Puck cook or Joe Montana throw touchdowns....he is a TRUE master at his craft and deserves s-o-o-o much more credit and recognition from his guitar playing peers. Mick was amazing...the crowd actually surged with energy when he was doing his vest solo leading into World Turning - people were psyched! His playing and his presence let you know, without a doubt, that he is the real gatekeeper of FM. Johnnie was the strong backbone that everyone (including Brett, Neale, Carlos and Taku) played off of - he was loose and tight at the same time and his bass was like thumping liquid; so smooth, so strong. Stevie, Stevie, Stevie - what can I say that you haven't already heard or read? She looked like a billion bucks and sounded even better. Singing with her to Landslide, Silver Springs and ALL of the others made me almost freak out with happiness. Looking down and watching my little girl mouth the words to damn near every song just about made me cry. I can't even talk about Beautiful Child....a song so meaningful to me (and to Haylea, although she doesn't really know it) and so incredibly powerful in my life that I hardly ever listen to it anymore....if that makes sense. I NEVER thought I would get to see Stevie sing it live...one of those incredible Life **bonus** moments for which I will always be grateful. I could not get over the multi-generational crowd. Grandparents with grandkids and everything in between. At 39, I think I was on the younger side of the crowd age range, but it was all good. Really cool to see so many families with their kids, with their parents, etc. - a true sign of the Mac magic. The FM sound transcends generations and their music is a powerful unifier...their 2 1/2 hour set was like listening to the soundtrack of my life and I know there were thousands of other fans there who felt the same way. Thanks Fleetwood Mac for an unforgettably sweet night in Chicago... ....I hope you will all play forever and ever.
My eyes welled up as soon as the lights went down. I sang the whole time! The four of them were like magic, it was such a good show. They all looked and sounded great. I love it when Stevie spins and really belts out her songs!
I attended the second show in Chicago on June 27th. The interesting thing about this show was a disclaimer at the entrance stating that by having your ticket scanned you were consenting to being filmed as this show was to be taped. We were sitting in the 4th row, center stage, and I frequently saw camera men on the stage. I'm not sure what the taping was for and there were not any changes from the concert I saw a week ago in St. Paul. The band was fantastic and their voices as good as ever. Lindsey gives 110% as always. Stevie was more talkative at this show then in St. Paul. She more facial gestures and played the crowd more. Being from Tulsa, it is off to Oklahoma City Tuesday night for the show at the brand new Ford Center. This actually may be Fleetwood Mac's first appearance in Oklahoma.
Two 13th row center seat tickets - $400.00 Two drinks - $13.00 Three Fleetwood Mac T-shirts - $110 One admission for parking in Allstate Arena parking lot - $15.00 2-1/2 hours of nothing but the legendary Fleetwood Mac - PRICELESS!! The first time I saw Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks perform Rhiannon was in the mid 70s at a concert in Cleves, Ohio. I was 18 years old. Me and 3 friends drove from Chicago to Cleves for a 12 hour concert (which other bands shared the billing with Fleetwood Mac (Eagles, Marshall Tucker/Charlie Daniels, etc). Stevie was fantastic with Rhiannon then, she's still fantastic with Rhiannon now. The only thing missing is her top hat!! I wish she'd bring it out of the closet and start wearing it again!! The concert Friday night at Allstate Arena (formerly the Rosemont Horizon) was one of the best concerts that I have ever been to. Did I mention that I've seen Stevie and/or Fleetwood Mac more than 30 times? I was fortunate to be sitting in 13th row, dead center!! I was thrilled when Fleetwood Mac decided to give Silver Springs a chance on The Dance. I knew in '76 that it was a hit. Too bad nobody asked me!! I was so moved to hear Beautiful Child live. I never thought I would. Thank you Fleetwood Mac. That song has a special spot in my heart and even though it brings tears, it's one of my favorites and I couldn't do without it. Stevie's new song, Goodbye Baby, is a new favorite of mine. It touches me in a way that no other song has ever done. It's very heartfelt. I can only imagine what it does to Stevie to sing that song. Thank you Stevie for sharing such a personal part of you with us. I feel it too. Lindsey was great, as always! Mick was entertaining, as always! Thanks Mick! John was . . . . John was John - even though I was sitting close, he wasn't very visible. With John you don't necessarily always "see" him, you "hear" him. I knew he was there though because of his great bass work!! A highlight for me too was the opportunity to meet Stevie's brother and talk with him for a while outside by the buses and limos after the concert. Sweetness obviously runs in the Nicks' blood!! To anyone who hasn't been to a Fleetwood Mac concert, I strongly recommend that you go. You won't be sorry. I am planning on seeing them in Phoenix on the 19th and "I Can't Wait"!! P.S. to Fleetwood Mac - I don't expect you would remember, but I just thought you'd find it interesting that you were the first performers to play at the Rosemont Horizon in 1980. While the Rosemont Horizon was under construction, they had an accident wherein the roof fell in. O'Hare Airport is very nearby and the flight path for one of the runways is right over the Horizon. A lot of the fans wore hard hats to the concert. Thank you Fleetwood Mac!! You were awesome!!
Debbie Whitlaw and Cinnamon Kettner
My best friend, Cinnamon and I saw FM in Chicago at the Allstate Arena Friday night. This was the 2nd night for FM in Chicago and the arena sold out again! We brought our "We Love Stevie" and "Beautiful Child" banners that we had made for "The Dance" tour and have brought them to all of Stevie's concerts in Chicago. Since we had 6th row center seats (they were awesome seats!), Stevie saw them. We were so thrilled when she sang "Beautiful Child"! Stevie has never sounded better and she looked beautiful!!! She smiled the whole night, she seemed to really be having a great time! And the dancing and twirling were fantastic!! Lindsey, well he was phenomenal!! He had everyone going with his guitar solos. I hope someday he gets recognized for his playing, he has to be one of the best ever!!! Mick rocked the house with his drums, as usual. And John, was John, just playing the best base ever! They played for 2 hours 20 minutes and unfortunately, it flew bye. "Goodbye Baby" was the perfect song to end one of the best concerts FM has ever performed!! FM rocks!! And Stevie, you are in our hearts forever, we love you! Thank you!
I just got back from the Friday night Chicago show and all I can say is AWESOME! I can't believe how incredible the Mac still is after all these years and through all the band changes. I don't know why I'm so surprized because this has always been my favorite lineup and after seeing them many times before I think this was one of my all time favorite shows! I thought it wouldn't be the same without Christine and even though I missed hearing some of her songs the band more then made up for her absence and made me forget she wasn't there. Stevie had me totally mesmerized every time she sang and did her witchy dances and twirls (you've got to see her Gold Dust Woman) and Lindsey is just incredible with his guitar! Mick did his tribal dance and even though John was pretty quiet you knew his familiar sound when The Chain opened the show. This is one concert that if you get the chance to see this summer definitely GO! You will not regret it! Ticket prices are well worth it when you get a nearly 2 1/2 hr. show and some of the best music you will hear from one of rocks true legendary bands!

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