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9/13/03 United Center Chicago, IL

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Debbie Whitlaw and Nikki Sisco
We saw FM at the United Center in Chicago on Saturday night, Sept 13. I took my son's 21 year old girlfriend to the concert. We both saw FM in June and they rocked the Allstate Arena, but I must say, they did the same thing at the United Center! The seats were good (16th row isle seats, Section One, Stevie's side-In June, my best friend, Cin and I had 6th row center seats! She could not attend this concert as she is ready to have a baby any day!). I brought our signs "We Love You Stevie" and "Beautiful Child" and also my Buckingham Nicks album. As I held up the album, the man behind me told me it was annoying, so I had to hold it "chest high". (whatever! it wasn't as if I held it up for a long time, only a few seconds) Same for the signs. The concert was just fantastic. Stevie and Lindsey were having fun the entire night as was John! and Mick. Lindsey says Chicago has become their "second home" and Stevie gave the thumbs up, which totally makes us feel great! Stevie was just the best, as always, we love her!! Lindsey, absolutely wild on his guitar, he is the best player in my book. Mick was phenomenal and John was a little more "up front" this time. He rocks, as they all do. Nikki, only 21, knows all the words to all the FM songs, old and new, and sang them all, she is OK in my book!! It's a tribute to this band that they have such a variety of fans, they are truly an ICON! All the songs, old and new, were fantastic, but I must say this time, "Stand Back" was my favorite! Stevie you rock!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! As always, the worse thing was the end of the concert! I hope you guys do a "3rd Leg" of the concert tour and come back in the spring!! Please!! Best to the whole band and Stevie, our hearts are yours forever! And God bless your father, that is fantastic that he has been on the road with you for 10 days!!!
This was my sixth concert on the current tour. I had not seen the band since Auburn, WA. So, after almost two months I was anxiously looking forward to any changes or nuances. Well, if it’s possible the band played not only tighter that before but they also seemed to be having even more fun. Lindsey said how Chicago was becoming like their second home. Stevie was thrilled to have her father touring with her for 10 days. She dedicated Landslide to her dad and said, “Jess, rock on.” It was very touching. What a great time to be a Fleetwood Mac fan! This band is at the top of their game. Stevie’s voice is stronger that ever and she really kicked Rhiannon up to another level and was more passionate about both Gypsy and Silver Springs among others. Everything has already been said about Lindsey. He is phenomenal. A highlight for me was during Tusk when Lindsey caught up with Stevie they did this cheek-to-cheek dance. I had not seen that before. Even though I had a second row seat, only the first row was allowed at the stage. However, I did manage to get there for Stevie’s incredible closing song Goodbye Baby. After the band left the stage I got one of the roses from Stevie’s mic thanks to a fellow fan who asked one of the crew for them. I’m really psyched for some of the East Coast shows. Thanks to Stevie, Lindsey, Mick and John for making this such an exciting summer!
Two words: Stand back! Honestly, when Mick said "The Mac is back" at the end of the show, he wasn't kidding! I saw the Chicago concert in June and didn't think it could be any better; it was. The set list was amazing--I never sat down once. Stevie looked radiant as usual, Lindsey sure can play a mean guitar (he was unstoppable on "Come"!), and John and Mick were right on target. My favorites were "Eyes of the World," "Second Hand News," "Silver Springs," (that song gets me every time--Stevie and Lindsey's chemistry is impossible to resist!). "Stand Back" was the best I've ever seen--Stevie totally owns that song! "Beautiful Child" was incredibly moving--many tear-filled eyes. I am still in awe. I never wanted it to end, though if it had to, "Good-bye Baby" was the way to go. Stevie's one of the most talented artists ever, and I feel so priviledged to have been in her presence. Long live the Mac!
Saturday night's show at the united center was incredible!!! I was in heaven I swear. Fleetwood Mac has to be the best thing in my life. This concert made me love them even more! The show left me speechless… literally. I'm so hoarse from cheering and singing all night long. On Saturday, it was a dreary day here in the Chicagoland area…. Wet, hot and rainy. I was in a miserable mood that day but when I got my 13th row seats, I felt much better. They were 13th row in section 113 but we were directly off of the stage so technically we had thirteenth row…. Just off to the side, Stevie's side. I almost had 2nd row seats on the floor off of ticketmaster but I got myself grounded from the computer and couldn't get them but you know what??? For Fleetwood Mac, I absolutely do not need the best seats in the house to enjoy it and have the best night of my life, though it wouldn't have hurt. I was sort of ashamed that they had to play at the united center because it's on the worst side of Chicago and I wish they would have gone back to the AllState. Anywho, we get all the way up to the venue, after getting lost trying to find it and paying $16 for parking that was like 20 miles away, and we realized that we forgot our binoculars. So we had to turn and walk all the way back to the car and get them. Well, we get back and they check our things at the entrance (not very good I might add… damn, I should have snuck my camera in) and they scan my ticket. Well, the guy who scanned it said, "enjoy your show and by the way this guy here next to me scanning thickets thinks your looking fine tonight and he is a great guy." This mortified me…. I was like WTF. Lmao I was not expecting that. Yeah… well, my mom got a kick out of it. So we walk in and our first stop is, of course, the merchandise booth. I got the new black shirt that says FM on the front and on the back it says Fleetwood Mac on tour 2003 (very cute shirt BTW) and the white one with the rumours pic on the front and the tour dates on the back. I also got the keychain for the second leg, which is cuter than the one from the first, IMO. Then we ate and all that fun stuff and found our seats, which were incredible. The view was perfect! I was soooo excited. We meet so many nice people that night and this older couple that we talked to for quite a bit cracked me up. He was like, "I'm so excited about this concert and I'm still waiting for Stevie to call me. And his wife laughs and goes, "well, u'll be waiting awhile." And he says," yeah I know, I have been waiting 30 years." Hehe… really nice guy… I didn't catch your name but if your reading this, hiya! Anyway, onto the show The crickets sound and by this time I have butterflies in my stomach so bad, I think I'm going to explode. I watched everyone run like hell to their seats when the crickets sounded and then the lights went down. Everyone was on their feet and out comes Mick and John. Soon after follow Stevie and Lindsey, hand-in-hand and I'm going nuts! The chain started and we all freaked out, and I knew I was in for yet another incredible night. Before dreams started, Stevie welcomed us by saying, "CHICAGO…. Welcome everybody!" with her hands outstretched to us. Then, I believe it was before dreams, Lindsey said that Chicago was becoming like a second home to them and we all cheer and Stevie gave a thumb up in agreement. Well, dreams begins and my whole section, and I mean everyone but me and maybe a few other people sat! I was like WTF are u ppl sitting for. Lol I stood the entire time… I didn't sit once. Dreams was beautiful. Stevie's voice was perfect Saturday night, absolutely perfect! Eyes of the world was next and it rocked as usual. Peacekeeper, one of my fave songs on the new album was wonderful, although many people sat. Say You Will was so much fun! I did the little lasso dance right along with Stevie for that one. Never Going Back Again is where many decided to take bathroom breaks… why people do that, I don't know. Anyway, I thought one lady was a little rude during this and once after Linds said "I'm never going back again" this lady yells out "yeah right!" which I thought was a bit rude, but hey that's just me. Lol but this song was awesome! Second Hand News~ I love this song live! Stevie's bams are priceless! She kinda added an extra one in there when she was supposed to end and she got this look like "oops" on her face… it was funny. Rhiannon got everyone on their feet. I actually saw Stevie put on her sleeves for the song. This was definitely one of the many highlights of the night. Stevie really held the notes on this song. I'm so afraid rocked as well! Linds is a god on that guitar! Gypsy was another highlight to me. The shawl she wears is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!! It is, I think, the prettiest one she wears. Come…. Omg! This song is wonderful live! I love it so much! Big love also was great…. Still no one in my section stood but me and a few others. Landslide~ this song is such a tearjerker for me. It was beautiful the way she introduced it. I vaguely remember her saying something else about Chicago and we all cheered though I don't remember what it was and then she dedicated the song to her dad who had been on the road with them for 10 days… "So Jess, this one's for you……" . Then of course she did her little hide behind Lindsey and tap along with the melody on his shoulders thing and it was so cute, because she is so tiny, that only her eyes stick out over him. They turned to each other near the end of the song and interlocked their fingers, looking into each other's eyes. At the end, Linds wrapped his arm around Stevie and kissed her on the top of her head. Say goodbye~ they sing this song straight to each other the whole time…. Really powerful. Whats The World Coming To~ definitely not one of my fave songs but it was preformed really well. Beautiful Child~ another highlight for me! This song is so gorgeous and she introduced it with her little speech about how she never thought she would ever do the song live and how glad she was that she gets to now. Gold Dust Woman~ yet another highlight. This song rocked and she really held the notes on this one as well. She did a different pose at the end than what I thought she would do. She had her shawl over her hands and brought her hands together in and bent a little to the side…. Hard to explain but it was different than the last time. Silver Springs~ this song is so powerful live! They get so into their performance during this one… it's wonderful! Tusk~ now this was the best song of the night!!! This finally got everyone up and moving. Lindsey "tusked" john and then put his guitar down. He then walked over to Stevie, who had her tambourine in hand, and he put up his fists as if to fight. Stevie did the same, with the tambourine still in one hand and they did this little hop around in circles like we are about to fight like boxers thing. It was incredibly amusing. They are adorable. Then Lindsey moved closer to Stevie and put his arms out and they danced around as if they were slow dancing together, Stevie had the biggest grin on her face. Go Your Own Way~ this song was sooo fun and I had my own little dance to it, but lets not go there. World Turning- this song was also a blast. Mick and then drum vest is priceless to see live. I also noticed that during Mick's solo, Lindsey was sitting with his guitar all the way on the side of the stage… I thought it was funny. Don't Stop~ this song was great! Everyone was finally standing and dancing around. Stevie changed a couple words around in Chris's part, I noticed. Beautiful Child~ ok I knew this was gonna happen….. I cried a bit during this song. It is such a strong and powerful song, and all that flashed into my mind was how upset I would be if that whole Reno fiasco would have happened and I would have seen Stevie upset like that. The show was incredible… much better than the first one! They have sooooooooo much more energy and Stevie talks soooo much more this time! I really do not recommend missing this show. Stevie was absolutely gorgeous… where are reviewers getting the idea that Stevie is fat????? Lindsey was god on his guitar and vocals. Mick was wild and crazy and john was well, john! It was incredible and I'm really crushed that it is all over… again……..
Bruce Hanson
I was at the Columbus show and I loved it. But somehow Fleetwood Mac surpassed even that show! There's nobody that even comes close to what Fleetwood Mac does and that's rock with feeling and a touch of class. And what's most important is they cover the whole spectrum of feelings: love, hate, hope, caring, fun, sexual, fear, etc. They really are LIFE in a super rock show. Certainly last nights show IS DVD worthy. I truly hope Fleetwood Mac comes out with another new material album and soon. After seeing you last night, I can only wonder what songs are yet to come. I'll be praying to God for the songs. Your ability for forgiveness and the rewards that comes with it is truly inspiring!!!!! Wake up everyone, the Say You Will tour says it all.
Michael B.
This concert was extraordinary- I dont want to go through the usual set list play by play- I just wanna say that their energy and their unwavering dedication to putting on the best show possible has not changed a single bit over the years...The only difference was Stevie wearing high top tennis shoes instead of her boots- But can you blame her- I would be wearing them too after being in 10 inch heals for 30 years- so give her a break people--- she deserves to be comfortable like the rest of us-LOL.... Thanks again for a great chicago show- your the best...
Emily Becker
LOVED THE CONCERT!!!!!!! I am a 41 year old female, Mother of an eight year old and married 13 yrs...I had a girls night out with three of my girlfriends...We were dancing, shouting, singing, just going nuts having a great time..We loved all the old songs and your new songs!!! Stevies voice is astounding, Lindseys guitar playing was electrifying, Mics energy on the drums was endless...It was great to see you!! Best Wishes on you tour!!!!!!!
Once again, the Mac performed an incredible show last night. Stevie was in rare form, dancing and spinning all night. Her voice was powerful and she looked incredible wearing a crescent moon which I haven't seen her wear in years. Lindsay was once again relentlessly energetic throughout the performance and was eyeing the crowd constantly with a pleasing look to their reaction. He's just a incredible musician. One of the great moments of the night was when Stevie twirled her way back to the mike during Stand back. Amazing how she timed it so perfectly. Her father was in the audience and she mentioned during her dedication to him on Landslide that he had been on the road with them for the past ten days. Remarks on how much they loved being in Chicago were made more than a few times...Lindsay saying that Chicago has become their second home and they really appreciated our support for them throughout the years. Stevie smiled at the crowd and gave the thumbs up! You can really tell they love being here. My friend Bob and I had first row seats so you could really feel and capture the energy of the band. Beautiful child was very moving as was Silver Springs and Goodbye Baby. Lindsay let people jam on his guitar twice during Go Your Own Way which was an experience you can't describe (I was one of the fortunate one's!) I'm still blown away that I got to do it! I'm off to channel 11 tomorrow night for the Soundstage taping with my friend Alicia darling. I'm sure it's gonna be great. What a magical week this has been. Off toToronto on Friday with the Beautiful Child. Mick said it perfectly last night..."The Mac is Back!!!!" and better than ever. Catch the show while you can

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