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6/22/04 Coors Amphitheater Chula Vista, CA

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Last week we went to the FM show in Chula Vista. It was a great show but the venue was awful. There was a two-lane highway getting into the amphitheater so it took almost an hour to get from the freeway into the parking lot and the lot was unpaved. When we got inside the lights were going down and everyone in the front was making their way to the edge of the stage. Since we were a second late we had two rows of people standing in front of us. But being slightly further back than we were for the Irvine show we got a better viewpoint of what was happening on stage. The only downside was the people in front of us were tall and when they had their arms up it was hard to see. And lot of people around us were talking on their cellphones and holding them up. I hate it when people are screaming at their phone during a song itís so rude, please people just put down the phone, stop bragging to the world that your at an FM concert and just listen to the music for a change. You can talk after the concert. All right enough about the audience, now to the band. Stevie started great, Rhiannon was powerful even better than the show before, and Say You Will is such a treat. All of Lindseyís solos were on fire especially Tusk, Go Your Own Way, and he gave a truly rousing rendition of Come. He was so into the show he even broke a string toward the end. Thatís the first time I saw him do that in eight shows. Stand Back was great she was so energetic, she did at least 14 turns. On Landslide, Stevie dedicated the song to us all their fans for sticking by them, and being that they're from CA and this was a CA show. She also thanked everyone for "continuing to support this band." Sara was better tonight though I didnít think it was possible for her to top her last performance. For the song she had on red butterfly hair clips, and her hair was all up instead of half up. She had so many bobby pins it, it was really cute. Her hairstyle showed off her jade earrings really well. And I love her gestures for "undoing the laces." Even though all the songs were great the real highlight of the show was Beautiful Child. Besides the fact that itís a great song, a fan got up on stage towards the end of it. It was hilarious. Neither of them noticed at first then Lindsey looked angry when he saw him. The fan had his hand on Stevieís shoulder and it took her a moment to register what was happening then she turned around and had cutest shocked expression on her face it was truly priceless. After the a couple of minutes a security guard dragged him, then practically carried him off stage. I canít believe the security people didnít notice sooner but the guy did act like he belonged. Stevie said, "I thought he was a ghost. I just want you to know whoever he was a had the softest gentlest touch he was almost a member of the band for a moment." She kept smiling at the end of the song it was the most Iíve seen her smile. Itís pretty amazing that even with the fan disturbance they didnít miss a note of the song. Other highlights of the night include Mickís solo and Lindsey taking a green straw cowboy hat at the end of the show. When they went to take their bows Stevie saw it and laughed. The audience brought a lot of gifts for the band but they didnít take much. I think Mick was the only one who grabbed a few things before walking off. I was sorry to see them leave the stage it was such a sensational show. Please come back soon!
Before the show I was contemplating the whole moving uo to the stage idea. I asked security about how many rows they were letting up and they said they were just gonna let people up in the entire orch. section and when it got too crowded in the front of the stage, they'd control it by not letting any more come up. I walked up to the stage, assessing the situation. It was high, and those monitors were blocking the view too. We decided to stay in our row. (3rd) We figured we already had the experience the other night of being up there (and my neck still hurts...but I'm NOT complaining). Plus, our seats gave the band a perfect view of us too cause there ended up being space between the people jammed up front and us, which ended up enabling them to see us very obviously. We got looks and smiles from Stevie and Lindsey all night! The Chain started and I immediately noticed the sound difference! We could hear the music better than the other night (Still, I'm not complaining.) They were on fire! Lindsey was throwing his guitars again after his solos! He broke a string on "Come". During "Beautiful Child" this middle-aged guy climbed up onto the stage over on Lindsey's side and walked over to them and stood between them, putting his arm around Stevie, and reaching for Lindsey swaying back and forth. Stevie was singing away with her eyes closed then she opened them and saw this guy. The look on her face was complete shock, but she kept singing. She looked a little scared too. Lindsey just kind of gave him this fake smile like, what the h*ll are you doing?? I was thinking, somebody get this guy OFF of them! I looked over at the black security guy and his eyes were all big (he looked like he was thinking, Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?) He ran over and grabbed the guy and pushed him off to the right behind stage with the help of another security guy. Stevie watched them go, continuing to sing, then she turned to Lindsey and they both kind of laughed and shook their heads. Everybody cheered. After the song ended, Stevie said something like, "I swear I thought there was a ghost behind me or something! But I want you all to know he had a very gentle touch. For a minute, it was almost like he was a part of the band!" and then everybody started cracking up! I was glad to see she had a sense of humor about it becuase she did look scared when it was happening. What an idiot. I hope he got arrested. The rest of the show just jammed. I noticed lindsey looking over at us while he was sitting down off to the side during Mick's drum solo. We exchanged smiles. Except for the stage jumper, the crowd was pretty pleasant. I loved "Sara" and almost started crying. Stevie had her hair completley up for it, and it was secured with the red glittery barette. I was in awe. GDW rocked! I loved Red Rover! Mick was cracking me up during his drum solo! He's crazy! Kim figured out some of his gibberish...he was saying something about Mr. Buckingham being the "Daddy" now with his 3 kids. They ended strong with Don't Stop and then tenderly with Goodbye Baby. *sigh* These two shows I saw were fantastic! FM are at the top of their game! I hope they get right back into the studio after the tour ends so we can all do it again!!
Ms Morgan M. Hurley
It has been such a busy year for me I didn't have time to pick up tickets to the Fleetwood Mac show Tuesday, June 22 at Coors Ampitheater in Chula Vista (San Diego), Ca, so a friend and I just showed up and hoped for the best. The best we got, as we were able to buy some extra tickets from a friendly couple and found ourselves center stage in the third secion back. The concert was just incredible. Although I was disappointed that they did not do Silver Springs, my all time favorite FM song, I was thrilled that they decided to do Beautiful Child from Tusk and Lindsey's great song of forgiveness Say Goodbye from the Say You Will album. I saw Stevie a couple years ago on the Shangrila tour, but she had to cancel and rebook after taking ill and she still was not 100% so it was wonderful to see her at her very best this time around. Her voice was perfect, she looked great, and it was a joy to see her. Watching her and Lindsey sing to each other on almost every song just made my heart melt. They truly have a bond that has survived the test of time. I almost didn't notice that Christine was not there, although it would have been nice to have them all together again. I love the fact that Lindsey has taken old Mac songs and made them his own in addition to putting his own personal touch on each song the band produces. It was a great show from start to finish and everyone was able to show off their specific talents. I was mesmerized by Lindsey's lack of use of a pick and wondered if his fingers hurt at the end of each show. He is just amazing. I've been a FM fan since 1974 and even have the beloved Buckingham Nicks album that has the infamous Frozen song that brought these people together, so I'm proud that they are have weathered their Storms and are still making such wonderful music together all these years later.
Michael Goldwitz
Beautiful night with a crescent moon but a bit chilly. At about 8:30p.m. Mick came out followed by John, and then Lindsey and Stevie together. The Chain began the Magic. I especially enjoyed Second Hand News and Never Going Back Again. Though old songs, they sounded very fresh and got wonderful responses from the audience. Sara with the old concert video on the big screens was like a trip back in time and very effective. Rhiannon is my all-time favorite song and Stevie did it like it was brand new and it was as exciting as hearing for the first time. Landslide was the song I danced with my daughter to at her wedding, complete with "This is for you, Daddy!" and even though Stevie doesn't say it anymore, I still hear it in my head when Lindsey starts to play it and I like the hand clasp near the end. She also dedicated Landslide to us, the audience for "sticking with this band!" Stand Back was wonderful with the long percussion intro and then the sharp 1-2-3-4 drum beats followed by the familiar beginning which made the crowd go bonkers. Go Your Own Way was special because I got to do the 1-2-3-Go at the start perfectly with Lindsey and dumbfound the people around me. By the way, I recommend Fleetwood Mac - Live in Boston very highly, I got it for $ 19.99 in Circuit City and for 2 DVDs and a CD, that's a great price! May the MAC live long and prosper! p.s. Some moron got up on stage and got near Stevie and Lindsey before being tackled by security but Stevie kept on singing and at the end of the song mentioned he had just touched her "softly" not in a threatening way. This calmed everyone down. No wonder Rhiannon means "divine" or "Great Queen"!

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