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5/13/03 Gund Arena Cleveland, OH

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Dave S.
As I see each show, I keep finding things that make each one memorable, weather it be a certain way a song is sang, or by the energy that is given off. Tonight it was all about Mick! My friends and I were lucky enough to catch the band leaving the hotel for the soundcheck, and he was gracious enough to come over to us and have pics taken and give autographs. Thank you Mick for taking the time out for the fans, you definetly have touched many people, more than you know. This Tour definetly tops the Dance tour, over and over again! THANK you FM for adding BEAUTIFUL CHILD to the Set, it definetly touches many, many people. 4 Shows Down, 2 to go, and Im sure they will be as memorable as the first four I saw. Thanks!
Totally awesome! The concert was exceptional. Stevie is always wonderful, but she was a real 'shining star' on the stage in Cleveland. I love her new hair style. Her voice was nothing less than perfect. Lyndsey was totally 'on top of his game' at this show. He can sure play guitar! Wow! My husband and I thought this was one of the best concerts (if not the best) that we have seen. Believe me, we have been to many concerts and many FWM and Stevie Nicks concerts, but they ROCKED THE GUND from start to finish. It was neat to see the complications that Lyndsey had on stage with his guitar. Stevie handled the crowd (like the pro that she is) by saying that she needed to buy Lyndsey a new quitar. I especially loved the part of the concert where the hired musicians left the stage and we got to see the 'real' FWM band during the song 'Never Go Back'. Even though they had technical problems and had to start the song over, this song was soooooo cool. Mick played drums on his chest…how cool…he is a true showman. John is solid bass player, and a he truly is a great musician. They weren't just going through the moves like I had thought they did during the Dance Tour. You could tell that they were enjoying what they were doing. They were having fun and so was the crowd. I apolygize to the people sitting behind me, but when the music is that good, I cannot just sit there in fifth row. I danced the whole concert and had a blast. All I can say is that FLEETWOOD MAC ROCKS AND KEEP ROCKIN'!
Hey, everyone! The show was awesome. I was in the 26th row, center. After all my whining, the seats were pretty cool! We were right in front of Stevie's mic. And when everyone stood, we could still see her pretty well, my veiw of Lindsey was blocked sometimes. He was just wearing a white tee w/ jeans . Stevie, her dress from Leno. Their performance was unbelievable! The tech difficulties they had just made it even sweeter. It added some uniqueness and character to the show. The last time it happened, Stevie told Lindsey over the mic that she was going to buy him a new guitar The crowd showed encouragment toward them during these times by cheering! It was like, we didn't care if they were having a problem, everything can't be perfect! Lindsey, as others have noted after the previous shows, was incredible!!!! And, like the rest of you said during the first 3 shows, COME was out of this world. It cracked me up that all the rows in front of me, except the first 2, sat down, when he opened the song, then when he got to the jamming chorus, more and more people started to stand up!!! Those who sat, it was fine by me, I had an unobstructed view of him! I was in heaven! John, as usual, was tremendous! Nothing but great rhythm! Stevie, as always, was flawless. She did miss her cue on World Turning, but had this little grin on her face like "oops, that's right! Chris isn't here!" She covered well, though. And her performance covering Chris' part in Don't Stop was great! Different, but cool. She was very playful. During Landslide, there was a big screen behind them and it just showed this gigantic Stevie signing. She and Lindsey both turned to look at it and kinda chuckled. She then turned to face the crowd and kinda made a gesture like she was fixing her clothes to look good because of them showing her on the screen. It was just the subtle things she did that were great! Beautiful Child, was, well, Beautiful!! My sis loved "Stand Back". Can't help it, we're 80's chicks! I thought there perfomance of all their new songs was incredible! And I loved hearing SHN and NGBA live! World Turning and Mick's drum solo were great! He'll never quit! I was soooo happy when they sang Say Goodbye And Goodbye Baby was awesome. I did actually get misty-eyed! My only disappointment was the crowd size. Alot of empty seats in the second tier. And I noticed from my vantage point, alot of people on their butts during some of the new songs and the slower songs Or running to get refreshments. Oh well! I stood the entire time!!! I know not everyone can do that. So, I had a fabulous time! My sis said she did too. It was her first time seeing FM live. It was an early bday present from me to her. She loved it! So, now I have to wait 5 more weeks til they play Indy!!! Enjoy everyone! It's a dynamite show!
Hello, My name is Petra from Cleveland Ohio. I was in line the day FM tickets went on sale and just couldn't wait for May 13th to come. Now it has come and gone. Today is May 16th and I'm still in awe over that concert. Nothing is playing on my stereo except FM and Stevie Nicks. In two simple words...the concert was ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. I had second to the last row of seats. They were left and even with the stage. I was still able to see!! Video screens helped a lot too. Lindsey, Stevie, Mick and John were remarkable. They played their hearts out in my eyes. I did miss Christine because she is so very much a big part of the group. It was her choice not to be with the group and I totally respect that. Some of my favorite songs were missed because she wasn't there but I wasn't at all disappointed with the song set. Loved it all. I wanted to cry after (and during) "Goodbye Baby" (my new favorite song). I didn't want it to end. I would definitely go to another show if I could. It's worth seeing the concert again (and again). How many awesome groups do we get to see in such a time span? I'm 37 yrs. old and I've been listening to them since the "Rumours" album. I was 11 then. Today, they are still my favorite group. Fleetwood Mac, you rock and I thank for a wonderful night that I will never forget. Please, don't ever break "The Chain". Hope to see you again soon in the Rock and Roll capital!!!!
Here is my so-called review of the Cleveland show. I was very excited to be in Cleveland, OH. This was the Mac's fourth show but due to schedule conflicts it was the first that I got to see. I would have been on that plane to Columbus in a heartbeat, otherwise. I was able to get 8th row center 11 days before the show. I was right in front of Stevie. I was lucky to meet a few fans from various Internet communities before the show. They were wonderful to meet. One of the best parts of traveling to various shows is to get to meet so many nice fans from around the country. I did encounter some not so nice people at the arena. There were just a few loud and overbearing people. That was not going to spoil my night, however. My heart was pounding with excitement as Mick, John, Lindsey and Stevie took the stage. I felt like I was 12 years old again. I am not going to post the set list because I did not write it down. I will just say that unfortunately "Destiny Rules" was dropped. I don't think any song replaced it. I was disappointed with this choice. There were a few technical problems and Stevie said something like this is only the 4th show and they are still working some things out. Stevie looked great. She did the little "running in the shadows" dance during Gold Dust Woman. I just find Stevie to be so cute and funny sometimes. She seemed to be having fun out there. Lindsey was also terrific and full of energy on his guitar. During "Big Love" there was a rectangular screen placed behind Lindsey. It was a black and white projected image of him playing live. The screen had a strange pattern on the surface. At least it looked that way. It looked like black ink sponge art. There might be a name for it but I don't know what it is called. A color image was used for I believe it was "Landslide". There was also a wide screen that showed various images in back of them. While they did "Gypsy" the screen showed some scenes from the video. Stevie did the vocals on World Turning and missed her cue at one point. She kind of smiled and had this adorable look on her face like "oh no I messed up". Lindsey was a wild man. I thought he was going to break Mick's cymbal because he kept pounding on it. At one point he clawed at the strings like a cat. The band overall seemed to be enjoying themselves. Stevie thanked Cleveland and said something like everyone from there should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because they live there. "Goodbye Baby" was the last song performed. On an odd note I was in 8th row directly in front of Stevie and she seemed to look right at me during this song. I don't know if she was or not but I was a little freaked out. I had a great experience at the concert. I will be going back to see them in Worcester, Ma the city closest to me in RI on May 27th & 28th.
Ben Dieterich
My partner David and I attended the Mac show at Cleveland's Gund Arena Tuesday evening, May 13th. David had never been a huge fan of Stevie or Fleetwood Mac until I took him to the TISL tour and he was blown away by Stevie's stage presence and singing. I wrote in my Nicks Fix review that I felt Stevie's performance at the Cleveland TISL concert was not up to her usual standards. (We later found out that Stevie had battled with pneumonia during that part of her tour). I was excited for us to see a healthier Stevie sharing the stage with her longtime friends from the Mac. The show started out with some very minor technical issues. It seemed the mike levels were not quite right and the music was much louder than the vocals. It appeared as if Stevie and Lindsay had to sing right on top of their mikes for their vocals to be heard clearly. Stepping back even a few inches caused the vocals to fade into the accompanying music. This was far less noticeable as the evening progressed so perhaps the artists and the technicians were working together by that time to correct the issue. The set list was slightly different than what was played in Columbus, but with so many great old hits mixed in with some new material, it was hardly an issue. During a few songs, Lindsay had trouble with static on his guitars, and he would not start playing until the problem was corrected. In her best rock trooper style, Stevie made small talk with the crowd until Lindsay was ready to go. The first time it happened she said "It's times like these that I wish I could tell jokes, but I can't" and she commented that Lindsay needs a new guitar. When it happened again later in the show, she mentioned this was only the fourth show for the band and that they still had some things to work out, but that they would fix it The last time it happened, she told us they had been in town for a few days and mentioned that Cleveland has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum and that since we were Clevelanders, that meant we were all part of the museum. Stevie's voice was stronger and had a higher range than what we heard during the TISL concert. Her voice and energy actually grew stronger as the evening progressed. There were several occasions where it looked like she was ready to step back and do some trademark twirls, but she didn't, much to our disappointment. Then Mick's short drum solo introduced "Stand Back" and the crowd went wild. This was one of the best performances of the song I had seen in many years, and Stevie was completely into it. She owned this performance 100% and this one song alone proved what an amazing talent Stevie is. During the guitar bridge, Stevie thrilled us all by doing about 6 spins as Lindsay jammed away. The crowd exploded at the end of the song. There were many highlights during the evening and the concert only proved once again how incredibly talented each band member is as performers and song writers. Lindsay's guitar playing was absolute perfection and his range of musical style is unbelievable, from the softest accompaniment on "Landslide" to fresh and new interpretations of "I'm So Afraid". Mick's is such a fun guy to watch as he soaks up every minute on stage with sheer and utter delight. John McVie continued to provide his amazing bass foundation to all the great songs performed that night. And Stevie just shined on as the endearing, appreciative, stage-loving performer we all care for so much. Finally, I would like to comment about the ticket prices. This should have been a sold-out show and 18,000 fans should have packed the arena that night to see this awesome concert. But $125 for a premium seat, (that price included more than 1/2 of the total arena seats), is a tremendous amount of money for the average American to pay for a concert. Had they priced the premium seats under $100, I believe they would have sold out many more shows and had packed houses to appreciate their unequalled talent. I was so disappointed to see empty seats scattered all over the arena that night. This concert was worthy of a sold-out house and the band deserved to have every seat filled. Enjoy the show and to quote Lindsay's closing words to us in Cleveland, "Show respect for one another and take good care of yourselves".
Nicole Scardina
I attended the Fleetwood Mac concert at Gund Arena in Cleveland on May 13th. AND LET ME SAY, IT WAS COMPLETELY AWESOME. Stevie ROCKED!!!!!! We grew up listening to Stevie and "Mac" because my Dad always listened to them. Plus, my twin sister and I share the same birthday as Stevie, May 26th, so we've always liked her. My twin and I took my Dad to this concert. And it was a dream come true for all of us seeing Lindsey, Mic, John, and ESPECIALLY STEVIE in concert. All of the songs were great. In my opinion, these were the best songs, in order: 1. Silver Springs, 2. Landslide, 3. Stand Back, 4. Gypsy, 5. Dreams, 6. Peacekeeper. Also, all of the other new songs were great! I thought it was the best concert I'd ever been too. I feel privileged to be able to say that I was able to hear Stevie in person. Thank you so much for sharing your music with us, Stevie!!!!!!
OHHMYGAWWWWWWWWWD! I couldn't figure out where to watch!!! Mick's insane grin - honestly if you saw that face in any other circumstance, wouldn't you be afraid for your life? He is so clearly in his element banging the **** out of his drums, rolling his eyes and sticking his tongue out! Or Lindsey who I'm convinced sold his soul to the devil or is a demon himself - who has that kind of energy???? Hitting all those notes, playing his guitar(s) like a madman and stalking around the stage or pushing on John and Stevie with his head during Tusk! He was frickin' amazing! I cannot tell you how FUN this show was! As a long-time Stevie fan, I expected to be more emotional, as I've been during past performances but these guys are having so much fun, you cannot help cracking up - they're having a party and were kind enough to invite us!! It's so obvious they belong on that stage together. Lindsey and Stevie are a thing to behold: teasing each other with their eyes and song lyrics! Even without all the information they've shared about working through their pain and anger, you can just see these two are so darn grateful to be able to make that musical magic again! And the crowd adores all of them. John got big applause when Mick introduced him as the world's oldest penguin - I always feel he gets short-changed in the limelight but it would never be the same without him. And Stevie, ahhhh, Stevie. Once in a million years a lady like her . . . she was - beautiful, timeless, HAPPY . . . I could never complete the list. Lindsey kept having trouble with his guitar and once while we all waited for the music, Stevie said "In times like these, I always wish I could tell jokes or something, but I'm just not good at that." (forgive me if I've misquoted) but everyone just hooted and clapped for her and I (big mouth) yelled, "You don't have to do anything." and a girl in my row followed, "Yeah just stand there with your bad-a** self, We love you!!" How true. She has gone from being ethereal-wispy-girl-gypsy-enchantress-gold-dust-woman-to-gracious-wisewo man -godmother-of-rock and we love her in all her incarnations. Will never forget some crude DJ, years ago commenting on her weight and I (big mouth agin) called the station and told him if Stevie weighed 400 lbs, and had a purple wart on her nose, I and a lot of other ppl would still love her. Anywoo - minor glitches - Lindsey's guitar, Don't Stop sounded - just - off, Stevie forgot to come in right away on World Turning but who cares? That just made it all the more real and fun! Wished they would've played Running through the Garden - my new fave - or Smile at You, but I think they must've decided the audience appreciated the old stuff more. I saw ppl take breaks during the new stuff - their loss! Stevie and Lindsey were perfect on Say Goodbye. Goodbye Baby was lovely . . Eyes of the World from Mirage (who expects to hear THAT!) and Beautiful Child from Tusk were flat-out treats! Really there's not one song that wasn't outstanding.I worry a bit that Mick is going to blow a gasket on World Turning!!! Everyone sang along to Landslide and the Rumours songs, I could go on and on. There's just one thing I can't figure out: The band keeps thanking the audience. I just want to thank THEM for coming together again and inviting us to the party!! Rock on!
Wow! Amazing! It's the day after the concert and I'm still getting chills from it! May 13th was an extremely long day, but it was worth the wait. As soon as I stepped into the Gund I got excited. I got there fairly early and at about 8:15 or so you could hear "The Chain" echoing all throughout the Gund Arena. They played some old favorites like "Dreams," "Rhiannon," "Never Going Back," "Silver Springs," "Tusk," "Landslide" and the ever-popular "Don't Stop." Also, they played some new tunes from "Say You Will". Lindsey Buckingham's "Come" also rocked! He was hitting every note just right. When I heard Stevie sing "Beautiful Child," tears came to my eyes because it was so lovely. Stevie was very beautiful as always and her voice was very powerful! She sang like an angel. This concert was so amazing! Mick Fleetwood seemed to be having a great time as always and his drum solo was so awesome! I found it quite amusing when Stevie cut us off on the long notes when everybody was singing along to "Landslide". There definitely seemed to be a little of that old "chemistry" between Lindsey and Stevie. There was some problems with feedback at the concert and they had to start a song over because of it. I was only disappointed that Christie wasn't there but Fleetwood Mac amazed their crowd as usual anyway! It was just such a great show...I wish I could do it again! You haven't lived until you hear Fleetwood Mac live. This will definitely be an evening that I will always remember! Fleetwood Mac has still got it! Keep up the good work, Fleetwood Mac!
Chris Darkes
A 3 hour driving distance could never stop me from seeing the Mac or Stevie on any tour. I had the great pleasure of seeing them here in Columbus, but I must say, last night's show at Gund Arena was even better! Stevie was so alive, and she even twirled around the stage during STANDBACK.. how enchanted!! I was a little dissapointed to not hear some of the songs from opening night, but hey.. I was lucky enough to at least hear them once *sticks his tounge out* But really... it was an awesome show.. and the audiance was so loving and so was the band. Cleveland in it's own rocks, and Stevie was nice enough to mention that and the Rock and Roll HOF's presence in the city. I love this band, I love Miss Nicks, and together they are unstopable! Goodbye baby!
I have loved Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks since the beginning of time. I was a little concerned about going to this show at the Gund Arena in Cleveland due to the increasing age of everyone in the band. (Time marches on.) What was I thinking? They proved me wrong and then some. Clearly, no one in the band knows they are in their 50's. They rocked and rolled like no body's business. It was even better because of their experience together all these years. They were so tight. Anyone who thinks Fleetwood Mac doesn't rock need only see them in concert. They make it look so easy. For the price of the ticket, you'll get a fabulous show and then some. Everyone seemed so relaxed and happy. Stevie sounded better than ever (Thank you for "Beautiful Child) Lindsey and Mick are the best at what they do. I can't understand why Mick would need an extra drummer hiding in the shadows! What is that about? John is the same shy guy. Go to the show--it's magical. They know what they are doing.
Geri M Ryan
It was a very magical night. You could feel the magic in the air. It was like no other Fleetwood Mac concert I have ever, ever seen.The whole band played with so much energy and passion it was overwhelming. Stevie started off a little mechanical at first, but I think she was just nervous, as the show went on she was beaming and so were we.Her voice was very strong and beautiful! Lindsay broke a string again I believe , or something else went wrong with his guitar and stevie said" he needs to buy a new guitar" and she talked to us until the problem was fixed. My favorite song that was played was beautiful child there were tears rolling down my face and probably any fleetwood mac fans face who has followed the band for years.I was disappointed that they did not play Running through the Garden. I think that would have been great. Anyway, another highlight of the show was Mick Fleetwood on his drum solo. He had the crowd going nuts. I have to say some things just keep getting better with age. Cleveland loved Fleetwood mac!
I just got back from the show! The show in one word: Phenomenal! It was even better than the Dance Tour. All the songs were pumped up at least 10 notches! The set list was the same that is on the main page of the Nicksfix. One of the most beautiful parts of the show was Stevie singing Beautiful Child. It was a dream come true for any fan who loves those songs that are on albums that you wish you could hear live that you know you probably will not get to. When Stevie sang Standback, I thought that the roof was literally going to live off the arena. Everyone went wild. She did her twirling with her black shawl and the crowd was so loud I almost couldn’t hear Stevie singing. Mick had two other drummers with him and it was amazing. For their encore it started with World Turning blasted up 2O megawatts! Mick then did his amazing drum solo and the crowd went absolutely crazy. The show was over (or so I thought), so we left. As I got to the main concourse I heard people start screaming like mad. I realized that the Mac was coming back after their encore. It was the best thing that ever happened! I went into the closest doorway and the most amazing thing happened, I was on the left end of the stage in the seating area, only about 25 feet away from the stage. I had an AWESOME VIEW of Stevie and all the band, even Sharon and Mindy!!! What a wonderful thing to happen as I was in the extreme nosebleed section for the concert. She began to sing Goodbye Baby and I swear there wasn't a noise while she sang it. The whole crowd was enamored with her. She sang it so beautifully! There were quite a few people, including myself, that had tears while she was singing. This concert was remarkable. The energy of show was electrifying. I recommend any fan go, even if you can't afford the close seats, it is so worth it! You can feel the energy of the show no matter where you sit. Stevie looked more beautiful than ever. My husband said she was stunning and she truly was! I know for those of you that attend the other shows; you will feel as I do. You will love it as I do!!
Mike Graham
The band started about a half hour late and technical problems plagued the first half of the set. And one point Stevie even said ‘at times like this I wish I knew how to tell jokes, but I don’t…..’ I doubt, at this time of night I remember the entire set, but here is my opinion of what I can remember: The Chain – incredible – It was almost as good as the first time I saw the Mac live in the 80s Dreams – Stevie was in great form. Too bad Lindsey didn’t seem quite warmed up yet. Peacekeeper – pretty good – I’m not a huge fan of this song Eyes of the World - never really liked it – till now Say You Will – Still seems to me like someone took the best of Stevie’s and Chistine’s music and melded them into this song. Performed supremely. Rhiannon – too bad it wasn’t the piano lead-in version. Still incredible. Gypsy – the only Stevie song I never liked – the unfortunate thing is, I still don’t whether performed well or not. Big Love – why, oh why does Lindsey think his solo version of this song is a good one Landslide – this title became the custom plate (LANDSLD) for my wife’s car. Tonight I was proud of my choice. Say Goodbye – better live than on the CD What's the World Coming To – even more better than the CD Beautiful Child – finally made it to a concert….it was really worth the wait Gold Dust Woman – Didn’t like it at all. I was truly disappointed and thought at first Courtney Love was performing. There was no rock or power to it. Sorry Stevie, it just seemed like our heart wasn’t in this song tonight Silver Springs – not quite the quality as in The Dance or even the old bootleg cassette I used to have. It was more as if she was telling the story to a friend, than having an outburst of anger at a cheating lover. Tusk – always one of my favorites. As always performed flawlessly. Stand Back – the only complete twirl of the night. Stevie and the band performed this song better than I have ever seen them do it. Go Your Own Way - tremendous World Turning – Yahoo!!!! Mick got from behind the drums again. As always a show stopper. Don't Stop – Without Christine it just looses too much Still the concert was a great time, and well worth the cost of our tickets

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