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5/7/03 Value City Arena Columbus, OH

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Stevie in ColumbusE.L.
For once in my life I had a fantastic seat! Not on the floor but to the side of the stage, just high enough to see all the amazing electronic equipment. Lyndsey had 12 guitars and it didn't look like they traveled light. I could see behind the stage so i was able see them come down the "tunnel" and up the stairs to the stage. As I sat anxiously awaiting the start of the concert the lights went down and I looked down and saw Stevie standing almost at the top of the stairs holding hands with someone in a white shirt - it was Lyndsey Buckingham! She looked like she had a death grip on him! He lovingly escorted her up the stairs and all the way to her mic. before taking his position. I truly think Stevie Nicks cannot see in the dark and has trouble going from semi-darkness to light. Everytime she took or left the stage someone took her hand - the lights and probably the boots didn't help matters! Soon I heard that familiar few cords of "the Chain" and the show was on. And a fantastic show it was. Favorite things about the show were: I have seen F. M . before but Lyndsey was really pumped up for this one. the guy gave everything he had- so did Mick. I am a huge Stevie fan. She looked and sounded awsome, especially against the white lace looking backdrop. Many women were dressed up like her and a few were up front. it was pretty cool to see - these were not teenyboppers! Lyndsey and Stevie seem like great friends and Lyndsey seemed sooo happy mentioning his wife and 2 children. after Silver Springs I saw stevie mouth the word " Lyndsey" to him and a huge smile broke out. Also noticed stevie's patriotism during "Tusk" with the red , white, and blue streamers from her tambourine. I bought an awesome black tee shirt and will treasure it always. Only disappointments: During several songs Stevie's mic needed to be turned up, I couldn't hear her vocals very well. I missed her twirling and dancing around ( maybe its those boots again) . I missed the interaction with the crowd. I have been to a couple of Stevie's concerts where she bends down shakes hands accepts flowers etc. and they didn't do any of this. I noticed a woman dressed like Stevie waiting to give her flowers and she never went to get them. Several people threw flowers and stuff on the stage- sadly, maybe for security reasons they can't mingle anymore- hence "Whats the world coming to"? In closing I encourage everyone to go see the show -2 and a half hours long and they ROCKED. One of the best concerts i have ever seen. E.L.
Shawn Johnson
I live in Cleveland but really wanted to see the first show, so I got tickets for the show in Columbus. I am so glad that I did. The show was fantastic. Stevie was amazing as usual. The highlight of the show for me was when I got to hear Stevie singing Beautiful Child. This song has always been one of my favorites. Stevie said that she thought she would never sing it live. I thought that I would never hear it live. It was incredible. By the end of it..I had tears in my eyes. Thank you Stevie!!!
Anthony Barker
I was fortunate enough to attend the opening night show of the new tour. This made the third time I had seen Stevie, but the first time to feel the power of Fleetwood Mac. The show had me on my feet the entire time, which was over two and a half hours. The show started with "The Chain" and everything was perfect. The energy was so high and everyone was very excited. I am only 17, but the music took me back to 1977 with "Dreams" and "Gold Dust Woman" and everyone could feel the chemistry between Stevie and Lindsey. I think the show set was 27 songs, but it could have been more. There were lots of very neat surprises with the set as well as with the song selections There was videos that would play every now and then on the backdrop behind the stage. It was very neat, they played clips from the "Gypsy" video as well as "Tusk". Then they had a large projection screen come down aside from the side telescreens for parts of the show. The lights were fabulous and only added to the allure of the band. "Beautiful Child" sounded better live than on Tusk and Stevie was very in the moment with the song as well as with the closing song, "Goodbye Baby" During "Big Love" Lindsey accidentally unplugged his guitar from the amp and he said he would pick it up somewhere in the middle -- to a very accepting audience. All the songs were perfect -- the old and the new -- they played 8 songs from the new album and all your favorites from the past. I can't wait to catch them again Saturday Night in Pittsburgh. Everyone I talked to loved the show and it was the first time to see Fleetwood Mac for many many people. It was a timeless night for a timeless band. Thank you Fleetwood Mac!
Jacqueline I. Deuel
With emotions running high what can one say about opening night? It begin with an awful traffic delay into the concert. Thankfully Fleetwood Mac remained kind to their fans by delaying the concert for 30 minutes while everyone parked and filed in. The band was pumped and Stevie looked gorgeous. Rock and Roll knows no age and this band proved it in spades. The were awesome, even after two and half hours. Lindsey pulled the plug on his guitar during Big Love and broke a few strings on other songs. Mick was true to form and the consummate entertainer. When Stevie sang Landslide, as clear as day you could hear the entire arena singing every word with her. If there was ever any doubt as to how that song has affected so may peoples lives, she should not have a single remaining doubt. To see her smile the way that she did, to see her feel the love from the audience was absolutely wonderful especially in a time when the world can be so hard and cruel. Without offending any Lindsey Buckingham fans, the one thing during the entire night I found a little amusing was whenever Lindsey preformed a vocal solo, folks would get up out of their seats to either use a restroom or get a refreshment. However, when just the first note of a Stevie song was played the fans would rush back to their seats. Proof to me that Stevie remains the heart of Fleetwood Mac! I could have stayed all night and just kept coming back for more! God Bless them ALL
The May 7th show at the Schott was amazing. It was truly surreal to see this band for the first time playing songs that mean so much to me. Mac is an amazingly talented band, and they proved it on stage tonight. Lindsay's energy set the mood for the entire evening. He gave it all he had, and he rocked the arena. The song selection was great, mixing old favorites with new songs that will someday be old favorites as well. Stevie was wonderful. Aside from her incredible songwriting, her voice is unique and captivating. She sang beautfiully and with ease. Mick & John were great. I recommend this show to anyone. I'm going to hit the road and catch the show in Indy. Thank you, Stevie and the rest of the band for a memorable evening.
David Honeycutt
This was a day from Hell. I started my morning at 3:30 AM, Pacific time. I caught the 5:50 AM flight from Fresno, CA to Los Angeles, CA. On to Atlanta, GA and eventually into Columbus, OH for the concert. Of course, my flight from Atlanta had mechanical problems and our departure time of 4:45 PM (arriving at 6:18 PM) didn't leave the gate until after 7:00 PM. Needless to say, I didn't get into Columbus until after 8:30, and then had to drive to Nationwide arena. So, I missed a good portion of the one and only show I truly wanted to see this year. I did catch Mick's drum solo and Stevie's hit 'Stand back.' This was my first opportunity to see Fleetwood Mac and was crushed not to be there for the entire show. However, what I did see was 'great.' Lindsey was dynamic -- so much energy. He really pulled it off like a true professional when his guitar cord came lose and lost power. He just picked it up, gave us fans a little extra, and delivered a stellar performance. Mick had the energy drive that kept the show flowing. Stevie, well, since I've never seen her perform live before, was as I expected her to be. They really promoted their new album (which is really a fantastic album). I personally, would have liked to have seen more of the 'classics' mixed in, and a few more 'upbeat' songs. It seemed as though there we're a lot of ballads. All of which we're good, but after watching the 'Dance' a million times, I had different expectations. Sorry Christie wasn't there, but Fleetwood Mac was 'outstanding' non-the-less. Welcome back. Your return is long overdue. Keep 'em coming.
A friend and I drove to Columbus from Cincinnati to see opening night of the Fleetwood Mac tour. I have to say that this was the most amazing magical night for me. I thought this day would never come. Stevie looked beautiful and sounded amazing. She looked like she was reall happy to be up there on that stage. Lindsey was so full of energy and was absolutley phenomenal on the guitar. He was so into it. He looked so excited to be up there. He was very playful with the other members of the band. He almost knocked Stevie over at one point but she was just laughing at him. They just looked like they were enjoying each other once again. The crowd was so into it. Screaming, clapping and singing along the whole time. Sometimes the crowd singing overpowered the band. They were very appreciative of the crowd reaction. Always thanking us and Lindsey jumped up down with excitement after playing Come. The crowd just went nuts when he played that. There was a great mix of old and new songs with a few suprises. When Stevie sang Beautiful Child I literally had tears running down my face. That is such an emotional song and Stevie sang it beautifully. I have never been able to listen to that song without getting choked up. That was definitely one of the highlights of the night for me. After singing Landslide Stevie and Lindsey embraced and kissed. It was just so nice to see them happy to be around each other. It was nice to hear them do a couple of Chris's songs (Stevie sang her parts). Chris may not be in the band anymore but she is definitely not forgotten. You could tell that Mick was just so happy to be up there and playing on stage again. His drum solo during World Turning was amazing and John sounded just as great as ever. This is definitely going to be the tour to remember. I know I will never forget it. I only hope they come out with it on video like they did The Dance. I have to say no matter how bad my feet hurt from standing and dancing all night I didn't want the night to ever end. Amazing! (have I said that enough?)
I got to see fleetwoodmac last nigt for the first time and it was also my 33rd birthday what an awsome show mac fleetwood has got it goin on lindsay buckingham was jammin an breaking guitar strings!Stevie Nicks was great her voice is beautiful TUSK kicked asssssss landslide made me cry she sang it so beautiful [whats up with the dixie chicks they suck!!!!!!!!!]silver spring gave me the chills I have seen soooooooooooooo many bands I can honistly say that was the best concert I have ever seen rock on fleetwoodmac!
Bruce Hanson
I saw one of Fleetwood Mac's first shows with Stevie and Lindsey in Phx. AZ. I saw the Rumours tour show twice. I've seen Fleetwood Mac or Stevie Nicks many times. Fleetwood Mac has come full circle!!!!!! Last nights concert was as good as the Rumours shows if not better, you all seem to be happier. Columbus, the city and the people were very kind to me. Thank-you! And to Fleetwood Mac, Thank-you very much!
Andre & Danni
My wife and I attended this wonderful show and were really impressed with it all! Mind you, my wife is 34 weeks pregnant and thought I gave her every chance to bail out, she just had to see the "Mac" live. From the opening beat of "The Chain" both baby and Mom were dancing nonstop! Though I expected a professional performance, I was surprised by the raw power and genuine fun that everyone in the band seemed to be having. At well over 2 hours, they logged in quite a show that spanned old and new along with some rarities. Stevie was in perfect form, her unique alto voice sounded great. Lindsey was definitely happy to be playing live and his guitar never sounded better. Sadly, he is a much underrated guitarist who is able to handle a variety of styles all with his own signature and his command of the acoustic guitar as a songwriting tool is especially strong. What can one say about Mick? He and John provide a rock solid backdrop and his drum solo was crazy as ever. Thought we'd miss Christie more but they did a great job without her. Apart from the guitar cord shorting during "Big Love," the sound was well mixed and pretty loud for an "old timers band" from where we were sitting at least. If anyone else was at the show and has pictures - or sound files - we would love to have any as we had no camera with us. Would be neat to show the baby her first concert!! Bottom Line: Nice to finally see them live and we were not disappointed!
Joanna Leigh
I just got home from the may 7, Fleetwood mac concert in Columbus. I live in Minnesota and I have never seen Fleetwood Mac live and I did everything in my power to get to this show. So I drove the 16 and 1/2 hours from Minnesota to Ohio and ended up being a few seconds late walking in the doors. But the second I walked in the doors I heard the first cords of The Chain, I almost hit my knees. After I found my seat I saw and heard how beautiful they all really are. The best word I can think of is powerful. It just blew me away, I am still in la la land two days after. I was sitting in the middle of the floor level but I did manage to get closer for my favorite song, Gold Dust Woman. Once I heard how pure and beautiful Stevies voice was I started to cry. There was alot of emotion that night from everyone, including the band. Lindsey was insanely perfect, grabbing every note with ease, all while giving one hell of a preformance. Mick is just so cool!!! He reminded me of a small child not wanting to go to bed, he just kept going and going...it was great. John was just the way I imagined he would be, he sat back enjoyed what he was doing but let everyone else grab the spot light. They are musicians through and through all they need to do to entertain an audiance it just be there, they don't need anything else. The crowd loved them, and we all knew that they loved us. It was an energy that I had never felt before but now that I have seen one show, I want to see them all!!
Lynn Zamarripa
I'm a 55 years old woman and I have been to a number of Rock and Roll Concerts but none could ever "top" what I saw Wednesday, May 7, 2003 in Columbus, Ohio at The Schottenstein Center on the OSU Campus. Fleetwood Mac performed the "Mother of All Concerts"!! All four of the group members totally outdid themselves. I came away from that concert feeling, not 55, but 28 years old again! Fleetwood Mac performed like they were still in their twentys. Non of the groups today can compare to this professional foursome!!
I just want to say the show on Wednesday in Columbus, OH was the best concert I've been to since Stevie's Enchanted tour. Everyone in the band was great. Stevie looked and sounded great. Stevie is my favorite singer and I enjoy seeing her each time. They played most of my favorite songs and I'm still listening to the new album. I had a dream about a week ago that I was at the concert and all of a sudden Stevie was sitting next to me and talking with me. I got really excited about the concert since then. I just want to let Stevie, Lindsay, John, and Mick know that they're wonderful and I hope to see them sometime again in the future. Best Wishes!
Christine Sevenoff
Hey, I just wanted to send and share a review on the show in Columbus on 5-7-03. I had 2nd row center, and it was just incredible. We were right in front of Stevie's mic. I got lucky and got great seats as I usually do. The band came out a little late, but when they did, we were ready to hear some Fleetwood Mac. It's great to see them back together recording new music after 16 yrs. Sorry to see Christine MCVie not around, but they to sound same. They came out with the famous " The Chain " to start up the night. They played all the old favorite " Gold Dust Woman", Rhiannon, Tusk, " Landslide" Lindsey and Stevie were great doing Landslide together. Lindsey had his head on her shoulder towards the end. It brought tears to my eyes. Of course they played several songs off of the new album, which was very good. The new Album has some great hits on it. The best part of the night is when they played a song that I have never heard played live before, and that was " Beautiful Child" I had goose bumps and tears almost immediately. I have seen Fleetwood/Stevie many times, and never heard this song played. Stevie even mentioned that this was never played Live before. It was wonderful to sing and dance for 2 1/2 hrs with my favorite band. Stevie looks great as usual, and Lindsey played his heart out on guitar. Broke a few strings too. Mick had a small drum set that he played out on the side of the stage during a few songs which was cool. He's a hoot!!! It was a great night. I had flowers for Stevie as I have given to her in the past, but she is not excepting them, but security will take them to her dressing room at the end of night. I hope. I love going to their shows, because I get just as excited as the 1st time I saw them. THE MAC IS BACK, AND THEY SOUND AND LOOK GREAT!!! Have fun at the shows ahead!!!
Kathy Ives
Just arrived home from the opening night of What's The World Coming To World Tour 2003 in Columbus, Ohio and there are a few words to describe it.... Wonderful, fascinating, electric, totally awesome, high energy, the best of the year! The concert started out with The Chain which really rocked the Schottenstein Arena at the Ohio State University Campus. It continued on with new songs Peacekeeper, What's The World Coming To, Say You Will, mixed in with so many old favorites as Tusk, Rhiannon, Gold Dust Woman, Don't Stop, Silver Spring, Go Your Own Way and Landslide. On most of the songs the audience almost over powered the band singing along. On Big Love, Lindsay was soo pumped that he pulled his electric cord on his guitar and had to pick back up in middle of the song and the crowd loved it!! The visual effects were awesome and the the solos by Mick and Lindsay were utterly fantastic. Stevie, as usual tore the house down and my date even overheard some guys in the restroom saying.."Doesn't Stevie still look HOT or what? And of course she sure does and really did tonight. Her great voice was wonderful too as was Lindsay. The concert went on for almost 2 1/2 hours with no intermission and only The Mac Playing all evening long to the fans delight. And who can say being over 50 is OLD? I am sure no one in the audience could ever say that again and the age range was from teens, to well lets say over retirement age. The band did two encores and with the final one to everyone's delight and totally fitting they did Goodbye Baby. And a wonderful time was had by all and I am sure Fleetwood Mac could tell by the response of the totally devoted fans.. I, for one, am so glad I was able to be there and see the Greatest Band on Earth.
Joe Kitchen Lima
The show was one word: AWESOME...Stevie looked and sounded great. Lindsey was at his best, the guitar playing was beyond great. The played all the hits and several new songs from Say You Will. Highlights: Stevie's great performance of Landslide, Lindsey's "Come" was brilliant. The stage was simple but very well lit and the band looked super on stage. They all looked very happy, even John was smiling. Alot of chemistry between Lindsey and Stevie. The crowd was roaring and I know the band felt very loved by the Columbus audience.
Saturday night I had a dream that I would be unemployed at Fleetwood Mac- wouldn't you know I was laid off Monday morning. I was not going to be deterred from attending the concert. It's early the next morning and I am still basking in the afterglow of Fleetwood Mac. The concert was amazing. We drove from Cincinnati to Columbus and ended up missing the first few songs. When we arrived at the arena I could hear the sound of Stevie's voice singing Dreams wafting through the sound system. They also played Peacekeeper and Say You will while we oriented ourselves, grabbed a beer and found the restroom. But we were safely in our seats for some old favs' and Stevie was in INCREDIBLE voice. She totally rocked out on classics like Gold Dust Woman and Standback. I had tears in my eyes when she sang Landslide- It was great to hear that song as it was meant to be heard- in her voice and without the twanginess of the Dixie Chicks. Lindsey seemed like he was in a great mood, he was very playful on stage with Stevie which was great to see. His guitar playing was absolutely incendiary especially on songs like Come and Big Love. The rhythm section and the band sounded amazing. I can't tell you how many ovations they got because we stood up the entire time they played- the concert was just that good. All the new songs they played sounded great as did the old favs and they played a great mix of both. I don't want to give to much away regarding the set list. Let's just say you won't be disappointed at all. I can't write this without mentioing Mick. Big Daddy is definitely back. He did a drum solo that just brought down the house. All in all it was a great night, I heard more than one person say "They haven't sounded this good since RUMOURS!" I don't know what they sounded back then but they sounded GREAT last night and it just goes to show you don't need flying chandeliers, dance numbers or circus animals to put on a great rock and roll show.
Sara Brooke Schneberger
All I can say is WOW !! The show was amazing!!! I was in the 7th row and it was worth all the money I spent on the tickets!! Fleetwood Mac is the best band ever as far as I'm concerned. They are so talented and dedicated to their music. I'm from Oklahoma, I flew to Columbus the day before the show. I stayed with my friend Shelly, who also LOVES STEVIE NICKS. We met online at a Stevie club on the internet about 2 years ago. We've been waiting for this night a long time, the show was AMAZING. We dressed up like Stevie, our feet hurt from the platforms we wore by the time it was all over! And our voices were practically gone from screaming the whole time. The only way it could have gotten better is if we got backstage! Everything was perfect. Micks dance was hilarious!! Lindsey is the best guitarist ever, John kicks a**, and Stevie is just amazing, she is my inspiration, and she rocks !! I thank God for bringing Stevie into my life. If you read this Stevie, I saw you when you said, WATCH ME PLAY MY BONGOS!! Thats my new line! ha/ha ~ You rock Stevie!!! I'll see you again in Oklahoma City~~~ GOD BLESS ALL
Rick Shaffer
This was my first Fleetwood Mac concert and it was, in a word, superb!!! The energy, the chemistry, the music was something to behold. Pretty simple set--no glitz, no glamour-- just the stage, their instruments, themselves. A few video clips appeared on the backstage screen--USC marching band during Tusk, Gypsy video during Gypsy. Show highlights: Lindsay Buckingham on his various guitars--man can he jam!! Stevie Nicks--Goodbye Baby….the final song of the evening. They played five songs (I think) from the Say You Will; one or two from Tango in the Night; the rest from Rumours, etc. Absolutely fabulous show…I wish I could do it again.
David Burchette
Approximately 8:30 pm. The fog machines blew what would soon become a mist of pleasant musical memories, haunting ballads of self-reflection, and anthems to what we were yesteryear and what we are today. Settled between Buckingham's torrential guitar deluge and the always stalwart rhythm of Mick and John, Stevie mesmerized the crowd with her dark velvet voice and captivated the audience with her aura. The band has never sounded so good! One could argue that they have never looked as fit or acted as though they were having as much fun. Mick can still out drum any of the "up and coming newbies" out there and can outlast most veteran skin hitters. McVie's anchor of rhythm is the "stuff". Nicks and Buckingham have found a friendship long since forgotten and seem to enjoy sharing the stage. The songs were long awaited friends visiting. Every lyric was accompanied by the voices of audience members. Indeed, it was a sight to behold everyone singing in the stands and on the floor. The new songs presented were fonts of wisdom and, oftentimes regret, but classics nonetheless. From "The Chain", to "Gold Dust Woman" to Nicks' surprisingly touching "Beautiful Child", this band displayed the gems of their empire and proved to Columbus, Ohio why they are the band beyond measure.
Barbra McGuire
In reality I was just there to see stevie, but now seeing the real life chemistry of the mac together having a ball, Im in love with all of them. The concert started off with what else but"the chain" even thought Lindsey said that they couldn't. The concert started a few minutes late but it got the audience even more pumped up(if that was possible) everyone looked awesome. I loved the way that they used stevie's drawing in the background for everyone's favorite "Rhiannon"."Stand Back" was surprise.It was a great surprise! Lindsey rocked the guitar. I took my parents as a gift so I could spend time with them. Now my dad has the "mac fever" "Beautiful child is my favorite song and I CANT BELIEVE STEVIE DID IT, i CRIED! "come" was my favoite lindsey song. he was very playful last night leaning on stevie she was cracking up. During "landslide" the whole audience sang along and it overwhelmed her everyone could tell she was holding back tears. "world turning" was fabulous she did a superb job on the vocals. I'm proud.during the very last song "goodbye baby" I could tell it was hard for her to do becuase of the touchy event it was written for. I for that song was finally brave enough this being the second stevie concert to sneak up front and she looked at me.and for me it was like"mission completed I have looked my hero in the eye. It was a great graduation gift. and that moment will stay with me the rest of my life. Congrats fleetwood mac it was like you never took a break from touring. "NEVER BREAK THE CHAIN"
Kim White
Hi Everyone! Opening night... WOW! What else can I say? What an INCREDIBLE show! I'll spare everyone the entire set list as i'm sure most people are familiar with it... I was 7 rows from the stage directly in front of Stevie - she was soooo beautiful (of course!). Lindsey was a rock God - and I wouldn't expect anything less! The highlights of the show (for me) were... ummm... all 2 hours and 20 minutes of it! I must say that "Beautiful Child" was almost unbelievable; surreal ~ after 20 years of worshipping at the altar that is Stevie Nicks (and 25+ shows), I could not believe she was standing 20 feet away from me and singing this song. I cried. I cried several times! Lindsey totally rocked the house. "Come" stayed true to it's name! During the course of the set he busted 2 guitar strings - so I ask - what's not to like?! The stage/lighting were unique... and what a wall of sound they brought with them! I must admit that it was a bit strange to hear Stevie singing Christine's verse(s) on "Don't Stop"... in fact, she did a little word re-arranging... but am I complaining? No way! Technically speaking, I wish they would've turned Stevie's mic up a tad... there were times that Sharon and Mindy's vocals overpowered Stevie's. And the tawdry issue of the tour merchandise... i was admittedly a little disappointed. No tour book. : ( But that's okay. The memories of this enchanting opening night show will suffice for years to come. It was great to see some familiar faces from Ohio/Indiana shows past! So here is the bottom line of my so-called review: $500 for 7th center seats, 8 hours driving time in the rain, hearing 15,000 people singing "Landslide" ~ PRICELESS! Thank you Thank you Thank you to all of the band for this show! (And i'm sure the shows yet to come) IT'S A GREAT TIME TO BE A STEVIE FAN!!!
Daniel Brozak
I saw the show in Columbus Wednesday night- it was great overall, maybe a few minor quibbles. First, the good stuff. The band came on at 8:25pm with no opening act! Stevie sounded great and looked genuinely happy to be on stage. So did Lindsey, Mick, and John. They mixed the classics with songs from the new record, from Gold Dust Woman and Dreams to Say You Will and Peacekeeper. The ABSOLUTE highlight for me was Stevie's reindition of Beautiful Child. It was BEAUTIFUL! Silver Springs was arranged slightly different, which made me happy because people singing along in the audience were a little thrown off. I was also happy to hear the Mac sing Eyes of the World, that was a pleasant surprise. Songs from the new album included Say You Will, Peacekeeper, Come, Destiny Rules, Say Goodbye, What's the World Coming To, and Running Through the Garden. Now for the minor quibbles- whoever was running the camera for the screen did a poor job on a few songs, most notably on Landslide, when the screen was blank for the first 10 seconds. Then the screen went blank again when Stevie paused during the song- the projectionist clearly thought the song was over! Also, the color was horrible on the screen, it looked virtually black and white. And lastly, while I understand that the band couldn't do every song off the new record, I was disappointed that they didn't do Thrown Down- it's such a great song, and I would have preferred that rocker to either Running Through the Garden or Destiny Rules. The Columbus Dispatch said there were 14,000 people at Schottenstein, and there were lots of tee-shirts for sale, along with hats, mugs, and key chains (but no tour book).
The opening show in Columbus was amazing! The band sounded absolutely perfect. Stevie's voice was right on with every song, and it was so great to hear "Beautiful Child" live. She really seemed to be having a great time throughout the show, and I thought she especially "rocked out" during "Stand Back", and really had the crowd into it!! Lindsey was definitely the highlight of the show, he played so hard all night long!! He broke a guitar string during "Come" AND "Go Your Own Way", and even with a technical glitch during "Big Love", he got a wild response from the crowd. He was all over the stage, head butting with John and rubbing up against Stevie, it was so much fun to watch! Mick did his drum solo during "World Turning", and although I like the good old fashioned drums a lot better, the crowd seemed to really enjoy his vest part of the drum solo as well. The band played for 2 1/2 hours and it was very intense the entire time! This is going to be an amazing tour, Fleetwood Mac is definitely back!
I had the great pleasure of seeing the Mac open tonight in my hometown, Columbus Ohio...what an awesome show it was! Stevie, along with the entire band sounded totally great, and many suprises were made. "Beautiful Child," "Silver Springs," and an electrifying version of "Running Through The Garden" were all done tonight. Although Stevie sounded great, I was a little worried about her appearance. She's looked very tired lately and everytime she came or left the stage, someone helped her over, but her sound was just totally amazing..you couldn't tell if she was sick or something.. she was simply amazing. Tonight's performance of "Standback" was very cool, and once again, Stevie showed Columbus that she still is the reigning Queen of Rock! here is the set list... The Chain, Dreams, Peacekeeper, Eyes of the World, Say You Will, Never Going Back Again, Rhiannon, Gypsy, Come, Running Through The Garden, Big Love (which Lindsey had to re-do since his chord was accidently pulle dout of his guitair!) Landslide, Say Godbye, What's The World Comming To, Destiny Rules, Beautiful Child, Gold Dust Woman, I'm So Affraid, Silver Springs, Tusk, Standback, Go Your Own Way ENCORE: World Turning, Don't Stop 2ND ENCORE: Goodbye Baby Thanks for your time, and btw.. Mr. Buckingham broke his strings so many times from rocking it hard, it was AWESOME! I'll be in Cleveland next Tues!
My friend Jeff and I drove from indianapolis, IN to columbus,OH just to see Fleetwood Mac perform on opening night....thru the torrential rain, the traffic, the road construction and the miles in between only one thing mattered....seeing Fleetwood Mac open the "Say You Will" tour...Was it worth the $400 bucks we each paid for our third row center seats? Not to mention the trip to get there...without a doubt YES IT WAS!!! The Mac are back and we do believe just as good if not better than ever!!! I must say it is always a pleasure to see the still and ever more so beautiful Stevie Nicks perform right in front of you but the added bonus was the rivoting performance of Lindsey Buckingham...Lindsey was so energetic and playful on opening night...at one point he strutted over to Stevie and nuzzled up on her shoulder all the while cranking out his guitar solo and almost knocking Stevie to the ground...who by the way was already having a hard enough time keeping her balance in her trademark platform boots...Stevie who was in good spirit too just looked at him and grinned from ear to ear...you really could tell they were happy to be there....As i approach my late 30s and think about how ive been following this band on the road for over 20 years I too was pretty thrilled and amazed to be there....the best part of the show for me though were the teens in the row behind us who were enjoying the show just as much as we were..even though one of them kept screaming Stevie show us your tits....lol...which im sure she hasnt heard since the drug induced free lovin days of the 70s....and i must say even as offending as the comment may be to some i found it quite amusing...this kid might as well be screaming this to his Grandmother.....lol....Just goes to prove beauty is more relevant than age...Anyways highlights for me from the show: Beautiful Child....to hear this song this late in the game was in itself pretty amazing ....and Stevie sounded wonderful...."Destiny Rules" sounded great....one of my favorite songs from the new album...."Stand Back" which i wasnt even looking that forward to hearing came across with newfound energy thanks to Lindsey..."Never Going Back Again" sounded awesome all these many years later it still holds up as one of the best songs....and even though and i must admit this will sound terrible we expected many little slips on opening night there was only one mishap and that was during "Big Love" when Lindseys guitar somehow got unplugged but just like the trooper he is he started right where he left off and continued to leave us thrilled....They closed the show with the appropriate "Goodbye Baby" which left the already sentimental audience wishing that were indeed not goodbye for long.....
Instead of putting down here 5 full pages covering the details and total breakdown of tonight's events I prefer to merely and humbly state that if it is within your ability to attend this show then do it !!! I have been around and attending the full group and solo performances since the 70's , and while they have all been nothing less than wonderful, tonight's EVENT leaves me without the words to explain.. God bless our troops and the efforts that they continue to make each day in time of war and in peace for our continued safety in this great nation ...Columbus , Ohio May 7 , 2003 was nothing less than total shock & awe !!! Don't miss it !!! For we never know when it may truly be the last !!!! Thank you Fleetwood Mac for the wonderful memories that I shall forever hold !!!! And thank you Rick for being there at my side !!!
Susan R.
Saw this concert last night and the only word that describes is: AWESOME. Stevie was fantastic. Mick has to be the best in the business. John and Lindsay were great. And together, they rocked.
Patty Lightfoot
I am from Columbus, Ohio and seen Fleetwood Mac on May 7th and they were great! This was the first stop of their tour. The place was packed! All around me I could hear everyone singing the songs right along with them. Lindsey really jammed and at one point while he was jamming he leaned on Stevie while playing, It was cool. The fans went crazy with applaud after every song. Mick did do his little solo thing with wearing that drum vest and the fans loved that. I will never forget!
It was AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!! I can't wait to go again. Stevie sounded wonderful absolutely wonderful. Lindsey was incredible as well as the entire band. It was more then I could have ever imagined. I hope everyone enjoys the concert as much as I did. You have a wonderful time to look forward to! Stevie rocks:)
Last night was the most incredible thing I have ever seen!!! I have loved both Fleetwood Mac and Stevie's music since I was three (now 18). My mom, Karen, my cousins Cheryl and Lindsay, and I all went together. I had butterflies of excitement in my stomach all day! And I am still excited! When I saw Stevie walk out on stage, my first reaction was to scream. I think I screamed her name after every one of her songs! I was hoping so badly that she would sing Rhiannon, because one of my show dog's name is Rhiannon. So I kept saying to myself, "please play Rhiannon, please play Rhiannon", and then she did! I was so thrilled. My mom and I both screamed when she sang Silver Springs! Lindsey was awsome! I will never forget him jumping around on stage playing the guitar! Him and John both are the greatest guitar players ever!!! Mick Fleetwood was outstanding on the drums! I even saw some guy dressed like him, and I had to stop and take a second look, he looked just like him! I had a letter to give to Stevie, so my cousin Lindsay and I looked all over for her, and we even waited by the tour buses, for some time, and I was prepared to wait in the rain. The concert was unforgetable and I am still stunned and in awww!!!
My husband, daughter, and I attended the concert last night. Wow what a fantastic show. Stevie's voice was perfect. There was a great combination of old and new! I think this tour will even be better than "The Dance". If you have the opportunity---GO!
Vanda Hughes
The Fleetwood Mac show in Columbus was sensational! Just the right blend of old and new. They can still rock, that's for sure! At one point Lindsey was jamming so intensely he broke a guitar string and I thought for sure he was going to play his figures down to stubs. Mick wore his "drum vest" and dazzled the show with his antics. I was lucky to be very close to the front, but there were screens on either side of the stage that caught his animated expressions. He seemed like a magical shaman, lost in a trance. And Stevie. Time cast a spell on her...she looked great! Her voice was smooth and strong. I felt an energy from her performance...a calm and matured confidence. I felt "Stand back" was particularly good, but of course Gold dust woman and Rhiannon were fantastic as always. But I could tell she was holding back...not wanting to be the diva, or have it be just her show. She was a real team player. I missed Christine, but the band held it's own, true professionals that they are. What a great night! Music therapy!
Kelley Megahan
ROCK ON STEVIE!!!!!! I went to the opening show in Columbus, OH. I have to admit that it was more to accompany my husband than for my own entertainment. What an awesome time we had. I am now as big a fan as my husband. What a remarkably talented group. Ya'll are truly blessed to have this legendary talent in one group. I couldn't sit down the whole last half of the show. There at the end when the whole stadium was singing "Don't stop" was awesome. It still gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. We thought it was so great we want to check another show during the tour. Ya'll are GREAT!!!! Keep rockin' on and sharing your talent. Ya'll are definitely one of a kind.

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