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7/3/03 American Airlines Center Dallas, TX

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Bala Wong
Fleetwood Mac walks on stage maybe an hour after start time. This is good because the seats, while evidently sold out, had taken a long time to fill. The cheers from the fans feel like exclamations of true love and appreciation. The response from the band members feels genuine and unrehearsed. I think, good, this is all a good sign so far. The stage design is sparse but beautiful. Gorgeous drums rimmed with gold metal are front and center. One of the microphones has a scarf tied to it (guess whose?). There is a beautiful curved backdrop with high definition graphics and images, mainly fluid colors. There are huge projections on either side of the band that give various closeups and angles of the Mac through the night. Lindsey Buckingham is closest to me, with Stephanie Nicks to his right. John McVie is somewhat behind Stevie, wearing a white crumpled fishing hat. He stays almost invisible through the show in a manner that causes me to think that he is probably very important energetically to his group. They launch into "The Chain," causing the entire audience to leap to their feet, where they stay most of the night. Mick takes the drums. His wild eyeballs grow to inhabit 10 feet square each of the projection screens, his smile infectious. The core 4 musicians are encircled by additional bandmates, a keyboardist, another guitarist, two extra percussionists (including a Japanese guy Mick Fleetwood calls their 'secret weapon'), and two backup singers. The sound is full and precise. Everything about it is nice. I start to vibe off the excitement of the crowd, then I hold back. I am determined to find out what is real about this experience. I feel tired, not numb but not supermoved. They talk some about their new album and play a few songs from it. "Peacekeeper" is deeply political without being self righteous. In 2003, they continue their tradition of complex musicianship and lyrics and emotions that evoke the simple profoundness of life. I am beginning to feel their excitement at finding each other again after so many years. They look at each other as they play, unself-conscious of the crowd, except for Mick who loves an audience yet also loves to lose himself within. I hear the delicate orchestral tones of "Rhiannon." Their music is beginning to feel like the ocean to me. What follows is many moments of beauty throughout the night. I forget that I am listening to Fleetwood Mac. I forget that I remember that I know the lyrics to so many of their songs. I sit, stand, dance, aware that I am in the presence of an amazing band. I love the drums. Mick, the jolly old insane tribesman, plays them with love. He has electric pads built into his vest so he can beat his chest and belly into a thunder. His fellow drummers are excellent. They bring such a ritualistic element to the space. Stevie performs to us in the capacity of humble priestess, aware that her every movement and expression has the capacity to transform us. She faithfully marks the intent of their classic songs with her voice. I am amazed to discover that so many of her lyrics weave into my soul and streak my perspective, my passion, my richly hued sensations of connectedness, despair, freedom, sometimes all at once. She works her veils and captures a singular moment where I am certain that I am seeing the sunset shimmer off the wings of an angel bird flying over a sea. Lindsey again and again reaches inward and wreaks melodies on his guitar that find no end. His commitment and release clears thousands of heads of their worries and boxes. Space opens that allows for all possibility. It is rejuvenating and electric. There is so much that he gives, transforming from rock star to Irish blues master to stony monolith to old shaman, naked and monkeylike, travailing away with exquisite noise moving ever upwards. All musicians find their special solo moments, quiet and loud, their big hit songs that still resonate with life, their connection to each other and us. I am so glad to participate and to watch their togetherness, consummately professional in their artistry, tender in their touch. Yes, Mick buffoons around a bit, but I don't mind acquiescing to his demands for attention. He has earned it. I am totally blown away by this gradually growing percussion wall. It builds and gets louder and fuller. Then some chords kick in and I realize I have been listening to "Stand Back" all this time and didn't know it. I can't stop who-hooing and shaking my booty like everyone else as this familiar melody slips into another classic "Go Your Own Way." Then it's time for the encores. They make us wait for a while. I think it's so that we clap and yell so we expend ourselves and don't physically force them to play forever. They deliver fully, sweetly, and then say goodbye. I feel like I have feasted.
Ryan Perry
Okay, so it's no mystery that the Dallas show, like all the others I'm sure, was phenomenal. So instead of writing a "review", I would like to just, in a very stream-of-conscience kind of way, offer some Dallas "highlights". By now, everybody also knows the setlist, so, in no particular order: Landslide-I had read quite a bit about Stevie putting her head on Lindsey's shoulder for the guitar solo, but this time she walked behind him, put a hand on each shoulder, and mimicked playing a piano. Much of the arena audience was singing along to this familiar ballad, so, aiming to please, Stevie gave an extra-long pause after "well maybeeee". She even grinned and held up a quick "stop" hand to Lindsey, indicating to him to wait a little. Rhiannon-The long black draping sleeves are back. Stevie ended this song in a little more of a 70s way than she did during The Dance. Tusk-amazingly energized! I never really cared for the studio version of this song, but they rocked it live! Lindsey ran over toward John for a little horsing around, but John, at least from where I was, looked like he wasn't much in the mood. But no awkwardness with the ever-smiling Stevie-Lindsey grabbed her hand and ran in a big circle, spinning her & tambourine around. At one point, Lindsey even jumped up on Mick's drum set and began playfully pounding the large cymbal to the beat of the song. Don't Stop-This was the one that brought down the house (right up there with Stand Back). Faithful fans and neophytes alike were dancing, clapping, and singing along. Lindsey gave a few front-row autographs, and a few lucky fans even got to touch his guitar as he wound up the song. I thought Stevie was gonna beat her poor tambourine to death (which had red, white, and blue streamers, I assume in honor of July 4th). Gold Dust Woman-Everybody always talks about the famous wail. It *looked* like an extended scream, but the crowd was roaring so loudly that it overpowered Stevie's vocal, and I honestly couldn't tell how long she held it. But I was so happy just to be there that I really didn't care. Her pose at the end was gorgeous. With white lights blaring from the back of the stage, Stevie's orangish transparent shawl sparkled as she gave a long arms-descending-in-slow-motion pose. Beautiful Child-it was.beautiful. I chuckled when a self-aware Stevie said "I know I say this every night, but this is a song from.." Never Going Back Again-Lindsey's opening speech and subsequent lyrics were crystal-clear. Although I was eighteen rows back, the flawless acoustics for this song made it seem like he was sitting in my living room. Stevie joined in later for some back-up. "been down one.two.three times." Silver Springs-Much of this song is a blur because I was reprimanded by security personnel for holding up a lighter during the "time cast a spell" part (and later again before the first encore). But I do remember Stevie swinging her "swivel" mic around and facing Lindsey for the end of the song. And she transposed the "was I just a fool" and "give me just a chance" parts. I was also blown away by the way in which Stevie sang the song. It sounded like she sang the song in a higher pitch/octave [??] like a much younger girl (kinda like her voice on the Rumours version). Big Love-The big central screen came down for this one (and stayed through Landslide). I was glad, because I knew I had seen it in photos from previous shows, but the stage had only one small screen at each end when the show started. Lindsey didn't intro this song as he usually does-he just tore into it. The vocals were a bit rough, but then again, he had surely just strained his voice on the amazing "Come" only a few songs before. Gypsy-After seeing this song live, I agree that it could be dropped for another in-demand oldie like SOTM or Sara, or a Say You Will new song like EFO or RTTG (revived). It was well-sung, but sorta drab, even with the video playing in the background. Stevie was mouthing the cute and classic "doo doo doooo doo" part about 3 feet behind the mic, and I was like "Stevie, babe, step up closer and sing it for real!" I'm So Afraid-I decided to sing along to this song, so I noticed quickly when Lindsey flubbed the second verse by re-singing the words to the first verse. But, hey, they deserve some "artistic license", right? Hehehe. Say Goodbye-OH MY! This song is SO SO SO much more beautiful live! Stevie's accompaniment is much louder than on the record-almost equal in volume to Lindsey's voice-and yet it is still very delicate and echo-like. This was, to my surprise, one of my favorite songs of the night. Stand Back-I knew this song was going to be something special and wild because of the way things started out. No, I really didn't remember the setlist order beyond song #2, but every Stevie fan knows how the intro to her live "Stand Back" goes. So, as soon as I heard the percussion, I said to my friend "Woo hoo, I'm gonna have to set my drink down for this one!" And this b**** next to me, who had been sitting down with her husband for most of the concert, and obviously irritated quite often by my having fun and cutting up, said to me rudely "What? Did you memorize it?" I was *so* close to telling her "Babe, I don't pay $125 to just sit and look at the screen. Just go sit at home and wait for the DVD." Hehehe.but I didn't. It wasn't worth getting ejected. Anyway, Stevie kept teasing us with a few "wrist rotations", and I thought "oh no, she doesn't feel like twirling tonight". But, later in the song, she gave a good 7-8 spins in her platform tennis shoes or whatever (which I caught a glimpse of at some point when the masses parted). The crowd went wild. I think that was the last scream my vocal chords could put out. Where else in the world can a 55-year-old woman do a few twirls on stage and suddenly get a whole arena roaring? Fabulous. On "Come", "I'm So Afraid", and "GYOW" (or "Don't Stop"-I forget) Lindsey tore up his guitars, plucking them wildly like a harp-with *both* hands-toward the end of his solos. I don't think he was even playing at that point-just going insane. It was infectious. World Turning-Stevie and Lindsey came out hand-in-hand before this first encore. As for Mick's solo, he milked it that night. It seemed much longer than the audio of the song from opening night that I had heard. The crowd was so into it that I guess he just kept slapping himself. As usual, I couldn't understand what he was shouting, except when he'd scream "Dallas! Are you there??" "DALLAS!!!" He was in an awesome mood. I was beaming with happiness for the response he was getting from the crowd. He deserves some spotlight time. Goodbye Baby-So many clueless fans had begun to leave, as we've all heard about for each show [don't you think they'd know that there are 2 encores by now?!], so I yanked my friend and we moved up about 10 rows. Not only did Stevie add her sparkly pink shawl, but she also must've added a few big diamond rings, because I caught an occasional "bling bling" in my eyes. And I don't think they were there before, because all night, especially on the video screens, I kept staring at her bright red nails, which didn't go with anything she had on but her lipstick. I guess she must really like that shade. Okay, why don't people buy the new album anymore *before* going to the concert? Once again, many were unresponsive to the new material. In fact, at one point, Lindsey said "now we're gonna do a couple o' songs from our new album" and even *before* the first few notes most of the 17 rows in front of me started to sit down! ARGH!! I just re-watched the Tusk Tour documentary today, and the Mac played tons of then-new songs like SOTM, Angel, Think About Me, Not That Funny, (and don't forget the debuts of Sara & Tusk), all of which were received with screams of enthusiasm from the crowd. Dallas attendees in 2003, however, were making mad dashes for the bathroom, concessions, or a nicotine-fix during new songs (which I guess I can forgive) like "Come" or "WTWCT", but what I just don't get is why there was such a huge exodus for "Big Love" and again during "I'm So Afraid". Don't people recognize guitar genius when they hear it? Oh Well.their loss. Oh, most importantly, the whole band was in tip-top shape and in great spirits. Stevie smiled the whole night. I was so glad, for when I had seen her in Houston in 2001 on the TISL tour, she had just overcome laryngitis and a few canceled shows. But tonight she shined with the others! Mick ended the night by saying "Remember these 3 things: be kind, keep the smile, and take care of yourselves. Oh.and one more thing.THE MAC IS BACK!" Indeed they are! 3rd row Bossier City, here I come!
All I can say to start this is that even after having driven over 500 miles to see the show at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX, I was totally mesmerized. Stevie was her usual graceful self and her voice as well tuned as a Stradivarius. Her pose after 'Gypsy', was one of many occurrences through the evening that brought the house down. I am still tingling in the memory of her greatness. Lindsey was also a great hit. Most of the women around us were saying "If he keeps that up, I am going to have an orgasm right here". If my boyfriend hadn't been right there, I probably would have said it myself. He was totally HOT!!!!!!!! All over the stage, stroking his guitars, feeding the crowd with his own special magic. Mick and the rest were also great. Mick's drum solo was enjoyed by all. John brought the house down during ' The Chain'. I am now wishing I could see them again in Lubbock, TX on 8/7. Wish they could have picked Albuquerque. Stevie's solo concert there 2 years ago was certainly a hit. Expecially when it began to rain, thunder and lightning as she sung 'Dreams'. Noone should miss this show. The Mac is Definitely Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. to all of you who wanted my hat, e-mail me at nurse_brenda27@hotmail.com and I will tell you how to get one. To the band my love and great thanks for giving me the night of my life
What a night! First let me say that the American Airlines Center in Dallas is awesome. What a beautiful building for a wonderful concert. Our tickets were on the 17th row on the floor. Two women sat next to us and wanted to know if we would trade our seats so some friends of theirs could sit next to them. ARE YOU ASKING ME IF I WANT TO MOVE UP TO ROW 9 CENTER STAGE? Ummm YES! We ended up with two aisle seats right in front of Lindsey's microphone. On with the show.. Well as many of you have written before, the lights went down and they made their entrance onto the stage and started playing "The Chain". The crowd went nuts and for the next 2 hours or so, everything was right with the world. It was the best concert I had ever seen and I have seen a ton of shows. I used to work in concert security for KILT concerts west in Houston many years ago. Fleetwood Mac was absolutely wonderful. Lindsey was a total blast. He sang and played his heart out. I have NEVER seen a musician put so much energy into a show. NEVER! Mick was a maniacal demon on the drums. I actually loved his solo. You GOTTA LOVE THOSE EYES OF HIS! LOL John's bass drove straight to your heart. It's amazing how powerful and moving that sound can be. The backup musicians did a great job filling in the holes. Never overshadowing and always right there when needed. And then there is Stevie. Stevie's voice was terrific. I was glad to hear her hit many of those high notes that I hadn't heard from her for many a year. She was as graceful and charming as ever. What a wonderful person. Thank you so much Stevie for being you. I will always consider that Thursday night as one the most enjoyable times in my life. I took my 14- year-old daughter to the show as her birthday present. She started playing her new guitar on Christmas morning and said she wanted to start a band. At that moment I knew I had to take her to see Stevie. She loved the concert. She said, "It will never be the same when I hear their music. They sound better live than they do on the CDs. I feel like I know them." HOW COOL IS THAT!
Brenda Armstrong
The Mac is definitely back! The show on July 3rd at the American Airlines Center in Dallas was one of the best shows I have ever seen. Stevie was more radiant and beautiful than I ever remember. Lindsey was a maniac! The new songs are reminiscent of the old Mac, and they are very refreshing. The highlight of the evening for me was "Beautiful Child". What a great gem from the past!! I have had the opportunity to introduce Stevie and Fleetwood Mac to some friends of mine that have not listened to them before . . . they were thrilled by their performance as well and are now lifelong fans!! "Stand Back" was awesome!! Stevie is an American treasure . . . I am looking forward to her next solo venture and tour!!! Dallas loves you, Stevie . . . thank you for a wonderful show.
Arlene Lewis
Well, I have to say that this show was SOOOO INCREDIBLE! We were on the 3rd row, on Lindsey's side, and yes, I was the one wearing a Black Bolero style hat with black tulle, and a big Rhiannon-sleeved top to go with it! I swear, I had eye contact with Stevie on several occasions. The show blew me away! The band was awesome, and yes, Stevie and Lindsey were awesome! Stevie hit her high notes on several songs and she even did a little of the (angry version) of Silver Springs, which I didn't think she was going to do!! She blew us all away with that! And of course, Gypsy, Rhiannon, Gold Dust Woman, and Stand Back rocked the venue! She totally had the entire audience standing up and singing word for word on each of those songs! Lindsey was great with "Come," and his "Big Love" and "I'm So Afraid"...Wow...And of course John and Mick are great! Mick's "Vest" solo was great, along with his "The MAC is BACK" at the end of the show! They were great! Stevie was snickering at him, when he said that... and just from watching her on several occasions, you can tell enough about her to know she is SOOOOOOOO funny! She is great! And of course, has an amazing stage presence! Oh, by the way, to those of you who saw, at the very end when Stevie was singing "Goodbye Baby" where someone threw on the stage- a large royal blue satin banner that said : HOUSTON LOVE'S STEVIE, along with a great black cowboy hat with gold tulle and gold satin ribbons, ..... that was me! I have been praying that Stevie got them, but no one really knows for sure! LOL... The show was absolutely incredible, and yes, definitely worth the 4 hour drive in from Houston! I also, heard through the grapevine that Houston will be added the 3rd leg of the tour, and if that is so, we will DEFINITELY be back to see the Mac!!! I can't wait! I totally urge everyone to go and see the Mac, if you haven't already, as they are totally awesome, and can guarantee everyone a GREAT time! Especially, if you go back with them, like I do to Rumors! They will definitely Rock the House!
Alberto Perez
Ah man, what a night....All I can say is, THANK YOU FLEETWOOD MAC...It was a 750 miles trip, from Laredo, Texas to Dallas, but well worth it. I attended to the July 3 concert in the American Airlines Center along with my best friend....ALL I SAYING IS, Stevie Nicks looked gorgeous, her innocent smiles, her rock and roll voice, and her witchy looking attire were AWESOME. Her songs...ah man, brought back some good memories.... Lindsey, ah man, my respects to him, HE REALLY KNOWS HOW TO JAMM OUT! Mick with his vest.....WOW! John, shy as always, but a GREAT MAN with talents! We were seating way up high almost touching the ceiling of the arena, but as soon as Stevie sang GOLD DUST WOMAN, (I immediately called my 5 year old son who is a BIG FAN OF STEVIE NICKS and had him on the phone till the song finished and he sang the whole song by the way and even screamed yeahhhh and clapped when it finished)I waited till she finished, and began trying to get closer, climbing down stairs, I think we climbed about 1000 stairs that night, and was able to get on two empty seats on the second floor.....I got to see Stevie Nicks and began shouted her name as if she was able to hear me.....Next to me were two young guys who had flown from London just to see FM.....I DANCED, I SANG, I WENT CRAZY.....THANK YOU STEVIE NICKS AND FLEETWOOD MAC FOR MAKING US ALL FEEL WONDERFUL AND FOR HAVING US FORGET OUR DAILY PROBLEMS THAT NIGHT.....YOU WERE ALL EXCELLENT!!!!!! KEEP IT UP AND DON'T STOP!!!!
Kortni Wennihan
I've spent almost a week trying to get over the fact that I've been to a Fleetwood Mac concert and I still feel like everything that happened after that night is in a whole new reality. I'm 17 and I've been a huge Mac fan since I was 11. I live in Louisiana and I had gotten tickets to the Dallas show before Bossier City was announced, which is considerably closer than Dallas, so with any luck I'll be able to convince my parents to let me to go Bossier too. LOL! In any case, I feel extremely blessed to have experienced the magic, the chemistry, and the music that I did that night. I sat on the plaza level stage left right where you can see everything going on from Brett Tuggle's side of the stage and I had a great view of the equipment onstage, backstage, and below the wings - from a musical perspective, I was floored before the show began because music is my dream and just being able to see something like that was a dream come true. From the moment I saw Christine McVie playing on "The Dance", I knew that was what I wanted to do and that dream of mine was reaffirmed that night. I found it extremely hard to believe that all of the harmonies would still work out but time after time at the end of a song, Stevie and Lindsey's voices blended absolutely perfectly - I don't think that sound can be found anywhere else on the planet. Whenever somebody would go backstage from our side of the stage, the whole section would start waving and screaming and whoever it was would smile and wave back at us. The side sections got special attention toward the end of the show, which absolutely floored us all. :) Mick definitely knows how to keep a crowd going forever - he went into his drum routine on "World Turning" and we all went absolutely insane. I screamed louder and more high pitched than I ever have before. Everybody definitely felt the magic in the air that night and at the end, I don't think there was anyone sitting down in that arena because we were all up dancing and clapping along and genuinely having the time of our lives. I wish it would have never ended; I could live like that forever. After the show, we ended up waiting for our hotel shuttle with another family until midnight by the limos - kept looking but never saw anyone. I have to say that as someone looking at music as a prospective career, seeing my most influential band in a state-of-the-art facility like the AAC was a *dream come true*. Even if I don't get to go to Bossier, like I told my mom, I think I can die happy now. :) That night made me realize why I love music so much, even if I don't think I'm good at it, and I remembered why I dedicated myself to music in the first place. This band has unknowingly given me a gift and the only way I can ever repay them is to give it back to them and to the world in hopes that I might help someone else the way they've helped me. Thank you all so much for doing what you do - you have no idea how much you have truly touched our lives and I am living proof of that. We are all truly blessed.
In the early 1980s, I was doing two things that made my parents nervous. First, I was entering my teenage years. Second, I was watching that made-by-the-devil-himself channel known as MTV. This was when MTV was fresh and known for actually showing music videos. Not everyone could get MTV. You had to have a television set with a tuner knob. In the West Texas town where I grew up if you put your television on Channel 7 and turned the tuner knob just right, you could get MTV. I can’t count the number of times my parents would come in my room and tell me to change the channel – unless they liked the band that was playing, of course. One of the bands of which they approved was Fleetwood Mac. If there was a Fleetwood Mac video on, I was allowed to watch. I managed to extend that to videos of individual band members, including Stevie Nicks. I’ll never forget one day my mother came into my room and asked, “Who is that?” When I told her, her first reaction was, “Oh, I thought Stevie was a man.” I just rolled my eyes and disgustedly said, “Motherrrrrr.” Several years later I was the envy of all my friends because I had a job in the mall. This was, of course, every teenage girls’ dream. I made friends with many of the other employees in other stores, one of whom kept me up to date on new music releases. This was how I got my first copy of Tango in the Night. I say first copy because I don’t know how many cassettes I wore out listening to them over and over. During college I worked at a music store part-time. We didn’t call them record stores anymore because you could only get records through special order. These new things called compact discs were coming out and everyone was raving about them. I wisely used my employee discount to build my library, including the Fleetwood Mac discography. I still consider this a sound investment. Soon after I finished college I attended my brother’s high school graduation. I remember one of his classmates had the name “Stevie Rhiannon” and I thought that was so cool. I reminded my mother that Stevie was a girl’s name. This time she rolled her eyes at me. Last week my mother and I drove 250 miles to Dallas to see Fleetwood Mac in concert. We both agreed that it was well worth the drive, the money, and the time off work. The concert was fantastic. We listened to the new “album” Say You Will all the way home, making comments about how we really enjoyed this song or that song and which song was our favorite. Some things, however, will never change. As we were driving home I commented that I really like the live version of “Rhiannon” better than the recorded version. She asked which song that was. I plugged in the Greatest Hits cd so that she could hear it. Her comment, “Well, all these years I thought they were saying ‘Brianna’.” With rolling eyes, I replied, “Motherrrrrr.”
Ron Headrick
Fleetwood Mac ROCKED the American Airlines Center in Dallas so hard I think it would be wise to call in some engineers to check for structural cracking! This was by far the most incredible concert I have ever been to. The energy, enthusiasm and talent of this band can never be matched by any other band. The fans at this show were blessed with 2 1/2 hours of music diversity that mesmerized the soul. The audience was fantastic in attempting to throw back the loving energy to the band in gratitude for being so thoroughly entertained after each song. No matter how hard we tried, the band, feeding off this, would kick it up another notch to a higher level. It was like a contest to see who could produce the most intensity. Fleetwood Mac won! They were having so much fun on stage and it was joyful to watch. Stevie looked absolutely radiantly gorgeous. She was way more relaxed than I have ever seen her and her voice has never sounded better. She danced and twirled like never before and was nailing the high notes and everything. At one point, while Lindsey was jamming hard she went over and stood by Sharon and Mindy and was jamming and grooving so hard with her tambourine that Sharon and Mindy busted out laughing. I don't think they had ever seen her get that carried away before. Speaking of Sharon and Mindy they were flawless and downright angelic with backing vocals. Lindsey is THE BEST GUITAR PLAYER IN THE WORLD!!! This man was doing everything but turning flips on stage and if he could have without unplugging his guitar he would have!! He was chasing Stevie around the stage, stopping his feet, dancing with her, banging on Mick's symbols, dropping to his knees, holding his guitar over his shoulder and behind his head, jumping and just plain being a madman but at the same time laying down pure ultra clean jamming on those guitars. You just have to be there to really understand what I am saying. Mick is THE BEST DRUMMER IN THE WORLD!! He too, like Lindsey was a lunatic on drums. The drum vest thing was amazing! John McVie, shy as ever but laying down bass lines out of this world and having fun himself in his own way and smiling quite a bit during the show. About 3/4 through the show Mick introduces everyone in the band ( like they need introductions ) and John's name was mentioned dead last and he got the loudest cheer of all the band members and it really startled him and touched him. He made a special effort at the end of the show to walk the stage and wave to the crowd to show his affection.He was the last to walk off stage and before he was out of sight you could see the rest of the band giving him high five's in the shadows. Also, Carlos Rios, Neal Haywood, Brett Tuggle, and ''The Secret Weapon'' Taku Hirano all kicked major butt. This was one of those special nights where all the band members and support crew were at the top of their game and functioned as a team to create for their audience, a very special memory to cherish for a lifetime. Thank You Fleetwood Mac! WE LOVE YOU, WE LOVE YOU, WE LOVE YOU!!!!
The Dallas show was awesome the best Fleetwood Mac show I ever saw. Stevie's Stand Back was the best. I did not want the show to end. The Mac is back.
I live in Houston and this is the first time I can ever remember Fleetwood Mac not bringing their tour to Houston. Of course, it could still possibly happen in the second leg of the tour but the second presale tickets went on sale for Fleetwood Mac fan club members, I bought tickets for the Dallas show and made plans to take my nephew. He is only ten years younger than I and has never seen The Mac but has seen Stevie in concert several times. He was really looking forward to the show and wasn't disappointed. I have to say up front that I don't like reviews and don't read them but I did check out the review posted on The NicksFix from The Dallas Morning News and took note of the comment "...balance is shifting toward testosterone..." That is the one thing that disappointed me. It seemed almost as if the band had renamed itself "Buckingham Fleetwood Mac." I don't know what is going on in other performances but Lindsey definitely attempted to dominate the stage and the show. He is without a doubt one of the greatest guitarists the music industry has ever seen but I also went to the concert to see Stevie, Mick and John. Lindsey played to the edge of the proscenium and had periods of long guitar solos which I appreciated as much as anyone else in the audience but I realized that it was rather like the Van Halen tour of 1984 when David Lee Roth thought he was the show, dominated the stage and the band ended up firing him. I was also disappointed that only two songs of Stevie's from "Say You Will" are performed at the concert; the title track and then she closes the concert beautifully and poignantly with "Goodbye Baby." "Thrown Down," "Running Through The Garden," "Destiny Rules," "Everybody Finds Out" were not present. Lindsey, on the other hand, manages to get in more while John in his usual fashion stays in the background and Mick pounded away like he was 25 years old. Those two guys are amazing! On the up side, all the old Fleetwood Mac classics are there and it was great hearing them again. Stevie totally rocked the American Airlines Center with "Stand Back" and "Gold Dust Woman" was one of the best versions I've ever seen her perform. "Landslide," one of my favorites was fantastic and it was unbelievable to hear everyone in the arena singing along with her. "Beautiful Child," "Silver Springs," were also beautifully performed. It was great hearing "Gypsy" live again and seeing the video running on the screen behind Stevie while she sang. I was hoping to hear Lindsey's version of "Big Love" and he didn't disappoint. "World Turning" was one of the encores and Mick's chance to really shine. I absolutely love it when he pulls the whole electronic body drum thing. It has always fascinated me! "The Chain," "Don't Stop," (sounded a little funny for about two seconds with Stevie singing Chris' part and then it sounded perfectly normal!), were terrific and I was really glad they left "Don't Stop" in the lineup. In short, it was a great 2 1/2 hours where we never sat down and if they do come to Houston, I'll be there again. If you have tickets or you are thinking about getting tickets, stop thinking about it and BUY THEM!! As Mick said to us when he left the stage, "The Mac is back!" Oh yeah; I lost a bet. A girl sitting in front of me bet me a dollar as to whether or not Stevie would be wearing her platform boots or her platform Reeboks. I thought it over for a second and decided to go with the boots. I lost a dollar!
Shawn Schweitzer & Brian Ploe
We went to the Dallas Concert last night! It was wonderful! The music was truly amazing! Stevie and Lindsey lit up the room with their voices and playful demeanor. and the music was absolutely wonderful. Mick Fleetwood was great! he did a wonderful drum solo that I dont think anyone else could compare to. John Mcvie was great, all about the bass you know. One awesome concert and two encores later It was the best concert I ever saw. Thank you for the wonderful show Fleetwood Mac. And as Mic Fleetwood said at the end of the show "The Mac is BACK!!!"
Sondra Bernard
WOW!!! I have seen Fleetwood Mac twice and Stevie four times in concert. This one only tops the icing on the cake. We drove six hours to be able to enjoy this event. (well worth it) I could not believe that two and a half hours could go by so quickly. It felt like we had only been there for 15 minutes. Stevies "Beautiful Child" was absolutely mesmerizing to finally hear in concert. Her voice was perfect. My sister and I have been Stevie fans "forever," My only regret is that we did not hear more Stevie songs from the album. Specifically, "Thrown Down" or "Destiny Rules" two of my favorites. I agree with the other feedback left previously, the performance was a little "Lindsey" heavy. Otherwise, thank you Stevie, Mick, John and Lindsey for the memories.
Laurie and Keith
Before I begin this review, I must say that I had to put in my resignation at my place of employment in order to make this show in Dallas, TX. To make a very, very, long story short, my time off request for this concert mysteriously disappeared, not to mention the undisputed fact that my supervisor knew since early April that I would be attending this concert, among other events that I had scheduled accordingly. So, with this, I begin...My beau and I live in Corpus Christi, TX, which on a good day of driving you can make a trip to Dallas at max 7 hours. I also have to make a note that for many, many artists or bands that we like we have to travel to cities 2 - 7 hours away (San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and Big D). After spending the night in Austin, TX at a friend's house, we arrived in Dallas on Wednesday the 2nd. Unfortunately, the hotel we were staying at there was a shooting outside in the parking lot. Needless to say, we had to find another motel... LOL ... Thursday, the 3rd, and we went to see FM at the American Airlines Center. We had floor seats, Sec. 12, Row R, that we had purchased off of eBay. I must say these seats were very GOOD : )!!! We had a great view! This was my third FM concert (twice in '97) and this was my beau's first time seeing them. I also saw Stevie in concert in '98. FM came on at 8:20 pm or so, and for the next 2 plus hours, they performed 24 songs: The Chain/ Dreams/ Eyes of the World/ Peacekeeper/ Second Hand News/ Say You Will/ Never Going Back Again/ Rhiannon/ Come/ Gypsy/ Big Love/ Landslide/ Say Goodbye/ What's the World Coming To/ Beautiful Child/ Gold Dust Woman/ I'm So Afraid/ Silver Springs/ Tusk/ Stand Back/ Go Your Own Way/ Encores: World Turning/ Don't Stop/ Goodbye Baby. I must say that the standout for me was definitely when FM performed 'Beautiful Child'. Stevie is one of my favorite female singers of all time, and this song would definitely be in my personal list of Top 10 Stevie Nicks songs. Then again, a Top 10 list of favorite Stevie songs solo or with FM would be difficult to compile : ). Words definitely cannot describe the opportunity to see this band LIVE! As for me, being only 28 years old and listening to FM and exposed to other great bands in the late seventies at the tender age of 4 by older relatives, it is only when I got older and presently that I am able to appreciate the music of FM. By the way, I am jamming to their latest album while I type this review : ). Only a true fan of FM can appreciate this band the way they should be, and in the audience, we were able to mingle with people who have been a fan of FM since their inception and prior incarnations before the addition of Stevie and Lindsey 29 years ago. After the show, I was able to get a set list : ), which will go together handsomely with this huge posterboard of the latest album that I bought from a record store. My beau and I tried to see if we could meet them after the show. We, along with two individuals, waited at the exit of the facility. A little after an hour, limos and a couple of white minivans appeared. Unfortunately, no one stopped, but a hand appeared out the window of one of the limos. Whose hand it was we will never know. I think I was sort of peeved at the fact that no one stopped to say hello or shake our hands - it was only the 4 of us - I think what was remaining of the crowd were still in the parking lot looking for their vehicles...LOL...If anything, sure, any fan would like to obtain autographs of their favorite artists or bands, but for me, I just wanted to say hello to the band. I have met other artists an hour or so after the show. If anything, that was somewhat upsetting. Either way, I recommend any FM fan or someone who wants to hear some great music to see this legendary band in concert supporting their latest album. This was a great show! : )
Let me just sum up the concert in one word-------AWSOME!!!!! The Dallas show was unbelievable! Stevie looked fabulous as ever, and the rest of the band was incredible! I had the best time seeing Fleetwood Mac together again! They all still have that special spark in their eyes while up on stage together! You can tell they all still enjoy making music and showing the fans how much they love them by putting on a great concert! Stevie, you are my idol, and God Bless you for all that you do for us! Fleetwood Mac is the best band that ever lived!!!!!
Patty Markle
I just returned home from the Dallas show. My foot started tapping with the opening infectious beat pounded out by Mick on The Chain, and it hasn't stopped tapping yet. Time and again during this show I caught myself feverishly keeping that beat going. This show was beyond my wildest dreams exceptional in every possible way. Our beautiful new arena seats 20,000 people and it was packed with some of the wildest Mac fans in the country. Everything was perfectly paced, seducing all of us in and building us up to a perfect group climax. The energy and vibes created by Fleetwood Mac let us all know there was magic in the air. I had planned to make a trip to the concession stand during Come. It wasn't one of my favorite new songs, but once these guys got going, you had the feeling that you couldn't leave the arena without missing something really, really big. Such was the case when Lindsey performed Come. I kept shaking my head in pure awe and muttered, "Damn" again and again. Lindsey Buckingham ~ you are a God! Stevie was so much fun to watch. She twirled, flew like a bird, played with Lindsey, and smiled the entire time. I love Stevie so much, sometimes I forget how incredible Fleetwood Mac is. The sound is so unique and the harmony with her and Lindsey, along with the gorgeous Sharon Celani and Mindy Stein is so utterly perfect. We all have our own favorite Mac tunes, but tonight, I enjoyed every single song. My favorite moments are the opening of Stand Back, Mick going wild on World Turning, Landslide, with it's 20,000 back-up singers singing along, Don't Stop because of the high energy level all of us seemed to have and finally, Goodbye Baby when Stevie brought us all gently back down to earth so we could drive home safely. This concert will be remembered as the best Mac concert I've ever seen. Heck - It's the best concert I've ever seen period! A perfect evening with my favorite legends. Thank you guys. Mick summed it all up in the end as he stopped by the microphone one last time to proclaim, "The Mac is back!" Indeed. Rock on.
Marc Cliburn
I went to the Fleetwood Mac show on July 3, 2003 in Dallas, we were sitting right side of stage about 15 rows back. This was my second time to see them and all I can say is "AWESOME"! The band sounded so good, all the voices were very clear. Stevie looked great, her voice was so clear. I took a very good friend of mine who had never seen them in person, well she was in total awe. Stevie was doing her kicks, and twirling around during Stand Back the crowd went crazy! Rhiannon was as good as I've ever heard her sing it. When Stevie sang Dreams it was hauting. I love the new songs too, Peacekeeper, Say you Will I could listen to over and over, Lindsey totally ROCKED out on COME, and Mick as usual the BEST! Totally AWESOME show Fleetwood Mac! Thanks for coming to Dallas you made our Fourth of July 2003!
Lisa Gray
The American Airlines Center in Dallas was home to the most spectacular fireworks show of the year on July 3! I didn't think it was physically possible to have as much fun as I had! This was definitely the best concert I have ever seen. I haven't had an opportunity to see Fleetwood Mac since the Rumours Tour, but it was totally worth the wait! Lindsey, Stevie, Mick and John sounded better than ever. They performed just the right mix of old and new. Lindsey TOTALLY blew me away with his guitar playing and Stevie was, as usual, enchanting. Thank you Fleetwood Mac for the best night I have had in a long while -- I will remember it always!!
well i just want to say to all... if you havent seen the mac on this tour...WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU WAITNG FOR??? this show is both incredible and breathtaking. I was totally blow away by the groups performance.It is a must see. Lindsey f--ked up those guitars!!! He was TOTALLY AWESOME!! I was exhausted just watching him play...very bad ass!!! And how can i forget the legendy,beautiful,songstress herself...ms stevie nicks. She was all that and a bag of chips...her voice was as strong as i have ever heard. Silver Springs/Landslide/Goodbye Baby were wonderfully sung.And don't let me forget...she did a great job singing christine's part on world turning and don't stop...very nice job stevie!! you rocked!!! The only other song that i wish she would have sang was Smile at You...that is a very,very nice tune. like isaid ...the show was a blast....as a matter of fact i'm thinking about catching another one of there shows in august. the location is Lubbock Tx (2 hours from my original home town of Odessa Tx) . I know it will be just as exciting as the show in Dallas. This is definitely a concert you would want to see again and again and again. Trust me!! So to all of you Fleetwood Mac fans...you are in for one of the best shows in a long time.
Hey there just would like to drop aline and say that Stevie and Fleetwood never cease to amaze. Wow what a show, the let Dallas have it. Just when you thought they coulden't get any better they, do, and did. Loved it.
Jana Kennon
My husband and I, longtime Fleetwood Mac fans, took our 11 year-old son to the concert--his first concert ever, and boy was it a great experience for all of us. The band was so incredibly amazing--Lindsey was outstanding--he obviously had the greatest time--he was just on fire the entire night! All of his guitar work was mind-boggling, and his energy was so much fun to watch! Stevie looked and sounded beautiful. It is always fun watching her change her outfits to fit her songs, and tonight was no exception. She and Lindsey did a gorgeous duet of Say Good-bye--it was incredibly heartfelt and emotional. Her best older songs--Gypsy, Landslide, Gold-Dust Woman--they were all amazing. But, I was just blown away at the very, very end with Good-bye Baby--it is such a beautiful song--so moving! Mick Fleetwood is always so much fun to watch! My son just loved looking at his face on the monitor--he just really gets into his playing! And, his solo with this fascinating synthesizer that he had under his vest--it was really amazing. His drum kit is gorgeous too--golden and shiny. I guess the best part of the entire concert for us was that after so very many years, and so much personal stuff between all of them, and the constant touring--it was very clear that all of them, especially Stevie and Lindsey have really maintained their chemistry-- they are alternately playful with each other, and totally caught up in the emotions of some of the songs that chronicle their past romance. AND-- they make it clear that they love what they are doing, and really want to please their fans. My son was so impressed with them--I am so very glad that this could be his inaugural concert--he will never forget the pleasure that they showed in sharing their music, and the pleasure that they gave to the audience.
Laura Rawlings
What an amazing evening with The Mac in Dallas, TX at American Airlines Center! The 2 1/2 hour show was an incredible display of the band's everlasting talent and devotion to the fans. With a mix of their old hits and new songs, the show had the crowd wild and on their feet all night. We were on the floor and had a great view. Lindsey's guitar solos were thrilling, and you could see he was having a great time. He even applauded for us a few times and tapped his hand to his heart to show his appreciation for the warm response. He captivated me most during his strong acoustic performance of Never Going Back Again. I don't think he took a break all night. Stevie sounded amazing as always, but what I enjoyed moreover that night were the ballads of Beautiful Child and Silver Springs. She gave us her famous mystical turns, sprawling out her cape, with the crowd going bonkers for it during Gold Dust Woman and Rhiannon! At one point during a long musical interlude, Lindsey grabbed Stevie's hand and danced around her as she smiled. Mick toyed with the crowd a bit as he revved us all up during his drum segment. Love to watch the excitement in his eyes. Second Hand news was a pleasant surprise, but was thrilled to get the dose of Gypsy and Eyes of the World. Stevie thanked us graciously for coming at the end of the night saying "We'll never forget this night." Unquestionably, that is my sentiment as well! Was awesome to see John, Mick, Lindsey and Stevie together performing, and then taking their final bow for the evening with their arms around each other. They exitted the stage smiling and waving goodbyeI hope they saw me wave back!
Spence Poynter
I enjoyed the pleasure of watching Fleetwood Mac in concert at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas tonight. As an obsessed fan, this was actually my first time getting to see them live. I was blown away at how good their vocal range still is. Lindsey Buckingham is a WILD MAN!!! He certainly gives Mick a run for his money. Favorite parts of the concert: Mick coming out on stage with his "jacket full of drums", Lindsey "freaking out" on guitars and trying to get Stevie to dance with him onstage (she didn't quite know what to do, it was so cool and unexpected!), Stevie's PERFECT harmony on Lindsey's "Say Goodbye", and finally the renditions of old songs such as Second Hand News and Beautiful Child. I will cherish this night forever.
Bill Gamelson
I just got back from the show in Dallas and it was incredible! My seat was on the floor about 30 rows back, but I was able to slowly advance into empty seats and make it to 5th row center! The sound was awesome!! The show was fantastic, except for when they started Tusk, Mick was way off on his drumming, but they managed to salvage it and continue to a great ending. You have got to see this show folks, it's unbelievable! Three drummers and the added guitars makes for an awesome performance! At the very end, as the band was making their final exit, Mick said "Oh and one more thing, the Mac is back!"

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