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6/16/04 Smirnoff Music Center/Nextstage Dallas, TX

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Bill Gamelson
Baring a fantastic performance, the highlight of the show was when Stevie dedicated Landslide to the band's personal pilot, Roger, who "flew them through thick and thin, rain and shine, safely." AMEN!! The other highlight of the show was when I returned to my car and found I had a dead battery because my stupid brake light switch needs replaced. The parking lot had almost emptied by that time but there just happened to be a taxi cab driving by right at that very moment and I hailed it down and got a jump start and it only cost me $5.00. AMEN!!
Lindsey commanded the stage with fury! Hearing his vocal range and watching his guitar solo on “Come” was absolutely thrilling. “Second Hand News” was a treat this time around. The band looked so happy and sounded amazing! Lindsey really takes time to make eye contact with fans (I worked my way to the from the third row). Thank goodness for the fan-club presale! Lindsey, thanks for returning the kiss I blew you (I feel like a dorky, married teeny-bopper in her thirties, but made my night!) I just want to say thanks to Fleetwood Mac for giving up so much in your personal lives to share your music with us and for bringing us so much joy. Lindsey, stay true to your music, keep experimenting (even when it isn’t always ‘radio’ pop), and growing because your fans love you for your originality and innovation in the studio and, as shown last night in Dallas, on stage. Stevie, you were a poet last night (as always). Your words touch our hearts forever. Your voice was flawless and you are the most beautiful woman inside and out. When Stevie sang, she seemed to be re-living the memories of each song. “Say Goodbye” and “Goodbye Baby” brought tears to our eyes. Love to the band and thanks for the best live show ever! I hope, after a well-deserved break, there is another album in the future!
Jerry H.
I attended the Fleetwood Mac concert on Wednesday night in Dallas, and have to say that after 20 years of steadfast following of both the group and Stevie's solo career, that I have never heard all of them sound any better than they are now. I was so happy and pleased with the show. Sara was so beautifully done and Stevie Nicks looked so incredible, her hair and shawls were outstanding, and that is one of my top favorite songs of all time. Thank You, Stevie. The show was approximately 25 minutes late, I think cause the hot sunset in Dallas was blazing down on center stage right at a ribbon adorned microphone stand. And I can't imagine Stevie Nicks singing with the sun in her eyes. I loved the way Lindsey was so full of energy, and accented the rest of the band so well. Mick was so robust and crazy, he can sure slam out on those drums. John was ever cool and expert at his bass, particularly at The Chain. A few other real stand outs in the show to me were: Beautiful Child, Say Good-bye, Never Going Back Again, Stand Back and Gold Dust Woman, not there were any bad songs, but these were just too good to forget, and after all these years, its just wonderful to still have them performed just as they were so long ago. I will definitely be buying the DVD as soon as possible. And I look forward to all other upcoming releases from the Band and My Beloved Stevie.... "Rock On, Gold Dust Woman" We all love You!!!!

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