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10/11/03 Pepsi Center Denver, CO

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Hello Jim and all! Writing to you about the Denver Show where Fleetwood Mac with the beautiful Stevie Nicks rocked our town! This was an incredible show. I bought tickets for my 23 year old son so we could share this experience. He has been raised on FM and SN music his whole life but never quite connected the way we fans do. But after this show, he was unbelievably impressed with this band and especially Lindsey. He could not believe what he just saw and is still thanking me for taking him. Another FM Fan added to the Army! The show began with “The Chain” and kept us singing and dancing all the way through “Goodbye Baby”. Stevie was in her usual beautiful form twirling and holding her shawls in that classic Stevie style. She has traded in her trademark boots for some great platform tennis shoes. Her voice was haunting, her style was her own that we all know and love, and her ability to blend with the band is amazing. This is a solo artist who stands at the front of the stage during her tours and is every bit the Gold Dust Woman we all have to come to love but when she is with FM, she maintains a presence that let’s the fans remember that this is a FM show. What a graceful person she is. Lindsey was playing that guitar like no one has ever heard before him. I truly appreciate his powerful artistic ora filling the arena. That man is an amazing force in FM. To hear “Beautiful Child” sung live was a moment I will never forget. When Stevie announced it as the next song, I jumped up and said “Stop It” in disbelief. This is one of my most cherished songs by her and to hear it live is has made me feel quite fortunate. This group only gets better as they grow, not old, but closer to each other again. The Dance was a also a great and fabulous show but the FM intensity is stronger than ever with this tour. I can only say THANK YOU to all of them for blessing us with their presence again. Sidenote not for webprint: At the concert, we noticed about 12 people with VIP passes and the initials “SN” on them. I asked the people sitting next to us what their connection was and they stated they were first generation cousins. They pointed out some other people they has also just met who were distant relatives of the great enchanted one. Do not know if any of it was true but just to make my show that much better, I am going with..”Hey, I sat with Stevie Nicks family at the FM show
I still get chill bumps thinking about the concert!!! It was the most AWESOME concert EVER!!! I've been a Fleetwood Mac forever and it was worth every cent, I want to see them again and again. I took my 20 yr. old daughter to the concert and she was mesmerized from the word go.......she couldn't stop talking about it all the way home and the next day. Thanks Fleetwood Mac for the wonderful concert at the Pepsi Center...you ROCKED the house....we love you Stevie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, after seeing the band from second row center in Pittsburgh and being totally overwhelmed, I knew I had to make the effort to see another show! My friend and I travelled all the way from Pennsylvania to Denver, CO this weekend to take it in all over again. AND WAS IT WORTH IT! While we did not get the same prime seats as before, we did get an excellent view from the side. We were in the front of our section on Stevie's side, and we had "full access" to watch her wardrobe changes, etc. I could not fathom how the band could have improved upon the show we saw in Pittsburgh, but they did! The concert was high-energy from the first note of "The Chain" all the way through "Goodbye Baby." The enthusiasm Stevie, Lindsey, Mick and John exuded could be felt by the audience, and they played with an intensity like it was their last show ever. Every song was well received, even the new songs from "Say You Will" which was wonderful since so many professional "critics" continue to call this a reunion tour! The new songs ROCKED! In my opinion, Stevie never looked or sounded better. She was truly at the top of her game, and the fans appreciated every second. She could have recited the phone book and she still would have had us in the palm of her hand! "Gold Dust Woman" and "Stand Back" were excellent, and it was exciting to watch her tip that microphone back, swish those shawls and rock out! And there are not enough words to describe the passion Lindsey Buckingham puts into his performance; I was truly breathless watching him. Even though I could not see Stevie and Lindsey's faces during the awesome "Say Goodbye," I still teared up. It couldn't have been more beautiful. I can honestly say that it was worth every penny to travel so far to see Fleetwood Mac again, and I hope they continue on for a long time to come. ROCK ON FLEETWOOD MAC ---- AND THANK YOU!!!
John Rose
Wow....who knew you could twirl around and create such a stir. That is what happened in Denver Saturday night. Fleetwood Mac came to the Mile High City and was greeted with a capacity crowd. The only way I could tell that the band was aging was by Stevie's shorter, more comfortable looking boot thingys. She was on smaller platform boots/shoes. And, of course the crowd who couldn't seem to get off their ass and dance. That part was disappointing. Maybe tickets should be sold for "standers" and "squatters". Unfortunately, my section was full of squatters. The music was classic. It was what I always come to expect from such a legendary band. Mick Fleetwood did his little thingy at the end of the concert that was exceptional. No one can look more "wild-eyed" than Mic. Lindsey's guitar skills are among the very best. It was amazing to hear him play that guitar. Unbelievable........
What can I say, the band left me speechless. On a beautiful Rocky Mtn evening Fleetwood Mac rolled into town and made there presence known. Every song from The Chain to Goodbye Baby rocked. I gained a new found respect for Lindsey Buckingham. His ability to make such a lound and lovely sound from such a small guitar was amazing. I was a little skeptical in the begining but they proved me wrong. Stevie thanked the crowd for there support. Which was very nice considering the prices of tix. After having seen them the $$ was well worth it. Rhiannon rocked, World Turning rocked, I'm So Afraid almost blew the roof of the Pepsi Center off. It truly was amazing. Stevie looked and sounded great, Lindsey was on fire all night, Mick was great as well. My new hero was by far John McVie whose bass was felt in my chest all night(rock on John). Again every song was played with exqusite perfection and love. beautiful Child was by far the highlight of the evening, along with Landslide. Stand Back was hot. Hell the whole entire show was just amazing. Like Mick said at the end of the show "The Mac is Back". They truly lived up to that and I for one hope they stay around for a while. A great show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was mile high after having seen FM at the Pepsi Center. When the band took the stage I saw some new touches (the last show I'd seen was in Reno). Lindsey was wearing blue jeans instead of black. Stevie was wearing long, dangling earrings to start the show (they were later removed) and a black wrist band with a diamond cluster at the center. She says that her hair will fall out if she curls it these days, but it's so thick and lustrous, it looks everything but unhealthy. I'm assuming it's all hers. As Lindsey and Stevie came onto the stage, he kissed her hand and she held his with both of hers in acknowledgement. Looking at those two I just think how 30 years ago they were still in each other's life (and had been for years already). Watching them on stage together today is like watching a time capsule being opened and having a new content displayed with every tune, reliving (reliving, not just remembering) all the joy, love and pain of decades past. I noticed Lindsey going over to the side of the stage and take oxygen after nearly every song, while he was changing guitars. Maybe this is unique to Denver because of the altitude. Even on the ground you're 5300 miles up. I had never seen the new back up singer before, Jana. I didn't watch her much during the night, but I noticed that she was conservatively dressed compared to Sharon. Sharon is so tiny and wears these form fitting, slinky outfits. Jana had a black, layered top and skirt on, with the top flowing outward, away from her body. I could tell how energetic Stevie was (much more than I'd ever seen her before this tour, but I hadn't seen the tour since early August), during Eyes. She was really putting on a show, but it was for Mick, not the audience. She was at the drums facing him, dancing up a storm, bugging her eyes back at him, shaking, flipping her hair (which is amazingly thick) and then finally turning away with a quick spin and a kick. At the end of the show, during GOYW, she was doing the same thing with Taku. Standing in front of his drums for long minutes, playing to him, moving forwards and backwards in time to the stutter step music. As they put the spotlight on Lindsey for the Peacekeeper intro, he mentioned how he and Stevie started out in Los Angeles, their record flopping, the managers wanting to put them on the "steakhouse circuit." He was looking at her as he spoke and she was looking back and laughing. He said that one of those guys (Mick and John) luckily heard a song of theirs called "Frozen Love" and that's how they hooked up with them. Since then it's been a long, always strange journey, but the point is here we are. Justice, love, force. They had to stop Peacekeeper soon after starting. A brief technical problem, but all went smoothly after that. "Never Going Back Again" is one of my favorites. Stevie's vocals on it are especially sweet. She does the word "again" so high and clear. She sounds like that Stevie we heard on the White Album, backing Christine so prominently with her bell-like "over my heads." Stevie did quite a strong Rhiannon. She is getting more forceful the longer this tour goes on. It used to be she only seemed to be getting warm by the time Rhiannon started, but now she's hot early on and just steams on ahead. Second Hand News is such a fun song. Stevie is really into it with her microphone fringes flying. Lindsey almost always looks at her for the "one thing I think you should know; I ain't going to miss you when you go." He looks at her and shrugs and laughs. Stevie begins Landslide by saying, "don't worry Lindsey. I never lived here." Then, she giggles and says it's a private joke. Well, I know her dad's job caused the family to travel a lot, but she does have a penchant for pretending every place is her home town. Anyway, she wanted to dedicate the song to someone special, her "best friend" Debbie Thacker. She says Debbie is married with several children and she doesn't know Debbie's married name (which kind of belies the idea that Debbie is her best friend). But she says you don't know those things in high school. At the break in Landslide, Stevie holds up her hand, Lindsey presses his against hers and then they clasp fingers. Now, I don't know when she first started holding her hand upright. I know that they started holding hands during landslide in late June. But I like to think that the first time she held her hand upright for Lindsey to reach out to her is in Los Angeles, because I am positive that when I first saw her do it Lindsey had this perplexed look on his face, as if to say, "Does she want me to high five her? Well, it IS Stevie. So she probably doesn't want a high five." Then he touched her hand hesitantly and she responded and I just imagined that he was relieved because he'd guessed correctly. After the song, as they stand side by side, he kisses her hair for a very long moment. Has she always worn her hair this way with the part on the right? Because I don't remember it being in the way of his lips before. He also kisses her hand several times. Again. I don't much care for "Say Goodbye" or the way they sing it directly to one another. The words on paper are lovely and I'm glad that Lindsey WANTED to write them, but I don't like the tune that accompanies them. Lindsey's beautiful guitar music is the only thing that could have saved the song for me, but he decided to stoke down the guitar because he wanted the words to have a special prominence. Well, the end result is a snoozer in my book. Yet, I am always thrilled to see someone else single out this part of the show for special mention, because I like thinking the feeling behind the song has been captured by someone, even if that person is not me. After the song, Lindsey nods to Stevie, she looks back with her head cocked to the side (which is generally his pose) for a long moment. For Beautiful Child Stevie talks about never thinking she would do the song live. People were listing their favorite FM lyrics on a bulletin board and having so many of Stevie's words excerpted like that really brought home how amazing she is. She is not only prolific, but often profound. Like rock's own Shakespeare. Beautiful Child is an especially evocative tune. I don't know if the words stand out by themselves, but with the music and Stevie's strong voice, the sense of yearning really comes through. At the end Stevie says, "I still need you. I wish that you were mine." At the start of I'm So Afraid, Stevie sits in the corner, sipping at her drink, then walking to the mic when the vocals start. At the end of I'm So Afraid, Lindsey starts swinging his guitar by the neck like he's fly fishing or something. At that point, Mick stands up and starts pointing to Lindsey, rousing the audience, as if they needed it, giving his band member a standing ovation. I got to see the Tusk mock fight that I read about in so many reviews and found it embarassing. Their dukes are up and then they collaspe into a hug. I suppose it's symbolic, a little history play, but it turns me off. The crowd claps strongly when they hug and slow dance though and that does give me a rush. Lindsey has one hand at the crown of Stevie's head and strokes her hair as they embrace. For GYOW Lindsey used to just hit Mick's cymbals with his hand at the end, but now he hits the cymbals with his guitar. I become afraid thinking that one day he might accidentally bash Mick in the head. During the World Turning introduction, Mick points out that Brett was born and raised in Denver and his family is in the audience. Why didn't Stevie dedicate Landslide to them too? As for Steve the back up drummer, it's just amazing to me that the same guy who plays the drums is also responsible for keeping Mick's drinks refreshed. That's usually a chore for the stage hands. Steve gets towels for Mick too and will be sweeping the floor after the concert next. After he introduces the back up players, Mick says that he doesn't know what his life would have been like without the other three and he thinks they all feel the same way about each other. He introduces Lindsey who used to do a slide over to his mic before. Last night he just walked over and looked kind of serious. He hugged Mick and Mick kissed his forehead. Mick introduced Stevie as the woman of their band. Lindsey clapped for her too. Stevie and Lindsey didn't used to applaud for each other during introductions. Lindsey blows Stevie a kiss across the stage and she blows one back. Then Mick introduces John as the band's backbone.For Don't Stop, Stevie and Lindsey point to each other as she sings, "it'll soon be here" and they end the song with him leaning on her back, face against her hair, before he straightens up for the closing notes. As they return to the stage for Goodbye Baby there's another hand kiss. After the song, when they are all bound together for the last bound, they start shuffling their feet while holding each other, making themselves loose their balance and laughing. I saw Stevie take a stuffed animal and flowers from audience members. Lindsey shook hands, signed a BN album and accepted a photograph from someone. When he walked towards the wings, he looked at the photograph again and turned back to acknowledge the fan who gave it to him once more. You know, I don't believe Lindsey makes eye contact with 1/5 of the people who THINK he made eye contact with them. It's an illusion, like thinking the Mona Lisa is looking at you. It just FEELS like personal interaction sometimes, when it isn't. Still, these gestures of Lindsey's that bring the audience into the concert and bring him down into the crowd (the GYOW kneels), they're really priceless. Whether it's an illusion, mirage or the real thing, the good will that's generated is definitely genuine. He and Stevie both lingered to the side to hear Mick say, "The Mac is Back," Lindsey gestured at the words and Stevie raised her fist triumphantly. I only decided to go to the show when I thought it would be the last in the States. Then they added shows nearer to me (I live in Los Angeles County) and I was kind of bummed, because I wouldn't have opted for Denver otherwise. Of course, after seeing the show, I have no regrets and I just look forward to Monday at the Staples Center.
Well, what can I say? This was my first Fleetwood Mac show ever...and as the hour drew nearer I became more and more nervous and excited. At the appointed hour (approximately 8:25) the lights in the Pepsi Center dimmed and the magic began: those legendary opening sounds of...."The Chain" had the entire place on its feet. There is no one special highlight of the night for me: it was all sheer heaven on earth! Stevie was absolutely mesmerizing (of course!) and Lindsey, well...just try to pick an adjective...I'd go with electrifying....each song he totally and continually gave 1000%. (I loved it during "Go Your Own Way" when he got down on his knees at the edge of the stage and let fans touch his guitar...) The interaction between Stevie and Lindsey was another highlight of the evening...everything from the playful little "boxing" during "Tusk" to the tender heartfelt hugs and kisses on her hand moved me like nothing else...until Stevie's encore performance of "Goodbye Baby"..there is only one other song that has ever moved me to tears...(Elton John's "Candle In The Wind" for Princess Diana) "Gypsy", "Rhiannon", "Stand Back","Gold Dust Woman", "Beautiful Child" and "Silver Springs"...unforgettable. Her shawls and the number and intensity of her twirling...the poses she strikes...Stevie is the greatest..bar none! I was on my feet and singing (badly!) at the top of my lungs and dancing and loving every minute but there were times when I felt I just needed to sit and let the music wash over me..."I'm So Afraid" is one of those times...I can still hear it and feel it in my soul...(that might sound really nuts but if you've been to any show this tour..or ever...then you've got to know where I'm coming from when I say that. (I hope!) This night was truly an honor and a blessing...Mick said it best at the end of the show when he declared that "THE MAC IS BACK!" They have never really gone away....
It is the day after the Denver show and I am still in awe of the performance I witnessed last night at the Pepsi Center. I have seen the band more than 10 times and this was by far the best show I have ever seen. I dont mean the best Fleetewood Mac show either, I mean the best show I have ever seen in my 24 years of concert going! The band was on the mark all night long! The evening started with a rousing rendition of The Chain which started the crowds engines and believe me the crowd did not stop from there until the show was over. Seeing Stevie and Lindsay interact so much had me in tears as they looked like they were having such a great time together. There were several times in the evening that I had tears in my eyes and these included great live versions of Second Hand News, Say You Will, Never Going Back, Silver Springs, Landslide, World Turning, Gold Dust Woman and my favorites of the evening Beautiful Child (which was sung so perfectly that it was better than the album version), Say Goodbye, Goodbye Baby and Stand Back (which had the audience really moving with Stevie and Lindsay even boogied a little during the drum introduction). Mick and John kept their classic rhythm section which in my opinion is one of the best in rock and roll. While John was quiet and played some excellent bass, Mick was animated and I love his facial expressions to this day! What more can I say that hasn't been said in other fan reviews? I am biased as I have loved this band since 1975 and will always love them and their music. What a great show, what great chemistry and what great energy! I will never forget last night! Thanks for the memories!
Carolyn, Riannon and Jaeden
Fleetwood Mac is back! Lindsay set the stage on fire with his guitar virtuosity! Mick was thumping good in his court jester solo! And Stevie. . . was magical and gracious. She said she was honored to sing "Beautiful Child" for us but we were the ones honored. "Gold Dust Woman" and "Stand Back" brought the people to their feet dancing and rocking, "Gypsy" was enchanting and followed with a sweet bow, "Landslide" was followed by a tender exchange between Lindsay and Stevie that brought tears and smiles, "Silver Springs" was incomparable live. It was a nostalgic experience hearing and seeing some of the great old songs and the great new ones. "Peacekeeper," "Eyes of the World," "Say You Will," "Come"--all classics. One of the highlights was the "boxing match" during "Tusk" between Lindsay and Stevie that ended with the two of them in a big hug with Lindsay holding the back of Stevie's head. The other highlight was "Good-bye Baby"--the audience was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop. My eight year old son wants to play guitar like Lindsay and my nine and half year old daughter wants to be Stevie. Something to aspire to.
Jennifer Goldstein
I am a 29 yr old female who saw the Denver Show at the Pepsi center last night. The music was awesome, Stevie and Lindsay were fantastic. This was my first Fleetwood Mac show, but my second to see Stevie. Stevie looked beautiful as always and she sung really well. When I saw her before, she was just getting over laryngitis, so didn't sound quite as good. Lindsay is really an amazing guitar player. It doesn't look like he uses a pick either. That must hurt his hands. My only complaints about the show were that the tickets were really expensive. I didn't have enough money to buy floor tickets (125$), so I got some higher level seats. Between the ticket price, parking, a babysitter for my kids....it was really expensive. If Fleetwood Mac want to attract a younger crowd (which it desperately needed last night), they are going to have to stop charging so much. The next thing that I didn't like was that because of the older crowd (the only people who could afford to go to this awesome show), and my seat selection- I was asked to sit down in my chair and not dance!!!!!! Can you believe this??? It is a Fleetwood Mac concert, can I not stand up and dance if it strikes me????? The only other complaint I have is this... Other bands with a plethora of song hits often play different songs at every concert. Why does Fleetwood Mac always have the same set list? They are certainly talented enough and have enough songs that they could play a few different ones each night. It was just a bummer to hear the set list before I went to the concert, so I knew EXACTLY what I was going to hear next. However, the show was awesome. Really. Stevie is the absolute best. She has her hair without bangs now, which really suits her best. I wasn't crazy about her first outfit (the shiny black one), but all the other things she wore were great. Plus, she did some spins etc. I had never seen her play tambourine before and she was really fun to watch. She also totally captivated the audience and was just amazing on all the songs that were hers... Stand back was awesome, and so was Beautiful Child. :) Lindsay is a really amazing guitar player. He also really doesn't look bad for his age. I like some of his songs and it was awesome to see him and Stevie interact. During Landslide, she just went over and hugged him on his back while he was playing. That was really cool. Plus, the way they sang to eachother.... I love them and I love Fleetwood Mac. Mick Fleetwood also did some cool and crazy drum stuff for a while, as Lindsay and Stevie changed, etc.... Anyways, I love Stevie and F.M.... It was definitely a good concert over all.... They just need some younger fans (that can fork out a ton of money for tickets).....

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