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6/12/03 The Palace Detroit, MI

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All I can really say about this show is that it totally ROCKED. Everyone seemed so rested since the Florida shows and it was like they wanted to get back to business and give us another fantastic performance. Everyone looked very good and in high spirits. Stevie rocked on Standback and Gold Dust Woman. Stevie even gave us a little kick during the Standback dancing. I was fortunate enough to score 2 second row seats right in front of Stevies microphone the day before the show and I was totally awestruck the whole night. I have had the 1st 3 rows alot before , but I never sat this close to the MAC. Stevie seemed to captivate her audience as well as Lindsey. The audience was totally cool, I never saw or heard such a great response,. maybe because I was so close to the stage, I heard what the MAC heard and it was awesome. All of the songs were just like all of the other shows, but as always, Beautiful Child as well as all of Lindseys guitar solos were the highlight of the show. At one point, Lindsey got down on his knees before Stevie , like he was praising her instead of putting his head on her shoulder like all of the other shows. I had a blast and I will never forget this night.. I remain Enchanted.
Sandor Molnar
What a stellar show! Only one word is needed to describe it...enchanting! Stevie's angelic voice will send chills down your back and put you into an almost hypnotic trance. Lindsey, man-o-man...his explosive energy almost seemed to blow off the roof!!! And Mic, sitting behind his golden drums with gapping mouth just waiting to catch a fly, and good old John rocking out on his bass! The whole night was simply amazing! The show was to start at 8:00 pm but was for some reason delayed a bit. I was able to find my seats fairly easy and there wasn't many people there at the time. It was almost 8:00 when the people that had the seats next to me sat down. They were a trip in themselves!!! All i can say is that they must have made a few trips to the snack "bar" before they came! Rather funny! They just chatted and chatted...I didn't have a clue of what they were talking about. But then she started talking about the FM shows she had been to and that she was disappointed that Christine wasn't there. I told her that this was my first one...a rookie! She just kind of laughed at me! But anywho, then all of the sudden the lights went off and everyone went nuts. Like always, FM busted out The Chain as their opening signature song. They completely rocked!!! I can't think of a better performance! Among the highlights of the night were Rhiannon (brilliantly done), Gold Dust Woman, Come (outstanding!!!!!), no...actually, the whole show was awesome! Stand Back was better than I had ever thought it would be. The energy and charisma was immeasurable! At the end of Silver Springs, Stevie made a remard that it sounded kind of countryish! Everyone started laughing! It was quite funny! But the best thing about the whole show was the fact that I was able to move up. My seats were in the second section in the eighth row, so I would have to say about 20 or 25 rows back. Between each section there was a bouncer that would check tickets and if you weren't in that section then you couldn't get by. So, in the moment of distraction, my friend and I were able to get past her and ended up in row 8 or 9 (only because there was another bouncer that wasn't being distracted. So, by the end of the show we were about 20 feet from standing at Stevie's feet! That night was so amazing, I think I am still in shock from it! For all of you that have yet to see Fleetwood Mac, brace yourself and take a change of "shorts", you'll need to change them !!
Michael Delmonte
In a word, MAGICAL. An absolutely phenomenal concert. I have been a fan since I was 13 years old and am now 31 years old. I have seen both Stevie and FM in concert in the past, but never from the 4TH ROW MAIN FLOOR!!! What a difference it makes. Every penny spent was worth it. Stevie looked radiant, sounded chrystal-clear, and showed so much animation and had so much energy at tonight's performance! I was a little nervous because I had heard she has been a little stiff with her movements this tour but was pleasantly surprised!!! STANDBACK and GOLD DUST WOMAN were incredible; between her trademark twirling and running in the shadows, Miss Nicks again embraced what her fans expect from her. Only a little disappointed that she did not wear her boots but her energy made up for it. Other Nicks highlights: BEAUTIFUL CHILD, RHIANNON, LANDSLIDE, GOODBYE BABY, SILVER SPRINGS. Even GYPSY was better than that from her Dance performance. And as far as Lindsey, he was absolutely incredible. I have always been more of a Stevie fan but to see Mr. Buckingham's live perfromance is something that should not be missed. Especially during such songs as BIG LOVE, I'M SO AFRAID, GO YOUR OWN WAY. So much energy and a real showman!! The chemistry between the two singers was incredible. Especially during songs like TUSK, THE CHAIN, SILVER SPRINGS, and PEACEKEEPERAnd to have such a charismatic drummer like Mick Fleetwood and solid stone John McVie only add to the band's universal appeal and dynamic flavor. I did miss some of Christine McVie's songs, but if someone were to walk in as a new fan to this concert they would never have missed it! I had made it to 2nd row center by the last song "Goodbye Baby" which Stevie so eliquently sang. I waved the number 1 during her line "and I'll be with you...one day" and she smiled at me!! I almost fainted. Lastly, the Detroit area fans are simply the best and showed much admiration for the band. And there were plenty of Stevie-gaters and dressers!! I will never ever forget this Fleetwood Mac performance for as long as I live. Anyone who attended this same concert will most definitely say the same!!!
John McIntosh
Wow , just Wow ! What a party ! Stevie in that beautiful dress , what a voice , and when she twirled around !! mmmm . . . She gave Detroit the thumbs up !!! . . .Lindsey had a good time too . . . I don't know of a better guitar player !!!! And when he got on his knees in front of Stevie and begged !!!!! And Mick as always with that drum vest of his ! This just leaves John to get out in front and do a bass solo , maybe someday !!!
Donna Arlene Wudyka
What an incredible night. My niece and I arrived at The Palace (Venue) about 7:00 and one the way there a local radio station (Lite Rock 93.9) announced that they were giving away a pair of tickets to the front row, and that you had to stop by the booth and pick up a clip to wear. If the reps from the radio station spotted you they would give you tickets to the front row. "Front Row would be awesome," I said to my niece. She knew that I have been a Stevie & Fleetwood Mac fan for 30 years. So when I drove up to the West entrance I pulled my car over and jumped out to get the clip stating how great it would be in the front row. My enthusiasm over took me. As we were waiting for the concert to begin and also waiting for the radio crew to spot us. Low and behold, the two reps from the radio station approached us. When they did, we recognized them. The lady said "Guess What," and before she can get any others words out of her mouth I was already screaming and jumping up and down. My niece and I scream and jumped around. Then we hugged the reps and thanked them repeatedly and how grateful we were to be chosen. It was about 5 minutes before the concert started and we were in the front, still jumping up and down. They couldn't have picked any better person and # 1 Fan of Stevie and Fleetwood Mac. The lights dimmed and here comes the band. I was fired up I had an absolute ball there in front row. Stevie sounded great along with everyone else. Mick looked like he was in his glory performing. Lindsey was wonderful as usual on the guitar, totally awesome. I have seen every concert that came to Detroit and San Jose area, and this was incredible. Thank you. As we were leaving the concert, we decided to follow the limo so that I can get my book (Mick Fleetwood) signed by Mick and to give them my book (Shattered Badges ~ Broken Hearts) because their music played a very important part of my healing after a traumatic experience, and I wanted them to know how important their music is to me. Anyway, we followed (and the only car following) the limos, followed the limos to Oakland Airport. We were stopped by airport security and they would not allow us through to get my book signed, and give them mine. They had a police escort to the freeway, but little they knew, they had a police escort all the way to the airport. I am a Retired Detroit Police Officer. We watched as their jet took off. Prayed that they have a safe tour and hope to meet them one day. Again, Thank you.
The Fleetwood Mac concert on June 12 at the Palace of Auburn Hills was the greatest night of my life! There are no words to describe the feeling that came over me as Lindsey's first guitar notes on "The Chain" echoed through the arena. I was crying as they started singing because it was just so unbelievable to finally be seeing Fleetwood Mac! "Eyes of the World" was sheer fun, and the audience was thrilled with the understated "Never Going Back Again". One of the great moments came during "Landslide" when the audience was singing with Stevie and one by one, swaying lighters started to flicker across the darkened arena. Just about my favorite moment, though, was "Stand Back", which Stevie performed with awesome conviction and energy. I just screamed with absolute delight when she began twirling! I am 19 years old and this was my first Fleetwood Mac concert, and it was honestly the most amazing night of my whole life! Thank you a thousand times my dad for getting tickets, and to Stevie, Lindsey, Mick, and John for being the most talented band in the world! Rock on!
Fred Castano
Stand back...Stand Back...you better do this when you see Fleetwood Mac in concert because the room's on fire when they're on stage. Last Thursday, I attended the FM concert at the Palace Of Auburn Hills and was blown away by what I witnessed. Beside myself, 20,000 other FM fans experienced a night to remember. Although Fleetwood Mac has been around for decades, their music is still fresh and can get a crowd on their feet in no time. From the rhythmic opening sounds of THE CHAIN, to Stevie's beautifully performed GOODBYE BABY closing, the evening's performance was excellent and exceeded any expectation I had. Stevie highlights for me included the reflective ode to age, LANDSLIDE, STAND BACK, and a magical version of GOLD DUST WOMAN. At times the crowd was singing so loud with Stevie during LANDSLIDE, the song turned into a spontaneous musical performance of 20,000. As Stevie took a breath to finish the last line, the crowd erupted into appreciative applause, lasting for over 20 seconds. It was enough to give everyone in the place goose bumps. During STAND BACK, Stevie took the audience back to her rockin 80's roots as the Palace crowd rose to their feet. Stevie rocked the joint in a performance worthy of anything Janis Joplin could have mustered in her prime. Her trademark twirls and energetic performance during this song should have been taped to teach the Brittany's and Christina's of the music world how it's done. Stevie owned each and every one of us as she performed GOLD DUST WOMAN. Once the gold shawl came on, Stevie WAS the Gold Dust Woman and hypnotized the crowd with her interpretation of a woman running in the shadows, amazing! As much as I am a huge Stevie fan, the most surprising aspect of the concert for me was the performance of Lindsey Buckingham. Of course, there is no doubt Lindsey is a very talented musician and a gifted writer. The surprising thing to me is to how much of a showman and excellent live guitarist Mr. Buckingham is. His versions of TUSK, NEVER GOING BACK AGAIN and SECOND HAND NEWS were second to none. The highlight of the night with Lindsey had to be his guitar work in BIG LOVE. It was crisp, energetic and he had everyone in the Palace on their feet. I'm still amazed that he doesn't't use a guitar pick. Overall, I wish Fleetwood Mac had been back in Detroit the next day. I would have bought more tickets to experience the state of nirvana I felt last Thursday night. The only criticism I have of the chosen concert set for this tour is that they removed Stevie's RUNNING THROUGH THE GARDEN and didn't replace it with new work from Miss Nicks. EVERYBODY FINDS OUT or THROWN DOWN would have been excellent fill-ins for that change if needed. Mick's encore drum solo was fantastic and his drum work throughout the concert was stellar. Even though John McVie's presence was understated, there was no doubt where those excellent bass rifts were coming from. Lindsey's performance was nothing short of brilliant as he won us all over. Stevie...what words can I use to describe the talent and love Stevie shared with us last Thursday.... Maybe it's like feeling you're in Shangri-La without the trouble.... Thank God the chain the keeps them together.
I arrived at The Palace of Auburn Hills in Michigan two hours early. I eventually took my seat at about 7:45 which was in the 15th row, on the floor, center. I couldn't believe how close I was. At 8PM the show hadn't started yet and I was antsy. They didn't come on until 8:20 and by then I was in pain with thrill. They came out and did "The Chain" and it was amazing. There was so much energy in the room between the band and the fans. The new friend I made, Gavin, whom I just met five minutes before and I had this common bond and were singing and dancing. It was amazing how close I felt to all the fans. It was like no other concert I've ever seen. I talked to so many people and felt so close to so many strangers. Stevie looked incredible and it was about ten minutes before I even bothered to notice the rest of the band. Song after song, I was enthralled and having a blast. Lindsey and Mick's solo's were so energetic and their theatrics on stage were hysterical. At one point Lindsey got on his knees in front of Stevie. That was awesome. Periodically throughout the show, Stevie would turn around and throw out her arms and she looked like a bird, ready to fly. I screamed in delight when she did that and when she did her spinning. I was thrilled that "Beautiful Child" was added to the show and it was a deep moment for me and many others. I cried and swayed and was mystified. The very last song was "Goodbye Baby" and it was another tearfilled moment. That song is so intense and her voice and eyes are so incredible. My favorite part of the whole show was "Gold Dust Woman" Stevie had a gold shawl on, and with her gold hair, and the gold lights that shown on her, she was angelic and magical. I will never forget my very first Fleetwood Mac concert. I've seen Stevie solo before but this is my first band concert and it was an incredible experience.
I was lucky enough to have 3rd row seats right in front of Stevie. All I can say is WOW. Stevie was great, but Lindsey rocked the house. He was more amazing than I ever imagined. The minute The Chain started playing I got this thrill of excitement that lasted over 2 hours. Fleetwood Mac reigns as the greatest rock band ever.
Thank you Detroit! Having been fortunate enough to save up over the past few years in case Fleetwood Mac was to tour again, it has paid off this year big time with the opportunity to travel around to some various cities that I have not been to before and catch new people, local flavors, and of course, the wonderful music of this timeless band. Hey, when you’re in college, you get to have a little more freedom right? Thursday, June 12th, I rolled into Detroit along with Fleetwood Mac and first off, I must say that Detroit is not as bad as everybody makes it out to be and Somerset Collection in Troy is just an addictive afternoon of shopping. But anyway, never being a fan of arena venues for concerts, I must say the Palace of Auburn Hills was a fantastic place to see a show, and I must say they don’t call it Rock City for no reason…the capacity crowd was LIVID and for the most part, was fantastic. Everybody knows the songs and the set lists so I won’t go into great detail but I will just say that in Detroit, I know that I am biased with this being my favorite band of all time, but Fleetwood Mac put on one of the strongest and tightest shows of any group that I have ever seen (and I have been to see over 30 groups/artists in concerts before). Looking around the crowd you could see the younger ones really grooving to the old and the new material, the older couples holding each other during the show and reminiscing about how these songs shaped their past, and all kinds of people just dancing around and having a good time and singing along at the top of their lungs and quite frankly, having a memorable night that I am sure they will remember for a long time. As I said earlier, the band was incredible was usual. They have indeed become 8 times better than the super fantastic wonderful performances they were giving when the tour first began which just means that by the end of this whole thing, its going to be nothing less than stellar entertainment. John McVie’s bass lines were coming through stronger and with more poignancy than in the earlier shows, Mick Fleetwood…once again…watching him is worth the price of admission alone. Lindsay Buckingham definitely likes the spotlight but he definitely deserves it. How he ever makes it through a show without wanting to stop and go “ouch” is beyond me. Stevie Nicks. Still unbelievable. From the moment she steps onto the stage you can’t help but watch her shadow move about and then when the lights come on she is just compelling to watch. I love how she goes from being standoff-ish during The Chain to just having a good time with the follow up song, Dreams. She’s just adorable to watch harmonize on Eyes of the World and then to sing Say You Will. During Rhiannon she was definitely connecting the audience and the song in the two. She put on a sweet version of Landslide but she seemed a bit disconnected than previous shows. She put on a very clear performance of Beautiful Child and then followed that up with Gold Dust Woman. Her performance of Gold Dust Woman was just incredible….you can tell she is a Gemini for her “hidden twin” came out during this song and fired up the stage with passion that I haven’t seen since The Dance video or her performance in Nashville on the Shangri La Tour. And of course there is the passionate “softer version” of Silver Springs. Then there is Stand Back. Wow. I can’t think of words to describe the energy that comes from this song during a live performance. I had heard Fleetwood Mac’s perforamnces of this song before and must say they sounded a bit dated and amateurish, but on this tour, this song absolutely rocks the house. If there is a song that blows the roof off the place—this is it. A highlight during her solo shows, this is definitely a highlight of this concert even though it is a Stevie solo tune. It is always funny to watch people’s reactions when this song starts because most people are confused as to what song they are going to do and don’t realize what it is until after she starts singing it…as was the case in Detroit, *then* they all get excited and start dancing along with it , except for Cleveland where everyone knew right away what was coming next. At any rate, this song is just a powerful delivery and performance and Stevie is just up there cutting loose with it, dancing furiously and delivering hella strong vocals, complete of course, with her standard shawl/cape that she wears for the song. After Tusk and Stand Back it is all fun and games as Go Your Own Way, World Turning, and Don’t Stop are next up on the set list and everybody is still up their feet getting their groove on. Stevie closed the show with Goodbye Baby and sent Detroit home raving about how great the show was before they even started for the exits. My only wish is that they would do one or two more small segments from old school featuring just the four core members of the band, but all in all, their backing band and musicians are great. They have the best job in the world, I think. Until then, all of you go out and get your tickets. Perhaps I will see or meet some of you by chance at some of the upcoming shows. Thank you again Detroit and to Christine, a fantastic concert partner who sat next to me. The memories will last forever.
Stacey Wright
This concert was totally amazing. I am a die hard Stevie Nicks fan so anytime she is playing somewhere I have to be there. But I have to say that after seeing Lindsey Buckingham in concert for The Dance and now for Say You Will that there is no doubt in my mind that he is the best guitar player ever! He was truly something to be reckoned with…he was on fire!!!!! His playing style cannot be matched by anyone. I love the way all of the songs come off live…they really rock! Stevie looked and sounded beautiful. Her harmonies on Second Hand News were just like the Rumors Album (however I really wished I could have seen her perform Running Through the Garden and Destiny Rules, they happen to be my favorite songs off the new cd). Beautiful Child was stunning. I am so glad they decided to do this one live. Of course, I can't forget John and Mick. I have always loved John's bass lines he truly is one of the best. I love Mick and his drum solo during World Turning…the grand wizard! Everyone around us at the concert was saying this was the best money they ever spent and it was worth every penny. The next morning a DJ for a heavy metal station was saying he took his girlfriend to the concert. He loved it. He said Lindsey was wailing on the guitar, Stevie looked hot, and that the concert definitely had something for everyone. This says a lot because this guy does not give out compliments easily!!!!! So if you haven't already bought your tickets you must do so now!!! Don't miss this tour!!!!
Dean Martelle
I just got back from seeing Fleetwood Mac at the Palace in Auburn Hills Michigan. I have read quite a few fan reviews of other stops on the tour. I was expecting a good show. What I got was a show that was simply superlative. Fleetwood Mac played with an energy and enthusiasm that is unsurpassed. Mick is fantastically energetic on drums. He is loving every minute on stage. Lindsey is finally proving what we all here know that he is one of the greatest guitar players in Rock. His energy in the show was the equal of Micks. John McVie spent the night doing what he does best, laying a solid foundation of bass line that everyone can work with. Stevie, what can I say about Stevie? She was smiling and animated throughout the show. She looked more relaxed than she was during the TISL tour. She was in amazing voice. Stevie in turns stalked the stage like a leopardess, twirled like a ballerina, gave us a 2003 torch singer, or went Janis Joplin on us delivering Rhiannon, Gold Dust Woman, and Stand Back with elemental power. Michigan audiences are not much for standing up and dancing in their seats or the aisles. Singing, on the other hand, this crowd did with gusto . Lindsey was surprised when the audience started singing along on Dreams, When singing along started with Gold Dust Woman Stevie changed tempo and then sung over the audience melody, a very spooky effect to add to one of her greatest haunting songs. The Landslide sing along was expected and encouraged. Stevie and Lindsey adjusted their harmony to blend the audience in beautifully. At the end they locked arms and extended their embrace all of us. Another big shock to Lindsey was when the audience began to sing along with Go Your Own Way! Stevie took a second to adapt to that as well. The result was pure Fleetwood Mac magic. The unexpected audience participation hardly slowed them down. These musicians are truly professionals. The members of Fleetwood Mac genuinely love what they do. They are as passionate and emotionally expressive as they are professional. They are true virtuosos. A word about the back up musicians is in order. They are all hand picked professionals of the highest caliber. Many have worked the Fleetwood Mac, Stevie as a solo, or both. Taku Hirano is an amazing talent. I expect to see a lot more of him. He meshes with Mick excellently. Mick called him their "secret weapon". Stevie, Sharon Celani, and Mindi Stein put a beautiful 3 part harmony into vocals originally done by Christine McVie solo. In the playlist were 5 items I considered real treats. Gypsy was wonderful to hear live. Beautiful Child Stevie acknowledged that she never expected to perform it live. It was done so well and received so well it may become a regular. Big Love, I liked Lindsey's solo rendition from The Dance. I loved seeing it live. Lindsey has worked on it and it shows. Stand Back, This song requires good rhythm section to work. With Mick and John it has the best. It was everything I expected and more. Don't Stop was amazing. The new arrangement works well and honored Christine. It was familiar but different The venue: The Palace was designed as a basketball arena. The view was excellent. The acoustics at the Palace could be better. Sometimes the echoes muddied the lyrics. There were some problems with the settings on Lindsey's' mic for the first few songs. The lighting was excellent. I managed to persuade my wife into wearing a gypsy garb dress. Sadly the amount of Stevie like attire was low. The age range of the audience was between 12 and 60+ years of age. I was disappointed to see the arena half empty at the start of the show. Word has not spread far enough that there is NO opening act for this show. There were some empty seats. I feel sad for the people who could have filled those seats. They missed a great show. Still no Tour Book, but lots of great t- shirts and jerseys. We spend almost as much on clothes as we did for the tickets. This tour shows Fleetwood Mac at top of their musical form with emotion to spare. Don't miss it.
Last night my sister Lisa and I had the PLEASURE of seeing Fleetwood Mac at Auburn Hills,MI. We had main floor seating for a perfect show! I had brought the tickets 2 months prior. The row we were in was all Canadians from Windsor, Ontario. All loyal fans of Fleetwood Mac. Stevie is BEAUTIFUL. She sounds better than ever. One could only hope to look that awesome at 55. The show was 2 and half hours of non stop rock and roll. Stevie did a fantastic job on Silver Springs(my personal favourite). At the of the song she said "I hope it didn't sound too country." It was perfect! She sang it with such passion it made me cry. The audience went wild when she started to sing landslide. All of us were singing right along with Stevie. She also sang Beautiful Child which she said it had a special meaning to her. Her voice is Beautiful. I know that the main floor audience was on their feet for the entire show. Lindsay was fantastic singing and on the guitar. Lindsay even let some fans pluck his guitar when he bent over to them. Fleetwwod Mac just keeps on getting better. I've waited a long time to see them. Canada loves Fleetwood Mac and especially STEVIE NICKS!!!!!! Thanks for an awesome night that I will never forget. Lori a loyal fan in the past and forever.
the concert in one word was breath taking. stevie of course, looked and sounded great!! lindsey is a guitar god and i love him. The interaction between him and stevie was wonderfull. john was great too. mick was magnificent!! my friend and i went and i think i made a new fleetwood mac fan out of her! she loved it almost as much as i did. Now i really want to see them again.
So, last night finally came...my very first Fleetwood Mac concert and boy was I pumped. The show was soooo amazing...I can't even believe it. Once the lights dimmed cuing the commencement of the show the crowd, including myself of course, stood on our feet and screamed for our favorite band. And then those drum beats began that signaled "The Chain." It was fabulous...everyone sounded and was playing wonderfully. I can't even tell you how excited I was when John's bass riff came on the Chain. I have been waiting SO long to see that live. It was fantastic...the spotlight was just on him and he did it perfectly. Another favorite of mine was "Eyes of the World." What a fun song!! Lindsey and Stevie were definitely enjoying themselves during this number. I was very disappointed that when "Come" started everyone decided it was time to sit down. I just HATE that! The only good thing was since everyone was sitting, they could all give him a standing ovation afterward. That song was just a killer live, better than I could have possibly imagined. Landslide seemed to be a crowd favorite of course. It was beautiful, especially since it sounded like the entire audience was singing along with it. Lindsey and Stevie didn't seem as affectionate as I've heard about in past shows...they just kind of held hands afterward, but it was still sweet. OMG...Beautiful Child was MAGNIFICENT!!! So beautiful I can't even describe it properly. Stevie's vocals simply soared on this song and the emotion she put into it was breathtaking. She introduced it as a song that she thought wouldn't ever really be performed live and that it was very special to her. And of course Gold Dust Woman was great...my personal favorite FM song. Stevie had on her signature gold shawl and just belted that out like there was no tomorrow. And I just thought she looked stunning during that performance. And you have to love that pose in the shadows at the end...classic! "I'm So Afraid" was such an experience to witness live. Lindsey is just such an amazing guitar player...he definitely deserves more credit for it. Now...I may be wrong here, but I think this was the song that he sat on the edge of the stage during the show. If I'm wrong I'm terrrible sorry, but I can't exactly remember. Anyway, it was so cute because this woman that was in the front row grabbed his face and gave him a kiss. And then he let her strum his guitar...so great!! I just loved "Silver Springs" too!! And during the guitar solo, I couldn't really figure out what Stevie was doing, because she was like covering her face with her arm. But then it looked like, at least to me, that she was pretending to dance with someone. But, again, I could be wrong:) Oh yeah, and then at the end of the song she said that she sounded like something on that song, but I didn't catch it. I'm sure someone did and you'll read it in another review. Sorry, my memory is a bit hazy from the night! I know a lot of people don't like when FM puts solo stuff in their set and I usually don't either, but I have to say that "Stand Back" was my favorite Stevie moment of the night. I just could not believe how much energy she had during this song...from beginning to end. You could tell she really loves doing this one live. And the twirls finally came out during this number...probably out 5 or 6 in a row, fabulous!! During Tusk, Lindsey was so cute! He went over to John and just kind of put all his weight on John's shoulder like he was in pain or something. John was just cracking up...it was great. And THEN, he went over to Stevie and was like chasing her around and she was kind of scooting away from him playfully. Then he got down on his knees and was walking on his knees toward her almost begging her to accept him...pounding his chest and everything...it was so cute!! I think "Go Your Own Way" was one of the crowd's favorites during the night. The building was just shaking with everyone dancing and singing along. It was just great. I was so surprised how many people left after the first encore...it was insane. Anyway, "Goodbye Baby" was just breathtaking. Stevie was definitely feeling it and it showed. That's just such a beautiful song, isn't it? In conclusion, the night was fantabulous!! Everyone was right on. Mick and John were fabulous as always with their drums and bass. Lindsey was just amazing with his guitar playing and stage presence. This man is so friggin' talented I can't even put it into words. And Stevie was simply perfect, in my mind. Her vocals were so amazing...much better than during the TISL tour I thought. Everyone in the band seemed to have a great time, especially Lindsey. After every song he had a huge smile on his face, it was great to see that. Anyway, the show was more than I could have dreamed and I can't wait to see them again in Grand Rapids and Chicago!!! Keep on rocking!!!
John S.
Just wanted to chime in on the reviews for the Detroit show. I saw the show in Cleveland and now a month later you can see the Mac has got the show down pat now. No technical problems at all this time along with a fabulous show! I know everyone loves Stevie (and so do I) but Lindsay Buckingham absolutely steals the show. He is a great and very underated guitar player who definitely knows how to get the crowd going with his guitar solos and his playful antics on stage with Stevie (on Tusk) and Mick (on World Turning). I did not sense the same chemistry with Stevie that I saw in Cleveland (and the same that is reported in other reviews). Lindsay barely put his arm around Stevie after Landslide and there were no hugs or friendly kisses this time around (maybe the wife was getting ticked at all the intimate reviews-ha ha). Overall, a great show in front of an almost sellout crowd! Also, a friendly hello to fellow Mac fan sitting next to me Colleen!
I just returned home from the fleetwood mac concert in auburn hills, Michigan, and I must say that it was absolutely fabulous. Stevie is a timeless goddess! All of the old classics were played, as well as the new stuff. It was amazing to hear the crowd roar when Stevie sang "Stand Back" and "Gold Dust Woman". I have seen fleetwood Mac before, as well as Stevie solo, but I have to say this was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Fleetwood Mac holds a fantastic show!
Years ago one night listening to Tusk in the headphones, enjoying and studying all of it's brilliance for probably the zillionth time, I hoped that Fleetwood Mac would never stop making albums and touring. I thought the music was so classy, unique, and timeless, that they would be able to, if they could and wanted to, for many years. Thank you Fleetwood Mac, for making that come true. The new CD is brilliant, and has been stuck in my headphones since it's release. The set list tonight was awesome, and very well balanced. The new material rocked. (would've loved "Thrown Down" or "Red Rover" as well) Good to hear "Eyes of the World," and "Beautiful Child" was incredible. The crowd was on their feet all night, and it seemed to have a much younger ratio than last tour, and I saw them 3 times last tour. The light show was entertaining, showing the video clips from "Gypsy" and "Tusk," and very trippy for "Gold Dust Woman." The camera work for the big screens was great too. I was happy to see Mick get out the African Singing Drum during his solo. The sound was excellent, especially true when the 4 Mac members did more acoustic / stripped down arrangements. The show couldn't have been better. The band was right on, everyone enjoying themselves....thank you for the new CD and the tour. Right ON!

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