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9/17/03 DTE Energy Music Center Detroit, MI

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Andrea McClair
I went to the concert being a fan, who really liked the music. In some ways I didn't feel worthy of going to the concert, I don't know all the band's songs. But once the band started playing, I felt a totally different sensation. I felt a feeling of being truly connected through the music. I sang along with the songs I knew, (which were more than I realized), and swayed to the songs I didn't know. The band seemed to be in top form. They sounded even better live than they do on cd. It was wonderful to feel so connected to the band through the music. It was one of most fabulous experiences of my life. I can say that without a doubt, that although I went to the concert really liking the band, I left abolutely LOVING them. Fleetwood Mac's music truly speaks to all generations (I'm 22)!
Michael Delmonte
I would unfortunately have to say that the "3rd time's a charm" philosophy was not applicable tonight during Fleetwood Mac's performance at DTE. This was the 3rd concert I attended this tour ( The Palace of Auburn Hills, MI 06-12-03, Riverbend Music Theatre, Cincinatti, OH 08-16-03, and tonight's performance at DTE) and truly I consider myself to be the ultimate Stevie and Fleetwood Mac fan for the last 20 years or so and support them in everything solo and group effort-wise. However, I was a little disappointed this time around. The crowd in the main section where I sat in 3rd row showed little or no enthusiasm. My buddy and I and maybe a few others around us were the die-hard's; pretty much the whole main floor section sat until the end of the concert, and I think this reflected upon Fleetwood Mac's performance this evening. Although they were fantastic as usual overall, it felt a little too rehearsed and had them going through the motions moreso than the spontanaity of their two past performances. I think one reason may have been the tamed audience and the other is that the set list has not changed since the beginning of the tour. I tried to remain positive though as we had spent alot of money and there was nooo way we were sitting down (although we did for a couple of songs) the entire evening. The chemistry, magic, and electrying performance in songs both old and new where there for the most part; however, for some reason, something was missing tonight. I think of all three concerts though, Stevie did look the best at DTE tonight. Even my buddy agreed who came with me all three times. I think Stevie's been trying to slim down again. She really looked great. She sounded good too; although I thought her GOODBYE BABY and GOLD DUST WOMEN were better performed in Cincinatti. We did make eye contact with Lindsey and Stevie throughout the night but they just weren't into it as much as they were in Cincinatti. I think some of the main floor audience members must have gotten tickets for free or for a minimal cost because it seemed like they didnt' care. Not to be completely judgamental; the 1st three rows were very responsive for the most part. But the overall crowd enthusiasm caused a stiffer and less-motivating performance from the band. And it's unfortunate I have to write this in my review as I truly enjoyed the concert this evening because heck, it's my favorite singer with my favorite band. A couple more positive's: The weather was absolutely perfect. The venue was packed. Lots of Stevie look alikes, moreseo than in Cinci in August or at the Palace in June. I missed Mindy Stein tonight, but did welcome the addition of back-up singer Jana Anderson. Additionally, STAND BACK, GYPSY, and especially SILVER SPRINGS were better this time around, full of energy and incredibly executed. In summary, I'd have to rank the three concerts that I attended for the SYW tour as follows in terms of overall performance and energy from both the band and the crowd: 1. Riverbend Music Theatre, Cincinnati, OH 2. The Palace of Auburn Hills, MI 3. DTE Energy, Clarkston, MI.
ROCK ON ANCIENT QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last night's peformance at Detriot's dte was SPECTACULAR. I saw fleetwood mac in June at Auburn Hills. They rocked even harder last night. The whole band seemed to be more relaxed. Mick,John, Stevie and Lindsey looked like they were really enjoying themselves. Stevie and Lindsey interacted all night. Which was so great to see! Stevie dedicated Landslide to Detriot calling it The Great music city. During Landslide, the entire house was singing. Stevie wrapped her arms around Lindsey from behind and he kissed her hands. So sweet. At the end of the song they held hands. You can tell there's alot of love and respect for each other. During Tusk, Lindsey chased Stevie around the stage and started to pretend boxing with her. Then danced with her cheek to cheek. When Stevie sang Stand Back the crowd went crazy. She did her famous twirls near the end of the song (about 5 of them). I just love her shoes. She wears high top thick soled black Reboks. Stevie sounded fantastic when she sang Silver Springs. Which is my all time favourite fleetwood mac song, that always brings a tear or two to my eyes. I love it when she turns her microphone and sings to Lindsey "My voice will haunt you. Give me one more chance." It sends chills down my spine. She rocked on Gold Dust Woman with her gold shawl and her powerful scream. She did it perfectly. Stevie is a true ROCK GODDESS! Lindsey doesn"t get the acknowledgment he deserves from the rock industry. He puts his heart and soul into his guitar performance. Lindsey gets to crowd on their feet rockin right along with him. Some lucky front row fans got to play his guitar when Lindsey bent down to them. John just stayed low keyed in the background pumping out his awesome bass. Mick didn't seem to go as insane as he usually does. He had the crowd going when he put on his Hotz vest. At the end of the show Mick proclaimed that the MAC IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's nice to see a band that has been to hell and back still love each other and can keeping delivering powerful music to us fleetwood mac fans. Rock on fleetwood mac! Hurry back to Detriot so us loyal Windsor, Ontario. Canadian fans can rock live with you. Hoping and praying to see you in the new year.
We all know that Fleetwood Mac is a great band. We all know they are great musicians. I have seen 3 shows this tour and was hoping that this 3rd show would be something different. I was disappointed. It once again was the exact same show. I am not sure why a band with such great music and talent refuse to play a different song a two. If Lindsey Buckingham can go on PBS and play songs like Red Rover, Murrow, and Save Me a Place, why can't he play one of those songs once in a while on the Mac tour. Maybe replace Big Love with one of these songs once in a while? The show they play is good but you can see that they are getting bored. It seems like Lindsey does some of his crazy antics only because he is bored with the exact same routine night in and night out. So basically, if you have seen one show already, you might not want to spend another $130 to see the exact same show again.

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