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11/20/03 The Point Dublin, Ireland

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Noreen Kenmare
I was lucky enough to have gotten tickets for the FM show at The Point Dublin last Thursday 20th November. I actually rang up the morning they went on sale, but was told that 'standing only' were available - all the seats sold out in something like 15 minutes. Since I was taking my 10 year old step-daughter with me, standing only wasn't an option for us. Luckily, I knew somebody who knew a girl who worked for the promoters here in Ireland and we got our seats. It has been one of my life-long dreams to see FM live - I was lucky enough to have seen Stevie play solo at Wembley back in the 90s, but never thought I'd get to see FM as a band. I have seen many bands throughout my life, big & small, in large & tiny venues. The show last Thursday was the best ever and I only wish I could know for sure that one day they'll be back in Ireland. I cannot believe that Lyndsey Buckingham can manage to play guitar, like he did at The Point, every night of this tour. How can his body stand this outpouring of phenomenal energy and adrenalin. Who ever said that Brian May was the world's greatest guitarist obbviously has not heard Lyndsey play live. And the same goes for his voice - I have not yet bought their new CD (shame on me), and I heard Peacekeeper for the first time - what an amazing emotional song. I am most definitely convinced that both Lyndsey & Stevie are the greatest songwriters of our time. To me, both Peacekeeper & Bleed to Love Her are undoubtedly the most emotionally charged songs I have ever heard. As for Stevie, well she's the same amazing appartion she has always been. Beautiful to the core. Her voice never ceases to amaze me. The chemistry between her and Lyndsey on stage is breathtaking and all I can say on that one is that it's such a shame they're not together as a couple. They must love each other so so much - it shows to all who see them perform together. They are bonded by their incredible ability to enhance each other's voices & charisma on stage. Dear old Mick played the drums like there was no tomorrow. John quietly played his bass without really coming to life on the stage himself, but of course his bass chords beating in our chests proved that he still has it and always will. I can't say that I missed Christine McVie, but then again I've never taken to her voice. For me personally, the band sounded better without her. I'm sure lots of people out there will disagree with me, but that's just my personal opinion. There was a genuine feeling of gratitude from the band I felt, for the appreciation of the crowd. Come back to Ireland FM, we love you!!
Mark Brady
Just a quick note to say went to see Fleetwood Mac last night in Dublin. Im 20 years old & recently got into them, am now a die hard fan. Knew all the material and found the concert to be genuinely thrilling. Lindsey Buckingham is truly a mastermind performer & Stevie you were fantastic. I never knew Mick Fleetwood had such a star quality, the look of madness he portrayed as he performed was exhilerating. What a drum player. Favourite songs included Big Love, Gypsy, Landslide & Say Goodbye. They were all actually excellent. Concert lasted nearly a solid 3hrs. Now how many other acts today put on a show like that? Not many. It's great to see that a band that have been around for so long can still pull off a fantastic show. Please keep making music guys, you're all Legends!

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