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9/7/03 The Arena at Gwinnett Center Duluth, GA

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Well, where do I start. This was my third show on this tour. My two previous were, Greenville, and Atlanta. I live in Charleston, SC, so all three shows were a major trek for me. I really enjoyed all the shows very much, especially the Atlanta show in June, Stevie was on fire there. This last trip I ended up winning tickets and backstage passes. The tickets were supposed to be the 125.00 ones and the meet and greet with Fleetwood Mac. I left around noon on the speed bus ride from HELL (provided by radio station I won the tickets from), and arrived in Duluth around 6:30 feeling quite a bit nauseous. My tickets were NOT the 125.00 ones but the 47.00 and were off to the side and back of the stage, which really sucked because I spent the night looking at the back of their heads. The crowd in this section seemed really dull, nobody was dancing or on their feet! The other two concerts I attended I was on the floor and the crowd was much more FUN! Anyway, I was not going to let that detour my mood because I was finally going to meet Stevie, I have been to many concerts and even to Arizona to the benefit show and after party and still had not met her! I have a six year old little girl named Stevie and I had a picture of her she really wanted Stevie to sign, she loves her so! So we went back and waited and waited and waited, finally out came John. He was REALLY nice and chatted with my husband for a few minutes. Then came Mick and Lindsey. They spoke to NO ONE and we were told Stevie was tired so she would not be coming, well my heart stopped, I got a really quick picture with the rest of the band and out the door they walked. I was kind-of upset, I mean you know I was tired too! I had to ride 6 hours back home on the bus ride from HELL, and miss a day off work for nothing! I was told the tickets and passes were from the promoters of the tour. The promoters need not do these give aways if they can't come through with them! Well, my daughter was of course broken hearted. Thanks Stevie! Hats off to John McVie, the only decent person in the band!!!
Calli Belle
This was the first time I've seen the band live. I've been a long time fan and it was awesome to see them with my mother (an original fan) and my sister. The moment it truly became real that I was to see them only 100 feet away was when a stagehand carried Stevie's mic on stage. Scarves dangling. Then the sound of crickets started off softly and became louder and more encompasing as they neared the stage. Of course they opened up with "Chain". Predictable, but none-the-less...a must. Much of the line up reminded me of the "Dance". I was so sad to see the band w/o Christine. She is my personal favorite. I missed her little melodies. The kind you can almost taste. However, as the show went on..I found that 4 out of 5 ain't that damn bad. I was soooo happy when Lindsey and John started playing "Lookin out for love". That is, in my opinion, Lindsay's personal best. Outstanding. I mention John though, because the song just could not be as fabulous without his thump. I was happy to hear "Silver Springs". The lyrics of that song pierce me and it was a must that they played it. Lindsay took a lo...hot of solos. I wish that Mick would have gotten a few more. A final thought. I've never been a huge fan of "Gold Dust Woman", but when Stevie returned to the stage shrouded in her sparkly gold shawl and Lindsey began the opening riff.. I got the chills in a major way. In that song, Stevie proves that it is impossible to not believe in her "witchy" ways and in her magic as a woman and a vocalist. This was definitely a show worth seeing and I'm glad that I got to. If I had one wish.. it would be to have seen them back in the days, before they had played all of these songs a million and one times. Alas, I was either not born yet or too little
Ladonna D.
This was my very first Fleetwood Mac concert, and I am still overwhelmed!! From the beginning beats of The Chain to the ending sweet words of Goodbye Baby, I was totally blown away. Our seats were actually to the back of the stage, but they were very close. We could even see Stevie when she went backstage..very cool! And I didn't mind not being directly in front of them. We were so close it didn't really matter, plus we had the screen right in front of us. I had been waiting to see Stevie, Lindsey, Mick and John for a long time, and when I finally did, I screamed my heart out! Stevie is the ultimate rock queen, and she is even more beautiful in person. She performed with such confidence...every song was sung with such heartfelt emotion. Rhiannon and Gold Dust Woman particularly stood out for her, but her crowning moment had to be Stand Back! Such gutsy attitude, and I loved the twirling!! She and Lindsey have such chemistry, especially with Say Goodbye and Silver Springs. They had a big screen behind them for Landslide which we couldn't see, so I hated not to see their interaction. Lindsey was awesome too..I don't think he left the stage the whole time except maybe once! The new songs were great. I loved Stevie's hand gestures during Say You Will...cute! What's The World Coming To was probably the only new song I didn't like as well as I do on the CD, but it was still good. Go Your Own Way and Don't Stop had everyone on their feet!! I loved every minute of the concert and I knew before it even started that I wouldn't want it to end. One of the highlights for me came when they walked backstage after the concert was over. We saw Mick and Lindsey and yelled for them. Then I saw Stevie and was yelling for her, and she looked up and smiled and waved at us...totally cool of her to acknowledge her fans like that! It was a moment I will never forget and a perfect ending to THE BEST CONCERT EVER!!!!! Keep on singing, Fleetwood Mac!
Kimber Lowe
Double Blessings!! My husband and I saw the Mac in Duluth, GA, Sunday night. We also saw them in June in Greenville, SC. I was in awe, again, with the magic that pours out of these wonderful people. Their chemistry is piping HOT!! The music is better than ever! Thank you so much, FM, for all the magic and inspiration. You truly are a treasure to behold!
Better the second time around! I was so lucky to attend the past two Atlanta concerts and the second time was out of this world. The venue was more intimate and everyone was in perfect form. The whole band held that audience in the palm of their hands. Everyone was so loose, expecially when Lindsey's guitar came unplugged and he just started dancing around with Stevie and John. And of course Stevie and her Gypsy self twirling around in her leather and lace world. And Mick put it best wwhen he told the audience "The MAC is BACK!"
It was a dreary day in Atlanta on Sept. 7th but it quickly became much brighter. We flew in on Thurs. evening to spend the weekend in Atlanta with some friends and go to the Fleetwood Mac show on Sunday. After we got ready for the concert we went outside to take a picture b4 leaving for the show and thats when I saw it. A white Limo sitting there with everyone else watching for my reaction. I was shocked. I just kept saying "I can't believe you guy did this. I have some awesome friends. Im a hugh Stevie Fan and they wanted to do something special for me for the concert and it blew me away. By the way, their names are Willy, Doreen, Marla and Debbie. Did I mention what great friends I have? Anyway, we hopped in the Limo and off we went to the show. It was as good as all the other shows I have seen. With each show Stevie & Lindsey are getting closer and closer. The Band was just cranking it up all night long. Oh, did I tell you that I have some great friends yet? Im still partial to Stand Back,Gold Dust Woman, and Silver Springs, but Lindsey is becoming im my eyes like Stevie has been all along- The best at what they do. I really never use to watch anyone but Stevie, but Lindsay makes that hard because is steals the show every night. And of course Mick and John are the quiet leaders that run the whole show. The Drums and the Base is what it all starts with. I cannot wait to see them in Vegas where I got unbelievably lucky and got front row seats for the Oct. show. The Limo made my night and we had a blast. Thanks again to my great friends and to FWM for giving me a night I'll never forget.
The love affair between Fleetwood Mac and Atlanta was so evident when the band hit the stage Sunday evening at the Arena at Gwinnett. The band was welcomed with thunderous applause and the band gave back to Atlanta one of the best shows I have seen on this tour. This was the second show after their short break and all I can say is that they get better and better. They held nothing back including the smiles which let Atlanta know they were pleased with the welcome Atlanta gave them. At the end of the show Stevie came back to her mic and said "y'all rock" and indeed Atlanta and Fleetwood Mac rocked Sunday night.
Kim Larsen
I don't even know how to explain the best two hours of my life. First off, I am in a way not happy with the way my life has been going right now and as I sat through that show I began to have more confidence in myself. It was so amazing how just knowing that you were in the presence of some of the most talented people in the world, that you felt like you were a part of them. It seemed that through the whole show, it was like one big happy family and it was great how happy it made me feel. As the show started, I just felt so inspired as I always feel after listening to Stevie's voice. This was the first time I ever got to see Stevie live and I almost missed that chance. I'm grateful that I got to see my Idol. Very energetic is the correct word to describe this show, I don't think that I've seen any other artists perform so well. Stevie was of course adorable, beautiful, and just springing with life. One thing that I did notice was that Stevie did not sing her part in, "Come" and I was really looking forward to hearing her sing that. I think she did a great job with her range for the recording of that song on the album, she really is truly amazing. During "Silver springs," I just had this urge to run on stage and hug her because she looked as if she was about to cry. I was hoping that Lindsey and her would have kissed after that song but it didn't happen at this show...Heehee...They both did a cute little hug thing during "Landslide," though...:) When Stevie had gone off stage to do a costume change, Lindsey was just so awesome on his guitar playing! It still is a shock to me that Lindsey was not put in the RollingStone's 100 Greatest Guitarist thing, he is an amazing talent! If Lindsey reads my review, he has to know that he is also a big inspiration for me and I thank him for that. Mick made me laugh through most of the show because he just has this all around great British humor about him! I like how he gets in to playing those drums and just lets it all go--his facial expressions are the best! During "The Chain" I screamed out to John...I'm like, "GO JOHNNY!" It was great! John is a cute shy one and he didn't say like one word through the whole show. When "Tusk" was performed, I thought that was the best part of the whole show! Lindsey was just so cute the way he would walk around the stage and act as if the other band members were his pray! Stevie and him acted as if they were in a boxing match for that song, it was adorable--they then locked hands and twirled around in circles. Lindsey had also attacked John during that song, that was hilarious to watch. Stevie did a wonderful job on "Stand back" and almost the whole arena was on their feet and cheering for the little sweetie that she truly is. She twirled around in cirlces and grooved to that song along with "Gold dust Woman," I was glad to see that she was feeling well :) I'm usually that kind of person where I want to make sure that I don't make a fool of myself at concerts, but I let myself all go at this one--I felt like I was welcome. All I know is that through out like this whole show, I was daydreaming about one day singing with all of them. I didn't want the show to end and I actually had tears in my eyes and especially during "Goodbye baby." Stevie was like, "One last sweet song," and she sure did mean that when she sung that because she sure knows how to touch people with her performances. There was of course an encore as they all said good night and Mick came back on first and started going all out on his drums. Half the time I had no clue what he was saying but that made his performance even more interesting...Haha! Mick really knows how to draw a crowd and he does his part in this show so well. What I thought was sweet of him to say, was that he told everyone to take care of themselves and he said some very inspirational stuff that brought tears to my eyes. I wanted to so meet them afterwards because I just want them to know how amazing they are and how I have a music career planned for my future. I just wanted to say that even though I don't know them personally, I still feel like we all have something we can all relate to. Of course Stevie and I have that artist background and hers showed greatly with how the lights, and all the different colored gels were set during "Silver springs" and "Gold dust woman." Stevie has to know that she has a special place in my heart and once she hears my first album, she'll flip...:) There was of course the missing of Christine McVie on this tour and album because she's very subtle. The only song of Chris's that was performed at this show, was "Don't stop." I miss Christine, she must come home...Haha! Since Mick had given some great advice and prayers to the fans, I'll give the band some of my own...Thanks for the great show and I really enjoyed it. I want to wish all of you the best of luck and may everything you attempt and touch turn to gold.

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