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5/25/03 Continental Air Arena East Rutherford, NJ

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Tara Showalter
This was the 3rd show I'd seen on the Say You Will tour and, even from seats that were too far away for my taste, I'd have to say that this show was as good, if not better, than the AC show. Stevie was in excellent voice and wore the top part of her Rumours outfit for Rhiannon, which she put alot of gusto into. For a second there I thought she'd break out one of her 70's performances but she pulled it back and brought the song to an end. The band sounded fantastic. What can I say about Lindsey's guitar playing except that he outdid himself...again! Mick and John made their presence felt, especially in the hard rocking tunes, The Chain, Come and I'm So Afraid. I get goosebumps whenever I hear the solos in those songs. I have to mention how terrific Stevie and Lindsey sounded doing harmony together, most notably on Say Goodbye. Although we hardcore fans always love to hear them sing the hits, I think it's a special treat to be able to hear some of the buried treasures live. I'm referring to the highlight of this tour for me, Beautiful Child. I'm amazed at how Stevie can sing that so well after never having done it live until now. It's always been one of my favorites. Now, if I can only convince her that Sara does sound great live, I'll be happy. She was very animated and totally into Stand Back, which got the audience really going. Kudos to the crowd for the enthusiasm it showered on the band. I could tell they enjoyed playing off of that. Being that the next day was Stevie's birthday, me and another guy, Mike, were attempting to organize a surprise and have the crowd sing Happy Birthday to her right before the first encore but Stevie unwittingly brought the subject up during Landslide. When Lindsey was playing guitar between the verses, Stevie was looking at him and opening and closing her hand with her fingers apart. I couldn't figure out what she was doing until she did it to the audience and I realized she was gesturing that she was on the verge of becoming 55. After the song, some people in the first few rows began singing Happy Birthday to her. The rest of us couldn't tell what was happening until it was too late to join in, which was a little disappointing but I was glad that she was able to hear it. She was smiling alot, taking her age in stride as she thanked everyone and said, "What a voice!" It was a special moment and one that I think everyone who was there will always treasure. I'm so proud of the fact that these shows have all been sold out or very close to it. I think people are going away impressed by the way FM can rock the house. Some people may disagree but I didn't miss Christine's presence. I definitely enjoyed the harder sound and the way they've adjusted. I wish I would've been able to hear Destiny Rules before it was taken out of the set. Hey Mac, how about dropping by Reading, PA on the next leg of the tour?! lol.
Lauren MacLeod
When a musician's performance brings tears to your eyes, it's clear they've made their point. Lindsey Buckingham made his point Sunday night during Fleetwood Mac's 90 minute set at Continental Airlines Arena, NJ. The Mac was back in Jersey playing favorite tunes as well as some new ones from their latest album "Say You Will", their first studio album in over fifteen years. Although the songs and faces were familiar, there was one notable difference. The band's pianist and vocalist Christine McVie, decided to sit this one out, and not record or tour with her longtime band mates. The night was air was filled with anticipation as Fleetwood Mac took the stage and opened with old time favorite, "The Chain" followed by "Dreams", and later "Gypsy", "Second Hand News", and "Rhiannon". New songs included "Say You Will", "Peacekeeper" and "What's The World Coming To". However, it was Buckingham's masterpiece entitled "Come" that took my breath away. "Come"starts off simple and calm, then without warning hits with Buckingham's screaming vocals and electrifying guitar. The song ends with an amazing solo which could have gone on for hours without anyone getting bored. Another Buckingham highlight was the entire performance of "I'm So Afraid" which was played to perfection. As the chords ripped through the ears of the crowd, Lindsey gave it his all as he slapped his guitar making each note sound nothing short of amazing, leaving the audience in awe. Stevie Nicks looked beautiful as always, wearing her trademark black dress and boots. She played her tambourine with such emotion--as no other could. Although her voice has dropped an octave since the late 70's, the magic and beauty still remains in her voice, especially while singing the haunting "Silver Springs". "Landslide" was welcomed by the crowd as the entire arena sang the timeless song. During the line "I'm getting older too", Stevie hinted at her age (55) by holding up her hand and smiling. "Landslide" ended with the adorable kiss and embrace between Stevie and Lindsey much to the crowd's delight. Nicks sang "Stand Back", a song off of her solo album "The Wild Heart", and the energy reached a new high! The audience sang and danced as Stevie did her legendary twirl across the stage, causing the crowd to roar with excitement. For that second, I think everyone wanted to twirl too. Mick Fleetwood banged away on his drums, even delighting the crowd with a solo. The solo was finished on a conga drum with the crowd cheering as Mick asked "Are you still with us?" Jon McVie, a man of few words, gave a perfect performance. He calmly played his bass, even with Buckingham occasionally pushing into him while strutting across the stage. The set ended with "Go Your Own Way" as well as an encore of "World Turning", "Don't Stop" and "Goodbye Baby". The night was amazing with performances that will never be forgotten. Judging from the crowd's energy, everyone went home happy with memories of the rock legends that will remain as timeless as their songs, proving that like many things-Fleetwood Mac get better with age.
Arizona Ranger
Even if Sunday was a damp and dreary day, Fleetwood Mac once again brightened up the day with their special magic. I'm sure Mick & John felt right at home with the wet English Style climate.... I arrived at the parking lot at 5:30 pm and met up with some very friendly people including Sherrie and her pal from Philadeplhia. We shared a couple of beers and she told us how great the Philly show went off. Sherrie even got to shake hands with Lindsey !!! Our entourage included Matt who brought his Mom along for her first ever FM concert ! I handed out copies of At The Shore from the AC Show and I gave everyone my impressions of the fab AC show ! At 7:00 we walked into the venue and took our respective seats in the Arena. I had floor seats and met Peter from England who brought his American family along, Mary and her partner Arlene from nearby Linden, NJ who made for good company. Peter and I spoke for a good half hour about the Moody Blues and the career of Justin Hayward. 8:30 came and Mick and John walked on stage to rousing cheers. Then Lindsey and Stevie came on and the everyone got up when The Chain started to envelope the crowd. The set list was the same as AC but little things made the show special... Stevie shared the crowd pleasing details along with Lindsey on Landslide and gave an indication of her age with her hand outstretched twice (5-5 = 55 !)After Landslide she quipped "Wow !!!! What a voice !!!" which brought applause from everyone. Lindsey also dedicated a song to his wife and daughter LeeLee who were in attendance at the show. The visual effects were pleasing and accentuated GDW, Stand Back (complete with Stevie twirls) and Silver Springs. Mick did his drum solo which always gets everyone on their feet. Once again the Classic Mac roster brought more reactions than the current SYW material. The concert ended with Go Your Own Way at 10:25 and of course the Mac HAD to do their patented encores which included Don't Stop and Goodbye Baby...Mick made his closing statement that we should all get home safe and be good to one another... I bought a snazzy concert shirt from the unofficial vendors outside for $10 which was of better quality and style than the official merch. I said farewell to Sherrie and her friend as they were leaving and we all agreed that it was another great show... But...before I left, I snuck back to the garage exit and waited with a crowd of 10 people to hopefully snag some photos and autographs of the band as they left. They came out with a two car State Police Escort and we all waved goodbye to Stevie and she gave us a friendly wave back !!!! Thanks Stevie !!!! Once again a GREAT show and I hope to do more FM shows this Summer !!!!
Shannon Charity
The show at Continental Airlines was PHENOMENAL!!! I had seen Stevie twice when she came around in 2001, and was blown away!! But seeing them all together on one stage was simply an unforgettable experience!! Absolutely the BEST concert Ive EVER attended!! The music was so powerful, you could feel it in your chest!! The set they played was amazing!! Never did I think they would break into 'Second Hand News'!!! What a great, GREAT show!! Stevie was as magical as ever with her sparkly gold wrap during 'Gold Dust Woman'!!! I get chills just thinking about it!! "Brrrrr"........
Michael S. O'Callaghan
The concert was awesome! I've seen both Stevie and the Mac several times over the years, but never has Stevie sounded better. Her voice was so strong and clear. Lindsey's guitar playing was incredible. The entire band looked like the were enjoying themselves, and that was great to see. I loved hearing the songs from "Say You Will" live, I wish they had played more of them. "Beautiful Child" was terrific live, I never thought I'd hear Stevie sing it on stage. This concert left me wanting more, even though they played for almost 2 1/2 hours! It felt special to be with Stevie just around her birthday. I felt honored. Can't wait for the next album and tour...
Dianne and Scott Wolf
Well, my husband and I went to see the Best Performance of Any band ever last night. And all I can say is WOW !!! Fleetwood Mac Rocked and Rolled better than ever!!!! I can't believe how awestruck we still are! We've been to many other Fleetwood Mac shows, but this one, by far, was the BEST !! John ~ the ever strong bass presence ! It wouldn't be Fleetwood Mac without his solid bass lines. Mick ~ ever the showman. We loved his all-too-short drum solo (I think something went wrong. That was the essence we got when Lindsey and Stevie came back on stage). His facial expressions and drum incantations sent you soaring through each and every song. Lindsey ~ Pure magician (Sorcerer) with the guitar! He rocked harder and edgier than I ever thought possible. He put so much into each and every song...so much so that he broke a guitar string, again, last night. He was just absolutely incredible! And, of course, our STAR of the evening, Our STEVIE! What can I say about someone so absolutely perfect!!!! She was flawless. She sounded soooo good and she looked even better! She truly had a great time last night. It showed in every song. They all shined in every song come to think of it. It was so cute that during Landslide, she kept flashing her hand twice (5-5) to show her age. And, when the people around us finally figured out what she was doing, they couldn't believe that was her age. She certainly doesn't look it. And, as I've said before (in the TISL review), she is like a fine wine...she only gets better with age. After Landslide, the audience sang Happy Birthday to her. She was so happy and surprised. She even said "what a good voice you have!" to cheering soo loud that they had to wait to start the next song. She twirled to Stand Back wildly. And Gold Dust Woman was "Hauntingly" wonderful!!!! Beautiful Child was, well, BEAUTIFUL!!!! Gypsy was extraordinary! Silver Springs was UNREAL!!! All in all, every Stevie song was AWESOME!!!! But, then why wouldn't they be. They are sung by our Stevie, Our Poet, Our Priestess of Everything!!!!! To my disappointment, Running Through the Garden and Destiny Rules were not put back in the set. But, then again, any time a Stevie song isn't in the set, it's a disappointment ! To my pleasant surprise, Second Hand news was in the set and it was great. Everyone around us had a good time and that made it even better to us. It's great when you have a great crowd to see the BEST band perform. It makes the night Perfect.The people at the arena were very receptive to all the songs. The only down side to the night was that there wasn't a Tour Book to purchase. Otherwise, it was a Magical evening! I hope the 2 girls sitting to my left (Andrea ? and Amy) got to meet the band after the concert. They met someone connected to the band before the night started and he told them he would get them in to meet them. I was hoping we would be able to go with them, but, maybe I'll be lucky like them the next time. Mick's wife and his twins were there last night. And so was Lindsey's wife and kids. I think they'll agree that they played the best last night. Maybe it was because they were so close to New York City and the electricity that City gives off. Or maybe it was because it was for Stevie's birthday. What ever the case, they were GREAT!!!!! Rock on, Stevie, Lyndsay, Mick and John. You are absolutely Fabulous. And we are so grateful to have the Mac back. Never leave and Don't ever break the chain!!!!
Geoffrey Eichhorn
What a thrilling show! This tour is definitely Fleetwood Mac at their best! Stevie was absolutely radiant -- I have seen her in concert at least 8 times before and she has never sounded as good, looked as happy or acted as animated as she did last night! It was a dream-come-true to see Stevie and Lindsey performing together -- there is a magical intimacy between them that words can't describe. They compliment each other SO WELL musically (those harmonies!)! I was in awe of those two the entire night. I have a new-found respect for Lindsey Buckingham -- not only is he one of the most under-rated singer/songwriters in the business, but he is also a master showman! He commanded that stage whenever he was on. His guitar playing (at times reaching a frenzy of passion) was absolute entertainment -- "Come" was a surprise highlight for me! And Stevie -- theatrical; animated; amusing; charming -- she was all of those things last night! "Beautiful Child", "Gold Dust Woman" (loved the ending Stevie!), and "Say You Will" all stand out as perfect performances, however all of her songs were simply wonderful! I have tickets to see Fleetwood Mac two more times on this tour (Chicago & LA), but after last night's show I think I'll need to see a few more performances. It was really THAT great! If you haven't made plans to see this tour -- get tickets! You will not be disappointed! The Mack is definitely back -- and we are all so thankful & thrilled!
Hi to all the wonderful people of Fleetwood Mac, We were at your May 25, 2003 concert in NJ, which was at Continental Airlines Arena. What a wonderful show! How gracious they are to their fans. Stevie, you are such a beautiful woman, and it was so special to be there the day before your birthday. And how special how you held up your hand twice to tell your age....you should be so proud to still be where you are and be so beautiful; inside and out. I was especially happy to be there. To see you walking around the stage and throwing kisses out to the crowd....it's nice to see you all appreciating your fans. We all love you!!! I had written to "Ask Stevie", and I will also say here that I was diagnosed with Leukemia on 5/20/00, had a bone-marrow transplant on 3/6/01, and have since spent much time with my bone-marrow donor who lives in Wisconsin (I live in Newburgh, NY). I just looked up during that concert and thanked God for letting me be there to experience such a great concert put on by such a wonderful group of people. I am proudly wearing my Fleetwood Mac t-shirt today and will remember this show forever. Rock on Fleetwood Mac!
This was my first time seeing Fleetwood Mac live. I had seen Stevie on the TISL tour twice. What can I say? Words cannot express how I have felt since last night. It's true the feeling remains even after the glitter fades. Stevie and Lindsey's chemistry was amazing. How they look at each other when they are singing. You can feel every word of the song right to your very soul. For me the best songs were stand back, landslide, gold dust woman and the best was silver springs. Also Good bye baby and beautiful child brought tears to my eyes. Stevie and the Mac's music has been there for me through every high and low point in my life. It just amazes me how I can listen to their songs over and over and still feel the same amazing feeling every time. I also feel that Stevie and the Mac fit. With John and Mick behind her and Lindsey at her side, Stevie shines even more. The crowd sang Happy Birthday to Stevie during Landslide and she seemed very happy that everyone remembered. She also seemed very emotional after she sang Good Bye Baby. Lindsey was unbelievable on Tusk, Go Your own Way and Come and my favorite was I'm so Afraid. You felt the guitar and drums just beat off your chest. It was an incredible feeling. My friend and I wore top hats and decorated them with Lace and we had tambourines decorated with lace. At the end of the show, we were going nuts waiving to Stevie and she looked right at us and waived back the same way. It was awesome. I just wished it had went on forever. If they come back to NY or NJ in the second leg of the tour, i will definetely go and see them again. I WILL FIND THE MONEY OR USE THE CHARGE CARD. The night was like a religious experience, again words cannot do justice to the amazing night I had and the high that I have felt all day. Thank you Stevie, Lindsey, Mick and John for a wonderful time. LONG LIVE FLEETWOOD MAC. THE FEELING REMAINS EVEN AFTER THE GLITTER FADES. Thank You. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
From the first viewing of the clamshell-like stage setup, we knew we were in for quite an experience. The roar started at their entrance, and The Chain should forever remain as their opening. Stevie looked fabulous; it is obvious to me that she has lost weight since the Dance and her own tour. But I noticed off and on through the evening she would walk slowly and with difficulty and appeared to favor her left side. I couldn't tell if the problem was hip, ankle or foot. The platform hi-top sneakers she was wearing were at least 2 inches shorter than her platform boots and her feet were flat in them; no high heel position. She did do one spin set later on, the only one she did and it was spectacular. Her voice was right-on - no problems there. She was also in a smiling, friendly mood, especially after Landslide. Lindsey was just sensational - his two-handed playing without a false note added evidence that he belongs up there with Henricks, Page, Beck, Van Halen etc. as one of rock's best guitarists. Mick was as eccentric as ever and is so happy to be playing and performing. John McVie's bass is well-heard as he keeps himself in the background. The audience made a lot of noise, but the standing was mostly confined to the floor front until Go Your Own Way. It was a warmer atmosphere than during the Dance tour, but my prime example of pure excitement was Thanksgiving Day, 1997 at Madison Square Garden, and this audience wasn't near that. This audience did come alive at Rhiannon - Stevie again working her magic. During Gypsy, I noticed that she sang a lower register arrangement, until the end when the high notes returned. Landslide was a very audible sing-along with the audience. Being the day before Stevie's birthday, each time "I'm getting older, too" came up, she flashed five fingers twice. Someone up front held up a sign that I suspect tried to lead us into Happy Birthday, but the crew avoided showing a light on the sign. Stevie did say that we gave her a good birthday greeting, and that "You've got a great voice." Stand Back brought us up again; that is her classic. Big Love is Lindsey's, and it was a thrill to hear that again. While the arrangements they did were great, I did notice how Christine was missed in two numbers: Silver Springs and Don't Stop. The sing-along took off again on Go Your Own Way, and that's when more people were standing up. The encores were exciting, especially with Mick's solo and Goodbye Baby is glorious and as perfect an ending as Songbird.
I've seen Stevie/The Mac a combination of 13 times and last nights show was spectacular. Best I've ever seen them. Stevie was great and Lindsay (WOW) what can I say. I did miss Christine McV but they handled it. I'm hoping they add a show for Madison Square Garden!!! Even the crowd was great !!! Thank God , cause I hate those people who don't know how to enjoy a rock concert!!! They should stay home and rent the tape. Fleetwood Mac rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my God do I have a story to tell... I love Fleetwood Mac, I've been a huge fan since I was about 9. Just last Wednesday I went to the show in Albany, and I loved it so much that I just needed to get to the show at the Continental Airlines arena. I didn't have money, so I went into money I've been saving for a long time that I swear I wouldn't touch until I really needed it. (I guess this was one of those times) So I happily purchased two tickets for my Mom and I, pretty expensive, but I knew it would be worth it. They weren't the best seats, (on the right of the stage, in the back of the lower level,) but I didn't care. I was just so happy to be there. So to make a long story short, while we were outside the arena, we ended up talking to these two very nice ladies. They said, "Did you buy your tickets, or did you win them?" Thinking of the chances of winning tickets to a concert, we solemnly told them that we'd bought them, and they explained that they had won front row center stage seats from a radio station. I simply stared with awe as they were talking, thinking of the fact that I was staring at two people that would probably be able to shake hands with my idol Lindsey Buckingham. A few minutes later, they said "well, we're not going to be staying the whole time, maybe we can give you the tickets after we leave!" My knees started shaking, and then I couldn't move. I was in a daze, completely mesmerized like I always am at FM concerts, but the show didn't even start yet. My Mother told me not to get too excited, cause, you know, what are the chances that two people would be so nice as to surrender their front row center stage seats to see such a freakin amazing band! But as I was singing the chorus to the fourth song of the night, "Say You Will," on the top of my lungs, my cellphone buzzed and I almost started crying out of excitement. We met the ladies outside, they quickly gave us their tickets, and even their orange bracelets that let you stand basically ON the stage. We thanked them endlessly, until they told us that we should be heading in, or we would miss it. So we went into the arena, passed hundreds of rows, and ended up right between Stevie and Lindsey. I can't describe how I felt - I just went into a daze. Stevie was, is and always will be amazing. I was hypnotized by her magnificent voice when I was 10 during the reunion tour, and I was 100 times more captivated now, being that I was basically right in front of her. And Lindsey....oh...my...God! He is amazing, not only as a guitar player, but just the way he moves, it's incredible! So much energy, charisma, and enthusiasm! This girl who was also in the front row was completely crazy for him. She said "ok, lets take a poll for who is the handsomest guy in the world...LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM!!" And then she raised her hand...I agree, so I did too, I couldn't help it :-| . For the solo on one of my favorite songs, "I'm so Afraid," he came right in front of me to do this breathtaking solo...he was going crazy!!! Basically right on top of me!!! I'm still shaking. Sorry this was so long, but what happened yesterday was like the highlight of my life. If either of the ladies that gave me this awesome once in a lifetime opportunity are reading this, I just want to thank you so incredibly much. I never really have good luck with anything, which is why I was so surprised...I still can't get over it...maybe I never will...You have no idea how much this meant to me. And thank you FM for putting on such amazing shows! I love you! You're awesome!!!
This was a last minute show for me....my father was sick and couldn't go even though he his head over heels for Stevie and saw them in Atlantic City last weekend. I saw Stevie last year in Camden. Last night, a friend and I went to Continental Arena and were 15 rows from the side of the stage. The concert was awesome!! Stevie's voice was incredible.. The whole show was awesome..we couldn't help but get into it and sing along. Keep it up..You're great!! Everytime I see you , you give off the same energy!! By the way Happy 55 Birthday, Stevie!!
Julie Blacker
The concert was absolutely FABULOUS. I have loved Stevie's unique voice for over 25 years now. When she sang "Landslide", I had tears in my eyes. " Rhiannon" is one of my all-time favorite songs, and Stevie sounded and looked as witchy as ever!!! Lindsay was incredible on the guitar, and Mick's drumming was unbelievable. I could feel the music throughout my entire body. I could have listened for hours. Stevie looked so gorgeous, and the crowd just loved her. They are truly one of the greatest that rock music and my generation has to offer. May they make music forever!!
Linda Iorio
Just got back from the Meadowlands show. WowOWow, nothing compares to a front row seat, but screw the seat - we were on our feet all night! We (Candi, Laura, Deb & I) were right in front of Lindsey, which was cool, because if you're right in front of Stevie, the mike is always in her face, so it's actually better to see her from the side. Plus, I had a clear head-to-toe view of her - and she was wearing her platform Reebok's. What a feeling walking to my seat! Walking down all the steps, up the aisle on the floor, all the way up to the front! I felt like I was part of a special club or something! I lost Candi, Laura & Deb enroute, so they joined me at our seats a few minutes later. Right near us was Carmine, someone we see at all the shows, and he remembered us too. What I thought was good organization on the Arena's part (not sure they did this for other shows on the tour) was that front row people got a wristband to wear. We were allowed to move up to the stage. They were not letting anyone beyond front row come up, which was good for us because we had lots of room to dance, which was great. There was no barrier between us and the stage - it was literally "elbows on the stage". The second the lights came up, Lindsey was right in front of us, just glowing. I could hardly believe I was that close - it was almost surreal. It's like the band is playing just for you, and you're oblivious to how big the arena really is. I could see everyone perfectly, including Mindy & Sharon. I wore the penguin tour shirt, but when I bought it, I thought it needed some color, so I went a little crazy with glitter paint and colored alot of it in. When the lights hit my shirt, I thought it looked pretty cool "if I do say so myself". Candi wore an equally cool shirt that she made: plain white T with the words "Lindsey is my co-pilot" on the front, and "Buckingham" on the back. Laura was timeless in her willowy long blonde hair, black chiffon and black suede boots, and Deb wore black with a gold-colored crochet shawl-jacket. Being that close, we were able to make alot of eye contact with Lindsey, and he's great with connecting with the audience. We were too far to the right of Stevie to make eye contact, but Candi and I did move over to her side for certain songs. I won't go into song descriptions, cuz the band's performance was great, as always. It was funny when something went wrong on Mick's drum solo for World Turning, and I saw Stevie scurry back out to the stage giving Lindsey a cute, funny look. Just being up so close makes you appreciate and savor every nuance of the band completely. I made a "Happy Birthday Stevie" (with a wild heart on it) sign, moved over to her side, and held it up after Rhiannon, but she didn't see it. Tried again after Gypsy; no luck. Then during Landslide, a guy next to me said "You HAVE to hold it up now" so I did, during the line "Children get older, and I'm getting older too". I think she saw it, cuz I saw a smile on her face as her eyes glanced my way. A guy in the 2nd row tapped my shoulder and wanted to know what was on the sign, so I turned around to show him. During the last verse when she sang "I'm getting older too", I turned around and held up the sign towards the audience. When the song ended, people started singing Happy Birthday to Stevie, and I guess I have to think my sign was responsible??!! I couldn't tell how many sections were singing, but it was definitely loud enough for Stevie to hear, cuz she thanked everyone! One of my best concert moments, period! After the set-closer, Go Your Own Way, I moved over to a spot on the stage where no one was standing, and stuck my hand out to Lindsey, and mine was the only one he came over to shake! WooHoo! Then later after Don't Stop, he shook quite a few hands in our area, including Laura, Candi & Deb, and he even signed something quickly for a guy next to us. Stevie seemed to mouth the words "Next time" when someone was reaching out to her as she left the stage. My first show on this tour was Washington DC, so not knowing what songs to expect was thrilling. Then I went to Atlantic City, had an even better seat, and enjoyed that show more so than DC. Tonight was my final show on this leg of the tour, and it had to be the best. The sound was best for me in DC cuz I had a seat right next to the central-floor mixing boards. Tonight the sound we heard was from the stage monitors; not the best, but being that close to the stage made up for it. It was so exhilarating being so close, and I truly felt blessed. Thank you to Laura for working so hard to score these seats through the fan club! And now I retreat to bed with the new CD and my headphones, something I've been putting off for too long now!
Stephanie-Phyllis Monticello
Once again, i had the pleasure of seeing FM tonight. It was a wonderful, outrageous show. i had just seen them in atlantic city. and THIS show blew that one out of the water (Especially since they sang happy birthday to Stevie) Stevie, seemed to have much more passion tonight.Her voice was not over powered by the band, as what happened a few times during the AC show. and of course, my favorite song BEAUTIFUL CHILD, was done perfectly, and sent me right into a trance, filled with a myriad of emotion. THAT song, is my all time favorite song. i am glad Stevie got my message i left for her on her last tour, i just simply stated " hey, bring back beautiful child, many fans would love to hear it live, and many fans would love to discover it". I truly hope this tour is released to video, it would be worth it. it puts "the dance" to shame. The energy is still amazing between them all, and i must say, Christine's absence is hardly noticed. This was the best FM concert performance of the tour, that is my own personal opinion. Once again Stevie, you have inspired me to "rock on " with my own music career, even if i am at times, in a wheel chair. great job guys. great come back, each and every one of you. I hope you fans get to read this, and share my opinion.
Tara Lemieux
What a show! I've been a Fleetwood Mac fan since I was 7 years old in 1978 and finally being in the front row center at the Atlantic City show was a dream come true. And not to mention being able to shake Lindsey Buckingham's hand! I was so blown away by Lindsey's guitar playing abilities in person! He is truly one of a kind. Fleetwood Mac is truly one of a kind! The chemistry between Mick, John, Lindsey and Stevie was incredible. You could tell it was like old home week for them... they did not miss a beat, even when Lindsey broke a string. My husband and I drove from Rhode Island to Atlantic City to see the show. We could have seen the Worcester, Massachusetts show but decided to go to Atlantic City instead... My husband always enjoyed Fleetwood Mac's music but not until he met me did he become a true fan. He is still talking about the show a week later and telling all the guys at work about it! He could not believe how great they were and most of all that we had front row center seats. Stevie was right in front of his very eyes! I had a hard time absorbing the whole experience myself.... It was so surreal. The fans in the front row with us were a great time too... the couple next to us (the husband) just kept yelling... "Hi Stevie" and she would wave to us... They were a trip! I've seen the Mac many a times and this night by far has been the most relaxed the band seemed. The fans thoroughly enjoyed the old tunes and the new ones too. When Stevie sang Beautiful Child... I was in amazement of how awesome it sounded. The whole 2 plus hours they played could not have been any better. Stand Back, The Chain, Second Hand News, Say You Will, World Turning, What's the World Coming To, Landslide, Go Your Own Way, Gypsy... all just great songs played with such pure emotion. As always... Mick the Madman put on an untouchable drum solo via a vest. He definitely gets the crowd into the scene. John a quiet man with a huge talent and huge foundation to the band! He played with such strength and solidity as usually. His bass lines no doubt describe almost all Fleetwood Mac's signature tunes. Lindsey..what can I say... Again there is only one Lindsey Buckingham on guitar. His solo's were so powerful and intense, playing with no pick, a LB trademark. And ahh... Stevie... still looks great, and can sing her heart out! Stevie...has been such a great inspiration with her words and music throughout the years... It would have made my night complete to shake her hand too..... but being in the front row was a goal on my list of accomplishments in life...so I'll take it. I can only hope she received the stuffed animal (Yorkie) I brought for her. Thanks Fleetwood Mac for bringing a true adrenaline rush to me! I could barely walk up the stairs at the end of the night because I was still trembling. All in all, it was one night I will never forget!

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