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6/7/03 FL Office Depot Center Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Keith Mitchell
My very 1st concert was Fleetwood Mac opening for the Eagles in Greensboro Colisuem....tickets were $12.50/each. Boy have times (and prices) changed. My brother and his girlfriend were stuck babysitting me and took me to that show. From that moment, I have been hooked on Stevie and The Mac. I flew down to Ft Lauderdale from Raleigh, NC for the show and I can say I was not the least bit disappointed. The whole band played the tightest I think I have ever seen them since the Rumours days. Stevie's voice was the strongest I've heard it in years. Lindsay......OH MY GOD....the man can tear a guitar up. He is without a doubt one of the most under-rated guitar players around. John.....was John, as cool as ever. He and Mick anchors the sound of the band so well. And Mick......genuinely appreciates the fans and sincerely seemed to be having a really good time. The WHOLE band seemed to be enjoying themselves. In concerts past, you could sense tension and a sort of uneasiness, but not this time. And, unlike a lot of the other Mega-rock groups currently on tour, this did NOT have the sense of a nostalgia tour where the band merely plays a list of their hits. THE MAC REALLY ROCKS...... My only minor complaint is I do wish they had done more of Stevie's songs from "Say You Will". She has some really good songs on it. And to the folks in Ft Lauderdale, you have a very nice arena in The Office Depot Center. I was impressed with it also. The initial plan was to hit Orlando for GayDays and hop over and catch the Tampa show, but the tix for Ft Lauderdale went on sale 1st so I ended up in Ft Lauderdale. So I missed some expensive circuit parities.....seeing Fleetwood Mac more than made up for it ! And to the guy that returned the World Tour tanktop cause it was the wrong size....thanks bud. I was totally bummed when I got to the table and they had sold out of them. I wore it to 'The Coliseum' (dance club) after the show and met a really hot guy that had gone to show as well and spotted me wearing it. Thank god not all the hunks went to GayDays! IT WAS A VERY GOOD TRIP to Fla I've got my fingers crossed and praying for a North Carolina show (as in RALEIGH,NC - hint, hint) on the next leg of the tour. F. Mac missed N.C. on the Dance Tour. I had to go to DC for that tour and to Atlanta on the Tusk Tour....but they did start the Mirage Tour in Greensboro Anyway, I think it's about time for Fleetwood Mac come to the Old North State and rock like they did in Ft Lauderdale.
I arrived at the arena around 7PM. I had to go to the Will Call window to pick up my front row seat. I came down to FL from Rhode Island because it was a weekend show. This show seemed to have started a little earlier then most of the other ones I had gone to. It seemed to be about 8:15 when the crickets started. At that time a see a line of people rushing up front toward the stage. I thought, "hey they are not going to get in front of me." I tried to get in but they had made a human chain. Finally I sneak in to the front. I am so excited. I can see everything. I can see John playing bass. I can see him looking down at the music. I have never gotten to see him this close before. I was excited. I was right below Stevie. I could see those Reeboks up close. The set list was the same as all the rest of the shows that I have gone to. I had trouble hearing the band due to the fact that I had napkins in my ears. LOL I forgot my earplugs. They still sounded great as always thru the napkins. I was standing and singing and dancing (that was kind of hard because there was not much room) the whole night. I really think that the band sees this and appreciates it when the audience gets into the show. Lindsey even looked over at me a few times!! I remember one time distinctly during Beautiful Child. That made my night!! I was having a great time until right before Go Your Own Way. We were all told by security to go sit in our seats. Most of the people in the front rows were just sitting there even through the big hits. I got odd looks when I was acting like a big fan because I knew all the songs. Landslide was a highlight because at one point Stevie and Lindsey held hands for a few seconds. It was just so sweet. After the song Stevie went behind Lindsey and put her arms around him and put her head on his shoulder. It was adorable. It wish I could have gotten a photo. During Tusk Lindsey went and Tusked John. Shortly after that he went after Stevie. It was funny. Stevie looked like she was having fun. It was a great show down in South Florida and I met some very nice people there.
Lindsay Walters
I was fortunate enough to attend the Fleetwood Mac concert at the Office Depot Center in Ft. Lauderdale on June 7th. I'm 23 and have been a lifelong fan of Fleetwood Mac, and I wasn't missing this weekend for anything! Friday I made the trip from my home in Panama City, Florida to Orlando (a six hour drive), where I was to meet my friends, Blanca and Jen, who were to attend the concert with me. On Saturday we drove the nearly four hours to Ft. Lauderdale to see the show. After spending the afternoon at the mall across the street from the arena, it was time to see the Mac! After spending thirty minutes in line to get a Rumours T-Shirt (I just *had* to have it!) we found our seats. Being from northwest Florida, I had never been to the Office Depot Arena. Neither had my friends, so needless to say it took some time to find our seats. A little late, at around 8:10, the show started. The music to "The Chain" began, and my friends got as excited as I was! It was an incredible two and a half hours. I am a huge Stevie fan, as well as a huge Lindsey fan, and they were both incredible that night. Stevie's voice was great and Lindsey's guitar playing was amazing. Ihad never seen the Mac play before, and I was just blown away. I would have to say the highlight of the night for me was "I'm So Afraid" and "Beautiful Child". I especially loved all Lindsey's antics on stage while he was playing his guitar. I thought it was hysterical when he grabbed Stevie from behind and startled her! Mick's drum solo was also really cool. The videos playing during Gypsy and Tusk were cool and we got a good view of them from our nosebleed seats:) After an incredible two and a half hours, it was time to say goodbye to Ft. Lauderdale and head to Orlando. My friends weren't really huge Fleetwood Mac fans before we came, but both of them said that it was the most incredible concert they had ever been to and would definitely see them again if they had the opprotunity (hopefully we'll have better seats next time!) This was my first time seeing the Mac/ second time seeing Stevie and it was an experience I will never forget.
Jeff Schell
Fleetwood Mac put on a very enjoyable concert Saturday night at the Office Depot Center in Sunrise (Ft. Lauderdale), FL. The band accompanied by five other musicians and Stevie's two background singers, performed a set that included Stevie and Lindsey- Fleetwood Mac classics, as well as six songs from the new album. Stevie's voice was strong and she sung beautifully and looked gorgeous , Lindsey dominated the stage with his high energy level, prowling all corners of the stage and his guitar playing was strong and masterful. Lindsey has not lost anything over time and is definitely, in my opinion, the most notably, overlooked/ underrated guitarist in Rock 'N Roll history. John McVie's bass playing was very solid and fluid and held the songs together. Mick, although he does not have the same energy and presence he once had on the drums, was strong and menacing behind his drum kits, especially during his ever enjoyable rhythmic, tribal "showcase" sandwiched in between "World Turning". Mick can still play "circles" around almost any drummer out there today, including drummers who are younger by more than half of his age. The setlist was disappointing, in my opinion, although it included some rare gems. Christine McVie's stage presence was sorely missed. Her upbeat catchy songs were very much missed from the set along with her melodic voice and rhythmic keyboard playing which always complimented John's bass playing. When Lindsey quit the band back in 1987, Fleetwood Mac seized the opportunity on the "Tango In The Night" and "Behind The Mask" Tours by bring back and performing some great "gems" from the band's early years, (pre-Lindsey and Stevie and even pre-Christine) to take the place of Lindsey's signature songs. The band missed the golden opportunity this time around, with the absence of Christine, by not performing any of the great Buckingham-Nicks songs that they haven't played since back in 1975 when Nick's and Buckingham first joined the band. Some examples: "Frozen Love", Long Distance Winner", "Don't Let Me Down Again", just to name a few. I was very pleased, however, that they performed Stevie's wonderful and beautiful "Beautiful Child" off of the "Tusk" album. The song, along with another Nick's gem "Silver Springs", really showcased Stevie's strong, dominate and beautiful sounding voice. The songs from the new album really held their ground well among the older classics and will undoubtebly hold-up over the course of time. Perhaps Fleetwood Mac will add some of the overlooked songs from "Buckingham-Nicks" during the 2nd leg of the tour. In any case, I sure hope Fleetwood Mac will continue to tour and put out more great new albums for the foreseeable future. They are certainly a fantastic live act to see, even 36 years later and many lineup changes along the way. If you get a chance to see them during this tour, go and see them; don't miss the show. F.M. is certainly a live act to see. The setlist (2:10 total performing time): The Chain, Dreams, Eyes of The World, Peacekeeper, Second Hand News, Say You Will, Never Going Back Again, Rhiannon, Come, Gypsy, Big Love, Landslide, Say Goodbye, What's The World Coming To, Beautiful Child, Gold Dust Woman, I'm So Afraid, Silver Springs, Tusk, Stand Back, Go Your Own Way, (1st Encore) World Turning (w./ Mick Drum Solo, 6 minutes long), Don't Stop, (2nd Encore/ Finale) Goodbye Baby
Ray B.
I was fortunate enough to see both the Ft. Lauderdale show and the Tampa show this past weekend, but this is simply my review of the Ft. Lauderdale show as it held special meaning for me. Well, needless to say both shows were wonderful! I've seen Fleetwood Mac 4 times now (and Stevie solo 5 times) and never have I seen them in better voice and better shape on the stage than in the June 7th Ft. Lauderdale show at the Office Depot Center. The evening was special to begin with as I had surprised my mother on Mother's Day with floor seats to the show. She hadn't seen Fleetwood Mac since attending a show at Tampa Stadium on July 4th, 1976. (Incidentally, I was born 9 months later almost exactly to the date in April, 1977! One of the many reasons I claim Fleetwood Mac-and especially Stevie-as destined to be in my life). The Ft. Lauderdale show followed the set list displayed on The Nicks Fix exactly including the swap of Second Hand News in place of Running Through The Garden and Destiny Rules. I wouldn't say I was disappointed that they played Second Hand News because it is a great song, but as Running Through The Garden and Destiny Rules are 2 of my favorite tracks on Say You Will, I felt a little personally let down, but it did not in any way take away from the extraordinary impact of the show. The Chain, Dreams, Go your Own Way and all of our faves from the Rumours album received thundering applause as usual. The new tracks from Say You Will were met with polite applause, mostly because people haven't become entirely familiar with them yet, although I thought the live versions were fabulous-especially Stevie's Goodbye Baby. One standout from the new album was the live version of Lindsey's Come. It began and much of the crowd sat down and listened intently, but quietly. Then as Mick, John and Lindsey broke into the chorus and the "heavier" rock sound the arena erupted with screams and applause. Lindsey almost literally brought the house down with his guitar solo, running around, screaming and banging on the guitar while playing near perfect licks that had the place absolutely in a frenzy. Stevie was in great voice, and did many of my favorite signature "ab libs" during Rhiannon, Gypsy and especially Gold Dust Woman which brought almost every single person to their feet at she reached the climactic end with her elegant "twirl and shadow" in the center of the stage. Landslide was the most emotional moment in the evening, especially when during Stevie's vocals the crowd mostly drowned her out singing along and swaying to the music. Another touching moment occurred when Stevie went behind Lindsey during his guitar solo in Landslide and put her arms on his shoulders. At the end of the song they embraced and Lindsey kissed Stevie's head-at that point you could see the special relationship they now share. Both time and shared history has brought those two together and it is a beautiful sight to see them at such peace with each other. The high point of the night for me was seeing Stevie perform Stand Back. The ENTIRE place was applauding, screaming, singing and dancing with her during the riveting performance. She even looked like Stevie of years past twirling and dancing around the stage. She truly is amazing, that at 55, she can still command an audience the way she did last Saturday night in Ft. Lauderdale. The show ended with rocking versions of Go Your Own Way, World Turning (with Stevie singing Christine's parts), Don't Stop and finally the beautiful Goodbye Baby to bring a touching end to a great night of classic Mac. All in all everyone I've talked to from that show, including myself and my mother, have said it was the best show they've ever seen. I'm considering going to see another show sometime soon just because it was such a great experience! Fleetwood Mac is timeless and a complete class act! Thanks for a great show!!
Liz McGrath & Daughter Robyn
I attended the show at the Office Depot Center on Saturday with my 2 daughters (ages 9 & 13). We were so thrilled to have front row seats. I have been a fan of Fleetwood Mac since I first heard Dreams, and have attended many Fleetwood Mac as well as Stevie Nicks concerts over the years. My daughters have grown up with this music, so I have been taking them to the shows since they were young. We have had many wonderful moments at these concerts. When my older daughter was 8, Mick gave her his drumsticks after the Tampa show on the Dance tour. My younger daughter was thrilled to get plenty of smiles from Stevie during the Ft Myers Teco Arena show of the TISL tour when she danced in the first row for the whole show! I want to share my 9 year old daughters review of the Ft Lauderdale show. After showing her the reviews posted here, she decided to write her own. Hello, I'm Robyn, the girl who was in the front row having the time of my life. And I have to say that really was my favorite day of all time. I think that night was Lindsey's serious times-but that's good because when he's serious about things he gets more into the crowd and his music. I think it was really cool that he let some people in the first row (including me) get to play his guitar. How many people get to play Lindsey Buckingham's guitar? So I think this was the best night ever! And not just for me but for everyone who was there.
Scott Cushing
Dreams can come true - if you hold onto them long enough. After nearly 30 years, I finally realized my dream of seeing Fleetwood Mac perform live on stage. I was a young teenager when I first heard the melodic strains of Rhiannon coming out of a small portable radio during a warm summer night on a mountaintop in Maine. It was a calm, starry night, and I was completely enraptured by the distinctive and beautiful voice I later discovered belonged to a young woman named Stevie Nicks. From that moment on I was hooked, and for many years I followed their career highs and lows, all the while enjoying the greatest music. The songs they wrote became the soundtrack of my life, and seemed to mirror my own personal highs and lows. Sadly though, I never seemed to be in the right place at the right time to attend a concert. That was partly due to a 20-year stint in the U.S. Air Force - most of it overseas on remote islands in the Mediterranean and the Pacific. I did come close a couple of times - during the Behind the Mask tour I traveled from Crete, Greece for medical treatment at the U.S. Army hospital in Wiesbaden, Germany. Fleetwood Mac was playing in Frankfurt, and I frantically tried to get to the show. I was on a military bus, bound for the hospital, and contemplating a potential AWOL to see them. My better judgement prevailed and sadly I checked into the hospital. Several years later I was in Honolulu, Hawaii and ready to fly to Las Vegas for The Dance reunion tour. Again, military duties thwarted my plans, as a critical unit inspection put all leave requests on hold. After so many years, I began to wonder if it just wasn't meant to be. I even rationalized that perhaps seeing them perform live would somehow tarnish the magic and fantasy, and never live up to my high expectations. Boy, was I wrong. Cut to June 7, 2003 and, now retired from military service, I drove from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale to witness my first ever Fleetwood Mac concert. I can't even begin to describe my level of excitement and anticipation at the prospect of seeing this show. I arrived at the Office Depot Center 2 hours before show time, just to mingle with other fans and feed off the collective energy. My best friend Dave was with me, nervously anticipating it as well, since he knew what an important moment this was for me. I had a bouquet of pink roses with me - for Stevie of course, and it was my foolish hope that I might be lucky enough to actually give them to her. Initially, security spotted the flowers and told me I couldn't take them in with me, but we went to another line and managed to get them through. We found our seats and, although somewhat disappointed the Fan Club pre-sale didn't produce better seating, we anxiously waited for the band to take the stage. The minutes ticked away, and we passed the time spotting many Stevie lookalikes in black lace and boots. When the lights finally dimmed I could hardly contain my excitement. I just kept saying, "Oh My God" as the first notes of The Chain began and my beautiful rock goddess came into view. It was almost more than I could take. We were on our feet, in complete and utter stunned awe at the sight of Stevie, Lindsey, Mick and John. Every song was remarkable, and we realized we were witnessing true rock legends and pop icons performing the classic (and new) songs we loved - right before our eyes. By Landslide I was crying like a baby, as was my friend Dave. The scrim they used as a giant screen during Landslide and Big Love was a great effect. Beautiful Child was a rare treat - one of my favorite songs from Tusk. Silver Springs just annihilated me. You could have picked me up off the floor. All of the new songs from Say You Will sounded great, but is was Tusk and Stand Back that really set the audience on fire. They both build to such a crescendo, and I wished silently that I could bottle this moment and keep it forever. Every time Stevie did her signature twirl the arena erupted in screams of approval. It was utterly amazing and I'm so grateful I got to see it for myself. As Go Your Own Way began, I made my way down to the floor, my bouquet of roses in tow. Security was not about to let me through and, despite my offers of $20, $50 and more; they would not relent. That's to their credit certainly, but several security guards came over and I was hoping one of them might escort me to the front, just long enough to present the roses to Stevie. I returned to my seat, the roses tucked under the seat, and we finished out the show, rocking with the other fortysomethings to Go Your Own Way. World Turning, and Don't Stop. Talk about reliving our reckless youth! For a few brief moments we WERE 17 and 18 again! The last song of the night was Goodbye Baby and I just couldn't believe it was over already. What a truly astonishing night - one that I will never forget. I'm so glad that I got to see them at this point in their lives and careers. They sounded fantastic, and Stevie completely embodied her celebrated role as rock's High Priestess. Every move she made was confident yet demure, strong - yet sweet and comfortable. She moved like an angel, letting us glimpse her presence for a short time. For me it was a long time coming - but certainly worth the wait.
What an evening, my husband and I have been fans of Fleetwood Mac for many years - (he even saw them perform at the Toby Jug in Surbiton, England when they first started out) and we were not disappointed by them. The music was great )although the sound was not very good on the sides at times), the performance was by people who knew their craft and enjoyed being there. It was my 20th Wedding Anniversary present from my husband and I could not have enjoyed it more - I had always wanted to see them live. I have one suggestion to all the "fans": Please stop going and getting beers, fries etc during the performance, some of us came to listen to the music and it is extremely frustrating to keep on having a view blocked by these people. Lets all go and watch and listen to the show - you have no idea what you are missing. Hope it will not be too long before I can see them again.
Kyra Belan
The concert was the best! Absolutely magical and thrilling! Stevie's divine voice truly enchanted us - my husband and I have always been Mac fans, and in my opinion Stevie is the Goddess of Rock - but this time was the best yet. Lindsey also was terrific, and the whole band as a unit were perfect together. i also noticed how much the audience enjoyed the concert; people stood up and danced, and yelled out : "Stevie I love you!' but yet were polite to each other. I think that the harmonies of the band brought the public to a higher level of consciousness and enjoyment than most have ever experienced, thus creating a wonderful concert ambiance for all. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
First of all I just want to say that I am 20 and this is my first ever Fleetwood Mac concert. I have been waiting patiently since the Dance and Enchanted when I was too young to go to a concert, and then in 2001 when the TISL tour was going on Stevie was in my area on a wednesday and I am a poor college student who had a test that day, so I was completely bummed. I thought I'd never get to see Stevie or the Mac. But on Saturday the day came and I was almost certain the bus I rode to get to Ft. Lauderdale was going to crash or that something equally awful would hinder my chances of seeng the Mac, but I made it! And it was the best concert ever! I went with my boyfriend Carlos, who I turned into a Stevie/Mac fan and we had a blast! Everyone was standing up and dancing and enjoying themselves. Stevie high kicked twice during EYES OF THE WORLD and DON'T STOP. RHIANNON, rocked my socks! Oh my God she was so good, she was really into it, tugging the mike, swishing her head back, marching, and the whole deal. Stevie sounded sooooo good, I could hardly believe I was hearing this live FINALLY, I swear it was like a enlightenment. She looked really good too, in her sparkly see-through top, the Rhiannon outfit and the tux thing. GOLD DUST WOMAN was another great one. She twirled, she did the fingers, everything. STAND BACK was so fabulous it was unbelievable. During the "why don't you just take me home part" she did this crazy spastic back and forth thing with her hands that was so awesome! BEAUTIFUL CHILD was probably my favorite Stevie performance of the night. I loved hearing it live. She got so into it and her eyes looked so sad the whole time she sang it, "I do...wish that you were mine" with the ad libs at the end...Great! GOODBYE BABY was intense too, she looked very sad the whole way through and she teared up. She hung her head for a long time at the end bent down and it gave the performance great depth. TUSK was amazing and COME was one of my favorite Lindsey performances. During GYOW he let people in the front row play his guitar. LANDSLIDE and SILVER SPRINGS were great live, very intense, definitely a highlight. My favorite Lindsey song is I'M SO AFRAID, so that blew me away. God he's amazing. How can he do that every night, for 2 hours? Stevie and Lindsey never looked away during SAY GOODBYE and she looked very unhappy, kind of pouty the whole way through. Watching it I felt like they were in their own little world and I shouldn't be seeing this. It rocked. At the end Lindsey signed some people's stuff and gave someone a setlist. Stevie bent down to touch people's hands after waving to both side of the stage and someone gave her a Snoopy stuffed animal. I still couldn't believe I was seeing all this before my eyes. All in all, my first FM experience was beyond any words I could describe it as. Hopefully I'll save up enough to see them on the secong leg of the tour when they come back! It's hard to come back to the "real life" of school and work after seeing Stevie and the Mac, but I wear my tour shirt proudly to class and wait for the day I see them again!
Saturday night was the Fleetwood Mac show at the Office Depot Center in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The show opened with The Chain and the crowd was going wild! Dreams followed and Stevie had a few smiles while the audience was singing! The most smiles from Stevie came during the song Landslide. The entire arena could be heard singing the song. I think Stevie enjoyed that! Lindsay was completely taking control of the concert! He was playing his guitar so hard it looked like his fingers were going to bleed! He was great and really in tune with the audience. He smiled, waved and kept the audience going! When the band finally played Stand Back, Stevie really rocked! She was twirling like she was 20 again! It was great and the audience loved it! Throughout the evening, Stevie's voice sounded great! She even hit a few high notes on Gold Dust Woman! It was a great show! I am off now to attend the show in Tampa/St. Petersburg!
Francesca Tenebruso-Ball
I just saw Fleetwood the other night at the "Office Depot Center" in Ft. Lauderdale. After driving 6 hours to get there it was well worth every mile! From the first base line of " The Chain" to the awesome video of "Tusk" shown during the song while they all danced, Lindsey coddled Stevie much to everyone's delight, the concert was 2 hours 35 minutes of sheer joy. The song list was the same as you have listed on the site, less "Running through the Garden", which I was dying to see! While Stevie did "Gypsy" the video played behind her. 20 years later, she still looked, sang, and danced every bit as astounding as she did then. 'Landslide" of course was a highlight, a truly lovely moment I got to share in with Stevie and Lindsey. "Beautiful Child" was a dream come true and I think I cried more than Stevie did! Shortly after Stevie showed her range off by rocking out to 'Stand Back",she moved like I haven't seen her do in years, and she looked so happy and at peace. The band was in amazing form, the best I have seen them in years! Mick in his usual humor during his break in "World Turning", had the crowd going with his precussion vest. Of course the standards, "Go Your Own Way", "Don't stop", got the most reactions. My highlight: A teary Stevie and a choked up Lindsey singing "Say Goodbye" to eachother in two spotlights. Stevie closed with, on a lone stage, "Goodbye Baby" which after the opera we had just witnessed was very fitting. Price of tickets: $275.00 Weekend in Ft. Lauderdale: $300.00 Seeing Stevie and Lindsey once again sing into eachother's eyes: PRICELESS!!
Saturday night was the Fleetwood Mac show at the Office Depot Center in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The show opened with The Chain and the crowd was going wild! Dreams followed and Stevie had a few smiles while the audience was singing! The most smiles from Stevie came during the song Landslide. The entire arena could be heard singing the song. I think Stevie enjoyed that! Lindsay was completely taking control of the concert! He was playing his guitar so hard it looked like his fingers were going to bleed! He was great and really in tune with the audience. He smiled, waved and kept the audience going! When the band finally played Stand Back, Stevie really rocked! She was twirling like she was 20 again! It was great and the audience loved it! Throughout the evening, Stevie's voice sounded great! She even hit a few high notes on Gold Dust Woman! It was a great show! I am off now to attend the show in Tampa/St. Petersburg!
Kim Morgan
My name is Kim Morgan and I attended the AMAZING Fleetwood Mac show on June 7th in Ft. Lauderdale, FL at the Office Depot Center. I strapped on some high heeled boots, a flowing skirt and got ready to rock on with Stevie and the boys....having seen Stevie in the Enchanted tour in 2001, my expectations were high, but this show blew them out of the water! The enormous venue was full to the rim with screaming fans who barely took their seats for the nearly 2 1/2 hour show. Stevie looked FABULOUS(even better then in pictures!) as she twirled about the stage during "Gold Dust Woman" and "Stand Back"(my favorite song of the evening). As an eighteen-year-old, I felt priveledged to be among the "new generation" of Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks fans and was very happy to see that I am not alone. The show proved that Fleetwood Mac has stand the test of time -- my mom agrees that they rocked as hard Saturday night as they did on the Rumours tour. Bravo and thanks for an awesome evening!
Jim Ash
This is the second tour date I have seen, and the band simply gets better! I was blessed with section 133, fourth row, so our section could see the band enter/exit the stage. It was so close, you felt as though you could touch the band members, if security wasn`t standing there. Lindsey and Stevie looked at us so many times; it felt great to be so close. The chemistry, once again, between the band was evident and the crowd roared when Lindsey and Srevie embraced, kissed after Landslide. It was a magical evening, that brought back so many memories of past concerts on their various tours. Mick`s solo is so powerful, and the audience becomes entranced. Lindsey is the master of various guitars, and Stevie`s voice and prescence on stage captivates the audience. John takes his usaul stance, aside the drums, but is enjoying his time on stage. The arena went wild when Stevie performed Gold Dust Woman and Stand Back. There was a young girl in the first row on the floor, dressed like Stevie, and Lindsey was acknowledging her attendance while the girl danced and had the time of her life. I wish I could follow them on the entire tour; it is just an amazing evening, and you can tell how grateful each performer is that the audience came to the arena to share an evening of memories. Fleetwood Mac is timeless, and I thank them for yet, another evening of dancing, singing and loud clapping, cheering. You are the best!
Bonnie Brown
Wow, what a fantastic show! Fleetwood Mac does what only Fleetwood Mac can do! What more could a girl ask for than to see her favorite band, with her favorite person by her side? My friend had never seen them, always liked them and now is totally hooked. The band was really tight and Lindsey was in top form as usual. He sounded like he might have a bit of a cold but that did not stop his brilliant performance! The highlights were "Come" and "I'm so Afraid". He was literally beating on his guitar. All of Stevie's songs were great! I thought "Rhiannon" was perhaps the best. The new songs were well received and played out with a lot of eye contact between Stevie and Lindsey. They still have that thing between them. During one song he grabbed Stevie and started dancing with her. I have never been to Office Depot Center, what a nice arena. It is very large, and I was surprised that it was not sold out at all on a Saturday night. But then again it seats 20,000. This is the 10th time I have seen Fleetwood Mac and/ or Stevie and if I could have I would have gone to see them in Tampa the next night!
Angela Sellati
I was lucky enough to see Fleetwood Mac at the Office Depot Center in Ft. Lauderdale. The night was magical: The band sounded amazingly good, Stevie's singing was as beautiful live as on record, and the venue was perfect (the sound was great). To start things off we also had the pleasure of seeing none other than Mr. Lenny Kravitz step out of a limo. I believe Stevie even dedicated Landslide to him. The Chain was the first song and a great kickoff to the show. John's famous bass line was haunting. The highlights of the night were the harmonies at the end of "Say You Will," Lindsey and Mick's jam session in "I'm So Afraid" and Taku's percussion opening of Stevie's "Stand Back." If people weren't dancing before, they got up and danced to that one. It's great watching musicians who truly love their craft. The talent on stage was unreal and yet they all seem so humble. Stevie thanked the crowd after almost every one of her songs. I'm glad I became a Fleetwood Mac member and was able to secure decent seats. However, even being able to simply hear them play would have been worth the money spent!! Fleetwood Mac seems to be like a fine wine....they get even better with time!!!
Rick Phillips
As a 43 year old man, I have been to many concerts including Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks solo. This show was absolutely the best I ever saw. The cohesiveness between the group was evident from the get go. Lindsay rocked the house and Stevie never sounded better. I would go again tonight if only possible.
Terri Simpson
As a fan of 25 years, I must admit I was a little apprehensive upon finding Christine McVie was not to be in the Fleetwood Mac tour. However, last night put all those thoughts to rest!! Simply put- Lindsay dazzles,Stevie sizzles, and the band just rocks!! I went with my friends and among them was a 26 year old and she called them "awesome." The band carried themselves extremely well and left us wanting more of them in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida....hopefully they will return...quite memorable.
Veronica Garcia
It was an amazing performance by Fleetwood Mac. This being my first Fleetwood Mac concert and hoping for more is something that I will remember for life. It was a privilege to have them near my home town that I would've followed them to Tampa just to see them perform again.
Christopher G. & Harlan G.
First off let me give you a little background, back in April of 2003 I was still leaving in Denver, Colorado and at that time Fleetwood Mac and not announced a date for Denver, so I thought I would just see them in Phoenix Az. But when my job had an offer to transfer me to Bradenton, Fl I took it in a heartbeat knowing Fleetwood Mac was going to be in Sunrise (Ft. Lauderdale area) on June 7th. On or around 04/15/03 I got 2 tickets to see Fleetwood Mac in Sunrise Florida for 06/07/03 having no clue what journey a fan would go through for the love of the music and the band. First off the tickets traveled through 5 states with me, and 2nd second I drove over 4 1/2 hr. from Bradenton to Sunrise to see Fleetwood Mac. That was going from the West coast of FL to the East cost of Fl. Now keep this mind these tickets were bought way before a Tampa date was announced. So finally afar 2 months of anticipation June 7th arrived. We left Bradenton at 12 Noon and arrived in Sunrise about 3pm. We got to the arena at 6pm and what a beautiful stadium it was. Great parking, friendly staff, nicely laid out, very easy to find your seats and this is for my first time at the Office Depot Center. The concert was supposed to start at 8:00pm , Fleetwood Mac arrived on stage about 15 minutes late hitting the stage with "The Chain" which was just magical, and from that song on it was just like sitting down with old friends and reliving great old memories. My partner and I danced, screamed , cried yelled we "Love you Lindsey and Stevie", and made new friends with some of the other concert goers when they found out how much of a fan my partner and I were and how far we had traveled to see Fleetwood Mac. It was a fun and a truly magical night one that I will treasure always in my heart, soul and mind. I saw Fleetwood Mac in "The Dance" and I haven't seen them put this much energy into a show. The songs were amazing, Lindsey was out of sight and mind, and Stevie Nick's voice was brilliant and colorful and never once did it fail her. Stevie looked healthy and very happy and relaxed. When she sang "Landslide" and hugged Lindsey I cried, when Stevie sang "Beautiful Child" there was not a noise in the house and I cried some more. When Stevie did "Stand Back" at 100 M.P.H. it was aswome she twirled 7 times in a row and never missed a step or beat. It was the fastest and best version of "Stand Back" I have ever heard. After all these magical years the chemistry between Lindsey and Stevie & the rest of her band mates was still there. For once the band looked healthy and happey and very relaxed and they seemed to just have fun. When Stevie was singing "Landslide" & she she stated the lyric "I'm getting older too" her and Lindsey started to laugh a little in the middle of the song, it was great. He just smiled at her and waved his hand at her and smiled some more. It was a great show, we had great seats, the band has never sounded better and after all these wonderful years they still looked great together and the songs they sang were the best they could have picked from there many song catalog. I loved the live version of "Say You Will" it rocked. My partner had only wished that being from New York they had sang Illume (9-11). But the songs they picked from there current CD was a great selection I cried again when Stevie sang "Goodbye Baby". Very pretty song and powerful. It was so much fun just to watch Mick Fleetwood play solo on the drums too. He was great and hasn't lost his touch or energy or style. Thanks Fleetwood Mac we love you!! It was a wonderfull night we willnever forget ever.
Annelys R.
All I can say is WOW, WHAT A FANTASTIC SHOW!!! This was truly the best 2 1/2 hours of my entire life. The show started at about 8:10pm, and from that time to 10:45pm when it ended it was nonstop rock n roll at its best. Lindsey sounded fantastic and his guitar playing was just exhilarating, Mick was incredibly wild, crazy and great, John was awesome, and Stevie... Well Stevie was a goddess. She looks fantastic and sounds even better live than on any CD I've ever listened to. The set list was varied and highlighted all of their best songs, and even "Don't Stop" without Christine McVie was edgy and it got everyone on their feet dancing and clapping. The entire show was just heavenly and it makes you appreciate what truly wonderful music is. Oh, and I forgot to mention, I'm only fifteen, so from all their younger fans out there, THE MAC ROCK!!!!!!! The show was worth every cent and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just got back from the Ft. Lauderdale Show. Absolutly incredible, magical, amazing, almost indescribable!

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