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12/07/03 SECC Arena Glasgow, Scotland

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Carol, Joe & Blair Kelly
the fleetwood mac concert on sunday 7th december at the secc glasgow was fantastic!!!!!!!
Stephen Jones & Jean Archibald
For us this was the third and, sadly, final instalment of our little Macstravaganza, and what an incredible couple of weeks this has been. What better way to end it than with a gig in our home town? Security had us a little concerned at first, as they wouldn’t let anyone stand at the stage. Eventually, after being told to sit down for the third time, a friendly bouncer had a quiet word, and told us just to wait till the lights went down, then go for it. Happily we managed to win the 20 yard dash to bag “prime site” for the first time this tour! The gap between the monitors at Stevie’s feet was ours, and this was going to be a night to remember! We met a lovely American girl called Erin there. She had been to 16 shows in the States, and had flown over specially for this concert! Stevie seemed to know her, she smiled down at her and dedicated Beautiful Child to “someone who has came all the way over from the USA to hear this”. Just in case you check in here (I'm sure you will) - It was lovely to meet you Erin. Stevie looked in good spirits again last night, lots of smiling and eye contact with the crowd. She came over and took our fluffy penguin off us before we had even had a chance to hold it up! We had it sitting down in front of us and she came over about half way through the show, looked down at Jean, smiled, mouthed “thank you”, picked him up then took him over and sat him on the drum riser, dead centre, where he remained until she picked him up and took him off stage at the end. The people up the back were really giving it some – very very loud. Probably the loudest I’ve heard this tour. As Mick took his seat before the start of World Turning the crowd, without prompting, began stamping their feet and clapping in time. Mick, of course, was delighted at this and milked it for all it was worth, standing up and clapping his hands then joining in the beat with his bass drum. Later, for the band intros, Mick was really having fun – extending all the intros and playing the crowd. The roar Lindsey and Stevie both got was quite something, Mick had to give up waiting for them to die down, because they weren’t going to! Funny the things you notice sometimes. I don’t know whether they always do this, but at the final bows, when all four are in front of the drum riser, Stevie plays footsie with John, rubbing her left foot up against him, John then “passes it on” to Mick, ditto Lindsey” – they were having FUN up there. Finally, a moment that Jean will cherish for ever, and I couldn’t think of a better way to end this couple of weeks. Final bows, and Stevie came over to her mike. Jean held her hand up in faint hope, as she always does, but this time Stevie reached down with her left hand and took Jean’s right hand in hers, held it, looked right in her eyes and was mouthing something at her!!!! Totally surreal moment. I asked Jean afterwards what Stevie had said, but she never caught it – she only caught “Thank you”, but not what came afterwards. A really special moment for her, one that she will never forget. Thanks Stevie. We love you!
This was my first time to see Fleetwood Mac and I was convinced that I was never going to see them. I have been traveling for the past year but no matter where I was, the band seemed to be somewhere else. I decided to cut my trip short by a couple of weeks to see them in my home town of Glasgow. They did not disappoint. It was one of the best concerts I have ever seen made even better by the fact that I was standing about four feet from Stevie with Lindsey looking over in my direction every so often (I think he was pleased that somebody knew every word to every song including the new ones as he kept smiling at me when I was singing). I was really disappointed as there seemed to be something wrong with his top E string during I'm So Afraid but he covered it well, especially when he came down and let a few of us touch his guitar and arms!!!!!!. His performance on Come was unbelievable and I could not take my eyes off him which I wasn't expecting. Stevie of course looked fantastic and was singing her little heart out. She sang Beautiful Child really well and dedicated it to Erin(?) who had flown from the States to see them. I should point out that I flew from New Zealand so technically I came from further away ;-) During the intro to Stand Back (which was really good) she was about to take a puff of her inhaler but dropped when she was shaking it and it flew across the stage and she was very confused for a second! I had watched the DVD's of concerts but I didn't really appreciate the intenseness of Stevie and Lindsey's relationship on stage until they were screaming the chorus of Silver Springs across the stage. It was great to see them together again and they seemed really happy to be there. Many reviews I have read commented on the fact that John didn't seem to be too happy but when I saw him on Sunday he was smiling and chatting a lot with Stevie - he even got her to do some spins for him which made him really laugh. Mick of course was as mad as ever and closed the show by shouting 'Just remember - the Mac is Back'. For me, i only had to wait a few more days before I would see them again and I couldn't wait Show highlights - Lindsey on 'Come', Stevie's dance on 'Say You Will', Lindsey on 'Say Goodbye' and Stevie's 'Stand Back'
I feel very privileged to have seen the band that I have adored since I was 9, three times on their current UK Tour. My all time favourite singer Stevie Nicks blew me away with her energy and passion matched by Lyndsay's enthusiasm and Micks eccentricity, not forgetting John in the engine room. All three concerts Newcastle, Manchester and Glasgow followed more or less the same format with only the unfortunate fighting incident at the beginning of Tusk at the Manchester show which led to the introduction of the song being aborted and the perpetrators removed from the premises before the song could be restarted. Perhaps I am biased because I am a Scot but the show in Glasgow was far superior to the shows in England due mainly to the much better response of the audience, the audiences at Newcastle and Manchester seemed to be reluctant or perhaps too old to get off their seats. Anyway, Glasgow was a much different proposition with both Stevie and Lindsay being idolised by the crowd. Stevie was note perfect and provision us with some perfect renditions of favourites including Landslide, Rhiannon, Gold Dust Woman, Silver Springs, Gypsy and a superb Dont Stop which had the Audience on their feet and dancing. New songs went down really well and most of the audience was familiar with the songs. Lyndsay I have to say was revered as a God with standing ovations after all his guitar solo pieces including Come, I'm so Afraid. The crowd really responded and I hope that Lyndsay noted this. To conclude felt that the show was excellent, venues could have been better, but I cannot think of any other act who could have held their audience so enthralled for such a long time, playing like they did for 2 1/2 hours. Hope that the band will come back again or that Stevie will play solo gigs in the UK as I will be first in line for tickets.

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