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8/19/03 Alerus Center Grand Forks, ND

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Joanna Leigh
I drove six hours to see the concert in Grand Forks. For my fourth Fleetwood Mac concert this year, it was awesome! I swear they just keep getting better! I didn't sit down once durring the whole show. After Gold Dust Woman I don't think ANYONE was sitting down! There are just no words to say just how you feel after a Fleetwood Mac concert. When Lindsey and Stevie get up on the stage there is a certin chemestry between them that you feel. There presence, together, makes this band shine. Lindsey's guitar came unplugged durring tusk and he just put down his guitar and started chasing Stevie...it was so fun to watch, the crowd went crazy! One of the greatest parts of the concert is when Taku and Mick get crazy on the drums durring World Turning, it is so hypnotizing! Stevie is so beautiful! It is always a heart-lifting experiance to watch your hero do what she does best. I again cried durring Gold Dust Woman and Beautiful Child. I danced my heart out to Stand Back and Don't Stop (along with everyone else in the audiance!) Thank you for the wonderful memories! peace.

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