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6/14/03 Van Andel Grand Rapids, MI

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Sarah Holly
Without a doubt, this concert was the BEST I have ever attended. Talk about the Finest Wine around. I can't believe how fantasically flawless this show is. Everyone looks great and sounds even better. Pardon the mushiness, but I have to tell you that I shed more than a few tears at the show. I have waited ALL my Life for this moment, and when it finally arrived, my Dreams were fullfilled in the best way possible. Mick was as maniacal as ever! Do you ever get eye aches??? (THANK YOU MICK) Your percussional talents put me in awe. The best was at the end though. This skin tappin master has fancied a drum set out of his CLOTHES! What a rush! By the way I love those sexy knickers! Lindsey just blew my mind like I knew he would. I mean come on guys, have you ever heard anything near as sweet???? I think NOT!!! John's heart thumpin bass lines kept us all groovin through this most unforgettable performance! And Stevie oh Stevie. Girl, You have got that magic we all wish we had. I have no words that are suitable to describe this amazing woman in her flowing black gown. Well maybe I do. 2 words, "Like Butter!!!!!" Her whole being gives off a very spiritualistic aura that just filled the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids this past Saturday. Thank you all for being the most beautiful people and for being there for me throughout my whole life. I will be 30 in a couple of weeks, and I can't recall a moment when I heard a Fleetwood Mac tune I couldn't recite word for word. And probably backwards too!! The first song I ever knew(4 yrs. old thank you) by heart is Dreams. and to this day I sing it for anyone who will listenor not. When Stevie and Lindsey got together and grooved I was just in awe cause yeah your getting older, but baby oh baby it just gets Better and Better!! Thank you again for the amazing show you all put on. I would never could never forget the way you made history for me and all in attendance that warm Saturday evening in Our little home town. My kudos as well tall of the other musicians who rounded out this amazing foursome. How lucky we all are. I only wish I was 1 of those backin you all up. I f you ever need an extra vocalist, (I can sing,REALLY!) I'm in the book! Look me up. And Stevie girl if you ever need an ear to bend I'd be honored to lend mine... PS. My husband Todd, who has probably seen 100 concerts in his life agrees when I say this was definitely the Best ever!!!!!!!!
Curtis Helmus
I made a trip home from California to see Stevie in my home city of Grand Rapids. The show was worth the trip. Steve is amazing. This was the 14th time I have seen her in concert. I am looking forward to seeing the show on July 12 in LA where I live now. Thank you Stevie for being an inspiration in my life.
Last night was the most amazing night of my life!!! I went to the show in Detroit on June 12 too, but I really think the band had more energy (if that is possible) in Grand Rapids. They were totally feeding off of the crowd, it was just magical. I guess I'll just go through each song, and talk a little about it. The Chain- The buildup for this song is just so great. I love how you can just barely see the band when they enter on the stage and then you can only see their shadows until they start singing. Just great! And like I always say, John's bass riff is just killer on this song, and the crowd was loving it!! Dreams- I just love this song...not a whole lot going on except of course great vocals and amazing musicianship:) Eyes of the World- Can I just say that this song is just so much fun live. I know I said that on my Detroit review, but it really is. The image I have in my head is during the "aah aah aah's" that they sing in the chorus, and Stevie's eyes are just sooo big and totally smiling. She has so much fun with that part you can tell. And she does this thing where she hits her tambourine right on the beat...I can't really describe it, but it's very cute. And Lindsey's excitement on this song is awesome too. I just love his vocals on this one, and of course the guitar! Peacekeeper- Of course this song begins with Lindsey's intro that I'm guessing he says at every show:) Ya gotta love the man! The crowd seemed to enjoy this song here than in Detroit, and the band was using that to their advantage. Say You Will- Stevie's little intro to this song is like this "this is another song from the new album Say You Will, BUT it's the SONG Say You Will." I think that's so funny, you think she's going to say something important after the "BUT" but it's not. That just cracks me up...I'm weird I know. Anyway, I really like this song live, and I love Stevie's little lasso move she does in the part "...if I can get you to dance." It's so cute...she has this huge smile on her face everytime! Never Going Back Again- This song is SO great live! I just love the way Lindsey holds the note at the end of each line. The women in the audience were going mad!! And that guitar...wow, what a talent this man has! Rhiannon- Ok...let me just say, I was BLOWN AWAY by Stevie's performance on this song. I know everyone thinks that she's lost a lot of her stage mojo as far as her energy and fiery vocals, but she definitely brought them back for this number. Now like I've said, I just saw them in Detroit and she put way more into this version than that one. I never did see FM in the 70's because I wasn't born yet:) but I imagine it would have been close to this. Maybe I'm exaggerating but I don't think so. There were times during this song and during Gold Dust Woman where Stevie just looked so stunning and looked just like she did in the 70's. AMAZING!!! She really ripped it on this song. You know the parts "...take me with you to the sky-ky, dreamer, try you can't leave her." She was perfect! And the reaction from the crowd after this song was unbelievable, everybody felt it!! Come- Now it's Lindsey's turn to shine, and boy did he!! A lot of people sat down or went to the bathroom during this song but I kept standing, I didn't care. I was in the 12th row, in front of Lindsey, and I was trying so hard to get his attention during this song but to no avail:) Anyway, this song is so incredible you can't even describe it. I mean, when Lindsey starts his monster guitar solo and is standing on the amps in the middle of the stage in his white shirt...he just looks like a god or something...just fabulous!! Gypsy- Again, Stevie's vocals were just so amazing last night. This has always been one of my favorites of hers and now I like it even more!! Just great! And I still don't know how Lindsey does that guitar part at the end. Second Hand News- I just love this song(I'm sounding a bit redundant, no?) That line "...won't you lay me down in the tall grass and let me do my stuff." Everyone loved that line last night. And I just love when Lindsey yells " do it do it do it" really fast! Now it's time for the acoustic set: Big Love- I love how they bring down that other huge screen right behind Mick. That's really cool. Of course this song is just completely genius in the way Lindsey performs it. I don't know how his fingers don't quit on him, he must have to do some kind of hand exercises or something. Anyway, another perfect rendition. Landslide- Definitely a crowd favorite. Once again, EVERYONE was singing along to this one. And it was so cute because at the end right after Stevie sings "...well maybe" the crowd went nuts and wouldn't stop and Stevie put her hands on her hips like saying "come on guys." She was loving it though. Oh yeah, and during Lindsey's guitar solo Stevie was behind him kind of like tapping on his shoulder or something I couldn't really tell. And then he put his arm around her after the song...so cute!! Say Goodbye- This is one of my favorites from the new album. Just some great lyrics and that mile a minute guitar again. They sing it a bit slower live but it's still magnificent. And I just love how they're singing it directly to each other. What's the World Coming To- I really think this song is a lot better live. I love how it picks up more after the first chorus. People were sitting at the beginning but eventually stood up...a fun song! Beautiful Child- Stevie introduced this as a song she didn't think would ever really be performed live. And then she said something like "songwriters unite, it happened." I could be wrong on that but I think that's what she said. I cannot get over how gorgeous this song is, especially live. All the emotion Stevie puts into it and her voice just soars on this one it's unreal! Gold Dust Woman- Woo hoo!! My favorite song!! Again...the energy Stevie had in this song was very reminiscient of the past(at least from what I've seen on video:)) She did all the hand movements and everything. Even the part when she sings "oooh pale shadow...she's a dragon" and she does that thing where she opens her hands up and has her arms out. Ok..very bad description but I'm sure you know what I mean. Oh and it was so funny because there was a part where all she did was extend her arms out when her back was to the audience and everyone went nuts! And her pose at the end lasted a very long time! it was so great. I'm So Afraid- My fav Lindsey song. He just rips through those guitar parts on this one. And Stevie's harmonies are amazing, just beautiful!! And this is the song where he sits on the edge of the stage and lets the people touch his guitar...I just love that. Silver Springs- Such a powerful number. Stevie had great power and energy on this song as well. Tusk- This has never really been one of my favorite songs, but I really do like it live. Lindsey is just such a clown on this one...it's great. He first went over to John and kind of jumped on him while he was playing. Then he started chasing Stevie around and eventually got her...so cute!! Stand Back- OMG...I just can't get enough of this song live. From the very beginnig to the very end, Stevie is just on fire with energy and emotion. And her vocals never skip a beat. This is always so great because the twirls come out in full force on this one. And the very last "...stand BACK" in the song...she had a lot of mojo in those two words, and she threw her fist in the air...so awesome!! Go Your Own Way- Another crowd favorite, everyone was singing to this one. I can't remember at the Detroit show or not, but here Stevie was wearing that tuxedo kind of coat she used to wear during Go Your Own Way, she looked great! And Lindsey was just all smiles during this performance! And then when they pretended to leave, Lindsey was giving some autographs to people in the first row, i was so jealous! World Turning- Now it's time for Mick to get his spotlight. I can't really understand what he's saying most of the time. But he did say "are you ready for a little hanky-panky" or something like that. But this song is so much fun live too. And I think Stevie does a good job covering Chris' lines. Don't Stop- Another crowd favorite. A great song, but it does make you miss Christine! Goodbye Baby- Great one, just great. A lot of people had left after Don't Stop, but it was still awesome. Stevie sounded magnificent and it was a great way to end this glorious night!!

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