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5/12/04 The Resch Center Green Bay, WI

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ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Simply the greatest 2 hours 45 minutes of music I have ever heard. I've never seen a band play to an audience like Fleetwood Mac did last night. Stevie was gorgeous--the crowd (including myself..I am totally hoarse today!) went crazy when she did her "Stevie spins" during "Stand Back." "Landslide", "Silver Springs", and "Goodbye, Baby" brought tears to my eyes. During "Landslide", Stevie walked in back of Lindsey and just hugged him around his shoulders....amazing chemistry and love that you don't see in "today's" music. Lindsey's guitar work was unbelievable. He was crazy...just jumping around on the stage and throwing his guitars after the song was done. You could really see that he absolutely loves what he does. Mick was...well just Mick. Crazy facial expressions and bright red shoes. John was quiet, set in the back, but always had a smile on his face. The most diverse crowd I've ever seen...younger than me (25) to people my grandparents ages...simply spectacular. The best $122.00 I've ever spent--the greatest concert I've ever seen.

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