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9/10/03 Greensboro Coliseum Greensboro, NC

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Jim Lankford
My third concert of this tour! Earlier this year my senior daughter, Jackie, had taken me to the Atlantic City and Philly concerts, which were fabulous. Is it possible to be better than fabulous?...Well, it is. In Greensboro Stevie's enthusiasm and energy were high from the opening song and remained throughout the concert. In Philly she seemed to take several songs to really get warmed up. Also, the interactions between Stevie and Lindsey have increased and become more playful....yes, I realize most of it is probably pre-planned, but they sure are good at it and getting better as the tour progresses. For this concert I had the honor of taking my 17 year old daughter, Jennifer....her first live exposure to Stevie and Fleetwood Mac. We were in the floor section, 12 rows from the stage...no binoculars needed....and the people around us were all great Mac fans...and as you may have experienced before, being in that section meant we stood for the entire concert dancing, singing and yelling. During the two-hour drive to Greensboro, Jennifer wanted to listen to her music all the way...no Mac stuff....but on the way back home all she wanted to hear was music from the Say You Will album. That fact alone speaks volumes about the concert's impact on her. She now has a new favorite song....Stevie's Say You Will. Stevie was absolutely mesmerizing...for Jennifer, seeing her perform live brought all those pictures of Stevie in my den to life. Now she knows that the legendary and bewitching rock star is both real and infectious....she was taken with the "Stevie spell"...which is a most pleasant affliction as we, who already have it, know so well. Jennifer and I are both struggling with guitar lessons and she was awestruck by Lindsey's guitar playing. We both accept that neither of us will ever play guitar that well.....Lindsey is just superb and shame on Rolling Stone for not including him in their list of the 100 Greatest Guitar Players. A few selected highlights of the concert.....Stevie was far more talkative and interactive with us than she was in the two earlier concerts I attended. This was evident from her opening yell "Hello, Greensboro", to her explaining to us at some length how great it was to be able to perform "Beautiful Child" live, something she had never expected to happen, to her efforts to go to all parts of the stage to wave to those nearby, and at the end she was able to lean over and squeeze quite a few hands. Someone gave her a single white flower which she then took over to Lindsey and held it up to his nose while smiling and talking to him...wonder what she was saying? Jennifer and I bought more stuff at the merchandise counters than I want to admit....including TOUR BOOKS!!...yes, they had them available. As an amusing aside, while waiting in line to buy merchandise I was talking to Jennifer and the guy in front of us turned around and said to me, " I know your voice...you were in the Stevie FanClub show." Quite a perceptive guy! A similar experience had occurred at the Atlantic City show where a guy jumped up as Jackie and I were walking by and said "I know you two!....". For those who have watched the VH1 Stevie Nicks FanClub show, I am the old guy, the Chemistry Professor, and Jackie is my daughter. I am happy to report that all continues well between Dad and Jackie...the Stevie magnetism is still helping to keep us together. Greensboro was an opportunity for me to bond to Jennifer at a crucial time in her young life. Once again, I believe Stevie's magic (with the awesome help of Fleetwood Mac) will be a powerful influence connecting me and Jennifer. I sure pray for that. Thank you Stevie and Fleetwood Mac for not only a spectacular evening but for all you have given to your fans over the many years.
Tracie Nelson
I saw the show both in Greenville Sc and Greensboro Nc. I must tell you both were great but, the Greensboro concert was AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!! Stevie and Lyndsey were all over the stage....THEY WERE GREAT !!! I absolutley adore Stevie, her music has always meant so much to me and my life. The job they done in Greensboro just shows you how timeless they are. Hats off to you guys for a WONDERFUL SHOW !!!!!!!
As I awoke the morning after the concert the music was still playing in my head. There was a huge smile on my face and all I could think about was what I had witnessed a few hours earlier. I was so happy to learn that Greensboro had been included in the tour and I was going to see them together again after 21 years. What an incredible night! You guys were magical! Stevie you will always be the poet in my heart and I wish you the best of luck with the rest of the tour. Wednesday night I slipped into my own little world as I absorbed your musical talents. Forgotten was the stress and problems and I was transported into their world. I was lucky to have seats on the floor and it seemed that everyone there rocked as hard as they did. Gypsy and Beautiful Child were my favorites of the night and to see you spinning around the stage of our little town was truly a treat. The next morning however when I did come back to reality and switched on the am news I learned that there had been a tragic accident after the show. Three sisters just leaving the concert in a Limo was struck from behind by a drunk driver and the Limo exploded. What a tradgedy this is for all that loved them and my thoughts and prayers are with the family. So please people DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE! I'm sorry to be a downer on the review site but this touched by heart and I felt the need to write about it. Stevie's last song of the night was Goodbye Baby and as I listened to it again last night I knew that this song will forever in my mind belong to those three sisters, although I did not know them I will never forget them for they too had shared a wonderful night with us all in the Greensboro Coliseum.
James D.
What can I say! First of all, thanks to the Nicksfix (John Kinney) for this website. I have been logging on to your website for many years getting my fix for the Nicks. Great job! Now for the concert review. I had the most magical evening on Wednesday night in Greensboro, NC.. This marked my 3rd Fleetwood Mac concert and the 7th Stevie Nicks performance. The concert was so full of energy, with the crowd on thier feet. Here are some of the hightlights. It was so good to see Stevie and Lindsey dancing arm to arm during the ending of Tusk, is there still a spark, I think so! Also another highlight for me was hearing Stevie singing alternate endings to the songs Beautiful Child and Rhiannon. I saw them in Columbus, OH on May 7th, in comparision of both performances, I would have to say the energy on stage really showed out in Greensboro. Lindsey playing guitar on his knees on the edge of the stage was really cool, he kept jumping up and down on stage, quite a youthful performance, I don't think he is getting older, he may be drinking from the crystal water! My favorite ultimate highlight was seeing Stevie spinning during Stand Back. Out of all tv, concert performances and live shows that I have seen. I have have never seen Stevie spin so fast and for so long during Stand Back. My Mac is definetly back! "Come to the show".
Tami Sue Rich
This concert is a MUST SEE for anyone who likes Fleetwood Mac!!! I have been a huge fan for years, but had never seen Lindsey Buckingham with the group live. The more I listen to the new CD, the more I love it. Lindsey's "Goodbye" song to Stevie brought me to tears the first time I heard it on the CD. I have a whole new respect for Lindsey. He may be one of our most underrated musicians. Stevie was lots of fun to watch play the air drums! I love her and her music so much. She dedicated "Landslide" to her sweet Father, whom she said had been traveling with them for the last few days. I could see him to the side of the stage. Thanks, Fleetwood Mac, for coming to Greensboro!! I won't forget it.
Janet Obenchain
Wow, we went to the show in D. C. in May and it was Great, but when you think something can't get any better, you a sure shown to be wrong. My husband and I traveled to Greensboro yesterday for the show, and let me tell you, it was better than before! They say wine gets better with age, well so does Fleetwood Mac. You guys can really put on a show and entertain an audience thoroughly. Thanks, and I hope this is not the last concert of Fleetwood Mac that I see, I WANT MORE!!!!!!
Monica Cecil
I bought a ticket on the computer two days before and got 2nd row centerstage on stevies side. this was concert 10 for me and the 2nd of this tour saw them in greenville. all I can say is rock on and the most awesome band in the history of rock all at the top of their talents. and being so close was doubly incredible . stevie seemed in a lighter spirit last night as she and the band played both the music and emotions of their entertwined lives. it was so beautiful to see Lindsey and Stevie that beautiful bond that has matured. hilites... the entire 2 hours and 45 minutes they played Lindseys guitar it is artistry in motion, Micks passion and animal magnetism ,John quiet but brilliant, and Ms. Stevie Nicks the empress of rock god bless you stevie . just being in her presence and feeling the oceans of emotion in each lyric, the best in all the world. I feel so very priviledged to have come of age back in the 70s right here in greensboro as a teenager wow and then last nite all these years later it was still as intensely brilliant as ever. To Fleetwood Mac Thank you for so many extraordianry experiences in your presence and to Stevie Know this that the 6 ft talltigerlily in the second row will follow u for the rest of my life and your words are as a living journal to me. from my heart all my love...remember those who were lost. 9-11-03
Passionate, Fast-paced, High Voltage...are all words I'd use to describe the Mac concert in Greensboro last night. With a gorgeous full moon hanging high over head...Fleetwood Mac showed Greensboro...once again after many years away...that all that glitters is definantely gold and that magic only shines brighter as the years progress...if one has faith in their dreams and love in their hearts for the craft that they undertake. If anyone had any questions at all as to the reason for this tour...they were answered Wednesday night. The reason being the MAC's dedication to their music, their love of performing and the emotional ties that bind. Mick, Stevie, Lindsay and John (whom Mick stated was "the glue that held them all together - the Mac Daddy")...laughed, danced, cried, sang, and played their hearts out to their fans...and to each other...a'mid the glorious flickering of cigerette lighters that dotted the coliseum like fireflies. Highlights of the evening were Stevie's re-dedication of "Landslide" to her father whom she said had been with them on the last few tour dates. Also during one song, Lindsay threw his guitar down and began dancing and teasing Stevie as if he were a bull and the two ended up "air boxing" with each other ending the song with a very intense slow dance where Lindsay nestled his face in Stevie's hair...for a very long while...much to Stevie's very obvious delight. Stevie's "Stand Back" was amazing...even more powerful than from her Wild Heart tour. We lost count of her twirls and high kicks!!! It was full-tilt energy wrapped in gossamer, black and sequined chiffon. "Silver Springs" was classic, heartbreaking...ending with Stevie screaming the closing lines of the song and then slowly spinning, shielding her eyes with her right forearm, overcome with emotion. She seemed to be having a very public yet private moment. Which is what we all love about Stevie! One merchandise note...we did have the Souvenier Concert Program on this date...so that was cool. My friend and I had excellent seats next to the stage...Stevie's side, no less...so we managed to be witness to a few of her costume changes in the "shadows". Also...our seats where located at just such an angle that we could see Stevie's dressing room located right behind the projection screens that flanked the back of the stage. We actually saw her in front of her dressing mirror and vanity, etc...before they closed the black curtains. It was interesting to have a small glimpse of the "behind the scenes" atmosphere. Something only a true, die-hard fan could appreciate. The night went by way too fast and reality sat in way too quickly as we all went on about our seperate lives afterwards. As today is the two year anniversary of 9/11...Mick's final words last night to the audience still hit an especially tender spot...he said, "Take care of yourselves, but more importantly...take care of each other."
Last night I spent a magical evening watching Fleetwood Mac perform live at the Greensboro Coliseum. I'm a bit groggy from lack of sleep, so please forgive me if I ramble. I have been listening to FM since around 3rd grade, and I am now 34 years old. FM has been a huge part of the soundtrack to my life. Their songs and Stevie's solo work are so far above and beyond any other popular artists; there is no comparison. Until last night, I had never had the pleasure of seeing the group live. I have seen Stevie perform solo twice, both times within the last five years. The ticket price was $95.00, and parking was an outrageous $10.00. Add on service charges and a few beers, and the total for my evening was around $140.00. I originally had not planned to go to the show, because of the cost and because the show was on a weeknight in a city about 90 miles from my home. But I guess it was meant to be for me to finally get to see them, because a friend had a ticket but couldn't go and needed to sell it. How could I say no? The show was worth every penny. At one point Stevie thanked the audience for "continuing to support this band." It was my pleasure!! John McVie nailed the bass in "The Chain," the first song of the evening, but he never left his spot next to the drums. I guess he really does prefer to stay out of the spotlight. Mick Fleetwood clearly is having a great time on this tour. The cameras spent a fair amount of time on Mick, and he looked quite possessed at times. In a good way! Lindsey Buckingham is surely the hardest working man in rock and roll. I think he only left the stage once, at the end of the show just before the first encore. He is nothing short of amazing. "Never Going Back Again" was excellent. Everything was excellent! Stevie looked quite small next to Lindsey. She had on strange platform shoes or boots that looked like a cross between moon boots and special orthopedic shoes. Stevie: it's okay if you wear flats. I have read a lot about Stevie's twirling on stage, but it's really quite minimal. She moves very little. But there is something magical about her, a special quality, which if you have found this web site and are reading this, you already know what I mean. So anything she does, the slightest movement, captures the audience. The set list and the performance were very much the same as described in other reviews. I experienced this with Stevie's solo shows. I read a lot of the reviews, and honestly, everything is the same, right down to Lindsey "chasing" Stevie around during Tusk. I'm not complaining, it's just something that people should be aware of. I suppose it's no different than any other entertainment performance. There is a certain amount of planning and choreography that are unavoidable. However, the highlights of the evening to me were the moments that didn't seem scripted and choreographed, such as when Stevie introduced Landslide. Her father has been touring with the band for a few days, and she had not dedicated the song to him yet, and she did so last night. Speaking of Landslide, I'll just go ahead and admit right now that I actually - literally - cried during this song. I have a lot of favorite FM songs (there's just so many!!), but Landslide has always been special. There were a lot of people singing along, so I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. My only complaint (besides the $10 parking fee) would be that the camera for the big screen monitors focused on Stevie during the entire "Say Goodbye" song. Lindsey wrote the song and does most of the singing and plays the guitar, but they didn't focus on him one time during the entire song. Very disappointing! In my opinion, this song is better suited to be the final song of the night rather than Stevie's "Goodbye Baby." They are both excellent, touching songs, I just think "Say Goodbye" would be better as the finale. When I finally got home around 1:00 a.m., I felt strangely out of place in my sticks and bricks dwelling firmly planted in suburbia. I had been in a magical place for a few hours, but I had to say goodbye. Yes, my heart was a little broken to see the show end, but I know it couldn't last forever. *Sigh*
John Locklear
Wow. The Mac is back. I seen them in Greenville,SC and was so happy to hear they were coming back. Hearing "The Chain" start just gets you going to what a wonderful night of music you going to hear. I thought it would be hard to top the one in Greenville but they pulled it off. Hearing Stevie sing "Landslide" and everyone singing it back to her put tear in my eyes again like Greenville. "Im so Afraid" is one of my favorites to hear live. Lindsay doesnt get the respect he deserves. Why he wasnt on Rolling Stones top 100 guitarist of all-time is sad. If you ever get to see Fleetwood Mac in concert you will not be dissapointed. Stevie is the most amazing woman singer I have ever heard. It seems like when she walks off-stage and its just Lindsay playing people tend to get up for their restroom or snack break. Yet doesnt take them long to sit back down once Lindsay does wonders on the guitar that just make people stand up and give him an awesome standing ovation that he reallly deserves. Then im hearing people including myself say "Man can Lindsay really play and is great entertainer". Dont forget, Mac is Back.
Jef Wright
I just got back from seeing the Mac in Greensboro, NC and they totally rocked!! My friend Amy and I were on the 12th row and had an excellent view of the stage. I must say I wasn't prepared! I have downloaded mp3's of several of the shows on this tour and have seen Stevie in concert 6 times and the Mac twice without Lindsey....this showed topped any other I have seen to date. The chemistry between Stevie and Lindsey was out of this world. Lindsey had so much energy, he was like a mad man running around the stage and literally "pounding" on his guitar at times. There is no doubt in my mind that he is one of the best guitar players ever!! I have to admit that I almost cried during Landslide when Stevie dedicated the song to her father whom she said was with them for this show and the last 5...she said she hadn't dedicated it to him yet on this tour and was doing so this time. Then when she went over behind Lindsey and put her hands on his shoulders during the guitar solo...I was so touched and secretly wished they would get back together romantically!! The stage was awesome and I loved when they played Gypsy and scenes from the video were playing behind them. The whole group had so much energy it was amazing! I was kind of hoping they would play Ilume since it was the day before 9/11...but alas they didn't. I have to say that if you don't have your tickets for this tour yet...get them!!! It was the best ever!! And at the end of the show when Mick shouted out "the Mac is back" I knew that it was true!!!

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