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6/1/03 BiLo Center Greenville, SC

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STRONG! That's the best way to describe the performance in Greenville, SC. I thought they rocked when they did The Dance tour and Fleetwood Mac has now more than lived up to the strength they showed in 1997. The playing and singing were absolutely phenomenal and since this was my first time ever seeing them in concert, I could only stand there in awe and scream my head off! The entire audience was feeding off the music and the performance and I believe the band was feeding off of us as well. Stevie's and Lindsey's voices blended so well together and the interaction between them was so tender and so sweet. From the way she put her arms around him during Landslide to way she sang to him during Silver Springs, it was a magical interaction that I'm very happy to see they haven't lost. I will probably never have the chance to attend a concert with this type of intensity again. I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to scream like a woman and cry like a baby all in one night!
Melissa Dalessandro
Well, what can I say about Sunday night? How can I put how I feel into words? The Bilo center and I will never be the same. I've been a FM fan since I was about 5 years old. I was breathless from beginning to end.! Stevie sounded better than ever! I saw her in Atlanta during the "Trouble in Shangri-La tour. She totally stole the show with "Stand Back" and rocked on with "Gold Dust Woman" . Everyone sang along with Stevie on "Landslide" and could feel the love between Stevie and Lindsey with "Silver Springs". Lindsey was sooooo amazing ! I've never seen such a powerful performer in my life! "Go Your Own Way" had everyone stomping their feet! I saw quite a bit of "air guitar" from the audience. Lindsey really fed off the fans energy, he was playing and banging on his guitar with both hands! He even signed some albums,which I thought was great. Micks drum solo was one of highlights of the evening. It was so unique! He was playing with drum pads in his vest. While the wild-eyed Mick was pounding away he was saying "Are You Still With Me?" Yes I was with them and always will. Thanks soo much to the Mac for such an unforgettable night!
Wow is an understatement to the performance that FM gave this night. All of the band was in top form from beginning to end. So much energy. Stevie what can I say you have been my idol my whole life and as always for the 5th time I have seen you I was not disappointed (never any doubt I would be). Your voice is at it's best and you just keep getting better. Lindsey is just totally awesome and is truly a guitar god. I have seen many concerts and no one can play like he does. The new CD is a total hit and the way you blended it in with the old stuff was beyond words. John without you there would be no backbone. And Mick you are the most awesome percussionst ever and quite an entertainer. My favorites were Beautiful Child, Silver Springs, Say You Will and gosh I could go on. If anyone has not seen this show and you have the opportunity go. We drove for 2 1/2 hours to get there and it was worth it. Mindy and Sharon the backup vocals were awesome as always you girls are never disappointing. You all rock and you prove that the older you get the better you are. You made a dream of mine come true I have always wanted to see you together in concert and I finally did and it was a blast. I will remember this night for the rest of my life. Stevie hurry up and get you some rest at the end of the tour and get on with your next CD and tour and please come to Charlotte, NC I will be waiting on you goddess. Rock on the Queen of Rock "Gold Dust Woman". I hope you had the best birthday ever while on this tour. Your fans are faithful and loyal and there will never be another you. I love you Stevie. I love you Fleetwood Mac. Rock On Forever!!!!!!!!
Jan & Christie
Left from Nashville to drive to Greenville but did not arrive until about 5:00. We had planned to attend the fan gathering, but due to our late arrival was not able to do so. We had a mission and that was to find better seats, those deserving of a fan, and the ones purchased through the fan club just weren't good enough!!!! There were sellers of tickets on several corners and side streets. For $150 and our tickets we were able to move from the upper level to the floor Section 1 row 7. Ran into several friends that had bought tickets on Friday...one had gotten 4th row and the other 2nd row. Since we were driving back to Atlanta after the show we had to find a place to change clothes and put on makeup. Pulled into a parking lot that was deserted. As we are changing we read the sign for the building and we are in the parking lot of one of the municipal courts that its overlooking a cemetary...nice dressing room we had. haha Luckily we were not seen...then headed to the venue. Our purses were checked and the cameras were right on top, but nothing was said. Our 7th row seats were in section 1 but the seats were 1 and 2 and during the first part of the show people were constantly going in and out. Some of the people on the same row as us, seeing what huge fans we were by our screaming, singing, clapping, and jumping up and down, moved us to the middle of the aisle so we could have a better view and they moved down toward the end where we had started. THANK YOU THANK YOU...whoever you are. The show was absolutely amazing!!!! Even though the show in Nashville was awesome there seemed to be more smiles from Stevie and she was more playful tonight. During What's the World Coming To a lot of the crowd on the floor had sat down, but as it started to rock everyone was back on their feet. The interaction between Stevie and Lindsey was a lot warmer tonight than last night. They cuddled more and embraced more than they had in Nashville. During Landslide Stevie went over and stood a little behind Lindsey with her head rested on his shoulder and her hand tapping on his arm in tune to his playing. Of course there was a hug at the end and then Lindsey hugged her a little tighter and kissed her on the forehead. The crowd was going crazy and they were just smiling at the audience. Stevie appears to really be enjoying singing the "BAM, BAM, BAM" part in Second Hand News. She has definitely made it her song with hand movements and her total approach to the song. Stand Back was a HUGE crowd pleaser and she left no one disappointed with this song. Lindsey continues to hold back nothing with his guitar playing, and continues to put on an amazing performance. Mick was his usual entertaining self. John was in true bass form and at the end of the show when Stevie blew him a kiss he pretended to catch it and rubbed it up and down the side of his face and this had Stevie laughing. Tour items so far are the same. I can not remember hearing Gypsy tonight....can someone help me out here?
for the ninth time I was revived by the queen of rock n roll and for the 4th time she was accompanied by the entire kingdom of the mac. from 1975 being mesmerized as a teenager to 2003 and the feeling s,emotions and inspirations have grown stronger and the interpretations wiser thru age. floor seats, great view but security much too rigid I did make it to the stage behind first two rows for the chain I got to dance and sing along right between stevie and lindsey I just wanted her to know that her legions are loyal and as I opened my eyes; as I was told please go back to your seat, I looked straight at stevie as she smiled at me and I was in bliss the entire concert was so highly charged amazing the entire band proving what true talent and passion can create. my personal faves the rockin standback so hot and new, stevie looked so happy and in charge of this an anthem of my youth. rhiannon the first spell, can never grow tired of its many incarnations, landslide gypsy. beautiful silver springs and then gold dust woman, rock on ancient queen, intense performance art at its finest . I always dreamed to see Janis but am too young but I feel as intensely about stevie. of course being a sn hog I wanted running thru the garden and destiny rules my new anthems, all I can say is if u have never had this experience and you have soul and feel it u must see the legends of our time. rock on stevie god go with u all mick and lindsey and john, all diamonds. thank u for the most incredible of nites . rockin us out in the southland. ps hope to catch u on the second leg come back to the south!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have always loved Stevie and Fleetwood Mac, but I knew I couldn't afford to go to this concert until one of my friends came through with the ultimate birthday present. A fourth row ticket. I was well to the right of the stage but the show was an evening I'll never forget and I was so glad to see South Carolina get behind the band so much. We were so loud and I think the crowd really appreciated a great show. I'm only 22 but I love music from their era, and this concert really made me a true fan. Appreciating the guitar playing of Lindsey and the four of them together was enough to captivate me into an evening of absolute delight. I even have friends who tell me that it's not worth the money to drive from my home in Columbia SC to Greenville but if they were there they would understand that this band still rocks and the true harmony of their music beats out the music of modern times anyday. They really know how to perform together and I don't think I could put a dollar amount on my experience at the BI-Lo Center. I have now seen Stevie twice and she is the greatest thing that ever h appened to music. I'll always be glad I was able to experience this and will probably talk about it the rest of my life.
Kimber Lowe
I still am in awe of my experience on Sunday night. I knew it would be great and bring back many memories of yesteryears, but I had no idea that I would leave there with a spiritual experience. My husband had to hold me up a few times, because my knees were shaking so bad. I think every woman out there at some time or other have dreamed of being Stevie Nicks- and why not? She absolutely rocked! Lindsey and Mick and John were the best. I can't say enough how much we enjoyed the concert. Thank you Fleetwood Mac!!
Amanda Street
I have to say that the concert in Greenville was INCREDIBLE!! I am, however, very surprised about WHY it was so awesome....It wasn't especially due to our Ms. Nicks...She seemed quite sedated and disconnected for the majority of the concert. This is very hard for me to admit since I have been completely enchanted by her music and gypsy-style for years, but I was quite disappointed by her presence Sunday night. 'Rhiannon " seemed a bit rigid, and there was absolutely no chemistry during "Silver Springs." She even seemed to avoid Lindsey for most of the show. Don't get me wrong, she absolutely rocked out during "Stand Back" with her trademark spins and chants, which is what I was expecting to see throughout the whole show. "GDW" was quite witchy; she struck a wild dragon-esque pose once or twice and the ending was awesome, with her extending her gold shawl out while she "hid in the shadows" and the lighting seemed to make her glow! "Beautiful Child" and "Goodbye Baby" were nice. Her voice was good and strong, just somewhat emotionless during most songs. Perhaps I was unrealistically expecting to experience the Stevie of 1979...all wild and tormented and intense and fragile....but it just wasn't there. Now for the reason the show was so awesome: Lindsey Buckingham!! He was so on fire! He was definitely the "performer" of the night, running across the stage all night, wailing on his guitars, singing from his spirit, interacting a lot with the audience...HE brought all the energy and force to the show. I definitely have a new appreciation for him as a musician and entertainer. My advice (for whatever it's worth): Don't miss this concert, just be realistic about your Stevie Dreams.....
Michelle Conner
I really feel like I have had a dream. The Greenville show was beyond words. I'm not going to get into the setlist, or anything like that. This is more of a personal experience because everyone knows how awesome the Mac is in concert, so there is no need to really cover that part of it. And everyone who has posted reviews so far for Greenville, you were right on it! They rocked! My husband and I met up with a friend around noon in Greenville. We decided to go to the airport and see what we could see. It paid off! After hanging around for awhile, we met this really nice man who worked there, and he tipped us off to where their plane would be. This guy was truly awesome, because he eventually invited us to hop in the back of his pickup and he'd take us over there! We saw the plane and waited for them to get into their limos and come through the gates. John partially rolled down his window and waived. It was pretty funny, because all we could see was his hat and his fingertips out the window. Then Stevie rolled down her window and had a huge smile on her face and waived at us. We also saw Mindy and Sharon in a van. The vans were pretty much loaded down with people and some of them waived at us. How great was that? Next we were driving around the arena, and John was standing at the gate signing autographs! So we hopped out of the car and got our pictures taken with John and he autographed a CD and album for us. He was truly a VERY nice guy! They were calling for him because they were starting the sound check, and he made a remark something like "they can wait". Ha! Super guy! We were just SO excited to meet him. We had front row seats right in front of Lindsey! They allowed the front row to stand at the stage for the entire show! I really couldn't believe it! How much better could it get? Well, it did get even better! During one song, Lindsey came to the edge of the stage and sat down right in front of me and my husband . I put my hand on his knee and rested it there while he played. He then let us strum his guitar two different times. I thought I would just die! I just couldn't believe that he was sitting right in front of us! What a treat! During one of the songs he sang a few of the words right to me. Before their first encore, Lindsey made his way across the front of the stage. I held up my Buckingham/Nicks album, and he signed it! Lindsey is such a crowd player, and you can tell he really feeds off of enthusiasm of the fans. Stevie was absolutely gorgeous! I tell ya, the woman is just stunning! It's hard to take your eyes off of her. She was full of energy and really belted the songs out in true Stevie style. I can't say enough about her, really. Her hair looked great, her clothes were cool, etc... "Beautiful Child" brought tears to my eyes. I never thought I'd hear that song live, and she really nailed it! It was so awesome to watch Stevie and Lindsey interact with each other. I tried to get her to sign my album. She walked across the stage and looked at us and smiled, then looked at my album. But that was it. Well, there will always be another chance. I am determined to get her signature.....someday! Mick was just SOOOOOO into those drums. He's so fun to watch and that drum vest was the coolest! John was awesome on bass, and I still can't stress enough how friendly he was when we met him. He really didn't have to walk over to that gate to sign autographs, but he did and that just shows what a class act he is. After the concert we attempted to beat them to the airport to see them off, but we hit into some major traffic. When we arrived they were already on their plane and taxiing down the runway. We did get to see them take off, which was very cool, but also very sad to see them leave. What an experience we all had. No words can describe it. My only dilemma throughout the show was who to watch. I was afraid to take my eyes off of one person for fear I'd miss something else going on. Their facial expressions are priceless. I am so hoping they come to Charlotte on their second leg. I am so sad this is all over, and I want to do it again!
This was by far the best concert I have ever seen. The mood of the band was so loving and very happy to be there. I checked for tickets 3 days before and I found a front row ticket, so of course I purchased it. My seat wasdirectly in front of Lindsey so I was in heaven all night. Stevie and Lindsey were so much into each other on stage. All of the songs were perfect, some were way more intense than others. After 2 1/2 hrs of music the concert was over, but not before Lindsey signed autographs, which I was lucky to get one of. Thank you Fleetwood Mac for the best night of my life, so far.........
Denise H.
An unbelievably powerful and riveting performance by this legendary group! Stevie is wonderful and mysterious solo, but even stronger with the others by her side. The chemistry among all the members was electrifying. Seeing Lindsey play for the first time in person blew me away. He is extremely talented and tore up that guitar all night! Same with Mick on drums--- The ultimate concert experience! Fleetwood Mac sent shivers through my soul! I've seen many, but this is the ultimate experience of a lifetime if you love music!
It is now two days after the Sunday night show in Greenville SC and I am still in awe of these people. I have been fortunate enough to have already seen them once on 5/9 in DC and I must say that they seem much more energetic at this show. Stevie seemed to be in a very upbeat mood the whole time. It is no wonder why this was one of the biggest bands of the 70's and 80's. They simply ROCK!!!!!! Stevie was especially good durring Rhiannon and Gold Dust Woman. She was a lot more uninhibited on Rhiannon in Greenville as compared to DC. The crowd was out of control so maybe they were feeding off of the crowds energy. Stand Back literally blew the roof off of the place with Stevie doing about 9 of her trademark twirls. She was awesome the whole night. I wish I had the money to follow this band around. At least I have had the pleasure of seeing them twice now. I won't give a song by song breakdown b/c eveyone knows the setlist by now but let me just end by saying that they are phenominal and "ROCK ON GOLD DUST WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jared Vaughn
Of every rock concert I've ever attended, especially legendary rockers, Fleetwood Mac holds precedence as being the best - what a show! When we arrived at the venue, people were walking around in Fleetwood Mac T-shirts new and old, women were dressed like Stevie in shawls and everywhere you turned you heard people talking about their admiration for the Mac's music and how it had impacted their lives. We sat in our seats, which were on the first row, and fifteen minutes after 8, still no sign of the Mac. People were cheering on and off again in anticipation. Then a spotlight illuminated Stevie's microphone stand, draped with its scarves and streamers, which were being billowed by a fan - very cool moment - and the place went wild. Everyone was ready for them. Then the lights went off and everyone started screaming. The stage was lit in a soft blue light and Mick comes out first, with his hands in the air, while walking to his drum set. John followed and then - oh my gosh - here comes Stevie and Lindsey holding hands. He escorted her to her mic stand and she picked up her tambourine. Mick started the beat of "The Chain" while Lindsey picked up his guitar and began to play - I swear EVERYONE knows this band's music - EVERYONE! And of course, there to the right stood the radiant Sharon Celani and beautiful Mindy Stein, who sported a Stevie-esque black outfit with bat sleeves - very cool. They both added so much to the show, especially on "The Chain" with the "still hear you saying" that Christine originally sang on Rumours. The others musicians were fabulous as well - but all I can say is may God Bless Mr. Brett Tuggle for his keyboards - superb. At first, Stevie seemed to be holding back a little with her trademark moves and dramatic gestures that we all absolutely love, but as the night went on, she loosened up, especially after "Rhiannon." I was really impressed with not only how fresh the music and vocals sounded, but also with the introduction of new performances of old material! "Second Hand News", "Eyes Of The World", which rocked, and of course, "Beautiful Child". When it was Lindsey's turn to play the acoustic "Big Love," a huge floor to ceiling screen was lowered and the projected him onto it, along with the other two color monitors on either side of the stage. Then - "Landslide" - wow. Stevie dedicated it to a girl whom I'm guessing she was told is sick, and they projected her onto the same screen huge screen - nothing better than a larger than life Stevie Nicks! During the song, she walked behind Lindsey, put her arms around him and at the end, they embraced and he kissed her head. Lighters were in the air, everyone was signing, you would have thought it was the national anthem of life, which is should be! Afterward, she just stole the spotlight with "Gold Dust Woman", Turing on all of the signature Stevie moves in her gold shawl. The background projection of fire and gold glitter with the gold lights made it so incredibly great and her ending pose with her arms spread through the shawl with the gold light around her - WOW! "Silver Springs" was reminiscent of the Rumours version rather than The Dance '97 version. I've never liked anything other than Stevie's music on the Tusk album, but "Tusk" was fantastic! The percussion kicked off the beat of "Stand Back" - God Bless her for doing this song, my all time fav - which was kind of a mix between the Tango In The Night video/Chain box set version with the updated VH-1 Storytellers version. When she began spinning like mad during the guitar interlude - people went so wild around us cheering! But, I have to say, I did miss the high kick/reprise at the end not being there, but save it for the solo shows, right? "Go Your Own Way" was fantastic - had the whole place on its feet and Lindsey was hot on the guitar with this one. At one point he and John went back to back playing on the guitar solo, which was awesome to see. I didn't think I'd enjoy hearing many of the new songs, but they were great to hear - so fresh! And, might I add, I really, really missed the trademark platform boots. She's still Stevie Nicks without the boots, but the Reeboks just aren't happening. Also, I really would have liked a tour program or poster, but only T-shirts. I thought I'd miss Christine so much, and I did wish I could've heard "Everywhere," "Little Lies" and others, but her absence did not diminish their ability to do an absolutely great show without her. As we left, people just couldn't stop talking about how awesome they were and truly, they were fantastic. It's great to see how Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks fans interact together. It's like one huge fan club! Thank you for the new album and a fantastic night I will never forget! "Say You Will" do it again!
Steve G
Powerful, riveting, emotional, energetic, and soulful display of rock & roll at its very best!!!! I had two hour and twenty minutes of pure elation. It is an evening that will NEVER be forgotten. Thanks Fleetwood Mac for making my 40th birthday (well I turned 40 on the way home June 2) one I'll remember forever...Lindsay, Stevie, Mick, & John, and all the supporting cast----YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!
Nadja Williams
One word to describe the show.....POWERFUL!! They were so tight and flawless! The chemistry between Stevie and Lindsey just takes your breath away and fills you with emotion, you can tell the love is still there! Everyone was on their feet for the whole show. I am so glad Stevie did Beautiful Child. She put so much emotion in the song, it brings back memories of my friend Carmen and I playing the song on the piano and singing...... Lindsey's guitar playing is just so amazing, and again POWERFUL! There will never be a band like Fleetwood Mac again. they don't need any theatrics for their shows, their music is the theatrics!!!
Lisa McSwain Fowler
Wow what a concert. Even better than Atlanta 1979. It is amazing how we all are older but Stevie keeps it happening. The whole band was GREAT!!

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