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6/8/04 Meadows Music Centre Hartford, CT

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Steve Heckelman
Fleetwood Mac Rocked Hotford Connecticut last night at the Meadows Music Center on Tuesday June 8th 2004. I just got back from Concert in Hartford Excellent show had best seats in the house center front stage right between Lindsey and Stevie it was awesome last night it was amazing night and a memorable one. Stevie looked awesome beautiful as always and feeling better. Lindsey came down and shook my hand that was so cool..Stevie was wearing platform reebox and platform boots and stilletto heel boots. her boots and reebox had diamonds on them front and back they were cool or they were diamond like gems and she was wearing the leg warmers from the belladonna era like the belladonna cover except they were black. Standback as always my opinion was the show stopper Tusk is awesome too. Great Hartford Crowd it was awesome same set list as the past shows. During World Turnings Micks solo part a fan threw her bra on stage near him and when lindsey came back to play mick noticed it and tossed it near lindseys microphone stand...lol Mick was wild as usually great performance Stevie was twirling alot alot of twirls for Standback. Stevie thanked us for supporting the band and she said it was an Honor to perform for us. Fleetwood Mac is back and looking forward to the next album and Tour this was my last show for the this tour and what a memorable night it was thanks again Fleetwood Mac for a wonderful evening and making alot of people very happy.

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