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6/12/04 Hershey Park Hershey, PA

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Jamie Lyn
Well, the "Rumours" are true... As Mick reminded us at the end of an exhausting show..... The Mac is Back!! My best friend and I treated ourselves to the Platinum Package tickets for the Hershey Show this past Saturday and luckily enough we ended up with front row seats. After stressing out for over a week about it being canceled, he later reminded me of all of the things that had to happen and go wrong for us to have what was a perfect concert day! We arrived around 4pm for the backstage tour. After several group photos and a great explanation of how they load in the show and all the different people involved in making this amazing concert experience happen, we thought we were headed to the dressing rooms. Unfortunately before we had a chance to head to the dressing rooms, a trendy looking younger girl with blonde pigtails and a crescent moon hanging from her neck approached and told us the band was on their way and that we werenít allowed to see the dressing area. That was probably the only disappointment of the entire day. I had a hunch that the girl was the witty Corey Buckingham who writes the tour diary and later found out from the tour guide that it was her. Since Hershey is a completely out door venue, the only other thing for us to see was the stage. We headed up on stage and passed several mixing boards and 3 different cases filled with Lindseyís guitars on our way to the actual stage area. As a singer, It was really amazing to stand there looking out at the stadium and imagine what it would be like to perform in front of thousands of people like they do several nights a week. We spent around a half an hour exploring and investigating the area from Mickís drum set and vest that he plays during the show, to the set list taped to Brett Tuggleís Korg keyboard, to a notebook on one of the sound boards filled with mic cues for the different singers throughout the show. Our only special treat was when the gates at the side of the venue opened wide and 2 black limos pulled in next to one another. Of course to our delightful surprise out of one of the limos stepped Miss Stevie Nicks herself. Iím not sure why no one screamed out for her, but somehow, almost instinctively, everyone stood very still and quiet and watched as she and her entourage walked toward the dressing rooms and then disappeared. After this, the tour had pretty much come to an end and everyone filed out on the other side of the stage. Our tour guide promised that he would meet us at our seats later that evening to give us our autographed tour books since the band had not yet signed them for us. We re-entered the venue sometime around 7:30 and headed for our seats. As promised, our tour guide was there waiting for us with tour books in hand. From then until the show began, we spent the rest of the time making friends with everyone around us... what a lovely group of fans Fleetwood Mac has... it was like some kind of reunion. And then the crickets began to chirp, and we rushed to the stage to find the perfect place to stand. I honestly canít even recall the first 4 songs very well. From the moment I heard the kick of Mickís bass drum and then Lindsey appeared right in front of me literally 3 feet away it seemed like I wasnít in real time. It wasnít until somewhere around the time Stevie sang "Say You Will" that I actually remember enjoying the concert with everyone around me, and man did we enjoy ourselves. Stevie looked absolutely breathtaking as always and sounded amazing. You would have never known that she was sick just a week ago. "Sara" was of course a personal favorite of mine, she was so beautiful and as they projected images from the Tusk tour from 1979 on the screen, it actually brought tears to my eyes. She rocked "Rhiannon" like I havenít seen before on this tour and "Gold Dust Woman" and "Stand Back" had the crowd on their feet and screaming. "Landslide", "Beautiful Child" and "Goodbye Baby" were delivered nearly perfect and made the experience seem almost surreal. I am a HUGE Stevie Nicks fan and would have thought that I would have much more to say, but the honest truth is that because Lindsey was standing literally right in front of me and making eye contact and smiling and flirting through out the entire concert, I wasnít paying a whole lot of attention to her most of the time. He was absolutely amazing!! He jumped around the stage and wailed on his guitar like he was still in his 20s. He has to be the most underappreciated guitarist of his time, because the man is nothing but brilliant! He brought such life to songs that I never thought would play well live. "I know Iím not wrong" and "Red Rover" were at the top of that list. "Say Goodbye" was so passionate between he and Stevie and his guitar solos on "Come" and "Iím So Afraid" were borderline erotic. All in all, it could not have been anymore of a perfect concert experience than it was. As we said goodbye to our new found friends from the audience and trudged across the parking lot completely exhausted I just remember feeling like it was almost a dream and that it never actually happened. Luckily I have lots of pictures to remind me that I was really there and I really did experience one of the greatest concerts I have ever seen. So thank you Fleetwood Mac for one of the greatest memories of my life.
Jen Shepp
This is the second time I've seen FWMac during this tour - the first time was at the MCI Center with my dear friend Debbie. This time at Hershey was an early birthday present from Debbie (we've seen FWMac, and Stevie's solo shows, together since 1976). We were originally supposed to see them on Stevie's birthday at Nissan....but, as you all know, that show was canceled - and having 8th row seats only made that cancellation more of a disappointment. But, being the greatest friend that she is -- Deb reassured me that we would make the 2-hour trip to Hershey. Luck was on our side - we were able to transfer our tickets for front row seats! I hope everyone has that chance at least once in their lifetime - it was so surreal! Deb and I didn't move for a few minutes when Stevie first walked out - we couldn't believe we were only 7ft from our rock idol! Steve is so beautiful - she truly looked amazing! And her voice!! You would of never guessed she had problems earlier in the week.....she sounded incredible. Lindsay live on the guitar is a must for everyone! I still can't believe he can do what he does without a pick! He really is gifted - what a talent! Mick - you just smile when you see him. I love the drums, so hearing a solo from him is always a treat! I tried to see John - even on tippy-toes I still couldn't see him......but, his talent on the base always shines through. What a night! I'm with my best friend of 28 years, I'm seeing the greatest band ever, the weather was beautiful, we had great seats, I couldn't ask for a better birthday present! Thank you Deb - you are the best! Thank you FWMac for always coming back.......and remember, as long as you perform - your fans in their 40's and up will always buy the cd's and tickets. As long as you rock - we will ALWAYS rock with you!
OMG! Just home from the show! It was great. My fourth Stevie/Fleetwood Mac show. They were great! Stevie sounded great. I had good seats this time, but not the best I''ve ever had. The best moment of the night was when the show was over I was looking over the wall and could see all the band members leaving so everyone was waving and Stevie opened her window and waved to us as she left the park. She had the biggest smile. It was great!
What can I say. This was the 4th show of the tour for me and it was nothing less than amazing. I was literally touching the stage. I ran from my original 5th row seats when I realized they let us up to the stage. The people were great, the band was on, and it was an incredible night. Stevie looked beautiful, rested, and sounded fantastic. I have to say it was Lindsay who stole the show. I was so thrilled that I was able to touch his guitar. It was definitely a special night and worth the hour and a half drive to the show.
Scotty G.
I don't know how to start this off or really what to say. It was Lindsay's night. From Never Going Back Again to Big Love to I'm so Afraid to Come to Tusk, he was all over the place. He seems as if he's at peace and happy to be back doing what he's doing. Stevie was Stevie. Need I say more. She has been and will forever remain my favorite singer-songwriter-performer. Rhiannon, Landslide, and Stand Back were crowd pleasers and Sara was unpretentious and beautiful. I heard her state on several occasions that she'd probably never sing Sara again in concert, but I'm glad she changed her mind. Perhaps Mick demanded it. Say Goodbye was the best of the new material and Mick's crazed wide-eyed drum solo during World Turning was (as always) an event in and of itself. Thank you Mick, John, Lindsay, and Stevie for a wonderful evening of good ol' rock and roll! Until next time.
Wow! Oh my God! This was the best concert I've eveer been to! I went to the concert in Hershey on June 12. It was fantastic! I went to three concerts this tour is this tour and this one was the best! It rocked! Stevie sounded wonderful, her voice was beautiful and so clear, especially on Sara. Lindsey rocked out on his guitar, he is with out a doubt the greatest guitarist of all time. The songs that really stuck out to me were Sara, Red Rover, Tusk, World Turning, Goodbye Baby and I Know I'm Not Wrong. I did, however, miss Eyes of the World and Gypsy. Stevie was awesome on Stand Back, I've never seen her act so wild on that song, I couldn't even count how many times she spun, and she did a little kick at the end of the song. Mick was so cool and funny during his drum solo. John as always remaind in the shadows and just did his thing, but the band wouldn't be the same without him. They all sounded so wonderful. It was one of the best nights of my life. It was just a wonderful night, the weather was beautiful. The little laser light show from the park shot across the audience and the stage, that was cool. It was just great. I could just go on and on about the concert and how great it was but I guess this is long enough as it is, so I'll end it now. Rock on and Peace out!!!
Just another great concert performed by Fleetwood Mac on a perfect weather nite in Hershey, PA. The fans were really into this one. Stevie, Lindsey, and the rest of the band were terrific. Next time, hopefully Christine will consider coming back for 1 more tour.
INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! The show last night was beyond words. This is the 3rd concert of the SYW tour that I have gone to but the first one this year. ( Had tickets to the one on her b-day but poor Stevie was sick- bummer) : ( My sister and I went and we had backstage passes through the fan club. We were up on stage for an hour and had photos taken with different equipment- yes even Stevie's famous microphone stand too !! We thought we were going to get to go to the dressing rooms but some of the band members had already arrived and we could not go. While we were up on stage though a limo pulled up and I knew right away it was Stevie because one of her yorkies had their head hanging out the window. We all acted like we were little kids trying to get a glimpse of her. We did get an autographed tour book that literally still had wet ink on it so that was cool. When we got to our seats and were waiting for the concert, their was one moment of reflection that I just have to mention. First it was an absolute beautiful day out. If the show had not been rescheduled we would have drowned in the 3 inches of rain that came down last weekend. The sky was clear and from my point of view, the sun was setting off to the left of Stevie's microphone stand. It was standing there with the sunset behind it, beads and ribbons blowing gently blowing in the breeze. Just a beautiful picture. I couldn't help but think that if Stevie was sitting here reflecting that she would be writing something poignant about it in her journal. On to the important stuff- the concert. From the first sighting of Mick being the first one to come on stage to the time that all 4 members walked off stage after GOODBYE BABY, I never once sat down. THE CHAIN was good as usual. You know how Mick's drums vibrate in your body- brings goosebumps to you. It looked like Stevie and Lindsey were feeling the crowd out a little. When they heard the reception that they got after the first song- IT WAS ON THE REST OF THE NIGHT !!!!! The more the night went on the more the band was into it. I can't tell you how many times Lindsey let people on both sides of the stage strum his guitar. Stevie was dancing and twirling through any part of the songs she didn't have to be up at the mic singing and while she was singing, she was throwing her head back and doing all kinds of gestures ( which we were doing back to her- pretty neat to see a lot of people doing that). There were different outfits, new shawls, beautiful hair clips and earrings that just added to the ambiance of the whole show so much. Just hitting some of the highlights ( which is like picking your favorite child). Stevie totally rocked on RHIANNON, GOLD DUST WOMAN, STAND BACK. I almost came out of my skin during SECOND HAND NEWS because that is when the energy really starting moving from band to crowd and back again. Most beautiful part of the show- BEAUTIFUL CHILD. There was just so much sweetness that seemed to come out of her voice when she sang it this time. There were tears for that one and also LANDSLIDE. It is just incredible to me to hear a whole sea of people sing a song back to the band-especially to the person that wrote the song. I can only imagine what she thinks of when that happens- I hope she knows that it has touched sooooooooo many people. I am amazed every single time that I hear that even though I am one of them. The crowd also was singing back RHIANNON to her. SARA was so touching and tender because Stevie did it a little slower and just hung onto the notes so that you had a more appreciation for the song, the words, and the fact that she was singing it again live in concert. Most playful times- during TUSK and all of those special "glances" between Stevie and Lindsey. Most tender moments- as always the embrace after LANDSLIDE, the slow dance after the playful fighting during TUSK, and an unexpected one- during GOODBYE BABY. Lindsey was so open with the crowd all night and with Stevie and I don't think that the smile left his face the whole concert. While Stevie was singing and he was suppose to sing background, he bit his lip and had to back away from the microphone and he just watched her sing the last few lines of the song with tears in his eyes. I don't think that she even saw that because she was trying to watch us and say "goodbye". That was kind of the theme for this show- very emotional- on a good level. The band acted like they were in the company of family and friends and interacted with each other and with the fans so much. Lindsey and Stevie constantly had some of the loudest cheering after the songs that I have ever heard at a concert and this was an outdoor venue. Just an outpouring of love which both acknowledged many times by laying their hands over their hearts and blowing kisses to the crowd many times during the night. Mick was a man let out of a cannon when it was his time to shine-how does he have the energy to stomp and carry on after 3 hours of non-stop playing. John was very quiet and reserved tonight but he lets his bass do all the talking like usual- we love him. When it was time to depart, neither the band nor any of us in the crowd acted like we wanted it to end. It was truly a magical night, a special night anytime that talented musicians can put on a show like that for 3 hours and still leave a crowd of devoted fans wanting more. Thanks to the new friends we made- Brooke, Jeff, Barry and his wife Deb. It was very nice to meet such nice new friends who look all starry-eyed at their favorite performers like I do. Once again- as everyone else has said before- if you have the opportunity to go- do so. You will not regret it. As the crowd chanted with Mick as he left the stage- THE MAC IS BACK.
Everything was magical for this concert. The weather was perfect, and the band seemed to have a lot of energy. This is the first concert (of this tour 2003/2004) I got to see (9th Row Center Stage). I was worried about what it would be like without Christine McVie, but was not disappointed. The rest of the band members made up for her absence. I loved seeing Stevie sing "Sara," and "Beautiful Child" but was disappointed that she didn't sing "Silver Springs." Lindsay is an awesome guitarist... I was mesmerized by his playing! Mick is a humorous entertainer. And what would a Fleetwood Mac show be like without John back there in the shadows doing his thing? The band REALLY put on a show this tour -- more so than past tours. The energy was flowing....it was a bummer when the concert ended.
HI there, I originally had tickets to the Nissan show and it was cancelled (bummer) then I got tickets to the first Hershey show and it got postponed (bummer again) but it was well worth the wait. I am patiently waiting for my DVD combo to arrive so I can experience it again. This was my third time for this tour, and it was yet again, amazing. First outside venue which was cool. The audience (all ages, all types) were fun. The entire band was awesome, but I go for Stevie. I just adore her. Wish I was touring with them. I got to catch the sound check by peeking through a hole in the gate, and I saw, Mick, John, and a little of Lindsey, but I could not for the life of me see Stevie, thanks to the big trucks they had conveniently parked right beside the stage, and the fact that she is so short. It was still fun to watch and hear. Sarah was the song I was most looking forward to, and WOW!! I loved the video of the younger Stevie singing that song years ago, it made me cry.....worth going to see just for that and Beautiful Child, sent chills through the crowd. The lucky people in the first three or four rows got to go to the stage, and I was in row 9, to the right on Lindsey's side unfortunately. I should have been on Stevies side. They showed Stevie on the left screen and Lindsey on the right, and I could barely see Stevies screen... Anyway, it was a totally awesome show, and they rocked the house... Stevie, Stevie, Stevie.... was awesome!!! So was everyone else, but it does not matter, to me, without her. I was however surprised by how many people walked out, or sat down during Lindseys songs. He is great to watch perform and plays like a god. It is a shame people can be so rude. And by the way, where did the chest on Stevie come from all the sudden?? Cleavage that was no way there years ago. Either she changed her mind about the implants she once had that made her so sick and got some bigger safer ones, or she used some miracle undergarments. Still cute as all, and looks fabulous, but that was a bit of a shock. Did I mention how much I love Stevie? She and Lindsey did not seem as cozy as some have noted, they went through the same motions, but except for the hug in Tusk (which seemed genuine) they did not seem to really connect, from what I could see anyway. Lindsey did give her an awesome hug during that song though, and that was very sweet.....Maybe Lindsey's wife is the reason they backed off a bit...can't blame her, it is Stevie ya know? By the way, she spun 14 times in a row during Stand Back, I think I would fall off the stage if I did that at 34, let alone 56!!! I Don't know how she does it, I was hurting by the end of the night... I wish she would come out with her biography soon, with all the stuff we all want to know. The entire night was wonderful and as always It left me with a sad feeling about whether we will see them again. I hope they do another cd and another tour sooner than later. Love every minute of it, and every ounce of them. Safe traveling.
Two friends(Gus & Troy) and I traveled 4 hours from Rochester, NY to Hershey, PA to see Stevie/Fleetwood Mac perform an incredible show! The concert was originally scheduled for June 5th but postponed to the 12th, and I was very excited that they didn't cancel this date. This was the second time I saw them on this tour, and they did not disappoint. The crowd was very supportive and pleased to hear that Stevie's voice is strong and still formidable after a brief illness. She performed with energy, style and of course grace. Lindsay, John and Mick were also very engaging, especially Lindsay with his rave guitar work....simply magnificent! He was totally robbed of not making the 100 best guitarists in a recent Rolling Stone article. The man is a guitar genius and legend for all ages. The set list varied somewhat: They didn't do Silver Springs, Don't Let Me Down Again, or Destiny Rules, but the additions of Sara and GoodBye Baby totally made up for that. To hear Sara Live again it a treat and plays well. It's one of the reasons why I decided to make it to this leg of the tour! Stevie totally rocked on Gold Dust and Stand Back, she was really into it, and the crowd loved it. Beautiful Child was the center piece performance for me. Stevie told the crowd that she is grateful as "a singer and song writer to perform this song for you", and it pleased the crowd so. The spins are back, as is the Say You Will dance she does, which was funny, she got some in the crowd doing it and it kinda looked like a Stevie line dance of sorts! She had some fun with the audience on Landslide, taking a brief pause at the end between "if you see my reflection in the snow......" she stood back from the mike and the crowd went nuts! And she was smiling and acknowledging the impact this song has on others. Timeless! Red Rover and Come were actually very good live, I was surprised that Red came across so well live and glad it was added to the set. The crowd was on their feet the whole concert, they were that engaging and played so well. It was so worth the trip to see them again, and I would encourage those at other tour stops to run out and get tickets now! You won't be disappointed. And I'd like to add...If Stevie reads these at all...I have a copy of Stevie covering "At Last", formally done by Etta James and recently by Cyndi Lauper. Stevie's rendition is so beautiful!! Her voice it totally suited to sing those old standards! Any possibility of recording and album of such classic songs?? Thanks again Fleetwood Mac for a truly wonderful, magical evening of song!
I wanted to thank you, Stevie and the rest of the band of Fleetwood Mac for a fantastic show at the Hershey Stadium. I really enjoyed hearing a mix of the older songs as well as the new songs. I was disappointed you did not sing Silver Spring and some other songs. I thought about Christine Mcvie and how her singing talent blended well with the rest of the band. But all in all it was a beautiful night full of great tunes. Hope to see you all and maybe meet you all sometime. Thanks again for making my night so special.
What can I say. This is the 5th time I have seen FM in the past year. The first time with the change to the set list. The weather was incredible. Temps were in the 60's and clear for the most part. First noticeable difference was Stevie wearing gloves during some of the songs. She also wore a red shawl that she did not wear during the first leg of the tour. The venue was Hershey Park Stadium which is a very old building. I would guestimate the attendance to be somewhere around 20,000. The show was incredible ( as always ) but the venue itself was not good. For the most part the fans on the field were dancing and singing all night. But in the bleacher people were pretty much sitting down the entire show ( big disappointment ). I had see both MCI Center shows in DC, Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, and Wachovia Center in Philly prior to this my 5th show. I would have loved to see FM play Baltimore or even Merriweather Post Pavilion but that didn't happen either time :o( Highlights of the show. Sara - this was incredible live. Stevie did an awesome job. Beautiful Child - I never get tired of hearing this song. What a incredible song live. Stand Back - the twirls... how can she spin like that and not get dizzy??? Mic's solo - this is the 5th time I've seen it... It is good.. but to long This was an incredible show. 5 stars out of 5 for FM. 1 star out of 5 for the venue.
Jim Ash
The show, as usual, was amazing. This was my 4th time experiencing the Say You Will concert. My friend Alisa and I were in the 4th row, on Lyndsey`s side, so to speak, and ended up in front of the stage. I am just amazed at the genius of Lyndsey`s guitar playing, and he interacts with the audience so well. I made eye contact with him several times, and he just mezmerizes the audience with his music. Lyndsey, thank you again, for an incredible evening of endless talent. Stevie is simply timeless, and beautiful. Thank you Stevie, for adding Sara to the play list. It is one of my favorite songs, and brought back memories of when I saw you sing it on the Tusk tour in Ct. ( I have followed F/Mac, faithfully since the days when Stevie and Lyndsey joined the band ) Stevie, your voice is phenomenal, and the world adores your lyrics, prescense on stage, and sincere graciousness towards the fans. Mick`s solo is a comical attention-getter, and John McVie, consistent as ever, stands by the drum set and dazzles us with his bass guitars. The various supporting musicians and singers are always a crucial part, and kudos to the many people who create the F/Mac "world" on stage as well as behind the scenes; you all deserve so much credit, for keeping on top of everything for nearly 15 months now. I`m a bit tired, at 3:30am, after the two hour drive back to Maryland, but it is always worth the effort. Fleetwood Mac; thanks for bringing a smile to my face, as well as so many millions of fans. I look forward to the next CD, and tour. I admire you all!

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