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5/29/04 PNC Bank Arts Center Holmdel, NJ

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My friend and I had VIP seats at the show on May 29th in Holmdel , NJ. The show started at about 8:20pm and ran until about 11:10pm. The place was pretty much filled up and the crowd , though mostly folks our age had a few of the younger set there as well. One woman had a little girl about 8 years old "totally dressed" as Stevie! She really looked cute & I later saw them up near the 2nd row. The Arts Center is one great place to see a show. There is not a bad seat in the house! Luckily though, I had "box seats" which I was able to get from a friend ( Thanks, Darlene!) The acoustics were far better at this show than at the show I attended at Madison Square Garden in New York. When they hit the stage it was nuts. They started with "The Chain". We did notice that Stevie seemed to be "cautious" not over exerting herself too much. - we figured this due to the her having been sick. She also seemed to be having some "technical difficulties" with her equipment. I could see her going to the side between songs and someone was checking it. Not sure what was up, but as the night went on her voice seemed to get stronger. The set list was very different from what I have seen posted and seemed to favor Lindsey just a bit. Again, perhaps since Stevie was not at 100%. A great show non-the-less, "Rhiannon" was enchanting and she did "Sara", "Landslide" - (to which the entire audience sang along and she really stopped when she sand "i'm getting older too....." - maybe because of her birthday being Wednesday. ), "Beautiful Child" , "Gold Dust Woman" . She really pulled it out for "Standback" ( one of my favorites ). As for Lindsey, he was fantasic on guitar. I am not a huge fan of his "solo" efforts, and I really must say it was kinda strange to see him dropping his guitar and stepping on it, also using it to beat one of Micks cymbals! - What the heck was he thinking???? This is Fleetwood Mac not some headbanging group. We were really scratching our heads on this one. Other than that he sang well and the guitar playing was just awesome. Mick was wonderful, he is Mr. Personality. He did the drum vest on the encore and it brought the place to their feet the entire time. He is just one crazy guy. John seemed to just hang out - he seemed to be enjoying the show as much as us. Ending with "Goodbye Baby" the crowd once again pulled out the lighters and the whole rotunda was glowing with small flames. It was beautiful to see. I was glad to be a part of the concert and I hope they all come around again !
Stephanie Phyllis Monticello
Wow, what a way to begin the summer concert season. once again, my first show this year was none other than Fleetwood Mac on May 29th at the PNC Bank arts center in Holmdel NJ, Just when think i can't be anymore blown away by the energy on that stage, that magical thrust hits me in the chest all over again, almost feeling brand new,over and over! I had heard Stevie Nicks had not been feeling well, and had canceled a show on her birthday. Stevie, did a wonderful job as usual. The thing i love most about Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac, is NOTHING stops them. Stevie appeared to still be under the weather. As tired as she was, her singing was captivating, mesmerizing and timeless. The whole sho was wonderful. Lindsay was incredible. There seemed to be so much love and healing going on up there on that stage between him and Stevie, it brought tears to my eyes, again! I did notice some change in their set list. though, i wasn't disappointed, i was again able to enjoy my favorite song "Beautiful Child", which i have to say sounded 100 times better this tour. It is so clear how much time they spend perfecting there sound, and even more clear how they respect each others' artistic ability. they are the one group in this world that continues to stand the test of time and space. They continue to rock on, bring in new fans, and most importantly, they never "showboat"! No one member of the band is bigger than the other. That type of respect is very evident. I had to leave the show during stand back, due to a recent back injury, but i stayed in my truck, and continued to listen. With Stevie's voice carrying on and striking me at that distance, I felt healed for a moment. I thanks Fleetwood Mac for being the greatest group of all time. Stevie nicks, may not be a child anymore, but she is a strong and influential woman. I thank her as well. Thanks for reading!

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