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10/6/03 Toyota Center Houston, TX

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I saw the Fleetwood Mac concert in Houston and was blown away ! One of the first Fleetwood Mac concerts I've been to was in 1988 and pregnant with my first child !! I love Fleetwood Mac!! The concert in Houston was so fine ! Stevie and Lindsey were so close it was like old times . I''ve been to Stevie concerts since 1986 and Fleetwood since 1988 and they are still the best I've ever seen !! When Stevie sang "Goodbye Baby" I thought I would die she was so great !!! Like Mick Fleetwood said " The Mack is Back!!!" Thank you for coming to Houston !!!
I have only seen Fleetwood Mac once before--in Boston during the Dance tour. I went there with some trepidation that they weren't going to live up to my expectations live (I am a die-hard fan of their studio work up through Mirage) and I came away disappointed primarily because our seats (literally in the sandpit) were so lousy that I watched the entire concert on a video monitor. Not a live experience at all. I had the same feelings of doubt leading up to the Houston concert, but my doubts about the viability of this band as live performers have been cast away FOREVER!!! All the rave reviews that I have been reading on the NicksFix up until now have not been exaggerated. I am astonished at the energy and professionalism that went into this two-and-a-half hour performance. And their enthusiasm just kept growing throughout. I was particularly amazed at Stevie's voice. I have to admit that I have felt increasingly sorry at the decline in her voice quality, primarily post-Mirage, but she has gained it all back, and then some. It's not the dreamy quavering voice it was in the mid-70s but is now even better--a full-force confident alto. She was inserting little melodic nuances and managing to hit the high notes she attempted rock solid. I always sit a little on edge during Stevie Nicks' performances, wondering, "is she going to blow it here?" She sings with the assuredness that that is NOT going to happen anymore. Lindsey was of course amazing and quite the showman. I know he was just dying to do a Pete Townshend on his guitar a couple of times, but he seems to have too much respect for the instrument to smash it to pieces. It's hard to believe this man is 54(?) 55(?). He and Stevie seemed to steal the show in turns. Every time he took the stage, I thought, oh, another extended guitar solo and some relatively weak vocals (anyone sounds weak next to Stevie). But he would win the crowd over every time. When Stevie re-emerged it was almost disappointing because you could feel the energy level drop, but she always managed to hook us back in with her genius song-writing and vocal deliveries. Mick Fleetwood manages to be quite the showman as well despite the fact that he is caged behind an enormous drum set. And John McVie...by far the most under-credited member of the group. Sometimes I just sit and listen to the bass parts when I put on a Mac CD and wonder why this man is not recognized for his genius. And while on this subject, has anyone yet mentioned Taku Hirano, the outstanding percussionist? Give him more solo time, guys! Absolute highlight of the show was "Landslide"--the best live performance of this song I have ever heard/seen Stevie pull off. The big disappointment--"Say Goodbye". This is probably my favorite song off of "Say You Will" but in concert it was slowed way down and the harmonies sounded ragged. Oh well, a little recuperation time on-stage. I was amazed that the crowd thinned out as it did once the encores started. Hey, we all have baby-sitters to pay and jobs to go to the next day, but this is FLEETWOOD MAC, folks! Oh well, their loss. By the last encore, the crowd had gotten so small that everyone had rushed to the floor. As a consequence, "Goodbye Baby" seemed like an intimate little story hour with Stevie Nicks. Best of all, my husband is a new convert. He has never been a big Mac fan--"They're overproduced" "They're way too poppy" "Stevie Nicks looks like Miss Piggy and sings like Cookie Monster" etc. He was blown away by Stevie's voice, concluding that she is definitely made for the concert hall rather than the recording studio. And he admitted that she looked "damned good". A little vanity note--get down close to the stage if you can to see Stevie. She looks beautiful and the video camera doesn't do her justice at all!
Lisa Marie Sieber
I was literally blown away with the performance put on by Fleetwood Mac at the Toyota Center in Houston. This was definitely an amazing grand opening for the new arena. This was my first time seeing Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac in concert and I was in shock the whole night. The seats I had were GREAT, right on the floor, VERY close to the stage. As the lights went out the excitement I had inside was outrageous and as soon as I laid eyes on the beautiful and amazing Stevie Nicks, tears started to fall from my face. As soon as I heard Stevie Nicks' voice, I couldn't help but tear up a little more, she just amazed me, as well as John, Mick. and Lindsey. Some of my favorite songs that I really enjoyed that night were, "Eyes Of The World", "Gypsy", "Rhiannon", "Stand Back", "Tusk" and "Gold Dust Woman". I actually enjoyed them all VERY much. I loved just watching Stevie play the tambourine!! My mouth was to the floor as I watched Lindsey playing the guitar during his solos. It was all just so amazing. I have to admit, my eyes were locked on Stevie Nicks for most of the night, but I very much appreciate and admire the work of John, Mick and Lindsey. I give a lot of credit to everyone else that was on that stage, no one really comments on the work of the other performers. Sharon Celani and Jana Anderson have beautiful voices also. We can't forget Carlos Rios, Neale Haywood, or Taku Hirando (he was great!) I say, "Awesome job!". I admit I did miss Christine McVie thought! But the whole night was just outrageous and amazing. I am still amazed by what I saw. I have gone to other concerts before, but during this one, I could actually feel the music through my body. Stevie's voice was just extraordinary. It literally touched my heart! I didn't expect less from her or anyone else. She performed "Stand Back" and "Gold Dust Woman" so beautifully as well as the other songs. She was very into the music and spinning, which I have always wanted to see in person, just one spin from Stevie Nicks. :) I was definitely LOVING Mick's solo towards the end....one word...."UNBELIEVABLE". This has been a life long dream of mine, just to be able to watch these truly AMAZING performers live, and my dream was very fulfilled!!! I could not have asked for a better concert to go to. I admire Stevie Nicks very much and it was a blessing to finally be in her presence. Thank you so much to everyone that is working on the Say You Will tour, especially the 4 greatest performers that I have ever heard. Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac has given me a truly amazing night to always remember. It was honestly the "BEST" night of my life! Fleetwood Mac will always ROCK ON!!!!!!!
Amy Goodwin
What an outstanding performance! I have been illuminated, revived and renewed once again! Being that this was the third Fleetwood Mac concert in Houston, TX that I have attended, it just keeps getting better and better! With Fleetwood Mac being the 1st to christen the new Toyota Center and Stevie welcoming everyone, it was truly a historic evening with the Mac. I was thoroughly impressed by the new energy and the sense of triumph within the Mac, especially between Stevie and Lindsey. I am so glad to have heard Stevie perform “Beautiful Child” for my own sentimental reasons. Lindsey’s high riff of “Come” was absolutely outstanding! Period. Whatever you do during the concert, do not miss “It”! I am still reeling from their timeless performance and debating going out of state for another! Since my first recollection of “Tusk” at age 5, I knew there was something intriguing about this band - it all comes down to one ingredient that outshines, outlasts and endures – their pure, raw, unfiltered chemistry. Fleetwood Mac Forever! Bravo!
Angie Langley
I was one of the lucky guests at the first concert ever in the brand new Toyota Center Arena in Houston, TX for the magical "Evening with Fleetwood Mac." It's been 10 years since I last saw Stevie in concert and it was the best ever. She touches my soul with every song, time after time. We were lucky enough to make it to the 9th row for the last solo encore by her and I am ashamed to say that I was so excited and shaking so much that now I can't even remember what she sang. Hopefully I will get to see her again, but if not I will be completely satisfied with what I saw that night.
Terry Dodd
Without going on and on about how incredible the concert was, I just want to say that I think this, without a doubt, has been the best performance by Fleetwood Mac that I have seen. The chemistry between Lindsey and Stevie was phenomenal. This made for a passionate and meaningful concert. As a true Stevie Nicks fan, I must also recognize the overlooked talent of Lindsey Buckingham. He played with soul and true conviction. It was truly a spectacular show. Many thanks to the band!
Heidi Weber
My name is Heidi Weber and I saw the Monday, October 6 Houston Toyota Center "christening" show with Fleetwood Mac. Of all the times I've seen Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks solo, I'm still moved by the genuine pouring forth of love and positive energy that comes from these musicians. The collective spirit of the people at the venue was one of deep love and respect for the ever-strong and unwavering talent of this band. There was a strong sense of healing and love between the band, especially between Stevie and Lindsay. While certain aspects may have been staged, there was an undeniably sincere connection between them. While Christine's absence was bittersweet, I thought it was honorable not to perform some of her signature songs. It seemed to speak of a good vibe between them all. John McVie remained ever-present in his elusive and quiet way. Without his signature bass style, especially in "The Chain," there would be no Mac in Fleetwood Mac, for sure. His presence has always added some kind of peace to the overall feeling on stage. There's a certainty to John's presence that serves to bind them all. And Mick Fleetwood - ah, with a grin on my face - the fact that he sat behind that drum kit pounding these inside-my-chest-feeling primal rhythms for just over two hours before getting up and having his solo moment on stage merely proves that he was just saving up that wild and beautifully insane energy for the end. I swear I was two feet off the ground jumping and dancing during "Tusk." Lindsay Buckingham blazed over those guitar strings. I remarked after the show that being within two feet of his playing the guitar had to be a most magnetic and cosmic experience. I was about forty feet back and still had a sense of the power he released. It seemed with every song they played, more and more energy was flowing from his body and soul. Now, Stevie. "Beautiful Child" and "Goodbye, Baby" were undoubtedly two of the most moving moments on the stage. Stevie's magical ability to make everyone feel as if they are part of the circle is a gift that no others possess in that same way. Watching her and Lindsay perform Lindsay's "Goodbye," standing facing one another, created a feeling, almost nostalgic, similar to the feeling evoked by the Buckingham Nicks album. Those voices are of the same cosmic energy, of the same musical lives of the past. Those two voices fit together much as innocence fits with a child...naturally, beautifully, and completely. Mick's final messages of love and taking care of ourselves and one another attested to the survival and endurance of the band and its fans. Thanks for a musical set that covered so many favorites, old and new. Thanks for the triple header of "Tusk," "Stand Back," and "Go Your Own Way" - I just wish there'd been more room to dance! "...it always seems to heal the wounds if I can get you to dance..." My blessings to you for continued musical inspiration and energy!
The show was unbelieveable. It was awesome. To see Stevie nicks with her beautiful shawls and twirling around on that stage and Lindsey jaming on his quitar during the song Come, it was breath taking. Mic Fleetwood was wild and crazy. He was so fun to watch on that stage. The Highlight of show for me was when Stevie Nicks sang Stand Back. Everyone was on their feet. She was magical on that stage.
Kortni Wennihan
I just arrived home from Houston about an hour ago and I still really can't believe that I've seen the Mac twice now. Everyone seemed to be really hyped up about the opening of the Toyota Center than the fact that it was Fleetwood Mac playing; we stayed at a hotel about a block away from the venue and walked down there an hour before the doors opened to take some pictures of it and there were news crews everywhere, some people already lined up, and cars parked on the side of the road - it was crazy and I'm glad we didn't have to park because I heard it was insane. The venue itself is smaller than the American Airlines Center in Dallas and like someone said in the Houston newspaper, it seems like the venue is more about self promotion than it is about being a facility for all sorts of neat stuff (for lack of a better word). The shirts changed - I didn't see most of the shirts I saw in Dallas. Other than that, I found that the second time wasn't as thrilling as the first - I knew what was going to happen, how it was going to sound, and I was sitting on the same side that I did in Dallas (Brett Tuggle's side) so I saw the same stuff under the stage as before. Seeing them twice did make me realize how coordinated and efficient this tour is - it's all done so beautifully and it's just seamless. Perfect. On top of this, the day after the concert (10/7) was my birthday and that made seeing this band twice *so* incredibly worth it. If there's one thing I know now more than ever before, I realized that second-guessing myself is a bad thing because when you get the feeling you're supposed to do something, run with it. I second-guessed my feelings about seeing them in Dallas and I shouldn't have this time even though I did - I just can't let loose like I should be able to, right? But the whole feeling in there of energy, coordination, and this extraordinary sense of teamwork in what I heard made me realize that this is what I want to do - I want to be onstage doing that. I realized that in 1997 and everyone shook my dream off as being impractical and just that - a dream. I have way too much of a geeky perspective going into a concert, especially on the keyboardist's side - I try to figure out what's going on that makes that part of the show such a success. Last night during "Beautiful Child" I watched Brett (trying to figure out what he was playing - not the keyboard, but what notes) and near the end I saw him play with his eyes closed, something that I can't even do when I'm playing for nobody but myself, and then I realized how into the music he was. This isn't just a career, something he's good at and can do, but he loves it... and he feels it. For the past eight months I've been trying to avoid feeling and I figure now that maybe I shouldn't because something good can come from it if I let myself use it instead of ignoring it. I still have the image of him ingrained in my mind - and to me, *that* is what music is all about. I feel so much better now knowing that I'm really not alone or weird because I get all out (sometimes a little too much, according to others) into the music because I feel it. And I have a lot of respect for people who have the courage to feel in front of others like that. I screamed for Brett pretty much all night (everyone else too although I doubt anyone heard me) and I just... I don't know. One day that's going to be me doing something like that and I have a heck of a lot more confidence in myself now than I did before. Thank you so much, Brett... really. On the whole, I wouldn't mind being in Houston - it's a place full of much more opportunity than my hometown, it's not as crowded as Dallas, and I just get a really good feeling from being there. Maybe that's where it'll all begin for me.. I'm not sure. I also got to hear "Goodbye Baby" for the first time last night - my mom dragged me out in Dallas thinking it was over but it wasn't. I must say that I found some much-needed and much-deserved closure last night - one period of my life ended and I didn't come to accept it until last night - and another one began. If there's one thing I could tell anyone about this band, it would be that they don't fear change - they let change fear them... words of the wise, I suppose. It takes a lot to come this far and still be going. And it was really touching at the end when Mick told us all to take care of ourselves and take care of each other... It was just awesome. There are no words to describe how wonderful and blessed it is to be able to spend some time in the same (however large) room with these people. It changes you and when you leave that arena, you aren't the same naive person you were when you walked in - you see things differently if you let the music move you. The people onstage are people just like us and they want to be seen as people just like us - I don't know why they wouldn't want to be - but they carry an amazing message. You can't deny that there's some kind of magic that follows them wherever they go. Besides, how many people get to say that they had Fleetwood Mac and 12,000 fans at their birthday party? :)
Keith Chamberlain
What a concert! You could see it in their eyes and feel the magic when Mick and John walked out followed by Lindsey and Stevie. I saw the Bossier City show last month and both shows were terrific BUT I think Stevie nailed it when she said "Welcome to the first concert in the Toyota Center Houston." Maybe that was it. The energy level was so high from the Mac and the audience was so into it. Even the crowds on each side of the stage stood up for most of the show. Maybe opening a new venue had them so pumped that they were going to make sure that they blew the place away...and they did! Especially toward the end and throughout the encores, everyone that I could see were on their feet. I have seen the Mac and Stevie on every tour since 1976. I was lucky enough to be able to see them twice in the last two months. Stand Back was unbelievable. Stevie was so pumped up and she was twirling and kicking. You could feel it. She was so into it and so were we. We had terrific floor seats. Everyone was singing and dancing. Lindsey just amazes me with his talent. And of course without John and Mick with that rhythmic core, you just can't go wrong. The backup musicians were terrific. The high points other than Stand Back had to be when Stevie sang Beautiful Child and then Say Goodbye with Lindsey. All we have done is talked about the show for the last few days. What a memorable and wonderful night. Thank you Fleetwood Mac for keeping the chain stronger than ever. What a treat it would be if they put this tour on DVD. There's only a few dates left on the U.S. leg of the tour, so if you're reading this and they are coming to a city near you...GO........even if your seats are in the nose bleed sections...you won't regret it.
Stacy Massey
I had excellent seats and the show was magical. I have seen Stevie solo and that was amazing...but, oh man, to see Fleetwood Mac and to hear the songs that hooked me in the first place! The set of course started with "The Chain" which got everyone screaming and jumping out of their seats. The chemistry between Stevie and Lindsey is undeniable. It was absolutely surreal to be there while they sang to each other. I was especially moved by "Say Goodbye"...it seemed as though they thought they were the only two in the room. That is now my current official favorite song from the Say You Will CD. "Landslide", as always, was wonderful. I was very excited to hear "Beautiful Girl"! Stevie said it was a song she never thought she would have the pleasure of performing live in concert. Truthfully I didn't miss Chris at all (except maybe as backup)...it left more room for Stevie and Lindsey's material, which is what I went to see in the first place. I absolutely loved "Silver Springs"...talk about prophetic, Stevie! The venue was great, they were great....I only hope that they decide to do this again. I will go in a heartbeat, no matter the cost. And this time I will take my ten year old who is a HUGE Stevie fan...she was totally jealous and not even the cute FM bear was enough to appease. Of course I have to mention Mick and John...both looked and sounded great...and you gotta love the faces Mick makes. One of the great things about FM is their completely distinct sounds that come together perfectly. The Houston Chronicle noted that this event was not sold out....the show was quite full, but there was room for more. I would like for everyone to know that this event was not promoted well AT ALL in Houston. I don't think I heard a single radio advertisement...I relied solely on internet updates. And I listened for my chance to upgrade my seats!!! The reason for the lack of promotion? I ran into a local promotional rep at the Toyota Center and we discussed it - she said that the concert was hardly promoted in Houston because it was not a Clear Channel event, and all of our radio stations are Clear Channel stations. What a crock! I think many FM and Stevie fans were cheated of a wonderful night! The show was out of this world, and I am certain that when I was not singing along I was staring with my mouth hanging open!
Susan Dillard
Last night was the grand opening of the new Houston Downtown Toyota Center, the arena which will host the Houston Rockets and Houston Comets games as well as other events. The major event last night, the only event in town was Fleetwood Mac and what a night! I had traveled to Dallas to see Fleetwood Mac at the American Airlines Center as I thought, for the first time, The Mac would not be coming to Houston. Little did I know! Although I have heard and read it was not a "sell out," if there were empty seats in the approximately 19,000 capacity crowd arena, I couldn't see them. Even the crow's nest was packed. I met another fan club member, Glenn, who had come all the way from Canada to see his very first Fleetwood Mac concert. He wasn't disappointed. No one was. I had brought my 83 year-old mother with me. If you are thinking gray-haired lady in a wheel chair, no. If you are thinking "motorcycle mama," no. She is just a very dignified lady who happens to LOVE Stevie Nicks and is a huge fan of Mick Fleetwood. The media and press were everywhere last night for the opening. It was WILD!! One of the local television anchors asked some of us who were crowding around the tour merchandise if any of us were "Rockets" fans. I laughed and told her this was a "Fleetwood Mac event" and while we may be Rockets fans, they weren't on our minds tonight. The show had changed somewhat from Dallas on July 3rd as far as some of the staging and I didn't think it could be better than Dallas but it was. The band was on fire! Lindsay was ripping his guitars, throwing them about, shredding the strings to screams of appreciation. Mick was pounding away, keeping the magic of the "Fleetwood Mac" sound and never disappointing as always. He was especially magnificent during "World Turning." John, especially during the opening of "The Chain," set the tempo, as for me there is nothing like the sound of John's bass and I don't think he ever gets as much credit as he deserves during the show. It's always at the end when Mick introduces the band that John gets his due. Finally, last and certainly not least, Ms. Nicks. She was absolutely fantastic!!!! She was much more animated than in Dallas and her voice was fabulous. I always hear about how Stevie "isn't going for the high notes," or has "lowered her voice an octave," and that was true to some extent in Dallas but last night, she was going for it all the way! Stevie totally rocked the place down during "Stand Back" and I lost count of the spins, more than seven. "Gold Dust Woman" was more mystical and magical than I could ever have imagined. "Silver Springs" and "Landslide," well, for those of you who have seen the show, you know there is nothing like the sound of 20,000 people singing along with Stevie to two of the most beautiful songs she has ever written. She clearly put everything she had into each and every song and she showed us she was there for us from her very first words. "Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the very first concert at the Toyota Center Houston!" It was a fantastic evening and thanks to The Mac for coming to Houston!!!

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