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6/24/03 Conseco Fieldhouse Indianapolis, IN

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Fleetwood Mac as a whole delivered a great show in Indy. I have seen several stellar Fleetwood Mac shows, so when I say great, it’s great, but it’s not stellar. Lindsey was stellar throughout. Mick was stellar throughout. John was John. Stevie was stellar on 6 of her primary songs (Stand Back – she was fierce and this was her best performance, Gold Dust Woman – she was rocking, Rhiannon – she was in great voice, Silver Springs – she was powerful, Landslide – she did it great, and finally Beautiful Child – beautifully sang all of her notes and harmonized beautifully with Lindsey). However, she seemed bored/tired on Dreams and Gypsy…big time, plus I think she sang the wrong part of the song over the wrong sectionon Gypsy. Her high-energy numbers where she visibly rocks leave people screaming. But Dreams and Gypsy were just kind of dished up…same with the duet Peacekeeper. On the other songs that Lindsey/Stevie sang as duets, World Turning rocked super hard (helped by Mick’s solo interlude) as did the opening Chain. Very special was the mature harmonizing on Say Goodbye where Lindsey & Stevie just locked onto each other and didn’t let go until nodding to each other well after the end of the song. The soap opera continues to hold our interest…. From the front row of the floor, I give the concert a 9.5 but I’ve seen them deliver 12 & 13’s on the 1-10 scale. I’m seeing them again in San Francisco where I hope the crowd helps lift the performance. The Indy audience was a bit sedate and too nice. The stage was completely unguarded by security and the nice/polite Midwesterners that live in Indianapolis took about 5 minutes before people in the front row got the courage to walk up to the stage. My sister and I walked right up so that we were planted in front of Lindsey and Stevie was 10 feet away looking our way as she sang to Lindsey throughout. She cried when Stevie embranced Lindsey from behind on Landslide. I cried when I didn't get to hear Steal Your Heart Away, Destiny Rules, and Thrown Down. One of those should have replaced the closer Goodbye Baby. Mick’s drums seemed extra close to the front of the stage this time. I had a great view of him jamming and he connected with me and a lot of people in the front as we grooved to his groove. I hadn’t been able to do that before, and he was a blast. Now I just have to hunt for closer floor seats, because who can be satisfied with 25th row in San Francisco after having first row in Indy?? Ahhg.
Saw the show at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. Everything you have read earlier is true. It was great. Went with seven friends and we all had a great time. Fleetwood Mac sounded better than ever. We do miss Christine and wish her the best and would even be glad if she came back. But in true Mac fashion, the group carried on and put on one hell of a show. It was Mick's birthday and helped to pump up the arena for a night to remember.
I drove from Cincinnati to Indianapolis to see MAC at the Conseco Fieldhouse. I must say, it was an incredible concert! This was my fourth time seeing Stevie perform and the energy she had was almost tangible. The show had so much depth--the songs, so many layers. I thought Lindsey Buckingham was absolutely amazing. The man is a genius with a guitar. When you see the show, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. His solos will knock the wind out of you! As for Stevie, she is a goddess. Her songs make me cry but at the same time, her music has always makes me peaceful and happy. For those fair-weather fans who haven't bought the new album and who leave their seats during new songs--you are truly missing out!! Each of the songs on "Say You Will" are incredible. Lindsey and Stevie wrote some awesome songs and it is great to know that after decades of being in the business, they can still make great rock and roll better than anybody and they're only getting better!
Patti Rosenberg
I traveled from Connecticut to Indianapolis to take my brother to this concert. All I can say is... it was worth every mile! From start to finish, Fleetwood Mac rocked the stage and proved to their loyal fans that "the mac is definitely back." The chemistry between Stevie and Lindsey was electric. Yes, Stevie may not reach all the high notes... but did anyone really care? I don't think so. She twirled like a ballerina during Stand Back and sang like an angel on Beautiful Child. Lindsey's guitar skills are always astonishing to me. I particularly liked when he allowed some fans in the front row to strum his guitar ::::wishing it could have been us:::: John was his usual talented, unassuming self. The birthday boy, Mick, never missed a beat. When they closed the show with Goodbye Baby, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. The greatest moment for me was after the show when I asked one of the stage crew for a setlist and he gave it to me! It's now laminated with our ticket stubs and has become a very special addition to our massive F.M. collection. A heartfelt thank you to Stevie, Lindsey, John, Mick and the rest of the crew for a very magical evening that my brother and I will always treasure. ~What I saw on this journey is what legends are made of~
Teresa Trotter
Fleetwood Mac rocked on Mick's birthday with enthusiasm. Stevie's vocals are the best I've heard them. Lindsey's guitar playing was magic. Together the band put on a spectacular show. I wondered how the songs "Don't Stop" and "World Turnin" would work without Christine. Let's just say that while Chris will be missed, Stevie's soul definitely makes up for the loss. Rock on Fleetwood Mac!
Heather Gibson
What a wonderful night in Indiana. I came over from Middletown Ohio to see this show and it was awesome. The band as always was electric. I had great seats just next to the stage and could see everything perfect. When Stevie broke into Gypsy and Landslide I thought the crowd was going to go crazy. Great live performance as always. It was great to see Mick break out his drum suite again I always love that. And Stevie's performance of Stand back was just perfect. Great Show can't wait to see them in Cincinnati.
Wow! Stevie never ceases to amaze me! The concert was awesome! They played their old and new music with great heart and intensity. The crowd roared with every guitar lick, drum solo and, of course, Stevie's amazing voice and stage presence. If you get the chance, you must go see this show!!!
I can't even put into words what a great night this was. Fleetwood Mac are.........legends! The energy that they put out was unbelievable. Stevie looked gorgeous, sounded even better than you can imagine. I thought I was going to heaven when she sang Beautiful Child. If you close your eyes it sounds just as it did on Tusk. Lindsey lived up to his expectations and then passed them. My concert was one that was cancelled on TISL due to Stevie's illness....so I have been waiting FOREVER it seems to see her again. She danced, Lindsey laughed, they played...it was GREAT. He chased her around on Tusk, then kind of leaned on her while he played. Landslide....everyone sang along...gives you chills. I wonder what it does for a songwriter to have 15,000 people sing your song back to you? I loved the dance she did on SYW. The twirling on Stand Back....was great. It just was everything I could of wished for and more. I loved the stage, the screens was awesome. She did wonderful on Don't Stop and World Turning. Mick and his drums...need I say more? John...was the backbone as always. It's the day after and I'm going through major FM withdrawals. It's something you wait for and wait for...then it's over too soon. Thank you Mick, John, Lindsey and of course Miss Stevie....for a wonderful night. No we will never forget you ....
Cheryl Williams
I just attended the fleetwood mac concert in indianapolis. Oh my god, Stevie is timeless. A legend in her own time. Her voice stronger than ever. The whole show was very magical. Let us hope they continue to create very wonderful music togather.So i will be able to experiance this wonderful time again.
M. Michelle Repar
We went to Conseco Field House tuesday night and saw a great show. The crowd, estimated at 10,000 was full of energy. The show began around 8:20 as the house lights went down there was a roar from the crowd that increased its decibel level when Stevie's shadowed shape appeared on stage. I did notice she was wearing her platform sneakers and they seem to hamper her movement a bit but she was just as super as any other time I have seen her. Fleetwood Mac is ageless and timeless. Mick looked great and John was his usual invisible self. Christine McVie was missed. Lindsey was his usual self. Stevie really was THE presence...she is the one everyone came to see and the fans never let her forget it. Any pose or twirl was greeted with hysteria. Her voice was right on. We had a great time. I have seen Fleetwood Mac many times as well as Stevie anytime she gets near Indianapolis and this was a great concert and a great time
What an incredible show in Indy! I can't even begin to describe how incredible an experience Tuesday's concert was. If it is possible, Stevie, Lindsey, Mick and John sounded better live than any CD I've ever heard! From the opening notes of the Chain to the frenetic encore of World Turning to the final notes of Goodbye Baby, it was non-stop energy, sound, showmanship - the perfect ingredients for a memorable evening. Stevie looked wonderful and really shined with Rhiannon, Gold Dust Woman and Stand Back, but the highlights for me was seeing Stevie and Lindsey share the stage for Landslide and Silver Springs! To experience an entire arena sing along to one of your songs must be indescribable! I think Lindsey seemed truly touched by the crowd reaction to Big Love and even Come - his energy and mastery of his guitar was so powerful! Say Goodbye surprised me with its beautiful simplicity and emotion as a duet between Stevie and Lindsey! Beautiful Child was even more touching than I anticipated. Mick is a true showman! He took world turning and truly made it his own showcase! This concert experience exceeded all expectations. Anyone out there who is thinking that the ticket prices may be too high, think again.......It is so worth the money to experience this show! 2 ½ hours of pure magic! This tour is not to be missed!
Andrea & Roy Shofner
I have been a huge fan of Fleetwood Mac since I was a teenager. This is the third time I have tried to see them. First time, a family emergency prevented me. Second time, Stevie cancelled. Well, it was worth the wait. I saw Fleetwood Mac at Conseco Fieldhouse Tuesday evening, and the third time was a charm. Stevie Nicks is absolutely gorgeous. At one point during the concert, I looked over at my husband, Roy, and sweat was just dripping off him. I asked him if he was OK, and his reply was, “I need to sit down, I think Stevie is going to give me a heart attack”. She was that wonderful, with every twirl, and every note she sang. Lindsey is totally electrifying. He is awesome, better than I ever could have imagined. It was Micks birthday and he tried to tell us he was 56, but from the energy he has, you would think he was 30. John, well he stays in the shadows, but you hear every note he plays. We came home and I started looking at areas around Indianapolis that they had not played, so I could get tickets and go again. They play Cincinnati on August 16, and we will be there.
I was "SPOOKED" after the show! Yes, spooked that I had witnessed history in the making just because they were really and truly and honestly playing on all channels. Now, I have to say I went in after receiving personal reviews from a family member and several friends who have attended various shows. The two of the previously mentioned fools who are more fans than the others actually gave me questionable reviews, can you believe it. So I went in to this all worried. They were wrong, I'm sorry, so very wrong. Skeptics and overly critical fools all! That's you Brian and Chris!!!! Let's see either of you do this when you're 55. Here's a group, who collectively, are just a "touch" above the average age of your usually hot rockers, and they absolutely nailed it to a tee. This was my ninth Stevie show; only fourth FM show. I have never seen any of them, well, so tight and seemingly happy. Perhaps because it was Mick's birthday, or perhaps because they've just been this good throughout the tour, they put on a scorcher. If you are reading this and Fleetwood Mac is coming to a location near you and you haven't gotten tix, RUN!!!! Get them NOW before it's too late! First off, Stevie was in rare and spooky form regarding her singing. She even did the scales at the end of one of the songs. Her voice seems to have lightened and smoothed out showing little to no sign of the lower register quality. She threw some jazzy jive into her inflections here and there and never missed a frickin' note! Granted, she still strayed from SOME of the high notes, not many, just the ones we're all used to her avoiding by now. But she was doing some high harmonies and sustaining the notes incredibly. She seems to have found her new voice. I sensed no straining whatsoever, even though my friend thought she might have been at times. (Wrong!) And there was absolutely no problem hearing her. She was a powerhouse unto herself. Her vocal strength was superior to that of the Dance CD. She nailed Silver Springs and Landslide. Beautiful Child was a trip back into time. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! Much better than the TISL tour. After Street Angel, I thought it was all over. So glad I was wrong. Linsey's looking a little tired. He's lost a lot of weight since the Dance tour. Who wouldn't considering what he puts into these performances? I saw him shake his sore hands toward the people on the floor. Where once you might have worried a bit about what kind of vocal performance Stevie was going to pull out of her hat, Lindsey seemed a little rough around the vocal edges, but nothing to fret about I hope. It's his playing that speaks volumes about what he's capable of doing. I saw what appeared to be an eighty year old man jamming out to some of the guitar licks. Then of course there's John and Mick. John really does try to hide back in the corner behind Stevie and next to Mick. But he can't hide that unmistakable timing. And Mick, well brilliant and crazy as ever. What can you really say about these guys? They are institutions of rock and roll and prove it every damn time they perform. I was hearing some new rhythms coming from them. There was a jazzier sensation at times. They have definitely not stopped learning their craft. A little more on the show: am I getting sensitive with age, or when Stevie and Lindsey turn their mikes to each other for Say Goodbye and sing so perfectly toward each other, does anyone else get tears in their eyes? This has never happened to me before at a concert! I was hoping no one saw. This whole show was intense. They were like a band of traveling, performing gypsies who zipped into town to magically transform an average evening into a weeping, sobbing, powerful, knee wobbling experience. There wasn't even a spectacular light show or 20 dancers skipping all over. Thankfully, they did have some VERY clear monitors and the black and white images shown on either side of Mick. It's such a quandary what to do when you're in a section that sits and stands at the same time. It's a damn concert, fools. I say, don't bitch, just go with it. I mean I went in there with a terrible headache, didn't feel like getting too crazy, but I stood when necessary and sat when I could. It was LOUD, too. No sound system discrepancies that I could detect. My right ear was probably a bit worse for the wear due to some of those guitar licks, but they put me in a happy trance. Just like that eighty year old man. You just never want it to end. It's crazy how many people fled before the first encore and then how many fled before the second one. Fools didn't know there was still some good stuff to come. And what good stuff it was. So good, it was spooky.
I must first admit that I am one of Fleetwood Mac's newest fans, having just become one after the release of the new album, SAY YOU WILL. My parents had always listened to Fleetwood Mac as I grew up, but I was young and just didn't know what I was missing! After SAY YOU WILL sparked my interest, I started listening to their earlier music, especially THE DANCE. I fell in love and decided that I had to see them. Living in Lexington, KY, the closest that the band would be performing was Nashville and Indianapolis. I picked Nashville because it was first, and I didn't want to wait to see them. After a spectacular show at the Gaylord Entertainment Center, I knew that I HAD to see them again!! I had a friend that wanted to go with me, but her parents wouldn't let her without a parent going. My mom wasn't too thrilled about going without getting a better seat than we had at Nashville. It seemed as if I wouldn't get to see Fleetwood again, but then, I offered to pay my mother's way, and, at what seemed like the last minute, we threw the trip together and got to see them. It was just as great as the first time. From the first beat of "The Chain" to the last of "Goodbye Baby", I prayed that the show would never end. Oddly enough, my favorite at both shows was the only that wasn't a Fleetwood Mac original, "Stand Back". That sound has a energy in it like no other. I could tell that Stevie felt the same way. She seemed more energetic and did her signature twirl during the bridge. Another favorite was "Eyes of the World". Loved Mick's drum solo at the beginning of that one. Stevie had a smile on her face the entire song. My only complaint would be that the show was too short, but I guess no matter how long it was, it would always be too short. I had so much fun that the 2 hours flew by. And it was worth the cost of 2 tickets!
To those who have not seen the show yet...you are gonna flip over Stevie's twirls on Stand Back! I was there for opening night, and not ONE twirl the entire show. I had heard that she was twirling on Stand Back, but no description does it justice. Last night, however, I felt as if I had been teleported back to 1983. She has not done twirls like this since then. She was like a whirling dervish! I swear I didn't think she was still physically capable of twirling like that. I was losing my mind...screaming and jumping up and down. I know people thought I was crazy, but I didn't care. That's the real Stevie!!! She also twirled a bit on Rhiannon and Gold Dust Woman. She let loose a bit more on Rhiannon and GDW than she did the last time I saw her. Also, on Beautiful Child (the highlight of the show for me. one of my MOST favorite songs.) she reached out at the end and said "I still wish that you were mine", as if she were beseeching someone to return. Incredibly powerful. I am not ashamed to say I was in tears. FM awesome as always. On to the next show!
I just saw the Indy show it was great the best. Stevie looked an sang beautifully the guys were also great and full of energy. The lights sound everything was awesome. You know the band is great when they can bring together people my age 23 and people who are 60 and up to rock together that is wonderful. To the greatest band every keep rockin, making music, and having fun doing it.
Fleetwood Mac Indy was absolutely amazing!!!! I didn't realize that they had such a wide range of ages that followed them. ( I'm 19 and thought I was one of the youngest) Lindsey and Stevie dominated the stage with so much electricity and passion that it was surreal. Lindsey and Mick's solo instrumental performanceswere breathtaking. Listening to their c.ds the day after their concert is like still being at the concert. It's permanately imprinted in my mind. I had a blast and hope to see them in Cincinati. Fleetwood and especially Stevie will always be the best.
I went to the Mac show last night at Conseco Fieldhouse, and am still blown away. I was 5 rows back, on Lindsey's side of the stage, and still wishing I was closer!! I was a little disappointed that I read so many of the other fan reviews because they kind've gave the whole show away. I wont do a play-by-play, but I will tell you that there were so many highlights and so much intensity, that you absolutely must see the show. I still wish more new songs were played, and Christine was sorely missed, but Stevie and (Lindsey especially) brought it!! I actually am going to try and get tickets to another venue - it was THAT good! I am listening to the new CD as I type and wishing I was back at that arena watching Lindsey and Stevie make their beautiful songs even more alive. I'm sure by now anyone reading this already has tickets, so all I can tell you is enjoy the show, and savor every minute because it was the fastest 2 1/2 hours of my life!!!
It is the morning after the best Fleetwood Mac show I've ever been fortunate enough to experience. Ten thousand fans filled Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis on Tuesday, 06/24/03. You could feel the genuine good vibes from all the bandmates. The fans loved the interchanges between Stevie and Lindsey. At one point during the show, they did a slow, cat-and-mouse, type thing in which he would approach her, she would whirl away and then come back. The good feelings were palpable. There were so many highlights of the show, it's difficult to pick out any certain one - the new songs were well received as were the old. During Gypsy, a screen which came down from behind the stage played the Gypsy video. During Tusk, the screen showed the USC Marching Band. Mick delighted everyone with his percussion vest and his madman antics during World Turning. It was his birthday, 61st or 56th, Lindsey and Mick bantered back and forth. John provided his stable foundation of bass lines. My husband and I had a little surprise to our right. Lindsey's wife and son strode out. Lindsey's boy looks exactly like him. Kristen held William, who was wearing a head set. She kind of danced around with him as they watched Dad. Lindsey especially was extremely friendly to the crowd. He stood up on the amps, allowed fans to touch his guitar and himself and shook plenty of hands. He also signed some autographs, along with Mick, towards the end of the show, for those close enough to reach out to them. Stevie's concert rendition of Beautiful Child was heartfelt and touching. The last song, Goodbye Baby, left me in tears. There was so many ways one could interpret her song. I thought of it as her song to her unborn children. I could personally relate to that, having lost 3 infants myself. Another way one could interpet it would be as a song to Lindsey or as my husband pointed out, it could have been the band's way of saying, "goodbye, this is our last tour". I hope he's wrong, as this is the best I have seen Fleetwood Mac in a long, long time.
Wow! Okay, I'm about to post my review of last night's show in Indy, on the night of Mick's birthday! I had one heck of a time! We were seated 25 rows back on Lindsey's side of the stage. Not too bad, except 3 rows in front of me was someone actually taller than my hubby, so my view of Lindsey was obstructed at times. Anyway... First, we met at the restaurant in the arena. I got to meet a great group of fans! Randy, Brent, Laura, Lesley, Greg, and Sara. You all were a blast to sit and talk with! I don't think we'll ever forget the dessert, Landslide!!! The rest of you, it's too bad you couldn't see this thing! About a foot tall, 6" wide, w/ 3 different ice creams, cookie crust, m&m's, choc. chips, and caramel Off the charts! Okay, then we went to our seats around 8. I was listening for the crickets...they came on around 8:20, I think. Then the lights went down and the place errupted w/ the first beat of "The Chain"! The Indy crowd was 100 times better than Cleveland and I couldn't see an empty seat! Most stood on the floor the entire show! Including me, and I'm feeling it today! I had my signs, one for Mick's bday and 1 for Lindsey during "Come". Neither one saw them Oh well.... Anyway, you all know the setlist. Every song rocked! Hard to believe, but to me, they were soooooo much better than in Cleveland! Stevie was really into it! I could see her looking around at the crowd. Dancing! Rhiannon was probably the best I've ever heard her sing! GDW was phenomenal! She really just went all out on both! And "Stand Back"!! No words to describe! She did about 10 twirls, I think...I lost count after 5! "Goodbye BAby" was beautiful! I started crying toward the end. Not just for the song, but because I was thinking this may be the very last time I see them, at least for a loooongggg time Unfortunately, Stevie did miss the lyrics slightly...she sang "I went to sleep in tears, woke up as one...", but sang the correct verse later in the song "went to sleep in tears, woke up in tears..." But she still sang beautifully! Couldn't move up at all during the encores. Hardly anyone left!! That's how great the crowd was! Lindsey was a mad-man! Broke one string during "Come". Theh crowd really loved his musicianship this night! "Never Going Back Again" was totally cool Landslide was beautiful. I could hear the crowd singing along. Stevie went behind Lindsey and held him while he played his solo. He was loving it! The crowd reacted so well to them! No kiss at the end, but a nice long hug and some big smiles to the crowd's reaction! "Say Goodbye" was just as beautiful! Almost mesmerizing, it was slowed down considerably compared to the album cut. At one point in the song, some fans yelled "GET MARRIED!" to them "Tusk" was great! I just love watching the video of the USC band! Lindsey tried to sneak up on John. It didn't work and Lindsey was just cracking up He and Stevie went around in circles then he got behind her and leaned on her while she went in circles, holding on to him. Another crowd pleaser! And John! I saw him laughing at one point and actually doing a little dancing while playing "Say You Will" (I think that was the song) Mick was incredible!!! Drum solo was intense! The crowd loved it Before they played NGBA, Lindsey announced to the crowd it was Mick's birthday! Then they joked around about how old he was! It was funny Stevie, Lindsey, and Mick all yelled out that he was 56! And Lindsey made a funny comment about what you read on computers these days about Mick being 61 At the end of the show, Mick seemed genuinely emotional at this show! Then he said we made it a great birthday for him! I could see in his face he meant it! I could read Lindsey's lips telling him "Happy Birthday" when they all joined to bow to the crowd! Great moment Well, that was our night with Fleetwood Mac in Indy! I had a great time and was glad my hubby and our friend Robin could experience such a great night of rock 'n roll!!!! Now, I need to play the lottery so I can buy tickets for another show! I don't want the after-concert blues to set in! Thank you, Fleetwood Mac, for a great night of escape and great music!
Terri Clark
Well, I haven't seen Fleetwood Mac since they were here in 1980 at Market Square Arena!!! The Concert got started at 8:24 pm. The house was almost packed & we had good seats in the Balcony with the screens to our right, & we could see stage too but with the help of binoculars!!! They did lots of the older songs & not as many from new CD & when they did, they told us it was. Stevie looked really tired & a bit sleepy while performing but came to live as it was ending. Lindsey only broke ONE string this time. He played his livin' heart out & even let the people right up to the stage, play his guitar as he's playing & he got laughing at this one guy, & don't know what was said!! Our sound system in Conseco made it REALLY hard to make out what they were saying when they weren't singing & the drums, & guitars were so loud!!, but the best place to hear was in the ladies room!! Had a really nice time & this was my belated Birthday present of June 10th to me from my Boyfriend!!! I did buy 2 tee-shirts afterwards & still NO tourbooks. They did have mugs & a little teddy bear!!!Poster & lots of shirts!!!! If you can't wiggle in to buy before, you can still purchase afterwards & have less crowd!! During a few songs, the crowd lit lighters like back in the old days & yes, people were taking pictures. The whole floor & seating behind them, were standing the whole time!!! They were funny at times. Mick got to share his birthday with the Indianapolis bunch & we loved our Mac!! They came back for two or 3 encores & yes, people were dancing in the isles. It was so beautiful to see the 4some play again & I won't forget the night at all!
Selena Kingsley
I'm not going to waste a lot of time repeating what others have reported on this tour. Allow me to simply say that The Mac rocks, and it always will. I'm a single parent of 2/full time student, working 6 days a week, and tugging hard to pull the ends together to make them meet. Including Tickemaster's larceny charge, I paid $274 for 2 tickets. It was worth twice what I paid. I wanted to take my 16 year old son. He had become a Lindsay fan after I had been lucky enough to go The Dance Tour, and later bought the video. This was his first concert *event*. Tickets....$274 Gas, meal, T-shirt, and other miscellaneous...$70 Look on my son's face when Lindsay ripped out a solo....Priceless

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