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6/20/04 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Irvine, CA

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Jeff from Phoenix
Okay, around the beginning of June I was feeling a little worn out and a little stressed over all the little things and also starting to deal with the beginning of the summer heat in Phoenix. So, I kind of got this inkling in the back of my mind to head to California to see one of the Fleetwood Mac shows there. Just an inkling...you know..."should I? can I afford it? but, really, should I?" That type of thing. Well, one night I got online and just kind of bought a ticket to the Irvine show. Wasn't planning on doing it....but you know how those credit cards and the internet go hand in hand. So, within the next few days I got a plane ticket, a hotel reservation, and a rental car. And before you know it my little 'get away from it all' trip was upon me. I actually flew out of Phoenix into Orange County on the morning of the 20th. We were an hour late leaving which I didn't like....but soon I was in Orange County's John Wayne Airport picking up my rental car....which I got a free upgrade on from a compact car to an SUV. Which was kind of cool. Made my way from the airport to the hotel to check in which was five miles away right off the 405. Checked in and by this time it was all ready around three in the afternoon. Asked where there was something to eat and the front desk told me to head over to the Irvine Spectrum. Got back on the 405 and right away there was this sign "Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - next exit". I was really impressed with myself seeing that I made the hotel reservations online. I couldn't have done any better if I knew what I was doing. I had these fears of driving all over southern California. And seeing the words "Fleetwood Mac" up on the marquee kind of got me psyched. :-) Got something to eat and then headed over to Laguna Beach. I had brought my Walkman and a bunch of Fleetwood Mac cd's along but wasn't expecting such a great sound system in the rental car/SUV so of course I just had to BLAST the music all the way along Laguna Canyon Road to the beach. It was such a BEAUTIFUL day at the beach. Can't even describe it. Gorgeous blue sky, beautiful temperature...couldn't ask for a better day. Just sat on a bench watching the ocean and the waves....and all the tensions that I had been feeling I felt just flow away. And of course the ocean got me into that Stevie/Mac vibe. (And the wind....and the rain...and the water) Went back to the hotel and got ready for the show. Left the hotel at around 6:45 since I was so close.....got on the 405 and came to a complete STOP. Forgot about concert traffic. But I was still parked and walking to the venue at about 7:15 so I think I did great. While walking to the amphitheater you cross over this creek/ditch and I saw this HUGE crayfish walking over the roadway from one side to the other. He was hustling to get across while avoiding all the people. Guess he just wanted to get closer to hear the music better. ;-) Got my seat.....up in the terrace seating. Not the best seat but since I got the ticket so late I don't think I did that bad. And besides with the big screen monitors set up you could see everything pretty good anyway. All that mattered was that I was THERE. It was a great night. The temps were nice...a little chilly maybe but after leaving Phoenix earlier in the day it felt wonderful. From my seat I could see the mountains all around. And the place was PACKED. I was really impressed with the amphitheater. Okay, the show started around 8:30. Won't mention everything....just some of the highlights for me. And I have read some complaints on the net about the sound for this show...really didn't notice it from where I was. The only thing I noticed was Mick's microphone cutting out a bit during the World Turning drum solo. The Chain started things off as usual. This really sets the mood for the whole show. Can't believe after ALL these years how it is STILL such a powerful song. Dreams was wonderful. Glad to hear I Know I'm Not Wrong live. It really came off great live. Glad Lindsey decided to put it in the show for this leg of the tour. I LOVE the way they play Never Going Back Again on this tour. Great job of arranging an old song. And Rhiannon....well, what can I say? It is still my song...if Stevie will let me use that term.....that song has just always been there for me. Rhiannon has been with me for years now....and it just never loses any of it's.....power...I guess you'd have to say. I love the way Stevie does the "Well, I don't think you do" before the second chorus. "Once in a million years a lady like her rises...." Come rocks. I couldn't put my finger on why I like the live version of this song until playing the Live in Boston DVD for a friend. If you just played the CD version of the jam at the end for someone who wasn't a Fleetwood Mac fan and asked them what band it was they would have no idea. I think they'd be shocked to learn it was Fleetwood Mac because it's just so heavy. And that's what makes the Mac such a great band. Nothing ever sounds the same....they play all types of music across the board. Stevie took a minute to dedicate Landslide to her father seeing as it was Father's Day. She mentioned how he would listen to her and Lindsey play all those years ago and how he supported their efforts and so it seemed appropriate to dedicate Landslide to him on Father's Day. And seeing that her father and brother had driven out to the show from Phoenix made it even better. I just wish I'd have known they were going to go to the show...I'd have caught a ride. ;-) Red Rover was great live too. And Say Goodbye was brilliant. It seemed slower and more intimate than when I saw them last year in Phoenix. Stevie's and Lindsey's voices just were meant to be together. Sara. First of all, thank you, Stevie, for giving Sara back to us. It's been gone for a long time....it's great to hear it back live again. This is another of those "What can I say?" songs. While watching Stevie on the monitor singing those classic words it struck me....again....why I like her so much. Dressed in that red cape with her hair the way it was and the long beautiful earrings it was just one of those.....well, 'Stevie moments'. Every Stevie fan has one...or several....you all know what I mean. She just was this beautiful, talented, insightful, ELEGANT woman while singing this song. I mean she always is and always will be that elegant woman...but like I said, it was one of those 'Stevie moments'....you know? I hope this is all making sense. And seeing the old video clips of the live version of Sara from the Tusk tour on the monitors was very cool. "All I ever wanted was to know what that you were dreaming..." Tusk is just an all-out romp. And Beautiful Child is just amazing. I am SO GLAD they kept it in for this leg of the tour. Stand Back is always a treat to hear live. And it always brings a smile to my face to hear the crowd go nuts when Stevie twirls during the instrumental. Go Your Own Way was awesome. Hearing this WHOLE HILLSIDE singing along was just great. And Lindsey rocked as usual. Mick's drum/vest solo during World Turning was great as always. "Are you still with me?!!" Yes, we were, Mick. So, after the show I went down by the concession area and bought the t-shirt with the cover of the Live In Boston DVD on it. And bought a program too. Great price for $5!! Saw people hanging around by the backstage area and walked over to see what I could see. Taku Hirano was out talking to a few people. So I made sure to let him know that I had flown over from Phoenix for the show and to let the rest of the band know that it was definitely worth the trip and to tell them what a great time it was. If he ever reads this I hope he remembers me and hope that he did tell the band thanks from me. The next day - Monday - I drove up the Pacific Coast Highway from Laguna Beach to Huntington Beach. BLASTING Fleetwood Mac and Stevie all the way. As I said before this was kind of a little getaway trip for me just to relax a bit and to kind of refocus and regroup. So, I spent some time along the beach just walking and enjoying the power of the ocean and trying to find myself again. And the words of Stevie just somehow seemed appropriate....once again...."I run through the grass....over the stones....down to the sea....show me the way back" Thanks, Stevie.....I did find the way back. As my plane took off Monday evening and we banked over the ocean heading back to Phoenix I watched the sun setting on the horizon and realized it was the summer solstice.....and knew once again that whole Fleewood Mac/Stevie mystical/nature vibey 'thing' had worked it's MAGIC once more. So, thank you, Stevie, Lindsey, Mick, and John, and the rest of the band.....it was a trip definitely worth it. Peace, solitude, the beauty of Southern California, and the music of Fleetwood Mac....what could be better? Thank you Stevie and the Mac for always being there when I need you. It's appreciated.
Last night's show was an amazing display of talent and energy, and the ability of one of the best bands of all time to show off their endless supply of inspiration. The Irvine Meadows venue was absolutey packed, and the show started at about 8:30. People in the front rows rushed the stage and were up against it for the entire concert. I won't repeat everything that's been written about past shows, because a lot of it was the same, but I will include some highlights. "I Know I'm Not Wrong" is a showstopper, and I'm so glad they've incorporated one of Lindsey's Tusk songs into the set. "Never Going Back Again" has taken on a new life, and the arrangement is far superior to that of the original recording. Lindsey really knows how to work the crowd in both the loud, explosive moments, and also in the quiet ones, like in "Never Going Back Again." Now on to the loud, explosive highlights. "Come." It's hard to know what to say about this song. One of the best songs on the new album, and when performed live, Lindsey is given the chance to really show the crowd what he is made of. His solo on the end of this song combines his immense ability on the guitar and his unparalleled showmanship. It will leave you speechless. The performance of "I'm So Afrad" is equally mind-blowing. While Lindsey may have stolen the show, Stevie stole some of it back in her performances of "Gold Dust Woman," "Rhiannon" and "Beautiful Child." The latter was a stark and powerful performance of one of her best, albeit least known, songs. I was sitting in the front section on Lindsey's side of the stage, about 20 rows back, and having seen them twice already on the tour, this show emerged as the best so far. I'll have to see how tomorrow night's show in San Diego stacks up! It will be tough to beat last night's performance, but this is a band that knows how to outdo itself.
The Show: We had 2nd row seats for this one, which Kim got (with amazing luck) through the Clear Channel.com presale. We got to the venue about an hour before the show. I had strapped my camera to my ankle with an ace wrap under my pant leg. I got through security easliy, needless to say. As we walked by the merchandise area I noticed that they were actually selling disposable cameras right along side of the FM T-shirts and posters! I then realized there was no need to hide my camera! My heart practically beat out of my chest as we walked to our seats! The orch. pit at this venue only has 129 seats, so it's a small area. There was lots of room (maybe 8 ft) between the front row and the stage (which was about 5 ft. high in the middle, then shallows out towards the sides ofthe stage.) Our actual "seats" were in front of LB's mic. I spoke with security before the show (who were very cool by the way) to ask about who gets to go to the stage and who doesn't. He said anyone in the "pit" area can go up ( the 120 seats I mentioned before, which was 5 rows in this venue) He said that FM was very adamant about letting people up close and personal, and that normally they have security guys lining the front of the stage, but FM said no to that. I discussed this info with Kim, as we were trying to decide where we should stand once the show started. We wanted to be where SN and LB could see us easily, but also didn't want too many people in front of us. We ended up right between LB and SN's mics, about 5ft back from the stage. (perfect in our opinion, although my neck is STILL sore as I'm typing this from looking up at the both of them! But it's a "good" sore if you know what I mean! OK, now REALLY the show: The Chain started and everyone in the front pretty much gave each other their space and was cordial to one another (I had my concerns reading previous reviews ) . We couldn't believe how perfect our spots were! The only complaint I had, and maybe this is just the venue that I was at, was that the sound was off. It was hard to get the full audio effect from where I was at so close. The vocals were harder to hear. ( But trust me, I'm NOT complaining!) I'm not going to go song by song. I'll just give highlights and things I noticed as I remember them. The entire band was on FIRE tonight!! Mick mentioned towards the end that it was one of the two only So. Cal. shows that they were doing this time around and maybe that contributed to their energy level. During "Come" Lindsey swung his guitar around and around eventually knocking Stevie's mic to the ground. I don't think he even noticed that he did that. He was so "in the moment" of it all. He threw his guitar off to the side after it was over. The stagehand guy had to quickly come fix the mic as "Sara" was next. The poor dude was scrambling to untangle the ribbons and beads that hung from Stevie's mic as he stood it up. He was successful, and "Sara" began and was as beautiful as all of you guys have described it! I began to tear up as it began, but told myself to stop as not to ruin my eye makeup! Stevie seemed so happy and touched to be doing this song, and I couldn't believe she was standing there doing it right in front of me! Unreal. I couldn't see if she was wearing her boots because I couldn't see over the monitors. Red Rover was awesome. Landslide was dedicated to Stevie's Dad who had made it out there from Phoenix for Father's Day. GDW was perfect! I LOVE the "shadow...shadow...shadow..." at the end! World Turning- after Mick's drum solo (which was longer thatn any of the 5 shows I went to last year) Lindsey came out and pointed to Kim and threw his towel. Of course, about 6 women jumped for it. Kim had it in her hand, I had part of it, and the four other chicks had their piece of it too. All of us were pulling. Kim let go and a couple of the others did too. I still had it, but so did this other chick. I pulled and she pulled. The something really weird happened: as she was pulling, she squatted down adn made this screeching noise like a frickin' animal of some kind! At that point I let it go and said, "OK! Jes*s Chr*st! Take it!" Total freak. Hey it woulda been a neat souvenier and all, but if soemone is gonna go American Werewolf in London on me, they can have it!! Besides, LB wanted Kim to have the towel anyway, and that's all that really matters. Lindsey was such a FLIRT tonight! He really works the women, doesn't he? He was smiling and singing and pointing at us all night! It was so much fun! We got a couple looks from Stevie too! She really seemed to be having a great time too. It was so fantastic being between them the whole night. It was like a dream. Stevie's outfits were spectacular and I loved her black beaded bracelets! Before we left I told Cory that I loved the Tour Diaries. She smiled and said thanks. On the way out I noticed Richard Dashut who was sitting probably about row 20 or so. I actually stopped and said, "Excuse me, are you Keith Olsen?" ( WRONG producer!) He said, "No." I said, " I'm sorry. I'm forgetting your name right now, but I know I've seen you in the FM Rumours documentary... you're a producer, right?" He said, "Yes." I said, "What's your name?" and he said, "Richard Dashut." I said, "That's right! I'm Jamie! Nice to meet you!" He shook my hand smiling and asked if I was a big fan and enjoyed the show. I of course siad yes to both. He then turned to Kim and asked her name and shook her hand. He was really cool. In hindsight, we shoulda hung out with him a little longer.Oh well. Next time I guess.
The Mac was awesome They played the old and the new. That guitar player rocked. I have to say tonight was Stevies night. Something was in the sky. Stevie looked beautiful. She lost some weight, her hair in bangs, she looked very happy and her outfits were smoking hot with crystals. One hightlight was when she dedicated LANDSLIDE to her father who was in the audience and it being Fathers Day was even more heartfelt. One friend even cried. But the brightest high of the evening was when Stevie came out in her long red velvet cape with her hair up, yep, you guessed it, she sang SARA. What a wonderful shock!!!. We were trying to think of the last time she sang SARA in concert and we came up with the Wild Heart tour of '83. Tonights SARA was truly breathtaking just like Stevie. Her voice. Her energy. Her eyes. It was a night that none of us will ever forget. Thank you Stevie so very much.... Just a side note: a female friend of ours was hit in the arm with a grenade in Iraq this weekend. She saw Stevie in Atlanta last year. Being at this concert helped us get by for a few hours with Stevies love and music. Stevie helped us gather hope and strength. If you can help our friend with some positive thoughts, I am sure it will help in her recovery. thanks.
Hello everyone, Debbie here. I was at the FM show in Irvine last weekend and I want to recap the highlights for you. We got there at 7:30PM and the traffic was really back up. There was a Kiss concert there the night before and we happened to drive that way to get to the Irvine Spectrum and there was no problems getting through but on this night they had to have cops directing traffic. Once was finally got inside 45 minutes later the show was packed. I saw the tour six times last year but this was my first time seeing this leg of the tour. We had second row pit seats and when the music started they let the pit people go up to the front. I ended up getting a spot toward the middle but closer to Lindsey’s side. My expectations were high and they of course didn’t disappoint. GDW was very powerful and I loved the way she kept repeating shadows at the end. Stand Back was energetic though I can’t tell you how many times she twirled because the stage was high and the monitors made it hard to see them. We were right on the edge of the stage and for most of the show we could only see them from the chest up. So I don’t show if Stevie was wearing her boots but she did have on beautiful jade earring for Sara. Her hair was half up which was cool to see and I love the way she sings the last part of the song over at Lindsey’s microphone. Lindsey was really on fire, his solos for Come and I’m So Afraid were his best. But he didn’t do any solos in the middle of the stage, which surprised me. His first was on the right side of the stage and his second two were on the left. The only time he walked forward to the center people was for Go Your Own Way. Though he did look our way for the beginning of Come which was cool. The only disappointment of the show was the audience. During Go Your Own way I made the mistake of leaving my spot to touch Lindsey’s guitar and when I came back two drunk women were there spilling their beer all over everyone. They wouldn’t stop screaming and when Lindsey threw his towel out there was a fistfight over it right behind me. One of the women literally punched a guy in the head to get it. They got so bad that security had to come over. The women calmed down only slightly after that. They still kept knocking into people. I couldn’t believe their behavior. I had seen Stevie twice at this venue and never have I seen people behave that badly in the pit. Oh well at least the show itself was great. And Stevie’s outfits were even better than last time, especially the one she wore for Stand Back it was black with beautiful gold embroidery and it had a matching scarf. For most of the night she had on lots of layers. Before Landslide she commented on how she thought that Southern CA was supposed to be warm. She dedicated the song to her dad who drove from Phoenix with her brother for Father’s Day. When Landslide was over Lindsey kissed her head it was so sweet. And the new songs made great additions to the show I hardly missed the ones that were dropped even though I loved them too. Sara was such a treat to hear live and I Know I’m Not Wrong got everyone dancing. I was secretly hoping for Silver Springs, but I understand Stevie doesn’t want her voice to give out. There was still plenty to see. Besides all the other highlights Stevie’s Say You Will and Lindsey’s rousing version of Tusk were great. And Mick and John were excellent as always. Overall it was a fantastic show and I can’t wait to see their next one!
Greetings Everyone!!! Sunday, the 20th of June 2004 ~ Fleetwood Mac At The Verizon Wireless! Am still floating on the Stevie ~ Fleetwood Mac cloud! With the realization of how close in proximity the seats were to the stage my jaw dropped in awe!!! Binnocs would not be required from here!!! Oh my Goddess!!! Stevie... Lindsey were within arms' reach!!! Early Sunday morning awoke at a fairly decent hour. As the day appeared to drag on indefinitely, found myself watching a quickly non-moving clock! With the arrival of Live Boston Show DVD on Friday, decided to watch this in an attempt to move the morning along! With watching the excitement level of the audience during the filming of this show - knowing that two of my friends were in the audience (John is actually visible within a few shots, during Second Hand News, then during Rhiannon!!), helped escalate the already high level of energy coursing within my body! Slowly, as the clock counts down… five hours... four hours... three…two... one…the moment has arrived ~ the driver pulls up promptly, 4:55 p.m.! Of we go! Traffic, in what appeared to be smooth flowing within one moment, an instant abruptly came to a screeching halt! As we slowly crept along, finally, the 405 slowly, eventually opened up. Although skeptical, my driver assured me we would arrive to the venue by 7:00 p.m…. The drive was long, ~100 miles. What strikes me as odd, as this length of drive is the norm for my visit to the annual Renaissance Faire. Uncertain as to why this appeared longer... perhaps being the eager, intensely-filled passenger had something to do with it!! heh heh!! As promised, the driver pulled into the parking lot by 7:00 p.m.! Was shocked to see the prices to park your vehicle at the venue.. $30.00 per car! With ticket in hand, walking through the entrance gates, finally, now, the night had begun! Once inside, with the usher pointing towards the direction of my seat.. was greeted with sheer exhilaration with the closeness to the stage!! Orchestra section…Row B.. an isle seat!! One could literally reach out and touch the stage! This seat, by far has been the closest yet! Once seated, was able to watch as the crowd filled their seats! High above, the crescent moon rose high within the evening sky! A welcoming of Fleetwood Mac (Stevie/Lindsey) back home, here to Los Angeles! The energy within the arena was effortlessly building to an all time high! The excitement with the crowd all around! A young couple were seated to my left. They had brought their nine/ten year old daughter for her first Fleetwood Mac show! The little girl, and her step-mom became fast fans during the Dance era, promptly purchasing any and all CD's recorded by the band! Watching this little girls eyes light up, with, actually being here, this show, to her singing and dancing to nearly all of the new songs, was quite the exciting sight! She knew all the songs from the Tusk album, watching her jump up and down, squealing with joy, added to the Magick of the evening! A little Stevie in training!! They purchased their tickets through the Fan Club.. and were actually very fortunate, compared to the many horror stories of the years past, with fans actually passing on attending due to poor seats! Then, seated behind us - a guy by the name of Rich, who, was even more of a Stevie fanatic then myself! His first show was with the Bella Donna circuit, following Stevie through the years. Hearing of his Stevie/Fleetwood Mac stories helped pass the time! So wonderful to be around such Stevie love! One area we were all in agreement of, we were all here to rock, sing and dance the night away! He purchased his tickets, female friend and two others from an inside contact. Lindsey's manager!! Two gentlemen in the row below us paid $450 each for their seats. I truly hope that they enjoyed the show!!! As the evening progressed, one could feel the Magick coursing through the cool night air as the ocean cloud cover settled in for the night… Then… all within an instant, the moment had finally arrived… The crickets began to sing and chirp… The lights were brought down, the band members were visible (binnocs not required here!) The initial thunderous boom-booms of The Chain brought the crowd to our feet! Yelling and cheering… now, as Stevie was now within our sight!! As always, Stevie had her radiant glow, beautiful smile.. eyes filled with happiness and joy about her! As she took her mic in hand, of which was covered in lightly coloured ribbons, tied with beads and a single Red rose, The Chain had now begun! (her tambourine was missing!). Stevie took the stage adorned in her beautiful black beaded dress, matching black Reeboks, beautiful long blonde hair, long red painted nails. At one point during the song, Stevie left the stage, merely to resurface with a long black scarf wrapped around her neck, and long black gloves on. Later on during the show, while welcoming and greeting the crowd, Stevie did remark, "I thought that it was supposed to be hot in So. California!". (Welcome to our June-Gloom Stevie!!)…Wait another few weeks... then the temps begin to really heat up! Lindsey was wearing designer blue jeans, his classic white dress shirt, sleeves rolled to just below the elbows, and black dress shoes. He was wearing his classic choke-leather necklace. Stevie's throat troubles became quite apparent throughout Dreams, as she allowed Lindsey to sing many of the parts solo. Peacekeeper ~ was brilliant! Unlike the shows of last year, those seated around me, remained for the new songs this time around! Eyes Of The World ~ The intro to this song rocks live!! Lindsey displayed and turned on his finest talent…as always! At one point, Stevie left her mic, Lindsey left his, and the two joined one another, as they slow-danced on stage - That closeness, the embrace, that special spark…after all these years! So beautiful to watch them! For a but a brief moment, it appeared as if they became lost within the moment, transported to another time, only they existed… As quickly as they embraced, they parted and silently thanked one another! Lindsey then announced another song from their new album… Say You Will ~ Absolutely brilliant! I prefer this live! Never Going Back ~ the intro to this song opened up Lindsey, one, two, one, two three… Superbly preformed... one time, two times, three times, never going back again! Stevie opted to allow back-ups, Sharon and Mindy to take over a few of the vocals, then, resuming with the main chorus where she sings with Lindsey. A quick exit from Stevie had me a bit concerned, as she appeared to be unwell? Perhaps chilly? Once again, Stevie emerged, looking beautiful with a black cape on… Rhiannon ~ was performed to flawless perfection! She sung this song with such vibrant strength and conviction within her voice! Sounding and looking better than ever! Really broke loose and danced to this one! With the close of this.. Stevie held her hands towards the sky… striking that Goddess pose… Allowing the long sleeves of her cape to fall, outwards…cascading down! Twirling many times afterward… Yah Stevie!! Breathless…Excellent as ever!!! Once again, Stevie exited the stage slowly… Then… Lindsey picked up his guitar and began strumming it… Finally, Stevie re-emerged, adorned in red cape, tall red high boots, hair gathered back. The band now broke into the beginnings of Gypsy~ a video from the 80's of Gypsy played on the big screen behind the stage! Revealing a smiling, curly-haired Stevie from that era.. ah! The memories that came flooding back! Stevie, once again took center stage for the remainder of the song.. her voice sounding stronger than ever! Center stage, near Mick's drums, she danced and twirled endlessly! Sara~ Yes!! For the first time in many years Sara was performed!!! This song so speaks to me.. to the poet within my heart! Stevie was spectacular.. hitting every note with grace and style! Stevie once again quickly exited the stage… allowing for Lindsey to take from and center with… Come ~ Lindsey displayed his true artistic talent this time! Brilliance within his finest form… Tearing up the stage, sweat pouring from his face, he knelt by the front of the stage allowing those in the front to reach up and touch his guitar, his hand! With the close of this song, Lindsey began throwing his guitar in the air, knocking over Stevie's mic stand within the process, then, sliding it across the stage! As the crowd went wild cheering and clapping for him, he bowed to the crowd, clutching his chest, both arms wrapped around himself, sweat pouring from his face…in awe of our response… or, to his performance? At one point, one of the fans that near the stage, managed to convince one of the stage hands to slide over one of Lindsey's used sweat towels to her… it made her evening! Another gal held up a sign that read something to the affect "Lindsey, you are the best... my hero"... whilst singing, he acknowledged her sign, pointing to his heart, with his right hand, and proceeded to sing and play without missing a note, or strum of his guitar! Big Love ~ Another Lindsey favourite. With each performance Lindsey appears to become more dramatic with this song! With the opening remarks by Stevie for the next song, Stevie stated "In honour of this day, Father's Day, she flew her father from Phoenix, Arizona to be with her on this day, in addition, to accompany the band for the remaining month of the tour! "For this song, is for you Daddy!" Landslide ~ Serenely poetically beautiful as ever! That glimmer of a smile…"I'm getting older too…"! The special meaning in that this song holds…brings a tear to my eye! (albeit good tears!)… Say Goodbye ~ So heart-felt…so sad.. you said.. now I say goodbye to you… The sadness within Lindsey's voice… Stevie's eyes... to a love not meant to have…heart wrenching… What's The World Coming To ~ Lindsey opened this song sharing of world peace... justice… and doing the right thing ~ As always, this song rocks live! There was a bit of a ruckus involving the Security people, as a man from behind the stage, called out' Hey Security, there is a guy behind the amps...' Get him out of there!!!… Security flew out from their 'post' just below my seats to nab this guy. Lindsey, seeing this, as he hadn't left the stage, sprang into action with bursting into Red Rover ~ Quick reaction… Mick and John were quick to follow suit as well. Mid song, the 'security alert' had passed… Stevie now, back on the stage...was now poised, talking to the audience… How honoured she is now to sing one of her favorites from the Tusk album... How meaningful Beautiful Child is to her... how proud and thrilled she is to be able to play it live for us… Beautiful Child ~ Preformed with such heart-felt emotion... so proud to be present this evening!!! Stevie exited the stage, merely to arrive moments later, now, wearing her Gold Cape… That music…the look…we all knew the song leading up to this... we now jumped to our feet once again! Gold Dust Woman ~ An all time favourite!!! As always, broke loose with this song as well! Singing and dancing up a storm!!! With the close of this song, back facing the audience, Stevie leaned far back reaching to the skies, striking her Goddess pose…Golden shawl opened wide… holding it… perfectly still in what appeared to be for many minutes!! Excellent!!! Rock On Stevie!!! I'm So Afraid ~ Ah… the memories with this song came flooding back… washing over me as if it were 1997 all over again! Another Lindsey classic! Lindsey looked into, and sang to the crowd. At one point, literally felt as if he were smiling directly at me!! Arms were extended towelcome his songs… his smile! Tusk ~ Yay!! The audience went wild with the beginning rumblings of Mick's drums on this song The USC Trojan marching band was on the big screen behind the stage! Another all time favourite...clapped sang and danced the night away to this one! At this point within the evening, Fleetwood Mac then thanked us, So. Calif. For being here this evening, being a part of welcoming them home! The crowd remained on their feet, clapping, cheering, and whistling for more!!! Encore! With the drum intro…the excitement level builds… everyone jumps to in as Stevie bursts into song… Stand Back ~ Stevie's voice was strong, truly within her finest form, enjoying herself immensely! Go Your Own Way ~ Ah… another all time favourite! The crowd went wild with this song! Mick's Drum Solo ~ Those wild eyes… the outfit… those red shoes…Mick was truly getting into his bit, talking to, and involving the crowd! He truly was enjoying himself, the night, having a ball… or two! World Turning ~ A fantastic rendition of this song, absolutely phenomenal performed live!!! I love it!!! Don't Stop ~ an all time favourite…the audience feeding off of the bands high energies... the band from ours!!! Danced away this song!!! The lights were brought down... a quite hush fell over the audience within a moment… The beginning notes of … Goodbye Baby ~ (The Tower) ~ Excellent! Heart wrenching… beautifully performed... the pain heard within her voice… the sadness within her eyes… looking, reaching to the skies when she sang…"I hope your hearts' not broken, Don't forget me…Yes I was outspoken… You were with me all the time… I'll be with you one day"… Tears flowing by the close of this song… Beautiful as ever! With the close of this song, the crowd clapped and cheered as the band walked on stage taking many bows. Thanking us, Los Angeles… Closing comments by Mick, Be well... take care of one another... and bid us a good night! The end of the evening arrived within a blink of an eye! 8:30 p.m. ~ 11:10 p.m.! We rocked, sang, danced, yelled and clapped the night away!! The crowd this evening consisted of an array of fans… a wide diversity in ages from the young, the nine/ten year old seated next to me… teens, the twenty-something's… thirties... our age group... to grand parents!! Watching the crowd sing, dance and rock the night away added to the Magickal ambience in that this evening has given to me. From the moment the driver arrived, 4:55 p.m…. swiftly brisking me away… to that moment where he brought me safely home ~ 1:10 a.m…. Then... as my head hit the pillow by 3:30 a.m. dreams of Stevie filled my evening/morning slumber…This day/evening has been filled with the wonderful Magick of Fleetwood Mac ~ Stevie once again! Another Stevie, Fleetwood Mac memory created, as the moments of last evening shall last an eternity! Until next time~ Walk In Light
The concert in Irvine was outstanding and it is the best concert that I have ever attended in my life. In 2003, I attended the concert at The Arrowhead Pond and thought that was the best concert that I had ever attended. The group improved as the tour has progressed...which was a very difficult thing to do considering how good the group was at the onset of the tour. And Stevie...has such a great command of the audience and intuitively knows just what to do on stage to further "wow" the audience. For this concert, I took my teenage daughter (who sang every song). She loved the concert as much as I did and is now a fan of Stevie. This truly proves that Stevie and FWM are for everyone, not just for their loyal fans who have been following them for decades.
I'm just gonna start off by saying the concert was AWESOME!!!! My mom and I got the Platinum package at the Fleetwood Mac website, and it was worth every penny. The day started off with my dad getting a mild case of food poisoning, which was not good because he was driving us to the concert. In the afternoon I started getting ready and put on my Stevie Nicks dress. Then we got the venue and took the backstage tour. It was amazing!! We got to check out the VIP lounge, dressing rooms (though we didn't go in them, Stevie doesn't like anyone in hers), saw Stevie's clothes, and we got to go onstage and check everything out!! We saw Stevie's microphone all decked out, Lindsey's guitars, Mick's drum set, and John McVie's guitar tech fixing his guitar. Then, at the very end of the tour Fleetwood Mac came in there limos, but we only saw John McVie from a distance. It was so cool!!!! Out tour guide, John Iverson was really nice. He takes pictures all throughout the tour, and sends them to you about a week later. After the tour, my Dad, Mom, and I went for dinner and saw some other people there who were going to the concert. I got a few stares because of my outfit, but I didn't mind. Then, it was FINALLY time for the concert!!!! We sat in our seats which were in third row, until 8:30. The lights went out and we all rushed the stage, and were able to stay there for the whole night!!! We were sooooooooo close, it was unbelievable!! All the songs were great!!! Come and I'm so Afraid were Lindsey's big guitar solo songs. He totally rocks out. Big Love and Never Goin' Back Again were great, he was right in front of us. Sara was awesome, big surprise there. Rhiannon was great as always. Stand Back rocked the house!!! Mick's drum solo during World Turning was amazing, you would have to see it to really get it. Beautiful Child was really really good!! After Lindsey's Say Goodbye, Stevie looked at him with the saddest face. It was really really sad. Don't Stop is even better with Stevie's vocals. You don't really miss Christine at all. Landslide she dedicated to all the Fathers, especially her Dad and Brother who drove out from Phoneix to see the show. At first I was sad that they didn't do Silver Springs, but you honestly don't really miss it. The best performance was on the Dance DVD. This is the best Fleetwood Mac concert I've been to, but also the best concert i've been to! Also, check with your concert venue, because we were allowed to take pictures. If you do take pictures, make sure you use flash because they will come out great if you do. Get the Platinum Package, it is soo worth it!!!! At the end of the concert I gave Stevie's costume designer my cute teddy bear that was for Stevie. It had a purple shirt with pink stitching that said, "Rock On Stevie." If you don't have tickets for a show yet, get your you-know-what off the chair and go the a box office NOW!!!! You can't miss this tour!!!!

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