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5/23/04 Veterans Memorial Arena Jacksonville, FL

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What an amazing show! Best indoor venue I've been to yet! They keep on getting better and better and better. I went with a friend and we had no tickets and no plan when we left St. Petersburg in the afternoon. By the time we got to Jacksonville his friend had managed to get us 2nd row floor seats. Never did I think I'd be that lucky. Most of the set list was the same as last year. It was great to hear some new songs; the only one I really missed was Silver Springs. I don't even remember what song it was, but when Lindsey let the audience play his guitar I was able to touch it! What a great night. I can't wait to see them again!
Francesca Tenebruso-Ball
Pure Magic is all that can be said about this band and last night. This was my 13th time seeing FM, 22nd time seeing Stevie and they just keep getting better! Everyone was in fine voice, high spirits and seemed to still be having a ball together. The set list was much the same as the one posted on the nicksfix. They played for 2 1/2 hours straight with many chat breaks and storytelling. It was a thrill to finally see Stevie sing Sara again and with the added "Sara" video playing behind her was amazing! There were many tender moments between Stevie and Lindsey as he hugged her and egged the crowd on for applause. Many kisses in hands, face and necks :) during and after "Landslide". Steve dedicated "Landslide" to Jacksonville and to one of the most beaufitul sunsets she ever saw here. She took 10 photos of it to always remember our city!! The best was when at the finale for "Tusk" Lindsey played matador to Stevie's charging bull. The crowd went nuts and that's when I lost my voice! Lindsey received a 3-5 minutes standing O after "Big Love". He is truly one of the most under appreciated guitarists out there today..noone can compete with him! There were many new graphics playing behind them at this show, the USMC Marching band, old clips, etc. It still amazes me at the demogrpahic of their audiences, we saw 3-4 generations coming in together! It was quite a site! There were also a lot more people "dressed" as Stevie, so I was definitely not alone. All in all another amazing triumph for this band of talented and sincere musicians. Everbody just loved them, myself included! Can't wait for the next tour, and after the response they are getting I am sure there will be one!
Jennifer Flynn, Jessica Scarborough, Kim Larsen, Joe Waldrop, *in spirit, Sheena Kennedy
Lets just say : mouth drops: *Saturday* We packed up and had to go to our hotel, which was the Adams Mark. After two hours of driving, we finally got there and felt overwhelmed by how beautiful it was. We got to our room and it was down to decorating, then it was down to business. Our card for Stevie and gifts for Lindsey, Mick, and John were almost done but needed some finishing touches; they hadn't quite reached up to our expectations ~ we worked on it all day and at night we wanted to go check out the arena to see where it was at, it was only about a ten minute walk from where we were staying. After we checked out the venue, we went out to eat and straight back to working on our gifts. At the end of Saturday, we were up till 2am. *Sunday* We were up at the crack of dawn 'cause we still had so much to do. The three of us walked to the arena around 10:30am, just so we could check out security and see what they could help us out with; we were determined to get our gifts back stage. As we were nearing the venue we saw the a whole bunch of semi's and tour buses, getting a little excited we took a few pictures but realized what we still had to do; talking to one of the parking guards was unpleasent for my friend Joe ~ he didn't seemed too enthused, in fact he didn't even want to hear what we had to say; that wasn't going to stop us. So heading back to the hotel to finish up on our parts of Stevie's card, we sat around waiting for our other friend Jess; later we decided to bring the gifts back to the arena to see if we could find anyone else that may be able to help us. As we got closer to the building, a voice from behind asked if we were going to the concert tonight; she said that she saw my "Rumours" record in my bag and told us "Rock on." We asked her if she worked there because she had an employee shirt for the venue, she asked if we wanted a job and giggled; we explained the gifts and showed them to her and asked if there was any way that she could help us out at all ~ said the card for Stevie was beautiful. She told us to come to the side door and talk to security there 'cause that's where they stand for their smoking breaks, she told us "good luck" and then went off to work. Tired from lack of sleep and heat, we decided to go back to our hotel and take a nap before our friend Jess arrived. Waking up from a phone call, Jess said that she was almost here and we had to get down to the lobby; after a few we decided to head back up and add Jess's part to all of the gifts ~ when out of no where, a guy stops us and asks where my friend Jen had gotten her "Fleetwood Mac" shirt; she explained and asked if we were going to the show tonight. A simple ? turned in to a conversation and in the mean time, Joe had gone up to our room to get Stevie's card to show them; the man and his wife were so impressed that if "this doesn't get you backstage, we don't know what will," that gave us hope. We exchanged phone #'s and then they started to whisper something, said "you know that the band is staying here right?" Jess screamed and the man's wife told her to calm down lol, we were curious to know if it was the truth or not; they seemed honest but we had to find out for ourselves ~ we were on a mission. Before our mission began, we had to finish our card and have Jess add her parts to the gifts. After that we freshened up and decided to go walk around the hotel, we heard that the band was staying on the 19th floor and decided to see if anything was going on up there; thought that we could get our gifts to the band personally before the show ~ if we saw them, that didn't happen but a few other interesting things did. The first thing we noticed was that the pool and the weight room were all closed by management but when we had asked someone the night before, they couldn't give us a straight forward answer ~ they tried to make a scene as if something had gone wrong, they had "Caution" tape around the pool; trying to make a scene BUT we didn't buy it. As we stood by the gym door, Jess said she heard something, she put her ear to the door and said that she heard music...she was right, it was piano music and the light to the gym was on. We couldn't figure out why the light and music was on if no one was allowed in, then it hit us...maybe they closed it off for "band members only," we then proceeded down the hallway when a familiar smell hit us. Sniffing down the hallway I said "That's Nag Champa," and it was; the smell led us all the way down to a room with a "Do not disturb" sign on it. Wondering if we had found something, Joe decided to go back to the weight room, when he saw a room service guy come the opposite way and he asked him a personal ?; if it was true what we heard, that FM was staying here on that floor. And he said yes but he could not give any room #'s. Getting all excited, we realized "maybe this could happen;" that we could meet the band. It was nearing 6:30pm and we knew that we had a lot of work a head of us with security. *Sunday evening* Walking with our gifts in hand, we knew we had to make security realize how much work was put in to this. Starting out at the doors where the lady had told us to go, security told us that they had no information but to go up front to the ticket people and talk to security there; it was a struggle ~ up front we were told that there was no way that we could get it back to the band or take it in to the arena, if we had taken Stevie's card in to the arena ~ they would tear it up. Not taking no for an answer, Joe walked away with out anyone noticing; us three girls looked around for Joe and decided to walk back around to the side of the building where we had just been. Further down we noticed Joe working his magic with a back stage security guard, he said he couldn't help much but maybe the guy above him could help; that guy said that our card for Stevie was very nice but he wasn't sure what he could do either ~ he got the guy above him which happened to be one of the main security people for FM, he came out all smiles and explained everything to him and how long all of us had been working on this card; each one explaining that it would make a great deal to us. Little did we know that we didn't have to beg him so much to take it back stage, after we had made our speech he goes "So you want me to take it back stage?" and we said "OMG yes!" He said "No problem, I will deliver them all to each band member," we were so thrilled that we had accomplished this that we started screaming and jumping up and down ~ the ladies above us already in side started screaming "Way to go girls!" and we had a group hug, then it was off to the show. I'm sure you know from other reviews how the show went but we had a different take on some things, the band came out amazingly happy and strong; to us Stevie's voice didn't sound as bad as everyone is making it ~ she sounded great, strong voice. Although Lindsey had missed a few cords on his guitar and a few notes on "NGBA," he too was amazing. During "Rhiannon," we noticed that Stevie twirled in between 12-15 times; which is uncommon these days. During "WT," Joe went to go talk to a security guard to confirm that the band had gotten our gifts; he said yes and although they did not get much time to look at them, they were very surprised and happy. That one guard told Joe to come find him about going back stage but if we could not find him, we could write a letter to Stevie to tell her that we were staying at the same place and have the hotel deliver it. The show ended and of course we could not find the guy 'cause it was so crowded. Figuring the band may leave right away, we ran outside. Not seeing any one coming out of the building just yet, Jen and Jess decided to run back to the hotel so they could get there before the band; I had blisters on my feet so Joe stayed back with me even though he was extremely concerned with the two other girls running off. Running as fast as they could and being told to stop running, they made it back in 5 minutes; me an extra 10. lol. With nothing better to do, we stayed in the lobby for a bit; when more FM fans came up to ask if we saw the show. Striking up a conversation, we had managed to hint enough that the band was staying at our hotel; of course they didn't believe us but after we got deeper in to the conversation, they asked if we wouldn't mind if they stuck around ~ we didn't mind. A few minutes later, some guy going by the name "John," asked if we saw the show and how it was; he had said that he worked for the Postal service and couldn't go. Being on a concert high we did not think that it was Sunday and the Post office is not open, he still kept playing with our heads though; the man left for a few minutes and came back with a bag full of FM/Stevie records for Stevie to sign ~ that guy had promotional records that as long as we had been fans, we had never seen or heard of; he had "The other side of the mirror" kylidascope(sp?). He told us he'd stick around for a while and see if she came, he said that she may take the stairs and my friend Jen and I said that there was prob no way that Stevie would since she had a bad hip; this guy said that he didn't know she did. Around 12:30am, he asked again if we had any idea which room Stevie was staying in; he had the brilliant idea to call and ring her room ~ he headed over to the phone by himself and called, coming back he said that it was def Stevie's room and it sounded just like her; said that he hung up. Not knowing for sure that he really called, we decided to go and make an attempt; it was useless because we needed the last name to whoever we were calling ~ we were told that there was no one registered "Nicks" to that room. Getting more and more creeped out by the things this guy was saying and doing, we knew something was going on but couldn't tell what; he kept walking back and forth in side and out, then got mad and said that he was going to leave 'cause he said that Stevie was prob already here. He was gone a few minutes and then showed back up, not sure exactly sure why; I had said "Why are you coming back?" and he mumbled to himself. He goofed off some more and then just dissapeared, me not caring for the guy. As it got later and later, the crowd started to die down but we still noticed some action by the hotel staff, one woman whispering to another, "I think they're waiting for the band to show," this is when a security guy came by and asked how we were doing; asked if we were staying here and told us that we could not stay out in the lobby all night. Jen had said that she was too tired to stay up any longer and so she went to bed; Jess, Joe, and I still wanted to wait for a little bit longer ~ we stood outside the side of the hotel and talked about how the band should for sure be coming soon, it was nearing 3:30am; I was getting very frustrated since it seems that no one else really has trouble spotting any of the band members in these hotels. My two friends and I walked around the building twice and nothing was happening, I was told by Joe that we should just get some rest and come back down in the lobby early again that morning ~ Jess agreed and so of course I wasn't going to stay out there by myself so I had to go up with them; I was still determined and wanted to stay out as long as I could till they arrived. *Monday morning(no not the song lol)* With only about 4 hours of sleep, each of us rolled out of bed and I was really crabby; I wanted to get done with my shower and get my ass out of that hotel room to start looking around the lobby once more. We knew that if we couldn't find anyone that could help us, that we had to write a letter to Stevie and have the hotel give it to her. After walking around and talking to many people, we were getting no where; they were playing mind games with us ~ one telling us that they weren't there, one saying that they can't help; so off we went to write a letter. Down to the lobby once more with letter in hand, we noticed how everyone in the dining area seemed to be looking at us and whispering. We went up to a little desk in the front and asked if the letter could be delivered to Ms. Nicks, the woman looked over the letter and said that she wasn't sure if they were staying here or if they still were here; said that the people at the front desk could deliver it. We went there and the guy with out even looking, said that they are not here; we explained how Stevie's people said that we could write a letter to her and the hotel would deliver it ~ the hotel people acted as if there was no chance that they would help us or even want to try. Determined to find someone to help us, we went searching for any possible person that we could find; again they all gave us the run around. Each person, we had told them that we did not want any room #'s or personal info; all of us just wanted the letter to be somehow delivered. Still...nothing. Heading back to the hotel room to regroup and think of anymore possible ways to get this letter to Stevie, we then called room service to see if they could deliver this letter; they said that we needed a + room # of where the person was staying. After we called room service, we went to get something to eat and start out again. Everyone being frustrated, Jess's mom then called and said that she was on her way; we then knew that our time was running short, and chances were getting slim with getting this letter to Stevie. All of us quickly packed up and then decided that we would just leave the letter off at that small desk with the only person that was really willing to help us. Getting out of the elevator, it seemed that again heads had turned in our direction and we couldn't understand why; we turned in our keys and then I turned around and noticed a white sheet over a built in booth ~ I immediately thought "That's them," my friends were skeptical but I kept on being persistant about it ~ I knew that it was someone that did not want to be found. We had proceeded to the lady at the small desk and told her that it was very important and needed to get to Stevie, and if she wasn't really staying at the hotel anymore to throw it away; the woman said "I'll see what I can do to get it to her." We all thanked her 'cause we didn't think that anyone would be willing to help. As we walked out, we still wondered about the sheet and once again had people looking in our directions; we then walked out, took a few pics, and Jess was on her way back home. Sitting on a bench in front of the hotel for a little while, we were still in shock at how our gifts were actually given to each member of the band; Jen then had the idea to ask Joe to go in and follow up on the letter that we had for Stevie, we wanted to know if it was thrown out or what was going on; the woman said that it had not been delivered yet and Joe said "Thank you" and then turned around, that's when the hotel chef said something. The man said "You just missed them, they were just behind that curtain." As they continued to talk, the chef said that every employee of the hotel knew that we were determined to get that letter to Stevie; they all felt bad that they could not help. Another guy had then caught Joe's eye, it was "John" from the night before; the first thing he said was "How does it feel to know a roadie?" and Joe was confused, the guy kept talking about how he was a roadie sent to be a decoy to keep us from the other entrance so Stevie could get to her room, but that the band was seen carrying their gifts and how Stevie had seen us 3 times and Lindsey once; he even said that John came in all smiles and that he was sober lmao. He had explained that Stevie had seen us give the card to security and how she got a kick out of our reaction to the card being brought to her, thinking that she was at a "Backstreet boys concert" 'cause teenage girls were screaming. She then saw us after the concert when we were looking for the one security guard that said he could get us back stage, she was peaking through a door and saw us again; the third time she was with Lindsey when we were handing the note to the woman at the desk ~ both of them had been behind that curtain that I said seemed so suspicious. After Joe had told us all the info, I was about in tears and saying that I wanted to go back in and find the two of them; I was upset and then our ride showed up ~ I was crabby once again. On the ride back, we called everyone we knew and told them that we had gotten our gifts back stage and Stevie, Lindsey, Mick, and John know who WE are; that is when I started to look up on things. Getting back to normal reality, things at my place weren't so good; I was crying terribly since my parents weren't understanding anything about what I had said ~ they weren't happy about my friends staying at our place, this is when I thought that things were going to be horrible from then on. Things cooled down, we ate dinner, and decided to call the hotel once more to check up; Joe asked if the letter had been delivered and the lady said "No" but that she had talked to Ms. Nicks and she would personally come down to pick it up later on that night. We.Were.Stoked. I started to then lighten up 'cause I knew that Stevie would get our addresses and hopefully realize how hard we worked. When our friend Jess called while we were in the pool, Joe started to talk about how he was told(by the lady at the desk while talking earlier)Lindsey was knocked out by our gift, John was thrilled to get something hand made, Mick was his usual self but excited to finally get something, and Stevie said that we and the gift were cute. I hadn't known this, I must have been half asleep lol but this is when I started to believe that something wonderful could happen; I had know idea that the band had told the hotel employees about how they felt. Just at the thought of Stevie, Lindsey, Mick, and John knowing who we are...we're on cloud 9 and it was the best birthday I could ever ask for, even if I didn't meet Stevie; we still have hope that someday we will meet "Fleetwood Mac."
Candise Colley
To say that I was amazed at last night show would be an understatement. I just cannot find the right word to express my feelings. After having seen FM at least 20 times since 1979 last nights show was THE BEST I had ever seen. The energy and the enjoyment the Mac seemed to have in just being there added to the essence of the show. I was so thrilled to hear I Know I'm Not Wrong, Sara , Beautiful Child . The video back drop on Sara brought me back to when I first heard it performed. Lindsey's Say Goodbye made me and my daughter cry as did Landslide and Beautiful Child. My daughter wanted to hear and see Mick on World Turning which was not disappointing at all. Lindsey's solo's just proved what an under rated guitar player he is. While I love the Mac as a whole and each individual has a special place in my memories it was as if Stevie and Lindsey had been taken back to the time when they first started out together playing for the love of it and nothing else. In this day and age of a cookie cutter mentality in the music industry one should take note of the way the Mac has sustained and like a fine wine has gotten much better with age.
Kim Arthur
I drove from Orlando to Jacksonville on Sunday to see the Say You Will tour. I'm still speechless! I was lucky enough to be seated within the section that was allowed to go right up to the stage. I staked out a spot directly underneath Stevie's mic and was 3 feet away from her for the entire show! I still cannot believe how lucky I was to get such a spot!! Even got to "play" Lindsay's guitar for a second during one of his solos when he came right down to the fans! I was also able to send a birthday gift back to Stevie, as well as a book of my poetry...maybe she's reading it right now!! The fans that I met were wonderful. Normally, when you're in front of the stage, people are pushing & shoving and it's "every man for himself" - it was not like that at all at the FM show. Everyone was very courteous, and it was a true pleasure meeting the other fans! I think I was standing next to one of FM's youngest fans...an adorible 4 year old girl who never took her eyes off the stage all night! She was absolutely mesmerized by the show. She patiently held out a single daisy for Stevie. Naturally, Stevie came over at the end of the show and took the heartfelt gift from the little girl - even Mick came over and shook her hand and gave her a kiss. I found out that her father is fighting for our country over in Iraq and had sent his wife & little girl to the show as a gift, so I hope the band knows just how much their kindness meant to that little child. The energy and chemistry exuded by FM is absolutely amazing!!! The show exceeded my wildest dreams and I am so grateful that I was able to go and be a part of such an amazing night!!!! Thanks to every member of FM for sharing their magic with us!!!
Ok so I got back to Atlanta today around 3pm...My trip to Jacksonville started out rocky, but fortunately turned out to be literally the most incredible experience of my life. First off we left significantly early for the show (around 9 am)..It's only a 5hr drive from us. We decided (my sister and I) to take my mom's van, since it is generally the most reliable, being that it is pretty new. So about an hour in, the van starts making horrible noices and I pull off to the first exit, and it is totally dead. I am like devastated..We are broke down in the middle of nowhere on the way to the Fleetwood Mac show. So some guy we met looked at it, and decided "it doesn't look good." So we decided to call my mom and she said she would have my stepdad follow her, and she would bring us a car and they would deal with the van -- THANK GOD! So she got there around 1: 00, and we said hello, and left...I felt kinda bad about abandoning them with the problem but HEY It's Fleetwood Mac!! So of course I am nervous the whole way...and we had to move our FLEETWOOD MAC OR BUST sign to the new car (this sign actually had some significance now that we were having these problems). We arrived in Jacksonville at about 4:30 (we mustve been speeding b/c it only took us 4 1/2 hrs)...and looked for a hotel, which we couldn't find anywhere...and Jax is the weirdest town I think. It was so odd, I dunno if it was because it was a Sunday or what, but it's this like huge city (with all one way streets by the way!) and huge skyscraper buildings, and we are the only people driving down these lonesome streets that look like they should be bumper to bumper..very odd. The streets also had yellow paw prints on them, I don't know why, but ok. We found the arena about 4:50, after getting lost a few times, and ending up on the wrong highway. We parked for $5, and got out to see an SUV with "rock on GDW" painted on their window, blaring Mac music...so that got me pumped.. I needed to change into my Stevie Nicks Chain t shirt. GREAT TO MEET YOU MICHELLE, AND CHRIS AS WELL!!! We found these neat restuarant right beside the arena, called The Amsterdam. The restuarant was packed, so I changed and we took a seat. Before we ordered I see the bartender turn The Dance video on, and we got to watch that on about 8 tv's, which was WAY cool...so I ate some expensive chicken tenders, and magician guy comes to our table to show us the coolest tricks... I met another from the Chain with the same t shirt on at Amsterdam, and about 6:35 we left an headed over to the arena...The crowd had already began to gather, including one lady who's outfit was out there, but still cool. She had on a white Stevie dress, a white shawl, white platforms, and a white tambourine--and a feather in her hair..Many people were starring, but it was kinda cool to see people set for the show..Some lady got on the loudspeakers and said "no cameras are allowed, if you have one take it back to your car" about 9 times, she was annoying...and FINALLY at 7pm they let us in. We saw a few others wearing Stevie attire, which was neat, one lady had the Stand Back cape, dress and boots, as well as others... I didn't get anything to drink because I didn't want to have to pee during the show, and I didn't buy any merchandise because I can just get that stuff from the fan club store.. We took our seats in the fourth row, at the very end of the row on Lindsey's side (seats 1 and 2)..and began anticipating as we saw Cory Buckingham (who is VERY HOT by the way) putting the roses on Stevie's mic stand, and roaming around the stage. I started to take to a security guard, who told me the first 5 rows would be allowed at the stage, but not till the show starts..that got me really pumped (I've never been in the front!!)..So about 8pm, the guy comes up to me and says we can go ahead and go to the stage if we want...oh boy was I happy.. I found a nice spot beside Lindsey's mic, RIGHT beside a speaker (and let me tell you today I cannot hear ANYTHING--Seriously--well except for this buzzing noise)--but we saw a bunch of others from our row crowd behind us, and I felt very lucky to be in the front in perfect view of everything, FINALLY for my 6th and probably final show of this tour.. We chatted, and the guards checked everyone's tickets to make sure we were all from the first 5 rows, and the crickets began about 8 :25...whew at this point I can literally hardly breathe..The band came up the steps onto the stage, and Lindsey and Stevie came up on a lift in the back of the stage, which was very neat to see... I could not believe how close I was..It was phenomenal, and the show had just begun. Stevie graced the stage in her black dress, reeboks, scarf and black gloves and looked stunning...Lindsey had his jeans on and white button up shirt. I could see now what everyone is saying about John's hair being brown now, IT IS.. The Chain was full of energy and Stevie welcomed JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA!!!! I'm not going to go through every song, I'm just going to try and touch on the highlights for me. "I Know I'm Not Wrong" was very fun, Lindsey was glad to see everyone was into it. I got some faces from Lindsey which was way cool, old news to some I suppose, but this was my first time at the stage!! Stevie was banging her tambourine and they did the "bum bum ba bum" parts so great..I LOVE this song live, I'm so glad they added it. I noticed a lot of people in the front singing along to "Peacekeeper" which was good to see, and Stevie did the brush move with her hands again. "Second Hand News" was fun as always, and Stevie was doing all her air guitar and hand motions, and Lindsey was really rocking it out..It was probably during this song that I really realized what an experience the front row is. It's TOTALLY different, not just because you can see better, the whole show is different. You don't feel like you are in a huge 12,000 crowd,you feel like it's just you and the band --AND a few others squeezed beside you.. Say You Will" was totally fun, many in the crowd caught on to the hand motions, and Stevie was playing with everyone. Stevie and Lindsey got very close during the guitar part..it was fun.. "Never Going Back Again" was good of course, and being this close I finally got to see more in detail Stevie changing outfits..She actually helps out quite a lot... "Rhiannon" was great--Lindsey uses this song to kind of relax I noticed, but Stevie was on fire..She was shaking her head, and doing it vocally really well..In the middle before "dreams unwind" during her Rhiannon wings part, she stayed in front of her mic and did it rather than going in front of the drumset.. "Come" was very cool..Lindsey was very into it, I'm not sure who his "come girl" was but he did seem to pay a lot of attention to this cute blonde girl in front of his mic..He really got into it, and during this song I came to notice just out how loud the speaker located next to my right ear was..I did close my ears some during this song for a few secs.. Next came "Sara"--VERY good..Stevie nailed it vocally, and arrived on stage in her red outfit, hair in a clip, and red boots--which looked great..She was really doing a lot of hand motions and stuff she did in the 70s, which was cool..We she came to Lindsey's mic to do the 2nd "all i ever wanted" I could see her boots really good, this might sound crazy,but I could seriously see her feet moving inside the boots, was kind of cool..Lindsey stayed by his mic while she sang and faced her..In the end they played around with each other, and to my surprise Stevie did some consecutive twirls (about 5) and looked great---the crowd seemed to love it.. I do not remember during which song, but the man next to me held up some roses for Stevie which she took, and he said "THANK YOU FOR SARA" and she mouthed "thank you!" back, and smiled, shook his hand..She was very close to me, and I must say she looks phenomenal up close..he freaked out after that and was literally shaking, and began to cry like crazy--I was happy for him.. "Big Love" was great, as was "Landslide." The cool thing about Landslide was her dedication. She talked a little longer than normal, and went on to tell us how she arrived in the city pretty late, about 6am, and was able to open her drapes and see the most beautiful sunrise she had ever seen , "seriously!" so She dedicated Landslide to the state and it's beautiful sunrise. "Say Goodbye" was good as always, and I don't think they took their eyes off of eachother once. Red Rover was great as well, and Lindsey smiled a lot when he would see us singing the words..Stevie seems to love this one as well..even when it's not her part she mouths the words.. "Beautiful Child" was phenomenal, and it was good to see Mick up close at his small drumset..the people in our section were yelling his name before the song began, and he finally looked over and made a crazy face, opening his eyes real big..The song was sang incredibly..Lindsey seems to enjoy watching her sing it, she totally got into the end, putting her hands in the air.. "Gold Dust Woman" was great, she rocked it out..and sang it with force..In the end, when she stood back to the audience, cape draped out, I thought she would never move, she had her head tilted back as Mick made faces at her..she kept that pose for A LONG TIME!! Very good performance, she really milked it.. Let me just say, I dont remember which song sorry, but Lindsey came to our section and got down with the audience, and I GOT TO PLAY HIS GUITAR..I have seen so many people get to do this this tour, and I was always envious--and Now i was able to..I played his guitar, and touched whatever I could...I even propped on his knee for a sec, and touched his shirt..which was soaked--so I let go quick, lol..It was only for about 30 sec, and it may sound insignificant others, but this was literally one of the most significant and incredible moments in my life... Let me also say, I have always loved Lindsey and respected him...but last night's show gave me a much greater respect for him, as a person and musician..I will never forget the interaction he gives to fans, and how he TRIES HIS HARDEST to let them know he notices them...incredible... No "Silver Springs" again, which I love the song, but it didn't seem to hurt the flow of the set..Stevie may have had a soar throat (You couldnt tell in her performance) she drank out of my cups throughout the night, and even rubbed her throat some when off to the side of the stage.. So they went directly into TUSK, which was great..They were all so energetic, Lindsey played his white guitar..And Tusked John, and then did his thing with Stevie, while hugging her he was giving thumbs up and making faces with the audience and stuff...She danced a whole lot, very fun!! "Stand Back" rocked out..She was punching, and did a few kicks that were pretty decent...She played air drums, and did her twirls, which the crowd loved..I did notice Lindsey likes to sing a lot of the lyrics to this song, or mouth them, to the crowd...pretty cool.. "Go Your Own Way" was fun as always, and Stevie was finally interacting with the audience..waving at people, and everything..Lindsey of course freaked out and went wild during this one--man they must be tired by this point, but it doesn't show in their performance, just seems to get better and better.. "World Turning" was very fun, Lindsey through 2 towels out last night..no fights over them luckily, a girl of about 12 yrs old got one, and she held on tight..she was in heaven..Mick's solo seems much longer in the front row..Stevie came back with her stilleto heels on..and she moves quite well in them actually... The band intros were kinda funny, Stevie and Mick almost ran into each other, and she was laughing, and making motions like LET ME GET OUT OF YOUR WAY! Mick laughed too...Is it just me or did her forget Brett?? I also noticed Stevie talks in John's ear a lot during the show..wonder what she's saying?? Don't Stop was great, the only thing was we knew the show was ending soon...Stevie and Lindsey did this one really well, and Stevie ended it by propping her foot on Mick's drum riser..Lindsey signed a lot of stuff, and greeted fans after this one... "Goodbye baby" was great, Stevie looked phenomenal..and Lindsey's vocals seemed more prominent than usual...it was great..I was in my own world during this one, it felt like it was just me Stevie and Lindsey! After this song Stevie took a huge thing of flowers, shook a few hands, and even took a sign that said BRING BACK SILVER SPRINGS!! I thought that was pretty cool, I wonder what she thought of it? Lol..Maybe she will bring it back now..She got her GOODBYE BABY shawl stuck in her heel, and got Mick to get it out for her...She left the stage, gracefully...Lindsey was jumping and doing little dances while they did the bows.. It was a phenomenal show..and an experience I WILL NEVER FORGET..I am starstruck I guess you could say...I touched Lindsey, and played his guitar..HOW COOL IS THAT? I'm so glad I went...whew I'm still in awe... Sorry this was so long everyone---it took a lot of words to describe my feelings I guess.. THANK YOU FLEETWOOD MAC!!

more reviews coming......

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