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6/6/04 Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach Theater Wantagh, NY

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Jerry Cavallaro
Sundays show at the beach was incredable.Stevie looked and sounded better than ever! Lindsays guitar skills are so surreal it all most seems fake. You watch him play but it seems impossible that that sound is comeing from one person....... but it is He is just as amazing to watch as he is to listen to.John,although the silent one ,is dfinetly a presence that is felt and heard in that Band. That leaves us with Mick,Words cant describe him and anyone who has has ever seen mac live knows what I'm talking about he can still drum with the best of them and he proves it at every show.They all seemed very happy and comfortable with each other.They are in a very good place right now and it definetly shows .The Mac is definetly back!!!!!!
Just got back from attending a great concert at Jones Beach. The MAC had plenty of energy despite the the misty rain that was falling, early into the concert. Stevie said "stop raining" and before you knew it, it did stop. The Band played superb, Stevie was on target, and Lindsey was amazing. It was great to hear "Sarah" and all the rest of the FM songs. Thanks FM for being the band you are.
Robert Wallak
"...and it was just like- a great dark wind, within the wings of a storm..." This would be the fourth time I saw them on this tour, and my second review. I will not be repetitive and say the same things everyone else is saying, like how awesome they were, or how great they sounded; these things seem to be staples with this band. This time I will just comment on what I thought stood out, or was different. First off, "Sara", HELLO??? How awesome was that? I saw Stevie in an interview, or maybe read it, where she said she stopped doing this song live years ago, because she doesn't know what mood it should have anymore. Well I think it is safe to say she found it! Everyone sitting around me was astonished at how great this song sounds live. The video clips of her singing from the Tusk tour was a great touch too. Honestly, it is long overdue that this song be part of the set. Gypsy was not missed, I have seen them sing that song a thousand times; they have too many good tunes to not be rotating them. Beautiful Child was chilling, and it is still one of my favorites. I was disappointed that Silver Springs was left out, but sh*t happens I guess. I could have done without "Say You Will" and "World Turning." I guess they do that song every concert to get in Mic's drum solo. I can't imagine why they don't add songs like "Thrown Down" or "Steal Your Heart Away", which I think are the new albums best. All in all, I am never disappointed when I see this band. It was a bummer that the left video screen was out, and being I always sit on the left side to see Stevie better, I couldn't see her that well. Also, the weather was miserable, and I actually was sick with a fever and a cold, wrapped up in 2 jackets, a hat and hood, looking like a freak. But nothing would stop me from seeing them. My friends said "You are sick and its raining out, you cannot go to this concert" My reply was "I have to go, I am their biggest fan, they wont go on unless I am there!" One thing I will say is, there is nothing like Mac fans. It is an inexplicable feeling walking into a Mac concert, knowing everyone there is appreciating and anticipating what I consider to be the most talented and stimulating band of our time. Let's hope they come around again on their next album!
I was on the edge of my seat the whole day leading up to this show. I will put “show review” before the show stuff starts because for some reason I have a lot of background stuff leading up to the show. The day started with me burning my arm with the iron while I was pressing part of my outfit for the show. Who irons for a rock concert? I do. I also had to dig out some of my winter clothes because the forecast was not great and knowing that we were on the water, I knew my friend and I would be freezing. As I sat there nursing my wound, I had hoped that it wasn’t a bad omen. I mean this is the first show back after several days off and quite frankly, I was concerned that the news would come during the day while I was on the road that the show was postponed. My friend and I had made homemade iron on shirts. Mine was the old Buckingham nicks pic with the word “timeless” at the bottom. This guy walked by me and was like “whoa buckingham nicks” and then started to sing crying in the night… I being in a great mood joined in and I’m sure there were people who were more casual fans thinking “what the hell are they doing”. I am on the lookout for an internet friend Regina. I know that she is blond and that most likely she is wearing black. Now mind you… this description at a Fleetwood Mac concert is like someone at a Grateful Dead show saying “Hey look for me I’ll be wearing a tie dye t shirt”. It’s difficult… but ultimately at the end of the show I found her. Mind you I’m skipping ahead. I get to my seat and next to me is a Paris Hilton look alike. I can tell this girl likes to have a good time, so I’m pleased to be next to her and her average joe boyfriend. *** The show*** The crickets start chirping. And this time, they sound more cricket like than I last remember. Quite frankly after the recent cicada infestation, I realize that’s what they sounded like last time. Mick and John come out. The crowd gets excited. Stevie and Lindsey show up a few minutes later, and Stevie seems frisky this evening. She is dressed for the weather. She has on her long black coat over her outfit with the gold trim on the bottom a shawl and a scarf. The week off has done her wonders. Clear as a bell and full of energy. The Chain get’s everyone up. Dreams… I Know I’m not wrong. I’m the only fool singing along every word including the “da da da da da da’s”. But you know what I don’t care, I’m there to have a good time. It goes on longer than the album version and I notice that even away from the mike stevie is singing along. The rain starts to really mist. Just before Say You Will Stevie says that “the rain must stop… let’s say a prayer so that the rain stops” Everyone in my section repeats her chant of “Rain.. stop” and Stevie chuckles. I have to say… I was really hopeful for Destiny Rules… but say you will is fun. Oh yeah… the people in our section got a kick out of my friend and I reciting the Lindsey Peacekeeper speech. I swear I want to send him text for different versions of the speeches. Every once in awhile, Stevie completely reinvents a song. I suppose after 30 years of doing a song you have to really sort of challenge yourself with it. Rhiannon was magic last night. The rain is coming down pretty steady at this point. Stevie starts singing and I notice that the white spotlight on her… is casting a rainbow leading to her. She is the prize at the bottom of the rainbow. And she is feeling her song. She is pointing to the sky, she is grabbing her mike, she spins, and she evokes Rhiannon right there with the wind, the rain, and the water all around her. I will never forget this performance because with her black gloves and different shawl I notice that she is sexy. Not that I forgot, but she is feeling confident and she is giving off this amazing sexual energy. I guess everything just lined up perfectly. Lindsey is flawless on Come. Once again the crowd sits. I have sitters/standers around me and it’s ok… because they stand for the right songs. They give Lindsey an ovation. Then Sara. Stevie has on her red shawl, barrette, and a different scarf that goes beautifully. She is wearing the reeboks in fact the platforms don’t make it out this evening. Perhaps because of the suede and the rain, and let’s face is she does not need to slip when she’s feeling this well. I realize that the girl next to me is singing Sara at the top of her lungs. And I don’t mind. Why not? She is having a great time and quite frankly later I return the favor on stand back. I’m so thankful that I got to see Sara. Stevie is dancing and happy throughout. Big Love is great, but the older man next to my friend and I says to his wife “That song made me cry because I realize how old I am”. I’m thinking to myself… “Lord get the Xanax out for Landslide then.” Speaking of Landslide, this is by far the funniest Stevie Nicks dedication. Something to the effect of “This is the point of the tour where we aren’t really sure where we are, are we in Jones Beach, are we in New York, well wherever we are, I love your city, so this song is for you” I couldn’t suppress my giggle and I would love to have been a fly on the wall to hear what she and Lindsey say to each other after the song that both makes them chuckle. I hardly miss Silver Springs. I know I know, I’ll probably get lynched, but before I left for the show, I watched the dance and I think that that performance is the most real and powerful one I’ve seen, so I figure, we’ll let silver springs take a rest for now. Tusk sounded really good with Lindsey’s different guitar the white strat. BTW… I loved Red Rover live. And it was nice to hear a different Lindsey speech. Stand Back rocked. Stevie spun and sang her heart out, and it was interesting to see her whole outfit twirl up in this song. The crowd is up on their feet. Go Your Own Way… everyone is singing. Except for this stick in the mud in front of us. She has sat sucking on her lemon the whole show and it’s bumming me out. So I sing even louder. I don’t think she liked my suggestive dancing during Stand Back either. So then it is time for World Turning. And Micks mike isn’t working. And it is cracking me up. Because I keep thinking, I hope it stays off just to see what he does when he comes out and starts incoherently yelling about hanky panky and the middle of the night and asking if we are with him. You can see he’s annoyed but he keeps good humor about it and finally the damn thing starts working. The crowd is with him and actually gives him more applause for drumming through the whole nightmare. Goodbye Baby was beautiful. You could have heard a pin drop and red is Ms. Nicks color. Glad she raided her old shawl closets for tonight. What an amazing night. I am working on about 3 hours of sleep and I don’t even care, because this is the best show that I have seen this tour. Stevie gave it last night and the whole band was flawless. Something about being out there hearing them in the midst of the “earth, sea, and sky”. Worth all of the effort.
CatAnna Stevie Nicks Dreamweaver of Shadow & Light
This was THE best Fleetwood Mac show I've seen this tour! Our seats were 14th row on one of the center aisles - not superclose but close enough to see their faces and the whole band looked SO HAPPY to be there! It rained off and on for the first third of the show but the crowd had a great energy - nearly everyone in my section was standing. I stood (and danced and screamed and who-hoo'd LOL!) for the whole show and didn't hear one "Sit down!" Section B, you rock! Stevie looked and sounded healthy and strong and was smartly bundled up against the damp chilly weather. She wore black or red gloves through the entire show, I spotted at least two different fluffy scarves and her dresses seemed even more layered than usual. She changed shawls at least half a dozen times... 3 maybe 4 different black ones, the gold GDW number, delicate pale peach for "Landslide", a gorgeous red tiered capelet for "Sara" and a long red cape with embroidered trim that looked like it was designed for a medieval queen for "Goodbye Baby". I think there was a blue one too at one point... I'm still blurry :-) Her voice was beautiful from the getgo and got stronger and as the show went on and she twirled up a storm! There were so many standout moments I can't list them all now but she did the BEST Rhiannon I've heard in years with some impressive extra phrasing and banshee wails at the end, totally rocked out on Stand Back, and GDW was dark and dramatic with her trademark backlit end poses especially elegant IMO. And SARA! Oh man this deserves it's own paragraph. Her voice was perfect and her delivery was soooo poignant with some drawn out notes near the end to die for. And she was great with that tambourine on the rockers all through the evening, helped a little by the wind blowing the streamers around. In some ways the weather helped rather than hindered the show. At one point the rain and stage lighting played off one another to form a little rainbow! I guess weather doesn't bother Lindsey cause he wore that same white open collared shirt with the rolled up sleeves. He spent a lot of time at the edge of the stage interacting with the audience (you lucky ducks in the first row!) We could see the rain blowing on him through the lights during "Come" - a pretty cool effect actually. He went guitar crazy as usual (my husband doesn't "get" the manic moments but I LOVE them!) And rain stopped shortly after Come so maybe he also impressed the weather gods LOL! "I'm So Afraid" was awesome - he was more restrained during most of this one but still beautifully intense and soulful. GYOW was VERY hot... Lindsey was brilliant and it was great fun to see Stevie moving around the stage, interacting with Sharon and Jana and Taku. And let's not forget the band's anchor, Mr John McVie. He was rock solid throughout the whole show, in the background visually but very much "there" musically. And his shy manner was so cute when Mick "introduced" him near the end. There were some funny moments... the "Tusk" dance between Lindsey and Stevie that Allison mentioned. And when Stevie was dedicating Landslide to "our city" she wasn't sure what to call it "Jones Beach or New York.." Maybe she wasn't about to take a crack at pronouncing Wantagh LOL! The best part of the show for me was the encore because I got the closest to the stage I've ever been. I wove my way through the crowd in the aisle between sections A & B (sometimes it's nice to be short LOL!) There was an especially large security guard stationed by the front row but he left halfway through "World Turning" (Awesome performance!) and I was able to get almost to the rim of the stage. Mick's expressions were wacked out as usual during his body drum solo... I don't care what anybody says, I get a huge kick out of this part of the show and how much he enjoys it. The crowd loved Don't Stop and the band rocked impressively - amazing energy. But the crowing moment for me was Stevie's "Goodbye Baby" The only people between me and the stage at this point was a woman holding a small child and another lady who was kind enough to step aside slightly so I had a superclear view of Stevie singing this heartbreaker dead center in front of me. She looked and sounded like an angel and seeing that woman-and-child out of the corner of my eye - the whole song seemed surreal and magical. And then right before she left the stage, Stevie walked closer to the audience and I was able to get my first real up close look at this beautiful, inspiring lady. I will never forget this night!
Devin Newmeyer
It was cold and rainy out at jones beach...Even Stevie said "rain..be gone". It went away fairly soon after... There is so much electricity when the band takes to the stage that I thought that lightning would hit. This is my all-time favorite band and makers of my all-time favorite album, "rumours" and they just keep getting better and better with age. This is the second time I have seen them on this tour and it was a pleasant surprise to see that they changed a few of the songs. I never thought that I would get the chance to see them do "sara" live, but to my very pleasant surprise, they did! As darkness began to fall, the show got more intense. Stevie was right on and Lindsey showed off his guitar prowess like no one's ever seen before. They ripped through some of their rare songs like "you know I'm not wrong" and "beautiful child", and some of their most famous like "rhiannon" and "go your own way". Unfortunately, in this show, they cut out of two of my favorite, "gypsy" and "silver springs", but the show was still incredible! If you have the chance to see this band live, go!
Alan Tobin
This was the ultimate Stevie/Fleetwood Mac experience I have ever had in my 44 Stevie concerts I have attended. I purchased two Platinum package tickets. It arrived this past Friday through UPS. I took my very good friend D with me. We were told to arrive at the backstage gate area at Jones Beach by 4pm. There would be 19 people all together for the tour. After getting our pictures next to one of the large buses used by crew, we were told that there might be a chance to meet the group but it would be very slim. As we walked through that parking lot we were told that the band members were about to arrive and were escorted through a fence to an inner parking lot. One by one large black-stretch limos pulled up to where we had been and band members got out and walked toward the stage. They turned to acknowledge us and waved and then one stretch limo pulled up right next to where I was standing. Lindsey came out and took pictures with a few of us including myself. I told him I thought he kicked ass. He seemed to appreciate the comment. Our platinum seats were going to be right in front of where he plays in the first row. While the soundcheck was going on, Stevie sang Say You Will, I was able to meet and talk with Chris Nicks and I told him the story of my 7 year old son Louis really only started to speak a few years ago when he began to sing Stevie songs in the car with me. He said he would pass the story along to her. I wanted to give her orange roses I got for the concert. We went upstage after the soundcheck and was able to take pictures of every area. Unfortunately we were not allowed to go to the dressing areas as some previous platinum tours were able to do so. I had my picture taken by Stevie's microphone pretending to sing. That was way cool. I gave the flowers to a stagehand and he said he would ask Stevie if he could put the flowers on the stand. After leaving the reception area, I noticed several orange roses on the stand. That was very cool When the concert started it was raining so the microphones were pushed back a bit to be under cover. I noticed Lindsey acknowledged where D and I were by his part of the stage and thought the chances were going to be good that he would do some solos in front of us. Rain be damned, when the Come solo started he came right up to me and let loose his awesome guitar skills. He moved over to the middle of the stage during the I'm So Afraid solo. But the kicker was on Go Your Own Way. He came right up to D and myself and let us bang away on his guitar. I have always been so jealous of the fans that get to do this that it was the coolest thing that has ever happened to me. Stevie was in rare form. She sang her numbers as she did in the '70s. Whatever throat ailment she was suffering from I couldn't tell. Her staple songs were the best. She rocked out hard on Rhiannon as I haven't heard her do in such a long time. If anyone is able to be lucky enough to afford the platinum ticket package you will not be disappointed. The pictures taken will be developed later this afternoon. It will be a night D and I will never ever forget.
OMG! I just got home from the show. It was amazing! Stevie sounded phenomenal! You couldn't really tell that she was sick last week. It started to rain almost at the beginning of the show. Before she introduced Say You Will, Stevie asked us all to pray that the rain would stop. So, we all repeated after her "rain stop." She cracked up laughing into the microphone. I guess she didn't think we'd do it... lol. Sure enough, in an eerily kind of way, the rain did stop right after Rhiannon. Stevie was very layered and wore gloves throughout the entire show. She had a lot of different shawls too... which were just gorgeous. She also wore some scarves. I guess she isn't taking any chances this time... can't say I blame her. The setlist was basically the same, so I won't bore anyone with it. I would just like to list some of the highlights for me. I Know I'm Not Wrong is a really great song. I love it live and it has become one of my favorites on this leg of the tour. Rhiannon was rockin'. One of the best versions I have heard in a long time. It was just so good. Sara has become the absolute highlight of this show for me. On the last leg, it was Beautiful Child... but Sara is just awesome. I am so glad that Stevie added it into the setlist.... thank you Stevie! It was just such a beautiful song. I loved the video playing in the background. At one point, I didn't know where to look - at the screen with younger Stevie or at the present-day one! During Say You Will's interlude, Stevie was playing air guitar by Lindsey and she casually took her gloved hand and wiped the rain off of his face. I thought that was sweet. Big Love, Come and I'm So Afraid had some incredible guitar solos. It was just so amazing. Lindsey is truly one of the best guitarist of all time! He was on fire for those songs. Stevie dedicated Landslide to us and New York. It was so funny when she did it though. She said it was a special dedication, but then she said that she didn't really quite know where to dedicate it... New York or Jones Beach. Anyway, she dedicated it to our city and telling us she loves it... so it was all good! It was a beautiful song. During the interlude, she stood behind Lindsey and he smiled. All you could see of Stevie at this point were her gloved fingers tapping on his shoulders... lol. At the end of the song, they clasped hands and Lindsey kissed the back of her hand and continued to kiss up her arm. I thought that was pretty funny. Say Goodbye was still great, with the exception of yet again, people screaming out during the quietest of moments. Red Rover was great too! A really awesome song live. Beautiful Child moved me - really moved me to tears. It was just an emotional and beautiful rendition. It was dedicated to Liz. Gold Dust Woman rocked. I love the added "shadows" at the end. Tusk, as usual, was very cool. During their little dance, he reeled her in and they did their little boxing match. Finally, he opened his arms and they embraced. They both had such big smiles on their faces. It was really cool to see. With the help of some pretty layering, when Stevie twirled during a kick ass version of Stand Back, it was a nice effect - seeing all the various layers as she twirled - 14 times! Go Your Own Way continued to keep everyone on their feet and is such a sing-a-long song. My friends and I managed to make it up to the 2nd row for the encores... which was such an awesome experience. The closest I've ever been was 8th row. World Turning and Don't Stop were great, but Goodbye Baby was just beautiful. I loved the red shawl she wore for this song. It was very nice! I also loved the many other shawls she wore throughout the show. What an array of color... very stylish and the gloves add a great touch too! All in all, it was a wonderful show! The crowd could have been better, but I had fun. Stevie's voice is better and she sounded awesome. I guess after reading this review, it would seem like I am only a Stevie fan. I am also a Lindsey fan, but tonight it was absolutely Stevie's night! It was definitely a show I won't soon forget!
Sandy DeFrancesco
I just came home from the Jones Beach concert. The Mac performed another amazing show! This is the fourth time I've seen them this tour, they just keep getting better and better. Stevie rocked the house and she looked so beautiful! Lindsey's guitar playing and Mick's drum solo were tremendous. John was terrific too. Thank you Fleetwood Mac for another fantastic evening. Love you always!
Eileen Hillin
Is it possible that this band could actually get any better? My husband and I were lucky enough to be sitting in the seventh row at Jones Beach. And even though it rained a bit in the beginning of the show, it couldn't take away from the magic of Fleetwood Mac. Mick, John, Stevie and Lindsey were all just outstanding. I don't think words can even describe how amazing they were. All we heard as we left the concert were comments from so many people saying that it was the best concert they have ever seen. I just feel very lucky to have been there. Their performance took me away from this crazy world for just alittle while. Especially when Stevie sang "Sara" - a favorite of mine that I've never seen her do. And Mick's drum solo - something I always look forward to. I just hope that every Mac fan gets a chance to experience their wonder on stage.

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