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9/21/03 Jones Beach Jones Beach, NY

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Kevin Kennedy
I would just like to thank the band for such a special night!The amout of energy was insane and the sound was the best i have ever heard at the beach for any concert!I have been waiting 25 or so years to seethe MAC again and i can't say how blown away i was.After listening to "say you will" all summer ,i was happy to hear so much material and thought Lindsey's guitar playing was at it's BEST!At one moment in the show i remember saying to myself,Please don't let this night end.I just hope it isn't 25 more years untill i see them again.If it is, i'm sure it will worth the the wait!!!!
This was the BEST concert of the year!!!!! Lindsey and Stevie looked like they were so so close. During Tusk, Lindsey grabbed Stevie close, and was dancing a "waltz" with her across the stage. When they sang "Say Goodbye" Lindsey opened the song with some emotional words to the band. He was directing most of it to Stevie...."I Let you get away, there was nothing I could do....." He said that he was lost at that time, and I could tell that they were all incredibly grateful to have come together to recapture that magic again. Mick was also unbelievable...At the end of the show he screamed "THE MAC IS BACK"!!!! in response to the audiences excitement. This is the third show I've seen this year...The first two were a little stiff, but Jones Beach was unbelievable!!!! I met an Asian girl, who I ran up to the front of the stage with when stevie sang "goodbye baby" the last song.....if you read this please, please contact me...she took some excellent pics. God Bless F.M and I hope they do it again real soon!!!
Robert Wallak
After seeing Fleetwood Mac 4 times previously, you wonder if there is anything new to see, hear or even say. However, this concert was by far the best one yet! I saw them in May of this year as well, and as good as they sounded then, they were even better this time. And although I got a chance to meet the band last time (and hugged Stevie so hard I thought I broke her in half, I am sure security was being called as I left) this concert even topped that experience! Her performances on Gypsy and Gold Dust Woman were near perfection! Landslide of course was a huge crowd favorite, as everyone sitting around me was singing along. Lindsey, as usual, didn't disappoint us, with his thrashing guitar and crazy energy. At 54, I can't imagine anyone else being able to compare to him. The two of them together, however, is something that sends shivers down the backs of true Fleetwood Mac fans. Anytime they touched each other, I was freaking out. Between their music, body language, and stares, you can see how true their love for each other really is. Get back together already! Then again, if they did, they would have nothing to sing about, would they? MY favorites? Easily Silver Springs, Go Your Own Way, and Say Goodbye. I am still not sure exactly how Stevie can sing with him on that one, being it is all about her. She looked so sweet and innocent standing there looking at him. What they have to endure, to perform, I couldn't do it. What's missing? It is a shame she doesn't sing Thrown Down on this tour, easily the new albums best song. Also, on The Dance tour, when they sang Silver Springs, at the apex of the song, Stevie ran across the stage and started screaming the lyrics in Lindsey's face. I think the whole crowd was either in total shock, or crying! Anyway, I miss the drama of it! This time around, it was very tame. But I guess all the other songs make up for it! This group has enough drama and baggage to bare. All in all, I hope they have another album in the future and tour again, I would hate to have this concert be my last. And so goes on, the rock industry's longest and most infamous love story. ROCK ON!
Well, once again, Stevie was fabulous. It was a great concert. This is probably my 20th time seeing Stevie and/or Fleetwood Mac. Like a fine wine, it just gets better with time. There is nothing better. So glad to see you on the road. Keep rockiní Stevie. We love you!!!!
Julie Wallach
Some things get better with time...... I can't put into words, the joy I felt seeing Fleetwood Mac perform at Jones Beach last night. It was sheer excitement and amazement at their talent and performance. What a show!!! Stevie sounded crystal clear on every song, her voice in perfect pitch, with incredible clarity. Lindsey was on fire with his guitar solos and performances. Everyone just seemed to be having a great time, and the audience responded in the same way. There was magic in the air from the opening drum beats that started off "The Chain", which then led to Stevie's signature "Dreams". Their new songs were received just as well as the old ones. I got chills during Landslide, and Silver Springs, and of course, cried through both. The emotion and feeling behind those songs just moves you to tears. "Beautiful Child" was equally stunning, and again, Stevie's voice was clear as a bell. No one moved in the audience during that song, they just stood there in awe. Now for the show stoppers! "Stand Back" was electrically charged and got the audience jumping and screaming with excitement!! "Tusk" was amazing, with Lindsey dancing and chasing Stevie around the stage, the drums loud and booming, and the base line adding rhythm that again, had the crowd dancing and screaming. I was elated to hear Fleetwood Mac classics such as "Second Hand News", and "Never Going Back Again", both songs that I never thought I would hear live!!! Mick playing drums on his drum set on his chest was great! By that time, we had made it up against the stage! We were so close, and the excitement was building, I will never forget that moment! Steive ended the show with "Goodbye Baby", which was a moving and touching moment that left all of us in tears. I can honestly say right now that I love Fleetwood Mac. I absolutley love Stevie Nicks, I can't say enough what a beautiful human being she is, inside and out. Two years ago, I was lucky enough to meet her and talk to her. It was a defining moment in my life. I am so lucky to have met a woman that has inspired me so much, and has taught me so much about what is really important in life through her words and music. Last night was just another moment in my life where, for a couple hours, I watched pure talent and wisdom inspire a crowd to react and "feel" such joy. She is amazing. Lindsey Buckingham is also an incredibly talented man, highly underrated for his accomplishments. I am so glad to have seen this amazing group perform together, they have a unique relationship with eachother, and a deep connection that comes though with every performance. I AM, still in awe.........
Alan Tobin
What a night! Stevie sounded so good. The ocean air must have invigorated her. Each song was very clear. The sound system was the best I have ever heard at any of her concerts. The playfulness they showed was the most interaction I have ever seen as well. The show sounded just as fresh as their May shows in the NJ area. I can't wait for the Madison Square Garden concert next Tuesday. Maybe for that concert they might decide to play Illume!
Stevie, Stevie, Stevie.....Can you be more amazing?!?! If anyone read my review of the Uniondale show at Nassau Coliseum (mine was the last one at the top), than you'll understand the extra powerful emotions that this show holds for me due to my recent circumstances. And because of all that happened to me the day before and day of that show, I was unable to give the performance of that show the detailed review it deserved. This time I can and can also make comparisons. Unlike that show, I was not in the first row this time, but still had a very good seat. The whole band was, as always, fantastic. But no matter what all the guys put into it - Stevie always manages to steal the show. Every time she stops singing she leaves you yearning for more. She did THE BEST version of Landslide that I have heard her do in at least the last decade, and that includes THE DANCE concert. Landslide definitely blew everyone away, not because of the song in itself, but because of her voice in it and the emotion. She really let it rip this time and the applauds clearly reflected that each time she did in that song. This was the 4th time I saw her do Silver Springs in concert and the best as well. Not quite as good as THE DANCE concert's version, but very, very close. Also blew us all away. She did great on STAND BACK, but nothing to compare to the Uniondale show, at that show when she did it, it might as well have been from the year it came out. It's like she became 36 again the way she flailed around and her voice was THE BEST I have heard her sing in person, TV or otherwise since the 80's. Her harmonies with Lindsey on Say Goodbye were wonderful to say the least, and as with the Uniondale show, Goodbye Baby left me drenched in my own tears (again, that makes more sense to anyone who read/reads my Uniondale review) During this show, her and Lindsey seemed to have a blast together with constant back and forth antics and off microphone giggling and talking between them. P.S. OH, and THIS time Lindsey DID sing the words, "If I could, baby I'd give you my world...." to HER. As he rightly should! :)
Elise Feldman
The Jones Beach concert last night was so amazing! Stevie's voice was incredible--strong and so ON! In addition to the fabulous music, she looked absolutely beautiful. When she first came out on stage, I was so excited to see her again in concert, and she looked amazing! Then she came out after her first costume change, my jaw dropped! It's unbelievable how she's been through so much, and is able to do show after show, create and perform music that has touched so many people. What she looks like is definitely NOT important--it's her music that's done so much for so many, including me--but I also know, having read interviews and what not, that she has worked hard to get to where she is now, and since she DID look so great, well, why not share that, too! I know that so many of her/ FM songs have been an important part of my life--Beautiful Child, which was the song constantly running for me when I first came out, and had a crush on a woman for the first time (and knowing what that meant!); Sisters of the Moon, which has inspired some of my own poetry; Stand Back, after break-ups, well, that's my play-it-over-and-over song!; Dreams, as women have come into and gone out of my life... And I was lucky enough to hear nearly all of those last night! Everything sounded so amazing, but I do have to say that the stand out was Stand Back! So much energy in that song, and the crowd was just jumping up and down, singing along! The biggest highlight for me, though, was getting up to the stage during the encores. Fans are so nice, and when this big guy saw 5'2" me, he let me get in front of him so I could see everyone, and a really tall guy next to me was kind enough to get a photo! But of course, the best of all was being RIGHT THERE, seeing everyone, Mick going through all the drum vest solo, so animated, so INSANE!!! I do believe Animal was created in his image!!!! Lindsey riffing on the guitar, working the audience, even signing someone's cd sleeve... John in the background, grooving on the bass, and of course, the no-words-are-enough poet and rock goddess Stevie, in one of her beautiful black outfits, with her scarves, singing away! I fell in love with her music through Wild Heart, bought every single one of her tapes, then the same thing as CDs, and her music has carried me through since childhood. I've gone through moves across the country, death of mentors, friends and family members, break ups, coming out issues, everything, and all along, so many of the songs I heard last night at Jones Beach were right there with me. I am so thrilled that I have had the opportunity to see the Mac together again, even though Christine wasn't there, and hear some of the best music EVER! The energy of Jones Beach, being outside, under the stars, with my biggest idols right there in front of me, playing the music that I listen to over and over again, getting to hear live, new takes on the songs, along with the familiarity of the words and the tunes, and always sounding just incredible! I'm looking forward to seeing them again next week at Madison Square Garden--and this time, I'll be on the Stevie side of the stage! So now I'll get all three places--in the middle, on Lindsey's side of the stage, and next on Stevie's side. Can't wait for another amazing Mac concert!
Just getting back from a wonderful night at the beach with Fleetwood Mac! Jones Beach Theater is a wonderful and more intimate setting than an Arena. I saw Fleetwood Mac in May at the Colliseum and was so impressed, I decided to bring my friends who had never seen them live. They had a better time than I expected! Stevie Nicks looked better than ever..having more fun than the last time. The Mac just seemed so happy to be back in New York it was great! Once again Lindsey Buckingham blasted the crowd with his powerful guitar solos. For real music fans (like me) it was a real pleasure to hear the passion he squeezed out of his guitar. A real talent, he gave us his heart and blood. Lindsey, all 20 of us really appreciated it.Thankyou! Unfortunately alot of people used that time to go get a hotdog. Oh well....I can't say enough about Stevie Nicks. She really puts it out there and grabs you so you can't take your eyes off of her. No disrespect to the band they are phenominal, but Stevie really carries the show. The audience reaction says it all. The highlight of the night, or the song with the greatest applause was "Standback", a Stevie Nicks solo hit. "Landslide" was powerful, especially the hug with Lindsey at the end. " GoldDust Woman" was incredible...better now than back in old days. Bottom line...they all played their hearts out, and my friends and I had a wonderful time. Fleetwood Mac Fans are really nice too! Just one word of advice, though...To those people , especially with the expensive tickets, don't bully the guy in front of you if he or she wants to dance and stand the entire time...look at the Diamond vision screen. That is what it is there for. Or better yet, why don't you get up and have a little fun yourself. Or better yet, save your money and stay home with the concert DVD.Nuff said.

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