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8/13/03 Kemper Arena Kansas City, MO

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Sandy Krallman
First of all I have waited since 1977 to see Fleetwood Mac and with all my heart and soul the concert was worth the wait. From the minute the lights went down then the first drum beats of "The Chain" I was taken to a place no other concert has ever taken me. I danced, used my right hand against my left hand for a tambourine, sang, laughed and of course cried a little. Stevie, what can you say about Stevie except she is a poet to lyrics that can take your emotions in so many directions. Lindsey was just incredible, he played his guitar (with no pick) and gave it everything he could....WOW...this man has a talent beyond belief. Stevie looked just beautiful, sounded great and seemed to be having a wonderful time being back with the people she loved. I wish I could just live last Wednesday night over and over again. Mick and John are still the rock of Fleetwood Mac, so thank you Stevie, thank you Lindsey, thank you John and of course thank you Mick for taking this lady (same age as Stevie) to one of the best concerts ever. Fleetwood Mac you just rock. You put the rock in my soul many years ago and now have given me a night to always remember.
Julie Gleisberg
The show was awesome! It was even better than I expected! I've only been a fan for a year, so this was my first Fleetwood Mac concert and I was blown away! The energy was great! Mick was amazing on the drums -- his enthusiasm is contagious, Lindsey's guitar playing was jaw-dropping, Stevie was more incredible and enchanting than I could have imagined, and John --well...he was there too...seems shy. Anyway, I stayed after the concert to waive them off, which was fun...but wish I could have shaken their hands or something. Incredible show! Only negative thing I could say is that even with reading only a few concert reviews I knew what would happen. All the moves that people wrote about Stevie doing, she did. Every interaction between Stevie and Lindsey was the same as previous shows. Stevie also dedicated "Landslide" to Kansas City. So my only thing was that it made things seem too rehearsed and not impulsive. I felt that I was getting the exact same show as every other city. I'd be curious to hear from fans who are attending multiple shows this tour. All-in-all an excellent show. Absolutely worth every penny! It's a night I will never forget. I bought a t-shirt --- intend to live in it for a week!
John Hall
Fleetwood Mac in KC was awesome! When Stevie and Lindsey did a riff of "Goin to Kansas City" the crowd went nuts! Cant wait for the band to return!
Steve & Cynthia Rossetto
We very much where looking forward to our first Fleetwood Mac concert 8/13/03 in Kansas City. The entire show from the time the band members stepped onto stage they had us captivated by thier beautiful harmonization,Lindsey's guitar playing was beyond our expectations,Mick's electronic vest drum kit is a one of a kind,John's bass was as always right on,and Stevie was as awesome as she has ever been. The show exceeded our expectations and we wish to thank the band for such a pleasant memory
John Williams
Stevie may be in her 50's but I went to both the Dallas concert and the Kansas City concert and her voice was outstanding. The band meshes perfectly. Stevie may not be able to hit the high note but what do you expect she is a little older but she is still kicking ass. Fans cheered during "Landslide" when she sang the line "I'm getting older too" but for one she is getting older and for two she is still awesome. Their solo's were off the charts whether it was a drum beat, a guitar string, or a voice it all rocked. It was great to hear their new songs off their CD Say You Will, all though their old stuff is classic it's awesome that their their still writing songs. Whatever Fleetwood Mac does we'll always be a fan. Fleetwood Mac is like a fine wine that gets better with time. AND REMEMBER THE MAC IS BACK!!!!!!!!
Emerson W.
Fleetwood Mac rocked Kansas City tonight! It was awesome! Without a doubt, Landslide, was the best moment. Stevie's voice was right on, and watching all the lighters flicker on, one by one, was definitely one of the highlights. I called all the friends that I could during the song on my cell phone and tried to play them a little. World Turning, Stand Back, Tusk, and Don't Stop had the most power to them and the place went crazy on the opening riff of, Rhiannon. Stevie was, like always, looking classic in her shawls but....... WHERE WERE THE BOOTS??? All in all, the show was awesome and I can't wait to see them again!
Crystal Binder
I had the pleasure of seeing Fleetwood Mac in Kansas City. I had been reading other fans' reviews of the concerts and knew what wonderful things were to come. The Kansas City Star writer said Stevie only twirled once (during "Gold Dust Woman"), but apparently he wasn't watching during "Stand Back" and "World Turning". She twirled like crazy in "Stand Back" and I went wild. I couldn't get enough. When Stevie came out wearing her gold shawl, I was on my feet going crazy for "Gold Dust Woman". She sounded great, her voice just got better as the night went on. This was my first time seeing the Mac or Stevie in concert, but I have loved them for years. I took my mother with me because my husband didn't want to go. We had some great mother-daughter time! I really hope to see to get a chance to see them live again. What a GREAT concert!!
Pat Garcia
I have seen the band play on several occations throughout the years but this is by far the best they have ever sounded. Stevie's voice never sounded stronger and Lindsay is just a madman on the guitar. I don't know how Mick and John pound out those rhythms with hardly a break. My ears are still ringing. Highlights for me, of course, were listening to everyone in the auditorium singing along to "Landslide". Stevie was tickled by how the audience knew every pause and knew at what parts of the song a "well" needed to be thrown in. "Standback" brought the house down. Everyone was on their feet dancing. The croud went wild when Stevie started twirling. Words cannot express how awesome the show was. I hated it to end.
Last night was the best night of my life. The show was amazing. I got there and Stand Back was playing outside, I was so excited to be around other FM fans. This was my first FM concert, so I was wired. I got in the arena and bought a black T-shirt and a poster. I wanted to buy more, but things were expensive there. No tour books tonight either, but I didn't really care because I wasn't expecting them. I found my seat, it wasn't bad. I was on Stevie's side, so I was happy. The ribbons from her mic were flowing, it was almost like a dream. I had to wait about an hour and fifteen minutes for it to start, but it was WELL worth the wait. They started in with the Chain, which was great. I was so amazed because I had never been this close to my favorite band before! Lindsey had his white shirt on, and Stevie was in her classic black. No boots tonight, just these really cute black sneakers. She really was beautiful, she looks great. Dreams and Eyes of the World passed by quickly, then they got to the new songs. Peacekeeper was awesome and I loved Stevie's little movements for Say You Will. Both were pretty well received by the audience, which I was happy about. There was a lot of SnL interaction in Peacekeeper..hmmm...Everyone loved Never Going Back Again, Lindsey's voice was great on that one. When he first started the guitar part, Stevie started singing "I'm going to Kansas City.." and then started cracking up. It was cute! Then Stevie got out her Rhiannon sleeves out and did a bewitching performance. Gypsy was pretty, I loved how they showed parts of the Gypsy video on the screen. They were my favorite parts too! Stevie dancing with Lindsey, then twirling in the rain...very beautiful. Come was Lindsey's best performance of the night. He just "goes insane" with his guitar at the end. I didn't really like the song on the album, but it ROCKS live. I loved Big Love, he's just mastered the guitar and vocal parts for that song flawlessly. Landslide was the crowd pleaser of the night. Everyone had their lighters out and was singing along, myself included. During the guitar solo Stevie massaged Lindsey's shoulders, which was cute. I liked how they used a big screen in the center for both of those numbers. The first half of the show went by in a flash, due to my excitement. The second half is where they really rocked the house. Say Goodbye was very pretty. Stevie was staring at Lindsey the WHOLE TIME. I loved how she harmonized with him on that song. On our screen it showed her staring at him, and on the other screen it showed him staring at her..it was beautiful. I don't know..but I think they're still in love. At least on some level, that is. Say Goodbye had the most SnL interaction of the night. What's the World Coming To was nice, I loved the hands on the screen. Gold Dust Woman...rocked. I loved the gold dust effects on the screen. Stevie's voice was SO strong on that number, I loved how she cried out "and go hoooooomme aaaah aaahh". Well, you know what I'm talking about. It was definitely a major highlight. Beautiful Child....that song was beautiful. Her voice..there's something different about it. She really does sound like she did back in the 70's. Yes, her voice is that good. At least I thought so. I loved how she added "I still love you" at the end. It was very moving. It was also my favorite song of the night, I wish I could see it again. I'm So Afraid blew me away! Lindsey's solo...way better than on the Dance. It's just..the song rocked. One of the best ones last night. Silver Springs was awesome. I loved how they stared at each other at the end of the song, and how Stevie sang "am I just a fool". You can really see the romance on that song. Tusk was VERY cute, I loved how Lindsey took off his guitar and started chasing Stevie around. Yeah..he attacked John's back. That was hilarious! Then he and Stevie danced around, the whole song was so fun. Stand Back was one of the best. Stevie ROCKED through that song, she wailed and tore up that song up. Awesome. Go Your Own Way was very good. Lindsey's solo at the end was awesome, as always. So then I was sad that it was almost the end, but I was still hyped up for the encores. They came out for World Turning, which eventuallly transformed into Mick's drum solo. I don't know how he does it..with how hyper he looked I was afraid he was going to collapse! LOL, but his solo was awesome. Love the suit thing. Don't Stop was great, I liked how Stevie took over Christine's parts. Goodbye Baby was also a highlight, her voice was really pretty on it. Then at the end Mick said his "take care" speech and Lindsey and John waved. Then before Stevie walked off stage, she said "You rock!". LOL! The crowd loved that. Then Mick yelled "THE MAC IS BACK!". Overall that concert was amazing. Now I'm going to rant about the audience a little, because I was very disappointed. Although the crowd was um..very energetic, but they were rude. The people on the floor seemed into it, but the people in my section just..weren't. I mean, you're supposed to come to a show, sit down, and listen. Between almost every song, people were getting up to get food or drinks. Another thing I noticed is, whenver a Lindsey song started, they would leave. Then they'd come back when a Stevie song was on. Uh..this is a FLEETWOOD MAC concert, not a Stevie Nicks concert. Geez..then at the end of the show I was really disappointed. Everyone started leaving after GYOW. I mean..there are encores, people don't know this? Then a lot of people left after World Turning and Don't Stop. People were leaving during Goodbye Baby, and not even paying attention. My section was just rude. Before I left the arena, I was smelling marijuana. Okay..but anyway. All in all, this concert knocked my socks off. I'm wearing the shirt I bought last night, and I'm going to hang up the poster I bought in my room right now. If you have a chance to go to a show, please do. You won't be disappointed! This was the best concert I've ever attented, the Mac STILL has it!
Wow! That is the best word to describe the wonderful show I saw on Wednesday night. This is the second show I have seen on the tour, and I must say it got better. The first was in Milwaukee at Summerfest. At this one my seats were a little farther back but it did not matter. Mick was amazing on the drums. John just stayed back with his bass and was great. Lindsey, well what can you say just a maniac on that guitar. Awesome! Stevie was amazing and wonderful. "Stand Back" just rocked. I did read the review of the critic in Kansas City and I was dissapointed in it. If he went there thinking they were going to pretend that Chris was on the keyboards and play her songs he was crazy. I loved "Beautiful Child". That is my favorite song and to see it twice in 2 months live was great! I think they are back and in full force. Nothing was missing (except Chris of course). Don't stop was missing her, but otherwise I didn't really think about her much. Great show! I am only 23 so to hear most of the songs from Rumours was a treat for me. I got the best of the old and the new. The whole show was wonderful and I loved every minute. I could have sat there all night and just listened.

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