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9/12/03 Thompson-Boling Arena Knoxville, TN

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The Knoxville show was the second of the Say you Will tour I've seen; the first being in Nashville. I have to say that this show rocked just as much as the first one. Stevie looked and sounded wonderful, as did Lindsey. I noticed Stevie and Lindsey were a lot more playful with the crowd than when I saw them before. Stevie really rocked out on "Rhiannon" and "Stand Back." Both songs brought the crowd to their feet and everyone was dancing. As a whole, though, I thought the crowd was sort of dull. Many people got up to leave on the new songs and/or Lindsey's guitar solos.... What are they thinking? Lindsey is up there totally tearin' it up and they leave. It sort of made us mad. Overall, the performance was great... And I had a so much fun. Thank you Stevie, Lindsey, Mick and John for a wonderful show and continuing to bring up great music!!!!
Tonya M. Jones
Hello! My 14 year old daughter and I attended the show in Knoxville, Tennessee on september 12th. The show was fantastic!!! We both had a great time. my daughter is a huge fan of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks especially! The bands chemistry on stage is awesome. They still have it!!!! We would go again in a heart beat!! THE MAC IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for a great time!
S. Mead
Charles Hosea
I went to the Knoxville show, and this was my fourth time seeing Stevie but my first time seeing FM--so I was very excited! Seeing Lindsay and Stevie do all these songs that we all know are about each other was very moving! My partner was trying to talk to me during Landslide (reminding me of the SNL Lucy Lawless "Fajita Roundup" sketch) and he said I looked possessed when I shushed him. Don't try to come between me and my Stevie!!! It was great tho. The only unique thing that I really have to add to the reviews is that I had a side of stage seat, so I had a great view from behind the front of the stage and there was just the funniest thing---Stevie has a teleprompter in front of her that had the setlist and the words, but the funny thing was the little messages that came across it during the show. At one point I looked at it and it had "Go get your cape!!!" on it. That just tickled me to death!! I also could see her exiting the stage and standing around in the back during some of Lindsay's solo numbers so that was a really cool perspective to see! Mick's performance with the vest was amazing too--one of the most creative pieces of performance art I've ever seen. Other than that I ditto everything that everyone else has been writing!!! OH--when I read the review from Jan, Christie and Jess I recognized what they were saying cause I noticed Lindsay kept looking at these ladies in the front row, and I saw Stevie give that rose to Jess, and it was neat to read about that on here!!! That's why I love the Nicks Fix--it really helps us to feel like a big ole Stevie community!!!
I cannot find the words to describe the performance given by fleetwood mac on friday at thompson bowling arena. this was my third show this tour and I have to say that it was my favorite one. I'm just sorry I won't be going to another one any time soon. This time I was seated in the second row, the closest I've ever been to my hero stephanie nicks, and the view doesn't get any better than that. there is no doubt in my mind that the mac is the # 1 band of all time, there never was and never will there be another that even comes close. stevie was beautiful as always, she dedicated landslide to knoxville and thanked the crowd for supporting the band through good times and bad. I got two more kisses from linsey {my first two were in nashville} and that once again made my night. I got his attention at another point and motioned for him to toss me a towel he had used to dry off with. he nodded in approval but when he threw it the man behind me caught it instead. I was a little bummed but I still had my kisses. I took seven friends with me who had never seen them before, we are all in our twenties, and they all want to go back the next time. All in all it was a great show, I had the best time of my life and I can't wait till next time. I also must say something in stevie's defense. before the show I bought a pair of stevie boots. I wore them to the concert and five songs in they were off. those things killed my feet and I wear heals a lot. I don't know how she managed to pull them off for so long and I do not blame her one bit for not wearing them anymore. I didnít even put them back on to walk to my car. Thank you fleetwood mac once again for and enchanting performance, see you next time.
Well Knoxville was a nice little experience...we got into the town way early, about 12pm...and I had no idea this was such a college town till then.....their are UT Students EVERYWHERE....so we tried to buy time...by going around....found a cool used book and CD store called McKays.... They weren't letting people come park at the arena till around 4 30, cuz until then there were college ppl parked there...so we parked about four...met a couple of people...and stayed down on the lower level instead of going up to the entrance...and we found this area looking over...and I JUST KNEW THAT IT WAS where the limos would be...there was all kinds of security down there....so SURE ENOUGH at about 5:35 I guess it was....sure enough the huge black limos pulled up...and i was like OMG...We were so close to em, then this cop comes up to us and asks us to move....and we resisted and he agreed....so John gets out and I yell at him and he doesnt respond...then Lindsey and gets out and me and this guy yelll his name and wave and he looked RIGHT at us and smiled and waved...that was SO COOL.....So then I'm like WHERE'S STEVIE?? There was a long stretch limo in which her dad got out, and Mindy Stein got out of that one I think too....and Stevie's 2 dogs....they brought Stevie's dad a little scooter....and I yelled HI to him, although he did respond his little assistent lady did...And I'm like OK STEVIE DIDNT GET OUT OF ANY OF THESE LIMOS...So about 10 mins later...a little further down the ramp we see Stevie come walkin around the corner, walkin fast with about 4 others, we barely missed her...i dont know where they had let her out...but she snuck in the door...it was so cool! The concert was great of course...the tourbooks were only 20 bucks, I paid 40 in Atlanta...so I felt jipped lol....the concert WAS awesome...Stevie was energetic as anything, as was Lindsey of course....she went all out in some high notes in GYPSY especially during "i still see your bright eyes, your bright eyes!!!!" She looked so beautiful....The songs were great....great scream during GDW.....Stand Back had many twirls...... A few Stevie kicks here and there....they did their little boxing match again, which turned into a dance.....another highlight in the end Stevie was waving at fans and she took one of her roses off of her mic stand and gave it to a girl in the front row....some girl had also brought 2 things of roses...one had a card that said STEVIE, another with LINDSEY...Lindsey got them and went to give Stevie hers...and couldnt get her attention...finally he bumped her with it and she was surprised and took it....awesome show... I got a hello from Mindy because after the limos parked she came BACK out to talk on her cell phone...and boy she is VERY pregnant....she is lookin cute tho...she talked on the phone outside for about 20 mins...looked like she was fussing at someone.... Silver Springs rocked OUT by the way...she screamed way better than any show....and hit EVERY High note... Beautiful Child was incredible..Stevie stretched out the long "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHH" "AHHH" "I wish that..." it was so cool...she was SO into it... during SAY GOODBYE in a real quiet part...some guy from the upper level yelled HELLO STEVIE...in this funny deep voice...and the whole audience erupted into cheers...and Stevie almost started laughing...she smiled so big, and Lindsey laughed a little..
Kelly S.
Fleetwood Mac came to rock Knoxville on Sept. 12, 2003. I was looking so forward to that night from the moment I found out they were coming. The night finally arrived. I was literally counting down to the second when I could see those shadowy figures walk on-stage to take their rightful places behind their instruments and mics. The lights went out and I barely sat down or stopped screaming for the next 2+ hours. The energy of that show is something I have never experienced and will never be able to forget. Lindsey was on fire slamming on his guitar, breaking several strings in the process. Mick's bass drum was one of the first sounds we heard as the music started for "The Chain". Some of the most talented and creative drumming I have ever seen. John, as usual, stayed back in the shadows. Doesn't matter though...we all knew he was there. His bass lines were powerful and demanded attention. Stevie was beautiful as always. Her voice sounded phenomenal and she was on top of every song, signature tambourine in hand. But who would expect anything less... The show was a virtual catalog of the band's hits through the years. Interspersed with some amazing recent cuts from "Say You Will". Most notably, my favorite, the tittle cut, "Say You Will". "Tusk" was another highlight with Stevie and Lindsey hanging on one another; each drawing off the energy between them. It was awesome to get to hear "Beautiful Child" live...a "sweet surprise". Props go to Stevie for taking over the second verse on "Don't Stop". Never missed a beat! To all who were there, I am pleased to have been able to share this amazing experience with you. And to those who were not...don't let the chance to see Fleetwood Mac in concert pass you by again. After all, as Mick so rightly said before leaving for the night..."Remember, 'The Mac' is back!".
Jan, Christie & Jess
We thought this tour could not get any better: we had met Lindsey and Mick in Atl, got out picture made with Stevie in Phoenix, stayed at the same hotel as the band in Biloxi where we got to talk with Sharon, Mindy, Jana, Kim, Chris and several other band members, but we were wrong. This was not only a great show, but also a great fan gathering. Since I live in Atlanta and Christie and Jess live in B'ham, we decided to meet in Chattanooga, leave my car and then head to Knoxville. Upon arriving in Knoxville, I called Joy to find out where everyone was staying. She said the 4th floor at the Days Inn on campus was filled with FM fans. When we arrived at the hotel, we told the desk clerk we wanted the FM floor and she knew exactly what floor to put us on. While checking in, Joy, Cassie, and Michelle come in from running an errand.....Joy will elaborate on that in her review. After introductions and hugs, Christie and I went off in search of a better ticket for her. We had started with 6th row, but I had grabbed a front row ticket at the same time Joy and Michelle had gotten their front row tickets. We were able to get a front row for Christie so we were happy campers. We headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner with all our fellow fans. Dinner was great with Joy, Michelle and her husband Robbie, Cassie, Meredith, Karen and her husband, Home4Sale and a friend with him, Rachel, and Sheri, plus Christie and Jess. We had a picture taking session, and after that we headed to the venue. We parked the car, and before going in we decided to make our posters...we wanted the band to know that this was our 10th show, and then we made posters saying "Jana Rocks" and "Sharon Rocks"....since we had joked with them last week (in Biloxi) about making posters for them. The venue was very late in letting us in......after 8. While in line we ran into Tracee (also from Atlanta) who we met during the TISL tour and have seen her many many times since then on Stevie's solo shows and on this tour. We were lucky enough to sell our 6th row tix to the very first people we see...they were very happy to get that close to the stage, since they had lower section seats. Remember the days when we all thought 6th row were awesome seats.....and now even 2nd row seems a loooooong ways back...we are spoiled....rotten!!!! Finally we make it inside the venue where we then make a mad dash to our front row seats....well actually, not our seats, but the spot we wanted to plant ourselves for the night....right in front of Stevie's mic. Joy, Michelle and Robbie had already positioned themselves in front of Lindsey's mic. We also saw Brandy, whom we met at the Atlanta show last weekend. Sheri and Rachel made it down and stood beside us at the stage. Jess decided to sit in her seat and not stand at the stage....for now. The show started and everyone stood up..as far as we could see...this crowd was much better than last weekend's Biloxi crowd. During "Dreams" we held our "Show #10" sign up for Linds to read, it caught his attention and he seemed shocked, but pleasantly thrilled, and mouthed to us "Really?....10??" We nodded, and he smiled. This was the start of a pattern of interaction we had with him through out the night...if he wasn't focused on Joy and Michelle, he'd look our way and occasionally we could see him mouth "Ten...Wow!!!". Jana and Sharon never got to see their signs because immediately after showing Linds our #10 sign, security came and took our signs away...we could take pics but we couldn't hold our signs...go figure!!!!....we were not holding them above our heads to block anyone's view...we were at the stage we did not need to hold them up high!!! When Jess' favorite song "Say You Will"....which she calls the #7 song (since its the 7th song on the cd) started playing, she ran to the stage to take her place with us....she's also become a Stevie- fanatic, at the young age of 8...this was her 3rd show...her 2nd time on front row!!!!...so she knew what to do!!! LOL Several of us, standing at Stevie's feet, were doing the hand motions during the song and Stevie got tickled with us - as she had done last week in Biloxi. During "Say Goodbye" when all had gotten quiet for the serious song, someone from the very back of the building screamed out "Stevieeeeeeeeeeee" and everyone up front started laughing...including Stevie and Lindsey. StandBack was a huge hit with the crowd, as was Gold Dust Woman with Stevie's "black widow, dragon, and woman" hand movements. Its always fun to see the playful interaction between Stevie and Linds during Tusk, when he throws down his guitar and they start a mock boxing match with their fists in the air and punching at each other, and now instead of the Do-ce-do dance they are slow dancing in a circle with Linds' head resting on her shoulder....a picture perfect moment....we got a great picture of this. All 3 of us also got to play Lindsey's guitar when he came to the edge of the staqe. There were alot of smiles and waves from Stevie during the night, BUT she quit focusing on us when she spotted Jess standing at the stage, and then her interaction was totally focused on Jess. It began with Stevie smiling and waving to Jess. Then after Don't Stop, when the band was leaving the stage, Stevie was walking past our spot and she started pointing at Jess and mouthed the word "Booooo" with her big brown eyes wide open and a huge smile on her face!!! We thought it just couldn't get any better....but we were soon proven wrong..... The band left the stage but then returned for the finale with Stevie singing Goodbye Baby. When the song was over and the band took their bows, Stevie started walking across the stage, waving to the crowd; but then, she stopped in front of us, bent down and shook Jess' hand. She then turned around, walked over to her mic and took one of her roses and then returned to the edge of the stage and gave it to Jess. I was given one of Stevie's setlist that was taped to the floor in front of her. Now we ask ourselves....CAN IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS ?? After the show, several of us, got together for conversation about the night's events, and then we said our "goodbyes"... til next time. This was a fantastic evening in soooo many ways....meeting new friends, Stevie giving Jess her rose and the interaction between them, our interaction with Lindsey, and the wonderful wonderful music of FLEETWOOD MAC!!!!! We had planned for this to be our final show until next Spring, but......if FRONT ROW pops up......no matter where.....you know what that means!!!!! But even if we don't get to another show til next spring....we have the wonderful music the Mac leaves us with until they come back around, many memories, and the new friends we have made along the way.
Samantha Kate
Oh my gosh, where to begin? I was standing exactly in the middle of Lindsey and Stevie and let me tell you, it's hard to choose who to sing back to. As usual, Stevie is absolutely gorgeous and Lindsey is...you know,what isn't Lindsey? The front row positioned themselves before the crickets even started, so I grabbed my tour book (on sale now) and placed it between the speakers and got ready. "The Chain" is just a great song to start off with--it really gets everyone going. Stevie definitely has a warming up period--I was afraid she wasn't going to smile at all until Lindsey started doing his usual glances over. Then, the real Stevie came out. Lindsey really starts going in 'Eyes of the World.' Not that Lindsey ever really stops, but he definitely turns it up a notch here. He's playing directly to those of us right in front of him. Lots of Lindsey interaction. Stevie's not far off, she looks like she's having a great time and laughing at Lindsey when he grunts 'Eyes' instead of chanting (?) it. Lindsey did make the Peacekeeper speech, but with a little bit of an introduction this time, to which I forget entirely. But yeah, Peacekeeper was great. Second Hand News was amazing. Stevie is definitely on at this point. She's flailing the tambourine around, Lindsey's jumping all around and everyone's sing the bam-bam-bams. It was great. Stevie came up to the mic after that to introduce 'Say You Will' -- the crowd can't wait, of course, and Stevie has this thing so choreographed, it's just crazy. There are motions to everything which everyone already knows or picks up on fast and does along with her. She looks so happy during this song. At one point she walks over to center with Lindsey playing the guitar and does a little air guitar with him, he keeps leaning forward, so close you really think he's going to go insane and kiss her and she's smiling because she knows what he's doing too. Ah, it was great. Oh, for some reason every time I make eye contact with Lindsey he smiles and shakes his head "no" but I'm too busy rocking out to bother too much. The front row went crazy for Come. It was mostly females and we all knew what song that was. He played around at his mic stand for a while, and a few of the girls who were standing there, then came directly center and totally played it out to me and this girl standing next to me. Oh my Lord! I think I got Lindsey sweat, but I won't complain yet. He was flailing the guitar around all over, totally going all out, as usual. Such an amazing performer. Oh! They moved Lindsey's mic to dead center--(ie, directly in front of me)"Big Love" was just...just so amazing. It's such a different perspective seeing it right there, directly in front of you. You don't think Lindsey can outdo himself, but he does it with each repeat performance. So, then it's time for "Landslide" and Stevie comes out and everyone cheers because, you know, we all know it's "Landslide." During the song Stevie reached out to Lindsey, he took her hand and kissed it--rather long pause there. And she smiled. They finished the song and Lindsey wrapped his arm around her and she held his hand; he kissed her forehead. Ah yes, and then "Say Goodbye" which was wonderful. Stevie turned her mic towards Lindsey. At some point during the song someone yelled out "STEVIE" and though obviously trying to ignore it, Stevie smiled really big and Lindsey laughed. Oh, so good. Beautiful Child was really lovely, but because Lindsey was right in front of me, I kept looking at him, and he kept looking at me. He squinched up his nose that time and smiled, oh Lindsey, how I love thee :) Then, of course, 'Gold Dust Woman' ---oh Gosh. It was awesome. Stevie has on these black stretchy pants that don't quite reach her shoes but her skirts come down right about it. Funny. She totally rocked out. and whoever was standing next to me was taking some amazing pictures. I'm apparently not going in the right order. Oh well. "I'm So Afraid" was awesome, I love how Stevie just sort of hovers in the corner and comes out only for the sporadic harmony---she totally lets Lindsey rule the song and watches him play guitar. You know, sometimes I forget that "Silver Springs" exists until the moment they start to play it and then I'm just like...good Lord, there's not a bad song in the bunch. The setlist is awesome. She adds "I'm just a fool" as she's been apt to do as of late and sings a bit to Lindsey, who I'm honestly captivated by. "Tusk" is just...'Tusk' -- everyone is so ready at that point. Stevie's wandering around the stage at one point and sees Lindsey's about to do his John tusking, so she goes around to her part, near the front of the stage and sort of waits for him. He unplugs his guitar and they start play-fighting in circles until he just grabs her and they dance real close, and he's resting his head on her shoulder. Very sweet. And then Lindsey's jumps around the stage for a while, hitting Mick's drums and just sort of...finding something to do. I'm not sure if it was for this song or not but Stevie heads over to center and turns her back on Lindsey, and he comes over and plays, and they're back to back. She then bends one of her legs, tilts her head back and lifts the tambourine high above her head while he rocks out. Oh, wow. Sweet. I think "Stand Back" is just one of the major highlights of the show. The whole front row was singing and jamming and totally didn't care about anything else. There seems to be an elongated drum solo at the beginning, but it was awesome. Lindsey's looking at me while I'm singing all the words, smiling. I don't care. I'm in Stand Back country. Encore. 'Go Your Own Way' is just...it comes so late that it's a total surprise. I'm singing all the words and Lindsey looks down at me, totally singing to me at this point and shakes his head "no" again (what is this about), but then I squinch my nose up and nod 'yes' -- he relents and smiles. Woohoo! World Turning is so much better than I remember it. Totally rocking out here. Oh yeah, so Mick does his vest thing, and he's totally spitting all over Lindsey's poor mic and Lindsey's not offstage but sitting to the side wiping himself down. I love that Mick is so energetic, he's so funny, but honestly, I don't understand a word he said. Are you ready, maybe. At some point Lindsey comes over and they jam for a bit. "Dont' Stop' was awesome, as usual. I really like the Stevie version. "Goodbye Baby" was so sweet. No interruptions, no fights. This front row was all friendly. Some girl was holding out a picture and a Sharpie and Lindsey came over to sign it and was looking around for other things to sign, so I shoved my tourbook up there and oh yes, I got a Lindsey autograph right on the Lindsey on the tourbook. Sweet heaven. It was a fabulous night.
Charlie & Ron
We drove eight hours from St. Louis to Knoxville for what turned out to be the greatest two hours! While this was my ninth Mac related concert (four for the group and five for Stevie), this was my partner's first, and what a first it was. The crowd was so ready for this, when they came on stage the place went crazy. The interaction between Stevie and Lindsay is so sweet and genuine. They are very playful toward each other and with the crowd. I cannot remember seeing Lindsay so relaxed, playful and yes downright silly!! Even Mick and John joined in a few times, Mick yes you expect, but John? These people are having the time of their lives! Highlights of the show....Lindsay's excellent guitar playing, how he does what he does without a pick is astounding...Stevie was in excellent voice and was so energized that during Stand Back she motioned to the band to pick it up a bit, as if to say, Let's Rock This!!, and did they ever, it was the best performance of Stand Back I have ever seen. Every song was performed with flawless perfection, but what made each one special was how sincere each were delivered. I had tried to see them earlier, Chicago, Kansas City, even St. Louis, but life is tricky sometimes so it had to wait. I am so glad I got to see the show I did, and I am so glad my partner got to see Fleetwood Mac at their best.

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