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12/10/03 Earls Court Arena London, England

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The final night of the European leg, Present , Micks mum, Jesse Nicks,band members wives,kids,friends and Christine Mcvie and a nearly full house. You could sense that it was a special night in prospect, the moment Micks bass drum kicked off the chain. I was with my youngest brother some 16 years and a generation younger than me. He has seen The Dance and loved Big love and Gypsy, but little of the other songs. He had to admit, "hey I know that song" and, "didn't so and so sing that". It was a real eye opener to him the diverse and endearing legacy "my band" has given to the world. It has been a long road, saw them in Philadelphia in May,NEC recently, Earls court a week last Saturday(front row, shook Lindsey hand!!!), Manchester(including fighting side show,pillocks included) and finally,last night. They were tight last night, with different arrangements on both come and the ever wonderful,never disappointing so afraid!! Lindsey has to be of his genre unparalleled as a guitarist. For me the acoustic numbers really stood out:Never Going Back, Landslide,Big Love(simply fabulous!). The SYW songs, Peacekeeper, SYW,Come, bye bye baby and my favourite What's The world Coming To, are now amongst my favourite(and I have a lot of back catalogue!!) songs. It was great that alot of the audience didn't share my enthusiasm as I got a great view as they all sat down! The standards such as Go your own Way. Rhiannon etc have lost non of their appeal and the bands new interpretation(ie mock joust/make up during TUSK), including a rockier,rawer feel have given a new "freshness" to these songs. Micks' drum vest had my brother waxing lyrically as well as Taku and Steve's back-up drumming,fantastic. This leads me onto the other band members and support cast. Wonderful backing singers, Great support from Brett,Carlos and the boys. John imperious, as always.Lindsey,well you know my views already but Stevie never ceases to amaze me. Perhaps because she didn't need to "save" her voice for the next gig but goodness me sang her little heart out trying for and hitting those difficult notes she may not have attempted earlier in the tour. Gold Dust Woman: WOW, beauty and grace personified. At the end of the night, with a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat, I wondered where it had all gone, just like love , we had it there for such a brief time(their performance) and before we realised it was gone in a fleeting moment. I sincerely hope Micks last phrase"The Mac is back" rings true, please do another album, please tour again, because already I feel a part of me is gone!!
I wouldn’t say I was the biggest Fleetwood Mac fan on earth, but have grown up listening to there albums through the 70’s and 80’s and when I found out that they would be playing in London, I thought why not go along. My preconceived ideas of the concert was that they would just stand around and sing tracks from their new album. Boy was I surprised they played loads of there classic hits and were really animated on stage. They really looked like they were enjoying singing the old songs. They also spoke to crowd a lot which is nice. Lindsey, was very energetic on stage and interacted with the crowd well, thrashing at his guitar even letting fans at the front play his guitar. Stevie looked like she was enjoying the night, doing a sort of line dance to one of the songs, but what impressed me most about Stevie was the quality and power of her voice, that girl can belt out a song. It especially came across well on the quieter numbers like Beautiful Child. Her voice seems to have become smoother over the years. Stevie and Lindsey were extremely attentative to each other which gave the show a good vibe. It would seem that all the differences are in the past. John McVie was John McVie, looked like he wanted to get home. Nuff said. Mick Fleetwood, that man scares me, when he talks to the crowd he is a well spoken gentleman but put him behind the drums he’s mad, a real Jekyll and Hyde character. He was on form, plenty of effort in his drumming and facial expressions. He’s man of great stature and dominated the stage and the crowd during World Turning. Christine McVie was in the crowd watching the concert as were family members of the band. All in all a great night. They only thing I would say is that I would like to see them in much smaller venue, Earls Court doesn’t have the best acoustics!
I was at the Earls Court show on 10 December and having spent 30 years seeing every performer imaginable I have to say that this was the most incredible performance I have ever seen from a group. I hadn't seen Fleetwood Mac live before I've only seen their concerts on video - Red Rocks Colorado which was outstanding and a couple of shows from US television but to see them live was an unforgettable experience. From the time they appeared on stage at 8.15 until they finished at 10.45 I was totally awestruck. I have never seen such energy as these performers gave on stage. I was exhausted at the end of the show just watching them I hate to think how they felt been the last show of a 7 month tour. I know Stevie has a powerful voice but for the first couple of songs she seemed a bit quiet and subdued and I thought perhaps she was tired after all the touring but when she got into her stride after the 3rd or 4th song, boy did she let rip. The hall vibrated all night, and when Lindsey did his guitar solos I thought the roof was coming off. But no, they hadn't finished, the icing on the cake was the finale when Mick did his walk about drum solos - that was a finale I'll never ever forget. I was sitting up in the gods in the "cheap" seats as my friend was watching her pennies being near Christmas but if I ever have the chance to see Fleetwood Mac again (and I really hope I do) I would pay £100 or more for a seat "up close and personal", they're worth every damn penny!!
After years of being besotted with Stevie's music I finally got to go and see her (and the rest of the band of course!). My daughter whose 22 has been raised on Stevie's music and she started crying at the end ..she couldn't quite believe we were there although I haven't forgiven her for sneaking out for a few minutes and commiting the sin of missing Gold Dust Woman!! Her boyfriend came with us and is now a Stevie convert. At the end they described her as being the real live fairy. Well it's that spell I suppose. How many people can sing live with that soul-wrenching voice and make you feel so emotional (as I was too if I am completely honest). Not to take anything away from the band. Lindsey was awsome. Mick brilliant. John of course, the quiet one. What a combination. Daughter's boyfriend blown away by it all. Another Fleetwood Mac convert too. Re-iterating Natalie Pugh's review (26/11 at Birmingham). She said she remembers when she first became aware of Stevie's music. This is the same for me...not necessarily always remembering when you first hear artists... but for me also I remember when I first 'heard' Stevie. It was one night on the TV ..flicking round the channels (all 4 of course!) ...1980-something... they were showing her "White Wing Dove" concert. That was when I was enchanted...oh I recognise some songs from Fleetwood Mac here..oh yes she sounds like the singer. Ah! Penny Drops. Thank goodness it was on video so I bought it and played it to death. From then on her lyrics and voice seemed to hit a spot inside me that no other artist can. As for Lindsey and Stevie together. Speechless. But then this is why I sink into her music...somewhere.. in those songs... will always be those words I find so hard to express. But I still can't believe we've been. After all these years we finally got to see Stevie live. Can someone wave a magic wand and take me back to that night. Please.. Come back soon.
Helen Spooner
My ears are still ringing from last nights performance. This my second visit to Earls Court and decided that this had to be special hence front of stage, admittedly next to a speaker but in front of Mr Showman himself, Lindsey, wow what a performance so much energy and immense enjoyment from them came ousing off the stage, to say this was there last night didnt show it could have been their first. All Lindseys songs rocked!! most special moment was this time Silver Springs, the interaction between Stevie and Lindsey whilst this was sung I will never forget, (and did you say that she loved you) I looked at him nodding and he smiled back!! awsome. This time we got Goodbye Baby for the very special reason being that Christine was in the audience! would have loved to have seen her on the stage with them at the end but not to be, although they paid her a very loving and warm tribute, that bought tears to Stevies eyes and to Lindseys, very moving. What I saw last night were Legends, this night will live with me forever, thank you Fleetwood Mac.
What a show! Being only 15 I don't have too much experience of rock concerts, but from what I have seen, including Bob Dylan and etc, this show really was fantastic! I have now been to two of the three London shows, and as this was the last of their European tour dates, they certainly let us have it!! The crowd was twice as loud as the 29th November, they added Goodbye Baby which they left out last time, and CHRISTINE MCVIE was watching! Stevie dedicated Landslide to London, and ''our very own Christine McVie who is out there tonight!'' Thunderous applause followed as expected! Stevie seemed to put SO much effort in tonight, as well as the entire crew, but especially Stevie, that I was worried she was gona fall over from twirling so much! I have never EVER seen her twirl so much during Stand Back, and Go Your Own Way, and Don't Stop ... oh she wouldn't stop! Her voice really hit all the high notes .. except the realllly high noted obviously, but Landslide, Gypsy, Rhiannon, Beautiful Child and Stand Back particluarly she REALLY went for ALL those notes and got them perfectly, which she didn't do on the 29th! She also had a long flowing cape for Rhiannon this time which looked great! Another amazing feature was Gold Dust Woman with that sparkly backdrop with the flames which made it look so spectacular.... They all had so much energy, I still can't believe it, even after seeing them once on this tour I was surprised!! I wish Christine McVie had come on stage, but she was there alright! Lindsey's guitar playing was outstanding as usual, but I have to say, Stevie really went for it last night, and no one can deny that ... Mick was absolutely high while doing his percussion thing on World Turning ... They really just were so energetic, and clearly love London!!! Who doesn't lol! Lindsey's songs were excellent, as always, especially Eyes Of The World which is now one of my favourite of his songs... Erm ... Stand Back was simply unbelievable .. It really was ... she twirled and twirled and twirled til she could twirl no more, and the guitars were especially loud which made it even better than last time ... it definitely rocks harder than I have ever heard it ... it is no longer a pop song!! They must get such a kick out of knowing they're putting on such a great show! As I've said the crowd were excellent, although the first non sell out in London ever! Stevie's dad was there as usual, and she had a little joke about him before Beautiful Child, which was more heartfelt than ever... even more so than on the record. Mick was going completely mad as usual, with his crazy red plimsoles loool! John McVie hiding in the shadows as usual, although forced to the front for the final bow after Goodbye Baby, which everyone loved! Don't Stop was amazing, really really loud, and the band were fantastic, making the dreary December night light up! Stevie received a massive Winnie the pooh bear which was cute, and then they were gone! Gone gone gone! I wish they were doing another one, but hey .. I reckon I've seen their best show on the tour from what I can gather, and being in London with Christine McVie and all gave them so much more to say than the usual lines! Thank you Fleetwood Mac, I can only hope you return as soon as possible so I can get to the front row next time! Don't forget us, and rock Australia as hard as you rocked Earls Court last night! And this is from a 15 year old viewpoint, and seriously ... you are all so much better than the metal bands and all that out there! Thank you all and come back to me soon!

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