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11/29/03 Earls Court Arena London, England

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When we arrived at the arena, I heralded it as a good sign that they were distributing out free CD album samplers at the door. The CD bore the same design as the full length CD cover and had Peacekeeper, SYW, Ilume and Come snippets on it. I got there rather early and wondered if they gave the cds to the first arrivals, because Sunday night (when I came late) there were none. From the Chain on, I think Stevie and Lindsey were both in good singing voice, although Lindsey's speaking voice sounded a little raspy. Before Dreams, Stevie said "Welcome Notting Hill London!" Stevie did a little hand choreography for Second Hand News, in addition to shaking her mic fringes like pom poms. She raised her hands palm upwards, for the part where they sing, "I'm just your second hand newwws." Then she holds out her hand in the "stop" gesture, just like one of the Supremes. Lindsey gave his usual introduction for the new songs saying that he and Stevie went from Northern California to Southern California trying to do something with their talent. Soon after, they were lucky enough to run into "these guys" (pointing to Mick and John behind them). "As most of you know, it's been a somewhat difficult, always strange journey. But the point is, HERE WE ARE." Stevie started SYW over beside Lindsey before moving away. She introduced the song, per usual, by saying it was from the album SYW, but it was the single, SYW and then she said SYW a third time, just for good measure. For Gold Dust Woman, before her turn at the end, Stevie croons, "running in the shadows," three times. She always pauses before the word "shadows" and finally she says it twice, creating an echo effect. She repeats words like this in the Chain, echoing herself. It seems a bit awkward, but I appreciate the way she tries to alter things, to keep the songs fresh for herself and the listeners. Lindsey deepens his voice for part of the Chain too. They try to modify their own two voices to create layering that is similar to what we get in the recordings. Most people count Lindsey's participation in Silver Springs as a highlight of the set, but he also chimes in at the end of Gold Dust Woman, for the "did she make you cry, make you break down, shatter your illusions of love" part. He stomps his feet and Stevie turns her mic to face him, kicking out and singing with fury before phasing into her scream. For "Silver Springs" at the end where Stevie sings that you'll never get away from the woman who loves you, she interjects, "go ahead and try," in addition to "still I am a fool." For "Tusk" Lindsey pretends as if he's running away from Stevie, rather than chasing her. He shields himself from her imaginary blows, before they hug. For Landslide Stevie says she once again wants to thank all of the audience for supporting the band through the years. Next Stevie said she wants to dedicate the song to all of hers (and, of course, Lindsey's) musical influences who came from London. She doesn't name anyone specifically. At the end of the song, when she stretches her hand out, she moves it away from Lindsey and he moves his forward to grasp her fingers. He kisses her hand. Mick is at portable drums on the side of the stage for "What's the World Coming To." Before the song starts, someone in the audience yells "Mickey! Mickey!" Lindsey hears and laughs, gesturing towards Mick. He ends the song to the side, right in front of Mick's makeshift drums. For Beautiful Child, she again says she never thought she would perform the song, but then, "MY band said I could." I had front row seats, but they turned out to be pretty bad, because I was far from center stage and a black tarp covered the area in front of me, blocking my view of everything but the stage apron. During "Go Your Own Way" a bodyguard came out, dressed in black from shoe to hat, to monitor the audience when Lindsey kneeled down into the crowd and let them play his guitar. However, the guard was so far away from the stage that if anyone had made a grab for Lindsey, I don't know how he could have intervened. Of course, many women DID make a grab for Lindsey, but all in a friendly vein. After "World Turning," during the introductions, Mick says that it's a very special night because Neale Hayward is from England and his parents are in the audience (hey, maybe Neale is one of Stevie's musical influences from London!) Mick says that he cannot imagine his life without the other 3 members of the band and he thinks it is the same for them. The band will be together forever and also forever with the fans, forever there for the fans. When he introduces Lindsey he says, "helluva guitar player." They perform "Don't Stop". I think the performance is an especially rousing one. Stevie and Lindsey point to each other for "it'll soon be here." At the end, she stands at the drum kit, arm upward shaking her tamborine. Lindsey comes up behind her, hunches over and buries his face in her hair as he ends the song. Afterwards, she accepts a red, heart-shaped balloon from someone in the audience, together with a cellophane, silvery gift bag. She takes the balloon and hits Mick with it several times. She goes to the mic and addresses the audience, "London, just like we pictured it!" Lindsey is signing autographs and someone asks him to speak into their cellphone. He obliges, saying "Hi" into the receiver and laughing. I would have been thrilled to get THAT phone call. Anyway, they left the stage and didn't come back. I was surprised. No, "Goodbye Baby," no group bow. Later I read posts from locals who said that there is a noise curfew in the area and they probably had to cut "Goodbye Baby" because of the late hour. Earls Court is situated in indeed a residential neighborhood. In fact, I was walking along a row of old duplex apartments and seemed to come upon it by accident, because it was behind the curve of the street and, until you were a few feet away from it, there was no indication that there was gigantic stadium there. All in all, the Mac was just as awesome abroad as they were in the States.
Nick Hardy
Warning - Please be aware that what I'm going to write will NEVER be able to capture the experience of this concert! I had been waiting for this night for years and, having been on a permanent high since the show on Saturday, I have to say it was the best concert experience, if not the best experience, I have ever had. Just telling you all now how I feel causes my skin to goosepimple and tears to well up in my eyes. So many of the songs that Fleetwood Mac played tonight have very special memories for me. I've been a Stevie fan since 1982 and have seen her with the Mac and alone before. Tonight's show, though, blasted all of them out of the water. You know I'm going to say this, but Stevie was utterly mesmerising. I was quite literally staggered by the way she performed on Saturday. She was beautiful, charming, gentle, fierce, comical, angry and devastated all in this one evening as she sang for me. She actually seemed very happy to be in London and her singing was quite flawless - I saw her with FM at Wembley in 1990 and, given it wasn't a good time in her life, her performance wasn't great. On Saturday she shone like a true star. My absolute favourite moments of hers were Landslide (dedicated to London!) - I literally cried, Rhiannon, Gold Dust Woman and Standback - what a powerful song. Stevie is definately at her best now. Of course, one of the most exciting elements of the show was Lyndsey. I'd never seen him live, since his vanishing trick back in the late eighties. He was jaw-dropping with his playing and frenzied outbursts. Come - wow!, and wasn't it cool when he crouched by the front of the stage to let some lucky people 'play' his guitar during the wild moments?! The chemistry between Stevie and Lyndsey is great to watch and they like to play on it for the show. I absolutely loved Say Goodbye. It was performed in a less quirky way than on the album (which I adore) and it became a real, sad love song for me. Mick is one crazy rocker and John never fails to impress me with his clam, controlled and skilled bass work amongst some rather outrageous fellow band members. The set flowed very well, to a great last half hour. I was disappointed that Goodbye wasn't performed but wondered, given that we're in London, whether Stevie felt this was too much of Christine's patch and to replace Songbird with a lovely, but relatively obscure song, might not have appealed to all. I'm lucky enough to have a ticket for December 10th here in London. Block AA, 7th row. I absolutely can't wait, especially since I could see the Saturday crowd move forward and forget the chairs!! Like Saturday, I know I'll never forget it. PLEASE GO if you can get a ticket!
Mike Beare
November 29th was a very special day for me as after waiting for many years I finally got to see Fleetwood Mac live!! At 20:15 the best concert of my life started. The show was totally excellent! For me, Stevie's voice was absolutely amazing, giving me a a tingly sensation down my spine listening to her sing classics such as Gold Dust Woman, Beautiful Child, Dreams and also Stand Back, which I thought was fantastic! All in all, a very magical evening for me! THANK YOU Stevie, Lindsey, Mick and John for a great evening, for touring the UK and making a dream for me come true!!
charisis lampropoulos
the first thing i have to say is that we are definetely talking not just for a romantic comeback,but a new legendary chapter for the band.the show was yesterday and the memories are still fresh.the show was sold out,and mac came on stage at 8:00 pm.the band:stevie nicks,most charming than ever before,lindsey buckingham:he gave his soul onto the stage,every chord he played seemed as it was the last one,mick fleetwood:the madman!!!!he made an amazing drum show!!!!!john mcvie:low profile,lindsey liked to tease him while he played the bass!!!mac played all the legendary old songs,and some of 'say you will' like peacekeeper,come,...it was a night i thing no-one will never forget!they also played the classic london burning,and they ended with don't stop,while the whole crowd was singin' the band!!!!absolutely amazing!!!!!!
Richard Cottle
The night I thought would never happen has come and gone - and what a night it was! I've been a Stevie/Fleetwood Mac fan for around seven to eight years and was so disappointed that they didn't make it to the UK on The Dance tour in 1997. On Saturday night they more than made up for that absence. Although we were quite far back it was still an excellent show. Stevie was on amazing form and her voice was magnificent throughout the two and a half hour set. Her high energy performances in songs such as Gold Dust Woman and Stand Back were amazing as were the more sedate Silver Springs and Beautiful Child. Thanks to Stevie and the boys for a great night - please don't leave it so long next time!!
darren and tracey
hi! i've just seen the greatest band to still be playing music as good as this after this long and through so much,fleetwood mac rocked the socks off earls court london ,we named our 2 year old daughter rhiannon and my wife was ecstatic to hear stevie sing this lovely song as was i. we are both in our mid 30's and never thought we would see this happen i would have give up my house to see mac play thankfully it never came to that, an absolutely brilliant night.
Elisabeth Mulder
On the 29th of november, i went to see Fleetwood Mac at Earls Court. Coming all the way from Holland, this was a big thing, I already saw them in Oberhausen and I just had to see them again. So a really sweet lady, miss Lyn Benson, sold me her spare tickets. Taking first the car then the train, then the bus, then the plane, then the tube, we came to Londen. Just me and my ultra cool mother just like when we went to Oberhausen. So at 4.30 we finally arrived at the Sara hotel in Londen(after leaving my house in Holland at 8 o'clock in the morning), looking out over the Earls Court. There were huge posters on it, of Fleetwood Mac. We went to diner at the prince of wales, near Earls Court. So at about 6.30 we finally left, and after buying a couple of t-shirts, we took our seats. We were at the side of the stage, and there were bars right in front of my face, so I had to sit in a really weird position to see the stage. I really wanted to stand up, but I was waiting for the band to come on stage. I was sitting on row H and on row A there was this guy and he kept yelling stuff(this was before 8 o'clock). I wanted to yell something to him, then I heard he was dutch, witch was really embarrassing, thank god he finally sat down, just when I was getting up to tell him to shut up. Then finally at about 8.15 we heard the first sounds of The chain, everybody was really pumped up and started clapping. A couple of girls on a few rows in front of me, got up to see the stage better, witch made me laugh, becoz I wanted to do the same, but really couldn't coz I was sitting in front of my mother who had a bad back, so she cant stand for to long. Then suddenly, while Lindsey and stevie are singing there gorgeous hearts out about how the chain will keep them together, I hear these (to say it like the English do) 'wankers' yelling for the girls in the rows in front of me to sit down. This really pissed me of coz I was trying to listin to the music and plus this is a concert people wanna dance. So they kept yelling, so then I started yelling them to shut up, witch I could see surprised them but at least they kept quite for the rest of the song. Then during Dreams (just by accident) this guy who was working at EC walked by, so the girls sat down, and the 'wankers' started clapping and yelling about the girls sitting down. So I got up and yelled at them to shut up coz some people wanted to listin to the concert. This girl in front of me laughed at me, so at least I wasn't the only one who thought they should shut up, lol. Well on to the good stuff, The Concert. It totally rocked!! Im really sorry to say this, but Stevie was way better then in Oberhausen, she was way more into it. I think they really loved being in Londen. Stevie dedicated Landslide to Londen, witch was really cool. I just wana say some things that really stood out for me:

- The way Stevie sung, Gold dust woman, Silver Springs and Rhiannon.

- Stevies intro to Beautiful Child, she said that HER band (let or wanted, I don't remember) her play it.

- Stevie was smiling all night

- Lindsey dancing to Taku during his intro of Stand Back.

- Stevie and Lindsey singing Never going back againand Say Goodbye, it was soo sweet.

- Mick talking to the crowd during World Turning (I still don't understand a word hes saying, lol)

- Mick introducing Stevie as the Lady of the band.

- Stevies little dance during Say you will

Of course the whole concert was good, but those things really made me smile. My sweet mother cried during Landslide again and I cried during Beautiful Child. I was singing a long to all the numbers, and the girl that was sitting in front of me kept looking at, was really funny. There was just one thing, that really sucked. They didn't sing Goodbye Baby. Now I don't know if something was wrong, i mean World Turning lasted pretty long, but still. I was really waiting for it and they didn't sing it. I had the time of my life. I met some great people again. And I will never ever forget. The Mac Rock

John and Ellen
Here we were again,yes the 6th show this year and the last for us. We started in Columbus then Washington,Buffalo in september Biloxi and november Oberhausen and now London. What can I say,we meet all these great other fans esspecialy those in Columbus I think a lot about you. Fleetwood Mac is getting better and better,our seats were getting better we ended up in the 5th row this time, I never have been so close so London was the cream on the cake. Earls Court has this great front with a blue lightning wall and big posters so you could not miss who is playing there tonight. The songlist is still the same only no Goodnight Baby tonight. We really missed it,maybe it was because the underground closes at midnight I don't know. Mick was really english tonight,no THE MAC IS BACK. Stevie is just sounding and looking so good. A lot of girls are dancing with her on Say you will it's funny. All I can say is, iff you get the chance to see them GO!!!!! We traveled all the way from the Netherlands everytime,this was our MAC YEAR,THANK YOU ,it has been great.
John and Ellen

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