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7/11/03 Staples Center Los Angeles, CA

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Dustin D.
The venue was PACKED with people on Friday night! It was truly an awesome sight to see all those people there, from the floor to literally the ceiling! The upper level is SO high! The set list was the same as it has been since they took off RTTG and DR. Stevie dedicated "Landslide" to Los Angeles because that is where it all started for her and Lindsey. Earlier in the night, Lindsey told the audience that this was sort of a homecoming for the band because they all have houses in LA. He went on to explain how him and Stevie moved to LA and got their big break. At the point during "Tusk" when Lindsey head-rams Stevie, she was trying to avoid him, and she grabbed his hand. Then they were holding both hands and spinning around. They got in quite a few spins, it was pretty funny to watch! The audience wandered around during the new songs, as usual. It made me feel sad for Stevie especially. Stevie really got into the show about midpoint, I thought. Which is about when she replaced her boots with the platform Reeboks. She RAWKED on "Stand Back," like everyone else has reported throughout the tour. The crowd absolutely loved it! All the huge hits and singles were definitely crowd pleasers, of course. GYOW, Don't Stop, Stand Back, Rhiannon, etc. For the merchandise booth, there was a bright yellow shirt, and the front has a long oval. In the oval it looks like sunset colors over the ocean. And over that there's just a "FM" in a font I haven't seen until now. The writing on the back is in the same font, and it simply says in black "Fleetwood Mac tour 2003" with the same "FM" logo again. I hate yellow but I had to have it. It looks SO California. They had the posters, the mugs, the key chains, the CD, the hats, and numerous shirts. There was definitely more of a variety of shirts than there are at the fanfire site, but I did not see any tourbooks. This was the first time I had seen the band on the actual tour, and while they didn't throw any surprises, the show still completely rocked! Lindsey can certainly play the guitar. I had a blast and I cannot wait to see them again tonight and next week. Welcome home Fleetwood Mac!
Bobbie Beeman
"An Evening With Fleetwood Mac." That's just what it was. A complete dream. It was a chance for someone like myself (a fanatic you may say, but someone who LOVES this music) to indulge. I was like a pig rolling around in the mud. My favorite band was before me, playing my favorite music and they looked like they were having the time of their lives doing it. Could it be that Mick, John, Lindsey and Stevie were having as much fun as I was? They were having more fun than me! This was my first opportunity to see Fleetwood Mac. It's a long story about how I missed them so many times before, mostly I was just too young. This night reimbursed my soul for all the concerts I missed. The instruments, the voices, and the spirits of the performers were strong. Lindsey and his guitar(s) mesmerized all of us. He is a master and I am proud to be his fan. His performance this evening, like those I have heard on live albums, bootlegs and seen on videos, was haunting and wickedly amazing. The voice, the guitar, the emotion. His whole package was present. John and his bass (the strong silent one), the foundation. The only thing I missed from this evening was John's pounding bass in the song "Illume" (a song that was left out of the set list). John Mc Vie, I appreciate you. He is a master bassist. Mick is off the hook! He is also a foundation. The audience went nuts for the founder that evening. I was so glad to finally be hearing this music live with the captain at the helm. The stage presence this man carries is big and almost sinister, but playful at the same time. I know he was having fun! Stevie is so strong. There aren't words in the English vocabulary to do justice to the gift that she gave the audience on that night. The gift I carry with me always. I have seen Stevie several times before, but the opportunity to see her perform with HER BAND was a dream come true. These men do her justice. When they perform together, everything feels complete. She seemed to feel complete and at such peace. Ah, to have seen her dance with Lindsey, holding hands and running in a circle. The years seemed to fade away and suddenly, I was at all those shows back in the day that I missed. I could go through every song and tell you how masterful it sounded and how my heart got the blood flowing faster each time I heard the next song emerge, but that is obvious. Big Love, Beautiful Child, Rhiannon (the way it was meant to be heard), Landslide, World Turning....I could go on and on. They didn't seem to get tired or even want to leave that stage in Los Angeles, their homecoming. I could not have asked for more. John, Mick, Lindsey, Stevie, THANK YOU for giving me that night. Thank you for your music. I'll be waiting for you at the San Diego Sports Arena on July 19th for a second helping. One last thing, a highlight. Stevie and Lindsey playing, "Say Goodbye." Pure heaven. I could have cried, but I was too happy.
yet again i got to see my beloved fleetwood mac in concert in l.a. at the staples centre. what's unique is that i travelled from sydney australia for the experience! i'm a flight attendant with qantas airways and as luck would have it i had a lay-over in pasadena the weekend of the l.a. gigs. we arrived fri morn and after a quick nap myself, friend ian and fellow space waiters karen, caraline and meredith piled into a huge stretch limo for the short ride to the staples centre. we had secured excellent seats 2 days before the gig on the net. 2 side left of stage and 3 on the floor twenty rows back. the sound of the crickets before the start sent shivers down my spine! i knnew what was coming. i thought the band rocked hard this time around and they all seemed relaxed and happy. the highlights for me were the rocking version of eyes of the world and second hand news.also gems like gold dust woman and silver springs. goodbye baby was a fitting close and actually brought a tear to my eyes. concert over we all piled back into the stretch limo having witnessed avery special event indeed! ian and i got to return for the saturday gig and it was just as magical. again we had great seats on the floor 20 rows back.sunday we jetted back to australia from l.a. thrilled at having seen one of the gretest bands in the world live again! i can't wait until their world tour brings them down under to australia at the end of 2003!
Jeremy Triggs
I finally decided yesterday that I HAD to see this show beg, borrow or steal. I was prepared for nosebleed seats. I lucked out and got really good ones at the last minute. I've been reading the reviews as the band made their way across the country. Mac fans are most always kind review wise. I knew this show would be special. The band would certainly not disappoint their first night back in LA. I walked into Staples tonight totally psyched for the show. As the opening beat of the Chain started and the band appeared on the stage, the roar of cheers, screams and applause was deafening. We were lucky to be on the Stevie side of the stage. I did that on purpose. Yes, I'm an incurable Stevieholic. Yes, I spent thousands on plane rides and concert tickets during the TISL tour. She was amazing then but tonight...I was not prepared for the performance she put on. She walked out in her trademark platform boors. She twirled, pantomimed, and rock-n-rolled like the Stevie of old. The audience was spellbound. This was not the Stevie I saw two years ago. Tonight she was looser, she seemed more comfortable in a broader range and she was all over the stage! Her version of Rhiannon this evening was so sensational it alone justified the price of admission. Right before Stand Back she seemed to be upset about something but it made the song even better...she sang it with an angry edge. Again the audience was on it's feet screaming. She did change into the platform Reeboks then again back into the trademark boots. But shall I digress, can you tell I'm a Stevie fan? What to say about the rest of the show...well, Lindsay was a true rock-n-roll star. He put on a hell of a performance. What a guitar player! Mick was of course on tap for loads of clowning and crazy looks. He had not one but TWO percussionists on stage helping. I thought that was a bit much. Sharon Celani and Mindy Stein (of course) were there singing dependable backup. John McVie didn't say a word but laid down a solid base line the whole show. With the absence of Christine it was mostly the Stevie and Lindsay show. I almost felt Mick and John got lost onstage with all the musical help. But don't misunderstand me...I'm a die hard MAC fan and this was a treat of a lifetime. I wouldn't have missed this show for anything. The band did a solid 2 hour and 20 minute show without an opener or an intermission. Most bands half their age can't pull that off. Bottom line: the Mac is back. Some mellow with age and some, like this bunch seem to just keep improving.
I've had the joy of seeing my second Mac show at Staples Center on 7/11/03. Again, no tour books, which bums me out. Though I didn't get a floor seat this time, being in Section 102 Row 9 had a very good view of the stage. When the lights went down, up came the Mac and the magic began again. They played all of the same songs as the set last time, but they did talk much more this time. Stevie started that even though they said "normally we don't talk that much" (too bad, b/c your fans love hearing the stories behind the songs), they explained how much L.A. means to them and a little bit behind it, which I knew the story very well. One thing I noticed was that whenever the band played new material or some songs Linsdey did by himself, it was automatically intermission time for some people. But, whenever Stevie would sing, suddenly everyone stood up and no one left the arena. I know Stevie has had much much more public exposure than Lindsey, but it seemed like people were one sided towards her. Just watching Lindsey play and knowing that it is his true soul coming out through his playing and you can look inside him when you see him on songs like "Come" and always "Go Your Own Way". A stand out point for me was during Gold Dust Woman and the contrast of the gold aura of Stevie against the blue lighting of the stage and that looked so awesome! If any one moment proves to the Mac that their fans welcome them back with big open arms, it would be seeing the enitre audience dancing, clapping and cheering to Go Your Own Way, World Turning and Don't Stop. Looking out over the sea of people all thrilled to be here made me so proud of the Mac! Long after the show was over, you could hear the fans singing all the ways to the cars. I truly hope that there are plans for a DVD of the tour and a live album when it has to be over. This show is way too good not to be released on DVD and Live CD. Do you agree?
Coral Anderson
WOW!!!! I am so incredibly thrilled and excited after seeing Fleetwood Mac perform in LA last night. I had been looking forward to seeing them for so long now it is hard to believe that the 1st show is over. I have 3 more that I am planning to go to on this tour and now I am 1,000 times more excited to see them again. There really are no words to describe how absolutely fabulous the whole band sounded and how ON they were the whole night. I have seen Stevie solo many times which have all been wonderful and this was like a whole new experience to see her live with Lindsey, Mick and John. The emotion that went on on the stage was so raw and so real. You could just see so much feeling in Stevie and Lindsey's facial expressions as they looked at each other and sang there hearts out. From the opening song The Chain to the last Goodbye Baby it was just pure heaven....Every song was so amazing and the energy was astounding.......I never wanted the night to end!!!! To me the highlight of the whole show was Beautiful Child~ This has always been my absolute favorite song of Stevie's and to hear it live was a dream come true. I never in a million years thought that I would get to hear her sing that song and I am truly grateful that they chose to play it on the tour. I did not think it was possible for this song to sound any better than it did on the tusk album but she really got into it and it was just so intense and amazing! Some of the other great moments of the evening to me were Landslide (when Stevie stood behind Lindsey and he gave her a kiss), during Tusk when Lindsey was running around chasing Stevie and then they started dancing in circles together and of course the all to familiar intense facial expression on Stevies face as she looked at Lindsey and sang "I will follow you down till the sound of my voice will haunt you~You'll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you...." during Silver Springs. I say these were great moments but quite honestly there was not one moment during the whole show that they lost my attention. I was completely in awe and enjoyed every minute of it. Thank You... Thank You... Thank you... FLEETWOOD MAC!!!! for being so great and making peoples lives so much better because of your music...Mick was not joking when he said THE MAC IS BACK!!!!!! Rock On~
I went to the show at Staples last night. Stevie was AMAZING! My seat was straight in front of her and those two and a half hours absolutely flew by! She rocked the entire night, the band was great too, but Stevie was the main attraction! When she did Stand Back the crowd went nuts! They did two encores and after the first one, I was able to move up and get a closer seat, it was incredible. This was my first Fleetwood Mac concert and I'm searching for more tickets! If you haven't decided on whether to buy some tickets or not....GO GET THEM! The band was amazing, Stevie was amazing and it was a night I will never forget!!!
Michelle Tyler
The Date was 7-11....Lucky numbers!! And lucky for the LA Fans of Fleetwood Mac on this opening night in Southern California for being able to be at such a truly memorable show. The Mac IS back!! I am sitting here trying to come up with something clever or original to say about this legendary group of musicians which hasn't already been eloquently said in previous reviews, and the words escape me except, just to say plainly and simply...WOW! Stevie was perfect. I have never heard her sound better. Her voice was strong and clear and she was truly having a good time with the audience at the Staples Center. Lindsey was just incredible..Wild and Expressive. John McVie is a master on the bass and laid it down solid...Mick was uninhibited and tore down the walls with his solo. A favorite song? Someone asked me that...I can honestly say, I cannot choose. All the music was delivered with such pure energy...Some outstanding moments though, I thought were: Standback, Come, Gold Dust Woman, World Turning, I'm so Afraid, Big Love, Goodbye Baby....But I was completely unprepared for Beautiful Child...What an absolutely beautiful song and Stevie sang it with such conviction and emotion...She is an amazing songwriter and singer. Thank God there are still real Rock and Roll Heroes left to enjoy!!!
I just returned from seeing Fleetwood Mac at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. I had 5th row seats on Stevie’s side of the stage. Although I think I was positioned too close to the speakers and found that not all of the vocals were as clear as they could be (“Eyes of the World” for instance was practically unbearable, audibly speaking), I think this show had a lot more energy than the one I last saw in Illinois. Stevie started off in heels, but changed into the Reeboks some time during the show After “The Chain,” Stevie said, “Welcome, Los Angeles” and held out her arms. Now, why is it no one said “Welcome, Moline” the last time (grin)? Lindsey noted that pretty much everyone in the band is from Los Angeles (I guess he wasn’t including the English blokes) and that this is basically where it started for Stevie and him. He explains they came out here all those years ago to try to do something with their talent and luckily ran into Mick and John. He said it’s been a strange, weird journey since then, “but here we are.” Since they had not traded glances on “The Chain” or through most of “Dreams” I was worried that there might be a chill between Stevie and Lindsey, but things turned out to be quite warm after all. They sang to each other at the end of “Dreams” per usual. Generally speaking, the band exudes support for one another in a wonderful way for people who have been together, off and on, for almost 30 years now. It happens when Stevie and Lindsey go up to the drum kit and make faces at Mick and he bulges his eyes back at them, when John semi-stalks Stevie during “Gold Dust Woman,” when John and Lindsey stand face to face, strumming challenges to each other and, of course, it happens most and best when Stevie and Lindsey feed off of the other. The fact that it hasn’t always been this way, makes the current rapport all 4 share all the more special. When silent herself, Stevie watched Lindsey sing his lyrics during “Peacekeeper.” Then did a little choreography, miming a brush stroke when they sang the line “but there’s only one brush we need. It’s the one that never leaves a trace.” “Second Hand News” was fast, funny and energetic as always. When Stevie announced “Say You Will” by saying it was going to be the SECOND single from their album, I cheered louder than I would for the rest of the evening. Finally! It kills me that that song was not released first and I suppose “Thrown Down” will never get any airplay at all, unless we watch the Friends rerun to hear it again. In addition to the lasso motion, Stevie has developed hand gestures for SYW and has actually put together quite a little routine for the chorus. I love the interlude in SYW when Stevie and Lindsey meet center stage and he plays the guitar, while leaning towards her. Then, when he gets back to his mike he says “yeah” or “hey” before kicking off the next refrain. Of course, the close of the song where they sing with little music isn’t as effective as it is on the recording where the voices are broken down electronically, so that it sounds like children chanting. However, the way they do it onstage, singing directly to each other, provides an intimate ending to a highly contagious tune. What always amazes me about “Never Going Back Again” is that Lindsey’s silences in that song get the applause, not his singing. It’s the places where he chooses to break that make the crowd yell. Before her background vocals began on this song, Stevie went over to the corner to get ready for “Rhiannon,” taking off her button down top and replacing it with a black shawl, which tied in a big bow in back. She really sang Rhiannon with more vigor than I’d heard in a long time. Of course, she wasn’t screaming like in the days of old, but she was holding the notes longer, hitting them more aggressively, before ending with “don’t leave me, not now.” “Come” was great. Even though I knew the words, it’s really impossible to sing them along with Lindsey. Most of the time, what he does cannot really even be called singing. Stevie talked about getting voice lessons after “The Dance,” which has helped her breathe and properly regulate her sound. Lindsey just screams all night. On the recordings you can tell that he probably concentrates more energy on the sound effects and voice distortion he weaves into his music than he does on performing the lyrics. It’s really when he’s doing more disciplined background or harmony for Christine or Stevie that the true beauty of his voice most often surfaces. When Stevie returned to the stage for “Gypsy” John, who was wearing a white cap, tipped it to her. She pantomimed tipping her invisible cap at him. They did this back and forth several times, smiling. At the end of “Gypsy” it’s lovely the way Lindsey turns his back to the audience for the guitar finish, so as not to deflect attention away from the spotlight Stevie holds. “Big Love” reminded me of being at an opera in a way, because the audience was really quiet during the performance, as if it was something they would rather savor than cheer. Then, when it was over the applause erupted and grew louder over time, appreciation for the acoustic/electric experience not only lingered but increased and, swelled. For “Landslide” Stevie queried Lindsey about the dedication, before moving to her mike. Of course, he always gives her the same answer, which is to gesture that whatever she wants to say is fine. Stevie addressed the crowd and said that they don’t talk a lot during the show, because that’s not their style. She said they did chat with the audience in Birmingham and San Jose and she wanted to speak in Los Angeles as well. That’s where she and Lindsey came and got a record deal. The record was dropped, she says, but they met Mick Fleetwood, and the rest is history. So, after indicating that that’s why the place has such special meaning, she started singing. During the guitar part, she moves behind Lindsey, fingertips playing his shoulders. He leans his head back briefly. Then, during the end where she usually just pauses and listens to the audience sing, she held up her hand to Lindsey in what was kind of a “high five” gesture. He put his palm on hers, both their hands pointing upward, and they clasped fingers briefly. She concluded the song. Afterwards, they hugged side by side. She placed her hand on the guitar he still had against his chest and softly strummed his strings. He smiled and mouthed words to her like “do you want to play?” Then kissed her forehead. I really do not like “Say Goodbye.” I find it tuneless. If Lindsey wanted to write it, then I’m thrilled to have it on the album, but I don’t think it should be part of the live set. He announced it as an old tune that had found it’s time. Of course, it’s followed by “What’s the World Coming To”. I think this one has more potential, but it’s unfamiliar to the bulk of the audience and kind of creates a lull. These 2 songs should never be back to back. It’s times like this when I’d like to give Lindsey’s gift of screws right back to him. He dedicated “World Coming To” to his wife, Kristin. “Beautiful Child.” What can I say? This is the highlight of the evening for me, not necessarily the song, but this particular arrangement. The end where Mindy and Sharon are singing one lyric while Lindsey and Stevie are singing another, dueling emotions, is the best part of all. It was a stroke of genius to dust this old gem off and give it new life. While they were tusking around, they should have brought “Sara” and “Angel” out of storage as well. “Gold Dust Woman” seemed to have more vivacity than usual. As for “I’m So Afraid,” I don’t want Lindsey to have a single minute less time on stage than he does right now (except if Christine wants to join them for an overseas show, then I’d like him to cut 4 of his 12 songs to make room for her). I could listen to him all night and I could look at him all year (this was even truer 10 years ago). However, I do think he could reduce the histrionics at the end of “I’m so Afraid,” so that they don’t seem like a retread of the “Come” finale. “Silver Springs” . . . I love how at the end, Stevie does more than just turn her body to face the side of her mike. Instead, she turns the entire microphone around so that she can stand and sing directly to Lindsey as he gives her those fiery looks. Of course, my blue green colors won’t flash until he finally starts walking across the stage to her during this song, as we had it 6 years ago. Tusk: after Lindsey finishes playing to the audience on the left side of the stage, he crouches down and starts moving over to the right. Stevie automatically starts backing away. Lindsey approaches John first and wrestles him playfully, skipping over his guitar chord as they tangle. Then, he and Stevie circle one another. When he does grab her hand, he no longer nuzzles her. They just spin around holding hands for awhile. She opens her mouth in surprise, but we know that she’s not. He kisses her fingers as they part. The three songs, “Tusk,” “Stand Back” and “Go Your Own Way” combine to provide the most solid, rambunctious segment of the evening. Then the encore. Love it when Mick introduces “Stephanie,” even her dad doesn’t do that. During “Don’t Stop” at the end, at the part where Lindsey usually goes, “It will soon be here” he extended his hand to Stevie and she interjected that line instead. Funnily enough, I don’t miss Christine on this tune particularly. I just miss her in general. I even miss just seeing her play the accordion on “Tusk,” standing in a circle, grooving with Lindsey and John. I miss her class onstage and her goofy, wisecracking interviews offstage. However, the four members of the band that remain aren’t exactly chopped liver. All in all, it was a great show. Can’t wait to do it again.
Lynn H.
I saw Fleetwood Mac last night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Everybody in the group seemed glad to be "home." At the end Stevie came up to the microphone and said "You Rock." I was in the back rows on the floor, but after the encores I got a chance to sneak up to the front with my brother. I was so excited when Lindsey came to the edge of the stage and accepted a book with ribbons on it from someone in the front row to give to Stevie. Lindsey put it down on the drums first and I thought he was going to forget it, but then he ran back and gave it to Stevie and he pointed to the audience to show her where it came from. When Stevie looked over at us I started jumping up and down hoping she would see me. She came to the audience herself and took an envelope from one man. After John and Stevie walked offstage Mick stayed behind to say one more goodbye. Lindsey stood in the background and waited for Mick. He did not leave the stage until he heard Mick say "Don't forget THE MAC IS BACK." Then it was all over and the lights came up. It was like it was a dream and now it's over.
Greetings Everyone! Friday, the 11th of July 2003 ! An Evening At The Staples Center! This Evening has finally arrived! The Staples Center… this evening will be a night in that I soon will not forget! The evenings' journey begins with the arrival of the stretch Limo… promptly at 5:50 p.m. of which promptly whisked me away to that of The Center. The driver made record time as we arrived promptly at 7:15 p.m. This allowed plenty of time to locate the necessity room… purchase a t-shirt (sadly to say, still no programs) grab a beer and locate my seat. After months of somewhat doubting the seats (from that of the distance from the stage as well as the sound quality)… my mouth nearly dropped when the usher pointed towards the row where my seat was! The floor seats were just below me… the stage was right in front of me!!! Section 107, Row 9… and an aisle seat… yes… I was that blond in the black Rhiannon dress rockin' out the entire night!!! The moment has finally arrived… ~8:30 p.m. Within the moment in that the Chain began, the crowd cheered and went wild! Fleetwood Mac still indeed be back! Stevie looked radiantly beautiful as ever… that smile…her long blond hair flowing…the beautiful black dress. With all her style…elegance and grace… that beautiful smile upon her face…her mystical voice takes center stage. Stevie wore a few different shawls throughout the evening. She played and sang quite often to Lindsey and Mick… with her signature ribbon-tied tambourine. The Chain was to perfection… Stevie glowed within radiant beauty - smiling to the audience… the song nearly ending… flowing into the beginning of Dreams. The Center was filled to capacity with people of every age imaginable…from a young toddler… those in their early twenties… to those in their 60's. Must admit, was quite surprised at the lack of people who "dressed". Stevie smiled often, clearly enjoying herself. At one moment, a smiling Stevie playfully wiped the sweat from Lindsey's forehead! It was very nice to see them playfully singing to/with one another. Stevie, did, however leave the stage when Lindsey tore looses into his new song entitled "Come". Lindsey shall be a genius within his own right! Mick… his fabulous, and stupendous drum playing shall be a master of his talent! And that vest… and red shoes! His drum solo was indeed a highlight! Mick was truly enjoying himself… really having a ball… or two~ John…well… he was his quiet humbled self… masterfully adding his specialized touch to the band. Mick made the introductions of the band… Vocal backups: Sharon Celani, Mindy Stein; Guitar: Carlos Rios; Neale Haywood; Percussion: Taku Hirano; Keyboard/Vocals/Guitar: Brett Tuggle; Lindsey Buckingham; Stephanie Nicks; John McVie. Stevie, Lindsey and Mick all spoke to the audience on several occasions. Lindsey gave a resounding "Welcome L.A.!!! This is where it all began when he and Stevie joined the band, known as Fleetwood Mac"…with this, the crowd roared with cheers… and was instantly upon their feet… cheering…applauding and whistling! The set list was altered just a bit…opening with The Chain ~ 8:30 p.m… was quite surprised that when many of the new songs were played, the crowd either flocked to the concession stands and/or remained within their seats!? Even at one point my gaze turned back into the audience…many of whom were seated… and thought to myself, 'what is up with this' !!??? As far as myself, there were only a few songs in that I remained seated for. Many folks were there for Stevie… many were there for Lindsey… and others were there for the classic band, overall. One devoted fan had a leg brace on his entire right leg… and was still wearing the hospital band! Now, that is dedication!!! At the close of Goodbye Baby Stevie was on stage, facing Lindsey… the last lyric sung by Stevie was… say goodbye… Lindsey, in a hushed voice replied, "I don't want to…" ~~~ The Chain ~ From the moment the lights were brought down… the thunderous booms… the wondrous evening was now continuing! Dreams ~ Beautiful as ever… Stevie glowed with an inner radiant beauty! Peacekeeper ~ This song absolutely rocks live! (still prefer the "…their will" ending). Eyes Of The World ~ Absolutely love the intro to this song!!! With this song, Lindsey kicked into his mode!!! Love this song live! Say You Will ~ Although I cared not for the album version, this song rocks live! I was pleasantly impressed with it! Never Going Back ~ An old time favourite! The audience cheered when Stevie held up her fingers… one time… two times… then Lindsey singing, three times…! Rhiannon ~ By this time all inhibitions thrown aside as I sang, danced and moved to this song! Stevie reached to the skies striking her Goddess pose! Spectacular! Come ~ Lindsey displayed his true artistic talent with this song live! Brilliance within his finest! No breaking guitar strings here! Gypsy ~ Beautifully sung… as always! Big Love ~ Another Lindsey favorite! Landslide ~ Captivatingly beautiful as ever… not many a dry eye in the house! Say Goodbye ~ Simply amazing live!! Loved how Stevie would walk up to… then back from Lindsey! What's The World Coming To ~ This song rocks live! Loved the images displayed on the screens to the rear of the stage! Second Hand News ~ Another favourite! Glad that they added this song! Beautiful Child ~ This was the first time in that I was able to hear this beautiful song live! Soft… tender… many a teary eye with this song as well. Love this song live… traveling back on those years! Gold Dust Woman ~ Another favorite! Broke loose with this one, dancing in the aisle… caught a few smiles! I'm So Afraid ~ Another favourite classic Lindsey! He sounded more polished this time around! Silver Springs ~ Stevie brought nearly everyone to tears with this rendition! Another favorite! Tusk ~ As always, an old time favorite, complete with none other than the USC marching band playing on the video screens… perfection!!! Encore #1 ~ Stand Back ~ With the first few beats of this song nearly everyone jumped to their feet! Stevie was truly within her element and truly enjoying herself! Go Your Own Way ~ Another all time favourite! Loved this! They sounded great! World Turning ~ Another favourite! Excellently preformed live! Mick's Drum solo ~ The man displayed his finest brilliance ever! And that vest… those red shoes… those wild eyes! He truly was having a grand evening! Don't Stop ~ Another all time favourite again… now the crowd was upon their feet once again! Stevie did an excellent job on this! Encore #2 ~ Goodbye Baby ~ This one was excellent live ~ Heart wrenching… beautifully preformed. The pain within her eyes was quite evident. Stevie's gaze upwards when she sang "I'll be with you one day…" reinforced that this song, originally "The Tower" shall in fact be about the child she lost. One could feel the emotion flowing through the lyrics as she sang…tender… graceful…so heartfelt. (thank goodness for waterproof mascara!) With the close, the entire band walked onto the stage taking many bows, thanking L.A.! Then, Mick took center stage, talking to the audience, offered a few kind words… Be well… take care of yourselves… and bid us a good night! Still am with amazement with how fantastic the sound quality was! The entire evening was of magickal perfection! The moment in that the Limo arrived at 5:50 p.m.…to that moment where he brought me safely home, 12:30 a.m. Then, just as this evening began… it all came to its' close, all within an instant.
C.K. Benjamin
So there is magic, indeed. And here I am amazed to be writing this after the show but I am so blown away by Fleetwood Mac that I can't help but put it down. After 30 years of listening to the albums, getting high, falling in love, breaking up, making art, doing all sorts of crazy ass things, I am in awe of the musicians I saw tonight. How is it that these people have been through such turmoil and strife and can be such open, generous artists? Watching Stevie and Lindsey and John and Mick perform songs that define portions, no, entire eras, of my life, made me really reconsider what it is to be an artist in the best way. The Chain - the tribal chant, Say You Will - the invitation to love, Peacekeeper - we will not be fools, Landslide - oh god I lost it during that song, love is disturbingly complicated at times, I'm So Afraid - Linsey is THE most under rated guitarist in the business but who cares, we know, Stand Back - cause she is on fire, Beautiful Child - can a writer be more succinct? I never was a fan of Don't Stop, but entirely convinced now, Goodbye Baby, let it come down. So as a life long resident of LA I want to say I truly appreciate all that it has taken for Fleetwood Mac to make it's art and music - it could come from no other place. This is the city of dreams and heartbreak and strange magic. It was an honor to be in the presence of wise and gifted human beings that have made my life so much richer and touched the deepest part of my being. Thank you, thank you, and I WILL SEE YOU TOMORROW NIGHT! Big Love.
Andre Barron
What a stellar evening!!!Stevie looked radiant and confident for the first time in many moons!Her "Stand Back" was truly inspired.I counted 10 continues spins.I was floored by her energy and passion the whole set!Her "Beautiful Child" was brilliant,transcending the original recording!Lindsey,Mick and John were in top form,gliding,grooving and rocking the Los Angeles Staples Center.Fleetwood Mac is back and a major force to be dealt with!!!!!!!!

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