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10/13/03 Staples Center Los Angeles, CA

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The LA concert at Staples was my fifth time seeing FM and they just keep amazing me. The last time I saw them was July when they hit Southern California and they were fabulous then, I didnít think they could improve but they did. One of the highlights of the night was Stevieís Riannon. It was out of this world. The intensity that she gave was unbelievable it was pure magic. She just screamed and let it all out at the end, which the crowd loved every minute of. Before the show I had wished I had been alive in the Ď70s to see her performance but after seeing this I donít think that song could have ever been performed better. Stevie was just on fire all night. During Stand Back she twirled twelve times and kicked twice. She put so much energy into the song that her hair blew in her face. During the lyric, "I think I need a little sympathy," she got a hair in her mouth and had to brush it out real quick. The expression she gave when she did this was so precious. As for Landslide she dedicated it to Warner Bros. for sticking by them. And she also told fans how grateful they are for their support and for showing up. After the song was over Lindsey kissed her hand and they hugged. The last time I saw FM, Lindsey stole the show but last Monday both Stevie and Lindsey shined. They held my attention so completely that I didnít even notice Mick until they were setting up for Beautiful Child. Lindseyís guitar is always one of the high points of the show and he didnít disappoint. His "Iím So Afraid," "Big Love," and especially "Come," were excellent, the passion that he puts into his guitar playing is unparalleled. He even got down on the ground and played the guitar on his back. Then he was pawing at it and slapping it. By the end of the night he was using it to knock on Mickís cymbals. I thought he was going to knock them over. Probably one of my favorite songs of the night was Second Hand News. I think it was one of Lindseyís best. It really gets the audience dancing. The show itself had changed a little since July. During Tusk Lindsey unplugs his guitar swung it around three times then tries to box with Stevie. Stevie didnít have her heart in it, but she tried to play along. Then they collapse into a hug and they kind of slow dance. It was really cute. Other differences included Stevieís Gypsy robe was gold instead of the red silk one she wore to San Diego. She also had on a beautiful diamond watch and a half moon necklace. But no boots until the end of the show. Lindsey had on his white T-shirt and blue jeans instead of black ones and black boots. He also had the same necklace as before. Another thing a noticed was the lighting concept had changed. I got blinded by the lights for three or four songs. But they were beautiful. They used a lot of blue and red light, which complemented the show perfectly. Stevie didnít make eye contact much with the audience except for one woman in the front in a hat who she smiled at a few times. It would be nice if she made a lot of eye contact with the audience like Lindsey does. He really plays the crowd. Besides the blinding light my only other complaint was about the venue itself. I brought roses to give to the band and they wouldnít let me take them in. Then when we got down to our seats (the very last two in the front row) they wouldnít let us go up to the front with everyone else, even though they let the guy sitting two seats away from me up. Finally when the lights went down they let us get a spot but by that time there was already a line up of people in front of the stage. But still we got a decent view of everything. And there was a lot to see. Mickís solo was astonishing as usual, even though it comes towards the end of the night he always has so much energy, he never disappoints. John is harder to see because he stands a bit further back on the stage. But his playing sounded perfect to me. During Donít Stop Lindsey came over fairly close to the part of the stage where I was standing and it was real treat to get to see him up close. Especially since most of his solo songs he had spent on other sides of the stage. At the end of the show I didnít get a handshake or an autograph but it didnít matter. It was one fantastic show. Stevie reaffirmed why she is the rock goddess everyone expects her to be. And as for Lindsey all I can say is Iíve never seen someone put that much energy and passion into a show, heís truly a legend. I canít wait until they come back to Southern CA!
I could only glance at Stevie for only a few moments at a time ... her beauty is indescribable ... breathless she makes me ... thank you FM for the times of my life ...dont stop
Joanna Leigh
I had planned on a trip to California a few months ago, but when I found out that Fleetwood Mac was playing at the Staples center durring the time when I was going to be there I freaked out! I was so excited. We did not have the best seats in the house but I could see the band and that was the only important thing. It was awesome! So many Mac fans in L.A.!! Taking it my fifth concert durring this tour...they DO keep getting better! That arena was so pumped full of energy! The Mac was feeding off the crowd...and the crowd was eating up every note! Very awesome watching them work there magic, in a place where their dreams all came true. Lindsey even mentioned that. Lots of intensity between Lindsey and Stevie...but in a very positive way. My fav part of the whole show is still "Gold Dust Woman" and the "World Turning" drum solo, not to say the rest of the show isn't worth seeing yet again. Rock on forever in peace and love!
Toni Arthur
Oh, my goodness! What a show! My friends and I had been looking forward to the show for weeks and could hardly contain ourselves when the day of the show came around! First, I'd like to give a little history. I'm a 26year old Los Angeles based singer/songwriter. Back in '97 while at my then boyfriends house, he and his roommate gave me the option of watching either an old military movie or the Fleetwood Mac MTV reunion special, "The Dance". Being a musician, of course I chose the "The Dance". I'll admit, being 20 at the time, I knew very little about FM, but was about to become a HUGE fan. The minute "The Chain" began I was hooked. I sat mesmerized through the entire show. The next day I went to the record store and bought "The Dance" cd and over the next month purchased almost every single FM album in existence. You can say I became a FM fanatic! I attended one of the Irvine Meadows shows that October in '97 and I saw Stevie once again at the House of Blues in January 2000. So almost 6 years to the day of last seeing FM, I attended the show this past Monday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles with my dear friends, Wendie and Richard Pastoria. We had incredible seats and could hardly contain our excitement. When the lights went down, Wendie and I held on to each other with excitement. Probably the most exciting sound in the world to me is hearing that kick drum at the beginning of "The Chain" because that means the evening is just beginning! This show Monday night had wonderful energy and Stevie and Lindsey's voices have never sounded stronger. It was wonderful to hear the mix of the new songs along with the classics. My dear friend Wendie and I had such fun singing along with every word (at times we were so dramatic the people behind us were probably getting irritated with us!) Stevie had amazing energy Monday night. More than I've ever seen her have. As did Mick and Lindsey. Their energy is infectious! I don't know how they do it. I pray I have that much energy when I'm in my 50's! The passion that Mick and Lindsey have for their instruments inspires me and makes me want to be the best musician I can be. They're absolutely amazing. The new songs are all as great as the classics. I love "What's the World Coming To," "Say You Will," "Peacekeeper" and "Say Goodbye". Those are all classics in the making! There were lots of little extras that I enjoyed throughout the show. I loved how the video for "Gypsy" played on the screen behind them during that song (which is one of my favorite FM songs!) I thought the Gold Dust (or Gold Circles rather!) on the stage during "Gold Dust Woman" and the blue and green colors (flashing!) on the stage during "Silver Springs" were great touches! And the huge silhouette of Lindsey singing behind himself during "Big Love" was great! Speaking of "Big Love", that song blows me away every time as does "Come" and "I'm So Afraid". Lindsey is by far in a class all his own and leaves me speechless every time I watch him play. I held hands with my friend Wendie during "Landslide". This was a magical moment, as we sang along with everyone in the audience. "Beautiful Child" was also equally tearful and beautiful. "Stand Back" had amazing energy as did "Go Your Own Way" and "Tusk" and don't get me started on "World Turning". All I have to say is, MICK ROCKS!!! Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham are two of the greatest songwriters on the planet (along with Christine McVie) and as a songwriter myself, I am very grateful to them for inspiring me and my work. These songs are classics that generations love and future generations will discover and fall in love with. Stevie, I admire you because I know what you have given up to be here and I understand it. When music is your passion, nothing can stand in your way, it becomes your number 1 priority. I admire your strength and courage to live your dreams in a male dominated industry. You've inspired many females to live their dreams as well. Thank you Stevie! WE LOVE YOU! And what can I say about Mick and John, the best rhythm section playing today in my opinion. It all started with the two of you. You have given your lives to this band from day one and I can't tell you how much I admire that. Wow. You have to look back and be mighty proud. Mick blows me away as much as Lindsey does. I greatly admire his passion and dedication to keep the FM train on track since '67. Through the many changes and trials and tribulations, Mick has dedicated his life to this band and we as FM fans thank him from the bottom of out hearts. It's that passion and dedication that I truly identify with. My friend Wendie loaned me a copy of Mick's autobiography the night of the show and I spent much of the day yesterday reading it. It gave me an even bigger appreciation for Mick and the road he's traveled. I know you've sacrificed much, Mick, but I understand. It's that passion and drive that makes everything else secondary. Thank you Mick and John for keeping the FM train rolling all of these years, Your millions of fans thank you too. And thank you to Stevie and Mick who took the time Monday night to tell us their fans thank you for standing by them all these years. And we will continue to for many years more! As the evening ended Monday night with "Goodbye Baby" I couldn't help but be teary-eyed, but I was grateful to be there and I knew that this is a part of musical history. Several times throughout the night Monday, I looked out at the filled Staples Center to see thousands of faces. Every one of them standing and singing along. I couldn't help but think of the journey that these four people traveled and what they've sacrificed to be here, performing in front of thousands of very happy people. Some of these fans have been with them for 20 and 30 years. Some of the children of those fans are now fans themselves. Thank you Stevie, Lindsey, Mick and John for inspiring a young singer/songwriter with your passion and dedication to your craft. You have sacrificed so much and given your life to your music. And I, along with every other FM fan in the world are so incredibly blessed to be experiencing the magic that is Fleetwood Mac. I pray that someday soon I will have the opportunity to meet every one of you so that I can tell you in person just how much you've inspired me and my music. Every song I write and every step I take in my music career, I will remember your stories. You're history. There will never be another band like this. They are the best. They are Fleetwood Mac.

Monday night Fleetwood Mac visited the Staples Center in Los Angeles for the third time this tour. I'd just seen them 2 days ago in Denver. It seemed like that Pepsi Center stadium was sold out, from the rafters to the areas behind the stage, there was an excited, writhing mass as far as you could see. The crowd was a bit sparser in Los Angeles, but not any less excited. Stevie was wearing long dangling earrings when the show started in Denver. This time, as "The Chain" began, her ears were bare, but I did notice her slip the same earrings on towards the end of the night. Between one of the opening songs, Stevie went over and whispered to John. He quickly relayed her message to one of the stage hands who came forward to check on the sound level. It's funny how she can so businesslike one moment, then walk right back to the front of the stage to emote like an artist lost in song once again. For the beginning of "Peacekeeper" Lindsey noted that he and Stevie were up in Northern California trying to do something with their talent when they came to Los Angeles and luckily "ran into these guys." Now, after hearing him tell this story so often, always referring to "these guys," I'm beginning to suspect that John and Mick's names have slipped his mind! Stevie introduces SYW by describing it as the single from their new album, SYW, "but it's the song itself, Say You Will." She interacts with Lindsey before the song begins, leaning into him and playing air guitar through the opening notes before walking back to her mic. Of course, they get even closer during the interlude, towards the middle of the song, when they are nearly nose to nose and smiling. In the tour program, Lindsey mentioned that SYW was one of the new songs he looks forward to performing. As for their older songs, Stevie identified "Go Your Own Way" as one that she never gets tired of doing, while Lindsey cited her Gypsy as a song that is always fun for him to perform. As for SYW, I always thought that Lindsey rather liked their live rendition of that tune, just by the way he returns to his mic after they meet center stage and says "Oh yeah!" before resuming the chorus. I don't play any instruments myself (though I took piano lessons for 7 years, I'd be hard pressed to find Middle C) so I don't know the difference between Lindsey's guitars. But some of them are so big, nearly as large as he is. He'd walk away with a hernia if he tried waving the guitar used for "Never Going Back Again" over his head and swinging it about as he does the guitars played during "Come" and "I'm So Afraid." As always on "Come," Lindsey did everything but play on the ceiling ala Fred Astaire. He flexes his fingers as if they need a rest before "Big Love," but it's his guitar that is surely crying mercy after "Come." Mick stood for him after the end of "Come", but not before tying his shoe first. It was a practical, but comical measure on Mick's part. We can't have any tripping hazards on the stage, I suppose. After all, Mick always jumps down to walk Stevie off of the stage after "Gypsy," so he had to tie his shoe sometime between "Come" and then, but it just made me smile to see him doing it during the hardest rocking climax of the band's set. For the beginning of Landslide, Stevie said she wanted to thank the audience for all the support we'd given the band over the years. She said that since this is their 3rd to last show before going to Europe and Australia that she wants to thank FM's record company, Warner Bros., for being so good to them and for working their record so much. She dedicated the song to Warner Bros. During the guitar part in Landslide, when Stevie walked behind Lindsey to place her hands on his shoulders, she did not play the piano on his blades with her fingertips this time. She just stood there, her hands still as he craned his neck to smile back at her. I think she likes the peeping effect, the fact that only the top of her head can be seen from behind him. It's their peekaboo Landslide pose. During The Dance, John used to chase Stevie a bit for the bass solo in Gold Dust Woman. She'd be facing him and he'd advanced towards her quickly. Then, she'd scurry backwards. He no longer chases her, but they make eye contact and then she moves backward swiftly as if he IS chasing her. Once away, she turns towards him again to see if she's still being "pursued." One more intense stare his way, then she and John share a smile. During Stevie's solo songs like "Rhiannon" when Lindsey is trying not to call attention to himself, it's funny how he moves around the stage tiptoe steps, but in very long strides. He eventually ends up by the drum kit, but has taken the long way around to get there. I always used to love the very FAST way he got there at the end of "You Make Loving Fun," hopping his way through the song's ending with quick staccato steps. During "I'm So Afraid," as Stevie walks off the stage having completed her vocals, she stops in front of Taku and plays for him, a bit, clanging her tamb to the slow beat of his drum. When she returns after Lindsey has finished taking his bows, she places her hand on the small of his back, as she passes him to get to her mic. She walks over to John again, but this time it's nothing technical or urgent. They just chat, John putting his hand on her shoulder, around her waist. For Tusk, as Lindsey is playing guitar after the vocals, Stevie is in front of the drum kit, looking at Mick, but glancing briefly at Lindsey just to see how far along he is on his way towards her. She knows their mock fight is coming and gets into position for it. The audience likes it when they fall into a dance, Lindsey almost resting against Stevie, but if they danced formally, the way they did in the Gypsy video, I bet they could really make the crowd roar. After the dance ends, Lindsey moves away with his back hunched over. He hulks his way to his mic and has to actually raise up to moan into it, caveman style. Stevie starts "Stand Back" built for speed, with a swirling fingerpoint at Brett. She swerves around and makes the "stand back" sign at him, shielding her eyes before taking her mic with authority. After the song while the opening notes of "Go Your Own Way" start pounding, Stevie trades her Reeboks for suede boots with heels and she keeps those on for the duration. I've seen the reviews where people comment upon not understanding what Mick says during World Turning. It certainly is a jumble. "Are you ready for a little hanky panky? Are you ready for some slap and tickle? Stay with me Taku." Towards the end of the drum solo, when they start playing that synthesized breathing, Mick's words become more interesting. He says something about how you breathe hard when you find yourself alone in the middle of the night, as if there's nobody else in the world. Then, he breathes, panting heavily along with the recorded sound. Wonder if he took lamaze classes prior to the birth of his twins to inspire this portion of his routine! After he finishes, he does the band intros, again saying that he can't imagine his life without those other 3 band members. He kisses Lindsey's forehead. He introduces the lady of their band, "Miss Stephanie Nicks." Lindsey claps for her and they blow kisses at each other. Mick calls John their backbone. In response, John, self-deprecating, mouths the words, "oh please." Mick says, "Our backbone, our bass man, John McVie!" All the band members are already pointing at John, lauding him, before the introduction is out of Mick's mouth. Stevie tips her imaginary cap to John. He has a white cap on and tips it back to her. While I don't care for the "Tusk" boxing, I do like Stevie and Lindsey's routine for the close of "Don't Stop." She basically turns her back and leans down so that he can press his face into her hair. When Mick and John come onstage, they bow to each other and make playful gestures. For instance John made the sign of the cross to Mick and Mick, well he waved his hand around his abdomen. I don't know if he was referencing the fact that both men now have a "pot belly" or not, but John did laugh in response, whatever Mick meant. After "Goodbye Baby," the four band members put their arms around each other. They clown during their group bows, with Stevie spreading her legs wide apart each time and Mick bending to trace imaginary drawings with his wand. I got a kick out of the last goodbyes to the audience. Mick was standing at his mic, bidding the audience farewell. Instead of going around him, Stevie stoops and walks between him and the microphone. As she brushes against him, Mick says "oooh baby." Later, Lindsey and Stevie are in the wings, while Mick is still talking. She pats his shoulder with her hand, as she speaks. They interrupt their conversation briefly to listen to Mick salute the audience. Lindsey points heavenward and Stevie raises a clinched fist when Mick says "the Mac is Back."

Michelle B.
Last night I had the honor of seeing the Mac for the 4th time this tour. I proudly wore my black tank top with all four of their pics and world tour 2003 on it, which I got at the first MGM show. I bought the tourbook (finally!) as soon as I walked in the door, reading it front to back, very impressed with it. I had an awesome seat, Section 113, Row 2, Seat 7, which was directly in the line of the front row (but to the side of the stage, right near Brett's keyboard and the control pit with the amps). I think God smiled on me when I got that ticket, b/c this is the closest I've ever been to the Mac and I was in heaven! The songs were the same as the last shows I saw them at in July, but I never tire of them and they seem to grow better every time (even though I've heard them each hundreds of times and my faves thousands of times). It would have been very surprising to have them do some different material for this second leg of the tour, but this tour is so massive that they are so non-stop and they don't have time to rehearse (not that they need to-the songs are all part of their souls). John and Mick always are wonderful and pretty much the same costuming. Lindsey looked awesome (as always-but more laid back in his white shirt and blue jeans). He puts so much of himself in the show and I was in disbelief that this was Lindsey, the rock god, in person, right before my eyes 20 feet away from me, breathing the same air I was! Stevie is every bit the goddess she had always been and will always be. I was close enough to the stage to see the taller blonde lady go up the side of the stage between certain songs when the lights were dim to help Stevie change. True to Stevie's form, she donned her heels at the beginning ot the show, changed into her black Reeboks for the middle of the show and then back to the heels for the closing. Stevie is as little as I thought she would be, but so young looking and every bit my heroine and my idol! I was very lucky to be not more than 15 ft away from Stevie for most of the show and could even see her drink water (which was on Brett's keyboard). The show rocked me and made my heart swell with pride and brought tears to my eyes, as it always does. I saw Brett and John go down the side of the stage about five feet away from me right before the first encore. I was too shy to scream their names, but I know they would have seen me and waved. I wish Lindsey would have come to my side of the stage more and I envy those that have touched his hands and pawed his guitar during the long finishes. He did sign a few autographs when the houselights came on. Stevie waved at my side of the stage a few times, and pointed directly at a taller man in a long sleeve green shirt and khaki pants in the third row on the floor, right near me. I swear she saw me when she looked my way two different times and I waved my arms and screamed. She blew kisses to the audience in appreciation. I waved my arms over my head at Brett and he looked right at me and waved back at the end of the show. Stevie and Lindsey seemed much more in touch with each other this show and every bit the Musical Soulmates that every fan knows they are. It was very touching to see them slow dance during one of the songs and how she tickled his neck during Landslide, with him grinning and laughing. Lindsey seemed to enjoy himself and laughed more this show. I always wonder what they feel for each other when they sing to each other after all these years, their bond must be so intense and timeless. Anyway, I get to go to their last American show on 10/18 (God get me there safely), which is going to make me cry as it is the last last show I'll get to see this time around. The Mac's music is a part of my soul. I know I'll love them even when I'm 95 yrs old and can barely see anymore, I'll always have the Mac and their legacy as one of the things that has always been there for me. I'll treasure them always.
OMG it was incredible!!!! I saw them in June @ Staples in LA ... I was in the rafters for that event, and while it rocked my world, I was completely blown away being 15th row for this show!! The show rocked like no other!! LA loves Fleetwood Mac!! The entire crowd rocked!!! The only bad apples happened to be behind us though and, in their alcoholic stupor, tried in vain to ask us ONCE to have a seat. Tell me - who the hell sits during anything FM?! NOT anyone with any blood in their veins!! And, OH MY, that night I met "Monica" and her girlfriend...they sat next to me all scantily-clad and lovey-dovey...between them and FM, I was already dancing to frenzy the first cords of "Chain", drenched by song three, and well past euphoria 2.5 hours later!! We all three agreed "I'm So Afraid" is puurrfect!!! TIME OF MY LIFE!!! Stevie was flawless as always!!!! Beautiful she is, and her silks, laces and beads up close were so fin amazing!! Staples made it incredibly easy to sneak in two signs I made, and my smiley face pillow!! Security never looked into anything!! I could have taken in my own private wet bar and they wouldn't have said a damn thing!! The guy next to us was mixing kamikazes!!! WOOOHOOO!!! When Mick was announcing the band members and Lindsey took his bow I put up the "CONGRATS L n K" sign I made, and he cupped his hands real tight around his eyes to see the sign, and then he laughed cause he couldn't read it at first - the lights are so bright during that time - then he really wanted to see though as he cupped his hands again and saw the sign...he smiled real wide, pointed to me, waved and said "thank you!" IT ROCKED!!!!! When I held up my smiley face way high above every body, head and hand, FM loved it and had them way smiles!! Damn, I couldn't find one with drool..so I had to settle for the one with the tongue hanging out!! I was so pleased to have them smiling!! I wanted to express how special they make me feels with their music, and knowing they saw my efforts made me feel incredible!! During goodbye baby, my guy went to the front and Lindsey went like "ahhhhhh" holding his heart as he looked towards the sign my guy carried up there for me...Lindsey pointed to my guy to move thru to get a signature ... but some security guy stopped him ... Lindsey got way mad!!! So Lindsey motioned to my guy to toss the sign - Lindsey really wanted it!! By this time I moved up there, and my guy thrust a sharpee in my hand real quick - we thought we'd have Lindsey's signature not him having mine!!! So I wrote real quickly "Love You Lindsey 4-evers, BTFLCHLD <3", handed it the redcoat security brut, who handed it back to Lindsey and Lindsey threw me a kiss!! The sign was really pretty - I am so happy I made it as it made the concert it seems for Lindsey and me!! In a ways, I am happy I didn't get Lindsey's signature, as now he has something of mine!!! = ) I love Lindsey's child-like ways - forever young he is - like Christmas! Oh and they ALL loved the "THANKS MAC" sign too!!! It was a great feeling to see them end the show as it was so much more than the endings to the last show in LA. It was more than obvious that they really didn't want this to end...THEY REALLY DIDN'T WANT TO GO!!! To see them so humble and full of grace was the perfect ending to the perfect night...particularly when Stevie and Mick both said separately how much they cared about their LA fans and because of that they asked us to please please please take good care of ourselves, and then the repeated the same messages again and again for good measure!!! It was such an intimate feeling!!! FLEETWOOD MAC - THANK Y0U SO MUCH FOR ADDING ANOTHER LA SHOW!!!! Incredible artists you are!! So beautiful!! I am so high I will never come down!! Nevers!! Oh and you guys...next time it will be first rows and I will place a bazillion roses at your feet!!! That should be happening every night for you!! ILY!!! YOU'RE THE BEST!!
Randy Crane
Holy Sh*t! That's all I can really say! I saw Fleetwood Mac for the first time ever back in July when they were in L.A. last. I had so much more fun this time around since I was on the floor and nobody was sitting down everyone was standing, jumping, yelling, singing and rocking with all of the songs which was what made is so much better this time around. All of the songs were great but my personal favorites were Second Hand News, Landslide, Gold Dust Woman and then after that song there was never a moment when I wasn't moving or going with all the songs. I mean I just can't believe how great all these songs were. The highlights of the night were when she went nuts on Gold Dust Woman, as well as on Rhiannon. Landslide brought me to tears, man I'm telling you that is the only song that has ever brought me to tears, still couldn't believe how much that moved me. Anyways, Tusk was great and by the time she did her twirls and spins and kicks on Stand Back the audience was pumping as hard as it had all evening. After Go Your Own Way my mom asked me if that was it I said, "yeah right." Which got her excited. Overall I am glad I went to see them a second time for two reasons; the first being it was such a kick a** show and I am only 20 years old so other than The Dance there would be no other one of their concerts I would have been able to go to since their last major one was 1987's Tango in the Night/Shake the Cage Tour and I was only four years old. The second reason being that to face facts they are getting older and after they leave the states and finish Europe and Australia they are probably never going to do another album or tour as a band. Which I know none of us fans want to hear cuz believe me I sooo hope they are going to come back and do this again someday! Fleetwood Mac we love you and you are THE freakin best rock band in the world!

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