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5/8/04 Kohl Center Arena Madison, WI

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Ben Wagner
4th row Stevie side - The opening of the tour started off with a bang… New sets of cloths from Stevie (new black gloves and different changes throughout the show.) (red for sara) (new lace for Gold Dust) and you could tell she was nervous starting out. Everything started out great. A new song from last years set list was thrown in third, which keep people standing and seemed to work out good. You could tell both Lindsey and Stevie like performing it (I know I’m not wrong). Steive did miss a word in Landslide and came back to fix it with a simle on her face. (she forgot Mabye after the rest at the end of the song) The set was going great until Say Goodbye. Lindsey’s guitar guy brought two instruments out that were out of tune. At first it was funny and Stevie and Lindsey were joking around. Lindsey was actually doing sit ups and push ups on the stage. The audience went crazy and loved it. Stevie the whole time didn’t know what to do and she was joking around with the crowd eventually saying "Many times in 1968, we would go on stages where nothing worked, And look where we are today." So the first time it was all good… Then at the start of Red Rover the same thing happened. So Lindsey went off stage to try to figure things out but now Mick got to the Mick got the up and was entertaining the audience with a fairy tale story about a guitar that was out of tune. But at this point you could tell Lindsey was kinda upset at the situation. Stevie explained before they got started that Lindsey had just had a child about a week ago and they hadn’t rehearsed in over 3 weeks and that could have something to do about the difficulties they were having on the first night. So when Red Rover was played mick and the master percussionist were out in front tapping on wooden boxes for the rhythm in the songs. (something a little different) Mick was also out on a smaller drum kit during Sara. The got through Red Rover and Stevie then stepped it up to covers Lindsey’s problems with guitars. Beautiful Child and Gold Dust Woman were great. So then the problems return. Lindsey during I’m so Afraid wanted the volume on the monitor or sound up and wanted it higher. It took him a while to get it where he wanted it; and then he went wild on the guitar (even more than usual) he was banging his head of the guitar on the ground and when it was done he just threw the guitar over to the side of the stage toward the person that kept screwing up. He continued this all night and wondered if I was back in the 1970 when bands all around were breaking there guitars. You could so tell he was so pissed about the technical problems. Stevie continued to step it up and performed one of the best Stand Back’s I have ever seen. In Madison they did perform “don’t let me down again” from the Buckingham Nick record which was a delight. They only had one encore and ended the show kinda weird. I like when they had Stevie sing Goodbye baby…. Overall it was an experience… Future shows will be better from the technical side but it was kinda nice to see that real things do happen to screw up sometimes and you got to see how they react. Then I was off for University of Illinois for the next nights concert.

To think that I almost didn’t go to the opening concert of this leg of the Fleetwood Mac tour - perhaps like many of you the possibility of hearing my favorite song, Sara, live was what made my decision. I met up with Torri, Mike B and so many other fans and friends – you know who you are!!! The venue at Madison was pretty well sold out but I managed a decent seat where I could see the band taking the stage – love that little ‘elevator’ Stevie and Lindsey use. The anticipation to hear the new songs in the set was the source of much elation. The usual Chain and Dreams got the evening started on a familiar and high note. Next, we get our first treat, I Know I’m Not Wrong, and Lindsey just sang and played the hell out of it. After Peacekeeper and Second Hand News came a new song, previously dropped, Destiny Rules. Stevie was very committed to it and the song went over very well. I love the extended playing by Lindsey at the end of it. Never Going Back Again was another of Lindsey’s gems – perfect with Stevie’s harmony. Rhiannon is such a tour de force for Stevie and it never fails to thrill her fans. Lindsey continues to expend tremendous energy on Come – lots of eye contact and singing to fans. Next comes the moment I have waited for – Sara, Stevie’s alter ego, arrived in all her glory - complete with maroon boots, red shawl, long, tangling earrings and a beautiful ‘barrette’ in her hair. What can I say Stevie was elegant, stunning, breath-taking, sexy you name it… Stevie did miss singing the opening verse of “Wait a minute baby stay; with me awhile said you’d give me light but you never told me about the fire.” Perhaps, it was a little opening night jitters; she did sing it at Champaign the next night. That said Stevie did a magnificent version of Sara. She sang the ‘swallow all your pride’ ‘the wind became crazy’ everything we love. At the end of the song she sang over at Lindsey’s mic, “All I ever wanted was to know that you were dreaming, dreaming…” That was the concert highlight for me. Thank you Stevie for a fan’s dream come true. Next came the acoustic set with Big Love and Landslide which Stevie dedicated to her first boyfriend, Steve, who was the reason she wrote her first song (I’ve Loved and I’ve Lost) and she thanked him for the inspiration. Stevie also always remembers to thank the fans for continuing to support the band. Then things got really interesting as there were two attempts at Say Goodbye both with out of tune guitars. As Ray attempted to remedy the situation Lindsey proceeded to do sit-ups and push-ups perhaps to cover his frustration and much to the amazement of Stevie who said, “I didn’t know you could do that.” Mick then came forward to regal us with ‘story-time’. He said something like there were three bad guitars that made it on the bus and even off the bus causing problems etc. Stevie was roaring laughing at this point and she said, “Back in 1968 when Lindsey and I first stared there were many nights when nothing worked” Then Stevie said, “A little background we have done 105 shows and we have not practiced since Mr.. Buckingham had a baby girl, Stella, and so we are having technical difficulties “ Then Stevie said, much to the delight of Lindsey and the fans, we should dedicate this concert to baby Stella. Finally Ray comes with a third guitar and Lindsey says this is his long time friend Ray – maybe we should fine him $50. Ray remained very cool throughout this ordeal. Then Lindsey was able to do a beautiful, tender version of my favorite of his songs on Say You Will, Say Goodbye - again Stevie’s harmonies were right on… Problems were not over as Lindsey started Red Rover and that guitar wasn’t right. After the glitches were resolved I was happy that Beautiful Child is still in the set. I love the way Stevie sings rather forlornly, “I do love you, I still need you, I wish that you were mine…” Stevie dedicated it to someone who was celebrating a birthday but apparently wasn’t happy about it. As Stevie said something like you will celebrate it now. Now my other all time favorite Golddust Woman – Stevie put a different ending on it and kept repeating ‘shadow’ with a cadence not previously heard. The music also seemed to be reworked in some way. I’m So Afraid with Lindsey’s amazing guitar rocked the house. The level of commitment Stevie has to Silver Springs never ceases to amaze me the “I know I could have loved you but you would not let me – still I am a fool…” Tusk is still a lot of fun as Lindsey continues to swing the guitar cord, lie on John’s shoulder and play box with Stevie until they embrace and dance much to the delight of the audience. Stand Back with by my count sixteen Stevie twirls is a show stopper with Stevie smiling throughout. Stevie seemed very happy all night was in amazing voice and just was having a blast. I’m so happy for her. Go Your Own Way the final song before the encore had Lindsey letting fans play his guitar as before, and had Stevie greeting fans in the upper seats at both ends of the arena. World Turning and Mick’s drums’ solo was followed by a rousing version of Don’t Let Me Down Again. Wow!!! I never expected to hear that song. The concert ended with Don’t Stop - the band took their bows and a magical evening came to a close. How many ways can I say thank you Mick, John, Lindsey and Stevie for providing your fans with such amazing music, gorgeous songs and harmonies all sung with that special emotional connection Stevie and Lindsey have with each other through their songs. All of these ingredients really helped to put this concert over the top and in a class by itself.

As I waited for the show to begin, I looked at the crew. After reading the Tour Journals, I really feel as if I know them and could identify Cory adjusting the microphone ribbons or putting Song titles on the teleprompter and Karen sitting to the side. I think the preparation background the tour journals give fans helps make the anxious pre-concert period more interesting. Obviously, the new songs were the highlights of the evening, Sara most especially. SARA: It's not that Sara is such a great song (though it is!), it's the sentimental treatment FM gave it. Short of (1)Christine walking on the stage, or (2) Stevie and Lindsey singing Angel, the band could not possibly have moved me any more than they did tonight. Stevie walked on in this long red shawl. She had dangling earrings and a gold adornment in her hair. She looked like a Spanish dancer. The screen in back of her showed old concert footage of her performing Sara, with her hair up. Towards the end of the song she walked over to Lindsey's mic. You know the SYW interlude where they used to be nose to nose? They do it during this song now. She sings. He plays, some times only with one hand as he leans into her. Then they sing together, trading words in layers, while the screen in back of them flashes images of their younger selves. It was phenomenal. Stevie changes some words and says, "It DOES matter, it's NEVER gone." I felt the song played homage to FM's rich history and Buckingham-Nicks too, definitely 2 of my favorite things in life. What a triumph. I hope she knows how grateful so many fans are to have her perform it. When she emerged in that red shawl (and cleavage for days), I heard the music and went crazy. Just insane, but it was looking at the old concert footage in back of her and then seeing her and Lindsey in front of me that actually got the tears flowing. They have never used that backscreen more appropriately (it's shape has changed a bit from what it was before. It's not a big round globe). During most of the songs it has images from what looks like a biology class microscope playing on it. So, when I saw Stevie up there, it just added to the amazement I was already experiencing. Worked much better than the Gypsy video footage they used. Stevie walking over to Lindsey's mic and him joining her vocals in the song sent me into another realm, into the kill-me-now-because-I'll-never-be-this-happy-again zone. As for Gypsy, when I realized it had been replaced, I thought it might crop up at the end of the set as the encore. I still think that's a very good idea. SAY GOODBYE: Lovely -- not the song -- the instrumental failure. Great fun. Lindsey did his little speech for Say Goodbye, but then something happened with his guitar. He goes to the side to fix it, saying that this is a lesson in "earn while you learn." Stevie pretends that she's going to do a little tap dance. When he comes back he begs Ray just to tell him he's ok. Ray walks over and says that he's ok to play again and Lindsey pats him. Lindsey says that Ray is his long time friend and assistant whose last name is Lindsay. "Isn't that weird?" Stevie says "It is weird." Reminiscent of the conversation he had with Christine on the The Dance video. Lindsey is easily weirded out. He must not get out much. He thinks the most common things are singular. Anyway, he says that in all fairness it is not Ray's fault because this is the first night of their tour and there are bound to be problems. He tells Ray there will be a $50 fine. He prepares to start Say Goodbye again and turns to Stevie again, but says that the tender moment is gone. He says the audience should have pity, while they try to recapture the mood. She laughs and says they should try to be serious again and regain their composure. He starts playing and the guitar goes out again. Many giggles from Stevie. Lindsey lays on the floor. She says that Lindsey is just going to take a little nap. He starts doing sit ups and then he turns on his stomach and does push ups. Stevie says, "I had no idea you could do that." Gee, that doesnt' say much about their sex life, if she had no idea. Shedding new light on why things started falling apart 30 years ago . . . She tells him, "I am so proud of you." After the push ups, Lindsey is on his knees, pretending to be too fatigued to stand up by himself. Stevie hugs him, caresses his face, kisses his hand and "helps" him off the floor. She says that this is not the first time she and Lindsey have been on stage when nothing worked. She said they started this back in 1968 and some nights ALL the equipment failed. It is heady to imagine that 36 years ago Lindsey, Stevie, and the rest of Fritz were on some small stage somewhere performing. I think I’d love Stevie and Lindsey for their history alone. The temperamental guitar finally allows them to perform Say Goodbye. It seems to me that Lindsey has tried to extend the "scheme within a scheme" part, by saying the words more slowly, with great inflection. Honestly, the last thing that song needed was stretching. But the intro to it was so adorable this time that I forgive him. RED ROVER: Mick and Taku come out onto the stage to great applause. Lindsey gives the speech about the gods looking down on earth and wondering what it has become. He says that it sounds like a cynical song, but it's really very tender. He starts playing and the guitar goes out again. Stevie laughs and says, "OK Mick. It's your turn now." Mick comes out and says that he's glad he has this chance to tell us a little story. He says, "it gets me away from having to sit on that box." He and Taku were sitting on boxes playing -- well, I don't know one type of drum from the other. They were not playing bongos. They were playing flat things and Taku was shaking a silver thing too. Starting his story, Mick says once there was this car riding down the street. It stopped and out came 3 broken guitars. He says that Lindsey Buckingham deserves a medal. Stevie says that she wants to give the audience a little history. This isn't really their first show. They did 106 shows in the U. S., Europe, etc. and then they took a 2 month break. They rehearsed for 3 weeks, but the last 3 weeks they haven't rehearsed because Lindsey Buckingham had a baby girl named Stella. She says they had to take 3 weeks off "so we, they, could have baby Stella." So, they didn't finish their rehearsals and that's why there have been a few technical glitches. She says, in light thereof, they must dedicate this show to Baby Stella. Much applause. The backscreen glowed red, a strobing red, as Lindsey sang. Can't say much for Red Rover, but if Lindsey is happy then I'm happy. Plus, I'm glad to be rid of WTWCT. Stevie has very little to do during this song and I'm surprise that she remains on stage. She doesn't even have a tambo. She just pats her hands together back and forth. The Chain: As they took the stage, I noticed that John looked like he has lost weight. He still has a tummy, but the rest of him seems really trim and his hair is BROWN. The facial hair is still gray, but the braid is a luxurious cocoa. Is he the new Grecian Forrmula spokesman or something? He really did seem a lot more playful tonight than last leg. His face was thin, but in a good way, not a gaunt one. OK, Stevie's bangs did not look plastered and stiff as they did in those photos. They swung with the rest of her hair and really framed her face quite nicely. Her face looked a little pucker on the side closest to me (right), but not fuller. She started the show in reeboks, but switched to her boots some time during the night. She was all smiles, vibrant. Her speaking voice was hoarse sometimes, but her singing voice was strong. Her song interpretations so forceful during Rhiannon, Sara, GDW and Stand Back. She's truly an eternal flame. The new button down top Stevie is sporting is a little less matronly than the last sweater we had. This top tapers to form a V at the waist and doesn't cover the entire mid-section. DREAMS: Same as ever. I KNOW I’M NOT WRONG: Now, when this song started, I was beyond excited. I just didn't know what the heck it was. I thought it was NTF for a second. The words had to start for me to catch on. But just the fact that it was the first of the set changes was thrilling. I was jumping up and down and clapping the minute I realized it was EOTW. Lindsey was dynamic. You know some of his Tusk song performances straddle (or should I say WALK the line) the line between kooky and meaningful, but he and Stevie (she shared lead vocals) did this straight, giving the "don't blame me, please, please, please" the feeling it's meant to have. Even those not familiar with the tune can dance to it. The upbeat beat prevents a lull forming among the crowd. A triumphant addition. Peacekeepeer: Same opening speech. Second Hand News: Lovely as always. Glad it wasn't deleted for the second leg. I think the lyrics hear where he sings, "One thing I think you should know, I ain’t gonna miss you when you go," make an amazing contrast to the words in "Don’t Let Me Down Again" when he says that "One thing I’d like you to know, I have no more to lose when you go." The evolution in feeling gives both songs extra meaning and I think it fitting to have them in the same set. Destiny Rules: Stevie introduced this as another song from their "most recent" album and I was expecting SYW, but then she announced the title. I was happy at first, but didn't like the song. It's great on the album, but I don't think it's a good concert piece. Except for the chorus, I think it's hard to appreciate it live. The words are more contemplative than rousing. I know people who heard it during the last leg were devastated to have it cut that time around. But hearing it tonight, I'd like to see it dropped again. Bring back SYW. What DR is on the album to me is different from what it became on stage. However, there was a nice guitar riff at the end and while Lindsey played Stevie sang, "hey hey hey, yeah!" If this kind of energy could be infused throughout the rest of the tune rather than just appearing at the end, maybe the song could be salvaged. I think this is one of the songs that needs to be performed at a different tempo live than on record. NEVER GOING BACK AGAIN: Glad it made the cut. Stevie goes over and puts on the long sleeves, which she ties in a bow in back, but she doesn't change bodices here like she used to last leg. She still has the button down top on. Rhiannon: Most impressive I've heard this tour. Maybe I was listening with a new attitude or maybe Stevie was singing with one. But the song didn't come off as obligatory in the least, the way I've thought it was before. It was a highlight. Come: There's silence after Stevie touches hands with Lindsey and walks off this stage. I'm waiting to see what new song will be inserted in this space. Then I hear, Come beginning (why couldn't the bedouin strain have been an introduction to Miranda instead). Surprised me that this song stayed. Can't say I was happy about it. Big Love: Superb. Landslide: They use regular monitor footage on the backscreen now, instead of that lace like tapestry image they used to hang behind them. Stevie comes out and says the song is dedicated to a guy she met when she was 15, Steve. He inspired the first song she ever wrote at 15.5. She tells Lindsey she doesn't think that he knows this. What! Lindsey hasn't heard all about the first love that broke Stevie's heart? What rock has he been hiding under all these years. When they hold out hands and interlace fingers near the end of the song, Stevie kisses his hand. As Stevie says maybe the landslide will bring you back down, the image of her on the backscreen begins to descend, like the setting of a sun. Nice graphic. After it's over, when he gives her the forehead kiss, I imagine he gets a mouthful of bang. Beautiful Child: She gave the whole speech about a songwriter never thinking a tune will be heard again. She says these guys urged her to sing BC this time, because they know she loves it so much. It was lovely. GDW: Stevie just keeps tweaking this thing. She was holding notes like crazy. Sell that kingdom baby! She sang "sell" for a really long time. Went over to play with John during his spotlight. Then, in the end she kept repeating "shadow, shadow, shadow . . ." This song continues to be fresh. I'm so Afraid: Same as it ever was. Silver Springs: Same as it ever was, but I mean THAT in a good way. This is why I am going to see the last show of this tour, whenever and wherever it is. Because I think they might change this song a little at the end and I want to witness it. The last versions of it in The Dance were scintillating. Tusk: Well, after he jumps on John and pulls his chord from the guitar and swings it, he approaches Stevie as if stalking prey, but he just ends up hugging her and they turn around embracing, without the fake fighting. Better. Stand Back: Talk about rooms on fire. Still a sensational crowd number. GO YOUR OWN WAY: The song is, as always, a cosmic reward. I love it when Stevie turns her back to the microphone (and to the audience) and sings just to Lindsey. World Turning: Was hoping for a new song and new drum solo here. Didn't get it. When Mick introduces the band he says that Jana had a lot of family and former band members rooting for her in the crowd. Lindsey blows a kiss when Mick introduces "Miss Stephanie Nicks" she shakes her tamborine in acknowledgement after bowing. He introduces John as the back bone, the bass player, the "be all and end all" of FM. John laughs and wipes a hand across his face. DON’T LET ME DOWN AGAIN: Stevie introduces this as "something from our past." I liked it, but I think that perhaps this is a candidate for being dropped. The band might feel that the audience didn't respond well. I don't know. Don't Stop: Sounds better than the last leg. Also, Stevie stand at the mic singing "don't look back" softly for a long period of time, which she hadn't before. I didn't think it really was the end (and in shows that don't run as long due to technical problems, maybe there might be a second encore) of the set, but it was a lovely way to close. At the end of the show, she thanks the audience for putting up with the mistakes with love and understanding. She says that we are going to heaven for doing that. Yeah, Stevie, when's the last time anyone booed you off the stage because of a few mistakes? As they took their final bow, Mick was starting to leave the stage. He's used to a second encore just like I am. He laughed at his mistake. Lindsey kissed Stevie. Stevie and John hugged and kissed. Stevie came to the mic and thanked us for understanding about the musical mistakes. Lindsey was the last one to leave, but he only signed one or 2 things. Without 2 encores, there will be a lot fewer people coming away with autographs. Thus, we came to the end of the first show of the 2nd leg. These are not the only performers I've liked for 25 years, but I have to say that they are the only ones who keep giving me new reasons to fall in love all over again.

Corrie Bogumill
What an awesome concert!!! The guitar problems almost added to excitement of the concert! This is my second show and I felt like we got to connect with the band on a personal level when they had "story time" while waiting for a tuned guitar for Lindsey. I grew up on Fleetwood Mac and this was by far the best concert I have seen!

Courtney G. Markuson
Price of Fleetwood Mac's new album, Say You Will: $12.99
Price to join the official Fleetwood Mac fan club: $80.00
Price of two third row tickets to opening night: $500.00
Getting to see Stevie Nicks wearing huge grandma curlers during opening night sound check: priceless

For everyone else, there's Rumours

I think someone needs to pinch me, because I've been living a dream since Saturday. Not only did I get to meet Mick Fleetwood, get Lindsey Buckingham's autograph and see Stevie Nicks in curlers, I also saw one of the best performances ever by Fleetwood Mac on their Say You Will Tour. My best friend from high school and I decided to splurge for the platinum ticket package for the Madison show and I can say now that it was well worth it. We arrived for the backstage tour at 5 p.m. at the Kohl Center and waited for other tour members to show up. While we were waiting, I saw a black limo pull up in the parking lot and made a point to mention it to my friend, Lorie (it turns out that it was Stevie's limo). Once the tour began, another limo pulled up, and this time it was Mick. Our tour guide, John, was explaining how many trucks and buses the Mac use on tour when Mick unexpectedly came down to greet the group. He was very nice and asked us where we were from as he shook hands with the crowd. I decided to wear my new shirt with the Buckingham Nicks cover on it for the show, and when Mick was shaking my hand, he noticed my shirt and said, "Oh, a Buckingham Nicks fan! You're in for a real treat tonight!" I was thrilled, to say the least. Meeting Mick was an added bonus to the night. From the loading dock, our tour progressed to the area right beneath the stage where the Mac crew has video cameras set up. John, our guide, explained that the Mac record and video tape every show. Footage might be used for something like the Live in Boston DVD, or just for the sake of posterity in the future. I would love to see more Mac concerts out on DVD, since they have back catalogs of footage. After the cameras, we saw the catering area for the crew and such. What happened next was exciting, as we headed to the stage inside the center. Our group was able to stand on stage and see what the Mac see when they look out at us. The stage itself was covered in a material that was soft and almost sponge-like as I felt like I was bouncing slightly. I had no idea that we were going to be able to stand on stage! We even had our pictures taken in front of Mick's drum set. Lorie and I had our picture taken together, as the Mac has kept us together as friends over the years. Mick had a new drum set that was encased in gold and John explained that Mick usually gets a new set with each tour. It was so cool just to be on stage, and as an added bonus, I got to touch Stevie's microphone stand. To the average fan, it doesn't sound like much, but to me, it was an added bonus. When Stevie's on stage, her mic is like an extension of her body. We were careful not to mess the decorations up, as I know it takes quite a bit of time to set them up. Brett and Taku were warming up on stage while our group was there. I wanted to say hi, but they looked pretty busy so I just waved instead. John thought that our group might get to hear some of the sound check, but unfortunately, we did not. The actual sound check was running late, so we were herded off to the end of the arena (by the mixing board) and learned that it takes about six hours to set up the board itself. As we were standing there, John McVie came on stage, smoking a cigarette. Lindsey and Mick followed. It was awesome to see them, and before long, Stevie came out. To my surprise, she was still in makeup had three large curlers in her hair! I could distinctly see them from across the arena! They reminded me of the curlers my grandma used to wear. It was kind of funny because it's not everyday you see Stevie in curlers. The Mac does not allow outsiders to listen in during sound check, so that's where our backstage tour ended. The tour alone was worth the money, as I got to meet Mick, stand on stage and of course, see Miss Stevie in all her curler-glory. Lorie and I had an hour to kill before the Kohl Center opened for the show, so we thought we'd chat with some of the radio stations there. We talked to Tim and Mark from 93.1 The Lake, and discovered that they were going to play the concert set list again on Sunday night. Our tour group received set lists while backstage and I knew that "Don't Let Me Down Again" was going to be played, so I asked if they had the Buckingham Nicks LP for that song. They did not, so I helped them out by giving them a copy of the album. We didn't get to listen to the show on Sunday night, so I hoped that it worked out! We had the chance to be on air with Tim and told him about our backstage experience. After that, we went to a near by bar to have a drink before the show. When we arrived to our seats (section 002, right in front of Lindsey), we learned that the first two rows would be allowed to stand up by the stage. That annoyed me because the platinum ticket purchasers all paid the same amount and because we were in the third row, and not second, we couldn't go up to the stage. This was the closest I'd ever been at a concert and probably my only shot to get an autograph from Lindsey and Stevie. This little setback wasn't helping. A gal in front of us in the second row was kind enough to say she'd take my Buckingham Nicks LP with her to sign if she went up front. I forgot about my annoyance once the show started. Since we received set lists prior to the show, I knew that there would be five new songs. I Know I'm Not Wrong, Destiny Rules, Sara, Red Rover and Don't Let Me Down Again replaced Say You Will, Gypsy, Goodbye Baby, Eyes of the World and What's the World Coming To. I wasn't sad to see Gypsy and Goodbye Baby go because while they're great songs on record, they don't have the same energy as live performances. I was extremely disappointed to see the departure of Say You Will, Eyes of the World and What's the World Coming To. Say You Will is a great song live and I love the dance that Stevie does while singing it. It wasn't a big single, but it's the album's namesake and I thought it was dumb to take it out. I liked What's the World Coming To because it was a new song and it's nice to hear something other than songs from Rumours. Eyes of the World was one of my favorites from the 2003 leg of the tour. I've always liked that song because it has so much energy and layers. To me, it's like hearing a goodie like Beautiful Child. As far as the set list goes, I will highlight songs that stood out during the show (it's not that standards like The Chain and Dreams didn't rock, it's that they were performed in their usual rockin' manner). I Know I'm Not Wrong came off much better than I anticipated. The entire band seemed into the song, and during the instrumental break, Stevie and Lindsey sang along, like they do in Second Hand News, which also sounded crisp and alive. I love how Stevie and Lindsey harmonize on the "bow, bow" part. Destiny Rules found Stevie with all smiles. She really kicked ass on this performance as the music was much tighter than opening night in 2003 and her energy of performing new songs was apparent. At the beginning of Never Going Back Again, I yelled out "Brushes" (in reference to the demo version released on the remastered Rumours) just for the hell of it. Rhiannon was different this time around. When I heard it during both the St. Paul shows in 2003, Stevie seemed bored with the whole performance and not really into it. On Saturday, Stevie hit more high notes than I've heard before and really gave an overall effort. It was much appreciated. One of the more annoying things I've experienced at a Mac concert is when people on the floor sit during songs they don't know. If you don't do your homework before the show, then you probably shouldn't be sitting in the first ten rows. This was the case during Come. Now, I'll admit, I don't listen to the song every time I listen to the Say You Will album, but I still love it live. Lindsey tends to go crazy and gets members of the crowd (who actually know the song) into it. Watching the way Lindsey played Come in Madison made me think he was having a virtual orgasm. The song was so intense and at the end, Lindsey threw his guitar across the stage! It was an extremely powerful performance and really showed how Lindsey rocks. Sara was next, and was intense in a different way. Stevie had on a beautiful red shall (actually, I'm not sure what to call it!) and it made her appear very delicate in appearance and the way she sang. It seemed like she was singing to both Lindsey and Mick. In fact, Mick looked pretty emotional himself. Adding the Tusk tour footage of Lindsey and Stevie singing Sara absolutely rocked! It was better than Gypsy because it seemed that they were doing the exact same movements as in the video footage. Stevie also brought out new boots for the song. I was really glad I got to hear this. Big Love had some excellent lighting that should be noted. I liked how the spotlight made him appear as if he were coming out of it. Stevie dedicated Landslide to her friend Steve, whom she's known since she was 15. I couldn't tell if Lindsey's guitar string completely broke or was just way out of tune during the beginning of Say Goodbye. Ray Lindsey brought out another guitar and something was wrong on this one as well. Lindsey looked upset and went off stage for a moment. In the meantime, Stevie was left to direct the crowd and she filled in with some banter and did some cute little dances (which reminded me of the scene in the Tusk Tour Documentary where she dances while singing Angel). There were more guitar problems and Lindsey came back on stage. He then began to do sit-ups and push-ups to entertain the crowd while Stevie laughed (it was almost like a cackle!) at him. Although there was a delay, it was cool to see everyone chilling out. Lindsey's guitar was again out of tune on Red Rover, so Stevie said Mick should tell a story. She also mentioned that Lindsey's daughter, Stella, was born recently and that's why they had time off. Beautiful Child was one of my favorite performances, not only because it's one of my favorite songs, but also because Stevie always sings her heart out for it. Every time I hear it live, I'm thankful that I'm able to be at the show. I also yelled out, "You're beautiful, Stevie!" at the beginning of the song. I hope that makes it on to a recording J Lindsey again threw his guitar, this time during I'm So Afraid. I think he was taking some of his frustration out on his other guitar not working earlier. Or he was just demonstrating the durability of his guitar. Either way, it was pretty cool. On Tusk, Lindsey played on a white Fender Stratocaster that looked really nice. I'm so used to his Turner, that seeing him play another guitar is such an event. Lindsey and Stevie proceeded to have their "mock fight" and once again, Lindsey threw his guitar across the stage! Tusk is definitely a crowd motivator. The only thing I don't like is when scenes of the USC Marching Band are played in the background. Its one thing to have the actual USC Band there playing, but if they're not, it's creepy and kind of turns me off to the performance. I was so excited to hear Don't Let Me Down Again that I probably made too much of an expectation. The performance wasn't exactly what I pictured, so I was a bit disappointed. I think it lacked some of the energy on previous performances (like on the Live LP and other various shows from the '70s), but don't get me wrong, it was still great to hear the material. The best performance of the night was, by far, Stand Back. During the intro, Lindsey was literally stroking himself with his guitar off to the side. At the time, I was very glad that my seat was right in front of him J His energy gave way to Stevie's, which I thought was fantastic. She was so into the song and got the crowd on its feet! I love toward the end of the song where Stevie gives a little "umph" and sings the "ows" like she's on fire (Well, you could be standin' in/Stand Back/ow, well, you could be standin' in/Stand Back)! John smiled some more during the song when Stevie came over to dance for him. The energy of Stand Back is why it's always going to be my favorite. As if Stand Back and Beautiful Child weren't enough for me, I also had the extreme pleasure of Lindsey signing my Buckingham Nicks LP. Remember the gal in the second row who said she'd try to get it for me? Well, she did! (Thank you so much, Becky! You made my year!) I think Lindsey spotted Becky holding the LP during Go Your Own Way and signed it at the end of Don't Stop. I thought it was pretty funny that he signed it right on Stevie's chest. I'm going to frame it, along with the autographed tour book from the band and a fabulous picture that I managed to take of Lindsey. I finally got what I wanted! I shouldn't gripe with all of the excitement I've had, but I really wanted to hear Thrown Down, Monday Morning, and Angel. I was extremely happy that Beautiful Child wasn't cut, as it's one of the best performances. I hope to someday hear them. Just a few more things: Stevie had new wardrobe! The old drab black dress was replaced by a better-fitting black dress and accompanied by nice new red and gold shawls. Stevie also had on some black gloves through out the show and I thought they added a nice touch. As a bonus, she wore tan suede boots during some of the songs (of which I can't remember anymore!). Stevie also changed her hairstyle again. Gone is the parted-down-the-middle look. The bangs are back! I'm not a big fan of bangs, but they seem to look better on her. Overall, Stevie looked just fantastic! She had more energy in this show than in all of the four performances I saw in 2003. I guess the three months of rest did her well, as she seemed to look ten years younger. Lindsey looked delicious in his usual attire of blue jeans and a button-shirt. Mick and John also wore their same attire. One of the highlights for me was seeing John smile so much! Stevie would come over during songs and do a little dance and make him laugh. It was great! Stevie did a lot of little gestures like that throughout the show. It makes her all the more lovable J I thought everyone gave a great effort on Saturday, but Lindsey definitely ruled the show. I don't know if it's because he signed my Buckingham Nicks LP or looked absolutely delicious, but he made Madison a show I'll never forget. I can't wait until Green Bay!
James E. Seelye, Jr.
A little background...I'm 22. I discovered Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks in 97, when I was just experiencing my first "true" girlfriend, who broke my heart (so I thought then). Their music just struck a chord with me then, and has not stopped yet. When my girlfriend gave me two tickets for this show for my college graduation, I could not have been more happy...Little did I realize how much fun I would have. I have seen Stevie twice, but never with Fleetwood Mac. To start, Stevie was absolutly incredible. I have read previous reviews talking about her being "flat", "disinterested", etc., but not tonight...she absolutly fricking rocked! She was all smiles, dancing, twirling, totally having the time of her life, and it rubbed off on me. She was absolutly awesome...I cannot say enough about her. Lindsay Buckingham is hands-down the world's best guitar player, and he was outstanding, as was the entire band; however, Stevie stole the show. Highlights - I Know I'm Not Wrong...what an awesome addition! Stevie and Lindsay's harmonies, especially during the "bom-bom-bom's" was super. Lindsay's guitar solo's were perfect. The technical issues-they were so funny and entertaining, especially Stevie's tap dancing sequences! Sara-I'm a big guy, ex-football and hockey player, etc. I was in tears. I was trying to sing along with her, but was too choked up, especially during the flashbacks to the "Tusk" video, when she sings, "All I ever wanted, was to know that you were dreaming..." Stand Back - nothing needs to be said...crowd favorite. The main thing that will stick in my mind is the interaction between Stevie and Lindsay, from her putting her arms around him during the guitar solo in "Landslide", to their dance at the end of Tusk...Destiny Rules...!!! What an incredibly perfect night. Thank you Fleetwood Mac, and especially, thank you Stevie. This band is the world's best, past, present, and future. I cannot say enough about it.
Russell Buchholz
Hello fellow Mac fans. I just got back from the Madison show, and all I can say was WOW!! I saw Fleetwood Mac twice last year and I never thought they could top those performances but I was wrong. The new stage was awesome (A 50 foot tall screen projecting the band in all their glory) and the sound was great as well. Stevie was absolutely amazing. Her voice was in top form and she looked Beautiful. (Amazing actually ) When she changed into the Red shawl to perform Sara it was really cool. The set list is different on this leg of the tour, and some very old songs have been brought back into the lineup. The funniest part of the evening was when Lindsey had some technical "Difficulties" with his guitar and Stevie entertained the crowd during the short wait. She was having a GREAT time last night and it really showed by all the laughing and smiling she was doing. We were in the third row and she came to the edge of the stage and waved many times throughout the evening. If you get the chance to see them this summer by all means go! The show was worth every penny and I want to thank the whole band for a great Show.
Dale & Patti
Madison, WI - first show on the 2004 US tour, sold out stadium, in our home state with Stevie hitting every high note – what more could any fan ask for. It was a great show and Stevie looked like she was having a great time. She had lots of smiles for the audience and band members and played air guitar on several occasions. Hearing Destiny Rules back in the song set was a treat. Any chance of Running through the Garden being added back in? Three out of tune guitars for Lindsey gave him a headache and Stevie a chance to ad lib to the audience. First time she did some impromptu dance steps and played cheerleader while Lindsey did sit-ups and push ups. Second time she explained how the band only had one rehearsal due to Lindsey taking time to be with his family and his new baby girl. The third time she told Mick it was his turn and Mick went into story teller mode with a tale about opening night and the saga of Lindsey’s three out of tune guitars. It was a stitch and the audience loved it. Stevie was so cool and collected. It takes more than a little technical difficulty to throw her off. Hi-light of the show was Stevie in a red shawl and platform boots singing Sara. We never thought we would ever get to hear Sara played in concert. My husband and I had tears in our eyes and it just took our breath away. Thank you Stevie! She was really dramatic singing Gold Dust Woman and Stand Back had everyone singing back at the band. Did miss hearing Good Bye Baby as the ending song but it was a magical night as are all nights we get to hear Stevie sing. We hardly even noticed the rain and thunder and lightning as we walked back to our hotel room. Can’t wait the see Stevie and Fleetwood Mac in Chicago in June.
Jeremy Elliott
So I just got back from the concert in Madison, WI. INCREDIBLE to say the least!!!! All I have to say is that they did "Sara" and it sounded awesome and Stevie looked wonderful!! The crowd was kinda prudish tho. The group around me were all older people and they were drunk and sat throughout most of the show...and then got mad at my friends and me for standing. (Note to all of you who go to a FM show: If you're going to go to a FM show and sit down the entire time, just stay home and listen to it on the radio). So on to the rest of my review. My favorite song, Beautiful Child, was done exceptional. The Chain of course rocked as the usual opener...and a great opener it is. Sara was done so beautifully. I wanted to cry because Stevie looked so beautiful in the outfit she was wearing...and her hair was done a little differently...and of course the background showing the old Tusk era performance of her doing "Sara" was incredible. Destiny Rules sounded great live...better than on the cd. Stand Back was probably the most energetic song. Stevie twirled around like a mad woman during the break and her voice sounded so powerful. The crowd actually got up and danced for about half the song...of course I boogied for the entire song. Rhiannon was tough. She got into it more than she normally does, however not as much as she did back in the 70's...before I was born. And tonight they did Silver Springs better than in any other performance. Stevie got so intense at the end of it and just shook as she belted out "I'll follow you down..." Lindsey's songs were really good also. Of course I'm So Afraid was powerful. I Know I'm Now Wrong was done very very well. I'd never heard that one done live and Stevie and Lindsey sounded great singing that one. Go Your Own Way really sounded as good as it ever has. Red Rover, however, could have been left out of the set. Although the band was hysterical about the fact that the guitars were out of tune when they started to play Red Rover and Say Goodbye. Second Hand News simply rocked. Peacekeeper was really good, although I'm kinda getting tired of hearing it because it seems to be played more than any other song from Say You Will. Speaking of Say You Will, they dropped that from the set list, which bummed me out. I was looking forward to Stevie's hand gestures. Stevie and Lindsey kicked big ass on Don't Let Me Down Again. And, of course, Lindsey's whailing on Come sounded great. And then there was Tusk, which kicked ass too. I was bummed that they had dropped Say You Will, Eyes Of The World, and Goodbye Baby. And I still wish Running Through The Garden was in the set list, since it's my favorite song on Say You Will. Oh well I guess. I still walked out with a huge smile on my face. And I owe that to Fleetwood Mac.
Debbie Fox
kicking off the tour here in madison wisconsin to a full house mac shows it can do it even without rehersing the day before.dispite the guitar gaffs and goofs {i think makes it more real}it was a killer show !kicking off with the chain and ending with dont stop ,this was a 2 hour show with lots of neat stuff in it like playing from buc/nicks-"dont let me down again" a big suprise at the end to "you know im not wrong" -very cool to hear!even "sara"was played with some new lyrics {stevie flubbed a line and improvised}gold dust woman ,dreams ,b. child,rhiannon,stand back, tusk ,go your own way ,landslide and silver springs were played .no eyes of the world ,gypsy or say you will was played this time around.it seemed during "come" that it was potty break { i was side stage and could see from macs perspective ,cool, but i got alot of stevie backside}lindsey was a spaz,tossing his guitar on the stage after each number -no wonder they go out of tune man! he even started doing sit ups and push ups on stage while his gear was getting together during the show!red rover was played along with big love ,yeah the guitar was out of tune but hey its the kick off so i take it with a grain of salt.
David Marx
Well, I'm pretty exausted sitting here at the computer as I write these reviews, as I've just returned to Minneapolis from an allnight drive from Champaign Illinois having just attened both the Madison show Saturday evening, and Champaign last night. After seeing Fleetwood Mac 25 times in 2003, and being absolutely floored with their performances night after night, I wasnt sure if they could top that. Well, on Saturday evening in Madison they sure did!!!!!! First of all, the additions: I Know I'm Not Wrong and Sara get an A+ from me. I was thouroughly surprised that they did I know I'm not wrong, because during all of the gossip leading up to the beginning of the tour, I never once heard that song being discussed, and after hearing the band do it on Saturday, I was very impressed and feel that it will be an excellent addition to the set. Sara, well what can be said about that faboulous work of art. I've never heard Fleetwood Mac do that song live as I was too young to hear it during Tusk and Mirage, and I didnt see the Tango or Mask tours. Well I'm here to tell everynone that if Stevie didn't want to do it for all those years, she sure didnt show it in Madison. It was without a doubt a moment I will never forget, as Brett Tuggle stepped up to the keyboard and played the first notes we all know and love. Stevie absolutely put her heart and soul into it, no doubt. It was as if she said, "Well, I may not want to do this song, but that's what the fans wanted, so if I'm gonna do it, it's gonna be good." I would expect nothing less from Stevie, because she always puts her fans first!!!!!. The other additions of Destiny Rules, Red Rover, and Don't Let Me Down Again were good also. I was also satisfied with the dropping of Gypsy, Say You Will, Eyes Of The World, and Goodbye Baby, although they will have to find a more suitable final song than Don't Stop in my opinion. Well, onto the next night in Champaign. There really isnt too much to say about that show except I discovered that Assembly Hall, the arena Fleetwood Mac played in in Champaign, had NO AIR CONDITIONING!!!!!!!!!! It was so hot in that place, that I was sweating, and I was at the top of the arena with several rows open in front of me. I felt sorry for the band, especially Lindsey because I could tell that the heat was taking it's toll. I wonder if the fact that they dropped Dont Let Me Down Again as one of the encores had something to do with the heat? The show itself was very good. The band had less energy than the night beofre, but that was due to the combination of playing 2 nights in a row and performing in that heat. I certainly cant fault them for that!!!!! So it's on to Green Bay Wednesday night, and I will have a review of that show shortly after!!!!! Like Mick always says "THE MAC IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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