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5/28/04 Tweeter Center Mansfield, MA

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Jeff Penn and Sue Dion
Went to see FM in Boston-had tickets already for the upcoming Hartford Show but lucked into some comp tickets for the Boston Show, so we braved legendary Boston- Memorial-Day-traffic-to-the-Cape to get to the Tweeter Center. It had been pouring all day, and thankfully it let up about two hours before the show. This was our third time seeing Fleetwood Mac on the SYW tour so I was looking forward to seeing the changes in the line up and, as always, it is such a thrill to see them live. Before the show, we ran into Chris Nicks...he is very nice and always willing to chat. He said they were glad the rain had let up too ("we did a little rain dance..") and that Stevie had almost got pneumonia after the New Mexico show. Off we went into the arena, center section, about 20 rows back. The lights went down about 8:20 and we were off! Stevie and Lindsey came on stage, hand in hand-Stevie in black layered top, glittery black skirt, black gloves and a long black chiffon scarf like the Tusk days. Stevie wore various layers of scarves throughout the show, including the pink one she wore (I think) on the Today Show near the end during Don't Stop. It's cold here in New England. Stevie had her usual set up on her mike stand, but three red roses in a shamrock/triangle arrangement was a nice touch. You know the line up so I'll hit the highlights-Lindsey seemed a little subdued in the beginning and it sounded as if he might have had a cold or something going on, but he rose to the occasion as the night went on raising things to a fever pitch with Come, Big Love & Tusk. During Tusk, he went after John in the "mock attack" with his guitar, then banged on Mick's cymbals with the guitar, ripped out the cord, threw the guitar down, and "duked it out" with Stevie-fists in the air like a boxer practicing for a match. At the end, he came over to the audience in a crouched mock wrestler/body builder/cave man stance and backed away from the crowd into the darkness, all in fun. While I think both Stevie and Lindsey had to be a bit conservative with their voices-they were still powerful and I think they added a bit more to their physical performances and attention to the audience. Stevie was dead on the whole night with a lot of extra spins. The dance was back for Say You Will with crowd participation from those in the know; drama in Rhiannon with the black chiffon wings of old....she wraps them around her arms so only a bit of wisp hangs down until the intro before "dreams unwind" and she quickly unfurls them for mystical effect; she was clearly enjoying herself with Sara-out she came in a beautiful red shawl, red sequined barrette in her hair, and the black boots (I can appreciate why she goes for the Reeboks-after two hours standing in my platform boots, I was a hurtin' pup). She sang beautifully, and it was kind of an eerie/neat timespace thing at the end to see the old Tusk footage on the screen and Fleetwood Mac there live..like you (if you're old enough like me) flashback to 1979 yet you're also in the present-like at a class reunion. I also thought about FM and how it must feel for people to have this vision of the person you were 20+ years ago, and having to live up to that image. Kudos to them, because they certainly deliver! Other highlights: Stevie dedicates Landslide to us "because it's always been about you"-when she goes behind Lindsey and she's tapping on his shoulders, all you see are beautiful long, red nails; I think they should maybe break up the slow set of Landslide/Say Goodbye/Red Rover/Beautiful Child with something fast in-between-those less familiar with these songs left, and most people sat thru this set, albeit Beautiful Child was, as always, stirring. Gold Dust Woman was very dramatic...Stevie had put on a light colored shawl earlier, and then was wearing the yellow one for GDW-loved the yellow lights and the glittery water/sparkle effect on the screen---great performance with extra spins sprinkled throughout and a little kick thrown in for good measure. Instead of all the "runnin in the shadows" at the end, there was just Stevie singing "shadows, shadows, shadows". Standback is always one of the highlights-we got 16 spins in a row on that one-and boom-she just comes right to the mike and sings on cue and hits the "why don't you taaaaake-me-home"-perfect. Go Your Own Way-Lindsey lets the crowd play his guitar and both he and Stevie are reacting with the front row and both sides of the stage. Off we go, and back again with World Turning-and Mick is more of a mad-man tonight )"Are you still with MAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" Lindsay is banging on his guitar like a bongo, and Mick intro's the band...for "our birthday girl...Stevie Nicks" the crowd bangs on the chair backs and she's beaming. Black barrette at this point. They launch into Don't Stop and Goodbye Baby and bow; Mick telling us to remember two things: "take care of yourselves, and take care of each other because it's a crazy world out there" and Stevie shakes hands with the front row, while Lindsey signs autographs. An excellent show, but one little thing that drove me crazy: we were center section, and I would say from rows 14-22, there were whole sections of seats empty--big blocks of 10-14 seats, so that probably 25% of the section was empty. These were obviously comp seats for corporate accts because they were in huge, consecutive clusters, and sections behind us and on the sides were filled. I felt bad for fans who paid and could have gotten closer if those empty seat tickets had been available for them, and I felt bad for Fleetwood Mac because I would hate to see these huge pockets of empty seats if I was performing. I got a great view and had another memorable experience. Looking forward to Hartford!
Jim Mehigan
The started out great when my friend my sister and myself where taken to our seats. I had bought them thru the fan club and thought we good seats base on the floor plan shown online. When we got there we found out that the seats were better. (5th row) We settled into our seat and the show started. To say that the band was awesome would to understate the magic that was there. The band seems more relaxed and to be having more fun with everything they are doing. For me one of the highlights of the night was when Stevie came out in a red cape to do Sara with the video showing in the back round. But that being said the whole show was a highlight. When it was over it hard to believe that the time had gone by. And now here it is a week later and the rush when I tell someone how the show was or writing this review is still as if I just got back. In closing this out I wanted to thank the band for bring a little joy into this world and helping all of us to forget the craziness around us for a little while. ROCK ON
Liz Goodrich
There is always a sense of magic at a Fleetwood Mac show and this one was no exception. From the (now expected) opening notes of The Chain (what would a Mac show be without that dum dum dum dum before the lights come all the way up?) to the closing image of Goodbye Baby, I was able to bask in the talent of these four people who have taken so much time out of their lives to give back to us, the fans. The amount of effort The Mac gives to each and every show is evident and I, for one, am appreciative. I was in awe. Beautiful Child was beautiful and touching (it is probably my favorite song from the Tusk era) and I had tears in my eyes by the end. I was singing along with every word of every song. John McVie and Mick Fleetwood are still the backbone of the group, Mick with his vest (he just has way to much fun with that thing) and John with his quiet strength. It was evident with every note played and every word sung, these people lived every one of these songs. My one complaint was with the people behind us who insisted on complaining about us to the ushers who had to keep asking us to sit down (so we were one of the few people who were not on our feet for the whole show). But aside from that, this was a wonderful way to kick off the Memorial Day weekend. Thank you Fleetwood Mac!!
Kathleen Blevins-Piro
Well know I'm in heaven because I saw both FM in 2003/2004. Both concerts sets were great but a little different -- great for me and all the other who saw them perform before. Well I was very suprised the hear "SARA" being performed while seeing the performance I saw in 1979 Tust Tour. I was out of my mind --- along with my sister who was there with me to share this birthday experence with me. We are both Stevie and FM Fans since 1975. We, my sister and I were disappointed about not hearing the same songs I hear and saw performed but the ones they changed to were great too. Stevie's voice was sooo good, even after singing for more than a year straight. I loved her turling, the croud when wild for that and Stevie knew that and gave a a few turls. When she dedicated Landside to us I was so touch and so weren't the rest of the crowd. Stevie stills rocks!!!!!! Lindsey remains my favorite of he old songs like -- I'm So Afraid, World Turning, etc. Mick, well he is still Mick - didn't do his drum solo like he did last May 27, 2003 but he still was Mick, and now for John, well he still plays great bass and still stays in the shadows like always. I had a great time seeing them both in May 03/04 for my birthday. THEY STILL ROCK LIKE NO ONE ELSE!!!!!!!
Anonymously, Her Maine Man~
I traveled a little over three hundred miles to see None other than Stevie do what she does Best, that is to ENTERTAIN. It was apparent to all of us who is the driving force behind this long lived band. I was thankful to hear her dedicate landslide to all of us, the fans, it's all about reciprocity. I can only urge those of you who have not seen this Concert to see it. It give you a sense of time that you are in and have been a part of, and it doesn't matter if you are a first timer or if you were there from the beginning~ It Will leave you walking away singing Legend~ and she Will get you to dance. I was fortunate to have been in the Eighth row center stage from which I could see the light shoot diamonds from those beautiful dark eyes, ..they simply melted me. She holds the show, what else can I say, just go and experience it for yourself. In closing, I recall waiting for house lights to go out and her to hit the stage and one thought that went through my mind. If there ever was a time in history to live, these are the days. To those who dwelt in Babylon's hanging gardens, and Mesopotamia's many veiled powerful goddesses, the greatest entertainers of theatre in Ancient Greece, and others who have spent centuries of scratching the face of history, eat your heart out. They could have never compare to beauty and presence of Stevie Nicks, and I don't think the future will hold anyone that can take her place, ever.
Noreen Bisceglia
All I can say is, my 'Happy Place' is at a Fleetwood Mac concert. It was an awesome show, better than last year! I saw the Mac in Worcester, MA last May 2003 at the beginning of the tour, and I was in awe then; but they were better this time around. Stevie looks fabulous, her voice is better than ever, Lindsay got a few standing ovations, of which he righteously deserves, Mick, what can I say about him that has not been already said, and John, 'the quiet one', still right there. It was a treat to here 'Sara', and 'Beautiful Child', just as the old favorites, that I never get tired hearing, such as 'Gold Dust Woman', 'The Chain', and of course 'Rhiannon'. Can't forget the songs from 'Say You Will', sound just as good at the CD! I can't wait to get my copy of 'Live in Boston'. ROCK ON MAC!!, and thank you for a wonderful concert!!
One of life’s little dreams came true for me tonight. At the end of the concert Stevie was acknowledging fans and shaking hands as she was exiting. I was toward the end of the stage and I had a chance to get Stevie’s attention and I said, “Thank you for Sara, I love it.” She looked at me shook my hand and said, “You’re welcome” She then went over and waited for Mick to say his final comments. I about died. Sara is my favorite song and I really wanted to thank Stevie for singing it. After all these many years I never thought I would ever hear Sara live. The wonderful touch of video of Sara from the Tusk era just makes the song that much more compelling and magical. I just can not thank Stevie enough for how happy she has made this fan. The set list is the same, no Silver Springs. Stevie was, I thought, in excellent voice. She did not go for it in a big way at the end of Rhiannon but it still rocked. Stevie dedicated Landslide to us the audience saying, “It has always been for you.” I Know I’m Not Wrong is just a great concert song and I think Stevie is enjoying it as much as Lindsey is. Say you Will is fun with the hand movements and all. Stevie had very good energy tonight and was really enjoying herself. Say Goodbye has such beautiful harmonies and it’s my favorite new Lindsey tune. Stevie said that Beautiful Child was one of her very favorites and she’s so happy that the band wanted to do it now. Gold Dust Woman never ceases to amaze me. Stevie makes it seem new every time she sings it and that ‘shadooow’, ‘shadooow’ is haunting. She really held her pose at the end of the song for what seemed a longer time than usual. I’m So Afraid is a tour de force for Lindsey and remains my favorite of his older material. At the end of the song he looked over my way and pointed and nodded – sigh! For the Tusk dance when Stevie has her back to the audience Lindsey put both hands skyward. It was a cute variation to the thumbs up and other motions. Stand Back is a serious crowd pleaser and it completely took the house down – Stevie twirls and all!!! Stevie did several twirls during Sara and one other song that escapes me right now. I’m sure the fact that it is 1:20 AM has nothing to do with it. After World Turning Mick was introducing the band and when he came to Stevie he made mention of her birthday. Well let me tell you Stevie got such an ovation complete with loud ‘seat banging’. The applause just went on and on and on - Stevie was smiling and clearly very happy. I’m so pleased that Goodbye Baby is the closing song. It is so tender and warm. My night was truly memorable. I got a set list – the one on Lindsey’s side. I even had a chance to tell Cory Buckingham how much I love her ‘tour diary ‘. I told her she was so funny and to keep up the good work. This was a night to remember and a big thank you goes out to Mick, John, Lindsey and Stevie for making it all possible. Fleetwood Mac is a class act – committed to making sure their audience goes home knowing something special has just transpired between the band and their fans.
Sheree Henry
By nothing short of a miracle I was 4th row at the Tweeter Center Friday night. I did not have tix and my Angel Olga surprised me that day with 4th row seats !!! THANK YOU MY FRIEND!!! We were on Stevies side and saw every cape change, facial expression and twirl up close!!! The Mac was amazing, they rocked for 2 1/2 hours straight. Kept us on our feet singing and dancing with them, the whole time. I have never missed a Mac show and once again they did not disappoint. Stevie was incredible. And to finally see Sara LIVE was any Stevie fans dream....."all I ever wanted...was to know....that you were....dreeeaaaaamming...." WOW....it brought tears to my eyes. And they played the video from the Tusk tour on the big screen behind her as she sang...She did an amazing version of Stand Back, it was like she saved all her energy for that one song...Stevie & Lindseys chemistry onstage is still so cute.....play fighting and dancing and hugging...Lindsey was the guitar God....he still puts me in a trance watching him play. And Mick was the sick madman with the drum vest....He is crazy!!!! I just love his energy...and he introduced Stevie as "....the birthday girl...Miss Stephanie Nicks..." soooo cute!!! So.....what I am trying to say here is...if you haven't already got tix to this show...GET THEM NOW....DON"T MISS THE MAC!!!! Like Mick said to close the show..." THE MAC IS BACK" and he couldn't be more correct!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock on guys...we love YOU!!!!
The concert at the Tweeter Center was FANTASTIC! This was my third time seeing Fleetwood Mac on the Say You Will tour and again they were AWESOME. I was so happy that Stevie was feeling better. She looked and sounded great. The highlight of the night was when Stevie sang one of my favorites- Sara. She looked beautiful in her red shawl and I loved when they showed old concert footage of her singing it in the background. Lindsey sounded great and so didn't Mick and John. I'm so glad I went to see them again. Thanks FM for a wonderful night!
Evie Lane
If you could only go to one concert this summer, Fleetwood Mac is still the one to see! Stevie, Lindsey, Mick & John are still at the top of their game and, instead of resting on their laurels, they continue to create and produce exciting and meaningful new songs. From John McVie's distinctive opening chords of "The Chain", to the triumphant end of the show "Don't Stop"....this band has again reminded us what great rock and roll is all about. In an age where gimmicks such as "wardrobe malfunctions", "synthezied vocals", excessive set designs, and superfluous vapid dancers---- try to pass for real talent, Fleetwood Mac shows them and us what we've been missing! Solid songwriting, singing, and real rock and roll are the reasons why Fleetwood Mac remains simultaneously a classic rock band and currently a much needed breath of fresh air! The backbone of the band - Mick Fleetwood & John McVie- need no introduction. Yet their mere presence should never be taken for granted. All of the Mac's power eminates from them. Add to that the fireworks of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, and there is the recipe for excellence in a rock & roll band. The musical set ranged from 1975's "White Album" to the newest album "Say You Will". The band kicked into high gear on "Second Hand News" and never slowed down from there -- at least from where I was sitting (excuse me -- standing)! Especially powerful was Lindsey's prescient song "Peacekeeper". The beautiful harmonies and excellent composition of this song almost mask the poignant lyrics which now resonate with even greater meaning than when it was written (almost 2 years ago). Stevie emphatically added to Lindsey's powerful final stanza - "Take no prisoners, only kill..." with a simple sweep of her hand across the black banners attached to her microphone. As a loyal Fleetwood Mac fan since the Buckingham/Nicks era, I expect (and shamefully take for granted), that the classic great hits-- "Rhiannon, Dreams, Go Your Own Way, Gold Dust Woman, and Don't Stop" are included in the band's repertoire. They were all played with the Mac's greatest vigor & vitality that belie their age. But the band also dug deep into the Tusk album with Nicks' "Beautiful Child" and "Sara" -- both hauntingly beautiful gems. In a very effective artistic touch, the original video of "Sara" was simultaneously shown on the overhead video screens, while Stevie sang in one her trademark (red) shawls. The band rocked out on "Go Your Own Way", Don't Stop" and "Don't Let Me Down Again". Lindsey Buckingham was particularly outstanding! He is, quite simply, one of the best rock guitarists in the world today. As a Bostonian, he is the rock guitarist equivalent of Larry Bird....or Bobby Orr....or Ted Williams. I think you get the picture, but had you seen him wail on "Big Love", "I'm So Afraid" or "Come" and jam on "World Turning" and "Tusk", you would know exactly what I mean. Last but certainly not least, is the woman who truely is a goddess --- Stevie Nicks. I'm sure that at least half the audience came out to see her, as well as the chemistry which is so evident on stage between her and Lindsey. Yes, their off-stage romance may have ended years ago, but like a modern day rock & roll version of Spencer Tracy & Kate Hepburn, their onstage romance will live forever. They are two very different & independent souls, who somehow managed to fall hopelessly in love with each other.... When they look into each others eyes during "Landslide", or now during the newer classics "Say Goodbye" and "Goodbye Baby", everyone sees the same yearning for a long lost love. As Mick Fleetwood once said "Those two are forever." I think that most Mac fans deep down still want to believe in Stevie & Lindsey as soulmates, who somehow managed to miss each other. If that doesn't sum up the romantic tragedy & triumph of Fleetwood Mac, what else ever could?

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