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2/24/04 Rod Laver Arena Melbourne, Australia

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Kay Panna
Hello, review guru's - I was front row, yes, leaning on the stage immediately to Stevie's right inbetween two speakers at the Rod Laver Arena, on Feb 24. I sat in my front row seat, pinching myself, a long time dream come true. All those videos i have, my Rock a Little front row melbourne memories... And here i was again. It was an out of body experience standing so close, watching Stevie for like 2.5 hours at her feet... She performed beautifully, sang brilliantly and looked unbelievable! I was so sad that she did not connect with us in the front row, not like Stevie at all. She was so into her performance which was great, alas, that night lost the personal touch that made her the stevie we all know and love. I'm wondering if she has experienced a fan-scare??? Lindsay however totally reached out to us, hey, I even played his guitar on 'Go your own way' and another track, my head was spinning, i'm playing 'Go your own way with Lindsay Buckingham! Not too many fans can say that!!! It was a great show, however, our rock princess forgot her roots that night, like the fans who paid 200.00 to be front row with her and i am a broke university student. However, Lindsay stole the show and made it up to us! Thanks Lindsay, good to see you 'back where you belong...world turning....'
Totally AWESTRUCK is the word that best describes my reaction to the magnificent performance given by Fleetwood Mac at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne last Tuesday night! The Mac were totally awesome. It was without a doubt the best concert I have ever seen-and 'participated' in!! I was leaning against the stage staring right up at Lindsay, and he kept catching my eye and singing to ME!!! He then squatted down and let me and others around me strum his guitar. What a BUZZ!!! He was fantastic and so giving in his performance. Before he left the stage he came back and signed our tickets and programs and my hand!!! Lindsay ROCKS! He is the greatest, most talented guitar player ever. Stevie sang beautifully and brought a tear to my eye many times through the night, with a very emotional Rhiannon, Silver Springs and a raging version of Standback. There is a legend-and the legend is Stevie!!! I love you Stevie, this is the third time that I have seen you in concert but it was definitely the BEST!!!!

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