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6/29/03 Summerfest Milwaukee, WI

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Michael Guerra
I decided to get tickets at the last minute for the Fleetwood Mac show at Summerfest in Milwaukee because when tickets went on sale I was in the middle of dealing with the reconstruction of my house after a fire and really didn't have the money to go to a concert. I kept reading all the great reviews on the nicksfix and decided to just do it. I called for tickets and was lucky enough to get 2 in section 1. Not together mind you, but only 2 rows apart and on the isle. And very close to the stage. And thank God I was able to get them because they sold out not long after that. My sister came up from Illinois and we had the time of our lives. Me and my sister both agreed that this was the best Fleetwood Mac show we had ever seen. Both of us have loved FM and Stevie since we were little kids ( we are both in our 30s now) and it was just so cool to rock out with my big sister to Fleetwood Mac live and standing so close. I remember the 2 of us singing to all of those songs as kids. the band was just great, I cant put into words just how fantastic this show was. I am so glad that I threw caution to the wind and just went. It was Totally worth it. Thanks Fleetwood Mac for a wonderful Night that I will never forget.
Great show...great experience...great audience...great band...great night. This is how I felt attending this concert. Stevie looked fresh and ready to rock, Lindsey looked very energetic and ready for the night. My family had a great experience. Both my kids ( 9 and 6) were so excited about the show, and had a great time. The 9 years old is a big FAN. He sang along and danced all night. He knows every song old and new. He had such a good time that he wished they played an extra hour. His wish came true because a Rock-N-Roll station had an hour special on Fleetwood Mac when we're driving back home to Madison. Stevie and Lindsey sounded beautifully, and the crowd just went crazy when Stevie twirled. Mick solo performance cheered the crowd. This is a legendary band that knows how to give a live performance. Can't wait for their next album.
Alissa Gibson
Fleetwood Mac was better than I ever could have imagined. I have never seen them before and they were absolutely perfect. Lindsey is a maniac on that guitar. He deserved all of his standing ovations. I read a review from some critic in Milwaukee and he said the crowd got bored with the guitar solos. He is dead wrong. We were standing the whole time waiting for more. It was wonderful. Mick was killer on the drums, and of course John just sat behind and played away. Stevie was lovely. Beautiful Child was one of my favorites. It is one of my favorite songs so I am glad I got to see it live. Gold Dust Woman and Stand Back......amazing! From the first note on The Chain till the end a smile was spread upon my face. All of the classics were done perfectly, and the new songs were great. I love Say You Will the title track. It is a great catchy song and live it is wonderful. If you do not have tickets to a show go right now and get some. You will not be disappointed I can promise you that. I am going again in Kansas City I loved it so much. The whole night was amazing!
Ken Menominee
Hi guys, Just a short note about the summerfest show. It was AWESOME! of course. Stevie's twirling during Stand Back was soooo terrific....I've seen her do it many, many times but it's been quite a while since I've seen that much ENERGY in her perfomance... and something I did get to experience slightly off subject.... I was there with a friend named Faye...who is like 12 years younger than I am....and at one point I looked over at her...and saw the look in her eyes....like the total birth of a Stevie fan....and she kept talking about how incredible it was that she was pretty much in the same room as Stevie....and if she wanted to she could just...like, throw a football to stevie....and I personally remember, many, many years ago(1990) in the same exact place (behind the mask tour) thinking the same thing.....and i remember after that was when i REALLY moved into the realm of fanatic.......thought all you longtime stevie fans would probably know what I'm talking about.... peace.
The Milwaukee show was incredible, and I have to borrow a quote from Stevie to describe it. "It was as magic as it gets". I saw them a week before Milwaukee in St Paul and was completely blown away. I thought nothing could top it but Milwaukee did!!! It was like being in the church of Fleetwood Mac. Some of the special moments were when Stevie and Lindsey sang Landslide and the whole crowd sang along with them. There was magical energy floating in the air. Stand Back was so powerful, Lindsey's energy was amazing (and he played his guitar behind his head, very cool), and Mick blew the crowd away with his solo on world turning. John hung back in his usual spot, but you could still hear his killer base throughout the night. It was so nice to them all smiling and really enjoying the energy of the crowd. My friend who thought nothing could top Tom Petty walked out saying Fleetwood Mac was the best concert they had ever seen. Thank you Fleetwood Mac for an amazing, magical night I'll never forget!!! You are forever the greatest rock and roll band!!!
Russell Buchholz
Howdy Everyone!! I just got back from the Fleetwood show at Summerfest in Milwaukee and I must say INCREDIBLE!!! I saw Fleetwood Mac Friday night in Chicago and I never thought they could top that. BOY DID THEY PROVE ME WRONG!!!! Milwaukee Fleetwood Mac Fans really know how to show there appreciation, the screaming and cheering was deafening (I think I am now partially deaf!!!) The show was sold out and some of the high points were 1. Gold Dust Woman. I have seen Fleetwood Mac many times and have never heard that song performed as intensely as it was. 2. STAND BACK absolutely ROCKED!! Stevie twirled so hard I was afraid she was going to fall over!!!! 3. Landslide (All 24,000 people sang along and I swear to god it was like a religious experience!) At the end of the show Stevie sang Goodbye Baby and when it was over, both John and Lindsey were wiping tears away from there eyes. ( It was that good!!!) The only complaint I have about the show is that Lindsey seemed to be hogging the stage and there were far too many guitar solos! Instead of cutting out Destiny Rules and Running through the Garden which were performed at earlier shows, they should cut out some of Lindseys solos! Stevie on the other hand was extremely gracious to Lindsey actually stepping into the shadows when he was doing his parts. Stevie looked and sounded terrific and all of the band seemed to be having a great time!!! I guess all the old hostilities are gone. In closing, GO SEE THIS SHOW!! YOU WILL BE AMAZED!!!
Ellen G. Olinger
A wonderful concert at Summerfest in Milwaukee. For me, the art of Fleetwood Mac is about the universals. Love and hope and honesty and healing. There is so much to learn from them about the creative process. I've been contemplating the years and years of work behind this tour, and also the pure joy in their present performance. Hope there will be a concert video and/or live CD! Thank you, Stevie, for "Beautiful Child." I have always loved this song. From Psalm 131 (KJV): "Lord, my heart is not haughty, nor mine eyes lofty: neither do I exercise myself in great matters, or in things too high for me. Surely I have behaved and quieted myself, as a child that is weaned of his mother: my soul is even as a weaned child." With love and prayer for the rest of the tour, and beyond....
Karen and Jay
My husband and I were at the fleetwood mac concert sunday evening @ summerfest we drove from madison which was great we did not have travel to far and we thought the show was extremely awesome. I have been a fan forever of FM and Stevies solo career, my husband did not know what to expect from the show and he said he had a great time and the music was crisp and fresh. Lindsey had a great night with the solo's on the guitar he was manic which was great to see. The whole band early had a great time together on stage and that was great to see also. We were not at all disappointed with the show, it was well worth the money and the wait to see them. Stevie was beautiful and sounded awesome and i was in awe when she sang beautiful child which has been one of my favorite songs for years. Gold dust woman was out of this world and so was stand back, every song was out of this world. Micks drum vest solo was so cool and really had the crowd going. It was a night I will remember and cherish forever. Stevies back up singers did a wonderful job on beautiful child and with all the FM songs that were played. Lindsey was also very cute as he chased stevie during one of the songs and they seem to be great friends after all the years of knowing each other. If you have not seen the Say You Will tour you really need to go and have a great evening with fleetwood Mac. Thank you to Lindsey, Stevie, Mick and John for a great concert. My other favorite moment was when Stevie and Lindsey sang landslide togther, stevie went behind lindsey and put her hands on his shoulders when he was playing his part on the guitar and he was smiling and really liking that she was there by him. IT WAS A AWESOME NIGHT !!!!
Just would like to say my first Mac concert ever and i enjoyed every second of it. Had really great seats, and i could see there faces. I sang every song they played and loved the vibe that they gave to the huge crowd at the marcus amphitheater in Milwaukee, Wi. So thankyou, Stevie, Lindsey, Mick, and John and all the little people who made this concert happen.
The show last night in Milwaukee was AWESOME! It was my first Mac Concert and nothing has ever or will ever compare to the wonderful experience my friend and I had.The group looked as if they play and work together everyday.Stevie looked and sounded great! To hear her sing Rhiannon live is something I will never forget.Stevie is such a beautiful person and she certainly puts her life into her art and sharing that with the world is something special for all of us.Don't you think it is time for a rebirth of a Buckingham-Nicks album?

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