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5/14/04 AmSouth Amphitheater Nashville, TN

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Bill Williams/Leslea Shoemake
My best friend and I got lawn tickets for the show but we found a great location on the grass. We got our drinks and talked to some other fans about how excited we were! The stage got very dark and then everyone stared screaming when the band came out. They opened with The Chain and rocked out! Stevie Nicks looked so beautiful and had several roses tied around her mike stand. She talked to us all and told us how excited they were to be in Nashville again. They played several of their biggest hits including "Rhiannon," "Dreams," "Peacekeeper," "Say You Will," "Sara," and many more. Towards the end of the concert it started raining very hard and we felt like we should leave before it got worse. As we were leaving, they stared playing "Silver Springs" and it was the perfect song to end the night with. It was of the best times I've ever had in my life. Hopefully, I will catch them again if they ever come to Nashville or Knoxville again. I love Fleetwood Mac's music and Stevie Nicks is the best!
Paula Pearson
We saw Fleetwood Mac concert in Nashville last year and had tickets for the Memphis concert that was cancelled last year. And then we saw them last week again in Nashville. We were worried it wouldn't be the same, maybe even not as good as the last time..But were we surprised. The concert this year was awesome, even better if possible than last year. We were excited from the opening song to the very last song. I cried, screamed, sang with them, until I could barely talk at all. My husband asked me why I always did that because I always loose my voice for a little while. I don't care. I would love to see them again. The feeling we saw in their music when Stevie and Lindsay sang to each other and the actions the put into the songs were exciting and we could tell how excited and happy they were to be on stage singing their hearts out. Lindsay put on a show, I don't know what vitamins he is on, but I want some.. They are all in such great shape and health , they put on the best concert. John is always the same, quiet and shy, but Mick was a wild man, puting on a show to remember. He was great!!!!!!!!!! Stevie looks like she has lost some weight and has that spring back in her step, and her turning and dancing back.. She was fantastic...When Lindsay was dancing around and trying to get her to fight and dance with him you can see they still care deeply about each other and probably always will....A fan from Risco. Mo.
As the sun goes down on a breezy, rainy, and misty night in Nashville TN. The stage is set for a magical night. Mick and John come out. The crowd is ready for what will become an incredible night. Lindsey and Stevie come out holding hands.Wow! how beautiful she is! She is wearing long black gloves and a black scarf around her neck.Stevie has on her gold half moon necklace on that I have not seen her wear in a Awhile.She is so very playful.Stevie is ready to give us what we wanted.Her magic,her heart and her inspiration. Stevie came to the microphone and said ''She loves to come to Nashville because it is the city of dreams.'' The crowd was very happy to hear that.Her hair is so very blonde with bangs .It was like angel hair it was so beautiful. Stevie had on a pretty black dress that was sparkling in the wind and light.Her ribbons and streamers on her microphone were twisting through her fingers during every song. On the first song Stevie was playing her tambourine like crazy.I don't remember the Chain.I 'me not sure what the first song was but I don't think it was the Chain.I was so Stevie Struck.All I remember was that she was really playing that tambourine and very cheerful and playful.She was just so beautiful to look at.DREAMS was the next song which is just one of my favorite songs.When Stevie sang SARA she came out wearing a gorgeous red shawl.She had her hair pulled back on her left side with a beautiful sparkling hair clasp in her hair.She also had pretty gold long earrings on.Stevie was just simply breathtaking! RHIANNON was very powerful and sang a little different.She was very in to it, spinning around and around,I loved every minute of it! GOLDDUST WOMAN --gold shawl of course .She sang the end a little different,it was cool.She went into her spin like she always does and then she stood there with her back to us and started to bend back very slowly.It was like she just kept on bending back,It was cool, had to be there!STANDBACK was great, I was so happy.I was having so much fun! It had to be the best FM concert that I have ever gone to.7th row, which felt like third row the way the seats were and then I had moved up closer to the stage, which was about 2nd or 3rd row.Thank you FanClub--------Great Seats! It was raining all around us but we did not get wet because our seats were covered.Many people got very wet that night.I'm sure it was a mess for them. After Lindsey and Stevie sang LANDSLIDE they gave each other a big hug .I think that was the time that I saw Lindsey point to someone in the audience and he told Stevie ''look'' and she waved at them. If you are thinking that this show is the same as last year , well it is not. It was allot different. Last year the show seemed to be all about Lindsey.This time it is about the both of them, which I was very pleased with.Lindsey was great! John was great and Mick was great! Almost the end of the show Stevie was standing on the other side of the stage ,She was looking in my direction and I gave her the I love you sign with my hand and she smiled at me and then walked over to my side.I did it again and she smiled at me again.I was like so happy! Later she walked back to my side of the stage again and looked at me and I said I LOVEYOU! and pointed my finger at her and she smiled at me again.I did it to Lindsey one time and he looked at me playing his guitar so amusingly . I was like so close to them I was in shock. All that I ever wanted was for Stevie to know how much I really do love her and that I knew that she was going to be with me the rest of my life when I heard her voice a long time ago (1975) Thank you Fleetwood Mac for a wonderful night that I will never forget. When Stevie was saying her last goodbye's to everyone there was a girl that wanted Stevie to shake her hand and Stevie said ''I can't do that'', Then Stevie walked over and with both hands and touched her hands. I t was just so heartwarming of Stevie to do.She loves her fans dearly. We love you Stevie,Mick Lindsey and John.Please come to see us soon! I can't wait to buy the DVD Live in Boston.Then I can see the show any time I want.
Mariela & Farrin
This night was pure magic...about as magical as it gets! We (my girlfriend and I) finally got around to purchasing 3rd row seats about a week before the show. We cancelled our 4th row center tickets and almost bought 1st or 2nd row from a local broker. Well I am glad that we stuck with the 3rd row. Our 3rd row Stevie-side seats turned out in our opinion, the best "seats" in the house! We didn't sit the entire time. The security at Starwood was probably the coolest that we have encountered yet. They told us that the first 3 rows could stand at the stage! So after hearing some guys behind us in the 4th row bribe the security guy so that they could rush the stage-- we bolted toward the front and stood at the stage probably 2feet to the left of Stevie's mic the whole time kind of off to ourselves. The show was awesome needless to say. The highlights for us though, were definitely Stevie's cape changes, about 5 or 6(at one point she got "dressed" right in front of us--since we were sort of off to the side) Hearing Stevie sing Sara live was so incredible. She wore a red cape and they played the Sara video on the back wall. Rhiannon was also great. Stevie changed into her Rumours-esque flowy sleaves and put us all under her spell. Stand Back and Gold Dust Woman as always were a total blast. It is so fun to see Stevie really getting into it with her kicks and all! It was great hearing the old hits but we have to admit that we were really disappointed that Destiny Rules was cut again. The band was really great though. Mick's drum suit solo was a blast during World Turning and he really tried to rial us up. I, we, screamed so hard that I gagged at 2points but it was totally worth it!!!! The absolute cherry on top of the evening, though, was when after tearin it up with Stand Back that Stevie headed toward our side of the stage and looked directly at me and then looked at Farrin and smiled at us and waved her tambourine at us!!!! We will never forget this night... it was definitely the time of our lives.
The Nashville, Tn. Fleetwood Mac show on Friday, May 14, 2004 was the 3rd time I had the privilege of seeing my heroes in concert. We were fortunate enough to be in the 8th row this time around and the seats were awesome! From the opening bass drum beats of "The Chain" to the new stuff ("Say You Will", "Come", and "Red Rover"), to the unexpected but welcome surprise of "Sara", the show was one of the best I've seen yet. The pouring rain did not drown the enthusiasm of the crowd or the energy of the band. Stevie looked incredible and her voice was flawless. Lindsey, as always, was fired up and wowed us all with his endless energy and talent. John was quiet as always but had he not been there we surely would have noticed. Mick once again dawned his red shoes and this time a red top hat and proved yet again why he is one of the best drummers around. All in all the experience was unforgettable. And as Mick so rightly said before leaving the stage for the last time, "The 'Mac' is back!".
To start, let me just say that the concert was just amazing! Starting from the beginning----my friend and I traveled four hours to Nashville, TN, and it rained on us off and on most of the trip over. I was extremely worried about the fact that Amsouth/Starwood Amphitheater is an outdoor venue, and of course, as luck would have it---forecast was rain. Anyway, we dropped off our stuff at one of my friend's house (who luckily lives a mile from Amsouth). We freshened up, and we made our way to the show about 7:00 p.m. I hadn't started to rain yet (still saying a prayer), but it looked terrible----super, dark clouds, wind blowing, etc. We managed to purchase our Mac gear, and about the time we got to our seats (My friend and I had seats 5 and 6 on the front row on Lindsey's side.), it started to pour. At least, everyone was in the dry except for the poor people who had grass seats. I have seen several concerts at this venue before, but I had forgotten about the stage! I love the stage at Amsouth, it is smaller than most stages, so the band is closer together, not so spread apart, so you can really see them well no matter your location, which is awesome! Stevie's mic was decorated with the usual----black streamers, iridescent beads, and two, red roses. Her mic was closer to Lindsey's mic than usual, which meant we would be able to see her better from our seats than last time. I was thrilled! Our seats were right in front of Lindsey's mic. I don't know how, but I had the same exact seats in Nashville this time, as I did in Knoxville last year. What are the chances!? Therefore, I was hoping for a lot of Lindsey interaction again. My friend insisted that I make a sign that said "Remember me from Knoxville---same seats." She talked me into it, but I wasn't sure I had the courage to hold it up. To make this shorter, because I could ramble on forever here (As you can see). I'm going to start discussing the major events of my evening and highlights of the show. Otherwise, we'll never get to the finish of this. I'm Mac crazy right now! As usual, the lights went down, and Mick and John entered the stage. Mick had on his usual vest, black, striped, velvet pants, etc. John had on his usual--white, paperboy hat, button down shirt, etc. Mick was being his usual, goofy self. He yelled at the crowd, and made some crazy faces. It was funny. John just kind of laughs at him and went straight to his position. Next, Lindsey and Stevie entered the stage holding hands and smiling. Lindsey wore his same white, button down shirt with pockets, grayish jeans, etc. Stevie's outfit was a tiny bit different from last time. She wore a short, black jacket with lacy-like sleeves and black, pointed, shiny, buttons, but the same velvet, leaf covered, black skirt with black bustiers with lace trim, and her black, platform, Rebook shoes. They stepped up to their position too. Then, they started to play "The Chain." It rocked as usual! The band seemed to really be energetic and ready to go. This continued to be a theme for the rest of the night, which was cool! Then, Stevie said, "Nashville, the City of Dreams, welcome!" Next, they played "Dreams." During "Dreams," while Lindsey was only playing and not having to sing harmony, I held up the sign that I made. He read it and said, "Yes, I do," and he pointed to the place where I stood in Knoxville around his mic (Tonight I was on the left; in Knoxville I was on the right.). I started to laugh---(1)I couldn't believe he actually remembered me, and (2) I was embarrassed that I actually got up the nerve to hold up the sign. Then, he got tickled too, and it was time for him to sing harmony, and he laughed into the mic. (I hope someone recorded this show!!!) "Dreams" was as beautiful, as always. They played "I Know I'm Not Wrong" next. I felt like this was the highlight of the show. They really rocked out on this song. It was upbeat and different. I thought that it got a really good, crowd response! People really liked it, even if they weren't sure of the words. Then, they played "Second Hand News." The crowd, as always, was really into this song. Everyone was dancing around and singing along. There was a lot of crowd involvement during this song. Then, Stevie made a nice speech about the fans and continuing to support the band. She also said some really nice things about Nashville and its music legacy. Very classy! Next, I was expecting "Destiny Rules," but instead they played "Say You Will." I mean I love "Say You Will," but I wanted to hear "Destiny Rules!" That was one of the few set changes they made, and they dropped it! I don't understand why. I bet "Destiny Rules" would be wonderful live. Anyway, I don't remember a lot about this version of "Say You Will," because I was too busy bitching to my friend about the change. Rhiannon was amazing, real mojo!!!!!!!! Stevie was so into it!!!! She was really howling!!! She stomped around, threw her head around, just generally kicked butt! This version of Rhiannon was better than I remember from last year. WOW! Lindsey's version of "Come" was just amazing too!!!!!!!!!!! He sang to some women in the audience (of course), and pointed at them during different parts of the song. I was lucky enough to be one of them! The guitar solo at the end-------one word----------AMAZING!!!!!!!!! He played and pounded and went from one end of the stage to the other. Then at the end of the song, he took off the guitar and slid it across the stage. He was a little Pete Townsend-like all night-----Hitting the guitar on the stage, swinging it around, etc. When he came back to his mic, I told him that it was amazing, and he thanked me. Next was "Sara." It was such a highlight. Stevie went and changed during "Come." During "Sara," she came out in a red, silk, beaded shawl; red, jeweled, butterfly barrettes; and her platform boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She looked amazing, and the song was as amazing as she looked. Just beautiful! I'm so glad that they decided to do it. It was a true highlight of the show. "Red Rover" was really cool. I love the fact that Mick and Taku came out and sat on these boxes, and they used the boxes to make the beat. Taku also play this "shaker" device as well. Really neat! "Beautiful Child" was again a highlight. Stevie sounds beautiful, and she sang the ending she added on the last leg of the previous tour----"I still love you, etc." "Gold Dust Woman" was cool, as usual. Stevie wore a beautiful gold shawl during this song. She seems to really be feeling the words tonight. She really was into it all night. Just really high energy, emotion poured into her lyrics, dancing around, etc. I think her back must be feeling better. Lindsey really did an amazing job on "I'm So Afraid!" He really played it---heart and soul. He also worked the stage a lot during this song. He played a long solo, and he played a long time on each side of the stage (which was cool for everyone). During "Tusk," Lindsey and Stevie got playful. They did their "pretend fighting thing." Then, they ended up hugging and dancing together. So sweet and cute! "Stand Back" blew everyone away. It was so high energy, and Stevie was dancing, throwing her head, and doing her signature twirling in her black and gold shawl! Woo Hoo!!!!! During "Go Your Own Way," (like he did last year), Lindsey got down on the speakers on both sides and let us touch him and his guitar. He did it on both sides of the stage too. I thought that was really nice that he did that again. They played "World Turning." This was a highlight------really upbeat and fun. Stevie played her tambourine, and ran around shaking it playful in front of different members of the band. Mick's drum solo was interesting, as always. Does anyone know what he is saying during all that? Then, they ended with "Goodbye Baby"---beautiful and "Don't Stop." I was hoping maybe they would change their minds about "Don't Let Me Down Again." I would kill to hear that in concert! At the very end, before they left for good, Stevie thanked everyone for coming again. She waved and blew kisses to the crowd. Lindsey signed autographs for a few fans on the front. I got his attention, and he signed my Lindsey, Go Insane, album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!! Overall, the band was in their finest hour! The crowd had a great time, despite the rain. Stevie's voice was especially clear and beautiful. She had lots of energy, and she seemed to have a whole lot of fun. She danced a lot and poured lots of emotion into the songs. She looked beautiful! Lindsey's voice sounded wonderful as well. Of course, he looked handsome as usual! He did just some mind-blowing guitar work! I'm always amazed at how awesome a guitar player he really is!!!!! Finger picking all those songs is truly amazing to watch. He is so underrated as a guitarist!!!!!!!!! That really upsets me. Also, Lindsey had a lot of crowd interaction as usual. Talked to me and several other fans off and on during the night. He sang to me and other fans and made face throughout the night (Of course, I sang, talked, and made faces back). It is so great to see an artist who appreciates his fans like he does! Stevie, Lindsey, and Mick just seemed to have boundless energy. John was just his usual self, laid back and doing a great job of playing bass. The whole band is just the best performers around, in my humble opinion. All I can say is "OMG!" You guys have a lot to look forward to on this tour!
Last nights show was truly amazing. It was my 5th show in a year and I must say that it was by far my favorite! Stevie looked beautiful and her voice seemed to get stronger as the night went on. This band loves to perform and no one that has or will see a show can deny that. The rain didn't even break the amazing chemistry between the band and the audience. The crowd was so into the show even while sitting in the rain. I cannot begin to explain how excited I was to hear "Sara". That was the highlight of my night. I'm sad that this will be the last show I see of this tour but what an amazing experience!!!
Jerry P.
I attended the concert at the Starwood on May 14, 2004. It was a return to Nashville for me as I was also at the 2003 concert in Nashville. One word comes to me as I think about the performance this year....WOW. It was absolutely the best concert I have ever attended, and I have seen a lot of performers over the years. The entire group seemed to have a whole new energy and a wonderful connection with each other. Stevie was totally at her best. The body language and hand gestures were superb, especially during "Say You Will". She had the audience glued to her every word and movement. Truly a wonderful performance by a wonderful entertainer. Lindsey was awesome, with lots of energy and style. He perormed flawlessly and his quitar skills were never more polished. Mick was, as usual, the best drummer ever and his solo drum routine with the vest pads was classic and true Mick at his best. John also performed flawlessly, his skills on bass guitar are unchallenged. Mick made a statement at the end that "the Mac is back". To me the Mac was always back. They are and have always been my favorite. Bravo to you all and may you always be on stage entertaining those of us who think you are number one, now, then and always. Thank you for another unforgetable evening.
Coleen and Gregg
My husband and I drove to Nashville,Tn., for the Friday (May 14, 2004) concert. We took raingear, as we had heard it might be rainy. We arrived at the gate at 4:45pm, and sure enough, it started pouring. I really had no need to worry, because as soon as we got into the Venue, we discovered our seats we under cover. It really would not have mattered, because Fleetwood Mac was on Fire! Mick came out, followed by John, then Lindsey and Stevie. They had the crowd on its feet from the getgo! Lindsey was red hot on his guitar, Stevie was magnificent in voice and wardrobe. Mick was powerful, as was John, holding down the the legendary foundation, of what Fleetwood Mac is. They played their hearts out, and the crowd could not get enough of them. We were seven rows back, (thank-you Fleetwood Mac Fan Club!) and it was a great view. I could see Stevie's beautiful face smiling at everyone, Lindsey was all over the stage, playing his very heart and soul out. Then their was Mick, absolutely awesome on drums, and of course John. He is always the quietest, but not one concert would be possible without him, always playing super and perfect! One moment in the concert sticks out in my mind as extremely cool, (one of many) as Stevie was shaking her tamborine in time with Taku's perfect druming. She looked as though she was having the time of her life, just like me and my wonderful husband were! This was not the first Say You Will concert we have been to, having been to 3 last year. Let me tell you this though, even the rain, which by the way was pouring down, could not put a damper on this wonderful Concert! Thank-You Fleetwood for a wonderful night! Now come on to the big ATlANTA, where we will see you guys in the first 3 rows! I can't wait, because as Mick says at the end of every concert, "The Mac is back", and as I say FLEETWOOD MAC FOREVER PLAY ON!

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