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5/31/03 Gaylord Entertainment Center Nashville, TN

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Tara Roberts
I have never been able to go to a FM concert but I got to go to this one. Rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it. It was wonderful. Stevies voice was awesome and she is beautiful. I wish I could have gotten a little closer but the sound was awesome anyway. I will go again if they come closer that the eight hour drive to Nashville from Lynchburg,VA. I just want to say I love your music Stevie and Fleetwood Mac as well. Keep Rocking out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been to many concerts, but I have never been touched so deeply as I was at the FM Nashville concert! I have to say that Lindsey was incredible. We were in the 11th row,center of the floor, and had an amazing view of the stage. "I'm so Afraid" was the highlight for me, and Lindsey put everything he had into it. There was electricity flowing through everyone the whole night! I tried so hard to get Lindsey to wave at me, and he finally did! :-) The interaction with the crowd was AMAZING! You can't help but get lost in the music. Now, everytime I listen to the Peacekeeper album, I literally get chills. Don't hesitate to see them live!!!! It's well worth the money!!!! :-D
My wife and had the best experince at this concert ... you see it was really specail in two ways (it was the 1st cocert she had been to and she is 45 ) 2nd I missed the chance to see Fleetwood Mac back in the 70's I dont know why i never went to see them because i loved their music and style . Well all that was taken care of in Nashville @ the G.E.C .. The show was lil late getting started , But when they did start WOW !!!! Ihave been to many concerts before AC /DC Jon Kay & Steppenwolf Ratt Aerosmith REO Sabbath Head East and it goes on and on ... but FM rocked to the max .... I had more fun at this concert then all the others combined .. I am 44 and it made me feel a lil of my youth again ... Stevie Nicks is just terrific !! I cant say anything else ... LB WOW he played his heart out for Nashville . I hope that Nashville rocked FM as much as FM rocked Nashville. We had great seating up in the 2nd row right off the floor , had GREAT VEIW with or without the bigscreen TVs . I just want to take this time to say to the whole BAND in a southern way YALL ROCKED DA HOUSE DOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND YALL COME BACK YA HEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Fleetwood Mac concert in Nashville was definately the best show that I have ever seen in my life. I was 9 when I fell in love with Stevie's "Rock a Little" album. Then, I was turned on to Fleetwood Mac with their "Tango in the Night" album at age 13. I am 29 now so considering the time frame, this was my first chance to see Fleetwood Mac perform together. Lindsey, Mick, John, and Stevie were absolutely incredible! My husband and I drove from Eads, Tn (about 25 miles from Memphis). Stevie Nicks voice blew me away more than ever. I have NEVER heard anyone sound better live, than they do on recordings. Stevie has a wonderful God given talent for performing. It was neat to see how the band works together so well. Before "Peacekeeper" Lindsey said "When love is gone ,and justice is gone, you have nothing left to use, but force." That really hit my heart, the truth behind that statement and the words to the song. During Rhiannon Stevie loudly sang "Would you even try? Would you even try?--I don't think you do...." as she looked away from Lindsey. During "Landslide" Stevie really grinned while she sang "Yes, I'm getting older too........." followed by a kiss from Lindsey. Old or Young, Fleetwood Mac has nothing to worry about. With this band, I believe they are like a fine wine--better and better with age. They all looked great and I am glad that Mick still has and wears his "balls." I was very impressed by the reasonable prices of the merchandise for sale. I got two very cool Fleetwood Mac shirts. The selection was great. I am glad to hear that they plan to add another leg to the tour. Hopefully they will swing through the mid south again. I'll be there!!!!!! The highlight of my night was getting a smile from Stevie after I threw a t-shirt that I bought in NYC to her. One of the stage crew guys got it, but I hope they gave it to her when she got backstage. It had a "Tribute in lights" of the World Trade Centers on it. I did wish that they would have added "Illume" to the list-maybe next time. THANK YOU FLEETWOOD MAC for a great night.
Brittany Lawrence
OMG!!! Here I am, back in Brandon, MS, still in a daze from saturday night. I am 16 years old, and the BIGGEST STEVIE FAN!! I convinced my aunt to drive me 500 miles to Nashville so i could see Fleetwood Mac for the first time, and it was amazing, enchanted, awesome, everything!! Stevie rocked the place, and it was worth every penny plus some for the awesome seats i had. Of course I dressed up like Stevie and i looked for other people but there were only a few that i saw. they went throught our purses at the door and took one of my cameras but i was able to sneak in another!! By the time the show started i was shaking! It was unlike anything i have every witnessed in my life! lindsey is a guitar god!! i have never seen anyone play like that!! stevie just left me speechless, i have no idea how to describe her in words! i had tears in my eyes during beautiful child and goodbye baby. The chemistry between her and lindsey is just amazing -- they should be together -- and i was mesmerized when i got to see them enteract live. when they came out holding hands i just thought i was going to burst! Stand Back was amazing!! stevie totally rocked! gold dust woman was awesome with the pose at the end. i couldnt help but to watch stevie during the time when the spotlight was off of her and she was watching lindsey - she had her eyes closed and she was playing air guitar and swaying to the music like it was just taking her back to when they were together!! she is gorgeous!! everyone was jumping up and down to the part in second hand news -- it was great! Everyone was on their feet dancing and screaming in dont stop and rhiannon, and you could hear everyone singing to landslide -- stevie looks so cute when she smiles and shrugs - im getting older too. when she said "keep writing those songs!" i felt like she was talking straight to me because i love to write but i get frustrated because they never really get heard. again this doesnt even beging to express how i felt - and still feel, it cant be put into words. but thank you stevie and fleetwood mac for the best nite ever - the expirience of a lifetime - and i will certainly be there for the next tour -- no matter how far i have to drive from my hometown in mississippi!!
Jerry Pearson
I have never been so entertained in my life. I was just blown away with the entire concert. From the opening "chain" to the last song of the second encore "goodbye baby" i was singing along and standing and yelling and having the time of my life. The fans around me, my wife and I were all high fiving each other and just got totally into the concert experience. I have been a Mac fan for many years and this was an evening to remember. I know now, that any concerts I go to by other artists will pale in comparison. I have seen and heard the best now. Thank you Fleetwood Mac for a great evening and I hope you and your music go on forever.
Michael Howe
I agree with everyone else and would like to say, Fleetwood Mac RULES! There is no one that even comes close to this band full of talent. Linsey blew me away and Stevie is the best ever, Mick is too cool, and John hiding back out of the lights is the most awesome bassplayer I have ever heard. If you have never experienced seeing them live, then you have never been entertained before. GO SEE THEM NOW!
Troy Hash
My wife & I drove for 2 1/2 hours to get there, but it was defiantly worth the drive. They are simply amazing!! They are better than they were on The Dance tour. Christine was missed, but the rest of the band more than made up for her. John & Mick, they were their wonderful selves as always, laying the foundation and sound for Stevie & Lindsey to do their things. Lindsey is just an incredible guitarist, maybe the most underrated of any musician anywhere! Stevie, well there isn't much else to say that hasn't been said a thousand times before, she is truly awesome!! Her voice is better than ever! The entire group was extremely lively and energetic from the start. I thought the instrument volume was just a touch to loud and the vocals could have been a touch louder, but it was a wonderful concert. Any & all Fleetwood Mac fans would have been truly blessed to have been in Nashville. I loved most of the set list, but would have loved to have heard Destiny Rules, Sisters of the Moon and Seven Wonders, but maybe I can catch that the next time around. Can't wait!!! God Bless Fleetwood Mac!!
I must admit my dismay over Fleetwood Mac not coming to Houston or New Orleans. My grandmother told me to pack up and come to the farm for a few days. She said Nashville was "directly" by her :) which meant 3 hours away. I loved this weekend. I can tell you the concert was one of the best I have seen. I think every time I see Stevie (even in the rain) its the best I have seen. I want to say thank you to those "gypsys that remain"...You know the beautiful women fans that dressed in shawls and tophats...Believe it or not, it wouldnt be a Fleetwood Mac event without you...I can rave on and on about Mick and Lindsy, the energy level and pure charisma that pumped from them. My main focus to is tell you that Stevie is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Her voice was gorgous...Her focus was beyond belief....She is still magic...The chills still came...My heart still went crazy....Thank you Fleetwood Mac for not letting me down...Thank you Stevie for the shawls, ribbons, the voice of an angle, and the magic that only you can provide... all my love...
Sara Mourglea
It's the day after the concert, and I'm still completely floored by it. We drove down to the Bi-Lo Center from Hickory, NC and it was well worth the trip! I'd gladly do it all over again!! I was lucky enough to get three seats on the sixth row in the middle, how I managed I'll never know, but it was one of the most wonderful nights of my life. Our seats were directly in front of Stevie's mic and let me just say she still has it. Her vocals were wonderful and she never missed a beat! The magic of the group on the stage was just awe-inspiring. To see Lindsay and Stevie play around was great, and there was even that moment where she put her arms around his neck while he was playing that was so endearing. Their chemistry is just magical. Lindsay's guitar playing completely blew me away, though. This was my first time seeing them in concert, and I was just amazed. He can tear it up on the guitar! It was wonderful!! Mick definitely has great stage presence, too. You can just tell he loves being up there and knocking out some beats! He rocked, and I'm glad he still has his ponytail! John was great too, but he tends to hide out in his little spot.that's okay though because we still love him too!! ;) Needless to say, there really aren't any perfect words to describe what the concert was. I can think of a million, but none really fit. If you go see them, you'll understand why! It's simply monumental and from the first beat of "The Chain" until the very end of the show you're riveted in the world of Fleetwood Mac!
Michael Barber
I went to the Fleetwood Mac show at the Gaylord Entertainment Center in Nashville on 5/31 and now, a full 2 days later, I am still in awe! I had seats on the floor and never one time did I sit down....nor did anyone else on the floor for that matter. The show overall was outstanding. Stevie looked beautiful and Lindsey has never sounded or played better. Mick was quite entertaining through the whole show but really shined on World Turning! I love Stevie and her music and she did what she does best. She rocked! Rhiannon brought the crowd to a frenzy, as did Dreams, but on Gold Dust Woman and Stand Back I thought the walls were coming down!! The crowd was so into her and she looked so intense it was unreal! During Good-bye Baby I saw one fan sitting in front of me with tears streaming down her cheeks, it was just that good! Lindsey absolutely blew me away! He looked better and sounded and played better than ever before. He truly looked like he was enjoying every moment up on that stage. With a few sly smiles to Stevie through the night and the occasional wave to a member in the audience he held the almost capacity crowd in his hand and did not let go until he walked off the stage. He was as always the master of the guitar and really showed his talents on numerous songs as Go Your Own Way and I'm So Afraid but he totally rocked on Come! I just stood there watching as this man in his mid 50's ran back and forth across that stage like most men in their 20's could not do. His energy and intensity knew no boundaries. This is one very satisfied fan--atic!
Barbara Dunn
Well what could I possibly say about last night but WOW!!!!!!! It by far was the most magical wonderful night I have ever experienced. My husband bought us tickets for our 24th wedding anniversary. It was the most wonderful present I could ever get because I've wanted to see Fleedwood Mac for years. When they took the stage my heart skipped a beat. Stevie was just glowing. Her voice was mesmerizing. When she sang Landslide the whole audience was singing along. On Stand Back she twirled around the stage in complete grace. Lindsey's guitar playing was stunning. He has so much talent but to see him perform live brings a whole new meaning to it. I loved the hug and kiss after Landslide. I was kinda dippapointed when Mick didn't play his drum vest but on the oncore here he came. He is an awsome drummer and know one in the house was sitting. After three oncores I hated that the night had to end. I wish they would make a video of the tour. If they were coming back somewhere close I would definitely go back to see them!!!!!!!! Thanks Fleetwood Mac for a GREAT night I'll never forget!!
In a word: WOW! The Mac rocked the Gaylord Entertainment Center in Nashville for over 2 hours and pleased the crowd in every way. I took my 12-year-old son who has an appreciation for the band, and he commented early on, "Stevie looks good tonight!" And she did; they all did. The song set included "Second Hand News" instead of "Running Through the Garden." I thought that was a good change, and the crowd roared with approval, too. The harmonizing acappella at the conclusion of the song "Say You Will" was beautiful (and Reprise needs to get that single out TODAY). Of course "Silver Springs" and "Beautiful Child" were well received. Mick was quite entertaining. There is nothing fake about the man while he is on stage; he is just there to have a great time. Buckingham was great from start to finish. I was most impressed with their non-stop energy; they could've played another hour or so easily. I only wish I could have been closer. The sound from the "nose bleed section" is not the best. However, the video screens do help out tremendously. If you are going to an upcoming concert, I suggest you pay the extra money and be totally satisfied. Thanks, guys and gal, for a wonderful Evening with Fleetwood Mac.
Paula Pearson
My husband has always been a Fleetwood and Stevie fan, but after coming away from the Nashville, Tn. concert I am a fan also.. I knew it would be good, but not awsome. It was beyond words. We were overwhelmed. The concert was almost 3 hrs. long and they were called back by demand twice. They sang 3 more songs both times. The crowd was wild the entire concert, on their feet, singing along every song, screaming in delight, crying with joy, high-5 everywhere.Stevie was in form. Lindsey was wind and crazy and fantasic. But when Mic came out and started his drum solo, then got the bongo drum and his drum pads going that were on his vest. He went on for at least 15 min. He was great and wild and crazy and amazing . This was my first fleetwood concert and I can see why people want to see them more than once..and not knowing if they will every tour again leaves you wanting to see them even more. I still can't get over how the crowd related to them and how they received the energy to keep up the pace they had for that lengh of time...I am now a die hard fan..We were celebrating our 33rd wedding ann. and what a way to celebrate. I will never forget this experience, and no other concerts will ever be able to top the Nashville concert for me.
Samantha Kate
First of all, Stevie is absolutely gorgeous. Not that there was a shred of doubt in my mind, but up close, absolutely fabulous. The front row got to stand and be right up at the stage the whole night, so I was basically front row center. There were quite a few people who drank too much and that messed up the vibe a little, but they were soon escorted away. "The Chain"--as usual, wonderful. "Eyes of the World" -- definitely great, Stevie kept smiling during the "Eyes" chant. Lindsey said what he's being saying as an introduction to "Peacekeeper" -- "Second Hand News" -- oh yes, the crowd went wild. I'm pretty sure everyone around me was singing the Bam-bam-bam parts, including Stevie. Stevie changed between "Say You Will" and "Never Going Back Again" --or at least tops, there was a girl helping her and Stevie basically just went over, put her arms behind her and let the girl do her work. "Never Going Back Again" was slow, and the crowd was totally cheering him on every time he sort of...just let it go. "Rhiannon" -- Oh gosh, fabulous. She played this one. We definitely got to see the rock n' roll in Stevie spread it's wings. "All the same, all the same" -- whew, it was good. No twirls though :( "Come" -- this is when the trouble started because some people wondered into the front row, they had to much to drink and security was all over it. Of course, it's "Come" and I'm totally rocking out with my bad self but I felt bad for Lindsey because it was very literally right in front of him. Yes, there was guitar string breakage! He came down to Section 1 (his side) and let them play with the guitar a little, during this one I think. He eventually did it to both sides, and yes, I touched Lindsey's knee! "Big Love" was fabulous. The front row was a little mild at this point. But, I loved it. "Landslide" -- it was just wonderful. The whole audience was singing along and she was doing a lot of smiling and let us sing a bit. At one point someone yelled "Happy Birthday, Stevie" and she smiled, and did the 5-5 thing, to which of course, we cheered again. Lindsey was totally eating it up. During the middle she sort of went to him and put her hand on his back and leaned on him a little and he was totally playing with it--giving her these wickedly gorgeous smiles and eyebrow raises you know, typical Lindsey. At the end, she of course went to him and he kissed her on the forehead but let me tell you...he held her for a bit longer and there was definitely some hesitation. I thought for a moment it would be the sequel to Atlantic City, but no, she finally pulled away. :) "Say Goodbye" and some awfully interesting echoes added, and Stevie turned the mic to sing to Lindsey and he basically sang to her the whole way through. It was a little different than the album version, but it was total Stevie/Lindsey connection. Lovely. "What's the World Coming To" started out slow. Stevie was smiling a lot, kind of like...yeah, it's going to pick up don't worry, and once it did--she was like...see, I told you. It was great. "Beautiful Child" she sort of dedicated to songwriters. She said she never thought she'd ever get to do it live, and it was beautiful. I definitely wasn't expecting "Gold Dust Woman" to follow it, but the shawl is gorgeous. It's gold and sparkly, with some beautiful golden fringe. It was a lot more raucous than I imagined it would be, and she totally rocked out."I'm So Afraid" -- I believe this is where he broke a guitar string right in front of me. I want to say that this is the song where he came to Section 2 (Stevie's side = yay for me) and bent down and when I got to touch him and the guitar string just blam--popped off and was hanging off. He's definitely motivated by the guitar strings breaking...it's almost as if he wants them all to come off. "Silver Springs" -- what more can you say? The piano at the beginning was amazing, and of course, Stevie sang to Lindsey and Lindsey sang back to Stevie, and she played up the end--constantly repeating "I was just a fool" and "give me one more chance" By far, one of the highlights of the evening. "Tusk" was great. Stevie was shaking her head the hole time and I thought Lindsey was going to stay away but once he started heading over to John, I knew it was going to happen. John seemed kind of annoyed and Stevie was turned the other way but he definitely sought her out. Circled her, got real low. She stepped over his chords and turned back and whew, yeah, I'm not really sure what he was doing to her but it was wild, and fairly lengthy. "Stand Back" -- another one of the highlights. It was just amazing. Stevie twirled (finally) and just blew the house away. For "Go Your Own Way" she changed into a sort of coat-tail jacket. Lindsey ate it up. Stevie totally perfected "World Turning" and "Dont' Stop" -- they were amazing. Even Mick's vest solo during WT was just...I had low expectations and it blew me away. "Goodbye Baby" -- so sad, but Stevie's so strong. It looked like it was taking every ounce of energy she had to make it through. Fabulous night, City of Dreams :)
Mark Fournier
I am from Raleigh North Carolina and when the tour schedule was announced, I was a little disappointed that there were no dates scheduled in North Carolina. I immediately began to study the schedule and found three locations that were within a short plane ride away. I decided to choose the show in Nashviille since I had never been there before and the show was on a Saturday night. After the awesome performance last night, I am so glad I choose the Nashviille show over my two other choices. When you think of Nashville you mostly think of country music. But this past Saturday night, Nashville was pure rock and roll at the Gaylord Entertainment Center as only Fleetwood Mac can deliver. Stevie even said “Nashville, the city of music.” I have seen Fleetwood Mac five times before over the last 25 years and this had to be the best Fleetwood Mac show ever. I was lucky to get third row seats on the floor in an arena that was filled to capacity. From the beginning first chords of “The Chain” until the very end of Stevie’s “Goodbye Baby” (which gave me chills), hardly anyone in the entire arena of 20,000 ever sat down in the 2.5 hours. Everyone around me was so energized. We danced and sang the entire time. The people in the front row interacted all night with Lindsey and Stevie. Lindsey came to the front of the stage several times and shook people’s hands and let several people pluck his guitar strings during “Go Your Own Way”. The band looks and plays better than ever before. Stevie’s performance of “Stand Back” was the best version I have ever seen. She must have done at least 10 spins before singing the last verse. It was a truly amazing experience that made me leave in a daze last night after so much energy was exchanged between the band and the audience. Even today, it seems like the kind of dream that you wish you never wake up from. When I left the arena, I followed the thousands of people who walked down Broadway still in a mesmerizing trance. I have to thank Fleetwood Mac for the unforgettable show last night but also want to thank the wonderful people in Nashville who made this show the best concert experience ever for me. Nashville welcomed visitors like me with open arms and made us feel like we were all one family on this very special Saturday night.
absolutely the best concert i have ever encountered!!! fleetwood mac is breath-taking!!! stevie's voice is fantastically haunting, lindsey was unbelievable, mick, crazy fabulous, the whole band, show, UNFORGETTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DM Austin
The night was totally enchanted!!! They were in rare form. Totally AWESOME!!! Stevie was fantastic and when she did Gold Dust Woman and Standback she was the Stevie we know and love!!!...The band rocked. Lysney made that guitar sing and he can really play that guitar. I didn't realize how talented he actually was until I saw him. Stevie she was beautiful. Her voice sounding so wonderful. She can still get a crowd going. Mick was Mick way out there and such a performer. His drum solo was AWESOME!!! John was her very talented self. Keeping to the back ground but knowing his presences was very clearly there. It was a great, fantastic totally awesome and magical night. They had just the perfect blend of the old Mac and the new Mac. The night was one that will last in my memory for a long long time!!! I want to see them again!!!
Hello Everyone, MY name is Jerry and me and my best friend Diane just returned home from the show in Nashville Tn last night. We drove from Knoxville Tn to see this show and was'nt sure if we would make it or not ,traffic was unreal on I-40 because a tractor and trailer had crossed the medium and flipped on it's side.Traffic hardly moved for what seem'ed like forever!!! So we finally get to the Gaylord Entertainment Center , there is so many women dress'ed like Stevie ,we saw a man in a top hat and the long tailed tux style jacket...too cool .Inside we seen a couple dress'ed in wedding clothes,not sure if they got married at the show or before. When we get to our seats which were really good on the side where stevie is! we met some really nice girls ....Two in front of us ( sec 115 ) close to the floor. who were really into Stevie like me. They happen to be from Knoxville also. There were three women behind us from Bowling Green Ky who were into Lindsey and everone was so nice and friendly having a good time,that I just knew my worries were over about being in a crowd that didnt get into it and get up and sing and dance. Okay the show starts with the chain ,and the whole place is up on thier feet, and then some Big guy about three rolls behind us starts intimadating people into sittin down .....Here is a note to you and others like you. If you want to sit ,stay home in you're rocking chair and watch T.V or go to a movie. This is the music most of us grew up on,we are there to have a good time sing and dance to music that we dont only like but love. Do you think that the artist up on that stage or any other wants to look out after playing and sing ing thier heart out and see a dead crowd sitting in their chair? This is where they get thier energy from bouncing back from a crowd moving ,dancing and singing.So people the next time dont let anyone intimadate you into sittin down ,if they want to see they will get up also we pay for these tickets and we have the right to enjoy ourself's! by the way I stood and danced and shouted 99 % of the time and im very hoarse today ! The show was fantastic and then some! I had seen F.M. in 1990 and it was nothing like seeing them with Lindsey,He changed my opinion on how much he means to this band! The man is truely a guitar God who enjoys ever second of what he's do'ing! I loved the acustic version of Never go'ing back again,I would love to have this on cd. Stevie Nicks was the Goddess she always is ,so beautiful with a voice of a angel. She rocked Rhiannon like the days of old when she was so passionate at the ending .Landslide was fantastic even though I did'nt quite hear everyone singing along like most reviews. Gold dust womanwas amazing and I loved the gold dust on the screen behind the stage,But the big thrill of the night came from Stand Back ...Good GOD! Stevie was totally bringing the house down on this and yes everone came to thier feet and stayed the rest of the night. World turning was killer ,loved hearing Stevie do Christines part on this and Don't Stop.And you would have to see Mick to belive him ,His crazy RED shoes .It would take forever to write enough about this show .Go see it ,get up sing and dance and enjoy yourself,even with a sore throat the next day you wont regret it!!!!!!!!!! Rock on Fleetwood Mac and thank you for the music of my life!!
Let me start by saying....if you have any hesitation about whether you should attend this concert....lay those hestitations to rest. If the Nashville show is any indication of what is still to come...you will not be disappointed. Stevie and Lindsey were both fantastic. Stevie's voice was in rare form - the best that I have ever heard (Mirage tour, Wild Heart tour, OSOTM tour, Street Angel tour, Dance tour, Enchanted Tour, TISL tour). Lindsey - what can I say, probably the most underrated / underappreciated guitarist of all time - he was phenomenal. The entire show was two hours and twenty minutes of energy - not a dull moment. Highlights - Stevie doing Beautiful Child, Silver Springs and Landslide....(probably the most heartfelt rendition of the song that I have heard). Other highlights - Lindsey playing his guitar like a madman....out of this world, and Second Hand News....it had a playful / lighthearted edge to it. Again....if you get the chance, you must see this show!
Kelly Hadley
Fleetwood mAc Rocked the gaylord center last night and I can't even explain what it meant to me to be there to see it. I have never been fortunate enough to see them live before but I have loved the band (especially Stevie) my whole life. So last night was a dream come true for me. I don't want to go through the set list because by now everyone knows what songs they are doing. I do have to say that it is an experience of a lifetime and anyone who doesn't go is really missing out. The mac is in top form and in my opinion are four of the most talented people in the music industry. I got lucky and purchased a third row seat just a week before the concert and had a wonderful view of my favorite. I dressed up like stevie hoping to get a wave from the queen of rock but instead was in for a pleasant surprise from non other than the great linsey buckingham himself. he interacted with the crowd a lot and I was seated right by his microphone, I blew him a kiss right before the last song and he blew one back with a charming smile. I think I fell in love with linsey last night I can see why he continues to be an inspiration for stevie's songs. Stevie was too far away for me to get her attention, at the end of the concert she did walk to my side but my voice was already gone from screaming, so I didn't get my wave but I got a kiss instead. Thank you fleetwood mac for an enchanting evening, one I will never forget. stevie, you continue to be a lighthouse on the shores of my life. I hope that you can feel the love of your fans, not all of us care if you where your boots or how many times you twirl around. you could show up in sweat pants and a t-shirt and I would just be honored to be in your presence. linsey, you made my night, thanks for the kiss!!!! keep on rocking fleetwood mac.
Krista Kimmel
I saw Fleetwood Mac at the Gaylord Entertainment Center on May 31st. It was, in a word, amazing! I love Stevie and Fleetwood Mac and this was the first time I'd seen them perform live. I saw some people in traditional Stevie garb. The arena was almost full. Stevie looked lovely (no platform boots) and she sounded GREAT! 'Gold Dust Woman' 'Rhiannon' and 'Stand Back' were received very well - she really rocked on these tunes! 'Landslide' was incredible - she sounded great, Lindsey played great, and the crowd kept interrupting her with cheers. I also really enjoyed the encore 'Goodbye Baby.' It was really lovely and a great way to end the show. Lindsey was superb! He really played the hell out of his guitar! He really got going on 'Come' and 'I'm So Afraid.' We had a Lindsey fanatic behind us who kept yelling 'Lindsey is a bad ass!' He and Stevie had great chemistry. He and Stevie hugged after 'Landslide' and he even gave her a little kiss on her temple. I cried during that song. Sometimes it was a bit difficult to hear Stevie during a few portions (we were in the upper section). Maybe they should have turned her mic up a little, but her voice was very clear and strong. Mick's drum solo was entertaining. He sounded wonderful! On every song, you are aware of Mick's drumming. John, always the quite one, sounded great too. He got a nice round of applause during his bass solo during 'The Chain.' It was a great concert and if I could relive it again I would. Thanks Lindsey, Stevie, John, and Mick for a wonderful evening and great memories! You're the best!
I saw FM last night in Nashville for the 20th time and I have to say it was one of the best shows I've seen them do in a long time. Lindsey, was the best, I'm So Afraid, was great! I'm a fan club member and we were able to get seats on the floor and Stevie was beautiful, she looked a little tired. I've kept up with all the other concerts and they didn't have the electricity the rest of the concerts claim to have. But no matter what they are the best band ever! I will see them every time they choose to come to Nashville. John and Mick were great too! Hope you come back soon! We love you in Nashville and you are always welcome! Love always,
William Allen Morgan
Once more Nashville was privileged to have the world's greatest band perform us tonight.... A night when Nashville could truly be called Music City USA. Stevie had the audience spell bound with her unmistakable, unforgettable, haunting beautiful voice. And Lindsay did an equally outstanding performance espically with his guitar. Mick Fleetwood had everyone out of their chair during his drum solo!!!! A lot of the songs were the older Fleetwood Mac hits.... some of which the audience were so familiar with that they actually started singing ahead of Stevie and she would wait for them so she could finish.(Landslide) And Stevie did sing one of her own hits.... Stand Back.... which got a standing ovation from the audience.(As did most of the older FM hits.) While Gypsy was being preformed... the original Gypsy Video was playing on the viewscreen that sat behind the band. Really Cool. They also had outtakes of the last concert "The Dance" running in the background when "Don't Stop" and "Tusk" were preformed. My only disappointment was that they didn't play either one of my favorites from the new CD; "Everybody Finds Out" & "Destiny Rules". They have played Destiny Rules at some other venues but I don't think they have played the other song at any concert on the tour. They did play "Say you will" and "What's the world coming to" and "Peacekeeper". I love Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks. Anytime they come to town it is always a great show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this is not the last for my favorite band but if it is.... thanks for all the great music!!!!! If not..... I always look forward to your next CD and Tour. Again..... THANKS FROM MUSIC CITY USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crystal Collins
The show was absolutely amazing! It was magical, and everyone seemed to be loving it! Stevie was amazing on the classics like Rhiannon, and Gypsy. Lindsey stole the show. He rocked the whole arena with Come, and I'm So Afraid. I kept looking around and seeing people dancing in the aisles, and the band was just jamming. Everyone was on their feet when Mick did the body drums. It was a wonderful night that will not soon be forgotten. It was my first FM concert and it was more than I expected!
I saw FM last night in Nashville for the 20th time and I have to say it was one of the best shows I've seen them do in a long time. Lindsey, was the best, I'm So Afraid, was great! I'm a fan club member and we were able to get seats on the floor and Stevie was beautiful, she looked a little tired. I've kept up with all the other concerts and they didn't have the electricity the rest of the concerts claim to have. But no matter what they are the best band ever! I will see them every time they choose to come to Nashville. John and Mick were great too! Hope you come back soon! We love you in Nashville and you are always welcome! Love always,
Fleetwood Mac put on a great concert. The best one I've been to by far. Lyndsey's guitar riffs were great!!! Stevie's voice was awesome as always. I had great seats, not on the floor, but right above the band right above the floor seats. I've been a huge Fleetwood Mac fan since 1974. It was an awesome concert!!!
Lisa Cole
Warning: There will be many exclamation marks in this post ;) As John & I sat waiting for the concert to begin I was worrying it might not be good. The concert was supposed to start at 8:00, but didn't get going until 8:25. I was afraid they were having sound problems or maybe one of them was sick or who knows. I've never been to a concert where the performers started that late. All my worry was for nothing!! What a fantastic show they put on! They played solid for over two hours! And had to encores! This band is definitely loved!! LB was AWESOME to say the least! MF was nearly equally awesome, & SN was...what can I say...INCREDIBLE, FANTASTIC, she still has the magic as do they all! JM was quite good on the bass. For me the best parts of the concert were when Buckingham was screamin' on the guitar. The man must be possessed the way he becomes the music & it becomes him. The vocals started out a little stiff, but after the first couple songs the sound was rich & true. SN also looked somewhat rigid at first, but quickly loosened; LB & MF were "on" from the get-go; & sorry, but I didn't really much notice JM. They played so many songs I can't begin to list them. However, Gold Dust Woman was probably the best, no...., Tusk..., no, Gypsy...., no, Rhiannon...no, there new song Say You Will..., no, Silver Springs, oh sh*t, they were each just as good as the other!! And my-oh-my what a difference a good tech makes! The sound was very well done!! The lighting was excellent, & the slides on the screens behind them were good too. Lindsey is definitely the personality in the band that connects most with the audience [imho]. He not only brings the audience into the music, he also has such a great mental/physical connection with his bandmates. He made wonderfully warm eye contact & had great body language with Stevie, his interaction with Mick was fevered in a good way, & he even physically leaned on John as he went insane on his guitar while John played looking ever so casual (but apart from John Lodge of the Moody Blues who loves to flirt, it's my understanding that bass players usually are more reserved than drummers, lead guitarists or keyboards). Lindsey often ran the length of the stage making contact with bandmates as well as the audience while playing furiously & even at one point while kneeling down at the front row let the audience "play" his guitar :D What a thrill that must have been for them! I really do believe he becomes the music, he seems possessed when playing, as if there's nothing else in the world & he sucks you right in to the songs with his intensity. Mick does much the same with his drums. His facial expressions are a sight to behold for sure & one that you don't soon forget! Attire: LB wore a white shirt opened nearly to his navel, black pants, and some awfully nice looking black boots. Oh yes, he also had the requisite gold chain that all open shirt men wear [lol] He looked healthy & in very good shape. MF wore black with gray pinstripes VELVET KNICKERS and RED SHOES! The usual white shirt & dark vest balanced the ensemble :) He also looked very much in shape. JM wore jeans, shirt, vest, and baseball cap. Very understated compared to the others & yes, he looked to be doing just fine physically. HRH Miss Stevie Nicks wore a lovely black dress & occasionally donned a black sweater with rhinestone buttons or a black tailcoat & of course during Rhiannon & Gold Dust she had her magical shawls that floated beautifully as she whirled & twirled through the songs :D However, the woman's hair was atrocious :( Simply awful :( She still has it blonde, but it was very straight & the cut was not flattering to her face (which still has that gorgeous ivory skin). Her bangs are too long & just sort of hang down to her cheeks :( You females out there will understand what they looked like if you've ever had to grow out bangs & they hit that ugly midway point between the cheekbone & the chin...ick. She also looks to be in much better health than past years. Wow, long review, I'll stop here. Suffice it to say the concert was AWESOME, THE BEST, INCREDIBLE!!!! P.S. I have got to get their new album too! They played some songs off it & might I add how nice it was to hear a band say they will be performing songs from their NEW album. And when they played those new songs they were actually GOOD! or in FM's case GREAT!!!

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