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2/16/04 Entertainment Centre New Castle, Australia

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Greg D
I have been waiting for this moment for far too many years! I am 'only' 36yo but I have been a huge FMac/Stevie fan since I first heard 'Rumours' when I was about 10 years old! I can still remember the day my Dad brought 'Bella Donna' home for me ... and I still don't know if Mum knows how I 'skipped' the school swimming carnival to go into town and buy the 'Mirage' album in 1982 ... so much has changed and yet so much remains the same ... Last night's first concert on their Australian tour was the most amazing experience! I have been reading fan reviews since the tour began last May and I feel so privileged to have finally seen this amazing event! After driving 2 hours from Sydney to Newcastle we arrived with time to spare to check out the merchandise and watch the crowd roll in... by show time the whole centre was packed and there was definitely a buzz in the air! Just after 8.30pm they hit the stage. We were in 2nd row but went straight to the front of the stage when the band appeared. So nice to see Stevie & Lindsey walk out hand in hand to take their spots ready to begin. Well from the start right through to the very end they rocked! It was so good to see them enjoying themselves on stage ... Stevie smiled all night! Lindsey was mad on the guitar and worked his butt off! Mick was so into it and the drum solo was wild!! ... and John ... in his own quiet way kept it pumping along all night ... all the new songs from 'Say You Will' were great and it was awesome to finally hear 'Beautiful Child' live - a favourite of mine since I first heard it when I was in my early teens! The set list was exactly the same as the dates last year but it didn't matter at all ... so many more I would have liked to have heard ... but none I would have left out! I am off to their 2nd Brisbane show on Friday night before 2 more shows in Sydney on 4th and 7th of March. I can't wait to experience this amazing show again... and again! It could have been so easy for them to waltz through a greatest hits show ... so thanks to FMAC for 'Say You Will' and for putting on such an awesome show.
Brett Bollus
wow! what a road trip! my friend kat johnson and i left sydney for the 2 hour car ride to newcastle. we decided to do it in style and booked a club room at the crowne plaza hotel in newcatle for 2 nights. we booked into our suite on the 4th floor and enjoyed complimentary cocktails and canapes. then the buzz started! guess who was staying on our floor? the mighty mac themselves! we we were amazed! we couldn't beleive it! i have been a mac fan since i was a fifteen year old in 1977. i'm now 42! kat is a later convert. she is just 29! would we see our idols? we had no idea! well the mac were doing their sound check at the newcastle entertainment centre and murphy's law was on our side in that when we were headed out for dinner a sleek limo pulled up and out hopped the ever youthfull lindsey! we just looked. 5 minutes later another limo and the tiny stephanie nicks emerged. yes she really is small! i asked could i take a photo? and she declined saying she was too tired. we respected her wishes and yes stevie you did look tired. we were amazed! stevie's security were a tad over zealous. i'll refrain from commenting because i dig the mac so much and nothing was going to jade this experience. my friend kat ran into lindsey the day of the gig in the club lounge. he was as gracious as ever and promised kat he would wave to her at the gig. we were staying not far from mick and ran into him in the corridor. he was a true gentleman! we took a limo 2 the gig and were both sooo excited! we were 3 rows from the front, but when the lights dimmed scored a front row position right in front of stevie! as promised lindsay dutifully waved to kat! the whole gig was amazing! electrifying! every minute! the mac truly realised that australia does love the mac! i luckily scored a rose from stevie's mike stand as i did on their tour of 1980. i also attended the brisbane gig's, 4th and 5th rows respectively. on the 19th i took my 15 year old niece jessica and her 17 year old boy friend gareth. they were stoked! on the 20th i took my mum beryl.she cried during landslide. the mac's magic is timeless. not only is it your lives for the past 30 odd years stevie, lindsey,mick, and john.it is our lives as well. thank you so much for coming back to australia! as i said australia loves the mac!

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