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7/23/03 Oakland Arena Oakland, CA

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Wow, I just left the show in Oakland Ca, and wow wow!!!!! I loved this show so much I wanted more of it.... I love Stevie so much, she is simply the one and only Gold Dusk Woman!!!!!!! Lindsay rocked and was very awesome, man that guy gets no credit, and he looked very young to me... Mick had a solo, and let me say it was awesome, he did world turning, and he had a lot of energy, and blew the crowd away.... I may be in my 20's, and I got hooked to Fleetwood Mac from my parents and im so glad I did, and I will never forget this night as long as I shawl live, I got to see legends in concert and they blew me away... Stevie will always be my fav legend, and she totally was in key this night, and I loved her performances of Stand Back and Gold DUSK Woman, which is one of my fav Stevie songs, cause I love all her songs.... IK also like all Fleetwood Mac songs, which sound way better live!!!!!! This concert rocked and if they come back to Oakland CA ill be there for sure, any thing to see Stevie and the rest of the gang...... P.S. And if you see this Stevie, I love you, and you rock(ONLY ONE GOLD DUSK WOMAN)...
L & J
We saw the show at Oakland Coliseum and we both agreed, it was the best concert we'd ever been to!! The Coliseum was packed and the energy was incredible! Stevie and Lindsey still have that magical connection and they sing so beautifully together. You sense their chemistry the minute they come on stage. We loved 'Beautiful Child' and we heard several people around us saying they'd never heard the song before. Stevie looks and sounds great, we loved her platform tennies. She did change to the boots later in the show. Lindsey is just incredible, his voice never sounded better and his enthusiasm made the crowd wild. Mick is so energetic, he had on red shoes and his famous 'dangling balls'. John stays in the background but you know he's there. The bay area crowd really responded, it was a beautiful, warm night and we couldn't think of a better way to spend it than rocking with the Mac!!
Nichole Buswell
I was lucky enough to have fairly good Fan Club seats (17th row, floor) and a great friend (and of course, fellow hardcore Mac fan) at last week's fantastic Fleetwood Mac show in Oakland--which I felt was extra special because, as Stevie and Lindsey pointed out during the show, the Bay Area is where it all began for them. And I must say, the fans in that region lacked enthusiasm only insofar as their physical appearance that night! Where were the black chiffon and long, flowing skirts? The legwarmers and black tophats I expect to surround me whenever fellow Stevie fans are near? My companion and I, in our black lacy getups, were some of the most enthusiastic dressers there that night--which doesn't say much, because we weren't nearly as Stevie-ed out as we could have been! Oh well. What Oakland fans lacked in Stevie garb, they more than made up for in their screams of support and admiration for the band. For me, special highlights included a fabulous version of Lindsey's "Say Goodbye," with Stevie joining in a bit on vocals; Lindsey playfully chasing Stevie around the stage during "Tusk," (at one point, the pair even did a little do-si-do type dance!); Stevie's wonderfully heartwrenching version of her classic "Beautiful Child" (which sadly, I'm sure we'll never hear live again); and of course, being able to make our way up to about six feet from the stage during "Goodbye Baby" at the show's end. I love being able to see every facial expression, every bead of sweat, every raise of the eyebrow when you're that close to stage! I don't quite know what exactly to say about Lindsey's all-out war on his guitar strings during a few of his solos--most notably "Come." While his unparalled energy and enthusiasm that night were much appreciated, the tearing apart of his instrument and overwhelming show of emotion seemed at times a bit forced. Not that it wasn't entertaining, though--and I've never before seen a performer actually lower his guitar into the audience to allow front-rowers to pluck a few strings of their own! So cool! Seeing Lindsey and Stevie onstage again together was a dream come true--so much so that I broke out my copy of "Buckingham Nicks" the day after the concert, and have been listening to it non-stop ever since. I am 23 years old, and re-discovered the Mac at the height of "The Dance"'s popularity; if you have not yet seen them in concert, you must! Rock on, Fleetwood Mac...
Well it's been a week since I saw my first concert ever, Fleetwood Mac in Oakland!!! It was worth every penny for the great seats that I had, what an awsome night. My voice has finally recovered from all the screaming I did, along with all 20,000 other people, which by the time the band did GYOW I was surprised the building was still standing, it was THAT LOUD. I can't believe the energy and emotion this band has, they are my parents age, who were with me by the way. On the song Come Lindsey goes nuts, jumping around, pawing his guitar and his performance MAKES the entire arena stand up and dance, scream, etc. Stevie was in her element, enjoying the home crowd and telling us how she wishes she could move back here (please do). Landslide was wonderful, the whole crowd sings, and Stevie proves she can still hold those notes, she was beaming at the end of this performance as the crowd cheered for several minutes. Beautiful Child was the song of the night though, it stays with you long after you leave, it haunts you, Stevie does a wonderful job with it, so much emotion, much better then the Tusk version. GDW and Rhiannon were both full of energy and Stevie rocked out on them. Silver Springs was great, loved the fact that for the dual video screens you got to see both Lindsey and Stevie during this song. Say Goodbye was much better live, didn't feel so rushed like it does on the album, can tell this is a rather emotional song for both Stevie and Lindsey. The song that really woke everyone up though was Stand Back, Stevie must have had a triple expresso before this song she had so much energy, at one point she went into her twirls and did so many I was getting dizzy, how she keeps on her feet I will never know! Mick's drum solo was very amusing, the crowd was with him the entire time, screaming when he asked "are you with me?" John stayed in the background for the most part, but they did put him up on the video screens once as he strumed along, of course during Tusk Lindsey "tusked" John first, then Lindsey went after Stevie and they danced around the stage. Don't Stop turned into a "scream and stomp along." Goodbye Baby was the perfect way to end the evening b/c you knew it was really over after that song, it is such a bittersweet song, can't believe Stevie can sing this every night. Overall an awsome show, I would do it all over again in an instant, only complaint is they NEED a tour book, and I would love to hear one more of Stevies new songs from Say You Will, maybe on the second leg of the tour...
Erin & Abby
LIGHTNING STRIKES! We are Erin and Abby - we are 22 and 21 years old....and we were lucky enough to get to both Sacramento AND Oakland shows...because of way way too many serious twists of fate!!! Sacramento was a great show, but Oakland was especially special for us. We are STARVING STUDENTS and we managed to scrounge up 10th row seats first in front of Stevie, then in front of Lindsey!!!! We didn't think we'd be able to afford to go, but when the local radio station was playing FM all day long, we couldn't handle it. We stood up, took out a cash advance, headed to Sac and bought the first tickets we found. We met on the Nightbird mailing list when we were 16 and 15 because of our mutual love for the song Gypsy....we had both lost our moms young and it reminded us of them. Since then, we've literally DREAMED of seeing Stevie together.....Abby moved to California from Alabama last year and our dream came true. The fact that Stevie's music sparked our friendship, which ended up giving us allies in missing our moms, and pretty much made both of our lives better made these concerts worth EVERYTHING. We felt soooo lucky to be able to see them in the bay area, they were positively giddy, laughing and smiling and having so much fun. They all look so beautiful! It was awesome to hear Gypsy and Beautiful Child especially, and we should apologize to the people behind us for us never sitting down once.....everyone in front of us sat down for Beautiful Child, but we stood there singing with Stevie close to tears......It was BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL! Thank you Lindsey, COME ROCKED!!!!!!!! So did Second Hand News.....with a twist!.....thank you John, FM would be lost without ya!....Thank you Mick, you are SO MUCH fun!....and the Bongo solo was worth the ticket expense alone!!!! AND you waved at Abby when you rolled out in your LIMO!!!......THANK YOU STEVIE.......our lives are better because of you.....lightning strikes, and life would just suck without a best friend who knows everything about you that everyone else doesn't.......AND for singing Beautiful Child. You made our night, our week, our month, our year.......we can't even tell you. This concert was AWESOME! And if we could open up a new credit card account we'd be in EUROPE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE MAC IS BACK!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU........love and gratitude and all of that!
All I can say is...INCREDIBLE...Only Stevie can mezmerize 18,000 people without saying a word...She casts a spell that never lets go of you, even after the concerts over...My roommate Dave and I had the best seats we've ever had...10th row...The arena seemed almost empty at 7:45, but that quickly changed...The show started about 15 minutes late...I guess to let everyone get settled in...In an instant there wasn't an empty seat to be had...Lights dim...Crowd goes crazy...Enter "THE MAC"...Over 2 hours later, I realized I paid $140 for a seat I never used, and it was well worth it...Stevie looked and sounded awesome...Beautiful Child was just that...Beautiful...Landslide had a chorus of 18,000...Stand Back rocked...Rhiannon was the best in a long time...You could tell that Stevie wanted to really go for the banchee inside, but forced herself to hold back...but not as much as in previous years...She really let u see some of what she is sooooo famous for, without compromising what she has strived to achieve over the last 10 years...A voice that stays with her night after night without letting her or her fans down...Well worth every note...And Lindsey...Well what can I say...I knew he was the most underrated guitarist probably of all time, but now there is no doubt...I really was his night to shine and he did just that...His vocals were right on and he showed just how hard a 55 year old can rock...I know Stevie didn't mind that he took center stage...She knows how truly talented he is, and i think is as happy as anyone that he is finally getting the approval he really deserves...Yes, 95% of the crowd are there to see the rock goddess...Me being one...Now however, as we look up at the stage we see a goddess and her god...now it's complete...Two shining stars which gravity keeps in perfect alignment...Thank You For The Music Of Our Life
Thank you Fleetwood Mac for your MAGICAL performance in Oakland....You said you were glad to be in the Bay Area again, Well we were very glad you came!!!!! Thank you for the music and the spirit!!!!!
Nicole Azuree
I guess you could say it was an awesome gift to have seen Fleetwood Mac for the first time. I'm 24 and have always adored Stevie. The show was emotional and full of energy which was great! At times, though I wondered who's tour it really was as LB seemed to have put the light on himself...and his soloing tantrums. Any how, it was Stevie's magic that really made the show unforgettable I hope to see her on her own tour again soon.
Kelly Green
I just got home from the concert and now I have to sit and soak it all in! They ARE the best band in the whole world. They are playing better then ever. You are so awestruck doing the whole concert. All I can say is it left me breathless!
Last nights show at the Oakland arena proved once and for all that the MAC IS BACK. All of the songs they performed with such spirit and energy. The crowd went absolutely nuts when Stevie performed Stand Back...wow. Lindsey and Stevie both talked about how they grew up around this area and how special this place has been to them. I don't think there was a dry eye when she sang Goodbye Baby. Lindsey was funny and crazy and was a real treat to watch. For example, before he played Big Love, he came out and started cracking his knuckles, preparing himself to play the big solo. On Tusk, he chased Stevie around the stage. It was great to see him so happy. It was just so great to be there, and I feel blessed that I got a chance to do so. Fleetwood Mac, we love you, thank you for all the beautiful music and memories.
Teleah Lynn Jones
Awesome! Breathtaking! Electrifying! I enjoyed an evening with my "favorite" rock band Fleetwood Mac Wednesday night on July 23, 2003! The "Say You Will" tour. This was at the Oakland Arena in Oakland, California. My 10 year old daughter says they were awesome! I agree. Even she sang their songs word for word! I initially knew of Fleetwood Mac through my parents who did not deny their talent. Then I shared this with my child. The show was electrifying. I adore Stevie. I have seen her on tour several times but this was my first time seeing her live with Lindsey, Mick & John. Even though I favor Stevie, Christine was missed. Lindsey's guitar playing was extremely entertaining. With Stevie, I have always been deep into her lyrics. Her talent never waivers. And she looked so pretty that night. The Top Most Beautiful People in the World 2003! A picture perfect scene (oh but there were alot of them) was when Lindsey was captivating us with his talent on the electric guitar and Stevie went behind him with her hands on his shoulders and peeking her head up behind him where you could only see her eyes. And another unforgetable scene was when Lindsey was playful on stage chasing Stevie. You can really feel their musical chemistry. Stevie looks great. So pretty! But then again, to me she always did. I prefer her with bangs only because I have bangs and I'm a blond too. I have been mistaken for her stepping out of a stretched limo, dressed like her in San Francisco at one of her concerts in I believe it was September 2001 on her "Trouble in Shangri-La" Tour and I was only 29. I was flattered. So obviously she does not look her age at all. She just looks practically half her age is all. We had such a good time. I met a couple of women that night who met with Stevie's brother Chris backstage. No fair! I would love to see them again before they leave the U.S. in October. If only I could tell Stevie myself how breathtakingly enchanted she is by having a backstage pass too! And I wouldn't mind experiencing front row action for next time. Don't listen to any negative reviews. I consider myself an expert on musical talent and concert performances. And nothing compares to this outrageously talented band because ............. The MAC is Back!

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