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11/13/03 Konig-Pilsener Arena Oberhausen, Germany

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Arianne Tramontina
Finally, after waiting over 12 years....there they were again. Better than ever!!! For the poor souls over here in Europe it's been a long time. I've been so lucky to see Fleetwood Mac two times before and I've once visited a soloconcert of Stevie (15 years ago) and that was great too. But now I know that for the real Fleetwood Mac you need the energy of Lindsey. He brings out a tension on stage that also brings out the best in Stevie I believe... The whole evening was great, the show lasted for over 2 and a half hours. No support act like before so it was indeed "an evening with Fleetwood Mac". The playlist was a superb mix of old and new and offcourse all the great successes were there. But they didn't take it the easy way and I think that's great. Fleetwood Mac is obviously not just another rock and roll band who is replaying there successes of the old days. Stevie's voice and performance were better than I've ever heard and seen. John is still the quiet man and "baseline" and together with Mick he is definitely the heartbeat of the band. And Lindsey....it was a great surprise to finally see him perform! The MAC is surely back and I hope we won't have to wait another 12 years to be a part of such an experience again!!
Itīs was so beautiful to see Stevie again in Europe. I was this sommer in Phoenix and Portland. And Now Europe. The show was perfekt and the music too....thanks for this moments. I was on the front from the room and so happy to see again Fleetwood Mac. Lindsay was really super, and the voice from Stevie too.... So you see Fleetrwood Mac, you have fans in Europe too....thanks for coming...
Ad van den Elshout
I am Ad van den Elshout from Holland. This week I saw Fleetwood Mac in Oberhausen. I know them from 1977, Rumours. This was my fourth Fleetwood mac concert, but the first with Lindsey Buckingham. The concert was in one word: Fabulous!!! I expected a great concert, but this was one of the best I have ever seen. (of about 50 concerts in my life) They began as always with The chain, a great song of rumours. Followed by dreams, the fast version. Eyes of the world is a song that you donít expect at a concert, but it was a rock-version, great! Peacekeeper is the single of the last album, beautiful song. Second hand news and never going back again, two songs of rumours that sounded very good. Solid and heavy. In between was say you will, with good guitar from Lindsey. Rhiannon was as always mysterious, but not too long as in the past. Come is a very heavy song and I didnít know that Lindsey was such a showman. Gypsy, lovely, Big love, chicken skin, also with Landslide. Say goodbye, Whatís the world coming to, two nice songs from SYW. Beautiful child, I didnít expect them to play this song ever in a concert, so nice I could almost cry. (I am just a daddy!) Gold dust woman, see Rhiannon. Iím so afraid, one of my favourites, Lindsey is really one of the best guitar players in the world. He almost killed his guitar! Silver springs, always great, Tusk, special song, Stand back, go your own way, what a power, everyone was standing, dancing and shouting. World turning, with the crazy and splendid drums of Big Mick. Donít stop, song of Christine and swinging. They ended with Goodbye Baby, good replacer of Songbird. The place was great, also as the sound. Their voices sounded great, better than ever and I hope that they will return. It is a pity that they donít come to Holland, the best concert-country in the world. In Oberhausen were many people from Holland! Greetings from Dongen in the south of Holland, the Netherlands.
FM didn't stop in Holland where I live, so I went to Germany to see their magic performance! My first FM concert! For me it was sparkling fireworks, amazing flows of outbursting energy coming to me in beautiful colours. An evening with Fleetwood Mac in a threedimensional way: past, present and future...! Strong and powerful! Stevie, John, Mac and Lindsey, all extremely gifted in their very own way! Spending a night with them is a wonderful amazing, inspiring journey and a beautiful present for me! FM, thanks for being there, thanks for being the way you all are and keep your empowering chain!
The show last night in Oberhausen was so great!! The music, their voices (aspecially Stevie's!), the lights, the whole ambiance it just all matched up. Stevie was clearly enjoying the show, she looked very good and her voice was clear and vivid. The songs she and Lindsey sung together were surrounded with magic i think, when those two start singing they make you forget the world that's around you, it felt like a rollar coaster ride and im still spinning! Stevie's interaction with the crowd was nice also, when she was starting to tell about the time she wrote Beautiful Child, someone yelled 'SARA' because theywanted her to sing that, Stevie laughed and said someting like 'yeah, i bet you want me to sing that' and the whole crowd cheered. The way Lindsey played his guitar yesterday was amazing, he was playing it in total trance and it was beautiful. The whole stage looked very good, and the video walls and screens at the back showed a good projection of the images. With Mick playing his magnificent body drums at the end and John slamming his bass, Fleetwood Mac gave me a night i will remember for the rest of my life!
Jeroen aka JP
Yesterday-evening (13 november) I found myself in Mac-heaven. After 13 long years, my favourite singer and her band, showed up on a stage in this part of the world. Fleetwood mac in Oberhausen. I travelld from Holland to Germany to see them, since FM only plays Germany and UK/Ireland this short European tour. Anyways, the sound in the Koenig-Pilsner-Arena was 'wunderbar' , absolutely perfect ! They openend with The Chain (of coure) and I felt gooseflesh all over when I heard Stevie's voice and John's pumping bass. I had a clear view on the stage and with my binoculars I could get quite some close-ups of Stevie and the rest. The setlist was the standard setlist. No surprises (as in new songs). The arrangements of the songs however, were great ! I loved the four of them together on 'Never Going Back Again' and just Buckingham Nicks on Say Goodbey and of course Landslide. Lindsey (first time I saw him live) really amazed me with his powerfull guitarplaying, during So Afraid and Come he threw with his guitar, smashed it to the ground and kept playing like a mad-man ! Great ! Stevie was haunting as ever. Simple black dress, few shawl-changes but in good shape. She danced and moved a lot on stage and was on stage almost all the time. Sometimes I noticed that she didn't got all the highnotes and was a little late with her lines in some songs. But she obviuosly really had some fun on stage, they all had ! Cool to hear 'Beautiful Child' and 'Silver Springs' as well as the harmonies of 'Say you Will'. Stand Back really rocked. Although the people in my block were glued to their chairs and din't seem to recognize the song. During 'Eyes of the World' my neighbour asked her husband if that was a new song, cause she didn't knew it. When Stevie introduced that she was about to sing a song of Tusk, she never even would have thought of doing that live someome at the audience suggested a song (which I couldn't hear) but Stevie replied with 'I wjust wish that was true', so the question is....what song was meant. I also liked the video-footages during the songs. The nightclubdancing-scene of Gypsy and the USC Trojans during Tusk. GOYW, Don't Stop, So Afraid and other songs rocked the house and at last a lots of people were dancing in my block ! Overall, I must say that this band really know who to make some quality music and they really seem to enjoy themselves on stage. Mick and John as solid as ever, Stevie smiling and dancing and Lindsey seemed that I coulcn't get enough of the cheering audience, he took the time to sign some stuff for people on first row. Finally after 'Goodbey Baby' (some people already left after Don't Stop) the houselights went on and Albatross came thru the speakers. I was emotionally thrilled, that I had finally saw my fav. band again in concert. I doubt that they'll be around another time so I'll cherish this moment and hope that a DVD will be out soon.
Mark Lindeboom
Excited to finally being able to see the Mac perform live again since 1995 I step into the main hall in the "KŲnigs Pilsner Arena" in Oberhausen. The air is tense with expectations and when the clock strikes 8pm, the lights in the hall go out and the lights on stage come to life, showing the bandmembers. Stevie in her black dress and boots off course, though not boots that I'd expect her to wear. Without introduction the first notes of "The Chain" are heard and the crowd goes ballistic. The musical journey through time has started. All in all, the two and a half hours that the concert lasts, the band is really able to capture the complete attention of the whole crowd. I never heard Lindsey play, having attended only shows of the "Behind the Mask tour" and the "Another Link in the Chain tour", and he really amazes me. Can that man play guitar or what? Big Love, playd solo by Lindsey, does actually sound like the album version..... amazing, goosebumps all over! A big surprise was the accoustic set with only Lindsey and Stevie and they really sounded great, the chemistry between them is still there. I really loved the fact that "Beautiful Child" and "Silver Springs" are part of the set... those two songs mean so much to me, and judging the reaction of the rest of the crowd, I am not the only one. When finally the last tones of Goodbye Baby fade away, I feel both excited about having been able to attend the show and disappointed because it is over...... on the way back home the images and sounds of the evening keep on haunthing me.... Mick is right: The Mac really IS back!!!!
What a fantastic evening this was!! Unbelievable, unforgettable!!! It was the first time I saw the Macíers live and what shall I say: This was one of the most spectacular and energetic concerts I ever lived to see! Atmosphere, sound, spirit and last but not least, musical qualities of the finest you can imagine!!! Iím sorry for all those people who had decided not to go because of maybe too expensive tickets. They missed something unique, especially in these days, something they might never live to see again. I just want to say that Iím writing down my own subjective emotions about the gig, just my humble opinion. Maybe others will see things differently, maybe that assumptions are wrong, maybe that just facts are not right either. I donít want to offend anyone. In any case, the most important thing is the entirety: And this was really really good, no it was most definitely one of the best, it was just sensational!!! A girl beside me, who had been to the other German gigs too, told me afterwards that this concert had been the pinnacle of the others. She was blown away also, like the whole crowd was.

My place
My wife and I stood in the first two rows alternating: Unfortunately, there was not enough room to dance. We were standing exactly in the middle, in front of Mickís mighty drum kit, Stevie to the left, Lindsey to the right.

The venue
"The Arena" in Oberhausen was filled about ĺ, maybe 9-10,000 people that evening. The floor was nearly filled at 100%. No chairs here Ė thatís always a good thing to raise atmosphere I think. To the left and the right of the stage the stands were empty.

The sound
This always has to be reviewed from different aspects: We had very good sound there, close to the stage, but Stevieís voice appeared somewhat distorted and hardly audible at times. Maybe due to a special microphone or mixing up, I donít know. My boss and a friend of mine were in the stands and they said the sound quality had been fantastic, in any case Ė without any hesitation. It wasnít that loud either: My wife did not need her ear-plugs she always takes with her. And now, thereís no ringing in our ears either.

The crowd
Well, I can only speak for the first rows here. From the beginning there was a very special spirit in the crowd and a total acceptance of the guys on stage, combined with a very high expectation, of course. Itís not often that you see that many "older" people clapping their hands enthusiastically and dancing wild moves. I mean, Iím 42 now too, and Iím normally sleeping at that time...What I could see also was the whole hall standing, singing and moving during GO YOUR OWN WAY and DONíT STOP.

The band
Two words hit the target: Good spirit! Not "very" good. Very good Iíd say if I had seen more of the hugs and caresses between Stevie and Lindsey as was mentioned in previous reviews here. But this is definitely the only complaint Iíve to make here. Maybe Kristen had some conversation with them beforehand... I donít know if this example supports that theory, but it could generally be noticed that during SAY GOODBYE Lindsey was looking at her very affectionately, but Stevie looked at him without turning a hair, she even looked sternly! Perhaps Kristen only had a conversation with Stevie... Otherwise everyone was in the best of moods!! Lindsey and Mick had their performances together a few times and Mick introduced Lindsey as a friend(!) throughout all the years! Their behaviour just confirmed this. Mick is simply a father-like gentleman to them all, the additional musicians included, but especially towards Stevie. So nice to see when heís escorting her downstage. His relationship to John need not be mentioned here - it's brotherly, but Lindseyís and Johnís seems to be better than ever: Lindsey surprised John with first a head-nudging at Johnís shoulder and then a short embrace! At first John looked as surprised as if someone had wakened him from a deep sleep, and then he even laughed out loud!! Iím not sure, but I don't think this is really a normal thing, is it!?

In general: Lindsey was definitely the winner of this evening! He touched the crowd from the beginning of the gig. This was a Lindsey in his absolute best form!! Heís gaining more and more charisma throughout the years I guess. Before the concert started, only Stevie got the cheers from the crowd Ė but during it, it was Lindsey who got them on his side: He was the star in Oberhausen! Not only his phenomemal solos and performance i.E. during COME and IíM SO AFRAID but also "his" songs EYES OF THE WORLD, PEACEKEEPER and WHATíS THE WORLD COMING TO got higher reception than some of Stevieís that were more expected first. Lindsey blew them all away by playing and performing his heart out! And everyone could see how much he enjoyed the recognition he finally deserves, as we all know here. During GO YOUR OWN WAY he stepped into the first rows and let the crowd play together with him. After the show (as Mick did also) he even offered some autographs (I got one also hehehe...) Ė hey tell me if there is one great band in the world doing this, eh!?!! I donít know any!

She didnít have her best day, definitely not. It took awhile for her to "get into" the concert. Iíd say GOLD DUST WOMAN was the first song where you could see more fun in her than effort, more pleasure than exhaustion. Finally "there" she was in STAND BACK, and at once she made the crowd roar!! She seemed to be tired and a little "out of it". Maybe she was ill and had taken medication, too much or not good medication. Once something dropped down on the stage and I instantly thought Stevie had collapsed or something. Though, her job as a singer and musician she did very very well, no question! But the crowdís number one she was not, this time.

Mick is a real knight! He keeps the chain together. I ask myself why his double Sean Connery is a "Sir" and the original, Mick Fleetwood, is not?! His unbelievable energy and physical condition is just a riddle to me. But he is totally modest, generous and kind. He is a friend of every human being, more than heís a friend to himself. When saying goodbye to the crowd and before his diabolical "THE MAC IS BACK!!!" he reminded everyone to take care, "not only to take care of yourself but, more, to take care of everyone else!". This man you just want to have as your father, donít you!? Also, he said something to the effect of: without having his two additional drummers/percussionists you would not hear him at all. Just great. And: He thanked the crowd in a personal and emotional way that made you feel that this was the best crowd the Mac had ever played for, and you were a part of that. The best evidence for his unparalleled ability and power is shown in WORLD TURNING!! This masterpiece of drumming and percussion makes you feel every beat in your own stomach Ė youíd perceive it without having ears...the crowd was roaring at highest level together with Mickís screamers and Lindseyís African dance, and the first rows were thankful for every shower they got from the personal mouth of one of the worldís best drummers and man.

Everything has been said about him, and itís not that much. Heís just happy as a musician and does his job with highest abilities and concentration as usual. Itís hard to see some emotion in his face. Yesterday you could. He was really enjoying the gig, and more: the "JohnnY JohnnY" calls always along with the few bass solos, especially in THE CHAIN. And he laughed, yes he truly laughed.

Same as before. I think itís not only that theyíre not able to play something else because of lack of rehearsal, no the list is nearly perfect in order to fulfill the dramatic aspects which are needed to break the spell from the beginning and to gradually increase tension into a stunning and detached level in the end. One thing left: If I remember right, BIG LOVE has been played in full electric version on this tour, but here in Oberhausen he gave us the marvellous acoustic version, what a delight!

None. I only want to say that GOODBYE BABY is a fine song, similar to, though not reaching the quality of SONGBIRD by far.

Many. To me (in order of appearance): NEVER GOING BACK AGAIN, what a fantastic singer Lindsey is in spite of his relatively "thin" voice!! COME, never saw that many people all with open mouths full of astonishment because of watching a dervish totally being in his element when bringing his two body parts together, separate and then together again, Lindsey and his guitar, his life! IíM SO AFRAID, can someone tell me why this song did not make it to the winner of the "SYW Tour Survivor" eh??!!! My personal favourite offering one of the greatest guitar solos of all time Ė a perfect performance by Lindsey, standing ovations from the crowd. TUSK, always a highlight for sure. Stevie and Lindsey did their obligatory boxing-match together, then the deep embrace, finally... Iím only missing the one and only, real USC Marching Band! STAND BACK, for Godís sake, Stevie is living!!! And how she is living: She sings her heart out, she dances her twirls and she is finally enjoying the show. WOW! Now, just now, the evening reaches the state of perfection. Impossible, without her. GO YOUR OWN WAY, the hallís in ecstasy, indescribable Ė moments for life...the earth is quaking, all go together, five minutes that make life worth living...magnificent!! WORLD TURNING, 'nuff said above. The only things not having rattled were Mickís wooden balls...

Hey, Iíve finished. Sorry and donít blame me for boring you with such a long review. If I could have, I would have told it to you...unfortunately this was not possible today: No voice, no speaking. THE MAC IS BACK.

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